26 Two Feed-In Braids Hairstyles For A Flawless Look

Key Takeaways
  • Two feed-in braids are a stylish and versatile hairstyle.
  • These braids are not only fashionable but also serve as a protective hairstyle, helping to minimize damage to natural hair.
  • There are endless ways to customize two feed-in braids, from braid thickness to length, and the use of accessories or beads for added flair.
  • Once installed, two feed-in braids require minimal daily maintenance, making them a convenient choice for those with busy lifestyles.

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If you are looking for a natural, seamless, convenient way to have fuller-looking hair, then the two feed-in braids hairstyle is the way to go.

With many options to choose from, a two-feed-in braids style is both simple and interesting.

Whether you just love braids or want to add hair extensions for a thicker hair look, a two feed-In braids hairstyle is a seamless, natural-looking, and painless hairstyle. 

Feed-in Braids are cornrows that have extensions that gradually “fed into ” the hair giving you a very natural and trendy look.

Two French Braids Hairstyles

Feed-In Braids Hair Style Guide

  • How To Choose a Style: Consider the size and length of your feed-in braids based on your preference and the look you want to achieve. Smaller braids can create a sleek and intricate appearance, while larger braids offer a bold and eye-catching style.
  • Level Of Maintenance: Moderate to High
  • Feed-in braids can be low-maintenance once they’re installed, but you may need occasional touch-ups.
  • Suitable For: This style works well with both straight and curly hair types.
  • Looks Best With: Versatile! You can customize your look with different colors of braiding hair and adornments like beads or cuffs to match your style.

Braids are trendy nowadays but some can be painful and time-consuming to do. Out of all the different ways you can braid your hair, two feed-in braids are an easy way to start. 

The two feed-in braids style is also a great hairstyle because you can add as many extensions as you desire.

You can choose to add extensions of the same color or slightly lighter shade than your hair for a thick, natural hair look or you can go for strong colors such as purple for bold looks that make you stand out!

What is great about this braids hairstyle is the amount of personality you can add while still being light and pain-free.

How Can I Get Two Feed-in Braids?

Feed-in braids are fairly easy to get. Any person that can do cornrows can do feed-in braids so a lot of salons should be offering these.

The great thing about the two feed-in braids hairstyle is that it does not take a long time to get done.

The duration of the process certainly varies with hair length, extensions chosen, the intricacy of the design of the braids, and so on but the process usually takes only from 1-3 hours, which means you would get braids without staying all day at the salon.

The cost can vary depending on hair length, extensions chosen, and the intricacy of the design of the braids but should go anything in the range of $40 to $100.

The cost can be high for some people which can make them resort to other options.

Can I do Two Feed-in Braids on my own?

It is quite easy to get 2 feed-in braids done by oneself. All you will need for the process is hair gel, a comb ( preferably a rat tail one to make splitting the hair much easier), and some braiding hair extensions if desired.

If you think it can hurt your arms hanging your hand back for more than an hour then maybe you can have a friend come to the rescue.

Both of you can then learn from a quick online tutorial like the one below and then get your braids done for each other.

The process can then be fun, quick, easy, and, most importantly, for free! Check out the 2 tutorials below to know just how easy it is to get the hairstyle

Can anyone get Two Feed-in Braids?

People usually like to add hair extensions while doing feed-in braids, whether it is to add color or volume to the hair.

However, you certainly do not have to use hair extensions; you can just get feed-in braids done with your natural hair.

If you’re worried that you do not have thick enough, you should not continue having this concern as the hairstyle still looks great done on any hair thickness.

If you have a weave, then you should also not worry. The two feed-in braids hairstyle can be easily done on a hair weave.

What post-care advice do I need to keep in mind?

Like any hairstyle, there are a few things to keep in mind before hitting the salon (or having it done on your own).  Any hairstyle with cornrows can generally last for about 2 weeks only.

After that, the braids start getting loose and would not give you the neat appearance usually liked the most about braids.

However, if your hair does not grow at a high rate or if you simply do not mind the braids getting looser from the top of the head, you can keep showing off your braids till you stop liking their appearance. 

Braids can get wet anywhere you want.

You can continue wearing your braids in the shower, in the pool, or the rain but it is strongly recommended that you use the necessary products – such as protection serum-  to protect your hair from damage, frizz, unraveling,  and fungal growth (though a very unlikely concern).

Washing braids can be a pretty tricky task, though. First, you need to use diluted shampoo so that it is easy to rinse out.

Just add some shampoo to a generous amount of water, mix them well in a bottle, then apply to your scalp. Take time to massage your scalp.

Wash your hair thoroughly then squeeze out excess water.

After that, you will need to dry your hair using a microfiber towel to avoid any frizz, and use a blow-dry set to “cool” to completely dry your hair.

Use some light leave-in condition and then some serum to give your hair a healthy shiny look.

So now that you are familiar with everything you need to decide whether to go for the hairstyle or not, it is certainly now time to walk you through 26 different ways to get two feed-in braid to help find the right style for you.      

Before You Get Started 

  • Just like long hair, maintaining moisture is vital for the health of your natural hair when wearing feed-in braids.
  • Keep your scalp in good condition by doing a weekly scalp massage with a nourishing oil. This can help alleviate any itchiness and maintain the health of your natural hair underneath the braids.
  • While wearing feed-in braids, wash your hair every 2-4 weeks, depending on your hair type and activity level. 
  • Use a styling product, such as edge control or gel, to keep your edges and nape area sleek and well-groomed.
  • Keep an eye out for any loose or frayed braids and secure them to prevent potential damage to your natural hair.

26 Two Feed-in Braids Styles

1. The Original Two-Feed-in Braids Look

The Original Two-Feed-in Braids Look

Image by @ whitneycanbraid via Instagram

We have all heard the saying “less is more.” It can be true even with two feed-in braid. You can never go wrong with this look.

When with no colors or accessories, the hairstyle can give a very neat and chic look. 

2. Simple Two-Feed-In Braids with Side Bangs

 Side Bangs

Image by @chattdidthat via Instagram

This is a stylish and straightforward hairstyle that combines the classic elegance of two feed-in braid with the playful charm of side-swept bangs.

In this look, two neat and seamless braids are skillfully created using the feed-in technique, gradually incorporating hair extensions for added length and volume.

The beauty of this style lies in its simplicity, making it a versatile choice for various occasions. 

Adding bangs to the two-feed-in braids can help give the illusion of a small face.

This can be particularly useful for people who are not comfortable with hairstyles showing their entire forehead or that make their face look sharper.


 3. Side Part two feed in braids

Side Part two feed in braids

   Image by @hairrbyniyaa via Instagram

Siding hair part ways might seem like a very simple difference but adds a very fresh feel to the Feed-in braids.

However, you can still choose to go for the neat, simple look without any additions or simple features.

 4. Side Part Two-Feed-in Braids But With Extra Thick, Long Hair

Side Part Two-Feed-in Braids

Image by @cibulkvbraids via Instagram

In addition to splitting the hair part ways, adding long extensions to the hairstyle can make it feel more distinct than the original look.

5. Curly Ends Two Feed-in Braids

Curly Ends Two Feed-in Braids

Image by @hairstylesbyrosebud via Instagram

Going for the open-end style results in a simpler look but will end up in braids that loosen up easier. It also eliminates the option of using hair accessories such as braid rings, cuffs, and spirals.


6. Wavy Hair With Two Feed-in Braids

 Wavy Hair

Image by @styl.ezbyash via Instagram

It is also amazing how the same hairstyle can look different on different people due to hair type and facial structure.

If we can learn one thing from this it is to not completely dismiss going for a hairstyle that we did not like on anyone else.

7. Curly at the Very End Two Feed-in Braids

Curly at the Very End Two Feed-in Braids

Image by @crownedbykmonay via Instagram

If you like simple styles or want to go for the style on your own there are also many simple styles to choose from.

From the basic two feed-in braid to splitting hair sideways and having loose bangs or ends. In this look, a little tweak went a long way.

8. Bestie Together Two Feed-in Braids

Bestie Together

Image by @taebubblezstylez via Instagram

Do not forget that any braids hairstyle is completely child-friendly!

If you know a child that would love to change their hairstyle, encourage them to go for two-feed-in braid: they are pain-free, simple, and can be personalized a great deal.


9. Kid with Two Feed-In Braids with Hair Accessories

 Kid with Two Feed-In Braids

Image by @hg.braids via Instagram

Kids can rock braids!  With some extra accessories, Two Feed-in braid can make a kid look extra with no pain and little effort.

10.  Freestyle with Accessories Two Feed-in Braids

Freestyle with Accessories

Image by @belle_lionne_beaute via Instagram

2 feed-in braids can generally go with a little extra personalization. An awesome accessory that helps bring the hairstyle to a more sophisticated look is a braid cuff.

Braid cuffs are a metal adornment that can wrap around the braid. They can also come with hair charms. They often come in gold but do come in colors like silver and rose gold. 

Keep in Mind

  • Tension Matters: Ensure that the braids are not too tight to prevent discomfort, hair breakage, and scalp issues. 
  • Scalp Care: Regularly moisturize your scalp to prevent dryness and itchiness. A weekly scalp massage with a nourishing oil can help maintain a healthy scalp.
  • Gentle Cleansing: When washing your hair with feed-in braids, be gentle and focus on the scalp. 
  • Protective Styling: Remember that feed-in braids are a protective style. They should not put excessive stress on your natural hair. 
  • Regular Maintenance: Keep an eye on the condition of your braids, tightening any loose ones to prevent potential damage to your natural hair.

11. Colorful Strip Braids

 Colorful Strip Braids

Image by @4hair_forme via Instagram

Braids can also be accessorized with strings or spirals of all colors that can be wrapped around the braid.

Strings are sold based on the length needed, while spirals are sold per piece. Other accessories include rings.

The rings can come in different shapes and sizes and almost any color, though mostly gold and silver.


12. Large Two Feed-in Braids with Thin Extensions 

Large Two Feed

Image by @raedidit_ via Instagram

Hair extensions give you a variety of options to play with when it comes to braiding. Colored extensions can be strong or light-colored, single or several colors, thick or thin.

13. Purple Two Feed-in Braids


Image by @braids_by_bibi_chi via Instagram

Hair extensions can also be added only at the end of the braids if you need some color without a very bold look. 

14.  Short Purple Two Feed-in Braids

 Short Purple Two Feed-in Braids

Image by @sheebbraids via Instagram

Thicker hair extensions help bring the color to life. However, having a strong pop of color brings a bold look as opposed to a simple, neat one.

15. Red Two Feed-in Braid with Braid Cuffs

Red Two Feed-in Braids

Image by @rayyahdiddat__ via Instagram

Having strong-colored extensions does not mean you cannot go the extra mile. In this look, the braid cuffs helped give the braids a chic look along with the strong red extensions.

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16. Flower Pin-Up Two Feed-in Braids

Flower Pin-Up

Image by @bodiedbymarss via Instagram

Colors come from a wide range of the light spectrum and so do hair extensions. Any color you can think of can sure make the hairstyle look great, even blue.

17.  Lavender Braids Two Feed-in Braids

Lavender Braids

Image by @whitneycanbraid via Instagram

Wanna go for more than one color or simply not able to settle on just one? No worries at all! You can still go for all the colors you want when braiding.

18. Fish Bone Two Feed-in Braids

Fish Bone

Image by @n.a.s_beauty via Instagram

If you are one of those who do not mind staying long at the salon can go for an intricate design of your choice!.

2 feed-in braids can come in many intricate designs: more cornrows, extensions, heart-shaped braids, etc.

This hairstyle incorporates several elements such as parting sideways and Fishbone braiding.

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19. Hat Two Feed-in Braids

 Hat Two Feed-in Braids

Image by @uniquely_crowned via Instagram

There are many options to choose from such as several braids on top, buns, and stitch braids. You can even choose to pin your braids for an interesting yet, simple look.

Pro Tip

To make your two feed-in braid even more stylish and unique, consider adding colored extensions or experimenting with intricate braid patterns. This can give your hairstyle a personalized and eye-catching touch, elevating your overall look.

20. Productives Two Feed-in Braids

Productives Two Feed-in Braids

Image by @braids_by_nelly via Instagram

Being able to incorporate  2 or more elements is the best thing about Two Feed-in Braid. In this hairstyle, a productives braiding style is used alongside the 2 feed-in braids. 

21. Productives Two Feed-in Braids with Thick Hair Extensions

Thick Hair Extensions

Image by @ everylittlestrand via Instagram

Thicker braids with the productives style gave the look a more formal feel. That is particularly true due to the lack of extra color and braid accessories.


22. Two Braids With Bun Two Feed-in Braid

 Two Braids With Bun

Image by @jiunhairdo via Instagram

The best thing about braiding is that when you are willing to put in extra effort, your head can become full of pieces of art.

In this hairstyle, the 2 intercrossing braids in the center give the feed-in braids a very complimentary look showing a very chic aesthetic.

23. Stitch Braids Two Feed-in Braids

Stitch Braids

Image by @beautiful_intentions_salon_llc via Instagram

Braids can be complementary to feed-in braids.

While it can look complicated to have extra braids with feed-in, the look does not necessarily look extravagant, and while the hairstyle looked already elegant, adding braid cuffs acted as a great adornment to the braids.

24. Sewin Braids Two Feed-in Braids

Sewin Braids

Image by @_beautee.for.ashes via Instagram

Sewin Braids can also take a while to get, but they are certainly worth it. In an all-black shiny hair, a few extra braids can give the “extra” look without a need for accessories.

25. Bun With Braids Two Feed-in Braids

 Bun With Braids Two

Image by @the.hairhuncho_ via Instagram

When it comes to cuteness, no hairstyle can beat a bun. But what can move hair buns up a notch? The answer is braiding.

Not just any braids, but 2 feed-in braids into buns will give a cute yet sophisticated look.

26. Kids Neat & Sleek Two feed-in braids

Kids Neat & Sleek

Image by @fashionthebraider via Instagram

This “Kids Neat and Sleek Two Feed-In Braid” style is a stylish and convenient option for children.

In this hairstyle, two braids are skillfully created by gradually incorporating extensions, starting from the hairline and feeding in additional hair as the braids progress.

This technique offers a natural and seamless look while ensuring a secure and comfortable hold.

The braids are tightly woven close to the scalp, giving a neat and clean appearance. This hairstyle is stylish and functional, keeping hair protected and manageable for active kids.

Whether for school, play, or special occasions, the “Kids Neat and Sleek Two Feed-In Braid” blend elegance and convenience, making it an excellent choice for children’s hairstyling.


Two feed-in braid are a great, fresh-feeling look.

Whether you’re going on vacation and want to spend less time on your hair, want to have a hairstyle with so many options, or simply want to get simple and quick braids, the Two feed-in braid hairstyle is the way to go! 

The style can range from neat and simple to creative, funky, and full of pop. It suits all ages and requires very little maintenance, definitely a great way to go for those who want a new hairstyle.

Fun Fact

Two feed-in braids, also known as “boxer braids” or “cornrow braids,” are a versatile and trendy hairstyle that has roots in African culture. They’ve gained popularity in recent years and are celebrated for their cultural significance and fashionable appeal.

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