21 Harley Quinn Hair Transformations: From Classic To Modern

Key Takeaways
  • Harley Quinn’s hair is known for its vibrant and contrasting colors. Consider using red and blue colors to replicate her iconic look.
  • Achieve the two-tone effect by dip-dyeing your hair or using ombre techniques to create a seamless transition between the two colors.
  • Decide if you want a temporary solution like hair chalk or temporary dyes or if you’re ready for a more permanent commitment with hair dye
  • Depending on your expertise and desired result, you may visit a professional hairstylist or try a DIY approach. Harley Quinn’s hair can be intricate so that professional help may be advisable.

Harley Quinn has easily become one of the most popular villains of all time, and with the release of the new Suicide Squad films – and even Harley Quinn’s own Birds of Prey – she continues to grow in popularity in pop culture.

From cosplay to Halloween costumes, Harley Quinn has quickly become a favorite to dress up as across all ages. Her iconic look is recognizable anywhere.

18 Harley Quinn Hair Ideas

But there are many different ways that Harley Quinn is seen and so there are many different hairstyles that can represent her.

If you want to create some hairstyles inspired by Harley Quinn, we’ve been doing our research and coming up with new and unique ideas.

From permanent changes to temporary colors, we’ve researched and come up with a bunch of ways that the Harley Quinn character can be incorporated into your hair.

So, if you are looking for an influence of Harley Quinn for your hair then look no further.

We have compiled a list of 21 different ideas that range from subtle to full-on Harley Quinn hair inspirations. 

Before You Get Started

  • Be prepared for the bold and vibrant colors associated with Harley Quinn hair, and consider temporary dyes or extensions for a less permanent commitment.
  •  Ensure your hair is in good condition by maintaining moisture and addressing any damage before applying colorful dyes. Consider how the chosen colors complement your skin tone to achieve the best Harley Quinn-inspired look.
  • Consult a professional stylist if you need more clarification about achieving the desired results or maintaining hair health during the transformation.
  • Plan for regular touch-ups and proper hair care to preserve the vividness and style of your Harley Quinn hair.

1. Classic Comic Harley Quinn

Classic Comic Harley Quinn

We all know that the origins of the Harley Quinn character come from the DC comics where she is best known for her relationship with Batman’s rival villain, The Joker.

Since then, we have seen her in multiple adaptations, but for this idea, we take inspiration from her more classic look.

In the comics, she is drawn wearing a jester-like outfit and headpiece – which is where the pigtails come from.

Her signature colors in the comic are black and red. So, if you are looking for a more classic Harley Quinn feel, try dying your hair with black and red on opposing sides. 

2. Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

Suicide Squad Harley Quinn

One of the most popular modern forms of Harley Quinn is her adaptation in the Suicide Squad films where she is portrayed by actress Margo Robbie.

In these movies, she sports the colors blue and pink – a softer take on her classic red and black look.

If you are wanting hair that is closer to Margo’s version of Harley then using pink and blue dye is the way forward. Alternatively, red and blue work in a similar way.

Using pink and blue is a more obvious interpretation of Harley Quinn from the movies, so if that is your aim then those are the colors for you!

3. Harley Quin Pigtails

Harley Quin Pigtails

A simple and popular take on Harley’s classic look is her pigtails. Again, made popular by Margo Robbie’s Harley, this hairstyle is a recognizable symbol of the character.

The pigtails represent the headpiece of the jester costume seen in the comic version of Harley Quinn.

In fact, pigtails are probably the most defining staple characteristic of Harley Quinn’s inspiration.

This style is especially good if you don’t want to dye your hair to become the character, as it is recognizable without.

This style is cute and easy and suitable for almost every hair type and length!

Quick Guide to Harley Quinn Hair: Unleash Your Inner Antihero

  • Colorful Expression: Harley Quinn’s hair is a vibrant and fun way to express your bold and creative side.
  • Temporary Options: Consider using temporary hair dyes or color extensions to achieve the Harley Quinn look without a long-term commitment.
  • Regular Maintenance: Frequent touch-ups and color-preserving shampoos are essential to maintain the vibrancy of your Harley Quinn hair.
  • Hair Health: Keep your hair healthy by using nourishing products and minimizing heat styling to prevent damage, especially when sporting vibrant and unconventional colors.

4. Harley Quinn Braids

Harley Quinn Braids

Perhaps you are thinking that the classic Harley Quinn pigtails are overdone and you want something a bit different – but something that will still be recognizable as the character. Well, look no further.

Instead of pigtails why not try two braids instead! These could be french, dutch, or fishtail braids – it doesn’t really matter.

The inspiration is from having two hairstyles on each side of the head to represent that classic Harley look without being a direct copy. 

5. Harley Quinn Space Buns

Harley Quinn Space Buns

Image by @DeaSerrot via Pinterest

Similarly to the above, sometimes pigtails are just too common and too expected of Harley Quinn and not everyone knows how to braid hair. Instead, you could try space buns.

Part your hair down the middle and put your hair into two buns on the side of your head. To make it feel even more like the character, make them messy buns!

The idea here is to take inspiration from both the comic and movie adaptation of the character by playing around with your hair split down the middle. 

6. Split Dye

Split Dye

For a more permanent hair inspiration from Harley Quinn, you could try a split dye. This is when your hair is split directly in half and each side is dyed a different color.

Of course, for Harley, this could be her original red and black or it could be the more modern blue and pink.

This is a very popular way to dye hair at the moment and what better way to pay tribute to Harley Quinn and her signature double-sided look.

You don’t even necessarily have to use the colors associated with Harley Quinn – you can choose your own opposing colors that represent you. 

7. Ombre


If split-dye isn’t your thing or doesn’t appeal to you, how about taking the Harley Quinn colors and creating a beautiful ombre look with your hair.

Take one color for the top and slowly fade it into the next color – for example black on top and red at the bottom, or pink fading into blue (or vice versa).

This is a different look than the character herself, yet still directly takes inspiration from her.

One of the most important and obvious tributes to take from the character are the two opposing colors, it doesn’t really matter how they are incorporated into your hair as long as they are there.

The colors alone are enough to signify the inspiration of Harley Quinn. 

8. Dip-Dye


This is another great way to style your hair if you don’t want to commit to dying your whole head.

Just like in the movies, take inspiration from Margo Robbie’s Harley Quinn adaptation (or directly copy it!) and instead simply dye only the ends of your hair.

One side of your head with one color, and the other side with another.

This creates the perfect Harley Quinn hairstyle that is just like the movie! It is also super easy to do, and can be done at home!

All you need to do is put the dye on the ends of your hair, rather than the entire head.

9. Pastels

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

For a more subtle approach to the Harley colors, dye your hair using pastel hair dye.

This will give a lighter and less obvious color to your hair, while still looking beautiful and like the character.

You can buy pastel-colored dyes or you can mix some hair conditioner with regular dye to create a lighter color.

A beautiful baby pink and baby blue will have you still looking like Harley but in a much more subtle and lighter way, if you didn’t want to go full out.

This is a good look for the Spring or Summer when pastel colors are very on-trend. It is a pretty, softer approach to the classic colors of Harley Quinn.

10. Front Strands

Image by @GlamByKatia via Pinterest

Another popular way of dying hair at the moment is to leave the rest of your hair natural apart from two pieces taken from each side in the front – often referred to as ‘E-Girl’ hair.

Take these pieces and dye them in red and black or pink and blue for a more subtle approach that doesn’t fully commit to dying your whole head of hair – yet still represents Harley Quinn as a character.

You get the best of both worlds with this style as you have both your natural and your Harley hair all in one!

It is a fun and easy way to take inspiration from the character without making a hugely dramatic change to your appearance. 

Keep In Mind

  • Color Selection: Choose the signature red and blue hues of Harley Quinn’s hair or experiment with alternative color combinations to make the look your own.
  • Temporary vs. Permanent: Decide if you want to commit to permanent hair dyes or opt for temporary alternatives for easy color changes.
  • Skincare: Consider makeup and skincare products that complement your new hair colors, as this can enhance the overall Harley Quinn-inspired appearance.
  • Expert Advice: If you need clarification on the process, consult with a professional stylist who specializes in vibrant and unconventional hair colors.
  • Color Preservation: Invest in color-preserving shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments to keep your Harley Quinn hair looking vibrant and fresh for an extended period.

11. Harley Quinn Hair Roots

Harley Quinn Hair Roots

Image by @6X6X6 via Pinterest

For a unique twist on Harley Quinn’s hair, why not take inspiration from the pop sensation Billie Eilish who is known for her iconic green roots.

Obviously rather than Billie’s green, use the signature Harley colors and dye only the roots of your hair to create a fun and new spin on the character.

This is a statement style that subverts the classic look of Harley Quinn and will surely be something to talk about! It is practically the opposite of a dip-dye!

This is a good version of Harley Quinn’s hair for those who don’t want to directly copy the character’s hair and instead just want to draw inspiration from it for their own – with a twist made popular by the hair of Billie Eilish. 

12. Harley Highlights

Image by @dicasdemulher via Pinterest

If you don’t want to commit to fully dying your whole head of hair, why not try highlights instead.

Take inspiration from Harley’s well-known colors – whether that be black and red or pink and blue – and dye small parts of your hair to create highlights with the colors rather than your whole head being dyed.

This way you are still referencing the character without directly copying her look! It is a cool and unique twist on the classic yet the reference and inspiration is still obvious!

13. Baby Pigtails

Baby Pigtails

Another fun twist on the classic Harley Quinn pigtails, why not instead of using your entire head of hair, only use two smaller pieces to create a half-up half-down style that is still reminiscent of Harley.

This is a cute and fun way to pay tribute to the character but while still making it your own.

Instead of directly copying you are simply taking inspiration from her look and incorporating it into your own hairstyles.

This is also a good style for those with shorter hair that won’t fit into regular pigtails.

14. Textured hair

Instead of permanently committing to the Harley Quinn haircut, why not bust out the spray-can hair colors and let your inner Harley loose for the evening?

Spraying color on your hair has the bonus of giving your strands more texture.

15. Hefty, bouncy waves

Why not twist those rebellious pigtails into huge, bouncy waves for a slightly more *ahem* “put-together” look?

We adore this luxurious, slightly sultry, and nevertheless really attractive style. You’ll resemble Harley’s more well-behaved twin if you keep your makeup a bit neater!

Pro Tip

Use a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to extend the life of your Harley Quinn hair and maintain its vibrancy.

 16. Long Blues and Reds

Image by @aguilar1704 via Pinterest

If you have a strong eye for color, you might have noticed that this look’s reds and blues begin far higher on the hair than the original Harley’s haircut.

Nevertheless, we adore the vibrant style. That is how you add your flair: matching red and blue hairbands and white hair.

17. Hair Accessories In Harley Quinn Colors

Hair Accessories in Harley Quinn Colors

Image by @beserk via Pinterest

Sometimes you don’t want to fully commit to dying your hair and making a permanent change, but you still want to look like the character.

Maybe you are looking for hair inspiration for a child – some schools don’t allow unnatural hair colors, or maybe you just don’t want to change the color of your own hair.

A good and easy way around this is to use some hair accessories in the Harley Quinn colors instead.

Choose the two colors you want to use and buy some butterfly clips, barrettes, scrunchies, or ribbons and use them on the left and right sides of your hair.

This way you will achieve the signature look of Harley Quinn and her hair without actually having to alter your own. 

18. Harley Quinn Colored Extensions

Harley Quinn Colored Extensions

If you are looking for Harley Quinn-inspired hair but you don’t want to dye your own, then a good alternative to permanently dying is to invest in some extensions.

Instead of your hair being dyed, purchase some classic colored Harley Quinn hair extensions and put them on each side of your head, blending with your natural hair.

This way you will achieve the Harley Quinn look without permanently changing your actual hair.

This is also beneficial if you just want to have Harley hair for only one occasion as you can just take out the extensions once you are done with them.

19. Movie-Comic Combination Harley Quinn Hair

Movie-Comic Combination Harley Quinn Hair

If you wanted to, you could even combine the movie Harley with the comic book Harley and create a hybrid hairstyle from them both.

You could dye your hair blonde like the movie Harley Quinn, but then rather than dying the ends with pink and blue like in the films, use the red and black colors of the comic Harley instead.

This pays homage to both versions of the character and creates a unique twist to the classic Harley Quinn Hair Ideas! 

20. Hair Chalk

Hair Chalk

If you are looking to make your hair just like Harley Quinn’s yet you don’t want it to last permanently, then a good alternative is to use hair chalks.

These also work on dark hair, where hair dye sometimes doesn’t.

So, if you didn’t want to have to bleach your hair first, or your hair isn’t light enough and you want to play around with the colors of Harley Quinn Hair Ideas, then hair chalk is a great option for you!

Hair chalk is super affordable and washes out after use, to create a temporary colored look in your hair! Perfect for Halloween nights or dress up!

21. Hair Spray

Hair Spray

Did you know that hairspray isn’t just useful for holding your hair in place? In fact, you can get hair spray that changes the color of your hair!

Just like the hair chalk we mentioned above, this is a perfect temporary solution to coloring your hair like Harley Quinn, which will wash out easily.

This is also ideal for younger children if you don’t want to use hair dye on their hair.

Colored hair spray is a great way to experiment with different colors and styles without the commitment.

It is an affordable product that will not make any permanent changes to your hair. 

Final Thoughts 

There are so many fun ways that Harley Quinn can be incorporated into your hair!

It doesn’t always have to be through permanent changes like dying your hair but through hairstyles and accessories and even temporary solutions like hair chalk and hair spray.

This way you can change up your hair for one-off occasions like dress-up parties and Halloween, or how you can change your child’s hair without permanent altercation and yet still look like the character herself.

Sometimes school rules won’t allow unnatural hair colors, so hair chalk and spray are a great solution to get around this!

Even then, you don’t have to have colored hair to look like Harley Quinn! 

Hair accessories are a fun way to represent the character through her signature colors without having to change anything about your hair, similar to how hairstyles like pigtails and space buns can represent her as well.

Anything that is mirrored on each side of your head will show the influence of Harley, who is well known for the two sides of her personality that are represented through the two different colors of her hair and clothes.

It is less about the colors and more about having two sides of everything, hence why mirrored hairstyles are reminiscent of the character. 

If you do want something more permanent than dying your hair is the way to go, and it doesn’t just have to be like she has it in the movie.

You could try the classic red and black or even use your own two colors to create a Harley look that is entirely your own!

Hair dye is also a fantastic way to represent the character if you have short hair, or hair that won’t fit into pigtails or other classic Harley styles. 

We listed so many ways above that you could try with your hair and find something that fits right for you, that you like the look of!

Hopefully, you were able to find some inspiration from the list of 21 Harley Quinn hairs ideas that we compiled, and you will soon be sporting a Harley Quinn-esque style of your own – whether that is a temporary or permanent change! 

Did you know?

Harley Quinn’s iconic two-toned hair was inspired by the character’s transformation from Dr. Harleen Quinzel into the Joker’s twisted love interest. Her unique hair color combination has since become synonymous with the character, making it a popular choice for fans and cosplayers.

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