56 Head-Turning Crochet Braids: A Stunning Transformation

Key Takeaways
  • Crochet braids are a versatile and low-maintenance hairstyle that can be customized to suit various hair types, lengths, and styles.
  • Crochet braids are a popular choice for protective styling, helping to safeguard your natural hair from daily wear and tear while promoting growth and health.
  • Crochet braids are known for their relatively quick and easy installation process, making them a convenient choice for those with busy lifestyles.
  • With crochet braids, you can experiment with a wide range of textures, colors, and lengths, allowing for endless styling possibilities to match your unique preferences and fashion statements.

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Crochet braids ideas, the go-to innovative braided hairstyle, is a super-stylish and easy way to support a new updated protective hairdo.

Try this quick and easy crochet braid hairstyle to protect your hair from heat damage and excessive styling.

Crochet braids are an easy hairstyle. It creates a new look out of the current hairstyling method.

It is quick and easy as crocheting does not require much manipulation of your natural hair other than braiding.

In the crochet braid hairstyle, you can attach textured extensions to the cornrows using a looping method.

This hairstyle braiding is also called latch hook braiding. It is typically used to create the length and protect natural hair. 

 Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your natural hair is clean and well-moisturized, as healthy hair serves as the foundation for stunning crochet braids.
  • Maintain a clean and moisturized scalp to create a comfortable and healthy environment for your crochet braids.
  • Familiarize yourself with the crochet needle and technique you will be using to achieve the desired look.
  • Consider the type of braids (cornrows or twists) and the pattern youn will use as the foundation for your crochet braids.
  • Prepare for regular touch-ups and care to keep your crochet braids looking fresh and stylish over time.

1. Wine Red Braid Crochet style crochet braids ideas

Wine Red Braid Crochet style

Image by @gottin_hair_braids_hair via Instagram

Do you think wine red braid crochet won’t work on dark skin? Think again. Whether you have fair skin or deep mahogany, wine red Braid Crochet is for you

So when you get a date with your beloved, ensure you wear this valentine’s hairstyle and express your love boldly.

This attractive hairstyle makes you look splendid and unique.

 2. Elegant Black crochet braids ideas

Elegant Black crochet braids ideas

Image by @eu.laur4 via Instagram

Elegant black crochet is among the choicest hairstyles imaginable. It looks stunning when done perfectly.

For a unique look with black crochet, you can add a few light highlights. 

Elegant crochet is back and on the rise, and they’re bigger and better than ever.

If you ever liked to play around with style, texture, length, or color, black crochet braids provide you with the perfect opportunity.

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3. Twisty style crochet braids ideas

Twisty style crochet

Image by @gottin_hair_braids_hair via Instagram

Twist braids offer versatility and style. They are a great alternative to the famous box braid hairstyle.

This medium, shoulder-length hair shouldn’t limit your styling capabilities. Twisty style crochet braids jazz up your crochet twist look.

 Available in varying lengths, you will love this rocking crochet twist hairstyle.

4. Browny Crochet Bun Braids ideas

Browny Crochet Bun Braids ideas

Image by @mirasofiahair via Instagram

Browny crochet bun braids are a great way to make your braided bun look unique. This hairdo is a classic up-do.

If you find your long hair hard to carry, browny crochet bun braids are something you could try.

This high braided bun will hold your hair for a long day. The brown color makes the hairstyle pop, and this funky trend is getting popular.

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5.   Classic crochet braids ideas

Classic crochet braids

Image by @braidsbyjazonto via Instagram

Classic crochet braids are a gorgeous hairstyle for women with an added twist. You can add any accent color to make this one pop. The golden color here is marvelous.

This perfect braided hairdo is uncommon but gorgeous that you ought to try. This up-do is not trendy but gorgeous.

Classic crochet braided up-do is very comfortable to wear and looks breathtaking. If you want to add color is your choice.

6.  Bright Style crochet braids ideas

 Bright Style crochet braids ideas

Image by @veronbeauty_lifestyle via Instagram

It is another beautiful example of a simple look elevated with a free-flowing look. Bright Style crochet braids will look best with women having long to medium-length hair.

Bright style crochet braids have a wavy look and are indeed an elegant style.

To sport this hairstyle, you should first make a side partition. Wearing a long beach dress with this hairstyle will surely catch people’s eyes.

7. Sublime Blacky crochet braids ideas

Sublime Blacky crochet braids

Image by @star.afro via Instagram

If you adore wearing long hair, let your sublime blacky crochet braids of different shapes and thicknesses make your look super dimensional.

Sublime blacky crochet braids also impart a lot of volume to the hair.

The black hair braids can vary in size and number, yet these face-framing braids have attractive feminine flair attached to them.

Their clean looks reflect an aura of sophistication and confidence. The royal looks make it a great hairstyle to sport professionally.

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8. Knotless Stylish crochet braids ideas

Knotless Stylish crochet braids ideas

Image by @royalty_braids_and_weave via Instagram

Knotless stylish crochet braids are everything you want in a hairstyle.

They are versatile and look effortlessly cool, flattering, and protective. This hairdo causes very little damage to your hair than traditional box braids.

These knotless crochet braids don’t put tension on your scalp. This hairstyle creates a seamless finish that doesn’t ruin the edges and cause breakage.

Knotless stylish crochet braids are beautiful and feminine and the perfect way to show off your free spirit and creativity.

9. Cornrows Brownish Crochet braids ideas

 Cornrows Brownish Crochet

Image by @drbraidss via Instagram

Why not expose your cornrows?

If you aren’t able to decide between braids or loose hair, you don’t have to. Just look at this picture and ask your braider for these cornrows brownish crochet braids.

Cornrows brownish crochet braids are very trendy. This hairdo will make you leave your place with a fashionable hairstyle that will make heads turn.

Cornrows brownish crochet braids hairstyles sporting a cool freestyle look can be the perfect companion for a dinner date. 

10. Fauxlocs Style Crochet braids ideas

Fauxlocs Style Crochet

Image by @fabrica_de_dreads via Instagram

Do you want to make a statement in style? Then the faux locs style crochet braids hair idea is for you!

Faux Locs style crochet braids look best on long hair. These crochet braids are traditional and trendy. You can create them by making a partition first.

The hairdo looks glamorous and stunning, and it is perfect for ladies who value style.

11. Wonder Violet Style Crochet braids ideas

Wonder Violet Style Crochet braids ideas

Image by @royalty_braids_and_weave via Instagram

The naturally-looking crochet braids are stylish and sexy, but you need something extraordinary from time to time.

How about giving these super long violet braids a try?  If you feel bored of them, you can take them off at any time.

When you feel like standing out, attach colorful extensions over your crochet braids. This braided style uses violet-colored kinky hair extensions to create a dazzling look.

12. Layered Pink Bun Crochet braids ideas

 Layered Pink Bun Crochet braids

Image by @allenhair_gh via Instagram

 Do you want to use bright ideas and stand out?

 If yes, you will like this layered pink bun crochet braids hairdo. Pink hair is quite bold and outgoing.

This long, colorful, and unique style is so tempting. If you like to wear loud colors, you will like this hairdo. This crochet look is ideal for any lady that wishes to stand out.

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 13. Unique Hearty Crochet braids ideas

 Unique Hearty Crochet

  Image by @hair_by_helenzy via Instagram

Use your braiding powers to recreate a gorgeous triple braid style unique hearty crochet braids for short hair. In this style, you arrange all hair into heart shapes that create an exquisite look.

Moms who have both time and patience can use this hairdo for their little princess. Make sure you try it several times before you master it.

You can do a unique hearty crochet braid on short hair. It looks charming, and it is apt for young girls.

14.  Springy Twist Crochet braids ideas

Springy Twist Crochet

Image by @regianetrancas via Instagram

Crochet braid hairstyles offer many hair styling opportunities. Moreover, you can crochet braids with ease.

A side-partition in springy twist crochet braids hairstyle looks good.

The look of this hairstyle is fabulous. You can curl the hair to resemble a spring-like effect. You can flaunt the hairstyle on short hair very gracefully.

Springy twist crochet braids take some time, but the hairstyle gives a gorgeous and charming look.

15. Jumbo Knotless Cherry Curls Crochet braids ideas

Jumbo Knotless Cherry Curls Crochet

Image by @mirasofiahair via Instagram

Jumbo knotless cherry curls crochet braids are adorable and feminine. This braid is everything about flaunting the prettiest colorful braids.

It truly has a unique look. You can use this hairstyle with a lace dress, and you are ready to rock. You get the most charming look ever.

 This hairstyle can be done with a side parting and adds volume to the side part of the hair by having a tapered base.

 You can also wear this hairdo for a fashion show or a date night. It portrays the style quotient.

16. Snaky Blue Locks Crochet braids ideas

Snaky Blue Locks Crochet

Image by @gottin_hair_braids_hair via Instagram

Long braids never go out of fashion, do they?

If you want to wear your long hair filled with luscious, glam blue hairdo, go for this Snaky Blue Locs crochet braids hairstyle.

Blue is a tranquil color that makes this hairstyle fierce. The deep blue long braids in Snaky Blue Locks Crochet braids hairstyle will kill any venue you walk on.

Have some attitude to support this hairstyle. You deserve this glamorous look that comes with this hairstyle.

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17. Ideal Brown Crochet braids ideas

Ideal Brown Crochet

Image by @the_braiding_specialist via Instagram

Want to have a short and curly hairdo? Just go for it.

Attach curly crochet braids and achieve a playful and voluminous hairdo like this.

You will appreciate the curly and wavy beauty of ideal brown crochet braids. Consider adding glorious brown crochet braids to suit your vibrant personality.

Another advantage of ideal brown crochet braids is that you can try other lengths and types of hairdo that suit your personality.

18. Dreamy Lavender Crochet braids ideas

Dreamy Lavender Crochet

Image by @dreadlocks_independent.gyal_mx via Instagram

If you do not like long hair but still want an ombre style, you can opt for dreamy lavender crochet braids.

They are equally stylish and aesthetically glamorous.

Attach colorful lavender extensions over your crochet braids and stand out. You will be satisfied with your choice of bright hairstyle.

Use lavender strands to give them a stunning boost of volume and color. It is an excellent alternative to pricey color options.

19. Freaky Purple Crochet braids ideas

 Freaky Purple Crochet braids

Image by @the_braiding_specialist via Instagram

Crochet braiding offers you a wide range of hairstyles and doesn’t limit your choice of different color extensions.

You can choose the color you prefer and braid it into the style of your choice. If you like loud colors, you will enjoy this hairdo.

The freaky purple crochet braid is such a beautiful color option. The deep purple is a showstopper.

Strands on sides coupled with stunning locks add to the style effortlessly.

 20. Grace Blue Style Crochet braids ideas

Grace Blue Style Crochet braids

Image by @gladzbraidhouse via Instagram

The blue color represents calmness. With the deep blue long single braids in this grace blue style crochet braids hairstyle, you will be the center of attraction.

Some women may avoid such colors fearing that they look tacky, but this grace blue is magical. This crochet braid style is a perfect fit for the right personality.

These blue highlights flatter a wide variety of chocolate skin tones, and these crochet locks will stand out in a crowd.

If you’re a fan of retro braids, you will enjoy this one. Spice up your look with this hairstyle if you want a quick hairdo transformation.

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21.   Messy Crochet Curls Crochet braids ideas

 Messy Crochet Curls Crochet braids

Image by @studiobeauty.5 via Instagram

If you love curly hair, this long and messy curly hairstyle is ideal for you to try

A tighter curl pattern in this messy crochet curls crochet braids hairstyle is the perfect way to create a realistic-looking crochet hairstyle.

There’s so much fun about crochet braids with curly ends. This style looks especially cute as the curls fall over the shoulders. The face looks much slimmer with this hairdo.

22.  Lovely Knotless Curls Crochet braids ideas

Lovely Knotless Curls

Image by @the_braiding_specialist via Instagram

Do you want to take your braids to the next level?

Try a hairstyle with a bold color. Red hair is an excellent option for ladies to stand out. Red braids in lovely knotless curls crochet braids hairstyle turns all eyes on you.

Embrace this hairstyle as these knotless curl crochet braids are incredibly versatile. You can create this style with braids of different thicknesses and lengths. Moreover, knotless curl braids are gentle on scalps and create a seamless finish.

Quick Guide to Head-Turning Crochet Braids: Effortlessly Stylish

  • Versatile Styles: Head-turning crochet braids offer a wide range of styling options, from natural textures to bold colors.
  • Hair Maintenance: Keep your natural hair clean and well-moisturized beneath the crochet braids to promote hair health.
  • Gentle Handling: Avoid excessive tension and pulling during installation and maintenance to prevent hair breakage.
  • Regular Maintenance: Plan for touch-ups and re-braiding every 4-6 weeks to maintain your head-turning crochet braids’ appearance and keep them looking fresh.

23.  Long Wings Crochet braids ideas

 Long Wings Crochet

Image by @bloombraider via Instagram

The hairstylist can mimic a beautiful ombre look with different colored hair when braiding your hair.

Ask the stylist to interweave hair of different shades to give a gorgeous and unique Long Wings Crochet braids hairstyle personalized to your liking.

Long wings crochet braids hairstyle is for women who have long hair.

This style looks stunning with an intricate pattern, and the braids appear as free-flowing thick strands of hair. The hairstyle is capable of turning a lot of eyeballs towards you.

 24. Triangle Knotless Style Crochet braids ideas

 Triangle Knotless Style

Image by @gladzbraidhouse via Instagram

If you love versatility in styling and like a hairstyle that demands attention, the triangle knotless style crochet braids hairstyle is for you.

In this hairstyle, braiding makes triangle shapes on your scalp. Braids divide your hair into sections and form triangle shapes.

The appeal of these long braids is that you can style them to complement your face shape and highlight your features.

Give your knotless style crochet braids a unique look with triangle sections instead of the classic square. This appearance will instantly draw attention to your hair.

25.  Magnificent Crochet braids ideas

Magnificent Crochet braids

Image by @queendombraids via Instagram

Ombre hairstyles are feminine and flirty.

Are you a fan of current and modern cuts and like stylish ideas? You’re going to enjoy this magnificent crochet braid hairstyle.

If you like modern looks, show off your braids and this ombre hairstyle. Let your crochet and beautiful braids speak for themselves. Choose straight hair since it is a lot more low-maintenance.

Hair texture can frame your face and soften your features. You can braid them at the top and leave the ends undone.

 26. Baby Curls Style Crochet braids ideas

Baby Curls Style Crochet braids

Image by @empoderadaart via Instagram

Baby curls style crochet braids hairstyle is simple that doesn’t require too long. 

You can pair this hairstyle with a cute short dress or denim jeans and a t-shirt. If you want this hairstyle to do the talking, keep your makeup a little mellowed down.

Although there are different ways to wear these braids, leaving them short is the preferred style.

It gives you more versatility and has femininity. You can also experiment with varying lengths.

 27. Royal Crochet Curls Crochet braids ideas

Royal Crochet Curls

Image by @powerbraid via Instagram

Royal crochet curls crochet hairstyle is the best option to stand out in the crowd due to its simple yet unique style.

The beauty of this hairstyle is its versatility. It comes in a wide range of different hair textures. This hairstyle can be pre-styled and adapted to suit your preference.

These gorgeous curls look stunning and suit best with medium-length hair. This crochet braid hairdo gives you the freedom of styling but doesn’t look too dramatic.

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 28. Stringy Wings Crochet braids ideas

 Stringy Wings Crochet

Image by @biahcoosta via Instagram

Stringy wings crochet braids are a classic and timeless hairstyle for women of all age groups.

This hairstyle is versatile, and you can adapt it to suit your hair texture. Keep a mid-partition that looks good with trousers. The hairstyle gives a very chic semi-formal look.

These stringy wings crochet braids give hair a boho and relaxed aesthetic. It is a fantastic option for women for whom class matters the most.

 29. Smoothy Braids Crochet braids ideas

 Smoothy Braids Crochet

Image by @setta_styles via Instagram

Elevate your box braids with smoothy braids crochet braids

To achieve a natural ombre look, you can add blond strands to the ends of your hair. It is a protective style that is easy to manage.

You can rock these matted strands without putting extra pressure on the hair roots.

Smoothy braids crochet braids hairstyle is a classic short hairstyle for women. If you like a short hairdo with crochet braids, this hairstyle is a better option.

The hairstyle is versatile and adaptable and gives you a youthful appearance.

30. Blacky Twist Crochet braids ideas

Blacky Twist Crochet

Image by @sasshayhair via Instagram

Twists are popular choices for protective hair. Blacky twist crochet braids are gorgeous, versatile, and highly flattering.

Due to their low maintenance, they are ideal for you. This hairstyle is one of the most long-lasting braids.

You can create these gorgeous twists in various lengths and thicknesses. Twists of medium thickness give you the freedom of styling.

However, the larger braids are more attractive and noticeable. The choice is yours!

 31. Blood Red Crochet braids ideas

Blood Red Crochet

Image by @hairbyjasnicole via Instagram

Red symbolizes courage and love; it brings passion and strength to your relationships and life.

Blood red crochet braids are a guaranteed way to get your hair noticed. The red color is bold. It draws attention to your hair texture and style.

Blood red crochet braids are fun. You can try out a color without causing any damage to your natural hair.

32. Trendy Locks Crochet braids ideas

Trendy Locks Crochet

Image by @nubianslayer via Instagram

Do you have high-raised tie-up hairstyles?

The trendy locks crochet braids are hairdos where you can incorporate both; a bun and crochet braids.

This hairstyle makes your hair look exciting and adventurous.

The trendy locks crochet braids are a new way of sporting the crochet look. The long braids make you look super dimensional.

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33. Comb Twisty Style Crochet braids ideas

 Comb Twisty Style Crochet

Image by @dhatdamnshani via Instagram

Does your kid love to experiment with new looks?

Experiment with comb twisty style crochet braids to give a new look to your little angel. This hairstyle will give a playful look for a child to feel comfortable.

You weave the crochet braiding deep to give it a look of twisted rope-like strands.

34. Goldy Spring Curls Crochet braids ideas

Goldy Spring Curls Crochet

Image by @wamy_trancas via Instagram

Want to feel like a spring beauty? Try goldy spring curls crochet braids.

Goldy spring curls hairstyle gives a bouncy and flexible look. The hairstyle is playful and charming, which adds beauty to your personality.

This hairstyle is perfect for women who have long hair. The crochet braids look like twisted falling ropes. Curls complement the goldy springs that come out well.

The goldy spring curls will make you look confident and flawlessly beautiful.

Keep In Mind

  • Hair Selection: Choose high-quality crochet braiding hair that matches your desired look, from curly to straight or vibrant colors.
  • Scalp Care: Maintain a clean and well-moisturized scalp to prevent itching and discomfort while wearing crochet braids.
  • Installation Technique: Select a crochet braid installation method that suits your natural hair type and desired outcome.
  • Hair Protection: Invest in a satin or silk scarf or bonnet to protect your crochet braids while sleeping and minimize friction.
  • Regular Care: Implement a haircare routine to keep your natural hair healthy and nourished underneath the crochet braids, and schedule maintenance appointments as needed.

 35. Divine Blue Curls Crochet braids ideas

Divine Blue Curls Crochet

Image by @rnb_studios2 via Instagram

You don’t have to use old marley hair or box braids to experiment with crochet braided hair.

You can try divine blue curls crochet braids, a fun option to experiment with crochet braid hairstyles.

Long and curly hair flowing down your shoulder is the envy of every woman everywhere you walk. Adding a gorgeous blue to your style with curly ends will take it to a new level.

36. Flawless Curls Crochet braids ideas

 Flawless Curls Crochet

Image by @braidsbyamy__ via Instagram

If you are fed up with classic hairstyles and love crochet braids, try flawless curls crochet braids. This braid style will jazz up your hair and make them dense and fabulous.

This hairstyle has a royal look. It imparts volume to the hair due to crochet twists attached to almost all single strands. This hairstyle suits women who want good curls and straight hair.

Match this hairstyle with an off-shoulder dress to highlight the stunning fall of the hair.

 37. Brownie Springs Crochet braids ideas

 Brownie Springs Crochet

Image by @fab.hairstylz via Instagram

Do you like trend-setting hair ideas?

If yes, brownie springs crochet braids are an exciting and pretty hairstyle unique idea for you.

The brownie spring crochet braids are full of bounce. The color will make you feel revitalized. The voluminous, textured hairstyle, and a colorful headband, will keep you in the spotlight.

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38. Gold Browny Crochet braids ideas

Gold Browny Crochet braids

Image by @braidsbyamy__ via Instagram

Do you like gold and brown elegant looks?

If so, why not go with this gold browny crochet braids vibe? These braid patterns are every girl’s dream. The attractive hairdo is ideal for dominant ladies.

Gold browny crochet braids look marvelous on women who like party hairdos. If you want to stand out with your chosen style, this hairstyle is the best one.

39. Bouncy Golden Crochet braids ideas

 Bouncy Golden Crochet

Image by @spiritual_roots_222 via Instagram

Are you someone who likes curly and wavy looks?

Try bouncy golden crochet braid hairstyle if you want style and follow the trend.

This bouncy and wavy look has all the elements of an elegant ombre and balayage. The hairdo is ideal for girls who want a color change to their hairstyle.

The hairdo adds volume with colored crochet pieces. It protects natural hair from damage.

40. Cross Longline style Crochet braids ideas

Cross Longline style Crochet

Image by @afrontamentoblack via Instagram

The beauty of crochet braids is that they offer a lot of choices. You can find the look that suits your style in various hair textures, lengths, and sizes.

Cross longline style crochet is all about styling the braids and mixing them.

This feminine hairstyle gives your braids and coloring strands a modern look. The long and bouncy hairstyle makes you look glamorous and gives your face a sleek shape.

41. Wondering Cross Style Crochet braids ideas

 Wondering Cross Style

Image by @_glowstudio via Instagram

Not able to decide between braids and loose hair?

You don’t have to. The refreshed look of braids and loose hair is the main attraction of the wondering cross style crochet hairstyle.

This hairstyle helps you keep the hair out of your face.

There are multiple ways to wear these braids, but leaving them long and loose is an excellent way to show off the texture.

This hairstyle also gives you the option to experiment with varying lengths. However, long hair is the best as it provides a feminine look.

42. Dreadlocks Curls Crochet braids ideas

Dreadlocks Curls

Image by @hazikahair via Instagram

Dreadlocks take effort to achieve. The rope-like strands need commitment and patience to grow dreads. If you do not have the time to grow dreads, you can add them by using crochet braids to fulfill your choice.

Without much effort, dreadlocks curls crochet braids give you a good appearance.

These dreadlocks crochet braids are versatile and available in multiple lengths and thicknesses. You can wear them in an updo or long and loose.

The curls give a glam look to this style and make the appearance very gorgeous.

43.  Golden Fancy Crochet braids ideas

 Golden Fancy Crochet

Image by @hawaiibraider via Instagram

Is your hairstyle funky? 

Try golden fancy crochet braids. The short layered golden crochet gives this hairstyle a bold look. The hairdo shows that the best hairstyles aren’t always long.

With this luscious hair look, show the world the goddess you are. The golden and fancy braids would surely make every woman envy your choice and look.

 44. Trendy Zig Zag Style Crochet braids ideas

Trendy Zig Zag Style

Image by @stylesbydesi___ via Instagram

Zigzag style is from the ’90s. Feeding in browny extensions in Trendy zig zag style crochet braids makes the look more fun.  

The zigzag design doesn’t mean you need to wear your hair down to use a crochet pattern.

To create this style, you can start it as a traditional cornrow. In the middle of the head, start the zigzag layering pattern to achieve the half-up and half-down styles.

The zigzag pattern is very intricate and stylish. This statement-making style will suit anyone. Go for it!!

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45. Flawless Color Crochet braids ideas

 Flawless Color Crochet

Image by @regianetrancas via Instagram

Nothing is more beautiful than a head styled with flawless color Crochet braids. It is a gorgeous crochet braided style.

You can style these braids the way you wish in different lengths and thicknesses.

If you like versatility in styling, this protective hairdo is for you. The long braids complement your face and highlight your features. You can wear them the way you like; they will still show class and style.

46. Golden Twist Long Curls Crochet braids ideas

Golden Twist Long Curls

Image by @star.afro via Instagram

Want to catch people’s eyes?

If so, the volumetric golden twist long curls crochet braids updo is for you.

The golden twists falling down the shoulders will turn heads. The twists created in various lengths and thicknesses look gorgeous.

These crochet twist braids are low-maintenance and help prevent breakage of your natural hair.

Those long curls create volume and fall gently around for a soft and romantic look.

47. Pinky Heart Style Crochet braids ideas

 Pinky Heart Style Crochet

Image by @letstalkhair_ng via Instagram

Pinky heart style crochet braids are beautiful crochet braids with a middle parting. The heart shapes in this style give a hint of romance.

Pick this pinky hearty style to feel confident at a social gathering and be a center of attraction. This style is popular with younger ladies who love the color.

To create a heart-shaped braid, start with the heart braid and then put the rest of the hair in hair ties. The heart braids make kids look pretty and make them happy.

Pro Tip

To maintain the longevity and vibrancy of your head-turning crochet braids, avoid excessive exposure to chlorinated water, as it can cause the hair to fade and become dry. Consider wearing a swim cap when swimming.

48. Whitey Twist Curls Crochet braids ideas

 Whitey Twist Curls Crochet

Image by @suburbioemalta via Instagram

Whitey twist curls crochet braids keep the natural fluffiness of the curly hair. The two different but pretty patterns in contrasting colors give a peppy hairstyle.

Gorgeous waves of natural-looking curls and springy twisty braids of this hairdo combine to give you a royal look. The style imparts a lot of volume to hair with bouncy curls.

The classy look brings a lot of edge to the entire personality.

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49. Flat Twist Crochet braids ideas

Flat Twist Crochet

Image by @anastashia_divine via Instagram

Crochet braids don’t make you look like you are wearing extensions. It makes crochet braids popular and the preferred hairdo.

Flat twist crochet braids hairstyle is one hairdo that gives an impression that you have created this hairdo with natural hair.

This style allows young ladies to go all out with pretty hair twists. You can create this beautifully twisted style with a few brownish braids scattered throughout your hair. It adds a bit of sparkle to the look.

This flat twisted style looks mesmerizing all on its own.

50. Boxy Twist Crochet braids ideas

 Boxy Twist Crochet braids

Image by @maybraidss2 via Instagram

Boxy twist crochet braids hairstyle make your hair get a thicker feel. You can create this crochet braid hairdo as your protective style.

This hairstyle is easy to acquire and results in a flabbergasting overall look. 

Boxy twist crochet braids hairstyle is a popular and versatile protective hairdo that gives your hair an aesthetic appeal. You can use these classic crochet braids for any occasion. 

51. Baby Box Style Crochet braids ideas

Baby Box Style Crochet

Image by @maybraidss2 via Instagram

Baby box crochet hairdo is a classic crochet braided hairstyle. It gives a subtle and informal feel to your hair. Crochet braids hairstyles are good and safe for your hair.

It provides the required break to your natural hair from heating and styling.

This style is a chic and versatile hairstyle that combines the convenience of crochet braids with the charm of box braids, resulting in a trendy and manageable look.

In this style, synthetic or natural hair extensions are looped into cornrowed natural hair using a crochet hook, forming neat and uniform box-shaped sections that fall

gracefully to shoulder length.  The Shoulder-length baby box crochet braids allow you to keep your hair open and inflow like a hairdo. They are a fun way to change your look if you are bored.

 52. Mixed Twisty Colors Crochet braids ideas

Mixed Twisty Colors

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Braided hairstyles let you flaunt your thick and dense hair. Mixed twisty colors crochet braids hairstyles are ideal for playing with different shades.

The segregated braids make the color stand out.

The combination of contrasting braids resonates with the spring skies. You can match up with a bold hairstyle with minimal makeup.

Twisty colors allow you to express yourself.

53. Everlasting Curls Crochet braids ideas

Everlasting Curls Crochet

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It is a captivating fusion of style and versatility, offering an array of curl patterns that transcend trends and time.

Each curl style becomes a canvas for self-expression, allowing you to transition from casual elegance.

With options like beachy waves that evoke a sun-kissed allure or defined corkscrews that radiate boldness, these crochet braids ensure your locks embody the essence of everlasting curls.

This short and pretty hairstyle with spiral curls makes you look stunning and attractive.

Everlasting curls crochet braids are gorgeous bushes of curly hair that look marvelous on their own.

The haphazard colored strands elevate the hairstyle to a new level.

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54. Golden Butterfly locs Crochet braids ideas

 Golden Butterfly locs Crochet braids ideas

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Golden butterfly locks crochet locs are a new edition of faux loc protective styles. The long crochet braids with butterfly locks give a royal touch.

It is a bizarre yet beautiful hairstyle. It creates an attractive impact on your look. So, if you want to feel like a spring queen, try this hairdo to attract all the attention. 

55.   Devotional Golden Bun Crochet braids ideas

Devotional Golden Bun Crochet braids

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If you like braids and a tied-up look, then the Devotional Golden Bun Crochet braids hairstyle is for you.

Women who love simplicity and practical looks will enjoy this stunning hairstyle.

The bun crochet braids with golden ends make this hairdo look beautiful on long hair. The hairstyle is pretty and unique. If you have long hair, you can sport this stylized hairdo.

56. Black & curl crochet braids ideas

Black & curl crochet braids

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This black and curl crochet braid” is a hairstyling technique that combines black synthetic or human hair extensions with the crochet braiding method to achieve a curly or textured hairstyle.

This approach is popular among those with natural hair who want to add length, volume, and a defined curl pattern.

The process involves attaching black hair extensions onto cornrowed natural hair using a crochet hook, resulting in a seamless and well-blended look.

This extension is often matching the individual natural black hair color.

This braid offer a stylish way to embrace curls, waves, or coils, allowing creativity and personal expression within textured hairstyles.

It is suitable for other events and parties to look stylish. So, try this once for your upcoming event.

Did you know?

Crochet braids originated in the late 1990s as a protective and low-maintenance hairstyle, and they have since become a versatile and stylish choice for those looking to change up their look or protect their natural hair.

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