35 Fresh Ways You Can Wear A Curly Weave Ponytail

Try a curly weave ponytail for a quick and efficient look on the go. Here are 35 takes on this classic hairstyle. Ponytails will always and forever be the go-to look for anyone who wants to experiment with length, texture, and style while keeping things convenient. Of course, you can never go wrong with one, but you take your ponytail to another level when you add curls to the mix.

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The best way to pull this off is by adding a buoyant weave. This bulks up your natural ponytail, and in a few steps, you’ve got yourself a winning look. There are so many ways to wear a curly weave ponytail. So take a look, choose your favorite, and follow our tips and tricks to ensure a successful hair journey. 

Strut your stuff with these sultry, sensational curly weave ponytails. 

1. Half Up, Half Down Curly Weave Ponytail

Credit: branstyle_hair

There’s no better way to get curls on curls than this half up, half down variation. You’ll need several bundles to cover both the back and crown of your head. For this layered effect, keep the ponytail on top light. You don’t want to create a situation where the hair up top is more than the one on the bottom. Keep your dark roots and incorporate brown highlights throughout the curls to create a shadow effect. 

This will create an illusion that doubles the volume, adding movement and structure. Try buying a Brazilian body wave if you want these curls to hold. The hair is more textured than other human hair weaves, so it retains its shape better.  

2. Beach Wave Loose Ponytail 

Credit: devanna_dior

When you’re hard at work and stressed out, all you need to do is look at your beach wave ponytail and dream about your next vacation. Beach wave weave is famous for a reason. The laid-back, sun-kissed curls resemble natural tresses after a long day soaking up the salty sea. Since beach waves are well known in the extension community, you’ll have a variety of colors and lengths to choose from, so go for it. 

If the curls lose their liveliness or get a little frizz, simply pump them up with some mousse. The foamier, the better. Scrunch the ends, pushing the strands upwards for maximum curl recovery. Beach waves are meant to be footloose and fancy-free, so don’t fuss over them too much. Treat them like a vacation. Low maintenance and easy-going.

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3. Coils & Stitch Braids Weave Ponytail

Credit: ___hairbynae

Turn heads with these slick stitch feed-in braids and winding coils. This is honestly one of the best ways to do a weave ponytail. It lasts way more extended, and you get double the compliments. Triple if you swish and swirl your baby hairs like this. When braiding this look, or showing it to your hairstylist, make sure your ends aren’t feeling the pinch. That’s a sign that you need to loosen the cornrows or the ponytail. 

If you’re choosing this style for a younger child, pick a light and bouncy weave, and don’t put more than two bundles. The child could easily tangle the hair or get frustrated with its weight. A shorter ponytail also works best for a no-fuss, kid-friendly option. 

4. Blonde Stitch Cornrow & Curls Ponytail

Credit: nikola.peiszer

This variation of the coils and stitch weave adds a blonde touch that’s irresistible. If you’ve got blonde roots, don’t hide them! Let them shine, and add different shades and tones of blonde to play with the observer’s eye. A blonde, curly weave comes in many variations, but this semi-tight, phone-cord curl is playful yet professional. You could quickly wear this to a sporting event and show up to work the next day. 

Human hair is your best bet with this one. To keep the blonde ends fresh, wash the ponytail with purple shampoo every few weeks or whenever you feel the hair is getting brassy. Pick products that line up with your preferred curl pattern. 

5. Fluffy Afro CurlyWeave  Ponytail

Credit: naturalhairrockss_

There’s no better way to boldly embrace your natural curls than this super long, puffy afro weave extension. The tighter curls add instant volume while maintaining a light and airy feeling on your scalp. Also, since it’s a low ponytail, you can sweep it back or push the extensions to each side of your face for a fun look. 

It’s an excellent option for anyone who wants to texture match their hair. If your hair is 3a and beyond, these wefts will fit in. You won’t even have to straighten your natural hair. Simply slick it down with tacky edge control, mousse, and hairspray. Wear a silk bonnet at night, so this perfect ponytail won’t get tangled up. 

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6. Berry Red Curl Weave Ponytail 

Credit: channonlaree

With this berry red, woven ponytail extension, you get more bang for your buck. Not only is the color vibrant and appealing, but it falls beautifully along your back without being weighty. You don’t even need human hair to pull this off. Synthetic weave bundles will work just fine and will be more affordable. Look for the matte, higher-quality ones that don’t have as much thickness and shine. 

This style works best if you already have a level of red on your natural hair. See the way the color blends in perfectly with the extensions? That’s what you’re going for. If you’re not keen on dying your hair, use a temporary dye alternative like chalk or wax dye. 

7. High Curly Puff Weave Ponytail 

Credit: evehairinc

Suppose you love a ponytail but can’t stand long strands; this one’s for you. This weave has tighter curls that spring upwards, combining volume with convenience. It’s perfect for high-energy performances or rapid activity. The ponytail will look cute while staying out of your way. This will be one of the more difficult ones to pull off with wefts, so it’s best if you buy a pre-made ponytail weave, 

They’re just as versatile. For example, woven ponytails have a drawstring, velcro, and clips to assist you in securing the extensions to your hair without pulling at it. Don’t tie your hair as tight if you want a natural, low manipulation version.

8. Fluff & Flow Curly Weave Ponytail

Credit: curl_essentialsuk

These cloud-like curls are so pillowy that you could sleep on them at night. The light brown color complements the natural formation of the strands. You don’t want to weigh these curls down with too much product, so stick to the fluffy stuff. Try alcohol-free mousse that won’t dry it out, and dry shampoo to keep things fresh. If you still want some structure, you can use edge control or gel and go to town with your baby hairs. 

Frame your face with extra curls on each side for a wispy, fairy aesthetic. To attach a soft ponytail like this, all you need is to ensure the wefts are tucked into your base bun. 

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9. Curly Lion’s Mane Weave Ponytail 

Credit: onychairuk

Not even Mufasa could claim a mane as fabulous as this! It’s an absolute showstopper! The loose ringlets frame her face to perfection, and each strand falls beautifully just below her shoulders. But, of course, you don’t have to have matching roots either. A sleek, dark foundation works just as well. In fact, it creates a striking contrast that only further elevates the hairdo.  

The shades and variations of browns and blondes are highlighted within each curl. Go for a mid-level texture like this. Especially if you really want the tones to shine. Add as much as you can at the back so that it shines from the front. If you want the mane but not the frizz, keep a bottle of mousse on hand. You can also tame the frizz with a light, water-based gel. Spray the product on your hands and gently finger comb the curls. They’ll spring back to life in no time. 

10. Sky High Bounce Curly Weave Ponytail

Credit: bloombyrose_

This ponytail is so classy and clean that it reminds you of royalty. Water wave texture will always be this beautiful, primarily when using human hair. It’s one of the more versatile weave textures that can be straightened or maintained in its curly state. 

The slightly longer base allows the ponytail to protrude from your scalp, giving off that “levitation” illusion. To achieve this, simply secure your hair into a ponytail and attach the wefts (more information on that below). Then, wrap the extra weave around the base ten times, moving upwards until you’ve achieved the desired height. Finally, top things off with some sea wave baby hairs, and you’re good to go. 

11. Feather Wave Weave Ponytail

Credit: hairbybrim

Loose curls and “light as a feather” hair form this angelic ponytail. It almost doesn’t look like a weave. However, the bundles are slim, so it’s easy to conceal the wefts. This is one of those rare situations where frizz is a good thing. It adds to the authenticity of the style and doubles down on the angel effect. 

It’s not as high maintenance as it looks either. Follow the same mousse formula as the other styles on this list, and you should be fine. You can even wrap it in a bun for a formal occasion. 

12. Waterfall High Curly Weave Ponytail 

Credit: dbshairsalon

There’s nothing like some cascading waterfall curls to get your style juices flowing. The classic black body wave extensions are the most versatile option because they can be curly and straight, given the right heating tools. Body wave hair also works well for anyone who wants volume and the illusion of bulk. The strands are ultra-light, and the color conforms to any outfit. 

If you’re shy about using heat curling tools, you can stick to Flexi-rods and curl formers. They’re an overnight solution that ensures you maintain the body wave bounce. 

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13. Curls On Curls Weave Ponytail 

Credit: stylesbyjenae

Sleek at the bottom and curly at the top, this half up, half down water waves look is the best way to rock the curly ponytail trend. To create this layered effect without cutting the hair, simply create a high ponytail at your crown. Then, install additional wefts at the back of your head. 

You can do this by braiding a weave cornrow pattern and securing the wefts to your braids with a sewing needle. This method is much easier on your hair than the traditional weave. It doesn’t tug at your edges or create unnecessary weights. Plus, you have access to your “baby hairs,” so you can style them all you want. 

14. Blonde Water Wave Weave Ponytail

Credit: beautyyunleashed

Want to add more volume to your curly weave? Comb out the ends and use blonde! It has a naturally light and fluffy aura. The great thing about this style is that you don’t need to dye your roots to pull them off. See how the dark brown balances beautifully with the light blonde? It mimics natural color progression in hair. The ponytail starts off with the same color as the biological roots. Try dying your bundles if you’re having trouble finding the right extensions to match your natural color. 

Buy some blonde, curly human hair weave, and only dye the roots. Many excellent, cruelty-free hair dye brands have, so have your pick! Then simply attach the dyed bundles to your hair.  

15. Curly Shoulder Wave Weave Ponytail

Credit: elysianhaircollection

This simple style is perfect for anyone who wants to try a curly weave ponytail at home. Since it’s a low ponytail, you won’t strain your arms too much while slicking back your hair. You can use synthetic or human hair weave for this style, as it’s a simpler ponytail. 

To get a clean, straight parting line, separate your hair down the middle. Follow that up by applying moderate edge control on your initial part. The tackiness of the gel will keep your hair in place. Keep separating the hair until you get as close to a straight line as possible. That’s how you get the perfect part. 

16. Brazilian Deep Wave Weave Ponytail Curly

Credit: @jesviahair

Brazilian weave is known worldwide for its durability, versatility, and volume. It’s popular with straight styles, but you get this lovely, soft ponytail when Brazilian hair is curled. Because of its texture, it’s ideal for big curls. In addition, they tend to last longer with Brazilian weave. This ponytail is light and airy, so invest in some Brazilian bundles if you’re looking for that.  

If you really want the hair to shine, do a high ponytail. You’ll be able to show off your long tresses, and you can wrap them in a bun for an elegant switch. Since the style uses high-quality hair, you can re-use these bundles many times. Treat them as you would your natural hair, and they’ll go a long way.

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17. Fluffy Fulani Curly Weave Ponytail

Credit: @thebrilliantbeauty

Modern Fulani braids are a beautiful interpretation of the hairstyles of the Fulani people of West Africa. The great thing about this style is that it isn’t limited to cornrows. You can add a curly touch by incorporating mid-curl bundles at the back. To keep things simple and understated, use a color that matches your roots. 

Add some metal coils, gold cuffs, and hair beads to your braids to liven things up. You could give off a queen-like aura. You can also switch up the color. Take this as inspiration and create your own unique style. 

18. Twin Cornrows & Curly Weave Ponytail 

Credit: @braids_by_antoinette

Traditional ponytails are pretty great, but try cornrows if you want more durability from your style. You don’t have to do a bunch of them. Two braids will secure your natural hair and keep your ends protected while creating a ponytail look. The cornrows double to hide the attachment point between your hair and the weave. Just wrap the ends of the braids at the root of your ponytail. 

If you want your cornrows to be more pronounced, like in the photo, feed in some extensions. For this portion of the style, you can use synthetic Kanekalon hair since it won’t be seen. 

19. Curly Bubble Weave Ponytail

Credit: @clatodd

Try this textured bubble version if you want a more natural ponytail and are not a fan of super straight base hair. It’s a trend that took off after many celebrities, including Beyonce and Ariana Grande, started wearing them. This variation uses a textured weave, creating even bigger puffs. Of course, you could use regular rubber bands or elastic scrunchies, but try these golden bands if you really want to elevate the look. 

You have to wrap them around your ponytail at different intervals. Try bobby pins to keep the hair at the top smooth without using gel and hairspray. You don’t have to stick to plain black either. You can try these funky yellow ones or even go for gold to match the strings. 

20. Zany Zig Zag Pigtails

Credit: @laidby.alegacyy

Two curly ponytails are better than one! You can create curly vibes on both ends by turning your ponytail into pigtails. They’re mostly worn on children, but there’s no rule saying you can’t try them yourself. In fact, when done like this, with intricate zig-zag parting, you’ll have the most sophisticated pigtails out there. Also, keeping the baby hairs neat and swooped back heightens the class factor. 

To complete the topsy turvy staircase look, crimp your pigtails. They’ll complement the parting line well and create flowy, super loose curls that you can refresh whenever you want. While crimping your hair, ensure that your crimping tool is at least 375 degrees Fahrenheit. That way, you’ll retain the curl without burning your extensions. 

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21. Curly Ballerina Bun Weave Ponytail

Credit: @adoseofnustyles

Sometimes simplicity is key. This straight-back, low bun is best for those who need a Monday to Friday look for the office. It’s formal and clean. It also has these minimal curls at the bottom for added texture and dimension. Buy some loose curl bundles and tightly wrap them into a ballerina bun to pull this off. Leave some of the curls out and allow them to fall messily along your shoulders. 

To add a streak of sunshine to your strands, incorporate honey blonde highlights. You can take your hair skills to the next level by pre-making this bun and attaching it whenever you need a quick but elegant look. Then, wrap it in a hairnet at night. 

22. Black To Blonde Curly Weave Ponytail

Credit: @cristendi0r

Who says your roots have to blend with your ponytail? That rule was meant to be broken, and this black to blonde combo proves how brilliant things can turn out if you take a chance. To pull off this edgy look, go for a blonde that has hints of dark and light brown so that it can pick up some of the natural browns in your hair and create balance. 

If you have long hair and don’t want it to poke through the blonde weave, braid it and tuck it into a tiny bun. You can hide the connecting point with the same blonde hair. Straighten a few pieces, and use a solid hairspray to lay any flyaways as you wrap the hair.

23. Extra Long Blonde Weave Ponytail

Credit: Pinterest

Go blonde or go home. This look defies gravity and defies explanation. It’s just so beautiful. The thick, long cascading curls put Goldilocks to shame. They’re just right! The highlights, the buttery smooth hair, and the ringlets. They all work together to form the perfect hair marriage. This is a look you have to try at least once. 

Yet another look that doesn’t rely on your roots matching. This variation would protect your ends with lavish curls. It’s a complete human hair look, so you’ll really have to expand your budget if you want to copy this one. You could try a synthetic hair version, but it probably won’t look as impressive as this one. There’s a lightness and effortlessness that comes with human hair. 

24. Criss Cross & Curls Weave Ponytail 


This hairstyle is the culmination of several braiding trends. The half-up, half-down look mixed with criss-cross braids and a luscious curly weave ponytail. To add to that, you have these wispy loose strands at the front. They create a curtain bang that can be curled or kept straight. 

While most criss-cross braids use the square pat method, this diamond part is spot on. It creates a beautiful pattern that’s hard to turn away from. The structure allows you to cross each section in whichever intricate design you want. Black rubber bands create a seamless transition between areas, but you can easily switch them out with your preferred color. 

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25. Pompadour & Unicorn Tail Weave Ponytail

Credit: @yaya146

This look takes weave ponytail braids to the next level. If you’ve ever wanted a pompadour and a curly ponytail, this is proof that both are possible. The height of this is insane! To achieve it, make sure your hair is clean and dry. Don’t weigh it down with too many products. Braid a traditional dutch braid, but make sure your wrists and fingers are loosely holding the hair. You can pin down any unwanted ends with a bobby pin. Add some cornrows at the sides for structure and beauty. 

Keep the hairspray close; you’re going to need it. The ponytail is much simpler yet just as beautiful. It resembles a radiant unicorn’s mane with short, thick curls that create a “winding snake” formation as it falls down your shoulders. Given the length, installing this at home would be difficult, so check out a professional salon. 

26. Curly Crown Afro Puff Weave Ponytail 

Credit: @modelesque_nic

Simple, sweet, and super curly. This puffy crown is pure perfection. The blonde and brown kissed ends are soft and flattering. It’s one of those styles that only gets better as it ages, so don’t be scared of a bit of frizz. You’ll need the shortest human hair weave you can find, and it would be best if it was pre-curled to take the hard work out of things. You can also go for a combination of colors like brown and blonde or black and blonde. 

You’ll notice that there’s not a lot of product at the base. You don’t need to create a sleek, straight effect. Just tie a loose bun and attach the hair. Alternatively, you could use a pre-made puff ponytail. It’s easy to take on and off and even easier to maintain. 

27. Side Swept Curly Weave Ponytail

Credit: Mayven

It’s time to put things to the side. By things, we meant this long, thick curly ponytail. A side-swept ponytail is reminiscent of the 80s and has a sweet, playful vibe. To add a level of maturity. Go for all black and slick your natural hair as much as possible. It doesn’t really matter which side you let your hair fall on. Pick whichever angle is your best. 

To keep things light and flirty, go for a water wave texture. Then, create even more volume by teasing your curls and separating them. The great thing about this side ponytail is that it’s not limiting. You can easily twist it to the other side or sweep it back when you want to switch things up. 

28. Red Lava River Curls Weave Ponytail

Credit: Pinterest

Does anyone want to take a hike to Mordor? These red hot lava curls are stunning, and they flow like a river down your back. They’re also one of the more accessible styles on this list to try yourself. Whether your hair is dyed red or not, you should build your confidence by wearing this on a night out! 

The crimp curl is ideal if you plan to go with this length. It will be easy to touch up, and you can straighten it. You’re probably wondering how someone can sleep with this on. Well, it’s not as challenging as it looks. Just buy a big satin bonnet and tick the rapunzel ponytail before hitting the sack. 

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29. Ombre Body Wave Weave Ponytail

Credit: Pinterest

This black to brown to blonde ombre ponytail is like the little black dress of hairstyles. When you want something simple, beautiful, and bouncy, you always reach for it. You can either slick your hair back or create a side or middle part. You don’t have to start out with curly hair for this style. Just buy any straight, smooth human hair bundle and curl it yourself. 

You could use a large curling wand or a flat iron. If the hair gets too weighed down with products, spritz a bit of dry shampoo on it. The formulation will eliminate some of the slip caused by all that hairspray. 

30. Mega Textured Weave Ponytail


This mountain of hair is quite the structural masterpiece, large and in charge. Now, you will need a lot of hair for this style. The back half of your head and the ponytail will be covered in wavy wefts, so wait for a special occasion to try this out. However, the installation method is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is follow our tips and watch the tutorial below, and you’ll be ready! 

If you’re a fan of elaborate baby hair, this is your look. You can create the significant curls at the sides by leaving a little extra inch at the front. That’s what gives it such a strong structure. 

31. Sweeping Loose Curl Weave Ponytail

Credit: @hairbymeeka

You don’t always need to add intricate braids or criss-cross patterns to your hair. Instead, you can let the ponytail shine with these massive s-shaped waves. They’re the statement of the year. For more drama, get long bundles that reach your tailbone. 

The downward spiral created by these sweeping curls comes from a good old flat iron. To master this method, grab a piece of hair and place it between the flat iron. Keep the heat around 375 degrees Fahrenheit and make a slight, swooshing movement towards the right. It will take a while to do the entire ponytail since you’ll be curling multiple bundles, but the payoff is enough of a reward. 

32. Ice Blonde Curls Weave Ponytail 

Credit: @exclusive_studio1

Chill out with this icy blonde ponytail. The minimal curls let the color do its thing, and you get to look extra sleek and sophisticated. But don’t be scared off by the bold colors. This shade of blonde looks great on practically any skin tone. You can buy the bundles pre-bleached. The color code is 613 and above. 

The only issue is that it would be hard to blend this in with dark brown or black hair, even if you were going for the “Cruella Deville” effect. Of course, you could dye your hair if you’re that committed. But that might cause a lot of damage over time. To get around that issue, consult your hairstylist about bleaching options that won’t put a strain on your natural strands. This is meant to be a protective style, after all. 

33. Micro Braid Bomb Weave Ponytail

Credit: @hairstyles_misukotz

Micro braids have made a triumphant comeback, and we’re super happy! This is one of the most stress-free styles to pull off. Why? Because the front portion doesn’t require any feed-in hair. You also get a longer ponytail because your hair will be locked away in these mini box braids. 

It’s pretty easy. Just part your hair into small sections and braid them in a traditional three-strand method. Then, use some gel to get the smoothest roots possible and moisturize your ends as much as possible. Once you’ve gotten past the time-consuming part, swap your weave around the bun, and voila, instant beauty. This style doesn’t even need baby hair. Ust let the braids and curls shine on their own. 

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34. Radiant Rapunzel Weave Ponytail 

Credit: hairstylecamp

Yet another look for unicorn lovers, this ponytail is more extended than Rapunzel’s rope-like hair. You can let it all hang out with these multi-level curls and laters. But, of course, you can’t complete the look without some breathtaking baby hairs that sweep the competition away. So if you want people to see the fruits of your labor or money, sweep this ponytail to the side. That way, it’ll be on full display. 

To fulfill your fairytale fantasies, it will cost quite a bit. However, two packs of extra-long Brazilian human hair ought to do it. You can curl these yourself, take them to the hairdresser or buy a pre-made package. Whichever option you choose, you’re definitely in control of your mane. 

35. Brown Mid Height Curly Weave Ponytail 

Credit: Pinterest

Last is this simple, swept-back auburn and light brown soft curl ponytail. It’s the best way to add some dimension without going overboard. Big, bold colors are great, but it’s good to go back to the classics every once in a while. If you’ve already got brown highlights, go for it. If you don’t, still go for it. Brown dye doesn’t damage your hair as much. You could also use a hair wax alternative. 

To keep this mid-height ponytail fresh, keep a flat iron close. It’s also a great look for bridesmaids. The minimal curls and simple styling won’t take away too much attention from the bride. 

If you’re feeling pumped about these ponytails, keep reading to find out how to make them last and what you’ll need for your own look! 

What Kind Of Hair Do You Use For A Weave Ponytail?

Weave ponytails usually use an array of human hair bundles, though synthetic hair is also famous. While shopping for hair, it’s easy to get confused because there are so many options. To pull off most of these looks, you’ll need Brazilian, Indian, Malaysian, or Cambodian bundles. Indian hair bundles account for around 90% of all human hair extensions. Whether they’re fluffy kinky in texture, or bone-straight, they’re most likely Indian hair. This is because the hair goes through a perming process. So if you’re trying to get hair that’s top-notch quality, go for a straight Indian weave and curl the hair yourself. Brazilian hair has more texture, so go for that if you want bundles that mimic your own strands

Stick to synthetic if you’re not trying to clean out your bank account with big human hair purchases. They don’t offer the same longevity or versatility, but they can work fine in a pinch. Look for signs on the packet that state “Human Hair Like .”This indicates that the synthetic fibers have been processed several times to create that thin, wispy real-life hair feeling. Make sure you reach the highest quality synthetic bundles and choose a curly texture, as synthetic hair can be hard to curl with a flat iron or curling wand. 

How Long Does A Curly Weave Ponytail Last?

Ponytails are often associated with quickness and ease. You wrap your hair up in one and forget about it. But these curly ponytail weaves are entirely different. They’re an elevated take on the timeless style. They also last way longer. Casual ponytails stay a day or two at best. You can keep your curly weave ponytail in for two weeks with proper maintenance and prep. The products you use and the state of your hair could either shorten or lengthen that time. If you overload your scalp with products, it’ll start to itch, and you might take your ponytail off out of frustration. So keep it simple. 

Now, I know what you’re asking. Can I push it even further? The answer is yes. If you incorporate braids into your look, you’ll get more wear out of it. Criss-cross, stitch, cornrows, and micro braids push your ponytails into the 3-4 week mark. On the other hand, if you prep your hair by washing, moisturizing, and hot-oil treating it, you’ll find happy strands when taking down your style. 

How Do You Maintain A Curly Ponytail? 

Ponytails are a fantastic, fast way to look glamorous, but they’re notorious for not lasting a long time. But we’re here to break that stereotype. The truth is, curly ponytails can last a long time, sometimes 4 weeks, if you make all of the right moves. The work starts before you install the ponytail. Start with freshly washed, clarified hair. You can even do a hot-oil treatment to boost the strength of your strands. Once you’ve created a strong foundation and installed the ponytail, it’s time to give your hair some TLC. We can’t say it enough. First, sleep with a scarf or bonnet. For ponytails, a silk or satin scarf is best. Next, secure the base so you won’t rough it up as you toss and turn in bed. Finally, add protection by wrapping your ponytail in a bun

If you’re using human hair bundles, you should comb through your curls with a leave-in conditioner once a week. You can also use a diffuser when blow-drying it. The best way to create quick curls is with mousse. Be warned, though, it can make product build-up after a while that might force you to prematurely remove your ponytail. Keep it light. You could also try braiding your ponytail at night if you’ve chosen a crimped curl. One thing this hairstyle doesn’t go well with is water. That makes it a terrible style for a vacation near the beach. Unless you’re willing to swim without getting your hair wet. 

Does A Ponytail Damage Curly Hair? 

You’ve probably seen many people complain about ponytails. Sometimes they create headaches if you pull them too tight during installation. They might overload your scalp with products if you’re obsessed with a super sleep style. Finally, they can be pretty damaging if you wear them too often because the constant positioning will create traction alopecia, which can be permanent in some cases. If you’re a naturally curly-haired person, you might be scared that you can’t achieve a ponytail without compromising your texture or comfort. Don’t be afraid to try these styles out. A ponytail only damages your hair if you let it. It can be a fantastic style if you take care of your scalp and hair before, during, and after. Not only is it low manipulation, but it doesn’t weigh down your individual strands. 

If you want to avoid any damage, tie your hair as loose as possible. Let the products work for you. If you notice your edges are thinning, go for a low ponytail that won’t put as much pressure on them. Select a light curl pattern and limit the bundles you install to about 3-4. Do a half-up, half-down box for the more voluminous looks on this list, so it’s not entirely up to your ponytail to hold the hair load. 

Can I Do A Curly Weave Ponytail On Textured Hair? 

Curly hair can be pretty versatile, but when you see slicked back looks like these, it’s hard to imagine your own texture fitting in with these curly ponytails. Anyone with type 4 hair or beyond might be worried about their texture getting in the way. Also, you might be worried that you’ll have to apply double the product or heat to accomplish these looks, but that’s not the case. So yes, these styles work well with textured hair. You just have to know how to beat the system. Braid and curl combos are the most straightforward options, but who wants to be limited to just that? Here’s how to pull off a slick style. 

Type 4 hair has tighter curls that often result in shrinkage, so you should be cautious about water-based products. Stick to waxy edge controls that won’t cause your hair to revert. You can blow dry your hair before styling, which will stretch it out. You could also stretch it overnight with three-strand braids. The second method works best for anyone who doesn’t want to apply heat on their strands before such a style. When pulling the hair back into a ponytail, do it section by section. That will prevent your base from turning into a massive mountain of hair, especially for people with thick hair. Use a bristle brush, so each strand gets that maximum stretch. Once you’re done, spread some alcohol-free mousse around and use barber wraps to further flatten your hair. You can place a silk scarf on the front section every time you go to bed. Now go out and try a new curly weave ponytail hairstyle!

How Do You Do A Curly Ponytail Style? 

There are several ways to skin a cat or do a curly weave ponytail. The easiest method involves tying your hair into a ponytail, creating a small bun, and then wrapping the base with your hair extension. If you want to increase longevity, then you should cover your natural hair in barber wrap strips to protect it. Afterward, glue the wefts in with hair glue and let the glue completely dry. This method allows you to add more bundles than the traditional wrap method. 

If you want to do a high ponytail, make sure the hair at the back of your head is long enough. You could cheat with bobby pins because the ponytail will cover any shortcomings. For a more detailed tutorial, check out the video below. 

When Should I Take Down My Curly Weave Ponytail?

Like all good things, your curly weave ponytail must eventually end. You may want to make it last as long as possible, but some key signs show it’s time to take a look down. If the base is getting crusty and you can’t scratch it without getting flakes of product or dandruff, it’s time to take your hair down. You don’t want to aggravate your scalp or cause breakage. If you feel your ponytail is too tight, take it down and try again with a looser grip. The headaches and pimples you’ll get from tension aren’t worth it. If you see white dots at the edges of your scalp, it’s still too tight. Even if you have a braid and curl comb, after about 4 weeks, it’s time to take the hair down. 

The great thing about this style is that you can re-do it after just a few days of letting your scalp and edges rest. As a result, it’s not as stressful on your strands as individual braids. So wash and deep treat your hair, add your favorite oils, and wait a few days. Then, get back on the pony. 

Now that you’ve got the information, it’s time to put things into practice. Check out this detailed curly ponytail weave tutorial.