30 Super Trendy Long Knotless Braids That Will Blow Your Mind

Want your next hairstyle to stand out? Check out these 30 Long Knotless Braids for hair inspiration that will leave you and everyone else shell-shocked!

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Braids are a staple hairstyle for many people, particularly those of us with textured hair. They’re a great protective style; they’re easy to install and last long. 

Everything evolves with time, and braids are not left behind. Knotless braids are relatively new compared to traditional braids, but they’re already hot on the market. Everyone loves them, everyone admires them, and they’re on all our to-do hair lists. We stan trendsetters here, so you should be among the first to start the knotless braid trend in your neighborhood.

Why should you get knotless braids? First, they’re less painful to install than traditional braids. You can style knotless braids in numerous ways. Protective hairstyles can get boring, but you can change things up.

What secret ingredient will leave everyone’s jaw on the floor as you walk into the room? Length. The longer your hair, the more attention you’re sure to get. It can be uncomfortable on hot days, but do you want to know the beauty of knotless braids? When you feel hot or mean business, throw your hair up in a bun or a high ponytail. Possibilities for styling are endless.

Still confused? We have everything you need. Check out these 30 long knotless braids. You’ll love them, and you’ll choose one of these on your next visit to your hairstylist.

Our Favorite Long Knotless Braids:

1. Soft End Curls Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: superbeauty_

Knotless braids look good in any color, length, or style.  White is gorgeous, but coupled with these soft end curls on each braid? It looks divine! We have small box sections and medium-sized braids reaching the calves, resulting in full, voluminous hair. The extra-long braids aren’t to everyone’s liking, but if you stand the ‘bad gyal’ look, you’ll be on point wearing this. 


2. Stylish Straight Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: ibk.hair

Long hair is a super-stylish trend! We see the calf-length knotless braids again but in an understated black.  The box sections are tiny, and the braids are thin; hence, this style is long and full. Don’t go for it if you don’t like a little weight, but if you want to experiment, then try it out! Depending on your mood and outfit, you can style however you like; it’s among the most versatile braids.

3. Unique Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: booggiieee.braids

The beauty of knotless braids is that they go well with any color. As a result, your hair will emerge a stunner no matter what shade of extensions you choose. Basic colors were left for a mysterious, deep shade of pink in this look. It’s not very loud, but it’ll turn heads, so if you’re shy but want a pop of color, this will suit you perfectly. The evenly aligned sections and straight waist-length braids here are certainly noteworthy.

4. Neat And Pretty Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: lexisdidthat

Stylists are heaven-sent artists. How else would it be possible to get braids this neat and smooth? Even if they weren’t knotless, the braids would catch every eye in the room but making them knotless shoots their beauty through the roof. Small, symmetrically square sections and medium-sized braids ensure volume and fullness. Honey brown does wonders for the braids, but yours can be in whatever color you want.

5. Peek Boo Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: physdesigns

Mixing colors was fun for most of us as kids, so why can’t it be now that we’re grown? Your hair is your canvas, and you have a world of extension colors to play around with. Black and pink are beautiful separately, but together, with black at the top of the hair and pink at the bottom, present a playful and exciting combo as they peek out around each other. The braids here are thin, and the sections are on the bigger side, so it won’t be so full, though you can switch it up or increase the length if you’d prefer a voluminous fit.


6. Shiny Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: dolledbydai__

It’s called shiny for a reason—the braids shimmer. You could mix your extensions of different colors to get a new color, like you would mix red and yellow paint to get orange. You can achieve this combo with dark red and a lighter color. It’s long and has perfect volume.

7. Waist Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: nickisbeautybar

Knotless braids come in different styles and can pair with accessories. Here, we have knotless braids with beads. Waist-length braids can be heavy, especially paired with beads, but the large sections reduce volume, so don’t be scared of weight. Of course, you should combine your bead and extension colors nicely so your hair doesn’t look like a circus (unless that’s the aesthetic you’re going for), as we see in the brown and cream combo.

8. Medium Knee Length Knotless Braids 

Credit: monaaeeslays

This is another two-color fit featuring oxblood and peach colors. Extension colors are numerous; don’t be scared to be as bold as you want. Medium-sized knee-length braids dance freely behind in all their full glory. If you don’t want them at your back, wear them in a bun, a high ponytail, half-up/ half-down style, or whatever ideas you can actualize on your hair. Feel free to bring your imagination to life when styling.

9. Ombre Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: braidsbyrolla_

And yet another color! Ombre is a staple in hair tones that will never go out of style.  If you love both shades and can’t pick one, you can always have both.  Mix the two colors before braiding or use different shades for different braids; it’s up to you. Moreover, the sections are so artfully aligned that each braid falls directly over the one under it. Recreate in any length you want; waist length as was done here, butt or knee-length, or shorter than waist length. Again, it’s your hair.

10. Strong Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: laidbylanaaa

We’ve seen medium to thin braids. Let’s see the big aunty in ‘braidstown’- Jumbo braids. Jumbo braids are unmissable. They make a statement. Whether you use colors or black, you make it shoulder length or knee-length; jumbo braids will put you under the spotlight for your beauty. Make the jumbo braids knotless, and everyone will be short of words when you strut past. We also have large, clean sections, so you’re not spending too much time getting your hair done. Add accessories if you want, but the braids are a work of art.


11. Trendy Freestyle Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: hairby_nookiee

If we can do two colors, why not three? Three, they say, is a  party. So, bring the party to your hair by mixing black and baby pink, and just when they think it’s over, you show them a hot, spicy red. The length makes things spicier, though short isn’t any less attractive. Keeping the shouty colors behind and black at the forefront is fun without being overwhelming. Of course, if you’d prefer to combine any other colors, you’ll still look like a treat. Just make sure you’re not using three over-the-top colors.

12. Trendy Side Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: touchedbytaler

As we’ve established, knotless braids are as versatile as they are lovely.  Unlike traditional braids, the parting styles are interchangeable. Though you can wear this with the regular center part, you could choose to go with a trendy side part to show off a particular angle of your face. These braids will also look very natural if you have dark hair, so go for it if that’s your aim.

13. Medium Butt Length Knotless Braids 

Credit: thebraidcloset_

Natural looks are nice, but sometimes it’s cool to shake things up. Cool gray is mature and isn’t the regular hair color around the block, so you’ll be getting some approving stares. We see exact alignment here again; that’s always a plus. Also, if you like long hair but you’re not on the knee length train, you could go with butt length, as seen above. The medium-sized braids will sway confidently behind you and draw positive attention to your lovely curves.

14. Thick And Glowing Long Knotless Braids 


There are so many ways you can get black knotless braids done. We’ve seen thin, natural-looking, and scant jumbo braids, but what if you want something in between?  Say no more. Here, we have full medium-sized waist-length braids. The sections here are small, guaranteeing good volume, and at waist-length, you’ll have some weight, but you could always wear your hair in a bun or a high ponytail on hot days.

15. Mixed Stylish Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: plaits_by_donna

Previously, we saw a mix of colors in red. Want more color inspiration? A black and gold combo brings African royalty to mind. The gold is in smaller quantities at the top and becomes more vivid from the shoulders to the hair end to make it more captivating. You’ll always get applauded for even alignment, and the full, smooth medium-sized braids will sparkle in the sunlight behind you with that color.


16. Blonde Knotless Goddess Braids

Credit: slayagebydej

Still on color progressions, we now see black roots and blonde ends on medium-sized braids. To make things more interesting, mix platinum blonde with coffee brown. This one reaches behind the thighs; the length might be too much for a minimalist, but you have nothing to worry about if this is you. Shorter hair will still be a blast.

17. Simple And Neat Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: lizzybraids1

Knotless braids without doing too much? That’s also on the menu! These braids are simple and without a fuss, but no less enchanting. Thin and with small sections, they’ll be very lightweight and cause no inconvenience. If you want this but need extra, hair accessories like clips and cuffs will fit in with no trouble at all. You could also use a more lively color than black if you prefer.

18. Brownie Jumbo Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: stylemeempress

A semi-formal outfit needs a semi-formal hairstyle. Knotless braids can be anything, from informal to formal. Tying your long braids in a half-up half-down ponytail showcases the sexy length while remaining elegant and classy. Paired with lovely jewelry and a statement outfit, you’ll have all eyes on you. The warm brown tones of this number will look inviting with any skin tone, and the volume of the medium-sized braids will get you compliments all day (or night) long.

19. Stitch Knotless Braids With Beads

Credit: braidedbyess

There’s nothing more appealing than large, symmetrical sections. They’re bold, eye-catching, and bring attention to your lovely forehead (which you shouldn’t be insecure about!). Coupling large sections with black jumbo braids and some transparent beads transcends this style to a celebrity-chic level. Nothing calls eyes to your feminine hips and waist like beads clicking on them.

20. Stylish Peek Boo Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: _braidsbyape

We’ve seen black and pink; let’s now see black and white. Black and white is the most common color combination with outfits, so why not take it to hair? Like our previous peek boo hairstyle, white carefully hides at the bottom playing around the black in a hide-and-seek manner, while black stands out more in front. These are slightly thick braids, but you can either reduce them or increase the size of your sections if you want less volume and weight.


21. Cool Stepping Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: _lydiastyles

The color red never disappoints. It’s the hottest, most sensual color on the color wheel, so why not put it on your hair? This color is bold but undoubtedly feminine. Knee-length is even sexier, though a shorter length is equally good-looking. Slightly thick braids lend more boldness to this look. Paired with a little black dress and red heels for date night? You’ll set the place on fire.

22. Small Thigh Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: harmobeauxhair_

There are various ways to combine colors on your knotless braids. If you don’t like the separate colors at the top and bottom, you could use different colors on both halves. We have dark brown on the left and platinum on the right in this look. The beauty of knotless braids is in even sections, so make sure your stylist gets that right. You could recreate this in whatever length you’re comfortable with and your chosen colors. However, don’t use colors that don’t look good together, so your hair doesn’t look like a child’s playground!

23. Red Velvet Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: bfour__blessedbybrownbeauty

Who doesn’t love red velvet cake? Take your love for the cake to your hair. This style looks as yummy as the cake it shares a name with this soft, muted red. Thin to medium braids are light to wear, and small, close sections lend fullness as usual. The side part shows another way to style these amazingly flexible braids. So have fun being tempting and creative at the same time.

24. Brownie Shade Style Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: hairbybey_

A black to gold progression is regal, but how about black to brown?  Knee-length is both sexy and dramatic, and using a mix of colors adds to its appeal.  Coming into play just past the shoulders, brown flows like honey down the back and stops behind the knees. Large sections and thick braids increase the dramatic effect of this style. When deciding how to wear your braids for the day, don’t hesitate to release your inner styling goddess!

25. Long Knotless Braids With Stylish End Curls 

Credit: tee_touch_hairsalon

We have regular curls, and then we have this. Your charming, feminine curls can do more with this style. Small box sections and thin braids make up the roots to elbow length here, and then we see the braids curled loosely in five groups. That’s not all! The springy curls show a slight shimmer of color different from the color of the braids. It’s a unique variation of end curls for braids; you can recreate it if you want to try something new.


26. Extended Curly Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: braidsbynuk

There’s no singular way to do curls. End curls are pretty, but why not get the curls in the roots of your knotless braids? Evenly aligned sections and thick braids command the room with no help, but when you attach curls to the tops of selected knotless braids? Compliments will keep pouring in. It’s a very flirty, feminine look, suitable for any outing. This hairstyle would slay in a single color, but mixing colors as we see here is undoubtedly more alluring.

27. Passion Straight Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: inspiration.and.braids

Black braids are a classic. They’re timeless, elegant, and work with anything and on anyone. These braids are minimalist and simple; there’s no excess here, but you’ll look like a queen. Keep your sections neat and small and your braids as smooth as possible to achieve this look. They’ll flow down your back, swaying with your hips as you walk. These braids are certainly the best way to go if you’re a professional. You’ll be stylish without going overboard.

28. Butt Length Long Knotless Braids With End Curls

Credit: hairr4reall

It’s admirable how curls transform plain braids into something out of this world. Of course, regular jumbo knotless braids with significant, large sections would have been just that, but adding springy curls to each braid at butt length gives a little more sweetness to this hairstyle. All areas are symmetrical; the sections look like art.

29. Pinky Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: liyahs.styles

We’ve seen black and pink before, but here’s another way to incorporate them into your style. Rather than using single colors at the bottom and top, you could scatter them to reduce predictability while using only black in front if you don’t like something shouty. The size and length of these braids flow together smoothly, and we see more closely packed sections to enhance fullness. Depending on your outfit and occasion, you could also style this look to show off the pink or hide it.

30. Passionate Pretty Long Knotless Braids 

Credit: braidsbynuk

Though this looks identical to our other black jumbo looks, a keen eye would notice subtle differences. If you want your hair to have a contrasting look of volume and scantness, try spacing out the small box sections as is done here. Also, you could use a color closer to your natural hair tone for a less artificial look. Jumbo braids will never be unfashionable, and though accessories would look fantastic here, the braids on their own are no less lovely.



What are Knotless Braids? 

A hair enthusiast can probably answer this already, but we’ve got you if you’re new to braids. You know those large knots at the top of braids where your extensions join your hair? Knotless braids take those knots out, so, in essence, your stylist braids your hair without that painful knot that starts every braid. Sweet relief, right? Moreover, because it’s so flexible, you can style the braids in whatever direction you like; don’t be scared that your hair will break.

Long or Short Knotless Braids: Which is Better?

It’s up to you and the aesthetic you like. If you can’t stand whipping your hair back and forth, you should probably make yours short. However, long hair is usually more versatile than short hair, and you can pair it with more outfits and looks. In addition to that, short hair is appealing for sure, but long hair is typically considered more feminine and sensual. 

This isn’t to say your short hair isn’t beautiful, far from it! If short hair is your preference, rock it with everything you have. The key to beauty is confidence. 

Will I Need Many Packs of Extensions:

It depends on how full you want your braids to be. Longer hair typically costs more in extensions than shorter hair, but you can reduce the amount you’ll be buying by getting more significant sections and thicker braids if you’re worried about cost. You’ll still look bomb, of course, don’t stress it.

Can I Accessorize Long Knotless Braids?

There’s no better place to use accessories! They’re the in-thing right now, so use as many hair cuffs, rings, beads, or other bits and pieces you like. You have the approval stamp from the gods of fashion and style.

Watch this video to learn how to style your long knotless braids: 

You have all the necessary power in your arsenal for a new comeback look that is praiseworthy and comfortable. Tell us which look you can’t wait to get in the comments below!