70 Impressionable Twist Braid Ideas  To  Style Your Hair in 2024

Twist braids are an amazing alternative to regular braids.  They are interesting, artistic looking, and so easy to create for those who have mastered the art.  The technique involves using 2 sections of hair twisted instead of the 3 sections of hair intertwined to create a braid.  

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The twisted braid creates this distinctive look that is also feminine. It is also a protective style that blends perfectly with your hair’s natural texture.  You can opt for twist braids of different lengths and sizes. You can wear them free-falling or in an up-do fashion. They are easy braids to do which is why they are very popular among fashion-loving women who would love a hairdo that makes a statement. Another great thing is that they can be installed as a weave through the crochet method or blended with the natural hair and twisted into magnificent twisted braids. 

The twisted braids are versatile and have numerous styles and options to help you rock a unique look. Here are some unique and inspiring twisted braid styles to help you explore the amazing world of this type of protective styling.  

1. Waist Length Jumbo Twist Braids

This is a lovely style of long twisted braids that are golden-colored and reach the waist. They are thick braids that can be styled in various ways. In this case, they are combined in their section to form this large braid on the front, hanging to the side and held in place by a hair band. This is a lovely style for a casual and artistic look, and both men and women can wear it.

Credit: Danielson.Luz


2. Senegalese Twist Braids

These are thick  Senegalese twist braids that are very simple to create. They fall free on all sides and can be styled in various ways depending on your occasion.  They blend perfectly with the natural hair and when created result in this amazing natural look. Perfect if you want the simplest twist braids that are also easy to unravel.  

Credit: Vogue_Lagalere

3. Personality Twist Braids

If you love some flair on your twist braids, then these lovely personality twist braids are the way to go. Bits of medium-sized hair are combined with the extensions to create these neat-looking twist braids free-falling to the side. A strand of white highlight is added to break the golden monotony of the golden twists and give you this lovely feminine look. Perfect if you want a simple style that is also easy to manage.  

Credit: Leehelenas

4. Greenish Jumbo Twist Braids and Orange Twist Braids

For those who love to stand out, these Greenish Jumbo Twist braids or Orange twist braids will give you the recognition you seek and make the intended statement. They are thick green-colored braids that fall freely on either side with a lovely parting at the front. The Orange Twist braids can be parted in any place you wish to create a unique style.  They go past the shoulders to create this distinct look.  This style is perfect for most casual occasions and ideal for wearing to a costume party or an artistic fashion event where you want to make an impression. 

Credit: Studiodias_   Credit: Lay_Cabelos_

5. White Jumbo Twist Braids and Long Jumbo Twist Braids

This lovely cascade of White Jumbo Twist braids is what you would call amazing white. The braids are medium-sized and are long,  going past the shoulders in a beautiful simple whiteness. They are perfect for standing out and if you want to break away from the common black jumbo twist braids, going white might be a cool choice.  Still, the black long jumbo twist braids can look awesome if you want to stick to the common styling of the black-colored twist braids. You can hold or let them fall free, and you can wear them to formal and casual occasions, depending on how you style them. 

Credit: Crespacomamoor Credit: Thaissamelot


6. Mambo Twist Braids

These beautiful maroon-colored braids are silky, hot-looking, and long, all the way past the shoulders. They begin as three-strand braids, then continue as two-strand twists ending in the same. They are adorned in gold cuffs to give them some flair and can be styled in any way you wish.  A lovely texture that gives you that cool and soft feminine look. 

Credit: Crys4inc

7. Incrivel Twist Braids

These beautiful Incrivel Twist braids are a mix of white and gray, making this lovely waterfall-like cascade. They are amazingly twisted with a side-parting to give this playful but stylish look.  You can style them in whatever way you wish. 

Credit: Biiamtd

8. Kinky Twist Braids

These are lovely Kinky Twist Braids that are short and begin as small cornrows on the side of the head, then continue as twist braids to create this lovely bob-style of braids. The kinky twists blend with natural hair to form this natural look that rocks. Perfect, if you want something you can wear for casual and professional looks.  

Credit: Naturalhair_Tanzania

9. Blue Twist Braids

These Blue Twist Braids are so beautiful and unique. They are long and way past the shoulders with a front parting.  They blend with the black color of the hair to create this lovely pattern of blue and black in every strand of the braid. Great for the young and the young at heart. 

Credit: _Lullylu

10. Thread Twist Braids

These are lovely Thread Twist Braids that are medium-sized and golden-colored. They are easy to create and can be parted on any side you wish.  They are great mood-enhancers if you want a bright-looking twist hair-do. You can let them free-fall for a casual look or hold them up for a formal look. 

Credit: Eumayarahbatista


11. Dark Black Beat Twist Braids and Braid Beat Twist Braids

If you love dark and sexy twist braids that will serve you for long, then these are the ideal option. They are black and blend perfectly with natural hair. The technique begins as three-strand braids, then shortly continues as two-strand twist braids, which proceed to the end.  They are adorned in golden cuffs as lovely accessories to accentuate the black beauty all around. 

Credit: Marypaiva__ Credit: Gii_Afros

12. Twist Manual Twist Braids

These are lovely Manual Twist Braids that begin with a knot but continue in a lovely consistency of black. They can be worn in a free-fall style or held up in a bun. So beautiful and feminine, they are a great choice if you love black uniform hairdos. 

Credit: Manaluciamachado

13. Braided Jumbo Twist Braids

These Braided Jumbo Twist braids are lovely, golden-colored, parted at the front, and adorned with a gold cuff for uniqueness. They are a protective hairstyle that will keep you looking lovely for weeks. Long and past the shoulders, this hairdo can be styled in various ways.  

Credit: J.Jsilvabraids

14. Blue Twist Braids

The lovely blue color of these twist braids makes them so unique. They begin as three-strand braids which extend for a while, then proceed as two-strand twists. These braids can serve you longer than four weeks. They are adorned with silver cuffs and are perfect for casual looks. 

Credit: Studio_Braids9

15. Brown Box Twist Braids

These beautiful Brown Box Twist braids are so natural-looking because they blend perfectly with natural hair. It is a simple and comfortable style, with the box-partitioning of hair as common with box braids. They are easy to install and easy to unravel, making them convenient for anyone who wants a quick and stylish hairdo.

Credit: Yazzys.Dollz


16. Unique Beat Twist Braids

There is nothing like these Unique Beat Twist braids to create this black and sexy, feminine-looking twist hairstyle.  The style begins with natural hair and joins the black extensions to create these natural-looking braids that can be styled in various ways. 

Credit: _Mahfro

17. New Look Twist Braids

These twist braids are a mix of attractive colors such as red, brown, honey, green, maroon and golden. They are free-falling and have a star partitioning at the front, giving this style a beautiful flair. It is an expressive hairstyle perfect for those who love experimenting with different colored braids. 

Credit: Copana_Studio

18. Luxury Bun Twist Braids

This is a natural-looking hairstyle. The twist braids blend with natural hair to form this beautiful style held up in a beautiful bun. They also begin as three-strand braids, then continue as two-strand twists to give this style longevity. 

Credit: Blueishbless

19. Attractive Twist Braids

When blue is the color that you swear by, then these Attractive Twist braids that are a striking blue color will be perfect. They are thick and can be styled in any way.  You can complement the blue color of your twists with matching lipstick and eyeliner for that beautiful blue-themed look. 

Credit: Pweetiewura

20. Long Twist Braids

These are long amazing-looking twist braids with a parting at the front. They are long, free-falling, and can be styled in any way. They begin with natural hair, which beautifully blends with the hair extensions for a natural look.  

Credit: Divascharmsrj


21. Side Classy Twist Braids

These easy Side Classy twist braids are natural-looking because they look hair-like. This earth hair color blends perfectly with the natural hair to form this spectacular look.  A hairstyle that accentuates a natural look if that was your intention.     

Credit: Badgaialla

22. Bun Twist Braids

These braids have this goddess look and are so expressive. They are dark, thick, long, and held up in a bun like a crown. For that queenly look, these black twist braids styled at the top are the way to go.

Credit: Neglarii

23. Finishing Twist Braids

 This is a beautiful twist hairstyle, with immaculate-looking black twist braids that are long and past the shoulders. They are soft and begin with natural hair, which beautifully blends with the hair extensions to create this lovely feminine and natural look. 

Credit: Tranca_Da_Yanca

24. Tie Side Twist Braids

These lovely maroon-colored twist braids with front parting and free-falling are the perfect example of beautifully done twist braids.  You can style them for both formal and casual looks. 

Credit: Joicerocha_Trancas

25. Browny Bun Twist Braids

This is a lovely style with lovely ponytail twist braids. The style begins with large cornrows going up to join the ponytail twists creating this lovely combination of cornrows and twist braids. A lovely protective hairstyle that will serve you for weeks and have you looking fabulous throughout.  

Credit: Grazitrancas


26. Classic Twist Braids 

These Classic Twist Braids are so sexy and well-done.  The technique begins as three-strand braids then continues in three-strand braids, ending with dramatic, spectacular curls. They are long and past the shoulders, and the curly ends make them feminine and divine-looking. 

Credit: Braids.Dataii

27. Center Box Twist Braids

These lovely Center Box Twist braids are free-falling and created with the box partitioning technique. They are dark and begin with natural hair, which creates the perfect natural look. They are long and can be styled in any way you wish. 

Credit: Marliecouple

28. Dreads Retwist Twist Braids

These twist braids are so beautifully done and with a tinge of blue. They are medium-sized, free-falling, and adorned with blue and white beads to give them uniqueness.  They can be held in a bun or styled in other ways. Different colors of braids can work too. 

Credit: Copana_Studio

29. Baby Pink Twist Braids

These Baby Pink Twist braids are spectacular.  If you want that girlie look with this baby pink as the dominant color, you can begin with these sweet pink twists. So beautifully twisted and with a gel finish on the hairline for that complete baby delicate look.

Credit: D0llcat

30. Thick Back Twist Braids

This box braid twist type is black with curly ends and curly free-hanging natural strands. The twist braids blend beautifully with the natural hair for this natural look. The braids are shoulder length and can be held in a beautiful pony style—a perfect hairstyle for various occasions. 

Credit: You_Beautybrand


31. Twisted Of Color Twist Braids

This shock of small golden braids is nothing short of elegant. They are small-sized braids that go all the way past the waist. You can let them remain free-falling or style them in a ponytail or in any other style that will best represent the look you want. 

Credit: Braids_By_Ama_

32. Cascading With Highlight Twist Braids

These lovely thick twist braids with golden highlights are ideal if you want a style that best brings out your feminine look. The cascading thick braids can be styled or let free because they are soft and easy to style. Lovely for a casual holiday look.

Credit: Fios.2021

33. Messy Twist Braids

Messy but sweet and elegant dirty golden twist braids with lighter ends. These braids blend well with natural hair and result in this awesome messy gorgeous look. Adorned with silver cuffs, the Messy Twist braids make a gorgeous feminine look. 

Credit: Mestica_Hair

34. Passion Spring Twist Braids

You will love the Passion Spring Twist braids if you love voluminous hairstyles. They are twist braids with springy ends, adding volume to the look. You can hold them in a ponytail or style them in various ways because of their soft and voluminous nature. A perfect and gorgeous hairstyle suitable for all occasions. 

Credit: T.Nicole_Braids

35. Protective Style Twist Braids

Short, simple, and easy twist braids work well with natural hair. They are easy to install with zero pressure on the scalp. It is a protective hairstyle that will serve you for a few weeks, can help you pull off various looks, and is easy to maintain because your scalp is easily accessible. 

Credit: Tumelomodisane_


36. Multi Twist Braids

The Multi Twist braids are a mix of intricate cornrows criss crossing on the front and cascading down in thick twist braids. They are a mix of black and maroon-colored braids with golden adornments coiling around some braids. 

Credit: Studio_Kaah_Trancas

37. Brown Thread Twist Braids

These braids are a gorgeous brown color held up in a flowing ponytail with two braids hanging on each side of the front. Brown is a perfect braid color and will compliment different colors of outfits. It is an attractive choice if you want something elegant and expressive. 

Credit: Vees_Hairlair

38. Criss Cross Twist Braids

The Criss-Cross twist braids begin dramatically at the front with criss-cross lines, which end with a fall of beautiful medium-sized twist braids that go past the shoulders. A lovely hairstyle if you love a dramatic flair of gorgeousness. It is perfect for a party or casual look but can still be styled to appear formal. 

Credit: Tamika_Braidbarbie

39. Large, Long Twist Braids

They are large and distinct braids that will stand out. They are thick-looking but very light and soft, which means there will be no tightness on your scalp. They are currently styled in a pony hold but can also be let free or styled differently. You can experiment with different colors other than black to suit your fashion needs. 

Credit: Vees_Hairlair

40. Jumbo Passion Bob Twist Braids

These lovely-looking braids are not only easy to install but easy to maintain. They are well spaced in box partitions and look so natural. They begin as three-strand braids and end in twists with curly ends. They will serve you for a few weeks.  

Credit: Evveybraids


41. Twist With Pink Twist Braids

A hot pink hairstyle is ideal if you love the hot girly look. The twist braids are long and held back for that elegant look. The pink gives a beautiful color contrast to the natural dark hair color. They can be styled in any way and are perfect for a relaxed holiday or casual look. 

Credit: A2afro Credit: Braids.Dataii

42. Browny Gold Twist Braids

Browny Gold Twist braids are lovely voluminous shoulder-length twist braids that hang free with a side parting. They are easy to maintain and can be easily styled, not to mention that they can serve you for a couple of weeks. 

Credit: 19queen85

43. Medium Hair Twist Braids

This beautiful Medium Hair Twist style comprises beautiful dark braids with a tinge of gold. To protect the hair from breakage, the technique begins with three strands and continues with the two-strand twists in a lovely cascade of braids.  The style has a front parting as a style, but the style options are still many. 

Credit: Mosemelitsoanelo

44. Modelo Twist Braids

The Modelo Twist braids are light with a side-parting and long past the shoulders. They can be styled and worn for both casual and formal occasions. They are very easy to install and unravel, making them so convenient for anyone who wants a quick but splendid-looking hairstyle to boost their overall look. 

Credit: Juliana_Cruzjc

45. Trancasbox Twist Braids

Trancasbox Twist  Braids make a distinct looking distinct-looking hairstyle with a stylish front-parting. Two white braid highlights also add brightness to a dark style. Very stylish and impressionable, perfect for a night or weekend out dressed in casual outfits. If you are an artist, you will love this. 

Credit: Babylonafrohair


46. Golden Beat Twist Braids 

These beautiful Golden Beat Twist  Braids are soft, long, and light with curly golden highlights complete with golden cuff adornments. A lovely casual hairstyle, friendly to the scalp and will look spectacular in weeks to come.          

Credit: Anelym_Studioafro

47. Small Twist Braids

Small Twist Braids are created with all-natural hair and a front-parting. A simple hairstyle for short-haired men and perfect if you want to keep it stylish. It is easy to maintain and unravel when you need to, but it will serve you for at least 3 weeks since it lacks other hair extensions. 

Credit: Beautebyblossom

48. Passion Medium Twist Braids

They are medium twist braids with springy curls. Beautifully well-spaced to make it easy to access the scalp for maintenance. It is a hairstyle that will have you looking fabulous for weeks.  

Credit: Diivabeautyy

49. Men Multi Boxtwist Braids

This is an amazing hairstyle with twists made from natural hair. The braids are made by twisting two sections of box-partitioned hair to create this gorgeous twist—a cool hairstyle for men who want to keep it simple but stylish. 

Credit: Paradiseglamsyou

50. Dreadlocks Twist Braids

If bob hairstyles are your thing, you will love this one. They are short blue string braids that look adorable. These braids are perfect for making a statement because they are quite expressive.  They are short and will not be in your way. You can hold part of them backward as a style or let them fall free—a perfect style for winter months.  

Credit: Miihmaaria


51. Upper Bun Twist Braids

An amazing style of well-fixed twisted braids. The front area of the hairstyle is held up in a bun. The rest of it hangs stylishly free. You can style these braids in other ways and easily maintain them for a couple of weeks. 

Credit: Brushbox_Ke

52. Extra Long Twist Braids

These Extra Long Twist braids are stylish and easy to install, style, and incorporate into your outfit. It is a lovely maroon color adorned with golden cuffs and reaching the waist. A lovely parting at the front makes it easy to style according to your preferences. 

Credit: Sthefany.C.S

53. Golden Blonde Twist Braids

These are beautiful voluminous medium-sized blonde braids that are waist length.  They have a stylish parting on the front and are easy to style and maintain. Installing them makes them convenient for those who love easy and simple twist braids. 

Credit: Valeska.Braids

54. White With Black Twist Braids

These are lovely twist braids that are a mix of white and black, forming this gorgeous grey. The twist braids are well-installed, with three-strands beginning to ensure their longevity. A front parting makes them free-fall beautifully, making styling easy. 

Credit: Patygigica

55. Transcastyle Twist Braids and Mélange Graduated Twist Braids

They are beautiful twist braids that are brown with a tinge of gold and adorned in blue beads for a distinct look. They have side parting and some gel applied to protect the hairline and also create a nice finishing touch. 

Credit: Gaby_Trancas001 Credit: Faby_Fashion_Hairr


56. Upper Bun Twist Braids

They are lovely twist braids beautifully done and held up in a lovely twisted bun. Some leveling of the hairline has also been done using gel for a nice finish and accentuating facial features. This is a lovely style to showcase statement earrings and if you prefer hair off your face. 

Credit: Belbraidsandhair

57. Shoulder Length Twist Braids

These are lovely black string braids that look so divine. They are shoulder length, easy to install, and very protective of the natural hair. You can hold them back in style, adorn them in cuffs, or experiment with different colors.    

Credit: Miihmaaria

58. Twisted With White Beat Color Twist Braids

These are lovely medium-sized braids that are black with brown ends. With a side parting and voluminous nature, the braids are easy to style in various ways. Adorned with silver cuffs, this style can rock your look any day. 

Credit: Jullieneanjos

59. Peach Twisty Twist Braids

These are lovely colored braids that will rock for a party, vacation, or casual event. It is a mix of three-strand and twisted braids creating this interesting pattern. It is a style that is easy to maintain and will last longer, although it takes more time to install. 

Credit: Maggo_Atelie

60. Black Hair Designed Twist Braids

These black braids with a distinct parting at the front center go past the shoulders. One braid is adorned with a golden strand to give it some flair. Great style for all occasions.  

Credit: Patygigica


61. White Twist Braids

These white braids are distinct, few, and comfortable to wear. They blend perfectly with natural hair forming this black and white pattern at the beginning.  They can be styled and easily maintained.  

Credit: Dadaisant

62. Curly Twist Braids

These beautiful curly twists are impressionable. They are small-sized and long with curly ends. These curly twist braids work best for a casual look and can be experimented with in different colors. 

Credit: Shekinahtaderera

63. Bun Twist Braids

These simple bun twist braids are lovely and complimentary. They are small-sized, black, and held up in a bun. It is a great choice if you want something simple and formal. 

Credit: _Hair_Restoration

64. Black With Pink Classy Twist Braids

These are a beautiful pink and black mix of twisted braids, which are also large-sized and exotic-looking. They can be styled, maintained, and worn in casual settings.  

Credit: Loviannahhair

65. Small Beautiful Crochet Twist Braids

These beautiful crochet twist braids are shoulder-length and formal, with curls at the end. The styling options for this one might be limited, but it is a protective style that could last for weeks. 

Credit: Authentic_Braidz4her


66. Twist Desmontables Color Twist Braids

These beautiful purple twist braids are long and elegant. They are adorned with silver cuffs. They have a side parting shaped like a star which looks so artistic. These braids fall free but can be styled to one’s desire. 

Credit: Trenzastyle_Alicia

67. Pony Twist Braids

They are impressionable twisted braids with various shades of color. They are simple, a little voluminous, and weightless. They are perfect for both casual and formal occasions. Apart from the ponytail style in this hairstyle, these braids are styled in other ways.  

Credit: Crownsandedges

68. Red Unique Twist Braids

These twist braids are long, well-spaced, and red-colored. They are long enough to style, easy to install, and easy to maintain. Partitioned in boxes, these braids create this lovely pattern. You can’t go wrong with these and any elegant outfit. 

Credit: Kethellyn_Oliveer

69. Center Box Twist Braids

These are outstanding twist braids with a distinct center box design that make this style unique. A dark brown color, these braids can be used to pull off various spectacular looks. 

Credit: Debbybeautysalon_

70. Expressive Pink Knot Twist Braids

These expressive pink twist braids are long and knotted with golden cuffs and golden strands for uniqueness. The braids on the front area have been held high in a pony bun while the rest of the braids hang free. A great style to wear if you want a little adventure in your look. 

Credit: Thamyresamorim__



What do twist braids ideas mean?

Twist braids ideas are the different hairstyles of twisted braids that are done to complement an overall look. The technique involves beginning with natural hair, which is twisted then the braid extensions are added to create this outstanding twisted rope braid.  The natural hair is first parted and twisted in the preferred spacing. One section is unwinded, and the extension is then twisted into the natural hair, a process that continues as the twists are braided into this spiral rope braid down to the ends and then secured. For the best effect, textured strands are used, and with the wide variety in the market, the hairstyles are unique to suit everyone’s taste. 

How long do twisted braids last? 

Twisted braids are versatile and low-maintenance, especially in the summer when they are so convenient. This means they can last up to 10 weeks, but if you want this protective style to look gorgeous throughout, wear them for up to six weeks to prevent your hair from breakage and lacking much-needed moisture. This is a protective style, after all. 

What is the difference between box braids and twist braids? 

The major difference between these two is the technique used to create them. The box braids are created by the intertwining process of three hir strands, while the twists are installed by intertwining only two strands around each other. The twists are lighter and easier on the scalp compared to braids. However, they need more maintenance because their unraveling process is quicker.  

Another good thing about the twisted braids is that they look more graceful than the box braids, thanks to their roots blending in perfectly with the twists when growing out.  They might be fluffier than box braids but still serve the same purpose of a protective and fabulous hairstyle.  


Twist braids remain very popular because of their unique look, how easy they are to install, and how easy they are to unravel. They give many options for styling, which many find convenient. Also, with many braids colors, it becomes easy for everyone to choose what suits their fashion style. With the above twist braid ideas, you will find inspiration to try out your own unique style.