27 Creative Ombre Box Braids Looks For Fashion-Forward Individuals

Key Takeaways
  • Ombre box braids are a trendy and stylish hairstyle that blends two or more colors, creating a seamless gradient effect.
  • This hairstyle allows for creative and unique color combinations, making it suitable for various preferences and occasions.
  • Ombre box braids offer versatility, as they can be customized to match your skin tone and personal style.
  • Ombre box braids are a protective hairstyle that can help safeguard natural hair and promote growth while showcasing a fashionable look.

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Wide range of Ombre hairstyles to give your braids an amazing outlook! Add all these style and color inspirations to your hairstyle list.

The Ombre box braids style is a perfect opportunity to bring color and vibes to your braids.

You must have thought you could achieve the ombre style by only dying your hair. This unique style of color degrading into shadow from the light can happen with braids.

They are the new way to add some fun to your braiding style. Do you love two complimenting shades and feel the need to want to wear both on your hair?

The Ombre box braid style is just a perfect choice. You do not even need to tamper with the color of your air before achieving stylish gorgeousness. 

You’ll surely want to explore these ombre box braids styles for braids lovers.

Check out this Gold biscotti ombre box braids style

 Gold biscotti ombre box braids style

Image by @spritzhairstudior via Instagram

What are the ombre braids styles?

When colorists deal with raw hair, their goal is to ensure every color blends ideally. This is also applicable to ombre braids styles.

It is about braids infused with the principle of ombre, starting with a natural base and finishing off with a lighter end.Just like this Blue sky ombre box braids styles

 ombre braids

Image by @neoniaartist via Instagram

Most synthetic hair factories have also embraced the idea of Ombre. They have adopted this into producing synthetic hairs often used in box braids.

Now, you can enjoy the awesomeness of synthetic hair, both the longer hair length and the longer life it gives to your hairstyles. 

Your natural hair will be well protected from flyaways and frizz while still in a unique style. You can choose to wear it like every other braid. 

Similarly to this Concept, grey ombre box braids styles

 ombre braids

Image by @claudiabraidstimisoara via Instagram

How do you choose the right ombre box braids style color?

An Ombre Braid box can be achieved even if the company-made type is unavailable. You can combine synthetic extensions of different shades to achieve the fade you desire. 

Before You Get Started 

  • Ensure your hair is clean, detangled, and moisturized before starting the braiding process, as this will make it easier to work with.
  • Choose the ombre color combination that complements your skin tone and personal style, ensuring it enhances your overall look.
  • Have all necessary braiding materials ready, including hair extensions and accessories, for a smooth and efficient styling session.
  • Pay close attention to the tension used when braiding to prevent excessive pulling, which can stress your scalp and hair.
  • After getting your ombre box braids, maintain their look by regularly moisturizing your scalp, wearing a silk or satin bonnet at night, and refreshing your style as needed.

When choosing the color of the braids, there are so many things you have to put into consideration.

You have to think about the color of your hair itself then, the color that you would like to mix with it. Although you may choose to be daring and adventurous, that’s up to you. 

You can try out this Honey Blonde ombre box braids style.

 ombre box braids style.

Image by @tfashairstyles via Instagram

Another way for you to decide which choice of ombre box braids you’ll like to settle for is to think about what colors you will wear most of the time.

If you have a favorite shade of lipstick, think about it also. You might also want to put your complexion into consideration. 

Before settling for that color you have in mind, what is your lifestyle like? Do you work in a relaxed or relaxed office environment? 

Do you want a less striking and neutral color that does not clash with anything you decide to wear? 

Once you have provided answers to it, it’s time to make the final selection.s that there are many ways to play with color.

Rise grind ombre box braids styles are a perfect example.

 ombre box braids style.

Image by @tshanimarithe via Instagram

What are colorful ombre box braids styles?

Ombre box braids are naturally colorful. Although, the color varies based on the choice of the person. Some can be dull or calm colors, while others might go for warmer colors. 

A whole range of colors is available to make your Ombre braids fun and attractive. Don’t be scared of exploring and being adventurous with your hairstyle.

Hair is also an aspect of fashion and as you know, expressing who you are is all that matters. Let your hair be a part of that story.

Do you love to explore? This melted Red ombre box braids style might just be right for you.

 ombre box braids style.

Image by @dreadrocks_warkoczyki via Instagram

Are you thinking about trying out Ombre box braids styles?

We have put some styles in place, and we’d love to show you a few. 

1. Golden greeny Ombre box braids styles

Golden greeny Ombre box braids styles

Image by @metamorfosis.hairstyle via Instagram

Are you thinking about making a statement? This style will make you stand out.

Play freely with colors and let your voice be heard without uttering a word. It is perfect if you are looking to make a bold statement. 

It has a mixture of both two or three primary colors. Who knows, primary colors will complement themselves so well. You can wear it as shown in the picture or in a bun. The hair will still make that vibrant statement you want. 

2. Queenly hair ombre box braids styles

Queenly hair

Image by @queenlyhaircare via Instagram

Purple can be fun and classy. Bring out the royal feelings in you. You can choose to wear it straight or curly depending on your style.

Just as the name implies, royalty. Purple has always been known for its royal symbol. Bring out the inner royal and sophisticated look with this braid style.


Quick Guide to Ombre Box Braids Styles: Colorful and Trendy

  • Vibrant Color Transformation: Ombre box braids offer a unique way to infuse multiple colors into your hairstyle, creating a stunning visual impact.
  • Tension and Scalp Health: Ensure the braids are not too tight to avoid discomfort and stress on the scalp, promoting hair and scalp health.
  • Effortless Maintenance: Keep your box braids fresh by moisturizing your scalp and using a silk or satin bonnet at night to preserve the style.
  • Color Retention: To maintain the ombre effect, protect your braids from sun exposure and excessive washing, which can cause color fading.

3. Pinky bae ombre box braids styles

Pinky bae ombre box braids styles

Image by @avesbraids00 via Instagram

Are you a lover of pink? Have you thought of a way to share and explore your love for this unique color? 

Ombre braids styles are perfect for this. Channel your inner pink love with your hair. Try this out when next you go to your hairstylist.

After your hair is done, you can style it whichever way you like. Pink is just fantastic.

4. Soft brown Ombre box braids styles

Soft brown Ombre box

Image by @micahs_beauties via Instagram

Thinking of rocking Ombre box braids to work, then you should look at trying out this style. A calm brown Ombre is a good way to start and add fun to the business tense air.

Imagine walking into your office with your hair radiating so much softness yet confidence. You can achieve this with this braid style. Try it out today and share your story with us. 

5. Coco Love Ombre box braids styles

Coco Love Ombre box braids

Image by @beaumondesalon via Instagram

Do you think Ombre is just about mixing two shades of colors? You can mix as many shades as long as they are in a similar color theme.

This must be so much fun. Thinking about it is giving me joy already. You can choose to make it the size of the braid you wish. Any size you go for will still turn out fantastic.

6. Blended ombre box braids styles

Blended ombre

Image by @victoriabraidsandweaves via Instagram

Ombre can be infused in box braids. It can be of any length as long as you are comfortable with the style. It also can be of any size. 

Just set yourself free as you try out the styles. There is something about long Ombre styles. They are just beautiful and mesmerizing. Don’t be scared of trying out that length.

7. Green Forest ombre box braids styles

Green Forest ombre box

Image by @vlshairatx via Instagram

Are you thinking of switching up but still flaunting your dark scalp? Add some greenery to your hair.

To further flaunt it, wear clothes that compliment the green color. You will be the talk of the room all day long.

You can also decide to play around with other deep colors. Just be sure it is a color you like so that you can rock your hair confidently. 

8. Smoke brown ombre box braids styles

Smoke brown ombre

Image by @adorabeautys via Instagram

Are you a lover of tiny braids? Why not give people something to be mesmerized by. Imagine several small braids coming together, shading, and fading off colorfully? Now, your braids will never appear boring.

Tiny braids also tend to last longer. They also give the face more volume. You can never go wrong with this hairstyle. Redefine your look.

9. Ocean Blue ombre box braids styles

Ocean Blue ombre

Image by @allenhair_gh via Instagram

Who said the ocean ends with the waters? You can bring the ocean calmness and airy feeling to your hair. Some shades of blue will add that exact feeling to your hair.

These ombre box braids styles feature a captivating blend of deep blue and turquoise hues reminiscent of the tranquil ocean waters.

The color transition starts with darker shades at the bottom, gradually fading into vibrant blues towards the top.

This style captures a refreshing and striking aesthetic, perfect for those looking to make a bold statement with their hair.

The Ocean Blue ombre box braids can be suitable for individuals with various skin tones, as the cool blue tones can complement a range of complexions.

Imagine wearing your hair down in a strong wind with it dancing effortlessly to the tune of the wind—a perfect and mind-blowing wavy feeling.

10. Rainbow ombre box braids styles

Rainbow ombre box

Image by @allenhair_gh via Instagram

These gorgeous rainbow ombre box braids styles will make you stand out from the crowd.

These ombre braids are a great styling option if you’re not afraid to be adventurous with color.

Make a bold statement and leave the crowd in amusement. Ensure this decision will not interfere with your daily activities.

Most workplaces have strict rules about styles like this. If it’s not affecting anything, why not try it.

Keep In Mind

  • Color Harmony: Choose ombre colors that complement your skin tone and personal style to achieve a balanced and flattering look.
  • Proper Sectioning: Ensure even parting and sectioning of your hair to achieve consistent and well-organized ombre box braids.
  • Scalp Care: Prioritize scalp health by keeping it moisturized, clean, and well-nourished to prevent dryness and discomfort.
  • Regular Maintenance: Refresh your style by re-braiding loose sections or fixing frayed ends to keep your ombre box braids looking polished.
  • Protective Styling: Embrace the defensive nature of box braids by minimizing heat styling and using satin or silk accessories to prevent hair breakage and maintain the style.

11. With Beads ombre box braids styles

With Beads ombre

Image by @allenhair_gh via Instagram

Braids have never been made to be boring and not Ombre braid styles. Bring some fun by adding some beads. Imagine taking each step and hearing your hair take them with you. 

The bead can either be plain, patterned or printed. Although, the transparent bead looks so amazing. Give this redefining look a shot.

12. Pink and Purple High Pony ombre box braids styles

 Pink and Purple High Pony ombre

Image by @allenhair_gh via Instagram

If you like to wear your hair in a high pony, this may be the right style. The smooth and shiny finish of the braided hair helps to accentuate the gorgeous shades of pink and purple. Isn’t pink and purple a perfect mix?

Do not just explore royalty. Infuse some baby girl color too—a soft royal lady who is beautiful inside out.

13. Shower blue ombre box braids styles

Shower blue ombre

Image by @medusaafrikaorgu via Instagram

It is not all about woven braids. Ombre can be worn in twists. Shower blue ombre box braids styles are just a perfect way to make your twist fun

Woven and twisted braids are like yang and yin. Get creative with the ombre box braids styles. Try out other shades of blue, too, if you can.

14. Blue feather ombre box braids styles

Blue feather ombre

Image by @beautysplendour via Instagram

Blue is an excellent option for ombre box braids because it complements many different skin tones. It’s also one of those colors that work year-round. Aren’t shades of blue just beautiful?

If a Peacock sees you on this hairstyle, it will be overthrown by jealousy wishing the hairstyle was his. This hairstyle can be styled flowing in an up or low bun. It’s all based on your choice.

15. Yellowpie ombre box braids styles

Yellowpie ombre box

Image by @alltwistedbraiding via Instagram

These Yellowpie ombre box braids styles are stunning. Bring summer to your comfort, even if it’s not that time of the year yet. Let people look at you and get the summer comfort. 

It doesn’t only speak of summer; it screams of comfort also. It isn’t a bad idea for your next hair inspiration. Breakfree like a phoenix with your next hairstyle.

16. Mermaid ombre box braids styles

Mermaid ombre

Image by @spritzhairstudio via Instagram

You’ll be gorgeous in pink with these Mermaid ombre box braids. The ombre color helps create nice color contrast and allows you to blend the roots with your natural hair color—what an excellent way to add some liveliness to your hair shade.

The beauty of this style pops more if it is left flowing like this image below. But you can as well tie it in a bun. What matters is that you love the hairstyle.

17. Black and White ombre box braids styles

 Black and White

Image by @allenhair_gh via Instagram

Black and white don’t only stand out in fashion. Wear. They are hot colors that will never fade and seem suitable for every purpose.

Looking at these gorgeous Black and White ombre box braids styles, you would disagree less.

Rock this look and show that the above statement has no lie. It would help if you did not worry about color clashes with your attire. Black and white compliments every color.

18. Angel pink ombre box braids styles

 Angel pink ombre

Image by @braidsandko via Instagram

This cute high bun gives these pretty Angel pink ombre box braids styles a casual yet sophisticated look. Add some fiery look to your everyday. 

Who knew pink could be attractive yet so fierce. Set the world on fire with your fantastic hairstyle.

19. Choose happiness ombre box braids styles

happiness ombre box braids styles

Image by @kwaggyshair via Instagram

These Choose happiness ombre box braids styles are simply stunning. This is a great look if you want to radiate happy vibes.

True beauty comes from all angles and that also includes the hair. If you are happy and satisfied with your hair, your happiness will be infectious.

20. No filter ombre box braids styles

No filter ombre box braids styles

Image by @slayeddbeautyvia Instagram

These No filter ombre box braids styles are an excellent option for those who like to have some warm colors in their hair. 

You do not need to have a filter on before you look good. The right hairstyle will bring a natural and glowing look to you.

21. Gold Cuffs ombre box braids styles

Gold Cuffs ombre

Image by @bbraids_by_fefe via Instagram

These gorgeous Gold Cuffs ombre box braids styles will make you feel like a goddess. Adorn them with a few gold beads or threads for an even more ethereal look.

Braids don’t have to be boring. Dazzle and slay with gold cuffs or threads.

22. Neon fashion ombre box braids styles

Neon fashion ombre

Image by @beautysplendour via Instagram

These Neon fashion ombre box braids styles are a gorgeous shade of Neon. It is an excellent option if you want a fun and vibrant color.

This color choice will make you the center of attention. The whole room will be smitten by how awesome the hairstyle looks.

23. Pink and Blue ombre box braids styles

Pink and Blue

Image by @beautysplendour via Instagram

If you want ombre box braids that are an offbeat color, consider these pretty Pink and Blue ombre box braids styles that defy every odd.

Your hair wants something new. Experimenting is fun. Sometimes, extra doesn’t hurt at all.

24. Blonde Curls ombre box braids styles

Blonde Curls ombre

Image by @trendzbeautysalon via Instagram

Blonde is not an unusual color for ombre box braids, but the finished look is gorgeous. It is one you definitely won’t see every day.

Slay effortlessly with warm ombre colors. Stand out among the multitude in a good way with your hair.

25. Gold ombre box braids styles

 Gold ombre box

Image by @stylesbyprin_ via Instagram

If you’re having a hard time deciding on the color for your box braids, you can never go wrong with gold. 

Shades of gold are just beautiful. Let your hair scream, class. 

26. Silver black ombre box braids styles

Silver black ombre

Image by @brzi_prsti_ via Instagram

This stunning Silver, black ombre box braids style is another amazingly stylish color for ombre box braids. These braids are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

You can decide to style the hair anyhow you wish. You will still look beautiful. Gone are those days when women shy from silvery hair. It is the new trend.

You can create your colors. Don’t be scared to try out those crazy color combinations you have in your head. After all, braids are supposed to be fun.

 You can also share your color combination idea with us. We’d love to hear from you. Be confident with your style. 

Fun Fact

Ombre box braids have roots in West African and African American culture, where braided hairstyles have been a symbol of artistry, heritage, and identity for generations. Today, they are celebrated as a fashion statement and a beautiful fusion of tradition and trend.

27. Large Bun Ombre Braids

 Large Bun Ombre

Image by @braid_and_weave_nation via Instagram

This hairstyle starts from the large bun at the top of the head and delicates curls in the front. This bun is a striking focal point, adding height and drama to the overall style.

Descending from the bun, a mesmerizing ombre effect is achieved through braids.

These braids showcase a gradual transition of color, typically darker at the roots and gradually lightening towards the ends.

The ombre effect adds depth and dimension to the hairstyle, infusing it with modern elegance.

Simultaneously, its playful and contemporary elements render it appropriate for trendy parties, fashion events, and even casual-chic outings, exuding confidence and charm.

Check out this compilation of Ombre braids in the link right here  

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