35 Triangle Box Braids: The Modern Twist To Classic Style

Key Takeaways
  • Triangle box braids are known for their geometric and symmetrical patterns, providing an elegant and eye-catching look that sets them apart from traditional braiding styles.
  • These braids are relatively low-maintenance, making them a practical choice for individuals with busy lifestyles.
  • Triangle box braids can be styled in various ways, from updos to ponytails, allowing for diverse looks.
  • While famous for their fashion-forward appearance, triangle box braids also hold cultural significance, often reflecting the diversity and beauty of African and African-American traditions.

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Try Triangular box braids, the unique style to give your hair an edge and perfect protection. The magnificent star-shaped pattern turns heads and attracts attention.

This style is convenient and provides an excellent option for your face geometry. The triangle box braid always looks dashing as it gives hair a modern turnover with versatility. 

Triangle box braids introduce a captivating twist to the classic box braiding technique.

Crafted with skill and precision, these braids form a distinctive triangular pattern, adding a geometric and modern edge to your hairstyle.

The meticulously woven sections create an alluring interplay of lines and angles, showcasing a unique and artistic approach to protective styling.

Triangle box braids offer versatility, allowing for creative updos, ponytails, or simply wearing them down.

With a blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetics, this trendsetting hairstyle enhances your appearance and celebrates individuality and cultural expression, making a bold statement that’s both chic and empowering.

Triangle braids are a traditional box braid with a twist in which you can part the hair in triangles in cute variations and attractive styles.

The sections are triangular that form a convenient and splendid hairstyle.

Triangle box braids’ hairstyles protect hair loss, and the triangle-shaped boxes always look dashing. It forms a unique hairstyle that perfectly edges the haircut to a modern turnover. 

Why Triangle Braids?

Triangle braids are unique due to the beautiful pattern they make. You have the option to spice triangle box braid by adding color patterns and by creating various color tones to capture good attention.

The best reason to try the triangle box braid is its stylish look and creative design. With this braid, you will never feel like changing the look for other braided styles.

These stunning triangle box braids are available in different options and color extensions. 

You will love the triangle-shaped braid due to the unique look that it gives.

The triangle box braid is one of the best styles trending on all social media platforms. Young girls appreciate and follow triangle box braids these days. 

Before you get started

  • Ensure your hair is clean and well-conditioned to create a smooth foundation for braiding.
  • Make sure you have the right type and length of extension hair for your chosen style.
  • Plan the size and shape of your triangle box braids to achieve the desired final look.
  • Use a mirror or ask for assistance to ensure even parting and braiding.

1. Kids Stylish Triangle Box Braids

Image by @Braidsbywemmy_ via Instagram

Kids Stylish Triangle Box Braids gives young girls a stylish look due to its creative design.

Once you try this braid, you will never feel the need to change to other braided styles to change the look. Kids’ stylish triangle box braid gives a unique look. 

It is convenient too due to the easy steps to follow. This style suits children best as you need not worry about changing their braids every second day.

The style lasts at least a week. It saves your time as no additional maintenance is required.

You can also make extra decorations with this stylish triangle box braid to make it look beautiful. You can wrap the strands with attractive clips or a colorful ribbon. The child will look adorable in a unique way. 


2. Triangle Parted Large Knotless Braids

Image by @Alissa.Styles_ via Instagram

Do you need a hair idea that makes a statement? 

Then triangle parted large knotless braids are for you. Here you have a style that is a unique way to style your box braids with glam.

In this style, you part the hair into triangular sections to give a trendy look to the design instead of using box shape sections.

If you need, you can also accessorize the knotless braids with creativity. The style looks effortlessly beautiful. 

Triangle parted large knotless braids can last up to two months if you care for them. The sizes in this braid style can range from jumbo to teensy tiny.

It is a protective style for vacation as it exerts less tension on your hairline and scalp. The edges of your hair are more protected.

3. Kids Triangle Box Small Braids

 Kids Triangle Box

Image by @Layonestopbeauty via Instagram

People say braids are only for long hair. But, this is not correct.

The braids with short hair are super amazing. If you are a braid lover mom, your child can have the super cute kids triangle box with these braids.

These braids are stunning that can make you the fanciest mom. 

These smaller braids create more dimensions. The design looks glamorous. The artistic small braids make your kid look loveable.

The children look like princesses in these triangle box small braids.

Moreover, this braid style is protective for hair and can last for a long time. It suits kids as they have natural hair keeping them protected and healthy.

This style can protect the roots of the hair and help the child get beautiful hair.

4. Red Color Triangle Box Braids

Red Color Triangle Box Braids

Image by @Ateliebadu via Instagram

You can change the color of your hair to make simple braids look different. No other color is better than red to make your braids look beautiful. The red color symbolizes boldness. The red-colored braids make you look bold in a better way. 

The red braids make the triangular pattern stand out. These gorgeous red color triangle box braids make you look glamorous and fancy.

The red color not only makes the triangular pattern stand out, it is also perfect for ladies who want to look bold.


5. Triangle Box Braids With Beats

Triangle Box Braids With Beats

Image by @Larabelle_Makeover via Instagram

If you want a cool hairstyle, then a triangle box braid with beads is a fabulous hairstyle. This hairstyle manifests cuteness and teaches how to care for your kinks. 

Triangle box braid with beads and triangular partitions is a next-level hairstyle that is unique and a favorite with young girls that make you eye-grabbing in the eyes of the public.

6. Triangle Box Braids With Medium Size Beats

Medium Size Beats

Image by @Dulcebraids via Instagram

You can use beads to make a statement. The medium-size beads create a unique and stunning braided hairdo to make a bold statement. 

In this style, you can decorate each braid with gorgeous medium-size beads. You can use beads in different designs, colors, and shapes in a subtle way to create a fabulous braided look. 

You have the choice to choose designs and colors to match your preferences and personal style. This hairstyle idea is perfect for you to stand out.

7. Triangle Box Braid With Curls

Image by @Miawiththemagic via Instagram

Are you tired of old braided hairdos? 

Try a triangular braid with a twist. Just make the ends curl and spice up your hairstyle. 

A triangle box braid with curls is an excellent way to glam up your braids. It is a gorgeous hairdo that gives braids a stylish look.

You can use curly synthetic hair with the triangle box braid with curls hairstyles. To make the braids thin, section your hair into small parts.

Braid only half and let the rest of the hair loose to show those excellent curls. 

8. Triangle Box Braid With Coloring Hair

Braid With Coloring Hair

Image by @Zulisandmore via Instagram

If you want a fabulous hairstyle, get yourself coloring hair. You can create small triangle sections and braid the hair starting from the scalp.

To give a stunning contrast to coloring hairs, keep your roots natural. It will make coloring hair braids a gorgeous hairdo.

The patches of pierced braids exude the contemporary boho chic. The sporadic colored pieces make a very rewarding splash of color.

Sometimes, to boost your hairdo, you need a little color change. The combination of colors makes braids look magnificent and attractive.

The irregular triangles add beauty to this style. This design is the perfect combination to spice up your hairstyle.


Quick Triangle Box Braids Guide: Bold and Beautiful

  • Precise Parting: Create neat, triangular sections when parting your hair for a well-defined and stylish look with triangle box braids.
  • Variety of Lengths: Experiment with different braid lengths, from short and sassy to long and flowing.
  • Maintenance Magic:  Clean your scalp with diluted shampoo, oil your scalp, and secure your ends to prevent unraveling.
  • Protective Night Routine: Preserve your braids by tying them in a silk or satin scarf or using a silk pillowcase to minimize friction and frizz while you sleep.

9. Triangle Box Braids With High Bun

Image by @Braiids.Madness via Instagram

Braided buns are stunning. Isn’t it! 

Buns make a great hairstyle. They make you look crazy. The buns get an appealing look when your triangle braids are collected to make an updo.

A triangle braid with a high bun will make you original. Moreover, styling each braided strand into a stylish bun will make it unique.

Triangle box braids with high bun make you look sexy and naughty. You can try this stunning hairstyle anywhere.

It gives you excellent shine and adds full coverage to your face. Try this style and be sure, your hairstyle will be appreciated and make you the center of attraction.

10. Long Braids Triangle Box Braids 

Image by @Ambitiousbeautystyles via Instagram

Triangle braids are the best for long hair. Long braids triangle box braids should provide convenience for you. Moreover, this style is suitable for ladies who prefer longer hair length.

Triangles look superb on long hair. Long braids will make you look sassy. With this style, you are ever for any event.

The long braids style is stunning. It gives your triangle a bold look. This style is perfect for adults as well as kids. The style catches the eyes of the crowd.

11. Small Triangle Box Braids 

Small Triangle Box Braids 

Image by @Zesser.Stylez via Instagram

At any length, smaller triangles box braids make you look gorgeous. They are easy to manipulate into updo styles.

Small triangles braids create a wide variety of dimensions that make this design more glamorous. The artistic triangle with braids makes you look fabulous.

This hairdo is best suited for women who value good style sense. The attractive and small visible triangle design makes a geometrical pattern. 

Although small triangle braids take longer to create, it is unique and beautiful when done. The style is perfect for kids and adults who want to try something new and attractive hairstyles.

12. Knotless Triangle Box Braids 

Image by @Ssjhair via Instagram

Knotless triangle box braids are a low-maintenance style that gives a lovely look. It requires no styling and provides hair protection too. Knotless braids’ hairstyles look elegant and have a unique appearance. The brownish tinge certainly adds some urban touch.

This style is undoubtedly your time savior as it can last for weeks. Knotless braids are popular among women of all ages who have curly and wavy hair.


13. Medium Knotless Triangle Box Braids With Curls

Image by @Imunique_Hands via Instagram

A perfect medium-knotless braid with curls is a good option for thick and thin hair. 

This style is very comfortable as it takes less time, and you will also not feel heavy on your head. The style looks different from other triangular box braids.

You can maintain this style easily at home with just simple curlers. You can even fluff the curls for exciting effects or leave them smooth.

Curly ends make the medium-knotless braid eye-catching.

14. Jumbo Triangle Box Braids

Image by @Sav.Vystyles via Instagram

With Jumbo triangle box braids, the triangles take a long space on the overall hairdo. The braids seem lovely with long hair.

The jumbo braids always look gorgeous with triangle box braids. The side flows give it the look of a queen with a vast aura.

The jumbo triangle box hairstyle is a chilling option that suits every season. The style looks even more glamorous with the long hair option.

To make it more attractive, accessorize this style with cords and cuffs. The accessories can jazz up your braids and make your hairstyle unique.

15. Long Hair Triangle Box Braids

Image by @ _Blasianbraids via Instagram

A woman’s hair is a symbol of her pride and identity. It gives a woman multiple types of braid patterns to look beautiful and incredible. 

Long hair is the ultimate choice for braiding. Long hair gives you ample options for making beautiful, feminine, and convenient ways to style your long locks.

Triangle braids are best suited for long hair. The triangle box braids look vibrant with them.

To make this hairstyle more appealing, make larger triangle sections. This hairstyle is not difficult to do but still makes you look unique and beautiful.

16. Knotless Braid With Triangle Large Box Braids

Knotless Braid With Triangle Large Box Braids

Image by @Worldofbraiding via Instagram

If you want your hair to look longer and thicker, knotless braids are a great option. Knotless braids have less weight than medium-size box braids, thus reducing your tension at the head. 

The hair distribution with knotless braids is even. The style is comfortable and cute that takes significantly less time to make than the other smaller sizes.

A knotless braid hairstyle is an excellent option for a free-spirited woman. It makes you look both casual and playful.


Keep In Mind

  • Healthy Foundations: Ensure your hair is in good condition by moisturizing and detangling before getting triangle box braids to prevent breakage.
  • Balanced Tension: Maintain even tension while braiding to avoid discomfort and protect your natural hair from undue stress.
  • Scalp Care: Keep your scalp clean and hydrated during the braiding process, as it’s essential for overall hair health.
  • Regular Touch-Ups: As your hair grows, revisit your stylist for touch-ups to maintain the neat appearance of your triangle box braids.
  • Avoid Overextensions: Refrain from wearing heavy or overly long box braids, as they can strain your scalp and hair. Opt for a length and thickness that’s comfortable for you.

17. Medium Knotless Triangle Box Braids

Medium Knotless Triangle Box Braids

Image by @_Mimi_Madison via Instagram

Medium knotless triangle braids are a more practical and low-maintenance style. You can easily wash them and blow them dry.

The hairstyle is popular and fun to wear in different hairdos. You can also style it with various beads to make it unique and attractive.

The clear and visible triangle design makes it look beautiful and summer-ready.

18. Knotless Long Triangle Box Braids

Image by @Crowndby.Le via Instagram

You might be bored with small triangles. Try knotless long triangle box braids to give you a different and unique look. To make it more attractive, highlight some of your hair. You will enjoy the new style.

The knotless long triangle braid style is lovely with a long hair option. Knotless Long triangle box braids hairstyle is a preferred option for any season.

19. Triangle Box Braid With Highlighting Curls

Image by @Braided_By_Kiki via Instagram

Curls beautify your hair. They are the most beautiful attributes of hair that complement your beauty.

You can easily change your look by enlightening the tips of your hair. Curly hair with highlights will give a natural and healthy look. Just keep your mane long and layered.

The curly hair highlights create a unique and beautiful look. You cannot get this vibrant and playful look with other hairstyles. Highlighted curls are not that common, but the look is quite marvelous.

Brownish highlights are perfect if you do not want them to be too bold and dramatic. 

20. Beautiful Triangle  Box Braids

Image by @Theboujeeboxsalon via Instagram

Beautiful Triangle braids are the new trend. It gives a new triangle look to the triangle base, and you get an incredible look.

You can create a fabulous look on your hair with simple, easy braids. Beautiful triangle braids are most famous for the star look. You can achieve it by creating distinct triangles.

This style is best for medium-length hair, but you can also use it for other lengths.


21. Neat And Quality Triangle Box Braid With Bun

Image by @Qthebraider via Instagram

Buns always make a great hairstyle. When you collect the triangle braids and make an updo, your buns will get compact and beautiful. 

Some hairstyle updo might not be appealing, but a neat and quality triangle box braid can make your hair look crazy.

The quality braids with bun will be appreciated. Making a triangle braid with a bun will make you look stylish. 

22. Medium Knotless Triangle Box Braids With Curls

Image by @Imunique_Hands via Instagram

In a medium knotless triangle box braid with curls, the hair is beautifully braided and has loose curls at the end. 

Medium-knotless braid style supported with curls at the end manifests cuteness.

This eye-catching hairstyle is best for special occasions as it makes you look young and fresh. This hairstyle looks quite different from the standard triangle box braid.

23. Jumbo Box Triangle Braids

Image by @Naturalstyles_Byrain via Instagram

Jumbo box triangle braids are good with long and thick hair options. This hairstyle creates an attractive and unique star-shaped pattern and is best suited for all seasons.

You can complement it with a pop of color to be the center of attention.

This attractive and protective hairstyle lasts quite a long and requires very little maintenance.

Pro Tip

Keep your scalp moisturized and itch-free during the duration of your triangle box braids by using a leave-in conditioner spray with a nozzle applicator for easy access between the braids.

24. Triangle Box Braids Medium Length

Image by @Beautybyshane via Instagram

Triangle box braids with medium length help you thicken your hair if they are thin. The medium-length braids are easy and convenient and don’t require much hair extension.

It is a lightweight option that looks sexy and gives you a casual look.

This hairstyle of medium-length triangle stays for long, and you do not have to worry about your next look.


25. Knotless Triangle Box Braids

Image by @Braidedxshay Via Instagram

Knotless Triangle box braids are great for a long and polished braid look. It takes a bit longer to install these braids, and they are worth the effort.

Locks are braided in small sections reducing the tension on your scalp as there are no knots.

Knotless triangle braids give you a feminine and edgy look. You can choose a different style, but it still makes you attractive.

26. Red Color Triangle Box Braids

Image by @Shar_Got_Magic via Instagram

Want to boost your hairdo? You can do it with a color change. Braids look fabulous in two different colors. When you add red color to your braids, it makes them stunning and attractive. 

So light up your hairstyle with red braids and steal the show at parties and events. It also helps young girls in making love statements.

27. Small Knotless Triangle Box Braids

Image by @Menbraidslondon via Instagram

Small braids are a great option to keep you away from hair and look natural. Small knotless triangle box braids are very versatile.

You can make them from hair of different thicknesses, finishes, and lengths. 

Small knotless braids are gentle on scalps, and they appeal a lot. They do not create tension and create a seamless finish.

Small knotless braids are lightweight. You can braid them into natural hair or the style of your choice.

28. Medium Triangle Box Braids

Image by @Tt.Hairxperience via Instagram

Medium triangle box braids are a next-level hairstyle. This hairstyle teaches younger ladies to take care of their hair. The style makes even the side triangles of the hairdo visible and attractive.

You will love how stylish and unique the medium triangle braid style appears. This hairdo is suitable for natural hair as well. It helps you keep your hair protected and healthy.


29. Spring Triangle Box Braids

Image by @Angie.Hairday_ via Instagram

Spring triangle box braids make you style your braids with glam. It is unique as this style makes a beautiful pattern and captures good attention.

You can choose any pattern while making a spring triangle box braid, but this one is amazing with many small boxes and lots of braids. This pattern is mesmerizing.

With this hairstyle, you can decorate your face structure beautifully.

30. Triangle Box Braids Short Hair

Image by @Braidedbyrouki via Instagram

Braids always make a great impression. The length of hair doesn’t matter to get attractive braids.

People have the misconception that medium or long-length hair makes good braids. However, short haircuts and hairstyles are the current trends. The braids with short hair look fantastic.

Triangle box braids with short hair is cheaper. You require less time and detail to get triangle box braids with short hair.

31. Triangle Box Bride With Medium Curls

Image by @Exoticbraidsbymia via Instagram

Braids hairstyles with medium curls are the best selection. The beautiful curly hair at the end adds glam to the hairstyle. To show off those excellent curls, you can keep the rest of your hair loose.

These long braids with curly hair at their ends make the combination stunning. The medium curls give the braids an elegant look. To keep the braid thin, you can part your hair in small sections.

Try long braids with medium curls if you’ve tried and are fed up with different braided styles. 

32. Knotless Big Braid Triangle Box Braids

Image by @Beauty.Anne.Wambui.5855 via Instagram

Using triangle sections makes an excellent alternative to traditional squares. The knotless big braid style makes you the center of attention. Add a classic box pattern to the triangle knotless big braids and spice the hairstyle.

You can use medium to large braids to make the hairdo more attractive. Knotless big braids are also an excellent way to make your hair look thicker and fuller.

The even distribution reduces the tension on your head and makes this hairstyle comfortable and cute.


33. Grew Color Triangle Box Bride

Image by @Little_Princess_Hair via Instagram

Looking for a hair idea to make a statement? 

Then colored triangle box braids are for you. The possibility of adding fake hair in different colors is a good advantage of triangle box braids. 

You have the option to choose absolutely any color for your style. Grew color triangle box braids make a great hairstyle that stands apart and makes you look glam.

34. Small Braid With Triangle Box Braids

Image by @Braids_By_Deedy via Instagram

Braids are possible with any hair length. You can create stylish braids with short hair too. You can make super cute small braids if you are a braid lover.

If you want to try a new hairstyle small braids with triangle boxes are a perfect option. It suits both kids and adults. The artistic dimensions make it a remarkable hairdo that shows a great style sense.

35. Up & Down Triangle Box Braid With Curls

Image by @aicha_professionalhair via Instagram

The up & down triangle box braid with curls is a captivating fusion of geometry and movement.

Triangle box braids, meticulously crafted in a unique pattern, create a bold statement as they cascade down your back.

The top section is expertly styled into a chic updo, showcasing intricate braiding.

Adding an extra layer of allure, luscious curls flow freely from the updo, framing your face with elegance and flair.

This dynamic hairstyle captures the essence of structured precision and carefree charm, offering a perfect blend of creativity and sophistication for any occasion.

Did you know?

Triangle box braids have gained popularity not only for their stunning appearance but also for their versatility. You can style them into various updos, buns, and creative patterns, making them a versatile and dynamic choice for protective styling.


If you are searching for the best style for hair, then triangle box braids are a perfect choice. It suits all kinds of the face due to its wide range of designs. This style can incorporate any modification as per the look and gives you the best and most noticeable look for any season.


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