31 Bob Box Braids: The Perfect Blend Of Chic And Short

Key Takeaways
  • Bob box braids are a trendy and stylish hairstyle known for their shorter length and versatility.
  • They offer a unique and edgy twist to the traditional box braid look, with the hair ending around the chin or shoulder length.
  • Bob box braids can be customized with various colors, from natural shades to vibrant hues, allowing for creative and personalized styles.
  • Bob box braids hairstyle is low-maintenance and time-saving, making it an excellent choice for those with a busy lifestyle.

These unique and quirky bob box braids are just the hairstyle your hair needs.

So scroll through and find your pick! If you had to name some of the most timeless hairstyles we bet braids and bobs will top the list because of how versatile and chic they are.

And now, we got you the best of both worlds by curating some hot off the ‘gram inspiration on bob box braids hairstyles.

If you haven’t yet, you need to hop on the bob box braids hairstyles train and pick your favorite one to try out the next time you want to spice up your hair.

We got every look in the book from elegant to eccentric, so scroll away! 

Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your hair is well-moisturized and in good condition to promote healthy braiding and overall hair health.
  •  Keep your scalp clean and hydrated for a comfortable braiding experience and to prevent itching or dryness.
  •  Choose the bob box braid style that suits your face shape and personal style for a flattering look.
  • Be careful when detangling your hair and ensure it’s free from knots and, tangles before starting the braiding process.
  • Prepare for regular touch-ups and maintenance to keep your bob box braids looking fresh and neat over time.

1. Perfect Short Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @modern. day.classic via Instagram

Starting off with an elegant pick, these perfectly braided and partitioned bob box braids are an instant eye-turner because of how classy yet zesty they look.

The whole look comes together beautifully with the addition of blonde highlights in the braids finished off with hair rings on fine braids.

If you’re skeptical about coloring your hair blonde, you can always cheat with some extensions and it’ll look just as stunning!

This hairstyle is sleek and versatile as it fits in on a working day at the office or a glam night with your friends. Quite a steal huh?


2. Classic Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @mtherealkhrissyt via Instagram

The most flexible and multi-faceted of them all is the classic bob box braids.

This hairstyle by itself is very vogue and suits people of all ages while adding the right amount of relish to a classic bob.

You can play around with the partitions and style it up into a half ponytail or a bun, you can add some hair accessories to make it look quirky- gah, the possibilities are endless with this one.

But even by itself, it’s a timeless choice that fits in with all occasions and outfits while making you stand out with your statement hair! 

3. Half Updo Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Half Updo Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @amarainy_tiffy via Instagram

Half-updos are the perfect balance between lazy blob and runway chic which is exactly why we love them!

In this hairdo, all you gotta do is part your braided bob in the middle and pull it back to tie into a ponytail or a bun.

You can either use a hair tie or use a claw clip for added zing. Now you can go ahead and accessorize with silver or colored hair clips depending on the vibe you’re looking for.

This hairstyle will make your bob look thick and add an ounce of volume to the back.

Another pro tip you could follow in this hairstyle is to tie your hair into a high ponytail or bun to make your cheekbones and jaw look sculpted and snatched.


4. Voluminous Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Voluminous Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @braidsmadeperfect via Instagram

How would you describe a classic bob? Short hair up to the chin or neck is blow dried inwards to give a bouncy voluminous look.

Well, this hairstyle is just that! It’s bouncy, voluminous, and ten folds more fun than a normal bob. This hairstyle is done on a side partition but you can always do a middle partition as well.

Once you’re done braiding your hair, you can either grab a straightener or a thick curling wand to curl your braids inwards.

Finish off with hairspray and accessorize with hair rings or clips of your choice!

5. Blue tips Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Blue tips Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @addictive.looks via Instagram

This one’s for all those who got a lob and you’re at that annoying point where your hair doesn’t go up in a high or mid ponytail leaving you to experiment with low hairstyles.

But wait, before everything– if you got a lob we’d highly suggest getting a tinge of color on the lower ends of your braids like blue, red, pink, or any electric color with matching hair beads.

Trust us, it’ll add a whole new dimension to your hair making it look eccentric, fun, and trendy. If you’re skeptical, blue is the way to go since it’s still classy with a slight touch of crazy.

Divide your hair into two sections from the middle and make low buns to achieve this hairstyle.

That’s it! You can make them as neat or messy as you wish them to be. You can experiment with making one single low bun, three, or even four buns.

We make our own hair rules and this hairstyle is all about pushing our boundaries and having fun.


6. Red Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Red Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @orimo_beauty_shop via Instagram

Dual-toned hair is just the thing if you’re looking to experiment with your hairstyle.

Pair that with box braids and a bob with some hair accessories and bam! you got the look everyone is eyeing all day.

You can do these braids on a side part for a little asymmetric look or part your hair in the middle and then add the colored extensions for a perfectly symmetrical look.

Make intricate to medium-sized braids because that will add more dimension to your hair making it look thick and (very) sexy! 

Quick Guide to Bob Box Braids: Short and Stylish

  • Short & Stylish: Bob box braids offer a trendy and manageable look that’s perfect for a range of occasions.
  • Hair Maintenance: Keep your scalp clean and moisturized while wearing bob box braids to prevent itching and maintain hair health.
  • Gentle Care: Avoid tight braiding to prevent discomfort and potential hair damage.
  • Regular Touch-ups: Plan for routine maintenance to keep your bob box braids looking fresh and well-kept.

7. Chunky Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Chunky Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @sisylvie_africanbraiding via Instagram

Chunky braids are easy, and fun and make your hairstyle look fuller and thicker.

Pair these chunky bob box braids with an inverted bob and you got the right mix to make your face look sleek and long.

Chunky braids are not only much less time-consuming as compared to intricate braids but are also very versatile.

You can style them with any look, no matter the occasion and they’ll fit right in!


8. Criss Cross Weave Chunky Braids Hairstyle 

Criss Cross Weave Chunky Braids Hairstyle 

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

If you have thick hair but don’t want to go for regular chunky braids then we got the perfect inspiration for you.

The criss cross feed in braids merging into chunky box braids in combination with regular chunky box braids makes this hairstyle an extremely unique and trendy pick.

The feed in braids melting away into chunky braids gives the braids bounce and flair making the hair look bountiful while maintaining the sleek look on the crown making it a flexible hairstyle all year long!

9. Half Blonde Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @blossomregalbraids via Instagram

Leave everything you’re doing and start taking notes if you have a round-shaped face because this hairstyle is for you.

The inverted bob with a dual tone of black and copper blonde is the way to go for you as it will make your face look sleek while adding ample volume in the back.

This hairstyle will also shape your jawline well as it sits right below it and the layering makes your neck appear longer.

Of course, the blonde in the front is the perfect high fashion touch to simple inverted bob box braids. Phew, so many pros in just one hairstyle, we’re impressed!


10. Silver Shine Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @hairbyosa via Instagram

Is it just us or do silver braids just have a very nuanced feel to them? They’re so elegant yet OTT, making you look classy and glam chic all at once.

Now, if you got a lob we suggest going for silver box braids and we know you’ll thank us later.

Silver hair complements the best on yellow or olive skin undertones and even though it might be slightly high maintenance, it’s worth a try for the freshness it brings to simple box braids! Don’t you agree? 

11. Rough Ends Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @kizzy__touch via Instagram

This mid-partitioned bob box braids hairstyle is perfect for those looking for some edgy inspiration because of how raw and rough the edges of this hairstyle are.

Usually, in bob box braids, the hair extensions are cut off and burnt to give a raw, natural, and unrefined look but not many people are a fan of that and style the edges in or don’t leave out the edges to make the braids look smooth.

But we think this hairstyle with mid-sized braids and untamed edges looks so chic and straight out of an editorial! 


12. Howard Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @chrissybraidedit via Instagram

This hairstyle is a slight variation of the rough ends bob box braids as it features slightly chunkier braids and hair rings on all the ends.

This hairstyle also features box braids without a partition which makes the hair look more voluminous than when you braid with one.

Well, some accessories never hurt anyone and we think it’d make the perfect hairstyle for first impressions as it makes a strong, edgy, and trendy statement!

13.  Asymmetric Cornrows Bob Box Braids 

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

Here’s a quick tip to add some fun texture to your box braids, go for stitched inn cornrows on your crown and box braids in the back.

The stitched cornrows look so elegant and add such a nuanced vibe to your usual box braids.

If you are going for this hairstyle, we’d suggest going with an asymmetric bob that starts short on one side and gradually becomes longer as you go to the other side.

This will give a trendy high fashion touch to a regular bob cut! Fun? Fun!


14. Cute Golden Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Cute Golden Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @raedidit_ via Instagram

The drip in this hairstyle is real! The golden braided locks add such an unconventionally attractive nudge to the black hair braids.

We wouldn’t suggest doing this hairstyle with a layered or inverted bob as it has so much happening in itself that the layering might end up looking too overbearing.

So what are you waiting for? Do this on a classic bob with a middle partition and you’re sure to look a million dollars. 

15. Color Pop Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @iveyhair via Instagram

You decided you want a braided bob hairstyle but that extra zest seems to be missing? Try doing a few colored red braids that peek in between the natural color braids.

Go with mid sized to chunky braids with this one to let the red braids take the center stage with this hairstyle!

They’re so 90s rock chic and also have a touch of elegance to them which can be flexibly worn for first dates to concerts to even work meetings!

Afterall, who doesn’t appreciate a touch of color? 


Keep In Mind

  • Preparation: Start with clean and well-moisturized hair to ensure a smooth and polished finish for your bob box braids.
  • Scalp Health: Maintain a clean and hydrated scalp to prevent itchiness and promote overall hair health while wearing bob box braids.
  • Face Shape Consideration: Choose a bob box braid length and style that complements your face shape to enhance your natural beauty.
  • Gentle Handling: Be cautious during the braiding process to prevent excessive tension and hair damage.
  • Maintenance Routine: Plan for regular touch-ups and maintenance appointments to keep your bob box braids looking sharp and stylish.

16. Asymmetrical Bob Box Braids Hairstyle 

Asymmetrical Bob Box Braids Hairstyle 

Image by @chrissybraidedit via Instagram

We’ve seen it all from a classic bob to a layered one and now an inverted bob as well. But what you’re seriously missing out on is an asymmetrical bob.

It’s so tasteful and suits all face types.

If you’ve been wanting to do something out of the box and unconventional for your hair while still maintaining the understated and minimal vibe, go for this hairstyle.

And pair up an asymmetrical bob look with some box braids and hair rings? Hell yeah, sign us up!

17. Jumbo Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @chrissybraidedit via InstagramCredit: pearlsempire

Jumbo box braids are a popular choice no matter the length of hair because of how convenient and less time consuming they are to achieve.

Plus, they give your tresses an added luster and volume to die for!

But next time you’re going for jumbo braids, try playing with the variations in the shape of your box, maybe go for a triangle or a curved box shape or even a pentagon, ah the choices are endless!

But our point is, when you spruce up the shape of your box, the whole hairstyle ends up looking more experimental and unique while still taking the same amount of time (almost).

Oh, and don’t forget to accessorize the chunky ends with a hair ring either in silver or rustic copper. Can never get enough of accessorizing!


18. Copper Blonde Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @hair_bysunflower via Instagram

While all shades of blonde look dazzling in a braided bob, there’s just something so understated and beautiful about copper blonde that makes it look so ravishing and luxurious.

And most importantly, it suits people of all ages and can be sported everywhere from a fancy red carpet to a ramen dinner date.

But, if you’re planning to go for copper bob box braids, we’d suggest going for intricate to mid sized braids to make it look smooth and sleek.

While chunky braids have their moments, this is the time to call out for some intricacy. 

19. Dual Colored Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @curls_bynath via Instagram

Smart, sleek and vibrant. This hairstyle can be easily recreated by adding a strand of icy blonde shade to each of your braids. Yeah, it’s that easy!

You can either opt to leave the ends rough or style them in, it looks good either way because the attention is totally spanned towards the popping hint of blonde.

A mid partitioned sleek bob look is the most compatible for these braids, but you can always play with the haircut by making it asymmetrical or adding some layers for extra volume and finesse.


20. Fairy Locs Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Fairy Locs Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @_thebraidbarn_ via Instagram

If there’s ever a hairstyle that transports you right with the unicorns in a magical forest, its this one.

It’s the bob box braided fairy locks and the main detail to love about this hairstyle are the imperfections.

The hair is unevenly layered and some strands get abruptly short while the others remain long. But when it comes together, it looks so beautiful and magical!

This hairstyle is perfect for those who love experimenting with crazy cuts and textures.

You can always add some detailing with flowers or accessories to make it more fairy-esque! 

21. Blonde and Orange Bob Box Braid Hairstyle 

Blonde and Orange Bob Box Braid Hairstyle 

Image by @jaygoldafrique via Instagram

Dual tones are perfect for adding some extra zest and vibrancy to your hair and this one tops the list.

The icy blonde and bright orange come together in a perfect contrast to give you two different vibes in one hairstyle.

While one side is a little traditional, understated and regular, the other side is completely eccentric and crazy!

We’d say it’s a perfect medley of personalities and oh! Dual toned braids are such a fresh idea, so cash on it while it’s still unique and unexplored. 


22. Shades of Blonde Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @naturalstylesby.dee via Instagram

If you’re looking to experiment with different tones and shades, then blonde is the place to start.

Since it’s so subtle yet eye catching, it’s a safe choice especially if you’re working.

The various tones add vibrancy to your braids while still maintaining the sleek appeal and the blonde of course also helps show off the volume of your hair. 

This bob length, which typically falls just above the shoulders or at chin level, adds a sense of sophistication and modernity to the overall look.

This length allows for styling versatility, whether you wear the braids down, pull them into a sleek ponytail, or experiment with half-up styles.

23. Boho Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Boho Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @hairandnowsalon_ via Instagram

There’s honestly nothing that screams out whimsical with a touch of cuteness more than this hairstyle. For this hairstyle, first you’ll need to do an inverted or asymmetrical lob.

Once done, make two box braids consequently and make the next two box braids after skipping a section in between.

For the sections you make the box braids, make sure to finish off your braid leaving about 2-3 inches of hair down and curl it up to make tight coiled curls. 

Leave the unbraided sections as is if you have curly hair. If you happen to have straighter hair, you can always curl those sections as well.

We know it sounds like a lot, but it’s totally worth it because of the amount of texture and uniqueness this hairstyle brings to the table.

Plus, this hairstyle is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your haircut properly! 


Pro Tip

To keep your bob box braids looking neat and elegant, use a silk or satin scarf or bonnet at night to prevent frizz and maintain their shape while you sleep.

24. Curled Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @llc_kwaiteforit via Instagram

One advantage of doing box braids on a bob or lob is you get very creative with your ways to style and wear your hair.

While this curled ends bob box braids hairstyle looks intricate, complicated and time consuming, in reality it’s actually very doable and easy to achieve.

Now just part your hair in the middle or either sides according to your liking and do mid to small sized box braids.

Once you’re done, grab a few braids together and curl them in the ends together using a curling iron. Repeat till you’re done with all the braids and you’re done!

Now you can flaunt around your super voluminous and curled lob that looks like it’s straight out of a runway.

25. Electric Orange Bob Box Braids 

Image by @ghanaianhairstyles via Instagram

Can we take a moment to acknowledge and admire how perfect this hair color looks on the bob box braids?

If you’re looking for something eccentric or avant garde to do with your hair- this is it.

Part your hair in the middle and add some electric orange extensions while braiding your hair into perfectly mid-sized box braids.

Secure the braids with lemon yellow hair ties for added color pop. Voila! You’re done.

While this hairdo is a tempting pick we gotta tell you that orange is a tricky color to play with but if you got olive skin undertone then this might be the perfect pick for you, otherwise it might end up washing off your skin tone making you look pale or even grey!

But don’t worry because there’s always an eccentric shade perfect for your skintone, just gotta put some research into it.


26. Good Intentions Bun Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @becomingraven via Instagram

Fancy being an instagram model?

Your journey begins with this hairdo! *shush* The chunky box braided bob with two copper strands in the front and a braided bun accessorized with a golden thread– this is what hair aesthetic dreams are made of.

When you put your hair up in a top bun, it not only keeps the hair away from your face but also elevates your features such as eyes, cheekbones and jawline.

Oh and don’t forget accessorizing because we love a bling queen! 

27. Crazy Colored Bob Box Braids 

Crazy Colored Bob Box Braids

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

A splash of colors. It’s bold, glam and striking. Well, if you managed to bring in your dropped jaws back to normal after looking at this hairdo , it’s time to try it out yourself!

An inverted bob or lob with three colors, two of the same color family and one color that would pop and contrast the other two.

Once done, curl it inwards and you’re ready for your supermodel walk to the supermarket *wink*.

This crazy-colored bob box braids style is an exciting and vibrant twist on the classic braids look.

In this daring hairstyle, box braids are fashioned into a chic bob cut, with each braid showcasing a burst of bold and unconventional colors.

This playful and creative approach to hairstyling allows you to express your unique personality and embrace a vivid and eye-catching aesthetic.


28. Basket Weave Feed In Bob Box Braids 

Image by @blossomin.styles via Instagram

Who says you gotta have long hair to try out fun new hairstyles?

If you have short hair or are planning for bob box braids, this hairstyle would top our list of recommendations for you because of how fresh, unique and trendy the basket weave stitched in braids look.

They look so vintage core inspired while giving a sleek and textured finish.

These basket weaves will also make sure to give your hair some layers and added volume making your bob look three folds thicker and dazzling! New go-to hairdo? Yes please! 

29. Salt & Pepper Bob Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @indi_studios via Instagram

White and black is a classic color combination that we often turn to while planning outfits, but shy away from when it comes to pairing them together on our hair.

But this hairstyle is sure to knock your prejudices out because of how classy it looks while giving us major pop rock bands from 00s energy.

This especially looks fabulous when put together as bob box braids as the colors add some much needed zest into a classic bob look.

You can go ahead and accessorize or even curl it inwards for a further voluminous looking hair but we think its best when sported sleek as it still maintains grace even with such contrasting colors put together. 

30. Bob & long Box Braids Hairstyle

Bob & long Box Braids Hairstyle

Image by @ghanaianhairstyles via Instagram

This bob and long box braids are a unique look that is eye-catching and dynamic. The hair is cut into a bob length on one side of the head, typically just above the shoulders or chin.

This shorter side offers a clean, sleek aesthetic, emphasizing the jawline and facial features. It’s a bold choice that exudes confidence and modernity.

On the opposite side, the hair is left long and is braided into box braids.

Box braids are individual braids created by sectioning the hair and intertwining it with synthetic or natural hair extensions.

The short bob and the long box braids create a captivating contrast that is both visually intriguing and fashion-forward.

It allows you to embrace different textures and lengths within a hairstyle, showcasing your unique style and personality.

This style is very versatile. You can wear the braids in other ways, like leaving them down, gathering them into a ponytail, or styling them.

Fun Fact

Box braids have a long history and cultural significance, with origins dating back thousands of years to African civilizations. They have evolved into a popular and versatile hairstyle, symbolizing unity, community, and self-expression among African and African-American communities.

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