22 Daring Lemonade Braids That Will Make You Look Sexy in 2024

Are you a big fan of Beyoncé’? Do you know her album “Lemonade“? If so, you probably know how Lemonade dominated the world in 2016. Lemonade braids have been popular because of Beyoncé. 

She started out with a hairstyle video for “Formation,” This concept brought most girls to having Lemonade hair. Years later, most women would ask to have this style at the salon. Lemonade braids are also known as side braids. 

Typically, with a lemonade braid, the hair is separated to one side and cornrowed on one side of the head until the braids hang loose. This look is excellent for anyone wishing to experiment with a new braided style.

Indeed, Beyoncé displayed a wide range of hairstyles, including her signature side-swept cornrows and other versions of box braids, updos, and braided pigtails. If you need a reminder of how fantastic Beyoncé’s hair looked in Lemonade, check out these 22 daring Lemonade Braid designs that can make you look fab and sexy like Beyoncé!

22 Daring Lemonade Braids That Can Make You Sexy

1. Side Swept Lemonade Braid

Credit: bonabraids

Side-Swept Braid goes to the right side of the head and is the center of attention. Begin by separating your front-facing hair into two parts. One segment should be directed automatically to the right side of the head. In contrast, the other should be required to the back.

But your braids must converge on the right side of your head. This haircut increases the black appearance of your braid. The color complements any wardrobe choice. Any lady who adopts this hairstyle will find it simple to maintain. It is also comfy to wear. Make use of this haircut to highlight your beautiful face. This haircut is appropriate for any occasion.

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2. Classic Lemonade Braid

Credit: islay.hairbymiera_thebrand

Classic Lemonade Braid patterns the hairstyles that include cornrows, side-swept, and tiny braids. The most straightforward approach to achieving neat cornrows for a start-up is to dampen your hair and section off the front. 

Separate a short chunk of hair from this region into three strands. Twist the hair twice as you would for a standard braid, then incorporate hair from underneath the braid into the middle strand doing cornrows. Doing it can be challenging, but it is entertaining, elegant, and timeless! 

3. Large Lemonade Braid

Credit: justbraidsinfo

Seek out a skilled hairdresser if you want to look excellent with this hairdo. The right side of the head is highlighted by this haircut. But, all braids on your head should face the right side of your head.

There should be two braids of equal size, and the larger size should be the only option. When you begin on the right side of the head, start braiding your hair to create a curved appearance.

Everyone who attempts this hairdo finds it to be comfortable. So make use of this haircut to highlight your beautiful face. You can style this lemonade braid to facilitate the adoption of alternative hairstyles!

4. Golden Lemonade Braid


More folks may recognize that you’re re-creating the Lemonade look if you’re on the blonder side. As it closely resembles Beyoncé’s characteristic hair color, a golden hue may receive quicker callbacks than others.

As one of the most iconic braided hairstyles of all time, Beyonce’s lemonade braids derive their moniker from her side-parted braids on the cover of her “Lemonade” album. Her rendition of lemonade braids consists of incredibly lengthy mini-braids with gold highlights. She appears to be covered in pixie dust. 

That means you cannot go wrong by styling her long strands to the side with a color for a seductive and aggressive appearance. Golden Lemonade Braid styles the same way. The only difference is that you’ll go through coloring your hair blonde (if it isn’t yet)

5. Red Lemonade Braid

Credit: looks_by_shan

It is not only the color you focus on in a red Lemonade hair. It’s also the direction! The braids on your fringe, mid-head, and right sideways hair should face the right side of your head. The order of braids on the back and left diagonally hair should be toward the right side of the head.

Then, direct your hair past your shoulder in a straight line. This haircut is best to highlight your beautiful face. You may also utilize accessories to enhance this hairstyle’s appearance.

Red lemonade braids are appropriate for both formal and informal occasions. There is no precise braid size to make. It all depends on your desired outcome. This hairdo is also simple to maintain.

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6. Lemonade Braid Wraps

Credit: destinysstyle

Lemonade Braid Wraps go with the same flow of your usual braiding style. You can do it upfront or on the right side of your head. The trick is to add a few inventive wraps to your lemonade braids. You can match this along as you alternatively wrap the bands or ribbons around your head. Feel free to play with various thicknesses and patterns. This ensemble is ideal for the festival season.

7. Brown Lemonade Braid

Credit: _stylebyher

The brownish lemonade hairdo is ideal for those who enjoy colored braids. The braids on the fringe, mid-head, and left sideways hair should face the left side of the head.

The remaining braids should be directed toward the rear of the head and connected to the remaining strands on the left side. Length-wise, every braid should be identical. This imparts a distinctive appearance and makes this hairdo stand out.

This hairstyle is compatible with any attire due to the brown tone of the head. Therefore, this brownish lemonade hairstyle is appropriate for every occasion. It might be either formal or informal. Try this incredible hairstyle.

8. Jumbo Lemonade Braid

Credits: queenbraidzandstyles

This is one of the styles on this list that can be achieved in a short amount of time. This hairstyle consists of thick black braids. The size of braids should rise systematically.

You should leave a piece of your braids hanging on the left side of your head. The remaining braids should unite somewhere on the right side of the head. Then, extend it downwards past your shoulders. 

This hairstyle’s general appearance makes it simple to maintain. The jumbo lemonade braids hairdo also permits the usage of head ornaments. Those who pick this haircut will find it simple to maintain.

9. Knee-Length Lemonade Braid

Credits: taloinaomi12

This beautiful haircut emphasizes the length of your braids beyond the shoulders. Consequently, settle for long blonde braids.

The braids on your fringe hair, mid-head hair, and right sideways hair should face the right side of your head. The remaining braids should be positioned at the nape of the neck. All of your braids must meet on the right side of your head.

You can see a black hue in your blonde braids. This is one of the rare haircuts that highlights your beautiful face. In addition, this hairstyle can be altered to be comfy on the head.

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10. Cute & Tiny Lemonade Braid

Credit: _ashbraidz

Long-haired women are good candidates for this hairdo. You can create braids with your natural hair or purchase braids. This hairstyle promotes the development of thin braids all over the head.

It is up to you to select how thin you want your braids to be on your head. Beginning at the crown, route your braids to the rear of the head.

Here, your braids should rest above the region of the neck. This contributes to the comfort of this haircut on the head. Moreover, it is simple to maintain. Tiny lemonade braids are one of the few hairstyles appropriate for every occasion. It might be either formal or informal.

11. Scarlet Lemonade Braid

Credit: styled_by_angiee

This beautiful lemonade braid for women has black braids on both sides of the head. On the other hand, your fringe hair, hair in the middle of your head, and hair on your back should be used to make scarlet-red braids. Make a braid out of all the braids and point it to the left.

12. Medium Style Size Lemonade Braid

Credit: bonabraids

The goal of this hairstyle is to make the whole head look black. Because it’s black, you can wear it with any outfit. You can also choose the size of the braids that go on the head.

Most of your braids should be on the right side of your head when looking at your hair from the front. The rest of the braids should go back, but they should join up with the braids on the right side.

This hairstyle can be changed to look suitable for formal and informal occasions. Use this hairstyle to draw attention to your pretty face. Above all, your braids should go all the way to the ends of your hair.

13. The Golden Pattern Lemonade Braid

Credit: kyrismatichairdesigns

You can get a golden lemonade braids hairstyle in a short amount of time. So, divide your hair into sections that are the same size. Because of this, there should be enough space between each braid.

Take brown braids and use them for this style. Go ahead and braid the hair thickly on the head. You can decide what size braid to make on the head. In the front, one section of your braided hair should fall to the right and the other to the left.

Not only that, but the braids should go past your shoulders. In the same way, the braids on the back should be pulled straight down. You can make golden lemonade braids for any event that comes your way.

14. Long Bob Tresses Lemonade Braids

Credits: stacythepowerhouse

If you want to stand out, she should wear her hair like this. Braids that are woven uniquely will cover your whole scalp and point to the left side of your head. The braids should belong as well. This gives you tons of selections for styles.

15. Blue-Ray Lemonade Braids

Credit: hairbydevyyy

Choose this style if you want your head to look bright. This hairstyle is made up of different shades of blue and black. But black should be the primary color all over the head. This hairstyle is only suitable for going out because of this color mix.

All of the braids on your head should go to the right side of your head. Go ahead and pull your braids straight past your shoulders. That’s not all; depending on where you’re going, you can wear many different styles.

The blue-ray lemonade braid hairstyle doesn’t hurt your head. It is also simple to take care of. Last but not least, anyone who chooses this hairstyle will find it easy to switch to a different one.

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16. Chic Style Lemonade Braids

Credit: braids.by.brittanyb

In this style, a lot of your hair should be curving backward when you look at it from the front. Your hair should all be in one place on the left side of your head. This hairstyle doesn’t require that the braids be a specific size.

What matters is what you want to get out of it in the long run. Ladies should try this great hairstyle because it lets them show off their beautiful faces. Most importantly, the round pattern lemonade braids hairstyle can be changed to fit any occasion.

17. Doll Style Lemonade Braids

Credit: beyondslay_

Start by making a line on your hair from the front view. This line tells the computer which braids should automatically go to the right and which ones should go to the back.

The braids in this unique hairstyle are all lined up in the same way. So, it can be worn to both formal and casual events. In addition, the black color of the head makes it easy to wear with any outfit. Your braids should all come together on the right side of your head.

For this style, the braids should look thick. Then, your braids should be longer than your shoulders. Use gel on the part of your fringe that will be hanging down.

18. Gold Wrap Lemonade Braid

Credits: jae_creations

Use this style if you wish to be specific with the color wraps. This style follows the same braiding pattern as your regular braids. It can be done on the front or right side of your head. 

To make your lemonade braids more interesting, add a few creative wraps. You can match this as you alternately wrap the bands or ribbons around your head. Play around with different thicknesses and designs. This outfit is perfect for the festival season.

19. Tribal Lemonade Braids

Credit: stylesbytayy.bae

Tribal Lemonade Braid is a good style if you’re attending huge parties like Coachella. Begin braiding and give your braids a black and blonde look. Your fringe hair, mid-head hair, and right sideways braids should all be on the right side of your head.

Braids on the left part of the head and those on the back of the head should be pointed backward. They should, however, sleep on the right side. Not only that, but mini lemonade braids provide you the option of wearing accessories.

The appearance of this haircut is mainly enhanced by accessories. The braids in this hairstyle can be altered to fit any occasion.

20. Lace Lemonade Braids

Credit: kyrismatichairdesigns

You’ll need hair accessories to look beautiful with this haircut, notably laces or beads. This haircut promotes the development of thin braids. However, they should not be too narrow to allow drips to fit comfortably.

Braids on the left side of your head, mid-head hair, and fringe hair should all be guided to the left side of your head. The rest of the braids should be directed backward on the head.

All of your braids should then come together on the left side of your head. Be sure to include beads in your braids. Because of the lace or beads, this hairdo is only appropriate for outgoing events.

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21. Super Long Plaited Lemonade Braids

Credit: stylessby.riah

This hairdo calls for long braids. Most women choose this hairstyle because it is easy to style and can be changed into a different look in minutes. The right shoulder should be the focal point of this haircut.

22. Closure of Lemonade Braids

Credit: _stylebyher

The front view hair should be curved toward the back of the head for a significant amount of time. All of your hair should come together on the left side of your head. This hairstyle doesn’t require a specific braid size for this haircut.

Everything depends on your long-term goals. Ladies should give this hairstyle a try because it allows them to show off their beautiful features. For the most part, the round pattern lemonade braided hairstyle is adaptable for any occasion.


How Do You Make Lemonade Braids?

The first step in producing lemonade braids is gathering the necessary materials. Without the proper materials, your desired style will not be realized. Gather the following supplies to avoid the aggravation and inconvenience of being without them:

  • Shampoo, Conditioner, and Moisturizers
  • Deep conditioner (optional)
  • Rattail comb
  • Coarse-toothed comb
  • Extension hair Edge Management
  • Hairdryer (optional)
  • Stretchable Ponytail Holders (optional)
  • Piping hot water
  • Pitcher
  • Scissors
  • Towel
  • Safety pins (optional)

As soon as you have all the supplies you need, you can prepare your natural hair for lemonade braids. There are a lot of steps to getting ready to braid your natural hair, but each step makes sure that your braids look great and that your natural hair stays healthy.

Preparing your hair

Use a shampoo for textured hair to clean your hair since not all shampoos will work for your hair. Look for shampoos that don’t have sulfates. These will wash your hair without taking away all of the natural oils on your scalp.

After you wash your hair, you should use a conditioner that adds moisture. Focus the conditioner on the middle of your hair and the ends, the oldest and most dry parts. If your hair is always dry, you might want to try using a deep conditioner. 

Follow the rules on the label of the deep conditioner, and then rinse it out. While the conditioner is still in your hair, use the wide-toothed comb to get the knots out. The conditioner will make detangling almost painless because of how slippery it is.

After rinsing out your conditioner, you can use any moisturizer you want. Since you’ll be getting some hair in a protective style for a long time and won’t be able to quickly moisturize it, it’s essential to moisten it well first.

Installing The Extensions

Before getting a protective style, the best moisturizer to use is one with a medium to heavyweight and butter and oils in the formula. Apply the moisturizer, and then use a wide-toothed comb to spread it all over your hair.

Most of the time, curly or wavy hair doesn’t blend well with extensions because their textures are different. Some women smooth their natural hair with gel or another product before braiding it, but this can make it harder to braid. Most of the time, stretching your natural hair to make it easier to blend with the extension hair is a better solution.

If the ends of your hair extensions are blunt, you will need to prepare them before braiding. If the ends of the extension hair are feathered, it is easier to braid with them. Follow the steps below to feather your extension hair:

  • Get the hair extensions out of the box.
  • Hold the extension hair by one end in one hand.
  • With your other hand, start pulling up small pieces of hair. Do this for one or two minutes.
  • Hold the middle of the extension hair in one hand and finger-comb both sides with the other.

For the visual presentation of creating a Lemonade Braid, watch this video below:

Should You Prepare Your Hair? 

Yes, deep conditioning your hair a day or two before this style will help you get the most out of it and protect it. Make sure to clean your scalp using apple cider vinegar rinse. You may not know it but it will help you a lot in the process.

If you have delicate or tricky skin, drench it in a solution of warm water and cider vinegar. Do this until you see white film forms, then dump the water, clean up your hair, and let it dry on its own.

How Do You Protect Lemonade Braids?

Use a silk or satin scarf to secure the edges of your hair and shield your scalp. If you have lengthy braids, conceal them behind a silk hat. Additionally, purchase a satin pillowcase to protect your braids.

How To Maintain Lemonade Braid? 

We’re sure you want your lemonade braids to last, given your effort to install them. To preserve your lemonade braids, you should cover them at night with a silk/satin scarf or bonnet and apply oil whenever your braids appear dry. If you maintain your lemonade braids, they will endure for at least a month.

How To Wash Lemonade Braid? 

The method for washing your braids will differ slightly from person to person. Still, everyone should concentrate on the scalp, as here is where oils and grime tend to accumulate.

We recommend using a gentle, sulfate-free shampoo followed by a hydrating conditioner. This article lists the finest natural hair care products (including shampoos and conditioners) for braided hair.

How To Remove The Braids? 

When removing these magnificent braids, first-timers should visit a hairdresser. A hair specialist will be able to remove the braids with minimizing hair loss and damage. This is typical if you occasionally observe mild shedding or a few stray strands falling out. Obviously, you don’t want your hair to cascade off your scalp.


The lemonade braids style is one of the best and most unique styles. You can style many options with Lemonade braids and flaunt your hair like Beyoncé’. But no matter how beautiful and classic this style is, only those ladies with healthy hair and without breakage can try Lemonade Braids.

It’s also applicable if you have the patience to correctly put the braids yourself or visit a salon. You not only know how to do lemonade braids, but you also have helpful advice to guarantee that your style turns out correctly and lasts for weeks.

Still, there can be helpful sites like this that can help you have a perfect Lemonade braid. The ideal rule is to have fun and express your creativity when designing the ideal Lemonade braided hairstyle for your personality and sense of style! Good luck and happy styling!