36 Exquisite Weave-Enhanced Braids: A Stunning Transformation

Key Takeaways
  • Braids with weave offer a versatile and stylish option for those looking to change up their hairdo. You can experiment with various braid patterns and weaving techniques to achieve different looks.
  • This hairstyle serves as a protective style for natural hair, helping to prevent breakage and promote hair growth by reducing exposure to environmental elements and styling stress.
  • Weave integration allows for added length and volume, making it ideal for those seeking a fuller, more extended appearance without the commitment of permanent extensions.
  • Braids with weave are generally low-maintenance, reducing the need for daily styling and hair care routines, making them perfect for busy lifestyles.

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Braids with weave are a classic hairstyle that has been a staple hairdo in most people’s collections for decades.

With the ever-growing array of new styles, braiding techniques, and designs, this go-to hairstyle is growing in popularity and demand.

This means there is a wide variety of options to choose from when you’re looking for a new trendy way to style your curls.

The great thing about braids with weave is that they offer you the best of both worlds.

You get to rock your braids and keep your hair protected while also having the option to play with different lengths, cuts, and colors.

This means you can experiment with multiple styles and get creative when choosing a hairdo without exposing your natural hair to unnecessary damage.

What do braids with weave mean?

Braids with weave are plaits made by braiding the hair into different styles with the addition of weave hair extensions. The weave can be incorporated into the hair using different techniques for different hairstyles and designs.

Can Braids with weave grow your hair?

Braids with weave are a form of protective style and although they will not promote hair growth on their own, the style keeps your hair tucked in and protected from damage and friction.

This then helps you retain length and leads to hair growth over time. However, to reap the benefits of this style it is important to maintain a proper hair care routine that involves moisturizing and keeping the hair covered with a bonnet before going to bed.

Can I wash my braids with weave?

You can wash braids with weave but, It is important to do it with a gentle shampoo or co-wash and not scrub too hard to avoid creating frizz.

When washing your braids, try to focus more on the scalp and not the actual braids then dry off with a towel and hair drier afterward.

Before you get started

  • Choose the Right Weave: Select a high-quality weave that matches your hair texture and desired style. Ensure that the weave is made from natural hair that can withstand braiding without causing damage. 
  • Prepare Your Natural Hair: It’s crucial to properly prepare your natural hair before adding the weave. Wash and condition your hair to make it clean and manageable. 
  • Secure Base Braids: Creating a solid foundation is essential for a successful weave installation. Start by braiding your natural hair into small, tight cornrows or other suitable base braids close to your scalp.
  • Professional Installation: While it’s possible to do your weave braids, it’s often best to seek professional help, especially if you’re new to this style.

In this post, we have curated some really amazing braids with weave hairstyles to inspire your next hairdo.

1. Stitch Braids With Weave Hairstyle

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

If you like smooth horizontal lines that section your braids and add some dimensions, then this stitch braids with weave is a great style to try.

The long length of the braids in the front pairs really well with the loose weave at the back and makes it a lovely style for summer.


2. Cornrows Braids With Weave Hairstyles

Cornrows Braids With Weave Hairstyles

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

A simple cornrow can be elevated with the addition of some curly weave extensions to create more volume.

This style would be perfect if you want to braid your natural hair, but don’t want to use too much braiding hair.

3. Jumbo Triangle Braids With Weave Hairstyle

Image by @jaylinandkeon via Instagram

There’s just something incredibly cool about this look.

The jumbo braids are flawlessly done in triangle parts to add some creativity and personality to your hairdo and the luscious braids that are woven in add a feathery look that will go really well with a casual outfit.

4. Gleaming Braids With Weave Hairstyle

Image by @touchedbynyse via Instagram

These shiny braids with weave have some beautiful length that will be perfect for anyone who likes long luscious braids.

The addition of gel and hairspray adds some sheen and emphasizes the straight loose weave incorporated in the middle.


5. Two-Step Braids With Weave

Two-Step Braids With Weave

Image by @angelictouchhhh via Instagram

Section off the hair into separate levels that you can have fun with by creating two steps braids. This adds a layered effect to your braids.

This look will require the addition of long weave at the center to increase the volume.

6. Moonshine  Braids With Weaves

Moonshine  Braids With Weaves

Image by @pees_hair_emporium via Instagram

Enhance your hairdo with these moonshine braids with weave.

The wavy curls on the ends are colored in a light grey and black to give the look a nice wide shape that graces the shoulders beautifully. 

Did you know?

Braids with weave have a rich history that spans across various cultures and periods. This hairstyling technique has been used for centuries to express cultural identity, artistry, and individual style.

7. Straight Back Braids With Weaves 

Straight Back Braids With Weaves 

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

This style is perfect for ladies who want a simple look while still having some flair.

The braids are neatly done in large sizes which means the installation time won’t be long and the curly weave ad the ends are a perfect contrast to the flat base.

8. Kid’s Curly Braids With Weave 

Kid’s Curly Braids With Weave 

Image by @naesbeautystation via Instagram

If you’ve been looking for a beautiful hairdo for your kids, then this curly braids with weave might just be your new favorite style.

It is long enough to look fun and girly without making your kids too aged up. You can also add some colorful hairbands whenever you want.


9. Choco Braids With Weave

Choco Braids With Weave

Image by @touchedbytaehair via Instagram

Can’t get enough of the rich hues of chocolate? 

Then why not style your mane in these fabulous choco braids. It includes two shades that blend with each other really nicely and will pair well with any skin tone.

10. Rainbow Bands Braids With Weave

Rainbow Bands Braids With Weave

Image by @nikkibae_thebraidslayer100 via Instagram

One can always have fun with their braids, especially if you or your little one are in the mood for a splash of color.

Tell your stylist to add hairbands into the roots while braiding your hair to create these cool rainbow braids.

11. Box Braids With Weave

Box Braids With Weave

Image by @touchedbytaehair via Instagram

If you want a classic hairdo, then you can opt for these gorgeous box braids. They are long and stylish enough for fun outings but are also great for school or work.


12. Full Curls Braids With Weave

Full Curls Braids With Weave

Image by @afrostylepl via Instagram

Exude pure goddess vibes in these full curls braids with weave. These style frames square face shapes well and can be pulled to the front to show off the length.

13. Short Curled Braids With Weave 

Short Curled Braids With Weave 

Image by @tyrrific.hairstyles via Instagram

A short braid with weave style will always be the perfect style for women who don’t want the hassle of dealing with long hair.

This curly rendition is created by completely curling each braid to add fullness to the hair.

14. Back Length Braids With Weave 

Back Length Braids With Weave 

Image by @touchedbytaehair via Instagram

These romantic back length braid with weave are great to try if you want a bit of color and long length.

You can create a loose knot in the middle to create a messy half up half down look while keeping the hair out of your face.


15. Two Cornrow Braids With Weave

Two Cornrow

Image by @braidsby_kdc via Instagram

Want a sleek and easy protective style that won’t take hours to get done? Then you definitely need to give two cornrow braids a try.

The addition of weave is a great way to elevate the look and add some length to the back.

16. Ponytail Braids With Weave 

Ponytail Braids With Weave

Image by @saminya1 via Instagram

A well-done ponytail braid is a great way to snatch the face and accentuate the natural contours of the face. This style is fairly easy to get done and can be worn by everyone.

Quick Style Guide

  • Choose Your Weave Style: Select the weave you want, whether it’s synthetic or natural hair, the color, and the length.
  • Clean Hair: Start with clean, well-conditioned hair. Detangle your hair to prevent breakage and ensure a smooth foundation for braiding.
  • Braid Foundation: Create small, even, and secure base braids close to your scalp. The size and number of these braids depend on the weave style you desire.
  • Weave Attachment: Begin attaching the weave to the base braids. Ensure the weave is secure and the braids are neatly covered.
  • Braid Styles: There are various braid styles you can create with a weave, including box braids, cornrows, twists, and more.

17. Medium Braids With Weave

Medium Braids With Weave

Image by @touchedbytaehair via Instagram

Want a hairstyle that is light and airy for the warmer month? Opt for these medium braid with weave.

The medium-sized braids and the waist-length hair are a perfect canvass for the beach waves included on the ends.


18. Chunky Braids With Weave

Chunky  Braids With Weave

Image by @braidwithme_ via Instagram

If you want to style your mane elegantly without skimping on any of the fun. Go with these chunky braid with weave.

They are neatly done in a straight back with curly hair added for length and finesse.

19. Low Knotted Curls  

Low Knotted Curls Braids With Weave 

Image by @sabrinasprettybundles via Instagram

This look has everything needed to make a head-turning hairdo. Large defined curls are incorporated at the ends of well-crafted knots in the nape of the hair.

To pull off this style, sleek down any frizzy hair with gel.

20. Straight Extension Braids With Weave

Straight Extension

Image by @charismastylist via Instagram

Add more length and sleekness to your braids with this updo style braid with weave.

The bone straight hair extension added into the top bun helps to increase the bun size while maintaining a pristine shine.


21. Sleek French Braids With Weave 

Sleek French

Image by @mayaloveshair via Instagram

This loose french braids style braid is a smooth look that keeps your hair neatly tucked into an elegant style without requiring too much effort.

Create curly swoops with your edges to match the soft curl extensions at the ends.

22. Side Bangs Braids With Weave

Side Bangs Braids With Weave

Image by @egyptworld3d via Instagram

Elevate your braids game with this flawless side bang braids with weave.

The side parting of the front braids is a way to draw attention to the eyes and is a great style for round face shapes.

23. Simple Medium Length

Simple Medium Length

Image by @hairvidaby_margarita via Instagram

Want a simple and quick hairstyle that anyone can pull off without much effort? Then try these medium-length braids.

The style also won’t require much added hair to achieve the smooth braided look.

24. Bob Cut Braids With Weave 

Bob Cut

Image by @maine_allure_hair via Instagram

A neck-length bob cut is a style you can never go wrong with.

These bob length braid with weave are the perfect style if you want short hair with a tapered ends and some soft curls woven in.

To further accentuate the look, add in some hair accessories.


25.  Long Stitch Braids With Weave

Long Stitch

Image by @lex_thehairgoddess via Instagram

These jumbo stitch braids are a low manipulation style that would be perfect for any occasion.

The light brown weave incorporated into the ends creates a lovely color gradient effect that pairs well with the leaf-style braids at the root.

26. Tiny Blonde Braids With Weave 

Tiny Blonde

Image by @mrsfadess via Instagram

If you are looking for a hairdo to make a statement, try these micro side braids with loose ends need to be on your radar.

They frame the face elegantly and the bright blonde color also makes it a great style to wear with dark-colored outfits.

27. Banana Braids With Weave


Image by @egyptworld3d via Instagram

These banana braid with weave are the perfect hairdo for kids, but can also be pulled off by an adult for a casual yet stylish look.

Be sure to start the braids with your natural hair first before adding the weave using the feed-in technique as this style tends to pull tightly on your edges.


28. Half-Up Half-Down Braids With Weave 

Half-Up Half-Down

Image by @mackmeover via Instagram

This half up half down style is a graceful way to blend in weave with your cornrow braids.

The added hair extension will create a loose and long backdrop while the half ponytail updo will give the face a beautiful lift.

Points to Keep in Mind

  • Weave Selection: Choose a high-quality weave that matches your desired style and hair texture. Ensure the weave is made from safe and comfortable materials that won’t irritate your scalp.
  • Professional Installation: If you’re not experienced with braids and weaves, consider having them done by a professional stylist. Proper installation is crucial for both the appearance and the health of your hair.
  • Regular Maintenance: Keep your braids and weave clean and fresh by washing and conditioning them regularly. Also, moisturize your scalp to prevent dryness and itchiness.
  • Tension and Comfort: Avoid excessively tight braids or weaves as they can lead to tension on your scalp, discomfort, and potential hair loss.  s

29. Beaded Braids With Weave 


Image by @the.black.braida via Instagram

Add a youthful glow to your look by including colored beads at the ends of your braids. Be sure to add weave for length and volume.

30. Crotchet Braids With Weave


Image by @laylasmith17 via Instagram

Want a protective style that won’t pull on your hair or cause any damage, but still looks trendy? Try crochet braid with weave.

This hairdo does not involve braiding your hair with any extensions. The braided hair extensions are simply looped into your pre-cornrowed natural hair with a crochet hook.


31. Butterfly Braids With Weave

Image by @dadouhair via Instagram

These luscious butterfly braids are the braid version of passion twist. Unique, well crafted, and incredibly beautiful.

These braids require a skilled stylist and might take a  bit of time, but the finished product is absolute perfection.

32. Mixed Brown Minibraids With Weave Hairstyle

Mixed Brown Minibraids

Image by @bablately via Pinterest

Incorporate different shades of brown into your braids for an eye-catching blend of deep colors.

The braids here are small and make the hair look really full. Be sure to include some wispy curls of loose hair and accessorize with hair cuffs.

33. Crown Bun Braids With Weave Hairstyle

Crown Bun Braids

Image by @OQHAIRCollection via Pinterest

Sleek down your hair with ample amounts of gel and create intricate parts then braid the sections to pull off this flawless look. 

Be sure to pull the braids into a crown bun to show off the sleek heart design on the side.


34. Fulani Style And Accessories Braids With Weave Hairstyle

Fulani Style And Accessories

Image by @heycurlie via Instagram

Fulani braids are a style that has been beautifying women for generations and they will always remain a timeless hairstyle for anyone to try.

This version includes large braids mixed with mini cornrows and is accessorized with cowries shells. 

35. Balayage Style Hairstyle

Image by @halibeautie via Pinterest

A great way to play with colors is to have your braids create a color grading effect with rich colors like purple.

The deep black hues of your natural hair will meld perfectly with the purple. The long length and curly ends of this style are also a beautiful backdrop for any outfit.

Pro Tip

Proper scalp care is essential when wearing braids with weaves. Use a lightweight oil or scalp conditioner to moisturize your scalp regularly.

36. Jet Black Spring Braids With Weave

Image by @braid_and_weave_nation via Instagram

Jet black spring braids with weaves bring a bold and enchanting transformation.

The deep, lustrous hue exudes elegance, while the added weave provides volume and length, perfect for embracing the season’s vibrancy.

These meticulously braided extensions capture the essence of rejuvenation and renewal, echoing spring blossoming.

The result is a captivating and head-turning look that seamlessly combines classic allure with a fresh and modern twist, making a statement as powerful as it is stylish.


Braids with weave offer a stunning blend of creativity and practicality, enabling you to achieve intricate and unique looks while protecting your natural hair. Proper installation and maintenance are crucial for a comfortable and stylish experience.

The key thing to note is that when it comes to braid with weave, there is an endless amount of possibilities in regards to the different hairstyles you can try. You just need to be bold enough to have fun with all the different cuts, colors, and lengths. So, be sure to choose a style from this comprehensive list when planning for your next hairdo.


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