33 Curly Hairstyles That Embrace Your Medium-Length Locks

Key Takeaways
  • Curly hairstyles for medium hair offer a versatile range of options, allowing you to switch between casual and formal looks effortlessly.
  • Embrace your hair’s natural volume and texture, as medium-length curls can create a stunning, voluminous effect that’s both trendy and attractive.
  • With medium-length curly hair, you have the freedom to experiment with various styling techniques, such as loose waves, tight curls, and braids, to suit different occasions.
  • While curly hair can be high maintenance, medium-length curls strike a balance between easy upkeep and embracing your unique curls, making them a practical choice for those who want a chic, low-maintenance look.

Medium curly hair is so beautifully bouncy and versatile. There are so many fun styles you can do with these luscious locks.

In addition, this hair is thicker than fine strands, allowing it to hold any styles you put in it. So, you can confidently style it without worrying much about it breaking.

This voluminous hair is prone to getting unruly if it’s not looked after, and the frizz can be super annoying.

9 Beautiful Curly Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Curly locks can have you looking like Hagrid from Harry Potter, which isn’t what most people want! Also, picking the lousy hair-do can mean having a bad day, ruining your curl pattern for weeks.

To avoid this disaster, we’ve found a bunch of fabulous curly hairstyles for medium hair and put them into this article.

This will help you get inspired and give you the confidence to rock curly locks without feeling like you’re fighting a losing battle against frizz. Read on to discover!

Before You Get Started

  • Embrace Your Natural Texture: Medium-length hair often has the perfect balance for showcasing your natural curls. 
  • Proper Hydration: Curly hair tends to be drier, so moisturize it regularly with deep conditioning treatments to maintain its health and vitality.
  • Heat Protectant: If you’re using heat styling tools, always apply a heat protectant to shield your curls from damage.
  • Layered Haircuts: Consider layered cuts to enhance your curls’ bounce and movement, as they can vary in shape and size throughout your hair.
  • Frizz Control: Invest in anti-frizz products to keep your curls looking polished and tamed, especially in humid conditions.

1. Edgy Long Bob With Fringe

Edgy Long Bob With Fringe

This edgy hair-do is ideal for someone who wants a fresh style to try on their naturally curly hair.

The bouncy fringe softens the look more, framing the face lightly and bringing a trendy ‘70s vibe.

The advantage to this design is that you can let your curls be slightly unruly without them seeming out of place.

For this reason, we recommend trying this style out if you are a laid-back person who doesn’t like to spend ages tweaking their locks.

The caramel highlights bring more depth to this stunning hairstyle. In addition, we adore the sultry rolled out of bed hair-do, which embraces frizz.

2. Rounded Bob

Rounded Bob

For an excellent short hairstyle that encourages your curls to be tighter, why not try this one out?

We love this one because it is relatively manageable while giving the medium hair volume and definition. In addition, the hairdresser has added products to ensure the curls have maintained their shape.

This chic look can also be achieved by curling tongs if you don’t have naturally swirling locks. The thickness is crucial to the style working because flat curls wouldn’t have the same fluffy effect.

To bring the Parisian vibes this gorgeous model has, we recommend putting on red lipstick.

3. Alternative Half And Half 

Alternative Half And Half 

Image by @flowerzhair via Instagram

Do you want to express your edginess through your hair-do? If so, why not try this super-hero-worthy half pink and half black style?

The pink side is super eye-catching and brings warmth to the curls, contrasting the chilled black side well. If you don’t want to go full goth, adding a pop of color like this one is a unique twist.

We recommend using another bright color such as blue or green for those who don’t love pink! This will ensure that the futuristic vibe is maintained without sacrificing your aesthetic.

And, we adore that the model has embraced the light and dark theme in their makeup, highlighting their rare mismatched eyes perfectly.

4. Blonde Elegant Updo

Blonde Elegant Updo

Image by @flowerzhair via Instagram

Do you want an elegant curly updo that keeps your hair out of your face without it looking ugly? If so, we recommend you try out this style!

The blonde highlights bring a shiny depth that shimmers in the light, and we adore it.

In addition, the hairstylist has picked out two adorable curls to frame the face and stop the design from looking too pulled back.

The great thing about this hairstyle is that you can display your curl pattern without crowding your features. So, wearing this in the summer heat is an excellent alternative to having your curls down.

It’s also a brilliant way to bring volume and sophistication to your aesthetic, ideal for wearing to Prom.

5. Auburn Ponytail

Auburn Ponytail

Image by @etsy_uk via Instagram

If you want this exact hairstyle for yourself, you can! This is a wig, believe it or not, and has a lace front, easily attaching it.

This short style hugs the face neatly, giving a youthful and manageable look.

We adore that the scrunchy has been placed into the hair to add even more volume and stop the top from looking flat.

A lovely detail is the neatly laid edges, which stop the baby hairs from being too frizzy. The tight curl pattern causes many little sections to bounce the light off.

And the color complements the beautiful model’s natural skin tone, too! This hair-do is ideal for Fall and lends itself to Instagram photos.

6. Long Ombre Hair-do

Long Ombre Hair-do

Image by @etsy_uk via Instagram

This goddess-level wig is simply stunning! We love that the designer has used lighter dye to create a subtle ombre effect and highlight certain strands.

The result complements the gorgeous model’s warm skin tone well. The long curls offer styling opportunities aplenty, too.

You could sweep these curls back quickly into a ponytail if you wanted to keep it from your face.

7. Subtle Elegance

Subtle Elegance

Image by @hail333yy via Pinterest

Are you searching for a Prom-worthy or bridal style? If so, how awesome is this delicate hair-do with a messy bun?!

The pulled-out strands give it a noticeably ‘90s feel, and the straight section brings a sleek contrast to the curls.

The laid edges soften the swept-back area, and swirls are celebrated in the back beautifully.

Furthermore, by smoothing the hair to the neck in this way, the hairdresser has revealed the pretty earrings the model has. So, this is an ideal option if you want to display your jewelry!

Quick Guide to Stylish Curly Hairstyles for Medium Hair

  • Embrace Your Natural Curls: Let your natural curls shine by using sulfate-free products that maintain moisture and curl definition.
  • Layered Haircuts: Opt for layered haircuts to enhance volume and shape, creating a dynamic look that complements your curls.
  • Regular Trims: Trim your hair every 8-12 weeks to eliminate split ends and maintain the health of your curls.
  • Use Heat Sparingly: Minimize heat styling to prevent damage, and when needed, always use a heat protectant spray to shield your curls from high temperatures.

8. Hippie Hair-do

Hippie Hair-do

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

Are you a bohemian and want to reflect this lifestyle in your curly locks? If so, we love that the hairdresser has used a loosely tied scrunchy to achieve a laid-back vibe here.

The curls are left to look natural, which ensures you can allow your strands to do what they want.

The loose ponytail at your neck holds back any annoying locks from getting caught in your mouth in a strong wind. This is super easy for a beginner to achieve, too!

9. Deep Blue Ocean Waves

Deep Blue Ocean Waves

Image by @righthairstyles via Instagram

Fancy embracing your inner mermaid? This stunning blue hairstyle has a fairytale written all over it!

The loose curls add to the oceanic vibes and bring old Hollywood glamour to the model’s aesthetic. This is a fun twist on classic sophistication, made for the bold.

10. Curly Lob with Highlights

Curly Lob with Highlights

Thick curly hair needs a shorter cut, such as a lob. It helps to minimize excessive thickness, resulting in bouncy, voluminous curls.

Copper blonde highlights on a dark background are a great way to highlight your natural texture.

11. Ginger Curls on Medium Curly Hairs 

Ginger Curls on Medium Curly Hairs 

Image by @mo_safi_ via Instagram

If you want your medium-length curly hair to stand out, color it brightly! The brilliant crimson palette emphasizes your gorgeous curl pattern and brings out your inner queen.

12. Champagne Blonde Medium Curly Hair

Champagne Blonde Medium Curly Hair

While lengthy curly hair may appear too high-maintenance for naturally curly girls, a medium-length cut comes to the rescue.

Shoulder-length hair is unquestionably easier to maintain and results in defined bouncy curls. Choose a head-turning blonde color and add curling bangs to spice things up.

13. Dark Brown Mid Length Curls

Dark Brown Mid Length Curls

Image by @slickback_buttahtoast via Instagram

If you’re a proud owner of natural curls looking for ways to define your treasure, a shoulder-length cut is the way to go.

Add some highlights to your skin to make it sparkle, but make sure they don’t create a stark contrast. This will make your hair look lovely and classy.

14. Wavy Style for Medium Hair

Wavy Style for Medium Hair

The curls become less apparent as the hair becomes longer. Curls tend to straighten due to their weight, making natural waves nearly flat if worn long.

On the other hand, a shoulder-length cut helps decrease the weight, allowing your waves to go wild finally.

15. Wispy Bangs for Medium Hair

Wispy Bangs for Medium Hair

Image by @salsalhair via Instagram

Curly girls understand that if you wear your curls long, greater volume on top will necessitate extra effort.

Consider a medium-length cut if you want to achieve effortless volume. You may even go a step further and add shorter layers on top to elevate your curls.

16. Side Parted Curly Bob

Side Parted Curly Bob

Image by @sarabotsfordhair via Instagram

Another striking example of a mid-length haircut rapidly altering curly hair. It appears flirtatious and adorable but is a hundred times more voluminous.

Not only that but use a side part to make your mane look more fuller.

Keep In Mind

  • Curl Type Understanding: Learn your specific curl type (e.g., wavy, curly, coily) to choose the right products and styling techniques for your hair.
  • Hydration: Keep your curls hydrated by using a moisturizing conditioner and incorporating leave-in conditioners to lock in moisture.
  • Comb Gently: When your hair is still damp, gently untangle it with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to avoid brushing your curls, which can promote frizz.
  • No More Sulfates: Use sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners to prevent drying out your curls and to maintain their natural oils.
  • Consistent Care: Establish a regular hair care routine that includes deep conditioning, regular trims, and low-manipulation styling to ensure the health and vibrancy of your medium-length curls.

17. 80’s Curly Hairstyle

80’s Curly Hairstyle

Image by @sarabotsfordhair via Instagram

The iconic 80’s curly hairstyle featured voluminous, bouncy locks cascaded with vibrant energy.

Achieved through perms or styling tools, these luscious curls exuded an air of carefree confidence, often accompanied by bold makeup and statement accessories, defining an era of flamboyant self-expression and individuality.

If you like historical hairstyles and are a curly girl, consider immersing yourself in the 1980s. If you want to make a statement, a curly shag cut with sassy curly bangs is the way to go!

18. Medium Length Hairs with Blonde Curls

Medium Length Hairs with Blonde Curls

Image by @sharonlytle via Instagram

Medium-length hair adorned with luscious blonde curls exudes an enchanting and vibrant aura.

The gentle twists cascade gracefully, adding a touch of elegance and playfulness. This versatile style captures the sunlight, creating a dazzling interplay of golden hues.

The curls frame the face artfully, enhancing the wearer’s natural beauty. A harmonious blend of sophistication and charm, this hairstyle is a captivating choice for those seeking effortless allure.

Thin curls adore shoulder-length hair because it makes them lighter and more voluminous.

Use a hair spray that minimizes frizz and makes hair more flexible to keep your curls well-groomed and defined.

19. Voluminous Curls

Voluminous Curls

Image by @rodrigovizu via Instagram

Achieve enchanting beauty with voluminous curls for medium-length hair.

Embrace a captivating transformation as your locks cascade in luxurious waves, adding depth and allure to your look.

Elevate your style effortlessly, exuding confidence with every bounce.

Experience the perfect balance of elegance and charm with these captivating voluminous curls, redefining your medium-length hair with glamour and grace.

Long curls need more time and effort to keep in form, which may be difficult for a woman living in today’s fast-paced environment.

The good news is that you can always shorten your curls – short layers mixed with the correct product will instantly make them look more defined without having to go the additional mile.

20. Classic Curly Bob for Medium Length Hairs

Classic Curly Bob for Medium Length Hairs

Image by @giboazhair via Instagram

The classic curly bob for medium-length hair exudes timeless charm and flair. Cascading curls frame the face, adding dimension and movement to your look.

This versatile style complements various occasions, from casual outings to formal events.

Its chic simplicity makes maintenance a breeze, while the bob’s length strikes a perfect balance between short and long, offering a fresh and sophisticated appearance that stands the test of time.

A traditional bob cut is one of the most excellent solutions for medium-length curly hair.

It has a cute feminine appearance that will never go out of style. Furthermore, such a length allows you to bundle your ringlets into an updo for yoga or a night out.

21. Natural Curls with Caramel Highlights

Natural Curls with Caramel Highlights

Image by @rodrigocintra via Instagram

Elevate your style with shoulder-length natural curls adorned by subtle caramel highlights.

The intertwining of bouncy curls and warm caramel tones creates a harmonious dance of texture and color.

Effortlessly chic, this look frames your face while adding a touch of sun-kissed radiance.

Embrace a dynamic fusion of elegance and vibrancy, showcasing the beauty of your natural curls enhanced by the allure of caramel highlights.

Natural curly hairstyles are adorable! A shoulder-length cut will give your natural curls more volume and shape.

Consider adding warm caramel highlights to your hair to make your complexion sparkle and highlight your facial features.

TipRefresh your curls between washes by using a water and conditioner spray to maintain moisture and revive your hairstyle.

22. Wet Spirals for Medium Hair 

Wet Spirals for Medium Hair 

Wet spirals for medium hair create stunning, defined curls. Apply a curl-enhancing product to damp hair, then use a wide-tooth comb to distribute evenly.

Finger coil sections for spiral definition, then air dry or use a diffuser on low heat. Finish with lightweight serum for shine and bounce.

Try using a wet look to get rid of frizzy hair. To define each curl, hairstyling gel is utilized.

The front is tightly twisted and fastened down to contrast with the remaining open strands. Dark-skinned women with thick, medium-length hair may pull off this look with confidence.

23. Lavender Afro Hair

Lavender Afro Hair

Lavender-hued Afro hair exudes a captivating blend of vibrancy and individuality.

The lush coils, textured and voluminous, embrace a soft yet striking shade of lavender, creating a unique and enchanting expression of personal style.

It’s a harmonious fusion of natural beauty and creative flair.

Make your afro curls stand out by coloring them in an exciting color. To replicate this look, dye your hair an excellent lavender color to contrast with the pitch-black roots.

The curling bangs with a middle part provide a unique touch to the style.   

24. Reverse Ombre curls

Reverse Ombre curls

Reverse ombre curls involve a striking hair technique where the roots remain dark while transitioning into lighter shades towards the ends.

Curls are meticulously styled to accentuate the color gradient, creating a stunning, dynamic look with a captivating blend of dark-to-light tones and beautifully defined curls.

When planning a particular occasion hairdo, you might want to explore a reversed ombre. Use a golden or platinum blonde dye on top and a deeper blonde shade on the bottom.

25. Romantic Ringlets

Romantic Ringlets

Image by @lcs.hairdesign via Instagram

Delicate tendrils of love woven in precious metal embrace a glistening gemstone at its heart.

A timeless symbol of affection, these exquisite ringlets whisper tales of devotion and everlasting passion, capturing the essence of enchanting romance in every shimmering curve.

This beautiful, messy look is ideal for channeling your inner princess. Tight ringlets are matched brilliantly by charming curled bangs with playful golden blonde highlights.

26. Beachy Waves for Medium Length Hairs

Beachy Waves for Medium Length Hairs

Create effortless beachy waves for medium-length hair by wrapping sections around a curling wand in alternating directions.

Gently tousle and spritz with salt spray for a relaxed texture. Ideal for a breezy, sun-kissed look that exudes casual charm and embodies the essence of a day at the beach.

Medium-length hair is ideal for a relaxed wavy haircut. The good news is that it’s simple to do on a variety of hair textures, including straight hair.

The key is to use the proper product on damp hair. And, yes, this curly haircut looks great with blonde highlights.

27. Copper Red Curly Hair

Copper Red Curly Hair

Image by @pamela_cabelos via Instagram

Vibrant copper-red curls cascade with captivating allure, intertwining warmth and vibrancy.

Each curl dances with a playful spirit, catching the light to reveal a lustrous sheen.

The fiery hue exudes confidence, while the intricate curls add depth and texture, framing the face in a stunning embrace of natural elegance.

While mid-length curls appear more abundant and well-groomed than long curly hair, you can always accentuate your lovely texture with the proper color.

We can’t take our eyes off this luscious copper, but remember that your new color should complement your skin tone and eye color in the first place.

28. Fancy Shag for Thick Curls

Fancy Shag for Thick Curls

Image by @curlpop via Instagram

If you’re looking for an eye-catching, head-turning look, this gorgeous, Hollywood-inspired shoulder-length curly haircut is for you!

Big curls draw attention to this hair, while the vivid black dots are the i’s and cross the t’s in this sophisticated design.

The Fancy Shag for Thick Curls is a dynamic and stylish medium-length haircut that embraces the natural texture of voluminous curls.

With carefully crafted layers and a playful yet sophisticated appeal, this trendy cut adds dimension and movement to your locks.

Effortlessly chic, it celebrates your curls while offering versatility in styling, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a captivating and modern look.

29. Rock Star Curls for Medium Hairs

Rock Star Curls for Medium Hairs

Rock Star Curls is a revolutionary haircare product that enables you to achieve stunning, voluminous curls quickly.

Its advanced formula nourishes and defines curls, eliminating frizz and ensuring long-lasting hold.

Transform your hair into a masterpiece and rock the stage confidently, whether on a casual day out or a glamorous event.

Embrace the spotlight with Rock Star Curls and unleash your inner rock star.

Why not embrace your inner rock star by sporting a gorgeous curly mess on your head? For this, you’ll need a mid-length cut with numerous layers and untidy bangs.

30. Mid Length Curly Cut for Salt and Pepper Hair

Mid Length Curly Cut for Salt and Pepper Hair

While most graying curly women like short curls, you can always experiment with length and attempt a shoulder-length cut.

Remember to keep your hair in good condition by using frequent cuts and purple shampoo to avoid brassy tones.

31. Curly Bob with Deep Side Part

Curly Bob with Deep Side Part

If you’ve noticed yourself becoming envious of curly chicks, it’s time to get a perm! A word of advice: shoulder-length hair is a fantastic choice if you have thin hair.

As a result, your curls will be more bouncy and voluminous.

32. Curly Shag Cut with Bangs

Curly Shag Cut with Bangs

This trendy curly shag is one of the best hairstyles for adding texture and movement to your look. It’s likely to turn heads with its enticing retro vibe.

33. Jet Black Curls

Jet Black Curls

Image by @jhonyveiga via Instagram

This medium-length curly hair has a particular Latin American mood that is fierce and fiery.

So, if your natural hair color is black and you don’t mind standing out, consider having stunning curls like the one in the photo.

Fun Fact

The Marcel Wave, an iconic curly hairstyle, was created by a French hairdresser, François Marcel, in the late 19th century. This innovative technique used heated curling irons to achieve those distinctive waves, making it a sensation during the Roaring Twenties.


We’ve run through many curly hairstyles perfect for those with medium hair! But, whether you’re an edgy, sophisticated, or playful person, there’s something for everyone. We hope you found inspiration from this article and enjoy experimenting!

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