49 Chic Micro Braids To Unveiling Timeless Elegance in 2024

Key Takeaways

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  • Micro braids are a versatile and stylish hairstyle created by carefully braiding small sections of hair close to the scalp.
  • Chic Micro Braids offer a sleek and polished look, making them suitable for various occasions, from casual to formal events.
  • Micro braids can be styled in various ways, such as updos, ponytails, or left down, for a flowing and elegant look.
  • Proper maintenance and care are essential to keep micro braids looking their best, such as regular washing, moisturizing, and avoiding excessive tension on the scalp.

There’s a slew of braids styles out there for women to try these days, but a timeless braids style that doubles as a long-term protective style and a head-turning look are micro braids.

These cute mini braids have been around since the 90s and continue to be rocked by celebrities like Brandy and Zoe Kravitz on red carpets and irresistible Instagram posts.

With various shades, textures, and patterns, the styling possibilities for micro braids are endless. That means there’s a cute style to suit everyone, no matter your style preference.

This style might seem intimidating because of the time commitment required to get them installed, but in the long run, they offer the most longevity and versatility of all the different braid styles out there.

Once installed, you don’t have to worry about getting your hair done for over a month, saving you the time and money you would otherwise spend getting your hair done every few weeks.

The tiny sizes also allow them to be styled in many different ways to change up your look whenever you feel like it. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal if you ask us!  

Before You Get Started 

  • Hair breakage could result during micro braiding. It is inappropriate for hair that has been relaxed, chemically processed, dry, or brittle.
  • Hair maintenance is minimal with micro braiding. However, the braiding and removal procedures might take anywhere from 3 to 11 hours to complete.

Due to their limited manipulation capabilities, micro braids are a fashionable hair protection method. But it’s imperative to get the hair evaluated by a specialist.

To satisfy all your micro braids cravings and curiosity, we’ve put together some of the best micro braids styles that’ll have you drooling with hair envy. Honestly, some of these had us rushing to give our stylist a call.

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1. Textured Ends Micro Braids

Credit: zoastyles

Mimic the kinky texture of your natural hair with these textured micro braids. They feature braids made with kinky braiding hair that give the style a tightly coiled texture at the ends.

With this style, your micro braids will look like you made them with only your natural hair.

2. Crochet Knotless Micro Braids

Credit: microbraids9

Want the minimize the time you need to spend in the braiding chair? Then, opt for crochet micro braids.

With this technique, pre-braided micro braids are simply woven into the hair using a crotchet, thereby saving you time.

3. Brown Wavy Short Micro Braids

Credit: albertine_couturehairsalon

Micro braids are all about giving your braids a wispy hair-like appearance and these wavy micro braids are a great way to pull them off.

The microbraids are only made a quarter of the length of the hair, then the rest of the braiding hair is curled in a wavy manner that creates a stunning volume.

4. Red Mix Micro Braids

Credit: massafricanhair

A great way to add a pop of color to our micro braids is to sprinkle in a few strands of copper-red braids.

It creates a lovely mix of colors that brightens the hairdo without being too loud.

5. Caramel Gold Micro Braids

Credit: braidsbybako

Looking for a way to rock a rich shade of gold in your hair?

You should definitely try these caramel gold micro braids. They feature a mix of different shades of gold that blend well together and give a hair an elegant hue.

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6. Curly Ponytail Micro Braids

Credit: elizas_vineyardbeauty

A ponytail and curly hair combo is always the way to go if you need a hairstyle with some flair while giving the face a nice lift.

These micro braids variations are made with the braids only half the way, and the curly ponytail is placed just at the crown.

Quick Styling Guide for Micro Braids:

  • How To Choose A Style: Select micro braid styles that suit your face shape and personal taste. Popular options include straight, wavy, or curly micro braids, and you can add hair accessories or beads for a personalized touch.
  • Level Of Maintenance: Low to Moderate 
  • Suitable For: All hair types and textures. Micro braids work well for a variety of hair types, whether straight, wavy, or curly, and can be adapted to various lengths.
  • Looks Best With Micro braids offer versatile styling options, and the choice of makeup and accessories can complement your style.

7. Classic Straight Black Micro Braids

Credit: nyldashair

These classic straight micro braids are an eye-catching way to rock braids with smoothness.

The braids are tiny enough to look like strands of hair and will have people doing a double-take to check if they’re actual hair strands or not.

8. Wavy Micro Braids Braids

Credit: hairdesignsbytaye

Want a cute style you can rock without much extra styling? These wavy micro braids are the perfect style for you.

The wavy pattern at the ends of the braids gives them a fun vibe that would be great to wear in the summer.

9. Long Multi-Colored Micro Braids

Credit: hairteria

Give your braids a smooth flow and brightness by incorporating different colors into each strand of micro braids.

This style does not require a complete color mix but just the addition of a few strands of colored braiding hair to give the braids a hint of color.

10.  Bob Length Micro Braids

Credit: hair_boulevard_beauty_salon

A bob cut is always a nice and structured way to rock short hair, and these micro braids are long enough to graze just above the collar bone.

It is a gorgeous style made better with the wine color of the complete look.

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11. Brown Curled Micro Braids

Credit: ceeeee_hair

These brown curled micro braids will be perfect if you’re a fan of thick curly hair with definition.

The long flowy curls perfectly contrast the tiny braids that start from the base and flow into defined curls from the midway point.

Also, These braid types are suitable for offices, work, and other occasions. You’ll enjoy wearing these attractive small braids with curls. 

12. Curled Micro Braids

Credit: byvitoriabraids

 If you’d like to give your braids a natural curl pattern, curl the entire length of your micro braids to give them a beautiful flowy structure that pairs nicely with the natural hair-like size of the braids.

This is a great style to wear whenever on those casual days while looking fashionable.

13. Mini Buns Micro Braids

Credit: queenpetitelocs

If you’re looking for a micro braids style that would be great for kids, these mini buns versions are the perfect style to try.

The braids are sectioned into medium-sized squares and knotted to form cute buns that look cute and fun.

If you don’t want to use hair extensions, this style can also be made with only natural hair. These braid types are suitable for offices, work, and other occasions.

You’ll enjoy wearing these attractive small braids with curls

14. Medium Length Micro Braids

Credit: emanda_jewel

These medium-length micro braids are the perfect style to try if you need a hairdo with some volume and length but don’t want overly long hair getting in your face.

The braids at the base flow into loose curly hair to create a lovely style you can wear with any outfit.

15. Light Brown Micro Braids

Credit: naenaebraidsandcreations

These light brown micro braids are a cute way to rock a brown shade that will compliment the skin tone really well.

They feature ringlet-shaped curls at the ends of half-done braids that look very light and natural. 

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16. Waist Length Micro Braids

Credit: albertine_couturehairsalon

Want extremely long braids that are not too heavy? Try these waist-length micro braids.

The braids are small and light enough not to weigh down the hair while allowing you to rock long, luscious hair that flows down the back.

Keep in Mind

  • Scalp Health: Prioritize a clean and moisturized scalp to prevent dryness and discomfort.
  • Tension and Size: Consider the size of your micro braids to prevent excessive tension on your hair and scalp.
  • Maintenance: Regularly moisturize your scalp and hair, and consider a weekly hot oil treatment.
  • Heat Protection: Always use a heat protectant when styling your micro braids with heat tools.
  • Trimming: Trim split ends every 8-12 weeks to maintain the health and appearance of your braids.

17. Half Up Half Down Micro Braids

Credit: datwist_queen

Pull half your braids into a loose ponytail and let the remaining hair flow down the back to create a stylish half-up-half-down look that is sure to attract the right compliments.

18. Loose Micro Braids

Credit: bibis_haircouture

Want to up the ante with your micro braids? Make them look fully like strands of curled hair with these loose micro braids.

The braids are made with curly braiding hair and only braided to a short length to allow the loose braiding hair to be the main star of the show.

19. Side Parted Micro Braids

Credit: atlplugg__

These side parted micro braids are a lovely way to rock a hairdo with some thickness while elongating your facial features in the best way.

Be sure to curl the unbraided parts of the braiding hair when trying this look, as the light curls are essential to slaying this look.

20. Natural Short Micro Braids

Credit: queenpetitelocs

The great thing about micro braids is that their tiny size means that they can be done without any added hair and these natural short micro braids are the perfect way to do so.

They feature braids that skim just below the neck, and it is a stylish way to rock your short natural hair.

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21. Extra Bouncy Micro Braids

Credit: bofiabraiding

These extra bouncy micro braids feature defined curls that give the hair a beautiful texture. It is a great style to try if you’re looking for something with a light bounce and structured shape.

22. Smooth Silver Micro Braids

Credit: jollygirl_africanhairbraiding

Want to style your mane in an eccentric color that will be perfect for any season? These smooth silver micro braids might just be your new favorite look.

They feature smoothly crafted braids that end at the nape of the hair and then transition into lightly curled loose braiding hair.

23. Silky  Black Micro Braids

Credit: afro_brujasemporium

There’s just something incredibly sexy about these silk black micro braids. They also feature a combo of braids and loose curly braiding hair that is long and shiny.

This style is the perfect look to go for if you need something to pair with a dressed-up outfit.

24. Red Micro Braids

Credit: braidsbytasha

Go a fiery shade of red when making your micro braids if you’d like to style your mane in a vibrant and bold shade.

When trying this look, incorporate a few different shades of red to create lovely shadows around the hair and allow the color to meld well with the skin tone.

25. Micro Braids With Curly Weave

Credit: fabulous_hair_braiding

Give your micro braids a feathery texture and volume by incorporating curly weave into the braids.

This style requires the weave to be added at the root of each braid after the braiding process is complete. It is a great way to rock braids and weave at the same time and look stunning while doing so.

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26. Crotchet Curls Micro Braids

Credit: js_simple_touch

Don’t want to spend forever getting your micro braids installed?  Then opt for this crochet curls and braid combo.

The micro braids are only made in front of the hair, while the rest of the hair has curly hair woven in crochet style.

Fun Fact

Micro braids are a versatile and trendy hairstyle that gained popularity in the 1990s. They involve small, tightly braided sections of hair, and when combined with crotchet curls, they create a unique and eye-catching look. This style allows for creative expression and can be customized with various curl patterns and colors to suit individual preferences.

27. Side Swept  Micro Braids

Credit: ijelalastylez

This side-swept micro braids style is a great way to don a long and curly look while accentuating the cheekbones and showing off your best facial features.

It also features a deep brown and blonde mix to create a head-turning color pattern.  This type of side-swept braid is one of the best aspects of micro braids.

They can be worn in a formal or casual dress, making your looks classy.

28. Short Color Mix Micro Braids

Credit: dedicated2beauty28

If you want a simple micro braids style you can wear to work or school with a casual outfit, this short color mix look is perfect for you.

It features a mix of black braids with brown braids hidden at the back without being too obvious.

29. Layered Micro Braids

Credit: scbraid_university

If you’re looking to give your braids a weightless and light structure with an edgy vibe, then you should definitely try these layered micro braids.

The braids are cut in uneven layers that give the hair a stunning movement pattern without you having to do much to style them.

This type of braiding gives the same layered effect as regular hair, but it also serves as a protective style. The braids are usually micro-sized to ensure flexibility.

30. Braided Sections Micro Braids

Credit: tarynmichelleart

A great way to restyle your micro braids is to put them into chunky braids that allow you to show off any color combination you may have going on.

It is also a cute method of keeping the hair out of your face on a busy day or while working out.

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31. Grey Ringlet Curls Micro Braids

Credit: royalty_hairstylin_beauty

These grey ringlet curls micro braids are a lovely way to rock your grey hair with confidence and style, The color of the braiding hair blends in seamlessly with the greys at the root of the hair, and it features ringlet shaped curls that pull this look together stunningly.

32. Cornrowed Micro Braids

Credit: braidsbybako

A unique way to give your micro braids a more prominent pattern is to include tiny cornrows at the front section of the hair and then make micro braids with the rest of the hair.

When making the cornrows, try to incorporate a creative parting design to give a style some personality.

33. High Pony Micro Braids

Credit: naturally_giftedhandsllc

These high pony micro braids are a beautiful way to accentuate the structure of the face while softening any sharp angles around the face.

The micro braids are made halfway with long curly braiding hair flowing from the ends.

34. Loose Pony Micro Braids

Credit: sisterprofessionalbyfaith

These loose pony micro braids are another way to accentuate the natural contours of the face.

The braids are medium length, allowing them to be easily pulled into a loose ponytail but are also short enough to tempt anyone who loves short hair.

35. Brown Streak Micro Braids

Credit: ttmodeltype

Add a prominent streak of color in the middle of your braids by making a chunk of the braids in the middle with brown braiding hair.

This style also features full curly ends and tendrils that frame the face beautifully.

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36. Goddess Micro Braids

Credit: albertine_couturehairsalon

You should definitely try these goddess micro braids if you want to give your hairdo a feathery curly texture with a soft, voluminous structure.

They include brown curly weave added into individual strands of braids to create a full and flowy look that will look stunning on anyone.

37. Simple Brown Micro Braids

Credit: newimage309

Try these simple brown micro braids if you’re looking for a natural-looking style you can wear on any occasion.

When trying this style, do not braid the entire length of the braids, as the loose ends give the hair a straight hair-like appearance that adds to the elegance.

38. Shiny Micro Braids

Credit: cuttinup_nextlevel

These shiny micro braids are the perfect style to try if you want a hairdo with some shine.

They are made in a half braid-half curl combination, but adding a hair spray after braiding gives them a sheen that makes them pop out.

39. Jet Black Micro Braids

Credit: zkluv

Want a  sleek and black style to make you look alluring and stylish? Try these jet black micro braids. They are cute and can be styled with many outfits for casual and dressed-up events.

40. Deep Brown Curled Micro Braids

Credit: lhovelyempire 

Try these deep brown micro braids if you’re a fan of curly hair that comes in earthy tones. They are long and full enough to cover the length of the back while adding a softness to your facial features.

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41. Boxy Micro Braids

Credit: ibk.hair

If you’re a die-hard fan of box braids and can’t seem to let them go. These boxy micro braids might convince you to do just that.

They are made in even box-shaped parts for that signature box braids look without any of the heaviness or tightness.

42. Round Bun Micro Braids

Credit: atlantafastbraiders

Looking for a way to style your braids in a cute and simple style? These round bun micro braids are the perfect look to go for.

The thick bun placed at the crown of the head draws attention to the face and allows you to show off your best facial features.

43. Fade Micro Braids

Credit: kronoskuaforkadikoy

Go for these faded micro braids if you want a bold and edgy look. The braids are held in a loose ponytail that allows you to show off the shaved hair on the sides.

44. Accessorized Micro Braids

Credit: itylicioushair

Take your micro braids to the next level by adding a cute accessory like a headband to sleek down the front and bring your face into focus. Don’t hesitate to match the headband to the color of your outfit for the day.

45. Knotless Black Micro Braids

Credit: fmhairstyles

Opt for these knotless micro braids if you don’t want any tension at the root of your hair that could cause damage. They are made in a silky black shade that will look incredible on anyone.

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46. White Wavy Micro Braids

Credit: noismhairculture

Have some fun with your micro braids by opting for a white shade mixed with a light grey for an eye-catching look with wavy curls at the ends.

47. Golden Blonde Micro Braids

Credit: braids_ch

These golden blonde micro braids are a great way to rock blonde hair with a lovely curl pattern and structure.

The golden shade is key to creating a look that blends well with the dark color at the base, so be sure to choose a shade of blonde that is not too bright.

48. Platinum Micro Braids

Credit: braidsgang

These platinum micro braids are another great way to rock bright blonde hair, and they are definitely going to attract only the best compliments.

49. Black and brown mix micro braids

Credit: braided_4_u

This is a simple Black and brown mix of micro braids with natural or extra hair to give the braids a fuller look.

This type of braid is suitable for all occasions, typically handled and styled like your natural hair & protected against humidity. Whenever trying this, do not braid the entire length of the braids.

When making these braids, whether with your hair or hair that has been added, only a few hair strands are utilized at a time. These mini braids produce very little frizz and show length very well.

Pro Tip

To maintain the longevity and neatness of micro braids, regularly moisturize your scalp with a lightweight oil or spray, and wrap your hair in a satin or silk scarf at night to reduce friction and frizz.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Micro Braids?

Micro braids are braids made with very small strands of hair to create very thin-sized braids that are tiny enough to resemble loose hair strands.

These micro braids can either be done with only your natural hair or with added braiding hair for length and volume.

The tiny size of the braids gives them a unique versatility that allows the wearer to style them in many different ways.

What’s The Difference Between Box Braids And Micro Braids?

Micro braids are very similar to box braids in that they are typically made using the same technique.

Both styles are made as three-strand plaits made with hair attachments wrapped from the base of the natural hair to create a tight knot.

However, the main difference is that micro braids are often made in tiny parting sizes using a few strands of hair without much structure or shape, while box braids are made with a decent amount of hair parted into square-shaped.

Do Micro Braids Break Hair?

Like any other braid style, micro braids can cause hair breakage if installed improperly or kept in for too long.

Since the braids are so tiny, they can often cause the hair to break if installed too tightly or if you pull too hard while taking them down.

This breakage occurs more commonly around the edges because the hair at the hairline is typically very fragile and could fall off easily when. However, This does not mean micro braids are inherently bad for the hair or are guaranteed to break the hair.

You just have to ensure they are not made too tight, follow the proper maintenance routine, and be as gentle as you can during the takedown process.

How Long Do Micro Braids Last?

Due to their extremely small sizes, micro braids are one of the most durable protective styles. They will typically last about 8-10 weeks without you revisiting the hair salon.

However, as that is a long time to keep your hair in one style, it is essential to maintain a good braids care routine to keep your hair naturally in good shape while you still have the braids on. 

A few things you can do to care for your micro braids include washing them with a co-wash or clarifying shampoo.

Then follow up with a hair conditioner applied on only half the length of the braids before rinsing and drying with a blow dryer.

Once the hair is dry, you can spray some leave-in conditioning spray and apply an oil like castor or olive oil to the scalp.

Before going to bed, also ensure the hair is wrapped in a silk scarf or bonnet to keep the braids from getting frizzy.

Maintaining this care routine once every 2-3 weeks will allow micro braids to look neat for longer while also keeping your natural hair protected and properly taken care of.

The main thing to keep in mind about micro braids is that they are a beautiful protective style that gives braids a loose and natural structure that can be styled in multiple ways.

In addition, they are classy and are sure to be in fashion for a long time. So, the next time you need a timeless hairstyle you can rock to any occasion and turn heads; keep the micro braids styles in this post on the top of your list.

How to care for micro braids?

Wash your micro braids properly with shampoo and massage your scalp and braids; remember, don’t rub them forcefully.

Always use a moisturizing product to hydrate your hair. After a maximum of three months, the braids should be removed with proper professional help.

Do micro braids damage your hair?

The answer is this depends on how you do your micro braids and how much you care to put into them to keep your hair healthy. If you have unhealthy hair, your hair has been damaged. So, before doing micro braids, consult the hair stylist, and remember that using the same micro braiding style over and over again cause hair damage.

Do micro braids hurt? 

No, micro braids shouldn’t hurt; whenever braids become tight while braiding, tell your stylist immediately and avoid micro braids shouldn’t be tight as this can cause permanent hair fall.

How to remove micro braids?

To remove your micro braids, you need to wet your hair and apply some cream and spray, but make sure the cream and spray you use are thoroughly applied and massaged into the hair so your knot can be removed more easily.

How are micro braids done?

Micro braids take hours to install; firstly, you need to select the tiny section of hair with the help of a comb 1/8 of an inch in thickness and begin braiding the hair.

Separate the hair and cross the strands left and right over the center. Pull the braids tightly, but not so tight that it hurts your scalp; continue braiding the hair down.

Once the section is completed, take a new portion of hair similar in width to your first portion and begin doing the same.

How do you sleep comfortably with braids?

Sleeping on a pillowcase made of silk or satin is recommended to keep your braids in good condition. These materials reduce friction and preserve the manageability and health of your braids.