Terms And Conditions

Meaning And Interpretation

We at Makeup Wearables want to clarify that the words starting with a capital letter have specific meanings based on our terms and conditions. These meanings will remain the same whether they are used in singular, plural, capital, or short words.


For the clarification of our terms & conditions:

Affiliate: Affiliate refers to a related company that shares control with another party. Simply put, when one company owns at least 50% of the shares or voting power of another company, they’re considered affiliates.

Country: When we mention “Country,” we’re talking about the jurisdiction of the United States. It helps establish the legal framework for our operations and interactions.

Company: The “Company” we’re referring to is Makeup Wearables, and throughout these terms and conditions, when you see terms like “the Company,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our,” it means we are referring to Makeup Wearables.

Device: “Device” means any electronic gadget that can connect to and use our Service. It may be a computer, smartphone, tablet, or similar device.

Feedback: “Feedback” is all about our visitors sharing their thoughts with us through comments or via our Contact Us page. If you are sharing suggestions, ideas, or comments about how our Service is working, that’s what we’re calling “Feedback.”

Promotions: The term “Promotions” means contests or special offers you will get through our service on our website.

Service: Our “Service” is simply for our Website. It is where you access all the content, information, and features we offer.

Terms and Conditions: “Terms and Conditions” stands for the rules you and the Company (we) agree to follow when using the Service. These are the general guidelines for how we all interact on our platform.

Third-party Social Media Service: Sometimes you find content or services from other companies or third-party websites on our Service. We refer to these outside companies as “Third-party Social Media Services.”

You: “You” refers to the person using our service (our website). It could be an individual or a legal entity like a company or whoever’s engaging with our platform.


These terms and conditions govern the terms of use for our Service and establish the legal agreement between you and the Company. It is essential and crucial as they outline your rights, responsibilities, and obligations when using our platform.

Your continuous platform use ensures you are comfortable with our terms and conditions. Therefore, please take a moment to read and fully understand the importance of the terms and conditions outlined on this page.

Our platform is meant for people over 18 years old. We do not and never permit anyone under the legal age.

By accessing and using our Service, you acknowledge that you have carefully reviewed, comprehended, and consented to these terms. If you have any issues or queries about any part of these terms, we strongly encourage you to clarify them before proceeding.

Your decision to continue using our Service implies your acceptance of these terms and commitment to adhere to them while interacting on our platform.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any inquiries or require further information about these terms and conditions.

General & Informational Content

We at Makeup Wearables do not provide any expert advice. Our website’s content is solely for general and informational purposes. Therefore, we won’t advise you to take it as a substitute for professional advice regarding specific products or services.

The information and content should not be referred to or up to as complete since an expert needs to verify them. Hence, we encourage our visitors to seek expert advice before deciding.

We do not endorse or recommend any specific product; we suggest you thoroughly research any offers, services, invitations, or other activities to prevent any harmful components.


We may introduce special offers, contests, sweepstakes, or other promotional activities (“Promotions”) through our Service to enhance your experience and engagement with our platform.

Participation in Promotions is subject to specific terms and conditions that will be communicated with each Promotion, separated from these terms and conditions.

Although, It’s is entirely voluntary to take part in these activities. You agree to comply with the stated rules and conditions by participating. We encourage you to carefully review the terms associated with each Promotion to ensure your understanding and enjoyment of these opportunities.

Intellectual Property Rights

Our services and content are the exclusive property of the company and the respective authors. Under any circumstances, no one is allowed to reproduce, print, distribute, or use them for any other things.

Our intellectual property is trademarked and copyrighted under the respective laws of the United States; therefore, you will need written permission to use it for specific use.

The prior written consent is still cancellable, and Makeup Wearables holds the rights.

User-Generated Content

We at Makeup Wearables encourage you to submit user-generated content on our platform that includes but is not limited to text, images, designs, tutorials, videos, and other user-generated content. However, you own the sole rights to your content.

When you share your user-generated content on our Website, you’re giving the Company a non-exclusive and non-cancellable global license to use it. It means we can use your content for various purposes connected to the Website, like creating new things, reproducing, distributing, printing, or sharing it with others.

By submitting your content on our platform, you agree to give up the rights and any claims related to your content, no matter where you’re from. By submitting your content, you also agree that your content does not violate any copyright and exclusive rights of any third party.

If you upload the images on our website, you must agree with our terms of use. Else. Do not upload them at all. We respect everyone’s rights and the law, so if you need to be okay with these terms, please don’t submit your content on our Website.

Endorsement Policy

We do not endorse or recommend any products or services. Our opinions on various products and services are not for advertisement purposes and are of the sole respective author of the content.

We strive to provide unbiased insights to help our readers make mindful decisions. However, we still encourage our readers to research before purchasing a service or a product.

Valuable Feedback

We encourage visitors to engage and provide valuable feedback on our services and content. If, in any case, we find your comments offensive or inappropriate to our content, we have the right to delete them.

External Links Disclaimer

If you visit our website, you will encounter several external links on our websites that we do not own. Therefore, we do not hold any right or control over these third websites in the context of content, goods, services, etc.

Hence, we are not accountable to any of these websites regarding any direct or indirect loss, damage, or false commitments caused by them. Therefore, we strongly advise and encourage our visitors to read these third-party websites’ terms and conditions to prevent any loss.

Termination Of Access

In any case, if we find any of you breaching our terms and conditions for any reason, we have the right to suspend and terminate your access to our website immediately without any prior notice.

In that case, your right to access any of our services will be ceased immediately, preventing you from using our platform.

Limitation Of Our Liability

We strive to offer accurate and reliable information, but still, our content is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We do not make any warranties or representations regarding the information’s completeness, accuracy, or reliability.

In no circumstances will the Company, its directors, employees, partners, or affiliates be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising from Service or reliance on our content.

We do not endorse or take responsibility for any content provided by third parties, or any actions you take based on that content are solely at your own risk. We are not liable for any damages or losses arising from these.

Please consult with qualified professionals before making decisions based on the information provided on our Service. Your use of our Service indicates your acceptance of these limitations.

Applicable Laws And Jurisdiction

The laws of the country where you reside will govern these terms and conditions with your use of our service. These laws will take precedence over any conflicts due to differences in legal regulations. Here, how our service is used might also be subject to various other local, state, national, or even international laws.

Each region might have legal rules that apply to online services like ours. It’s part of our commitment to ethical conduct and compliance to ensure that we provide a Service that aligns with the laws of the different places where our users are based.

Understanding the legal framework that applies to your situation is essential as you engage with our platform. By using our Service, you’re acknowledging and agreeing to adhere to all relevant legal requirements that pertain to your use of the Service.

Resolution Of Disputes

If you have any concerns, queries, or disputes about our services. Please contact us first to resolve the matter through our Contact Us page.

Compliance With U.S. Laws

You represent and confirm that (i) you do not reside in a country that is banned or labeled as a terrorist country by the United States Of America and (ii) You are not exposed to any of the restricted or prohibited parties of the USA.

Severability And Waiver


If any part of these terms and conditions mentioned in this agreement changes or becomes invalid. In that case, we will adjust it according to the applicable respective laws, leaving the remaining laws as they are.

Waiver Of Rights

Even if one party (You) doesn’t use a specific right or ask for something, that doesn’t mean they can’t later. Furthermore, even though they (You) let one problem go now, they will still address similar issues in the future.

Interpretation Of Translations

Our terms and conditions will only be translated if we allow that to our platform; however, your continuous use of our website means that you consent to the original English language in the case of a dispute.

Updates To Terms And Conditions

We at Makeup Wearables have the right to change, edit, or delete any part of these terms and conditions whenever we think it’s needed. If we make any significant change, we’ll notify our visitors with 30-day prior notice before applying the new terms. Also, the reason and need for these changes will only be determined by us.

If you keep using our platform after the update in our terms and conditions, it means you’re comfortable with the new terms. However, if you’re not satisfied with them, you can stop using the website and our services.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns or queries regarding our terms and conditions. Contact us here.