73 Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles To Boost Fine And Thin Hair

Key Takeaways
  • Medium-length, thin hair might appear greasy and lifeless.
  • The most excellent approach to giving medium-length hair volume is with a shag or layered cut.
  • If your hair is thin, consider having a perm.

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We know the struggle, you want thick glossy magazine hair but it just won’t grow the way you want it.

You could want a medium cut for a variety of reasons- first off it looks classic and stylish.

A medium, or shoulder-length hair style is the most universal cut for all hair types, offering enough versatility to be fun and exciting compared to shorter hair, whilst also not being as high maintenance as much longer hair styles. 

Baylage Blonde

If your hair is fine, fragile or damaged, you may find that when you grow it past a certain length it starts to look ratty and uneven.

This is due to a variety of factors- if your hair is super fine and prone to damage, the lengths of your hair will start breaking off after a long period of time, especially around the front of your face.

This can be due to the weather, environmental polution or damage from hair products and heat treatment.

Did you know this can also be due to genetics? A lot of people are predisposed for their hair not to grown much at all past a certain length, especially in the front of our faces.

This can leave you hair looking uneven and straggly, and if you prefer a polished look, give a medium cut a try!

Whether you want medium length hair for ease of styling and maintenance, because you simply can’t grow it any longer, or just because it’s a brilliant style, read on to find out the best ways you can cut it to boost your volume and transform your locks. 

Before You Get Started

  • To prevent breakage, frizz, and damage to your thin hair, use a silk pillowcase.
  • Split ends are particularly common in thin hair, so get frequent trims or haircuts every 6 to 8 weeks.
  • When your hair is slightly damp, apply style products like a volumizing mousse and refrain from combing it.
  • Try not to brush your hair too much, and to prevent breaking, gently untangle it with your fingers.
  • Apply argan, coconut, or almond oil to your scalp twice a week to encourage blood flow, thicker hair, and general hair health.

1. Sweeping Champagne Blonde

Sweeping Champagne Blonde

Image by @juliajaboori via pinterest

If your looking for a mediu length cut that oozes style and class, opt for this gorgeous blonde shade.

The multidimensional tones will trick the eye into thinking you have far more hair than you do, whilst the light touseled locks will accentuate your face and add needed volume. 

2. Blonde Bob with Side Braids

Blonde Bob with Side Braids

Image by @weddingforward via pinterest

Who says you can’t have a little fun with shorter hair? The blunt bob means you can artificially add texture with some touseled waves.

You can also play around with braids and plaits to add drama and definition to your hair, keeping you interested in your fresh new look!

3. Chocolate Brown Bob

Chocolate Brown Bob

This deep and rich color means you’ll stand out of the crowd with your dazzling short hair.

The bonce is achieved through fine layers, which you can style to add extra definition.

Team with an adorable and bold fringe and face framing pieces to accentuate the look and add a youthful edge to your look. 

4. Tousled Bob With Ribbons

Tousled Bob with Ribbons
Image Source

By using multi tonal browns, you can add depth to your hair, adding thickness. This beautiful style is created by using ribbon tied through a french braid along the crown of the head. 

5. Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob

Image by @graziafrance via pinterest

With changing textures and multiple different layers to add drama and interest, the shaggy bob is a stylish and timeless way to wear shorter hair.

You can play around here with different styling tools to keep yourself interested in your new do and create several fun and interesting looks with just one hairstyle. 

6. Middle Parting Bob with Textured Layers

Middle Parting Bob with Textured Layers

Image by @amberrudder via pinterest

Ask your hairstylist for a middle parting when you get your bob cut in.

It will give you the flexibility to change up your hair parting and create more looks as the lengths will have a bit more leeway to go from side to side without looking too dramatic when you want to change up your parting.

7. Platinum White Blonde Cut

Platinum White Blonde Cut

If you’re looking for a color that captures attention whilst still looking sleek and professional, platinum blonde is a great way to go.

The light color is perfect for any age and is especially gentle on older women as it adds light to the face.

Be aware however that this is a very high maintenance color, especially if you have dark natural hair, as with short bobs there’s no place to blend in your roots without growing your hair out considerably. 

8. Mid Length Bayalage Bob

White Blonde Cut

Image by @btcmag via pinterest

This on the other hand is a great style to go for if you still want a pop of warmer blonde tones in your hair but want to grow out your roots effortlessly.

The mid-length cut is very flattering to the face shape too. Ask your hairstylist for a honey shoulder-length balayage, blending your natural roots.

This will give you minimal upkeep, a great option if your fine or thinning hair needs a break from over-processing. 

9. Grey and Silver Cut

Grey and Silver Cut

Image by @modernsalon via pinterest

Looking to stop dying your grays for good? This is the best way to do it! Ask your hairstylist to give you a natural fade to your silvers and grays, easier if you already have some roots growing through so you can get an even color match.

These sleek layers add body and volume to your hair and work great with thinner hair as you can style this versatile cut in many ways. 

10. Textured Choppy Blonde Lob

Textured Choppy Blonde Lob

Image by @wigsbuyofficial via pinterest

The lob or long bob is the perfect way to embrace some texture and detail to your hair whilst still maintaining an easy-to-style hairdo. Take a leaf out of Heather Locklear’s stylish book!

She is the queen of ageless style, and there are tonnes of research photos you can bring to your stylist for inspiration so your stylist knows what you’re looking to achieve. 

11. Bleach Blonde and Undercut

Bleach Blonde and Undercut

This is the ultimate stylish cut if you want to embrace an easy-to-manage hairdo.

Having an undercut may seem like the last thing you want to do if your trying to keep your hair looking as thick as possible, but it will naturally give the top layer bounce and is also really fun to put into buns, plaits, or any other number of styles.

Ask for a blunt bob and a deep undercut from your hairdresser. 

12. Angled Bob for Afro Hair

Angled Bob for Afro Hair
Image Source

Image by @BHTEXTURES via pinterest

Give yourself some root lift along with a lightly angled bob to create volume by your forehead. Use a product to keep lift and maintain a sleek and sassy style throughout the day. 

13. Long Wolf Cut

Long Wolf Cut

One of the most stylish and sexy ways to style medium-length hair whilst keeping body and flair.

A wolf cut can be styled so many ways and looks just as good messy as it does styled, perfect if you are looking for a style with minimal fuss!

14. Short Wolf Cut with Fringe

Short Wolf Cut with Fringe

Another beautiful wolf cut, can you tell we’re obsessed? With the addition of a bold fringe, this looks great with a little added root lift and some cute pins or accessories to keep it looking fresh and interesting.

This is also a great cut if you’re growing out an annoying pixie cut to a shoulder-length style. 

Quick Style Guide: Medium Length Hairstyles 

  • How to Choose a Style:
  • Layered Cuts: Opt for layered styles to add volume and texture to fine and thin hair. Layers create the illusion of thickness and movement.
  • Bob or Lob: Consider a classic bob or a longer lob (long bob) for a chic and low-maintenance look. These styles can make your hair appear fuller.
  • Textured Waves: Embrace textured waves and curls for added body and dimension. Use a curling iron or texturizing products to create volume.
  • Side-Part: A side-part can add lift and volume to the roots, making your hair look more voluminous.
  • Level of Maintenance: Low to moderate
  • Suitable For:
  • Fine and Thin Hair: These styles are specifically suited for individuals with fine and thin hair, as they work to create the appearance of fuller and thicker locks.
  • Looks Best With:Light, Airy Makeup: Opt for light and natural makeup to complement your medium-length hairstyle. Soft eyeshadows and neutral lip colors can enhance your overall appearance and maintain a balanced look.

15. Bleached Mullet

Bleached Mullet Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

A punky twist is a great way to embrace your natural hair texture and not worry about uneven hair growth.

The mullet is an exaggerated wolf cut, with long lengths and touseled ends. The goal with layers in thin hair is to create volume whilst not getting rid of the density of your hair. 

16. Short Layered Bob

Short Layered Bob Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Another unique style that breaths new life into thin and shorter hair. When styling, straighten your hair and curl outwards away from the face.

This creates extra much-needed volume. As always, be sure to protect your thin hair with a heat protector before you use a damaging styler!

17. Bleached Split Dye Hair With Layers 

Short Layered Bob Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Add some drama and uniqueness to your look. This youthful and bold use of color is a great way to enhance your natural texture and play around with placement.

If you find yourself dyeing your hair too often and switching up colors causing damage to your hair, this is a great way to still get your hair-dye fix whilst protecting the majority of your hair from damage. 

18. Blunt Short Bob With Middle Parting

Blunt Short Bob With Middle Parting

Image by @alicia_hoo via pinterest

As great as layers are for creating volume in thin hair, surprisingly, having a blunt cut also creates the illusion of thickness and fullness.

Ask your stylist for a blunt above shoulder cut with a middle parting.

Having your hair above the shoulder creates the illusion of thickness and keeps your hair looking neat whilst also giving you the flexibility to style it in many different ways. 

19. Blunt Blonde Bob with Layers

Blunt Blonde Bob with Layers Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @chelscaruso via instagram

Straight-cut shoulder-length bobs can show off how thick or thin your hair is, which may not be what a lady with finer hair wants.

Uni-length trims, on the other hand, can work for everyone, provided there are sparse, delicate layers incorporated into the cut, as they provide volume and movement.

20. Layering and a Headband Twist

Layering and a Headband Twist Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @krissafowles via instagram

This lovely calm look is based on a layered collarbone bob.

A simple headband twist can serve both a cosmetic and a functional purpose, keeping your long bangs off your brow and adding to the zest of this magnificent eye-catching style for straight thin hair.

21. A Flip of Blonde

A Flip of Blonde Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @maxwellmathson vi instagram

Champagne blonde hair is a sexier and more exciting alternative to other blonde tints. When looking for medium-long hairstyles for thin hair, keep in mind that color may make or break a look.

22. White Blonde Shaggy Bob

White Blonde Shaggy Bob Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @blendedbeautifullybymisty via instagram

A broken, scruffy bob is an excellent medium-length haircut for fine hair.

The bright, bleachy blonde color and the ruffled waves give it a summery look that is easygoing and easy to manage.

The hairstyle falls just below the shoulders and can be parted in the middle or to the side.

Keep in Mind

  • Layering: Consider adding layers to provide the appearance of volume and texture.
  • Volumizing Products: Use mousse or volumizing sprays to enhance thickness and hold.
  • Maintenance: Regular trims can prevent split ends and keep your hair looking healthier and fuller.
  • Balanced Length: Choose a medium length that suits your face shape and personal style.
  • Hair Accessories: Experiment with hair accessories like headbands, clips, or scrunchies for added flair.
  • Styling Techniques: Learn styling techniques, like teasing or backcombing, to create the illusion of fullness.

23. Medium cut with feathered and angled layers

Medium cut with feathered and angled layers

Image by @e_belhair via instagram

Choose a feathery cut for growing out your fine hair from short to medium length. Straight hair looks impressive with this piece-y feathery cut.

The slightly flipped-up ends and gold-blonde balayage offer a unique, almost mystical touch.

24. Shaggy Warm Bronde Lob

 Shaggy Warm Bronde Lob Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @_edwardsandco via instagram

Most ladies with fine hair look good in a shoulder-length choppy lob.

The midshaft waves have a beachy texture, while the side part and peek-a-boo bangs provide a laid-back look.

The strewn-together waves complement the golden blonde highlights and light brown base tone.

25. Bob’s Chic Sliced Golden Blonde

Bob's Chic Sliced Golden Blonde

If you’re okay, straight hair won’t retain a curl; try a style with a side or center part and long, feathery bangs that frame the face.

A shoulder-length cut is a popular option for medium haircuts for thin hair, and the balayage provides an extra layer of appeal.

26. Bob with a Honey Blonde Collarbone

Bob with a Honey Blonde Collarbone Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @dawntraceyhair via instagram

Collarbone bobs are simple medium-length haircuts for fine hair that appear incredibly stylish.

Virtually uni-length, when worn straight, it’s likely to reduce your morning grooming procedure and offer you a signature ‘look.’

Balayage enhances the dimension element of this cut.

27. Medium Cut Messy Updo

Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @hairandmakeupbysteph via instagram

For a playful look that adds volume, finger-comb your hair back into a sloppy bun or ponytail.

Messy hairstyles are pretty “in” right now, and they’re a fantastic alternative if you’re between color sessions or growing out your locks.

28. Blonde Lobs Mess

Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @jenniehairartist via instagram

When thin hair is styled disheveled, it appears fuller. Create this look by backcombing hair from the ends up and teasing the crown. If you like this look, balayage or ombre coloring will look great on you.

29. Curled ends on a U-shaped cut

Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @paulolinn via instagram

A U-Shaped cut makes it simple to accomplish classic styling (70s-inspired waves). Fine hair appears bigger and thicker with an extra bounce at the ends.

This style can be achieved by twisting hair at the bottom with a flat iron. Using a curling iron with a clamp or hot rollers is just as effective.

Pro Tip

You can elevate your French twist by creating triple twists in symmetrical lines around the back of the head, or you can make wispy tendrils to frame your face.

30. Choppy Inverted Lob with Balayage Highlights

Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @kristen.lumiere via instagram

A choppy inverted lob is a trendy, edgy haircut characterized by shorter back layers and longer front strands.

Balayage highlights add dimension with a hand-painted, natural-looking color gradient.

The increased body and edge of inverted medium haircuts for thin hair are fantastic.

Add some jagged layers and modest balayage highlights for a contemporary look many people desire to replicate.

31. White Choppy Lob for Thin Hair


Image by @salsalhair via instagram

A white choppy lob is a trendy, shoulder-length haircut with textured, uneven layers, perfect for adding volume and dimension to thin hair while maintaining a chic, modern look.

Straight hair separated in the middle and cut into a fractured long bob gives a current and fashionable urban punk vibe.

The bright, white-blonde tone complements your skin, and the peek-a-boo bangs frame your face beautifully.

32. Brown Bob with Subtly Layered Ends


Image by @rinniemichele via instagram

The “Brown Bob with Subtly Layered Ends” is a chic hairstyle featuring a brown-colored bob cut with gentle, layered ends, offering texture, movement, and a sophisticated, versatile look.

The secret to nailing thin or thinning hair haircuts is to avoid overpowering locks with excessive layers or dramatic trims.

Light layers combined with mild coloring are appealing for this fragile hair type and notably complement thinner locks strategically.

33. Messy Wheat Blonde Bob with Layers


Image by @hairbysaretta via instagram

Messier medium hairstyles for thin hair are among the best hairstyles. They are very effective on naturally straight fine hair, adding body and changing the texture.

Curl your hair loosely, tuck it in, and set it with spray.

Using volumizing products on damp hair can reduce styling time while achieving the desired messy-chic effect.

34. Feathered Ends and Bangs on Medium Hair


Image by @hairartistrybycaitlin via instagram

On thin hair, the feathering technique works wonderfully.

When razors are used instead of shears to cut the mane, a fuzzy appearance is generated, adding texture to the fur.

Texturizing adds volume. Finish with dreamy sparse bangs for a beautiful medium style for straight hair.

36. Angled Bob with Waves and Subtle Highlights


Image by @cutyourhair via instagram

An angled bob haircut featuring tousled waves for a relaxed, beachy look. Subtle highlights add dimension and depth, enhancing the overall texture and creating a chic, low-maintenance style.

A pretty angled bob can never go wrong! Highlights shine brightly on enormous, delicious waves created with a large barrel curling wand. Ruffle your fingers to prevent the style from looking too “done.”

37. Sleek and Glossy Blonde Balayage Bob


Image by @ceremonywithself via instagram

A sleek and glossy blonde balayage bob is a chic, shoulder-length hairstyle that combines a smooth, shiny finish with carefully blended blonde highlights, creating a modern and sophisticated look.

Messy shoulder length hairstyles for fine hair are ideal for adding texture, but if spotless hairstyles are more your thing, opt for an A-line clean bob.

To style, use a shine spray to increase the gloss factor: sleekness will make your hair look healthier and thicker as a result.

38. Casual Braided Pompadour


Image by @lynnie1909 via instagram

Cute hair doesn’t always have to come from a haircut; instead, consider other ways to style your strands.

A braided pompadour is usually attractive on finer hair. Inspired by your childhood French braids, braid only the top section of your hair to provide volume while the rest flows freely.

The casual braided pompadour is a stylish hairdo featuring a loose, textured braid running from the forehead to the crown, creating volume and a relaxed, elegant look. Perfect for both formal and everyday occasions.

39. Perfect California Blonde Bob


Image by @colour_samg via instagram

The perfect California blonde bob is a sun-kissed, shoulder-length hairstyle with soft, beachy waves.

Its golden hues radiate a carefree, laid-back vibe, capturing the essence of California’s beachy lifestyle and natural beauty.

Select a blonde with undertones that compliment your skin tone, whether relaxed, warm, or neutral. Highlights, whether straight, wavy, or curly, help to add dimension to a bob.

40. Medium Length Angelic Waves


Image by @hairbynicolereyns via instagram

Cute hairstyles for thin hair aren’t challenging to achieve. Use a flat iron or hot rollers to create enormous, loose waves.

These look wonderful in updos and downdos and are incredibly flattering on longer medium hair.

Medium-length angelic waves gently cascade down, exuding an ethereal charm.

Softly curled ends create a harmonious blend of grace and elegance, invoking a celestial aura that captivates with every sway.

41. Medium Feathered Bronde Cut


Image by @hairby_gabbs via instagram

A medium-length, feathered bronde cut combines a warm brunette base with subtle blonde highlights.

It features soft, textured layers for an effortlessly chic and versatile natural, sun-kissed look.

This textured, piece-y haircut’s sun-kissed, natural blonde highlights provide depth and dimension to sparse hair.

The collarbone length creates a slimming look, while the crisp waves add volume. It’s a versatile cut that looks great parted in the middle or on the side.

42. Smooth Thin Layers


Image by @rochellegolden via instagram

A gentle ombre is the most excellent way to get blonde. The colors in this bob are perfectly mixed and gently faded, yet the hair still has that unique, hand-painted feel. Shoulder haircuts that skim the collarbone look the finest.

43. Curly Caramel Blonde Bob


Image by @studio417salon via instagram

Curls look great on a bob! Keep the waves near your face loose and curve away from your face for the most pleasing appearance.

The Curly Caramel Blonde Bob is a chic and playful hairstyle featuring shoulder-length, curly locks with a warm caramel blonde hue. It exudes effortless elegance and a touch of summer vibrancy.

44. Sliced Ash Blonde Shag


Image by @catherinelovescolor via instagram

You might not think of a shag when looking for new gorgeous medium Length hairstyles for thin hair, but a shaggy, textured cut can give thin hair an extra lift.

The sliced ash blonde shag is a trendy hairstyle characterized by textured, choppy layers in a cool, ashy blonde hue. It exudes a chic and effortlessly tousled appearance, perfect for a modern, edgy look.

45. Wavy Choppy Midi Cut


Image by @johnnyramirez via instagram

A lovely, easy, girly down-do is created with wavy medium-length hair that reaches the shoulders.

The blonde, summery tresses with shadow roots are carefree and lively, and the versatile length allows you to arrange an updo or ponytail whenever you like.

46. Texture-Boosting Shag for Thin Hair


Image by @hair_by_pedro via instagram

The texture is essential in shoulder-length hairstyles for fine hair. Shorter layers around the face are a unique element to this cut, adding volume to the shag and giving it a bohemian vibe.

The Texture-Boosting Shag for Thin Hair is a layered haircut with strategic volume and texture, adding depth and body to thin strands. It’s chic, low-maintenance, and perfect for fine hair.

47. Perfectly Textured Thin Hair


Image by @yorkhair_ via instagram

Shaggy medium-length haircuts for thin hair are popular, so why not give this choppy blonde bob a try at your next salon appointment? This hairstyle, which features volumized top layers and piecey waves, highlights every facet of the haircut.

The brilliant blonde balayage highlights will make you stand out in any crowd!

48. Blonde Jagged Shag


Image by @suzandro_ via instagram

Shags are often on the edgier end of the shoulder-length hair spectrum, so they’d go well with cheap, more rock n’roll clothing.

Pair this cut with any solid or subtly highlighted hair color for optimum impact.

A blonde jagged shag hairstyle is a textured, layered haircut with blonde hair featuring choppy, uneven ends for a trendy, edgy look that adds volume and movement to the hair.

49. Brunette Lob Feathered

Brunette Lob Feathered

Image by @jamiekeikohair via instagram

When straight, fine hair is layered, it seems thicker and healthier.

The razored ends and tousled top give volume, and the flared silhouette fools the viewer’s eye into believing there’s a lot more fullness and body in this haircut.

The side part highlights the copper babylights, and the long, feathered bangs frame the face perfectly.

50. Choppy Shoulder-Length Shag

Choppy Shoulder-Length Shag

Image by @beckym_hair via instagram

Choppy medium-length haircuts for thin hair are popular among young people because they provide the necessary effortlessly trendy appearance.

The middle part is a stylish, modern option that flatters all facial shapes.

The choppy shoulder-length shag is a trendy hairstyle featuring textured layers that frame the face and create volume.

It’s effortlessly stylish, versatile, and perfect for a relaxed, chic look.

51. Shaggy Messy Brown Lob

Shaggy Messy Brown Lob

Image by @mizzchoi via instagram

A shaggy, messy brown lob frames the face with relaxed charm. The tousled waves offer a carefree vibe, while the warm brown hue adds depth and warmth to the overall look.

Messy waves will add volume to your fine hair. Highlights seem very natural and effortless when used in a no-frills way.

When growing out a shorter haircut, a purposefully disheveled hairstyle should be your go-to alternative.

52. Side-Parted Bob for Straight Hair

Side-Parted Bob for Straight Hair

Image by @rochellegolden via instagram

The side-parted bob for straight hair is a chic, shoulder-length hairstyle.

Hair is sleek and angled, with a deep side part framing the face elegantly for a sophisticated and timeless look.

This sweet design is both feminine and flattering. The body provides the contour of the hair in the back of the style, while the smooth layers in the front are sensual and uncomplicated.

To keep the cut current, request long-side bangs from your stylist.

53. Milk Chocolate Lob with Honey Highlights

Milk Chocolate Lob with Honey Highlights

Milk Chocolate Lob with Honey Highlights” is a trendy hair color and style combination featuring a medium-length bob haircut in a warm milk chocolate shade with subtle honey-colored highlights, creating a natural and luminous look.

Layered hairstyles for thin hair, like this one, should be matched with delicate dimensional highlights.

Give your strands a delightful treat. The light chocolate brown color with honey highlights enhances the hair’s rich, healthy, and supple appearance.

54. Medium Blonde Bob with Shadow Roots

Medium Blonde Bob with Shadow Roots

Image by @williamkernhair via instagram

A medium blonde bob hairstyle features a sleek, chin-length cut with shadow roots, seamlessly blending darker roots into a sun-kissed blonde hue.

It exudes modern chic with natural depth and dimension.

Thinning hair can benefit from a longer haircut with side bangs.

A feathered lob that grazes the collarbone looks sleek and classy; the gentle feathering and face-framing bangs highlight your most outstanding features.

55. Beautiful Golden Curls

Beautiful Golden Curls Beautiful Golden Curls

Radiant strands of golden curls cascade like molten sunlight, framing a face with a timeless allure.

Each curl dances in harmonious waves, a lustrous tapestry of elegance and grace.

The greatest hairstyles for thin fine hair are wavy curls. Curl the hair in opposite directions to increase the volume-giving power of curls.

This allows you to layer the curls one on top of the other, creating a stunningly full head of hair.

56. Messy Inverted Lob

 Messy Inverted Lob  Messy Inverted Lob

Image by @jackieandherscissors via instagram

The Messy Inverted Lob is a trendy hairstyle featuring a shorter back and longer front, creating a chic, asymmetrical look. Its tousled texture adds a relaxed, effortless vibe to the classic bob.

A chocolate brown hair color and vibrant honey highlights say it all: you’re a laid-back woman who sees the sunny side of life.

When you combine a jagged cut with an inverted form, you have a great combo.

57. Sliced Bronde Lob for Thin Hair

Sliced Bronde Lob for Thin Hair

Image by @patriciajhair via instagram

A sliced bronde lob is a stylish medium-length haircut that combines brunette and blonde tones for dimension.

It is ideal for thin hair and features textured layers to add volume and movement.

For thin hair, try a lived-in style with a jagged medium haircut. Make the most of your natural waves by bending them in the middle with a flat iron.

The varying hues of blonde balayage also contribute to the appearance of thickness and fullness.

58. Flowy and Voluminous Curls

Flowy and Voluminous Curls Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Flowy and voluminous curls refer to luxuriously styled hair with large, bouncy spirals or waves.

These curls cascade gracefully, adding depth and dimension to your hair, creating a captivating and glamorous look.

Make it as bouncy as possible to bring out the best in thin hair. That is why huge curls are essential.

Smaller circles might easily fall flat but whipped huge loops like these provide a voluminous appearance flawlessly.

59. Mahogany Red A-line Bob

Mahogany Red A-line Bob Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @marlainamarie.hair via instagram

The Mahogany Red A-line Bob is a chic and vibrant hairstyle featuring a rich mahogany red.

It’s a sleek, shoulder-length bob with a slight angle, framing the face beautifully for a modern and sophisticated look.

Color should be added to medium-length haircuts for thin hair. Adding some highlights carefully placed helps to bring life to thin hair. This lovely red color is ideal for brunettes.

60. Angled Choppy Blonde Bob

 Angled Choppy Blonde Bob

Image by @anhcotran via instagram

A vibrant, inverted bob with many chunky waves and textured, shaggy parts can liven up your monotonous, flat shoulder-length hair.

The brilliant blonde color has been toned down with honey undertones, and the side part allows long, face-framing bangs to fall toward the clavicles.

61. Side-Parted Razored Bob Cut

Side-Parted Razored Bob Cut Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @marcosproencaoficial via instagram

The side-parted razored bob cut is a trendy, edgy hairstyle characterized by a short, angled bob with textured, razor-cut layers.

It features a deep side part, creating asymmetry, and adds movement and dimension to the hair. This style offers a modern and chic look with a touch of sophistication.

If your straight mid-length hair looks thin and dry, trim the damaged ends and try a shorter, razored bob cut.

The blonde streaks contrasted beautifully with the darker base color, and the feathery bangs and ruffled top provided depth and roundness to the overall form.

62. Soft Gray Blonde Lob

Soft Gray Blonde Lob

Image by @lestatty_ via instagram

A soft gray-blonde lob is a trendy hairstyle featuring a medium-length bob with subtle, cool-toned gray and blonde highlights.

It exudes a sophisticated and modern aesthetic, offering versatility for various hair textures and face shapes, while the soft coloring adds a touch of elegance to the overall look.

Metallic colors can be used to spice up medium-length thin hairstyles.

The silvery blonde tones shine and appear to shimmer, and the deep side part allows the entire set of heavy bangs to cascade across the forehead.

63. Cute Two-Tier Brunette Hairstyle

 Cute Two-Tier Brunette Hairstyle Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @motoshi0105wolf via instagram

The cute two-tier brunette hairstyle features a charming blend of elegance and playfulness.

The upper layer frames the face with soft, cascading waves, while the lower tier offers volume and depth with sleek, straight locks.

This harmonious combination creates a chic, versatile look that complements various occasions and styles.

Shoulder-length hairstyles for fine hair look more prominent and rounder with a two-tier cut.

The top half tapers towards the neck, while the bottom section flips out, allowing the ends to rest delicately on the shoulders.

If you want to keep the cut looking conservative, use the copper brown hue.

64. Caramel Bob with Root Lift and Swoopy Bangs

Caramel Bob with Root Lift and Swoopy Bangs Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @hairartistrybycaitlin via instagram

A root lift enhances overall volume, which is extremely useful when trying to conceal weak hair.

Caramel bobs exude light, airy, and seductive feelings ideal for warmer weather.

They’re also fantastic for lightening skin and highlighting green, blue, gray, golden brown, and hazel eyes!

65. Medium Length Bangs

Medium Length Bangs Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @___phine___ via instagram

Medium-length bangs typically reach just past the eyebrows and frame the face with a versatile and stylish look.

They add a touch of charm while allowing for various styling options, from sweeping to the side for a softer appearance to wearing them straight across for a bolder, edgier effect.

Medium hairstyles for fine hair can also be quite fashionable. While you may not be able to get the curls or waves that last, straight, sweeping layers and bangs can still appear professional and gorgeous.

66. White Hairstyle with Swoopy Layers

White Hairstyle with Swoopy Layers Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @saidhenriquee via instagram

A white hairstyle with swoopy layers is a trendy and chic look characterized by snowy-white hair color and gracefully cascading layers.

The layers add movement and texture to the hair, while the white hue exudes a bold and distinctive style statement. This hairstyle combines elegance with modern flair.

Swoopy layers on mid-length cuts are vital because they are delicate enough not to overpower fine hair while still adding movement.

This sway adds a lot of movement, which is especially crucial when using a hue like white, which would otherwise look flat.

Fun Fact

The famous “lob” (long bob) is a trendy medium-length hairstyle that works wonders for fine and thin hair. Its versatility and balance between length and volume make it a favorite choice.

67. Adorably Poofy Pony

Adorably Poofy Pony Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @allieliliokalani via instagram

The Adorably Poofy Pony is a petite equine delight. Its soft, snow-white fur forms a fluffy, cloud-like mane and tail, while its gentle eyes radiate innocence.

Its small size and charm make it an enchanting companion. Teasing the hair to add volume is the quickest approach to achieve extra volume.

Simple ponytails can get tedious. Change things up a little and make your look more dressy and put together. This adorable pony does the trick.

68. Chic and Sleek Side Parted Bob

 Chic and Sleek Side Parted Bob Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

The Chic and Sleek Side Parted Bob is a trendy and sophisticated hairstyle characterized by a short, angled cut that frames the face.

It features a stylish side part, smooth texture, and clean lines, exuding elegance and modernity.

Sleek medium hair should still be teased at the roots and disheveled at the ends.

It’s difficult to imagine a more beautiful bob than this: asymmetry, body, sleekness,and sheen, with just a hint of bedhead. A definite must-have.

69. Tousled Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Tousled Blonde Bob Hairstyle Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @___phine___ via instagram

Less is more, so go for a basic tousled bob. Whatever your natural hair texture, you can spice up the hairstyle by deeply splitting hair on the side.

This is also a beautiful, creative hairstyle for darker hair tones, such as this highlighted dishwater blonde.

70. Medium Blonde Hairstyle with Flicked Ends

 Medium Blonde Hairstyle with Flicked Ends

Image by @a_west2.0 via instagram

Medium haircuts with lengthy layers are ideal for those who wish to maintain their hair longer and switch between updos and downdos.

Flick the ends of strands to add movement to a straight style and to generate bounce in finer hair.

71. Tousled Medium Length Locks

Tousled Medium Length Locks Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @sofiawithaf31 via instagram

Let us not overlook the advantages of keeping things simple. The fuss-free style adds an immediate sensuality to your outfit.

An uneven texture is the key to emphasizing the choppiness of your haircut.

After blow drying, use a clipless curling iron to create random waves and twists.

72. Smooth A-Line Bob

Smooth A-Line Bob Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Image by @loczistyle via instagram

Remember that hairstyles for shoulder-length hair do not have to be complicated. Often, showing off your cut is the best thing you can do.

Straight hair complements an A-line cut beautifully, especially when the layering is smooth and delicate.

73. Messy Backswept Curls

Messy Backswept Curls Gorgeous Medium Length Hairstyles

Curls are an excellent choice for thin hair.

The delightful ringlets make your mane look fuller and more natural, especially when they’re silky but messed up and brushed back as if by the wind.

Even though they are not immediately noticeable, very subtle highlights are a significant advantage for added dimension.

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