46 Braided Buns For Black Hair- Celebrate Black Hair Diversity With Updos

Key Takeaways
  • Braided buns for black hair celebrate the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the African diaspora, showcasing the artistry and tradition of hairstyling.
  • Black hair offers an incredible canvas for various braided bun styles, allowing for versatility and creative expression, from intricate patterns to simple, elegant designs.
  • Braided buns are a form of protective styling, helping to safeguard natural hair from environmental factors and promote healthy growth while also reducing the need for daily maintenance.
  • For many individuals, braided buns can symbolize identity, resilience, and self-expression, serving as a reminder of their roots and a celebration of their unique beauty.

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Buns are such a practical hairstyle for the modern woman.

There are endless options about how you can style and wear them, not to mention the variety of occasions they will look great at.

A stylish up-do is always appropriate but buns can endure hardcore sessions at the gym without getting ruffled or messy and they look sophisticated for a formal dress-code event.

Perfect for school, work, home, or just about anywhere else. 

Braided Bun Braided Bun for Black Hair

Every girl with braids should learn a good bun style or five to keep her hair out of her face and look gorgeous at any time of day or night.

Here are some beautiful examples of how you can style your braids into a bun for different looks and occasions. 

Before You Get Started

  • Black hair tends to be dry, so ensure you maintain moisture by doing regular hot oil treatments and using leave-in conditioners after washing.
  • Always use a heat protectant when using heat styling tools to prevent damage to your hair.
  • Trim split ends every 8-12 weeks to maintain the health of your hair and prevent split ends from causing further damage.
  • Dry texture sprays can help add volume and hold to your buns, preventing them from looking flat.
  • Use anti-frizz styling gels on the edges and nape of your hair to control stubborn flyaways and maintain a polished look.

1. The Chunky Braid Bun

The chunky braid bun Braided Bun for Black Hair

This beautiful bun is ready to party with a single twisted braid wrapped in a donut shape.

It really adds a sense of regality to your silhouette and will make you walk a little taller for sure. 

2. Twisted Topknot Bun

Twisted Topknot bun Braided Bun for Black Hair

This baby will see you through from day to night and the height of the bun really accentuates your cheekbones and elongates the profile, so it’s especially good if you have a wider face, but you want to look tall and slim.

3. The Colorful Eighties Inspo

The Colorful Eighties Inspo

Adding colored rubber bands to your braids adds a touch of fun to this carefree style.

The wispy weave hair provides a perfect, simple casual look that will still look exactly how you placed it hours later. 

4. The Color Explosion

the color explosion

We’re not saying the yellow works as a sophisticated up-do, but it sure is eye-catching. If you want to turn heads with your new hairstyle, this will certainly do it.

Of course, this style can be done using any colored braiding hair, so you don’t have to look like you’re smuggling a corn snake through international borders. 

We might humbly suggest that a pink, purple or tasteful red might have been a better choice, but then it depends on the look that you’re going for. 

5. Tribal Chic

Tribal chic Braided Bun for Black Hair

This intricately braided bun with gold thread seamlessly weaved through is probably a little too extra just to roam about the supermarket with, but for a special occasion or to go with a particularly stunning outfit, this hairstyle will see you right.

It’s really got a charm about it that is a nod to tribal heritage.

There’s no need for rings or clips in this stylish hairstyle. The gold thread is all the accessories you need. 

6. The Messy Goddess

Messy Goddess

We women may be goddesses but we need days off too. For the perfect casual braid look, leave those wavy ends out for a carefree style.

If you have goddess braids, this style will be perfect for you. We think this has got just the right combination of sassy and stylish for a fabulous everyday look. 

7. The Golden Blend Bun

The Golden Blend Bun

This is a sunkissed braided buns for black hair like no other. The multi-tonal braiding hair is a beautiful choice for a multi-dimensional effect.

A perfect work or holiday look as it’s elegant and functional with a serious touch of class.

If you’re jetting off to sunnier climates, this beach babe hairstyle will look so great in those holiday pictures.

8. The Feminine But Fabulous Cornrow Bun

The Feminine But Fabulous Cornrow Bun

Image by @pearlthestylist_ via instagram

An artistic twist on a classic braided bun, this beautiful close scalp braiding is stunning.

It adds a little bit of femininity and personality to a standard coiled braid bun and will be perfect as it is for everyday activities or you can dress it up a bit with some metalwork.

Whatever you do, though, don’t cover up those beautiful cornrows. Let those babies shine. 

9. Smooth Waves

Smooth Waves

This stunning braided bun is made particularly striking by the curved direction of the braids. It looks like the sea styled it for you in curved, but smooth lines.

There’s something a little mesmerizing about how the braids sweep up the head and almost make a neat coronet as a crowning glory.

The downside to purposely braiding your hair upwards is that it restricts the styles you can manage as it won’t look right if you try to wear them down.

If you’re a fan of up-dos generally though, this is a great base for most of the usual ones. 

Quick Styling Guide: Braided Buns for Black Hair

  • How To Choose a Style: Opt for intricate and creatively styled braided buns to achieve a stunning and elegant look. Simpler bun styles work well for a casual, everyday appearance.
  • Level Of Maintenance: Low to Moderate, depending on the complexity of the braided bun.
  • Suitable For: Black hair of varying textures and the choice of braided bun style can be adapted to suit different occasions and personal preferences.
  • Looks Best With: Complementary accessories such as hairpins, headbands, or scarves, as well as statement earrings. The choice of makeup can vary, but bold lip colors and eye-catching eyeshadows can enhance the overall look.

10. Double Or Nothing

Double or nothing

This beautiful double feature is a little girlish for the mature woman, but it’s a fun play on pigtails or the space buns that are favorites with younger people.

We particularly love the tiny, miniature braids around the thicker ones that make it look like little ornaments or streamers decorating them.

The more you look, the more you see with this hairstyle, so just watch out that you don’t get distracted by your fabulous hair in the mirror if you have anywhere to be.

You could get stuck staring at your reflection for quite some time. 

11. A Tail Of The Sea

Tail of the sea Braided Bun for Black Hair

Access your inner siren with this blue braided bun. We just love the shade of light blue they’ve chosen for this masterpiece.

It makes her look almost mythical like a mermaid or a daughter of Poseidon with those beautiful ocean-inspired locks. 

Keeping a braid or two hanging by the ears is an easy way to make a traditional braid bun look just a little more feminine and makes a stronger vertical line to accentuate the natural lines of your face.  

12. Make Some Waves

Make Some Waves Braided Bun for Black Hair

With the perfect blend of freedom and functionality, you’ll be turning heads and making waves with this effortless-looking bun.

For a carefree, casual look, this style will work perfectly, but you could also dress that waterfall of curls up for an occasion with some accessories or a splash of color.

Or for everyday errands, pair this with an off-the-shoulder oversized sweater for the perfect ‘don’t care, gorgeous hair’ casual look. 

13. Beautiful Box Braids Bun

Beautiful Box Braids Bun

A lot of the featured styles are made by braiding the hair upwards to the top of the head, but if you ever want to let your hair down with those kinds of braids in, it won’t look quite right.

You have plenty of options with box braids though.

You can wear them up, down, or a mixture of the two without having to rebraid anything. This classic bun with box braided hair proves why box braids are so popular.

You can do just about anything with them and they will look tidy and beautiful.

Dress this classic bun up with some tribal hoops and clips, or keep it simple depending on where you’re planning on going. 

14. The Edgy Bun

The Edgy Bun Braided Bun for Black Hair

We just had to include this one. What a dramatic style this girl has. The combination of the shaved side section with the multi-toned blonde braids are beautiful, yet distinctly daring.

The choices we make about our appearance define who people think we are, so make sure some of your personality shines in your hair styling.

No one is better at being you than you are and we bet most people aren’t half as fabulous.

This style boldly says ‘I don’t care what you think, I’m living my best life,’ and it makes for one sassy style. 

15. The Zig-Zag

The Zig-Zag Braided Bun for Black Hair

We think this fun but functional braid bun is pretty awesome. It’s neat and professional enough for work, but stylish enough for a night on the town.

We especially like the top section where they’ve braided the braids together to make a sort of chain or rope effect.

It looks so interesting and the clean lines of the zig-zagged braids just finish the look perfectly. 

16. Cornrow Bun with Loose Curls

Cornrow Bun with Loose Curls

The Cornrow Bun with Loose Curls hairstyle combines intricate cornrow braids close to the scalp, leading into a sleek bun at the crown of the head.

The bun is elegantly adorned with cascading, soft and voluminous loose curls that add a touch of effortless glam.

This versatile look offers a stylish blend of structured braiding and relaxed curls, making it suitable for both formal occasions and everyday chic.

With their delicate heart-shaped accents, these feed-in braids are a thing of beauty. The loose waves lend a romantic and feminine touch, and the huge bun completes the look.

This is a lovely braided buns for black hair hairstyle suitable for a special occasion.

Keep in Mind

  • Braid Type: Choose the type of braids that suit your hair, like box braids, cornrows, or Senegalese twists.
  • Hair Preparation: Ensure your hair is clean, moisturized, and free from tangles before braiding.
  • Bun Placement: Decide where you want the bun, whether high on your head, low at the nape of your neck, or to the side.
  • Accessories: Consider adding stylish hair accessories, such as beads or hairpins, for a unique and personalized touch.
  • Hair Length: Longer hair provides more options for bun styles, but creative styling can work for shorter hair, too.
  • Securing the Bun: Use hair ties, pins, or hairbands to secure the bun in place, ensuring it’s comfortable and long-lasting.

17. Mini Box Braids Bun

Mini Box Braids Bun

Image by @thebeautybuzz_noeline via instagram

Elegant and chic, the Mini Box Braids Bun boasts a sophisticated criss-cross design.

Numerous slender braids are meticulously woven into a compact bun, forming a mesmerizing pattern that combines style and grace.

This versatile hairstyle adds a touch of flair to any look, making it a perfect choice for casual outings and special occasions.

It’s common to wear box braids in a braided bun, but the criss-cross element in the back is a unique new way to style box braids you may have yet to consider.

18. Cornrow Braids with Back Details

Cornrow Braids with Back Details

Image by @debrahhair via instagram

Elegant and intricate, Cornrow Braids with Back Details weave together a captivating geometric pattern.

Elaborate rows of cornrows elegantly cascade towards the nape, converging into a stunning symmetrical design.

This artful arrangement showcases geometric precision, transforming hair into a mesmerizing tapestry of angles and lines.

A true embodiment of modern sophistication, these braids epitomize geometric grace.

A bun is an excellent way to show off the exquisite cornrows at the rear of the head.

They are one of the ideal methods to highlight geometric patterns in cornrows, and beads are an excellent way to accessorize.

19. Large Box Braids in Half Updo

Large Box Braids in Half Updo

Image by @victoriabraidsandweaves via instagram

Elegantly styled, large box braids cascade down gracefully, exuding a chic and dynamic flair.

Skillfully gathered into a half updo, these braids form a voluminous crown that blends sophistication and versatility.

The remaining braids flow freely, offering a graceful contrast and enhancing the overall charm.

This hairstyle harmoniously combines boldness and refinement for a stunning and distinctive look.

This style is simple and may be worn with loose hair, box, or twist braids.

Long thick braids produced with black hair look incredibly gorgeous in this style, but the design would also work great with micro braids or even thicker braids than the ones displayed.

20. Curly Double Bun with Bangs

Curly Double Bun with Bangs Braided Bun for Black Hair

Image by @des.dabratt_ via instagram

The Curly Double Bun with Bangs is a charming and playful hairstyle. It features two neatly coiled buns on either side of the head, adding a touch of whimsy.

The bangs gracefully frame the face, highlighting facial features. The luscious, voluminous curls add a sense of fun and elegance.

This style is perfect for those seeking a youthful, dynamic look that combines sophistication and a hint of flirtatiousness.

This look incorporates little knotless box braids with curls at the ends. The lustrous black hair is extraordinarily vivid and adds a healthy, lively sheen to the bun.

Include this in your collection of braided buns for black hair.

22. Accessorized Box Braid Bun

Accessorized Box Braid Bun

Here’s another excellent braided bun hairstyle to add to your collection.

The little box braids are embellished with adorable rainbow embellishments that offer a pop of color to the black hair.

The enormous braided buns for black hair is a showstopper and is ideal when you want to impress everyone with your braids.

The Accessorized Box Braid Bun is a stylish and versatile hairdo that combines classic box braids with a chic bun.

Box braids are skillfully woven close to the scalp, and the gathered braids are elegantly twisted and secured into a neat bun.

This look is elevated with trendy hair accessories like beads, cuffs, or wraps, adding a unique and fashionable flair to the overall appearance.

Perfect for any occasion, it’s a fusion of elegance and creativity.

23. Trendy Braids

Trendy  Braided Bun for Black Hair

Image by @infinity_beautylounge via instagram

These very stylish cornrows have a variety of components, including forms, box braids, and creative parting.

Putting the hair in a friendly, tidy bun at the back of the neck allows all the design work to shine without distracting from the lovely braids.

24. Mini Cornrows and a Bun

Mini Cornrows and a Bun Braided Bun for Black Hair

Image by @rhu.lani via instagram

Mini cornrows elegantly trace the scalp, creating intricate patterns that exude a timeless charm.

These meticulously crafted braids converge into a graceful bun nestled at the nape of the neck.

The juxtaposition of sleek, well-defined lines with the gathered bun forms a harmonious and sophisticated hairstyle that complements any occasion with its blend of style and poise.

A cornrow hairdo like this one allows for a terrific bun design. It’s an excellent protective style for black hair and lays the groundwork for a lovely braided updo.

25. Black and Red Feed In Cornrows

Black and Red Feed In Cornrows

Image by @thetouchofnature_ via instagram

The Black and Red Feed-In Cornrows style, features intricate braids close to the scalp, combining black and red extensions for a striking contrast.

These rows are skillfully woven, culminating in a small, chic bun at the nape of the neck.

This unique blend of colors and meticulous craftsmanship creates a stunning, dynamic look that complements any fashion-forward individual.

This simple braided haircut gets more relaxed as you look at it. The way the cornrows begin with black hair and progress to red hair creates a hairstyle that is more than meets the eye.

These cornrow braids can be worn with the ends free, but the braided buns for black hair is ideal for a more finished look.

26. Curly Top Knot Bun

Curly Top Knot Bun Braided Bun for Black Hair

Image by @heatfreehair via instagram

The curly top knot bun is a stylish and trendy hairdo achieved by gathering curly hair into a high ponytail at the crown of the head.

The hair is then twisted around the ponytail’s base, forming a voluminous and textured bun.

This chic hairstyle combines the charm of curls with the elegance of a top knot, offering a unique and eye-catching look for various occasions.

Because of their elevated location on the head, top knot buns are usually eye-catching.

Fans of the high bun should attempt this simple protective style, which can be done with your hair or extensions if you have short hair or want a giant bun.

Pro Tip

For a polished braided bun, use edge control gel to achieve sleek edges, and remember to protect your hair at night with a satin or silk bonnet to maintain the style.

27. Hearts and Triangle Cornrow Bun Hairstyle

 Hearts and Triangle Cornrow Bun Hairstyle

Image by @thetouchofnature_ via instagram

The Hearts and Triangle Cornrow Bun Hairstyle features intricate cornrow braids shaped into hearts and triangles, skillfully woven close to the scalp.

These creative patterns converge at the back into a neat bun, offering a stylish and elegant look.

The fusion of geometric designs with a classic bun makes this hairstyle a captivating choice for those seeking a unique and charming appearance.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 to change from a cornrow style to a bun hairstyle. Simply wrap, secure, and go for an effortlessly elegant hairstyle.

28. Chunky Side Braids

Chunky Side Braids Braided Bun for Black Hair

Image by @gazagirl00 via instagram

Chunky side braids offer a trendy and dynamic hairstyle choice. Two thick braids cascade gracefully over one shoulder, providing a youthful and playful look.

This style combines practicality and elegance, keeping hair out of the face while exuding bohemian charm.

Whether for a casual outing or a special event, chunky side braids infuse personality into any appearance with their effortlessly chic and textured appeal.

This look is all about hair separating. No additional thing is required to produce a strong impression with the beauty and ingenuity of the style.

29. Golden Brown Box Braids into a Large Bun

Golden Brown Box Braids into a Large Bun

Image by @tresses_africaine via instagram

Elegant and striking, golden brown box braids cascade gracefully down, weaving intricate patterns that exude timeless charm.

Artfully gathered into a voluminous large bun, these braids harmoniously blend tradition and modernity.

The rich hue adds warmth to the style, while the bun imparts a regal aura.

A captivating synthesis of culture and sophistication, these braids and bun capture attention with their resplendent allure.

These chunky braids create a stunning bun, thanks in part to the size and height of the bun they make and in part to the color of the box braids, which wonderfully suits the model’s skin tone.

It’s also a terrific way to show off a heart-shaped braid. If desired, the feature braid can be embellished with beads.

30. Cornrow Updo with Hair Cuffs

Cornrow Updo with Hair Cuffs

Image by @braidbya97 via instagram

The chic cornrow updo boasts intricate braids elegantly gathered atop the head. Adorned with stylish hair cuffs, it exudes a modern flair while maintaining a classic edge.

This fusion of traditional and contemporary aesthetics creates a captivating and versatile hairstyle for various occasions.

This cornrow updo into a braided buns for black hair is cute and easy to do. The hair cuffs and rings lend a unique touch to the braided bun.

31. Gorgeous Cornrows into a Braided Bun

Gorgeous Cornrows into a Braided Bun

Image by @infinity_beautylounge via instagram

Create a stunning look by weaving intricate infinity-patterned cornrows along the scalp, culminating in a chic low-braided buns for black hair.

The elegant fusion of meticulously crafted cornrows converging into a gracefully coiled bun at the nape exudes timeless charm and modern flair, ideal for any formal event or a casual outing.

Flaunt this masterpiece of braided artistry, showcasing the harmony of traditional and contemporary hairstyling.

Combining thick and thin cornrow braids can result in various beautiful braided hairstyles, such as the one shown. It is usually a good idea to keep things simple.

32. Purple and Black Box Braids in Braided Bun

Purple and Black Box Braids in Braided Bun

Elegant and striking, the Purple and Black Box Braids are meticulously woven to create a stunning visual contrast.

Swept up into a voluminous jumbo bun atop the head, this hairstyle exudes confidence and style.

The rich colors merge seamlessly, creating a harmonious blend that complements any occasion.

This braided buns for black hair is a fusion of tradition and contemporary flair, a captivating statement of individuality and grace.

Combining these giant purple and black braids results in a massive statement-making bun that is immaculate.

It’s worth experimenting with purple or your favorite color or even smaller box braids if that’s how you prefer to braid your hair.

33. Simple Cornrow Bun Updo

Simple Cornrow Bun Updo

Image by @narahairbraiding via instagram

The Simple Cornrow Bun Updo is a chic hairstyle created by weaving small sections of hair close to the scalp into neat cornrows.

These cornrows are then gathered and twisted into a sleek bun at the back of the head, held with pins or elastic.

This elegant and efficient style is perfect for casual and formal occasions, offering a stylish and practical look.

A small one follows each giant cornrow in this easy cornrow bun updo. This keeps the hairdo simple but not dull. It has long been a popular method of braiding black hair.

34. Stylish Cornrow Bun

 Stylish Cornrow Bun Braided Bun for Black Hair

Image by @iamladygrip via instagram

The stylish cornrow bun features intricate cornrow braids close to the scalp, seamlessly transitioning into a sleek and elegant bun at the crown of the head.

This fusion of tight braiding and a neatly coiled bun creates a refined yet bold look, ideal for casual and formal occasions, adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

A small one follows each giant cornrow in this easy cornrow bun updo. This keeps the hairdo simple but not boring. It has long been a popular method of braiding black hair.

35. Flat Twists into Bun

Flat Twists into Bun Braided Bun for Black Hair

Image by @braidsforyoubyme via instagram

Create a chic style with flat twists. Divide hair into sections, then twist two strands, adding more coats as you go. Secure twists flat to your scalp.

Gather the remaining hair into a neat bun at the nape of your neck. Pin it in place.

Elegant and versatile, this flat twists into a bun look is perfect for any occasion, keeping you stylish and sophisticated.

This is a simple but lovely style. Each flat twist goes in a different direction, resulting in a twisted bun at the rear of the head.

36. Bold Red Bun

Bold Red Bun Braided Bun for Black Hair

The Bold Red Bun is a vibrant and flavorful culinary delight. Its rich hue captures attention, while its soft, perfectly baked texture promises a satisfying bite.

Infused with bold spices, this bun offers a harmonious balance of heat and savory notes, elevating any dish it accompanies.

A feast for both the eyes and the palate, the Bold Red Bun is a true indulgence.

This one is for all you redheads out there. This hairdo features numerous eye-catching aspects.

The parting is simple but innovative, and the bright red bun that crowns the hair emphasizes the style.

37. Traditional Braided Bun Updo

Traditional Braided Bun Updo

Image by @debrahhair via instagram

The traditional braided bun updo elegantly gathers hair into a central twist, accentuated by intricately woven braids encircle the bun’s base.

This timeless style exudes grace and sophistication, making it a popular choice for formal occasions.

The interplay of braids and the neatly coiled bun creates a harmonious balance between classic and contemporary, offering a versatile and chic look that stands the test of time.

This more classic braided hairstyle is fantastic since it can be dressed up or down to suit your tastes.

38. Brown Braided Bun

Brown  Braided Bun for Black Hair

Image by @rhu.lani via instagram

These days, braided bun styles tend to feature either a high bun or a low one, but the simple beauty of a bun perfectly centered in the middle of the head is to be noticed.

The alternating cornrow sizes effectively create an exciting hairstyle without any intricate shapes and designs.

39. Double Low Buns

Double Low Buns Braided Bun for Black Hair

Image by @narahairbraiding via instagram

A chic and versatile hairstyle where the hair is divided into two sections and twisted into neat buns at the nape of the neck.

This trendy look offers a balanced blend of elegance and casual charm. It’s perfect for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events, and suits a wide range of hair types and textures.

The double low buns effortlessly combine style and comfort, making them a go-to choice for fashion-forward individuals.

Two braids crisscross on either side of the head, with a heart in the center for added drama. The two braided buns for black hair at the rear of the head allow you to enjoy the lovely braids.

40. Braided Triple Bun 

Braided Triple Bun Braided Bun for Black Hair

Image by @hair_by_classybraid via instagram

The Braided Triple Bun features three elegant top buns, each with a charming braid.

This stylish hairstyle adds a touch of sophistication, combining intricately woven braids with classic buns for a chic and versatile look.

Perfect for any formal occasion or a trendy everyday style, the Braided Triple Bun showcases creativity and flair, effortlessly elevating your hair game.

A simple cornrows hairdo can benefit from the height and drama that this bun’s three separate levels add. It’s an excellent method for changing your hairstyle from work to leisure.

Fun Fact

In many African cultures, the intricate patterns and styles of braided buns hold cultural significance, often symbolizing one’s age, marital status, and social identity, making them more than just a hairstyle.

41. Two Curly Low Braided Buns

Two Curly Low Braided Buns

Image by @xotic_braids via instagram

Styled with flair, two curly low braided buns grace the hairdo. Spiraled strands are intricately woven and rest elegantly at the nape of the neck.

The playful bounce of curls adds a touch of whimsy, while the braids exude sophistication.

A harmonious blend of fun and refinement, these buns frame the face and bring a distinctive charm to any occasion.

It’s a great technique to match your clothing to use your buns as that extra splash of color while keeping your braids the color of your natural hair.

Switch up the color and texture of your bun hairstyles to keep your hair feeling new whenever the mood strikes.

42. Low Braided Buns for black hair

Low Braided Bun for Black Hair

Image by @crownedbyheaven via instagram

Such braided hairstyles are trendy. With these fashionable feed-in braids tied back into a tidy low bun, you can stay current with fashion.

Make the appearance your own by braiding colored hair or adorning each braid with beads and shells.

43. Large Green Braided Bun with Heart Design

Large Green Braided Bun with Heart Design  for Black Hair

Image by @victoriabraidsandweaves via instagram

A striking large green braided bun adorned with a charming heart design adds a touch of whimsy and elegance.

The vibrant hue of the bun catches the eye, while the intricate braiding showcases skilled craftsmanship.

The heart-shaped embellishment within the bun infuses a romantic and playful element. This unique hairstyle merges creativity and style, making a bold and memorable statement.

This particular bun stands out even among the big ones. This look is bold and daring, from the green box braids and the prominent heart-shaped braid to the height and girth of the bun. Fans of big buns and colorful box braids should certainly try this one.

44. Tribal High Bun

 Tribal High Bun  for Black Hair

Image by @tresses_africaine via instagram

No matter how simple or complex the hairdo, buns always look good. This gorgeous tribal hairstyle is made even more special by the bun and adorable decorations.

It would be perfect for a stunning wedding.

45. Ballet Bun

Ballet Bun  for Black Hair

This technique is not only elegant but also incredibly easy to master. The use of thin braids improves the appearance even further.

Making this bun slightly off-center is a beautiful choice because it adds more dimension to an otherwise timeless but traditional hairstyle.

46. Casual Braided Buns for black hair

Casual Braided Bun  for Black Hair

Not all updos need to be streamlined and perfectly shaped. Sometimes having a more laid-back and relaxed appearance is excellent.

A very appealing and distinctive summertime beachy look can be achieved by bundling your braids on top of your head comfortably and casually and framing the face with wisps of loose hair.

This bun style has the same positive effects on your hair’s health as any other.

Final Thoughts

As a woman of color, it can be tough to find representation in the beauty industry.

Despite the fact that we have so many strong powerful black women in places of power and influence, when you search ‘braided buns hairstyles’ you still have to search quite a way before you see anyone of color or with a full head of braids in a bun.

There are millions of bun hairstyles for caucasian or Asian smooth hair that feature a little braid to make it more interesting, but where is our representation of functional, modern, black beauty? It’s right here, that’s where. 

The braided bun is a staple hairstyle for black women, but that doesn’t mean it’s run of the mill or boring. There are thousands of variations and options for you to choose from that all result in a practical, professional, yet stylish hairstyle that’s representative of your personality.

Braids are beautiful and buns are practical. Put them together and you’ve got something really special that will keep you looking unrufflable wherever your day takes you. 

Monique Johnson

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