Elevate Your Stylish Look With 30+ Drawstring Ponytails In 2024

Key Takeaways
  • Drawstring ponytails are a versatile hairstyle that can be worn for various occasions.
  • Drawstring ponytails are simple to install, making them a convenient option for quick and stylish hairdos.
  • Drawstring ponytails add length and volume to your hair, allowing you to achieve a dramatic look without the need for extensions.
  • Available in a wide range of styles, from sleek and straight to curly and wavy, to suit different preferences.

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Drawstring ponytails are a quick and trendy solution for enhancing your hairstyle. Whether you want added length, volume, or a fresh look, these versatile extensions are easy to attach and style.

Explore a variety of textures and colors to transform your hair and express your unique style effortlessly.

Over the years, many people have found drawstring ponytails to be useful for creating a variety of looks daily.

They are one of the most versatile hairpieces you will ever find and this article will show you thirty-five beautiful ones. 

 Before You Get Started 

  • Examine your hair for damage, split ends, or excessive dryness and address any issues before applying drawstring ponytails.
  • Ensure your scalp is clean and well-moisturized and your hair is in optimal condition before attaching the ponytail.
  • Choose a drawstring ponytail that matches your natural hair type and texture for a seamless and cohesive look.
  • Use protective products such as leave-in conditioners and heat protectants to safeguard your hair from potential damage.
  • Be mindful of the tension around your edges to prevent unnecessary stress on your hairline and promote healthy hair growth.

They are a versatile group of weaves made from either human hair or synthetic fibers which can come in several colors, patterns (wavy, afro, curly), structures, length and so much more.

Even in the midst of the several great choices, some features are constant in every single drawstring ponytail you may find.

An important feature is a small comb which is responsible for the firm adherence of the extension to your head.

The second feature from which it got its name is the drawstring which is often small and invisible when it is worn.  

It is about time we checked the 36 fabulous drawstring ponytails. You will love to try them immediately!

1. Jasmine drawstring pony

Image by @royaltressesbytiarra via Instagram

Jasmine drawstring ponytail is a sleek pony made from pure human hair fiber. It is 26 inches in length with curl patterns at the tail. It can be secured firmly to the natural hair by the combs and drawstrings.

You can never go wrong with this look.

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2. Curly drawstring ponytail

Curly drawstring pony

Image by @matire.ng via Instagram

This ponytail is purely kinky hair with curl patterns all through its entire length. It can be worn as an afro hair extension or as a bun wrapped around the natural hair. 

It is suitable for all hair types and for various occasions.

3. High sleek pony using a highlighted drawstring ponytail

Image by @alexissamonestyles via Instagram

It is a long wavy drawstring ponytail extension with a shiny luster. It is soft and has full thickness. It is suitable for everyday use as it does not tangle easily.

Once it is secured to your hair with the hair clips, you are set for the day.

4. Faux Afro ponytail

Faux Afro ponytail

Image by @naturalgirlwigs via Instagram

It is a ponytail with a beautiful mix of coarseness and fluffiness. It is made from premium fiber and this gives your hair a bulky look. 

It is easy to install and maintain. It is great as a perfect afro finish for hair types 4B and 4C.

5. Straight ponytail with a blend

Straight ponytail with a blend

Image by @lativ_hair via Instagram

It is just like its name! It is a straight drawstring ponytail that gives you the feel of human hair and the sleekness of synthetic fibers.

It is 26 inches in length if you choose to let it down. It is also really great when you tie it into a bun.

6. Doll Baby ponytail Lusciously long, sweeping waves

Doll Baby ponytail Lusciously long, sweeping waves

Image by @luscious_luxe via Instagram

A doll baby ponytail is a drawstring ponytail that looks like a cute baby. It is soft, smooth, long, and has sweeping waves all over.

It is specially manufactured to ensure a proper fit over your natural hair bun with the help of the combs and drawstrings. It can work for any type of hairstyle.

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7. Gorgeous drawstring hair Ponytail

Gorgeous drawstring hair Ponytail

Image by @stlhairbeauty via Instagram

This ponytail is long enough to serve as a drape over your back. It has short and long layers which give it extra fullness.

Its color suits almost all skin types and the texture feels like real human hair.

It is a great option for high-class ladies.

8. High sleek pony using a highlighted drawstring ponytail

High sleek pony using a highlighted drawstring ponytail

Image by @alexissamonestyles via Instagram

Who says a colored high body wave drawstring ponytail does not look great? Absolutely no one.

It is sleek and can be worn up high on your natural hair bun. You can decide to dye the extension to your desired color. 

It sure does look good.

9. Classic Ponytail Smoothy hair

 Classic Ponytail Smoothy hair

Image by @estellewigsandmore via Instagram

This extension is a great option for those who desire a long and flowing smooth ponytail.

It suits almost all types of face shapes and looks good on every kind of hair texture. It is also suitable for every occasion you can think of.

10. Women clip-in ponytails

Women clip-in ponytails

Image by @toupee_hairfactory via Instagram

This ponytail is wavy, layered, and long. It will not go out of style because of its versatility and how easy it is to remove the extension using the clip.

You can wear it anywhere, especially for wedding ceremonies. With proper maintenance and regular treatments, you can rock it for as long as you desire.

11. Hey queens Ponytails with curly

Image by @ hdlacewig_hairvendor via Instagram

This low ponytail is curly and takes away the boredom of an ordinary simple ponytail.

The Hey Queens ponytail is a drawstring ponytail with tight curls giving every lady a high-class look.

With some nice hairstyling before drawing the strings, you will have a graceful look.

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12. Gorgeous wave ponytail with curls blend

Image by @toupee_hairfactory via Instagram

The gorgeous wave ponytail with curls blend is quite catchy because of the multiple twists and the fullness.

It is a lovely hairstyle because there is little to no stress with the ponytail. All you have to do is to use a brush to smooth the tangles.

Quick Drawstring Ponytails: Effortless Guide

  • Instant Glam: Glamorous hairstyle that’s easy to achieve.
  • Stress-Free Application:  Pain-free application without the need for tight braids or extensions.
  • Maintenance: Maintain your drawstring ponytail by using gentle detangling, light styling products, and avoiding excessive heat exposure.
  • Versatile Styles: Experiment with different styles and accessories to transform your drawstring ponytail, allowing you to create various looks effortlessly.

13. Shinny long drawstring ponytail

Image by @chereesh_hair_essentials via Instagram

Get head-turning shine and length with the Shinny Long Drawstring Ponytail.

Effortlessly attach for instant glamour, elevating your style with lustrous beauty and a touch of luxury.

It is a straight, synthetic, and shiny drawstring ponytail. It is sleek, smooth, long, and classy for all occasions. It is quite easy to manipulate.

14. Instant braided Wrap Ponytail

Image by @theglampharmacy_01 via Instagram

The branded wrap ponytail is a deep wavy bra-length with a shiny appearance. It can also be braided as you desire, and it can be wrapped around the natural hair bun.

You can have that gorgeous effect with or without gel-styling your edges.

15. Wrap around silk straight ponytail

Image by @shoumei_hair_lucy via Instagram

The wrap-around silk straight ponytail often comes as a neat, straight, and smooth hair extension. It has some extra hair fibers that can be used.

It does not shed or tangle at all. It is suitable for all situations.

16. Kendall ponytail with waves 

Image by @hairanatomyuk via Instagram

This Kendall ponytail is a middle-part ponytail with a length up to the waist.

Putting your hair in this style is the epitome of chicness and can be rocked in a lot of ways. You can also decide to do a middle parting to vary the look. 

17. Stylished Textured Tacit Ponytail 

Stylished Textured Tacit Ponytail

Image by @latchednhooked via Instagram

The Stylish Textured Tacit Ponytail is a fashion-forward hair extension that adds texture and flair. Effortlessly elevate your look with this trendy ponytail option.

This mid-height ponytail is really lovely on everyone. You can use it for whatever form of outdoor event.

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18. Super wave drawstring Ponytail

Image by @hair_necessities via Instagram

The Super Wave drawstring ponytail is a luscious and wavy hair extension that adds elegance and volume to your hairstyle, enhancing your overall look effortlessly.

This ponytail is fabulous for any shape of your face. It adds more volume and shimmer to your bun.

You may choose to wear it in whatever form. It brings out the glow and class in everyone who wears it.

   Keep In Mind

  • Proper Attachment: Ensure the drawstring ponytail is securely attached to your natural hair to avoid any unexpected mishaps.
  • Edge Protection: Be gentle with your edges and nape, as excessive tension can lead to hairline damage.
  • Styling Versatility: Experiment with various styles, accessories, and hairpins to transform your drawstring ponytail for different occasions.
  • Moisture Maintenance: Keep your drawstring ponytail looking like it’s one of the best by regularly moisturizing it and using frizz-control products.
  • Removal Caution: Take care when removing the drawstring ponytail to prevent hair breakage or discomfort. Gently unravel and unwind to avoid tangles.

19. Premium fiber silky straight Ponytail

Image by @lazulihairhub via Instagram

It is a go-to drawstring ponytail for that glamorous event and smart look all day. It is soft, silky and a perfect blend of premium fiber. It is quite easy to wear and does not tangle or shed. 

All you need to do is to wrap it around your natural bun.

20. Premium fiber kinky straight MIDE Ponytail 

Premium fiber kinky straight MIDE Ponytail 

Image by @lades_tresses via Instagram

Enhance your elegance with the Premium Fiber Kinky Straight MIDE Ponytail.

This extension delivers natural-looking, textured beauty, effortlessly elevating your style with its easy-to-wear design and exquisite appearance.

This ponytail is perfect for protective styling. It has a texture of premium fiber kinky and a length of 22 inches.

It is straight and suitable for all events. With this drawstring ponytail, you can take your look to a whole new level.

21. Classic Free Drawstring ponytail

Classic Free Drawstring ponytail

Image by @vigoroushairgirl_ via Instagram

The Classic Free Drawstring Ponytail offers quick and hassle-free attachment, enhancing your hairstyle with elegance. Effortlessly switch up your look without permanent changes.

A classic free drawstring ponytail is a long and voluminous deep curl with a stylish design of varying lengths. All you need to do is to style your natural hair, then fix it on your bun.

22. Ciara ponytail with Silky glow

Image by @hairanatomyuk via Instagram

The Ciara ponytail with silky glow exudes elegance and luxury. It is a smooth texture and radiant shine create a glamorous and sophisticated hairstyle that turns heads with every move.

It is premium quality and has a gorgeous blonde ponytail that has a straight weave. You can be sure that you will not go wrong.

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23. Drawstring kinky curly ponytail 

Image by @naijanaturalsuk via Instagram

The drawstring kinky curly ponytail is a textured hair extension that provides a natural and voluminous look. Easy to attach, it adds flair and dimension to your hairstyle.

Drawstring kinky curly ponytail is not just another ponytail. It is layered to give the full look and has a human hair feel.

It is a beautiful option for a high-class woman.

24. Stunning Kinky Ponytails like bushes

Stunning Kinky Ponytails like bushes

Image by @fros_truly via Instagram

If you desire to have a full afro kinky with a forest kind of thickness, this is for you. You will not only have the full volume but you will also have a natural ponytail look.

It will be hard to tell the difference between your hair and the extension.

25. Beauty Kinky Shrinking Ponytail

Beauty Kinky Shrinking Ponytail

Image by @kossys_galleria via Instagram

The Beauty Kinky Shrinking Ponytail is a unique hair extension that adds textured volume. Its distinctive design provides a trendy, natural look, making it a perfect choice for a stylish makeover.

This beautiful kinky shrinking ponytail is really lovely. It is beautiful to see with a lovely texture. It can also be blown out to vary the look and texture.

Pro Tip

To achieve a sleek and polished look, use a toothbrush or edge control gel to tame any flyaways and baby hairs around your hairline.

26. Drawstring kinky curly ponytail

Drawstring kinky curly ponytail

Image by @danielaapryl_ via Instagram

A drawstring kinky curl ponytail is great with a middle parting and a bun tightly tied to the back. You surely will be making a statement with your ponytail fixed into your bun.

27. Freetress Equal Drawstring Ponytail

Image by @qualitybeautyzz via Instagram

This is a drawstring ponytail that is usually medium length to long and made from synthetic fibers. You may choose to recreate this look by tying the ponytail in an updo.

It is suitable for almost all events. With some proper hydration, there will be a good blend between your natural hair and the extension.

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28. Simple Sleek Ponytail

Simple Sleek Ponytail

Image by @hairbyjasminerae_ via Instagram

The sleek look is achievable by attaching this low ponytail to your hair packed to the back in a tightly packed bun.

You may choose to nail the look by having a parting on the side and you appear like a high-class lady.

29. Instant Half Up Half Down Ponytail 

Instant Half Up Half Down Ponytail  Drawstring Ponytails

Image by @guchiscrowns via Instagram

The instant half-up, half-down style is fantastic because you can choose how low or high you want it to be. It is classy as it gives you a flattering look.

The ponytail has loose waves and is bouncy. You can add a bit of glamor and luxury to your look by wearing fancy things in your hair.

30. Premium Fiber Kinky Curly Simple Stunning Ponytail

Premium Fiber Kinky Curly Simple Stunning Ponytail Drawstring Ponytails

Image by @ papayahair_us via Instagram

Your look can be given an uplift by wearing this drawstring ponytail wig. It is made of premium fiber and it is a stunning deep curly kinky hair that can be worn as a frontal ponytail.

You can put it in place with a ribbon, scarf, or any other hair accessory depending on the occasion.

31. Gorgeous Silky ponytail

Gorgeous Silky ponytail Drawstring Ponytails

Image by @naturalwithedvia Instagram

The gorgeous silky ponytail is truly silky, soft, and thick. It gives your hair a fuller volume and length. It is also quite easy to wear and detach.

If you want a sleeker look, apply some styling gel to your edge before using your extension.

32. Curls tight ponytail

Curls tight ponytail Drawstring Ponytails

Image by @kali_kurls_ke via Instagram

Curls tight ponytail is not the average ponytail. It is a low kinky curly drawstring ponytail that gives you a perfectly natural look.

All you need to do is to make the ponytail tight using the drawstring, wrap the bundles, and there you go!

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33. Wavy Ponytail with curls

Wavy Ponytail with curls Drawstring Ponytails

Image by @divabyqbwigs via Instagram

Wavy ponytail with curls has a body wave pattern. It has two layers both long and short. It is easy to wrap around the natural hair bun giving the full, voluminous and extra length to your hair. 

This is a great choice for lovers of a big and natural ponytail.

34. Afro Curly Kinky Ponytail

Afro Curly Kinky Drawstring Ponytails

Image by @betterlength via Instagram

This deep curly drawstring ponytails are 20 inches in length. It is one of the best natural afro for all hair types. Its natural feel is like a 3C or 4A hair type.

With some styling gel on your natural hair and some moisturizing on the kinky ponytail, you can sway your hair confidently anywhere.

Did You Know?

Drawstring ponytails have been a popular styling choice since the 1980s and have evolved to provide convenient and great options for various hair lengths and textures

35. Straight Detachable Curly Ponytail

Straight Detachable Curly Drawstring Ponytails

Image by @savarahair via Instagram

This drawstring ponytails has a deep wave pattern and can be worn on the bun tightly fitting at the back of your hair.

It is 100% human hair and can be worn in different hairstyles. It is easily detachable and is appropriate for every occasion you can think of.

36. Marley Drawstring Ponytail

Marley Drawstring Ponytail

Image by @naturalhairkenya via Instagram

The Marley drawstring ponytail is a versatile, stylish hair extension that adds length and texture.

Crafted to mimic natural Afro-textured hair, it offers a convenient way to achieve a chic and voluminous look.

With easy installation and a range of color options, this ponytail is perfect for those seeking a bold and trendy hairstyle without commitment.

Elevate your appearance with the Marley drawstring ponytail’s effortless charm and flair.


In conclusion, drawstring ponytails offer a convenient and versatile way to change your hairstyle by adding length and volume to your natural hair.

If you are searching for a hairpiece that will not go out of style, then you are absolutely correct for mentioning a drawstring ponytail! Choose any of the above styles for an elegant and gracious look.

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