55 Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyles To Rock All Year in 2024

Key Takeaways

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  • Due to their size, jumbo box braids can be installed relatively quickly, reducing the time spent at the salon.
  • You can experiment with different hair extension types, colors, and styles when getting jumbo box braids, offering a wide range of customization.
  • Jumbo box braids protect your natural hair from excessive manipulation and environmental damage, promoting hair growth and minimizing breakage.
  • Regular moisturizing and maintenance are essential to keep jumbo box braids looking fresh and preventing hair breakage.

Box Braids are an evergreen favorite staple protective style for women with curly and kinky hair.

However, the time commitment required to get them done can often get pretty tiring when you have to spend over six hours getting your hair done.

Luckily the magic of braids has blessed us with jumbo box braids. These chunks and thick variations of box braids are loved by women everywhere for their fast installation time and the unique volume and structure they give your braids.

The main thing that makes jumbo box braids a popular and widely loved braid style is that they are super low maintenance and easy to get done.

This makes them the perfect style for people who don’t have much time on their hands but need a fabulous braid style they can wear while looking effortlessly stunning.

They are also protective for your natural hair and they possess an incredible versatility that allows them to be made in a slew of different head-turning styles.

So no matter your braid and style preferences, there’s sure to be a jumbo braid hairstyle to tempt you.

Up ahead, we’ve curated some of the most amazing jumbo box braids styles out there to keep you up to speed on the numerous ways you can rock this chic look throughout the year. 

Before You Get Started

  • With extensions that remain in your hair for 7-8 weeks, box braids are created. Verify that the extensions you use are composed of non-toxic, non-itchy materials.
  • Braiding takes time to complete. It will take 3 to 7 hours, depending on the style you want.
  • Jumbo box braids demand particular maintenance. To keep your braids appearing hydrated and new, you must apply a hot oil treatment before washing your hair.

1. Dark Blonde Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyles

Credit: luh_afro

These dark blonde jumbo box braids are a very subtle way of pulling off blonde hair if you’re not a fan of the brighter shades.

The style features chunky braids that skim just above the waist and create a lovely backdrop to pair with all your outfits.

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2. Center Parted Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyles

Credit: now.afrohaiir

Make your jumbo box braids in a neat center part to draw attention to the center of the face.

This look allows the braids to elegantly drape the sides of the face and soften any harsh contours around the cheekbones and chin.

3. Classic Golden Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyles

Credit: santos_kalon

If a brighter shade of blonde is what you’re craving, then these golden jumbo box braids are the perfect look to go for.

The braids are thick but not overly chunky, making them easy to style and pull into all sorts of ponytails and buns.

4. Knee Length Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: justbraidsinfo

Want your jumbo box braids to have an enviable length? Opt for this knee-length version.

It features large parted hair sections at the base, allowing for a minimal volume of braids. It is a cute and minimalist style with a touch of drama.

5. Blue Accents Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyles

Credit: aline_selfesteem

If you are looking for a way to take your jumbo box braids from plain to fabulous, try incorporating a hint of color like blue on one or two braids at the front.

You can do this by using blue braiding hair to make one braid or wrapping blue hair ties on the entire length of the braid. This style is a simple and easy way to add some color to your black braids.

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6. Sparse Jumbo Box Braids Hairstyles

Credit: braidsbymile

Don’t spend a long time in the braiding chair? These sparse jumbo box braids are the perfect way to do just that. They are cute and are made in large sections separated into unique shapes that look flawless.

7. Shiny Black Jumbo Box Braids

Credit: justbraidsinfo

Want a hairstyle with some shine and luster? Try these shiny jumbo box braids.

Each hair section at the base is perfectly smooth down with a generous amount of gel and braided into even black braids that are bold and sure to attract the best compliments.

8. Dark Brown Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: promzy_beauty_salon

These dark brown jumbo braids are a great way to rock natural-looking hair color that will suit deeper skin tones.

They can be parted down the middle to show off the length and size of the braids while framing the cheekbones beautifully.

9. Jet Black Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: braidsbyritzaaaaa

These jet black jumbo box braids are the perfect chic and eye-catching style to rock on those casual days when you need something cute that you can pair with minimal outfits like t-shirts while looking sleek.

Quick Styling Guide for Jumbo Box Braids

  • Choosing the Right Style: Consider the size and length of your jumbo box braids to match your style and preferences.
  • Maintenance Level: Jumbo box braids require low to moderate maintenance, including scalp care and occasional refreshing.
  • Versatility for All: These braids are suitable for various hair types and lengths, making them versatile and adaptable.
  • Personalized Looks: Jumbo box braids offer creative styling options, from updos to unique accessories, allowing for personal expression.

10. Blonde Mix Jumbo Box Braids

Credit: v.afrobraids

Try these blonde mix jumbo box braids for a vibrant shade with deep undertones that you can wear on any occasion without worrying about looking too flashy.

The key to perfecting this look is incorporating different shades of blonde braiding hair to be sure to choose one or two shades into your braids.

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11. Dark Red Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: hairbytorii2

A great way to pull off red hair without looking too loud is to opt for a dark shade like these jumbo box braids.

The black color of the natural hair at the base of the braids melds well with the red braiding hair and gives your braids the illusion of low lights without any actual dyeing needed.

12. Center Cornrow Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: liliafrohair

Opt for these cornrow jumbo box braids if you want to give your hairdo an eye-catching pattern.

The straight-back cornrows perfectly placed in the middle create cool sectioning to divide the box braids on both ends as they flow down the shoulders.

13. Waist Length Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: thechair_beautyloft

If you’re a fan of extremely long hair, then these waist-length jumbo box braids need to be your go-to look. They are smooth, sleek and can be paired with a wide range of fashion looks.

14. Heart-Shaped Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: hairbynelsy

Make your braids an instant head-turner by crafting heart-shaped parts for each hair section. This will give your braids a unique pattern that is definitely going to stand out from the crowd.

When trying this style, combine two different shades of braiding hair like black and blonde to make the complete look a vibrant hue.

15. Wine Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: ktrancass

These wine jumbo box braids are made in a perfectly even pattern that gives the entire look a symmetrical design that can’t go unnoticed.

It is a great style you can dress down with a casual t-shirt or dress up if you need to look more put together for fancy occasions.

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16. Simple Medium Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: lauralaury_

If you want thick braids that are not dramatically chunky, then these simple medium jumbo braids are the perfect style to try.

They are pretty thick but made with a light volume of braiding hair to create a simple and full hairdo you can rock in any season.

17. Green Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: jumboboxbraids

Looking for a unique shade that stands out from the numerous braid styles out there? Try these green jumbo box braids.

They are made in a deep green color that pairs really nicely with any skin tone. You can even throw in a few hair cuffs to accessorize and accentuate the color and volume of the look.

18. Sleek Ponytail Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: laidbyimani

Give the face an instant snatched and lifted look with a sleek ponytail jumbo braid style. This style features a high ponytail elegantly placed on the crown.

The ends of the pony swept are also to the side to soften any harsh contours around the face made obvious by the ponytail lift.

19. Copper And Black Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: braids_by_sica

These copper jumbo box braids have a bold and vibrant tone that will look incredible on anyone. This is the ideal style to try if you want a hairdo with a warm tone you can rock all through spring and summer.

20. Caramel Mix Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: mai_trancas

This caramel mix jumbo box braids will have people swooning over your hair.

It consists of a combination of different shades of brown, copper, and chocolate made into pretty chunk braids that look fabulous from whatever direction they are viewed.

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21. Jumbo Box Braids With Curled Ends

Credit: heidi.alstad.frisor

If you’d like to give your jumbo box braids a fluffy structure towards the ends, then opt for these curled ends variations.

The large brown braids are left unbraided towards the ends and then curled into a loose curly pattern that looks fabulous.

22. Black Curly Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: hairbyericalatrice

These black curly jumbo braids are another great way to incorporate curls into your braids to create a lovely contrast towards the ends.

The curls here are tight ringlets that look incredible and are sure to draw attention.

Keep in Mind

  • Size and Length: Consider the size and length of your jumbo box braids to suit your style and preferences.
  • Scalp Health: Maintain a clean and moisturized scalp to prevent dryness and irritation.
  • Protective Measures: Use satin bonnets or pillowcases to protect your braids while sleeping and reduce friction.
  • Tension: Ensure that the braids are not too tight to prevent discomfort and hair damage.
  • Consider Your Lifestyle: Think about how the braids will fit into your daily activities and routines, as jumbo box braids may be heavy or require specific care.

23. Red And Black Jumbo Box Braids

Credit: hair_bhaddie

Try these red and black jumbo box braids if you’d like to play with different colors when making your braids.

The black creates a perfect balance with the dark shade of red used and makes this entire look fun yet understated.

24. Lob Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: nayaracostaprofissional

A neck-length bob AKA the Lob, is a classy way to rock short hair with nice structure and tapered ends, and these jumbo box braids renditions are just incredible. The thick black braids are further accentuated with a few pairs of star-shaped hair accessories to add a fun vibe to the entire look.

25. Smooth Grey Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: ingridmayuraa

These grey jumbo box braids are honestly the coolest way to give your braids a gradient color pattern.

They feature a deep shade of grey that gradually blends into a light blonde hue at the ends. This style is a lovely look that you can pair with different outfits to suit your fashion style.

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26. Green Mix Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: dedicated2beauty28

If you‘d like to rock the super stylish green hair trend but, you’re afraid you’ll end up looking like some green goblin.

Fear not; these green mix jumbo box braids are the perfect starting point. The green braiding hair is included at the ends of long black braids to create a fun and colorful look that will tempt anyone.

27. Bright Copper Long Jumbo Box Braids

Credit: braidsbynevaehh

These jumbo box braids feature a bright and rich copper shade with a lovely warm hue that will look stunning during the bright summer months. 

Be sure to use a generous amount of braiding hair when trying this look to fully cover up the natural black hair and make the entire color look uniform.

28. Curled Black Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: braidsandmorehoustontx

Give your jumbo braids an eye-catching wavy pattern by lightly twisting the ends of the braids to create a lovely curl pattern that will add to the volume and dramatic flair of the entire look.

This style looks incredible with really long braids, so don’t hesitate to make your braids waist or knee-length.

29. Deep Blue Mix Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: thalubeauty

These deep blue mix jumbo box braids are incredibly cool and attractive. They feature a combo of dark blue and black braiding hair and are elevated with the addition of blue hair cuffs and accessories.

30. Trendy Jumbo Box Braids With Beads

Credit: braidl8ty_az

Give your jumbo box braids a youthful and fun vibe by adding a combination of colored beads at the ends.

This style is further elevated by the rich chocolate shade of braiding hair used to make the braids, so be sure to opt for a dark shade of brown when making this style.

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31. Shiny Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: kklassyhairstudio

Want a sleek look you can wear on any occasion?

Try these shiny jumbo box braids. Each braid is laid down with some hairspray and gel to give the natural hair at the roots a sheen that accentuates the rest of the braids.

32. Middle Part Red Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: luxehouseldn_

These middle part jumbo box braids include a few prominent red braids mixed with black to create a stunning color combo.

The red braids on both ends of the front section are also the perfect face-framing strands to draw attention to the face.

33. Black Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: braids_bysophie

These black jumbo box braids are cute and well crafted, with structured square-shaped parts on each braid. They are the perfect style to wear to work or school all year round as a staple look.

34. Pinky Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: nail_creation_2020

There’s just something about pink hair that always exudes a fun and playful vibe. These pinky jumbo box braids are the perfect way to get into that fun spirit.

The deep shade of pink used also compliments the skin tone perfectly, so be sure to opt for a shade of pink braiding hair that will suit your skin tone.

35. Blonde streak Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: nadimhair

Tired of black braids but don’t want flashy colored hair? Try these jumbo box braids with blonde streaks.

The blonde braiding hair is added to only a single braid at the front and another at the back. This way, the style has a hint of brightness while still being dark and simple.

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36. Loose Jumbo Box Braids

Credit: _.braidsbycc

Try these loose jumbo box braids if you don’t like your braids being too tight. The braids have a relatively loose structure but are still firm at the roots. It’s the perfect style for those who are tender-headed.

Fun Fact

Black women’s hairstyles have to adhere to tight guidelines in the US military. Big box braids were not permitted. However, the US military relaxed its regulations between 2020 and 2022. Thus, military black women are now permitted to wear their hair in any conventional protective style.

37. Half Up Half Down Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: fauxlocsandthings

An elegant way to don jumbo box braids is to put them in a half-up half-down style. This look has a half ponytail highly placed just before the hairline.

You can also accentuate the entire look by adding some glass beads on the ends for a fun flair.

38. Blue Goddess Style Jumbo Box Braids

Credit: rayane.vieeira

If you want to exude a trendy and ethereal vibe, these blue goddess-style jumbo box braids are your style.

They feature shoulder-length bright blue jumbo braids with curly loose braiding hair woven from the roots.

The braids-curls combo creates a fantastic contrasting volume and structure that is sure to earn you some compliments.

39. Ombre Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: poderosashair

Create a lovely color sectioning with your braids by opting for an ombre shade. This style features a light black shade that gradually flows into a bright blonde color towards the ends.  

40. Scanty Gelled Up Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: crossedtothetee

If you don’t want to spend hours installing your braids, these scanty jumbo box braids are a perfect style.

They consist of no more than 8-10 braids flawlessly slicked down with a generous amount of hair gel with the addition of a bit of red braiding hair at the back to give a hint of color.

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41. Broad Squares Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: boujie_lil_braid

This style is another great way to rock a stunning hairdo while reducing your time at the stylist.

The natural hair at the base is parted into wide squares, so there aren’t a lot of sections, and you end up with thick braids and a cool pattern.

42. Gold Jumbo Box Braids With Curls

Credit: braidsbykemi

If you’re a fan of bright gold hair, this gold jumbo box braids should definitely be on top of your list.

They are made using a rich shade of gold hair that just exudes luxury, and to add some volume and definition; the ends are loosely curled in a deep wave pattern.

43. Dark Red Classic Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: queen.afro_

Opt for these dark red jumbo box braids if you want to try a fiery and stylish look. Be sure to accessorize with gold hair cuffs to accentuate the rich color and add a fun vibe to your overall look.

44. Slicked Black Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: touchedbycali_

These slicked black jumbo box braids are all about the laid and smooth look. They consist of very large rectangular-sized hair sections perfectly slicked down with hair gel and then braided in a long length.

This style still will require a gel with a strong hold as the smooth and sleek look is key to pulling off the look.

45. Shades of Red Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: braidedbyrandi

Combine different shades of red when making your jumbo box braids to create a bold style that is definitely going to make your hair a statement accessory.

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46. Jumbo Box Braids With Weave

Credit: de_presh_beauty

If you want to give your braids a nice flowy volume, add some loose weave at the root of the hair in the back section.

The thick size of the braids will allow the added weave to be noticeable and create a fantastic contrast while making the hair look fuller.

47. Two Shades Black Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: stsabrinasilva

You might think black is plain and boring, but these two-toned jumbo box braids are here to convince you otherwise.

Two different shades of black braiding hair are used, and that combo gives the entire look some finesse.

48. Full Side-Swept Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: vitoriiaolliveira_

These side-swept jumbo box braids allow you to show off your best facial features while framing the face beautifully. It is a chic style you can wear no matter the season.

49. Short Black Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: jane_nashe

These short jumbo box braids are a fantastic way to pull off short hair. They are further elevated with the addition of curls at the ends.

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50. Highlights Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: boxbraidstyles

Add some red and gold highlights to your box braids to make them look vibrant in a minimal way. This look is an easy way to add a hint of color to your braids.

51. Accessorized Black Jumbo Box 

Credit: boxbraidstyles

A great way to up your jumbo box braids game is to add a lot of hair accessories. The hair cuffs and rings incorporated into the braids give them an eye-catching design.

52. Kid’s  Jumbo Box Braids

Credit: narahairbraiding

Looking for a braid style for your children? Try these kids’ jumbo box braids. The braids are loose at the base to prevent pain since most kids are tender-headed.

53. Brown mixture Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: trancasdaluh_

Opt for these brown mixture jumbo box braids if you’d like a hairdo with deep earthy tones but can’t decide on a shade. This way, you get to rock the whole brown spectrum flawlessly.

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54. Fabric Combo Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: boxbraidstyles

A fun way to add a contrasting texture to your box braids is to braid the hair with a piece of cotton fabric. It adds to the size and volume of the hairdo and is a great way to match your hair color to your outfits.

55. Face Framing Red Jumbo Box Braids 

Credit: queen.afro_

These red jumbo braids feature a middle part that allows the braids to frame the face and draw attention to the middle of the face. It’s a great look to show off your makeup or natural beauty.

56. Cool Black Hair Jumbo Box Braids

Credit: ghanaianhairstyles

Cool Black Hair Jumbo Box Braids have become a trendy and iconic hairstyle choice that has captured the hearts of many.

These braids are a stunning fashion statement and a celebration of cultural heritage and individual style.

The term “jumbo” refers to the size of the braids, which are typically more extensive and more pronounced than traditional braids, making them a bold and eye-catching choice.

The cool factor of these braids lies in their versatility; they can be styled in various ways, from cascading down the back to elegantly wrapped in intricate updos.

The sleek and polished appearance of Black Hair Jumbo Box Braids exudes confidence and self-expression, making them a beloved choice among individuals looking to make a bold fashion statement while embracing their roots and culture.

Whether you’re rocking them for a special occasion or as an everyday style, these braids are undeniably cool and continue to be a symbol of empowerment and beauty.

Pro Tip

Maintain a fresh look by regularly applying scalp-friendly oil, protect your braids with a satin bonnet or pillowcase when sleeping, and refresh loose sections to keep your style neat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Jumbo Box Braids?

Jumbo box braids are three-strand plaits that are very large and thick in size. They also contain signature boxy square-shaped hair parts that are common with other box braid styles.

Can you wash Jumbo box braids?

You can actually wash jumbo box braids, and it is probably best to do so if you intend to keep them in for over four weeks.

However, it is essential to note that the focus should be on your scalp, not the actual braids, as the braids can frizz up easily. It is the scalp that really needs cleaning, not the braids themselves.

You can either use a dry shampoo to wash your hair or add a shampoo into a spray bottle and spray it directly onto the scalp.

Whichever method you intend to use, ensure you are being gentle and focusing all your movements on the scalp area. 

Do Jumbo Box Braids Grow Your Hair?

Jumbo Box braids themselves do not necessarily grow the hair. However, the style keeps the hair protected and tucked in for some time.

This prevents breakage and damage, ultimately leading to hair growth as the hair naturally grows when left alone and protected. 

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Are Jumbo Box Braids suitable for all hair types?

Jumbo box braids can work for various hair types but are particularly well-suited for thicker and coarser textures.

These braids are easier to create with hair that has some natural volume, as they help achieve the desired thickness and length.

However, with proper preparation and care, individuals with different hair types can enjoy jumbo box braids, but adjustments may be needed to ensure they hold securely and look their best.

How long does it take to get Jumbo Box Braids done?

The time it takes to complete jumbo box braids varies depending on factors like hair length and thickness, the stylist’s skill, and the braids’ desired size.

On average, it can take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours to install jumbo box braids. Complex styles or long hair may require more time, while experienced stylists may work more quickly.

What’s the best way to care for Jumbo Box Braids?

Maintaining Jumbo Box Braids is crucial to keep them clean and moisturized. You can wash your scalp with a diluted shampoo and moisturize your braids with a lightweight oil or braid spray.

Avoid over-tightening your braids, as this can lead to breakage.

Can I style Jumbo Box Braids differently every day?

Yes, you can style jumbo box braids differently every day. They offer versatility, allowing you to create various looks like buns, ponytails, half-up, half-down styles, and more.

Accessories like beads, wraps, or scarves can add flair to your braids. Just ensure you handle them gently to maintain their longevity.

How can I make my Jumbo Box Braids last longer?

To extend the lifespan of your Jumbo Box Braids, avoid excessive manipulation, protect them while sleeping with a satin scarf or bonnet, and regularly moisturize your scalp and braids.

Can I swim with Jumbo Box Braids?

Yes, you can swim with Jumbo Box Braids. It’s recommended to wear a swim cap to protect them from chlorine or salt water and rinse them thoroughly afterward to prevent damage. Gently pat dry your braids to avoid frizz.

How Do You Keep Jumbo Box Braids Fresh?

Due to their large size, jumbo box braids can get frizzy pretty quickly, and if you intend to wear them for a long them, it’s important to keep them refreshed so that you don’t go out with frizzy crusty-looking braids.

To keep your braids fresh, ensure that your hair is covered in a silk head like a bonnet or scarf.

You also need to moisturize the braids with some sort of conditioning hair spritz or leave-in conditioner and apply hair mousse on the entire length of the braids once a week to smooth down any flyaways. 

If your edges start to look lackluster and frizzy, you can always go in and slick down the hair in the section with edge control gel and a hair brush to keep them looking shiny and new.

To sum up, jumbo box braids are an easy-to-install protective style that gives the hair a  full volume and unique structure.

There’s a wide array of Jumbo box braid hairstyles ranging from short to long and curly with numerous shades and color patterns.

So whenever you need inspiration for a stylish hairdo you can wear all through the seasons, try the jumbo box braids on this list.