37 Fun Crochet Box Braids Hairstyles For You To Try Now

These crochet box braid hairstyles are both alluring and straightforward. Here are 37 ways to wear this easy-going trend. We all love the beauty, style, and versatility of box braids, but it can be quite the task if we’re honest. From buying the hair to installation and upkeep, box braids are an investment of both time and money. That’s why we thank the hair gods and goddesses for crochet braids.

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This braiding style involves plaiting straight back cornrows and installing the pre-looped braiding hair of your choice into the cornrows—the ultimate in convenience and simplicity. Interestingly enough, it’s been around since the 16th century. It first showed up on the African continent and has grown in methodology and form over time. They succeeded in popularity during the 2010s because of their accessibility and comfort. Crochet braids can turn a novice into a pro, and they’ve become one of the best DIY braiding styles. Some variations don’t even need cornrows! 

Binge on these bouncy, curly, straight, and satisfying crochet box braids and choose your following great style. 

1. Passion Twist Crochet Box Braids 

Credit: slayerstyles_

Combining two ultra-trendy braiding elements always gives a brilliant result. You have the passion twist and the crochet braid, forming this bouncy hybrid of light hair. Many people love passion twists, but the biggest complaint is that it’s a challenging method to master. The twisting motion is an acquired skill, and you have to make sure you don’t frizz your strands up too quickly. That’s why pre-looped crochet passion twists are where it’s at. 

You can either buy them pre-twisted and install them, or buy free tress or lulu tress hair and twist it yourself. Since these braids are so light, and you’re using the crochet method, you’ll barely feel a thing. Just make sure you don’t overload your cornrows, as it’ll create a bulky effect. 

2. Pencil Brown Crochet Box Braids

Credit: t_lenae

When you look at the intricacy of these pencil braids, it’s easy to see why anyone would opt for the crochet version. Installing such thin box braids would be time-consuming and tiring for your fingers. It’s also hard to get this kind of uniformity with traditional braiding. With crochet, you can get the consistency you’ve always strived for and take on complicated styles that require a professional’s hands. With small braids like these, it’s easy to miscalculate how many you’ll need, so buy 3-4 jumbo packs or 6-8 regular packs of pencil braids.

If you’re going to go bold, pick something like this earthy brown with red accents. You don’t have to worry about the colors not mixing with your natural hair since it’ll be hidden. If you keep scrolling, you’ll see how wild crochet colors can be. 

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3. Poetic Justice Crochet Box Braids

Credit: minilocsbar

Poetic justice braids made easy! Finally, you can copy this classic look without worrying about the tension it creates when improperly installed. You’ll also never feel the weight of traditional poetic justice braids, so your edges will sing your praises. Depending on how thick you want these braids, create space that’s at least pinky width between each braid so that your natural roots can breathe. 

Black, as always, is the vivid color when picking poetic justice braids. Still, you can take a look to another level with clips, beads, or any hair jewelry of your choice. Try gold cuffs on one strand, like the picture above, or go crazy with cowrie shells, strings, and beads, which you’ll see as you read along. 

4. Icy White Crochet Box Braids

Credit: nxn. cy

Ice, ice, baby! Everybody loves an ice queen chic look, and these crochet faux locs are as remarkable. Unfortunately, platinum, white-blonde hair is so hard to achieve. It requires multiple rounds of bleaching and toning that can damage your natural hair. Go for a crochet version to avoid that scandal and go long. Keep your curls and locks protected by choosing the lightest braiding color. 

You don’t have to worry about coming off as older, which most people think about when they see white or silver hair. The look is so bold and bright that it adds a youthful, edgy touch. Rock this style with dramatic makeup and some dripped-out edges. You’ll be mistaken for X-men’s Storm, which isn’t bad. 

5. Senegalese Twist Crochet Box Braids

Credit: mirasofiahair

Yet another style beloved for its aesthetic and beauty and loathed for its meticulous installation. Senegalese twists come in all shapes and sizes. Still, the super small ones can give you a headache, literally and metaphorically, if they’re not done right. Some might give up when they see how small and tight these braids are. But, with the crochet option, you beat the hassle. 

Since you don’t have to worry about getting the method right, you can opt for an electrifying blue like the one above. The versatility also extends to daily styling. You can wrap these light paper braids into a bun or go for a half-up, half-down look. If you want these twists to look natural, leave some edges out and style them. 

6. Medium Twist Crochet Box Braids

Credit: hbraids.estiloafro

If the last look was too small for your liking, why not meet your crochet braids in the middle? It’s the perfect size for anyone who wants to rock their crochet twists in a bun or low and loose. They’re also thick enough to add hair jewelry but thin enough to leave out the weight of a bulky braid. The chocolate brown also works well with most skin tones. 

The swirls also create this elegant Medusa effect that elevates your style. The same rule applies when it comes to moderating the bulk. Always install a small amount first, and build on the look as you go. Make sure your scalp and cornrows don’t feel too tight or strained. If they do, take some out so that your hair can breathe. 

7. Coil Twists Crochet Box Braids

Credit: allenhair_gh

This is the perfect cross between a spring twist and passion twist, and it’s way bouncier than both of them combined. This coil formation is reminiscent of phone cords from the 90s and early 2000s. The springy texture bounces as you walk, and it’s a lot of fun to play with. If you really want to cause a stir, get a vibrant color like this red and black blend. 

You can try this look yourself, and here’s how. Buy three different lengths and start with the longest at the bottom. When you reach the middle, switch to medium-length coils and finish off the top with the shortest strands you have. While this style is cute, it might not be the best for anyone who loves a ponytail or bun. The light bounce means you’ll disfigure the curls if you pull on them too much. For ultimate freshness, wear it down and let the curls drop independently. 

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8. Tan Twist Crochet Box Braids

Credit: hbraids.estiloafro

This tan variation of the medium, Senegalese twist adds an ashy, muted tint. It also has excellent, silky elements that catch the light during the day. Color is one of the most important categories to consider when choosing a new style. If you’re olive-toned, this tan will work perfectly for you, but adjust if your skin is on the paler or darker side. 

You can always experiment with different shades and add a mix of brown highlights to create dimension and weight to the crochet twists. Depending on which side you want to part your hair, you can go for a criss-cross base pattern or straight backs. It’s all up to you. 

9. Green Kinky Twist Crochet Box Braids

Credit: hbraids.estiloafro

It’s time to go green! Get it? This olive green long bob, or lob if you prefer, is a significant crochet variation that adds an element of texture to traditional twists. The kinky hair texture forms a tighter, rope-like twist that lasts longer due to the friction each strand causes when it’s wrapped. Let your dark roots shine to create positive shadows and depths. 

The genius thing about buying this hair pre-made is you don’t have to worry about sealing the ends by burning them. Instead, each braid has been expertly wrapped and burned at the ends, removing the hazard that stops people from trying this style at home. 

10. Red Flames Crochet Box Braids

Credit: ms_denisep

Red will always be a go-to color when trying box braids, and these curly faux locs bring the heat! You can buy these pre-made with the water wave hair attached or try to create your own custom crochet loc with two separate packs of hair. To do that, combine pre-made short, red faux locs with smooth, water wave hair extensions. Then, with a crochet hook, attach the water wave hair to the ends of the faux locs, and there you go!

If you want to go for a modern, Gen-Z-inspired style, tie the front part of your crochet braids into a top knot ponytail. Use a light blue or light pink scrunchie for a “chill girl” aesthetic. To keep the ends intact, apply mousse every week. 

11. Ombre Cascade Curly Crochet Box Braids

Credit: allenhair_gh

Have you ever seen an ombre braid blended so beautifully? The uniformity, color shading, and shape create the perfect coily twist. The dark roots blend with your natural hair, resulting in a seamless transition. As you move down the shaft, you have this caramel, cocoa brown mix that draws your eye in before surprising you with a blonde pop at the ends. 

This spring twist version is tighter than passion twists, so you create a chunkier braid as you go along. Again, it’s best to buy these pre-made so that you don’t get frustrated as you try to duplicate this look yourself. The layered effect is created by sweeping your hair back and letting it naturally fall. Since the hair is bouncy, don’t worry about overloading your cornrows.

12. Bounce Curl Crochet Box Braids

Credit: _atlantacrochetbraidbar

Yet another creative, curly crochet look, this is a cost-effective alternative to human hair extensions. Want to try a bob? Go for crochet braids. Need a more extended cut? Crochet braids are the answer. You don’t have to cut or grow your hair out to get these curly tresses. Simply pick the crochet texture of your choice and install. These curls are large and wavy, so they look best when installed close together. You can even comb them out for a puffy curl. 

Since the hair is synthetic, you don’t have to worry about the curls growing limp or dropping. Instead, simply wear this style in a pineapple top knot when you go to bed, and your rings should remain in tip-top shape. 

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13. Loose Curl Crochet Box Braids

Credit: allenhair_gh

This is a slimmer version of the cascading ombre twists we all love. They create a wide, voluminous appeal that’s fun and flirty. You can buy the ombre twists, split them into three pieces, create a new braid, or buy pre-made twists. The first option allows you to customize your size and perfect your twisting skills. You can also save money by buying fewer hair packs and splitting them. With the second option, you’ll have to buy more minor twists, so you could end up buying more. 

Since the curls are more voluminous, you’ll have to take extra care of the ends so that they don’t overwhelm you with frizz. Also, it’s best to stick with mousse over gel or moisturizer with synthetic hair as the hair won’t absorb it. 

14. Cornrow & Crochet Box Braids

Credit: @kersti.pitre

Since crochet braids already feature cornrows, it’ll be easier to let them shine with this half and half look. At the front, you have traditional feed-in braids that lead to the back. You can stick to conventional cornrows or incorporate the stitch braid method for additional intricacy. For the braids at the back, add some crochet jumbo braids to create your own braids like the ones pictured above. 

It looks complex, but it isn’t. Just pick your favorite ombre color and pre-braid your desired amount of box braids, leaving out the ends. Add curl formers or Flexi-rods to the ends, and dip them in hot water for the thick wave effect. Loop them in then back and live your best box braid life. This is a pretty unique look, so you can be just as eccentric with your edges. This horn shape is ferocious, so try it out, or go for your favorite swirls.

15. Mixed Bag Medley Crochet Box Braids

Credit: marykbella

Swirls, colors, and textures, oh my! There’s a lever of fun that’s hard to resist when adding various colors to your hair. This fun bag of fiery colors is excellent for anyone that wants more variety with their box braids. You can customize your crochet hair to fit your personal aesthetic. Go for complementary or monochromatic color variations. You can also go for contrasting colors if you want a spicier option. The yellow, orange, and red mimic a sunset. 

If you want to try this exact look, ensure that you have a predominantly solid color like black, brown, or even blonde. That way, the different tones, and shades can pop, creating an incredible photogenic moment.   

16. Curly Faux Loc Crochet Box Braids

Credit: richbraidsandbeauty

This style is tough to pull off when it’s not pre-made because it requires you to dip the entire faux loc in hot water, which can take ages to dry. However, these wavy, warped faux locs come ready to go. Also, unlike traditionally heavy faux locs, they barely weigh a thing. 

As pictured above, they’re so light that you can style them into a ponytail immediately after installation. Since the hair is rougher than usual, make sure there’s enough space between your cornrows and the crochet loop. This prevents any itching or irritation. Check out the easy installation tutorial below.

17. Silky Micro Crochet Box Braids

Credit: the_braiding_specialist

We love micro braids. They’re a fantastic way to lengthen your hair and keep a long-lasting style. Too bad they’re a headache to install. Micro braids are also notorious for pinching your roots and weakening your strands when installed the wrong way. To avoid this, go for a wavy, silky crochet version. The honey blond softens your face while adding a sprinkling of color. You need some free tress hair that loops or creates a curve at the top and some willpower. These are installed in small sections, so they take longer than most crochet styles. 

If you want to pull this look off, loop each strand three or four times. That will ensure they don’t unravel or get loose at the roots. Then, weave the crochet hair at the top of the cornrow. This way, the loop isn’t stretched beyond its limit. 

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18. Jumbo Bob Twists Crochet Box Braids

Credit: allenhair_gh

Is bigger always better? When it comes to these bouncy twists, the answer is a loud yes. Jumbo twists aren’t going away soon, so why not try this chunky bob? These twists mimic the trendy Jamaican bounce texture. These curls are expensive and winding for a quick crochet look that doesn’t strain your pockets. Since they take up so much space on your head, you can get away with installing less. 

Sweep the hair in front for a sultry look, or clip them back for a formal occasion. This hair is also great for beads and jewelry, as the accessories will stay in place due to the size and twist method. 

19. Havana Twist Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @beautybysheri

A famous cross between the Senegalese and Marley twist, Havana twists are perfect for those who love a bit of texture in their tresses. Since they mimic natural locs, they’ll get better as they age and won’t need much maintenance. They’re usually worn long, but try this chin-length bob if you want to stand out. It will stay out of your way when you’re active and look cute for those dressed-up days. 

This style works best for anyone with tight curls, as the texture will match their natural hair accurately. If you’re the type that gets irritated when braiding hair touches your face, try pinning the sides back into a maiden-style braid. 

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20. Glowy Goddess Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle

Credit: @iam.nubian

If Aphrodite could appear in human form, this is the hair she’d have. Beautiful, flowy, thick, long goddess braids live up to their name. If you’ve always wanted this look, but don’t know how to do it at home, now’s your chance. Here’s what you’ll need. Some crochet faux locs, water wave extensions, and some decorative string. The great thing about a crochet version of this style is that you don’t need to braid in the wavy strands. Instead, you can just loop them in with the faux locs. 

The decorative string is really up to you. You can double up on colors, like the purple and white variation, or go with singles. To enhance the look even further, try some wooden beads. Long, short, funny sha[ed, whichever bears draw your attention, try them out! Finally, add a few hair cuffs for that royal goddess feel. 

21. Slim Bob Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @sjprotectivestyles 

Thick-to-thin box braids give off the classic 90 vibes we’d all love to achieve. Get these braids if you want bulk at the top and wispy movement at the bottom. They also create a triangle shape that accentuates your chin and jawline. This swept-back look establishes a level of seriousness, but you can also part them down the middle or to the side. 

If this look is a little plain for you, add some hair beads or string around the front to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. 

22. Jumbo Twist Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @hairbytess_

Long and accessible, these jumbo twists have never been more effortless! You don’t need a profound “grip game” with this crochet version. All you need is 3-4 packets of Jumbo twists and the ability to cornrow your hair. 

Here’s a hack that will help those who are cornrow challenged. First, head to your local stylist and tell them that you want to get plain, straight-back cornrows without feed-in extensions. 7-10 cornrows should work for a jumbo look like this. Then, you can go home and install the hair yourself. It’s a great way to save money and still get the look you want. 

23. Fluffy Marley Crochet Box Braids Hairstyles 

Credit: @divascabelos

Large and in charge, these loose fluffy Marley braids combine Diana Ross’s fierceness with Beyonce’s glamor. It’s one of the easiest crochet braids to install because you don’t have to do anything but loop them in. What’s excellent about Marley’s hair is the texture. So you don’t have to worry about it slipping or loosening. Instead, just loop it once and let the texture do the rest. If you want an extra punch, incorporate streaks of brown.  

The sheer volume of the hair might look intimidating, but don’t be scared. There’s a way to maintain this mane without taming a tumbleweed of frizz. Just braid the hair into thick sections before you sleep at night. You can wear a silk bonnet or scarf. Alternatively, you can sleep on a satin pillowcase. 

24. Dimensional Yarn Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle

Credit: @kersti.pitre

Celebrating the best of box braids, these dimensional braids include twists, three-strand, and four-strand braids rolled into one. Look closely at each braid. It’s like a greatest hits collection. The variety creates this substantial, rope-like thickness, as unique as they come. It’s hard to pull this off with raw Kanekalon hair, so buy them pre-made and go for the light and airy yarn option. 

Yarn braids have become extremely popular over the past decade, despite being an ancient way of extending your hair. Yarn increases the durability of your braids, making this architectural variation possible. It’s like weaving or knitting being taken to the next level. You should definitely try the long variation so that everybody can appreciate the skills it takes to create such a braid. Black and purple also go well together, so don’t be afraid to mix and match the two or do a half and half style. 

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25. Blonde Bombshell Faux Locs Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @yathegod

Blonde, long, and super stylish, these bombshell faux locs are the best way to put some sultriness in your hair. Blonde adds dimension to your face because its light color and locs add structure. Pinup the sides with a light-colored bobby pin to elevate this look, and let the rest fall around your shoulders. 

These specific locks are hollow, unlike the usual crochet faux locs, so they’re even lighter. They come as one long braid that you can bend in half and loop to form two locs. That makes them a more economically viable option. You can be bold and dye your roots blonde to match your extensions or keep the dark root, platinum blonde vibe. 

26. Jumbo Wavy Faux Locs Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @idlelocs

These juicy faux crochet locs combine the beautiful mega box braids we can’t get enough of with some goddess elements that pop often. These locs are done using the individual method to make things even better. To get this look without getting the bulk, section off your hair into box braids without adding extensions. After that, you can crochet the hair into the individual natural braid and then tuck the natural hair into your faux loc. 

Most crochet faux locs like these are hollow, so your natural braided hair should fit right in, protecting it from daily manipulation. 

27. Body Wave Micro Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @hayzer_ellen

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this hair for a weave. It’s long, luscious, and full of body wave curls. This is just one of the many ways you can rock crochet hair and substitute it for expensive human hair extensions. You won’t need to heat style them either. All you need is some mousse and your fingers. Whenever you feel the hair tangling, squeeze some mousse into your hands and gently rake them through the extensions.  

Looking at the roots, you’ll see that each braid is looped 5-6 times. This is because the hair is extremely smooth and prone to slipping loose. To combat that, ensure that you twirl your strands adequately and tie a knot immediately after. In addition, you could twist this hair into sections at night and trim the ends regularly to eliminate any loose or hanging strands. 

28. Teal Top Knot Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @cydneyo

This teal tower of locs is a great way to switch things up. Why not go for an unusual burst of color that always adds life to your face and outfit. It’s perfect for any skin tone, primarily because it draws attention to your natural undertones. You can still let your natural hair shine with some corkscrew edges. Top things off some edge control to hold them in place. 

You can hold your seafoam locs in a mega bun for those days when you’ve got to run many errands. To embellish your bun, add a few feathers. It will create a bohemian, chilled-out vibe and show off your creativity. 

29. Oil Slick Holographic Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @beauty_depot

Holographic hair really took off in 2015 after a series of stylists started highlighting the brilliant color effect through different hairstyles. The braiding community quickly elevated the trend, and now we have these otherworldly crochet braids, and we’re glad for it!

It resembles the night sky or those puddles of oil that catch the light at night, but in the best way. You can mix and match the various strands as you like or go along with the template above. When they’re pulled back, the minimal waves create a cloudlike motion that looks as light as a feather. 

30. Deep Blue Sea Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @tonongtoni

The beautiful thing about crochet braids is the variety they offer. Where else could you get these oceanic waves? You could practically swim in her flowing hair. The deep, rich blue mimics open waters, giving a soft yet strong aesthetic. Another great thing about these pre-made locs is that you don’t have to deal with the hassle of dying your own braiding hair. Having dark roots here only adds to the style, creating a shadowy deep sea.  

You can have baby hairs “on swim” and add some hair jewels to mimic the legendary pirates’ treasure at the bottom of the ocean. It’s also an excellent style for a themed party or just an everyday look. 

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31. Tight Rope Twist Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @sadoraparis

If you’ve ever tried to install your own pencil or rope twists, you know just how tedious the process can be. You have to hold the strands tightly and create a woven pattern that’s hard to maintain as you move down the hair shaft. So it’s really a job for professional braiders. However, you can get the look without the strain with crochet box braids. These honey brown braids are light and beautiful, so the rope pattern works amazingly with them. 

For a full-on Goldilocks or Rapunzel look, get them extra long. That way, everyone can see the beautiful effect such a tight rope formation can have. Since these braids are slim, you’ll have to make sure you get the right amount of braids. Most regular packs don’t have a lot of rope twists, so buy around 5 packets. 

32. Rihanna Inspired Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @tonongtoni

Rihanna has been a constant source of inspiration for fashion, especially hair. She’s done it all. From red and short to black and long, she’s a trailblazer. So when she rocked those gigantic faux locs for her part in the Oceans 8 movie, we went wild. Thick, sectioned, and light as a feather, this crochet version cuts the bulk while maintaining the “bad gal RiRi” aesthetic.  

If you want to stick to the classic look, go for black faux locs, and install them using the individual crochet method. The great thing about this specific style is that it ages like fine wine. The puffier your roots get, the better. It will only add to the authenticity of your locs, so don’t worry about keeping everything extra sleek. Let your locs be as accessible as Riri’s sense of style.  

33. Chic Crochet Box Braids

Credit: @ubuy

Boho chic is the word to live by for crochet braids. These small, pre-braided strands are quick and effective. You can go for a mid-neck length that lets the curls fall around the bottom of your face. This is a great way to draw attention to your shoulders and create balance from the top of your head to the bottom. 

To create a realistic effect, braid small cornrows. For example, 11-12 slim cornrows with no extensions will ensure your roots look like individual box braids and not a line of crochet hair. 

34. Slick Shaved Sides Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @hairbeenatural

These crochet braids will shine once you try the shaved sides look. It creates the perfect pedestal to show off your sultry twists, and you won’t even have to use that much hair! Of course, you can choose whichever crochet braid you want, but these super long Senegalese twists add softness to your edgy side cut, giving you the best of both worlds. 

If you want to add extra elements that create movement, you can mix in different braid colors and hair jewelry. Hair art is another great way to take this look to the next level. This is what most barbers love doing. Carving in shapes and lines creates fun dimensions. 

35. Mohawk Updo Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle

Credit: @ronesiabarrshair

If you really want to embody the rock and roll freedom that braids give, try this double-edged mohawk and shaved sides look. You can go for this “in your face” silver bullet color and sweep your hair into a structured braid bun. It seems complicated, but it isn’t. Just pull your hair to the top, and braid a major cornrow. Tuck in any unwanted ends with a bobby pin, and you’re ready to go. 

The great thing about using crochet braids with this look is that it doesn’t create any unnecessary tension, so you can style this mohawk as often as you’d like. 

36. Slim Faux Locs Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @imadamejay

Thin is in, so try these slim faux locs on for size. We’re so used to seeing chunky locs, so you’ll draw some serious attention when you step out in smaller braids. Smaller locs are a great way to go out during the summer. They’ll provide enough breathing room and can easily be swept into a bun or ponytail without being too bulky. 

Make sure you opt for hollow locs, as they’re practically weightless. 

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37. Long & Luscious Crochet Box Braids Hairstyle 

Credit: @iamoutragious_

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair! Of course, we couldn’t round out this list without highlighting an extra-long crochet box braid. Long hair always attracts attention. Whether it’s sheer envy or curiosity, it’s a great way to get some heads turning in your direction. Go for long goddess faux locs that combine softness with striking appeal. You can either buy super long crochet locs, which can be challenging to find, or buy regular crochet locs and link them together. 

Since the hair is super long, it’s perfect for a vacation. You won’t run errands or do any activity that forces you to put your hair into a functional bun. Instead, just soak up the sun and stay gorgeous.

Crochet braids are undisputed for beauty and convenience, but you probably still have questions. So let’s break down the ins and outs. 

Are Crochet Braids Healthy For Your Hair? 

When the natural hair movement gained traction in 2011, everyone wanted to know how they could grow their hair and acquire the health they’d been craving. Protective styles became everybody’s favorite buzzword as the movement grew. At first, this was taken as any braiding hairstyle that keeps your natural hair locked away. As time went on, however, people realized that not all protective styles were created equal. Every protective style has its virtues and vices, but it takes a lot to mess up the beneficial elements of crochet braids. So, technically, yes, they’re pretty healthy.

When done right, crochet braids are one of the best, if not the best, ways to protect your natural hair. Why? Because it completely seals your natural hair off. It slashes down hair manipulation to zero and locks in moisture. Crochet hair also makes the take down and reinstallation process as smooth as butter. You don’t have to worry about finding a stylist when you’re having a hair emergency. Just use your gentle hands at home and take your time. These styles take a maximum of four hours to install, so you’re in the clear on time.

With that said, it can be done wrong, and if you’re not attentive, you can kill some of the protective elements . If your cornrows are too tight, stuffing crochet braids underneath them will further strain the situation. If you keep them in too long, you could be suffocating your follicles with dirt and buildup, stunting their growth process. Check out our top tips for doing crochet braids the right way below. 

How Long Do Crochet Braids Last? 

At their best, crochet braids can last anywhere from 5 to 7 weeks. If you’re a little rough with them, they can last around 4 weeks. Start on clean and well-moisturized hair to ensure you get the most out of your crochet braids. Ensure your cornrows aren’t too tight and oil your scalp before installing the crochet hair. Don’t install a loose crochet braid like the Freetress or water wave series if you’re looking to make them last even longer. No matter how much mousse you use, they’ll get pretty tangled and matted after about 4 weeks. Instead, go for plaited crochet hai like twists, poetic justice braids, or faux locs. 

Anything past 7 weeks is compromising the protective element you’ve been maintaining. So, as beautiful as they are after that, take them out and nurture your natural hair with our tips and tricks. 

What Hair Is Used For Crochet Hair?

This depends on the brand you buy and the texture you want. For example, most crochet hair comes from the Kanekalon hair texture. They use Kanekalon as a base and then adapt the hair to the specific style. Others use softer water waves, Marley braid, or Jamaican bounce textures. If you want a smooth, itch-free experience, stick to more delicate strands like Kanekalon or water waves. 

If you’re overwhelmed, remember these tips. First, go for looped crochet hair. They usually indicate this on the package with a sign that reads “pre-looped.” This stops you from creating the loop yourself, which can be a bit of a learning curve, especially if you’re a beginner. Don’t use hair that is weft or woven together, as that’s for weaves. Synthetic is the most affordable option, but if you want to wash this hair along with your own and reuse it, go for pre-looped human bulk crochet hair. 

Do Crochet Braids Grow Your Hair?

Well, yes and no. Crochet braids don’t immediately affect how fast or how long your hair grows. There’s nothing special about the way they’re installed that creates rapid hair growth. When people talk about crochet braids growing their hair, they mean that it was a great protective style that made the right environment for their natural hair growth process. On an average scale, hair grows around half an inch per month. Some people’s hair grows faster while others grow slower. 

Crochet braids help because they completely protect your ends and slow down the daily manipulation of your strands to nearly zero. This allows your follicles to thrive. They’re less stressed, so they push out hair with a greater chance of being retained. On top of that, crochet braids don’t add the same amount of strain as traditional braids because the hair extension is supported by a strong cornrow as opposed to an individual section. These two elements combined ensure less tugging and pulling. The rest is up to your genetics, lifestyle, stress levels, and overall health. So take care of yourself and let your hair get the best possible opportunity to thrive. 

Do Crochet Braids Work For Long Hair? 

If you have long, thick hair, you’re probably wondering if this is your style. When braided into cornrows, long, thick hair can get pretty bulky. If you have bulky cornrows, you won’t get the best experience out of crochet braids. The installation will be complicated, and you’ll have a “raised head”‘effect. With that said, you can do crochet braids if you have long hair. You just need to choose the correct braiding pattern for your cornrows. 

Try the beehive or criss-cross method that allows for smaller, thinner cornrows. If you do straight back cornrows, make sure they’re slim so that they don’t get too big at the back. Then, you can tuck your long ends into the cornrows after you’re done. 

How Do You Take Care Of Crochet Braids?

Hair maintenance can determine how long your crochet braids last and what state your natural hair will be after removing them. To take care of your braids while installed, wrap your hair in silk or satin bonnet at night. This will reduce the friction between your hair and the pillow and keep the crochet braids fresh. It also helps your natural hair retain moisture. You should oil your scalp and spritz it with a spray-on, leave-in conditioner each week to ensure it’s getting the water it needs. Synthetic hair can be pretty drying. 

Each week, you can wash your braids by creating a wet shampoo mixture and dampening your roots. Gently scrub them with your fingertips to loosen any dirt and buildup, then gently wash them out and add a moisturizer and oil. You can wash the crochet braids, but it’s not necessary. Blow-dry your roots on the cold setting to ensure they’re dry. You don’t want damp cornrows. With these steps, you’ll be happy to meet your natural strands. 

How Do You Do Crochet Braids?

DIY braids are a fantastic way to get the look you want without finding a stylist who can pull it off for a reasonable price. With most people wanting to learn skills like braiding for themselves, crochet braids are the best option. Whether a beginner or pro, this style is a classic and easy way to achieve your braiding dreams. Crochet braid methods are as numerous as the different styles on this list.

If you’re looking for the easiest method, go for straight back cornrows, weave the ends with string, or tuck them into one another. Then, take the crochet braid and loop them into the cornrow with a crochet hook. Most crochet braid packs come with a crochet hook, but if yours doesn’t, you can buy one at your local beauty supply store or online for around 1-2 dollars. Don’t pull the crochet hook into the root when installing the crochet hair. You don’t want the hair touching your scalp, as it could cause irritation. Instead, insert the hair into the midsection of your cornrow. That will also ease any tension that might result from looping the braids in. When securing the loop, be firm but not tight. With braids or faux locs, you only have to twist once. With loose hair, loop 5-6 times for security. 

Try different cornrow patterns for more complex crochet braids or the invisible method. 

How Do You Take Down Crochet Braids?

Now that you’ve enjoyed your crochet braids and gotten the most out of them, how should the take-down process be? Well, for starters, do everything with a gentle hand. You don’t want to undo all the protective work by yanking out the hair. The easiest way to take down crochet braids is by cutting them. Since most crochet hair is synthetic, you won’t feel too much pain. Simply loosen the loop and cut them out. Be careful not to cut your natural hair. If you’re scared, just cut above the circle, and pull out the rest. If you use human hair, carefully un-loop the strands and save them. Once you’ve done that, you can pull out any remaining strands with your fingers before undoing your cornrows. 

Again, be gentle. Your hair might be weak from carrying the crochet braids, so add some conditioner and go slow. After all of the crochet hair has been removed and the cornrows are undone, thoroughly wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo and do a round of deep conditioning. If you really want to pamper yourself, do a hot oil treatment. WIth your hair strengthened and moisturized, you’ll be ready for the following big style.  

Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to plunge! Dive into this in-depth tutorial on how to get the best crochet box braids ever.