Cookies Policy

We at Makeup Wearables use cookies to track down various activities on our website. This cookie policy provides a brief overview of different cookies, like what exactly they are, how we use them, or what kind of data we store with the help of other cookies.

These cookies don’t store any data that is specific to a person, but it is for the various users and visitors of our website. However, here we clarify that we don’t and never will store your sensitive data like credit card details, passwords, etc.

If you want to know more about how we use and process your data. Remember to check out our privacy policy.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that our website stores in your browser. These cookies help us understand how you interact with our platform, such as tracking which pages have the most traffic and identifying areas for improvement. Additionally, they provide insights into how much time visitors spend on specific pages.

Why Do We Use Cookies?

Cookies are crucial in enhancing and understanding your experience on our website. They help us personalize content per your needs, remember your preferences, and analyze how you interact with our platform and for how long. By utilizing cookies, we aim to provide every user with a smoother and more tailored browsing experience.

Types Of Cookies We Use

We use two types of cookies, and we can divide them into two categories: “persistent” and “session.” The persistent cookies remain stored in your browser when you start using our website, and it remains there whether you are using the website or not and even after when you get offline. They remained stored in the browser for a specific period. 

However, the session cookies get deleted when you close the browser. Here is a brief overview of various types of cookies:

Necessary/Essential Cookies

Type: Session Cookies

Administered by: Us

Purpose: These Cookies are like website helpers. They’re essential for you to use the website’s features. They keep things secure by verifying users and preventing any issues with accounts.

Cookies Policy/Notice Acceptance Cookies

Type: Persistent Cookies

Administered by: Us

Purpose: These Cookies confirm if you’ve consented to use cookies on our site. It’s a way of saying “yes” or “no” to the cookies.

Functionality Cookies

Type: Persistent Cookies

Administered by: Us

Purpose: These Cookies help us to remember your choices, like your login info or the language you prefer. They ensure a smoother experience and save you from typing in the same things every time.

Tracking And Performance Cookies

Type: Persistent Cookies

Administered by: Third-Parties

Purpose: You may call these cookies website detectives. They help us gather the data and analyze how people use our platform and the pages they visit. These cookies help us know what works well and what tweaks could be used. These Cookies also remember your device but don’t know your real name.

Targeting And Advertising Cookies

Type: Persistent Cookies

Administered by: Third-Parties

Purpose: These Cookies are like your personal ad matchmakers. They watch your online moves to determine what ads would match your searches according to your browsing data.

Social Media Cookies

Type: Persistent Cookies

Administered by: Third-Parties

Purpose: Sometimes, we use third-party tools from social media like Facebook or Twitter. They might store cookies to see how the website’s doing. We don’t control these cookies, so we suggest you check their privacy policies for better understanding.

Cookie Duration

If you are concerned about these cookies remaining in your browser forever, then don’t worry. Cookies have a time limit to stay in your divide. Here are two types of cookies and the time they will remain in your browser:

Session Cookies: Session cookies remain in your device browser as long as you stay on the website. Once you close the browser, these cookies will be deleted.

Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies are persistent, like their name. They stay on your browser even if you leave the website or go offline. However, don’t worry. These cookies come with an expiration date and will be deleted after a specified period.

Data Protection And Privacy

When it comes to our users’ data and privacy, we take it very seriously. Using cookies to collect data ensures that it’s been used responsibly and aligns with our privacy practices. We don’t store sensitive info like credit card details, passwords, or personal secrets through cookies. To better understand how we handle your data, look at our privacy policy.

Updates To The Cookie Policy

We make changes to our cookie policy from time to time. We believe in transparency and will notify you about these changes through email (if applicable), especially if the changes are significant.

Therefore, please visit this cookie policy to see the updates and give your consent to the updates. However, if you are uncomfortable with the updates, you may discontinue using our platform, as your continuous use of the website would mean you are on board with the new updates.

Contact Information

If you have any queries or want clarification for any updates on this cookie policy, feel free to write to us at, or you can go to our Contact Us page.