48 French Braid Hairstyle Inspiration To Unleash Your Inner Elegance In 2024

Key Takeaways
  • French braids are a classic and versatile hairstyle that involves weaving three strands of hair together.
  • They offer a timeless and elegant look, suitable for various occasions, from casual to formal.
  • French braids can be adapted in numerous styles, such as the classic French braid, Dutch braid, or fishtail braid, allowing for creativity and personalization.
  • They are ideal for managing long hair, keeping it neat, and preventing tangling.

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The French braid, a timeless and elegant hairstyle, has been a generation’s favorite.

This classic technique involves weaving three strands of hair from the head’s crown down to the neck’s nape, producing a beautiful and intricate pattern.

French braids are versatile and can be worn casually or dressed up for formal occasions. They look stylish and keep hair neat and secure, making them a go-to option for any occasion.

Timeless, trendy, and user-friendly, these french braids hairstyle ideas are worth trying. Here are 47 variations to get you in the french braiding mood. 

There’s no way you can be a hair enthusiast and not want to try out french braids. They’re the iconic foundation behind some of the most popular styles out today.

French braids are a classic, and whether you go for a plain or flamboyant pattern, they will always elevate your look. You can take french braids on your first date or wear them to your boxing class.

Synonymous with versatility, they suit any gender and any occasion. It’s also a great way to protect your natural hair when you’re on the go or having a bad hair day.

Once you’ve got the technique down, you can easily install them for an effortlessly chic aesthetic. So let’s celebrate the french braid in all of her shapes, lengths, and sizes. 

With so many variations to choose from, you can dedicate a whole year to trying out each hairstyle idea!

Before You Get Started

  • Hair Maintenance: French braids can look even more beautiful with healthy, well-maintained hair. Ensure you take good care of your hair to prepare it for styling.
  • Hot Oil Treatments: To combat dryness and keep your hair in excellent condition, consider doing a weekly hot oil treatment. This will help nourish and moisturize your hair, making it more manageable for braiding.
  • Regular Conditioning: Condition your hair every time you wash it. This helps keep your hair soft, smooth, and tangle-free, making it easier to braid.
  • Heat Protectant: When using heat styling tools on your hair, like straighteners or curling irons, always use a heat protectant spray. This helps to shield your hair from heat damage and maintain its health.

1. Tousled Twist French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Tousled Twist French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Michikosasada via Instagram

Nothing ushers in spring like this light, feathery tousled twist. It doesn’t have to be spring for you to bounce around with this coffee and auburn hair.

Just braid a curved, loose french braid starting from your side part and work your way counterclockwise. 

This puffing technique is known as “pancaking,” You can see why. You flare the top of the braid and loosen each plait, creating a fluffy pancake effect.

The loose strands give off a dream-like vibe while softening your features.

To add another dimension of detail, finish off the braids and twist your ponytail to the side. Finally, you can curl the ends and let them fall loosely around your shoulder. 

2. Free Flow French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Free Flow French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Michellelynnperry via Instagram

It can be hard to get the general method down if you’re just starting with French braids. That’s why this free flow braid is perfect.

The lack of structure means it’s very forgiving for newbies who are still practicing their technique. You need to slowly place one strand over the other while maintaining a three-strand maximum.

The loose braid will form as you move down the crown. The style only gets better when you incorporate blonde low and highlights. It will create the illusion of tightly braided hair. 

Sealing your ends has never been easier with these beautiful heart-shaped berets.


3. Triple Heart French Braids Hairstyle Ideas 

Triple Heart Hairstyle Ideas 

Image by @ Miwaqoochan_Dragonstabo via Instagram

If one heart isn’t enough, why not go for 3? This beautiful patterned french braid is an architectural piece of art.

Each braid lays perfectly into the original heart-shaped parting and speaks of professional or practiced skill.

If you’re not a fan of rubber bands, you can add some glamor to the style by using a golden hair cuff. 

Bedazzle the braid with cute bows. They are fun and playful, but they draw attention to the intricate lacing along the hair shaft. 

4. Big Love French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Big Love French Hairstyle

Image by @Emmigrace_Hairstyles via Instagram

This style embraces big love, yet another installment of the trendy heart hair pattern, and we’re obsessed!

It’s a bit easier than the 3 heart variation, but it makes up for its simplicity with these beautiful hair strings.

Now, you can choose whatever color you want, but the white lays so delicately on brown and blonde that it’s hard to resist. 

To use braiding string effectively, treat it as synthetic feed-in extensions. Start small at the beginning, and add on as you go.

You can even tie off the end of the braid with white string for this invisible look. 

5. Pretty Pigtails French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Pretty Pigtails Ideas

Image by @Allthethingswithkim via Instagram

Simple, sleek, and oh so pretty, these pigtails are your best bet if you need something stylish and quick. They’re neat and even, and they look like beautiful ropes descending down your back.

It looks even better if you have balayage or ombre hair. The colors get to truly shine. You can wear this style loose or tight enough to tuck your baby hairs in.  

Just make sure you don’t pull too tight on your roots. French braids can give you just as much headache as poorly installed box braids.


6. Classic Single French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Classic Single Hairstyle

Image by @Lostinbraids via Instagram

The classic single French braid hairstyle is a graceful and neat look created by weaving three strands of hair from the top of the head to the end, perfect for an elegant and timeless appearance.

All hail the classic french braid! You’ll see this hairstyle in period piece movies, red carpets, hiking trails, and birthday parties. That’s how pervasive it is as a style.

The single french braid going down the middle of your head is the first thing you should learn. It’s pretty easy.

Just comb your hair towards the middle and start braiding downwards. Don’t worry; there’s a full tutorial below. 

If you’re still not a black belt when it comes to gripping hair, use some edge control or gel to pull the sides up and hold them in place. 

7. Big Layered French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Big Layered Braids

Image by @Whimsytouchbyriyashah via Instagram

A stunning big layered French braids hairstyle featuring thick and voluminous braids intricately woven close to the scalp adds sophistication and charm to any look.

This is a big, juicy remix of the classic one braid original, and we love it just as much. This variation is best if you’ve got long, thick, luscious hair and don’t know what to do.

First, you’ll need to partition some hair from the front of your head for the crown braid.

Next, tease your roots for a sizable middle braid to create the puffed pompadour effect at the top. You’ll need some hairspray and mousse, of course. Then, add a loose fishtail braid. 

If you want to spice things up for a special occasion, add some real live flowers that match your dress.  

8. Loose Four Strand French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Loose Four Strand Braids

Image by @Roralovestrand via Instagram

Four Strand French Braids. Divide hair into four sections, cross the outer strands over the inner ones alternately, repeat until the ends, and secure with an elastic.

This laid-back braid is perfect for a chill day at the beach or the park. You can rock it while studying for your finals or wear it out for a casual date. The soft curtains created by the ultra pancaking effect are to die for.

Though it won’t last as long, given the shaping, it’s easy to install, so you can re-do it every other day. 

You will need hair that reaches at least your back, so it might be limiting for some people. Keep that in mind. 

9. Warrior Dutch & French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Warrior Dutch & French Braids

Image by @Gulserenhairandmakeup via Instagram

Have you ever wanted to live like a Viking but couldn’t stand the thought of years-long sea travel and constant battling?

You could channel the Viking spirit with these fierce french and dutch braids. This modern Viking look protects your hair by striking fear into any split ends.

With your hair secured, you can focus on looking fabulous. Enhance your look with a red lip and bold makeup. 


10. Double Ponytail French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Double Ponytail French Braids

Image by @Makeup.Hanna197via Instagram

Double the french braid, double the fun! This one is for anybody with short to mid-length hair. You can rock your pom-pom pigtails or curl the ends.

It takes a simple split down the middle and a little determination. This is one of the lighter styles, so don’t overload it with too much hair product. 

These braids work well for students who need a quick but cute style to wear at school. It’s fast and efficient.  

Quick Hair Style Guide: French Braids

  • How To Choose the Style: French braids are a versatile and classic hairstyle that works well for various occasions. You can opt for a single French braid down the back for a simple and elegant look. French braids with added hair accessories or beads can make your hairstyle more unique and fun.
  • Level Of Maintenance: Moderate
  • Suitable For: French braids can be worn by individuals with different hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly hair. 
  • Looks Best With: French braids complement a wide range of outfits, from casual to formal. You can pair French braids with various makeup styles, from natural to bold, depending on the occasion.

11. Thick Three Strand French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Thick Three Strand Hairstyle

Image by @Lowlorraine via Instagram

French braids can make a big statement. So go extra big with this thick, twisted three-strand french braid.

It updates the classic single braid by adding blonde highlights in each fold, especially towards the top of your head.

It’s the best style for anyone who wants to keep their hair out of their face during high-impact activities. Don’t worry about it getting old quickly. This one looks better as it goes. 

Embrace the wispy flyaways to pull off that effortless beauty we’re all looking for. 

12. Love Braids French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

 Love Braids Hairstyle

Image by @Brown_Hairdesign via Instagram

Love is the most fantastic theme out there. It shows up in all human art forms, and hair is no exception. This powerful heart pattern is perfect for your child.

You can also wear it on Valentine’s day, or even better, throughout February. It is the month of love, after all. To secure the plaits and ensure neatness, use elastic rubber bands.

You can go for traditional black or a color that matches your hair. If you want this style to last, secure any loose strands by incorporating them into the center braid. 

13. Ombre Blue Pigtails French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Ombre Blue Pigtails French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Barbararozario.Hair via Instagram

Color is the best way to add life to a simple hairstyle. Most people go for neutral, natural colors like brown or blonde.

However, you could stand out from the crowd with an electrifying blue ombre combination.

To achieve this look, you’ll need to dye your ends blue. We suggest using a semi-permanent dye. Alternatively, you could use a blue-tinted hair wax if you need to wash it out for a special occasion.

Split your hair down the middle and braid it as you usually would. When you get to the blue, add some oil or moisturizer so that the ends will shine.

14. Iridescent French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Iridescent French Braids Hairstyle

Image by @Shahnaz.By.Nutan via Instagram

Color everywhere! Try this if you’ve done the ombre look and want something edgier and adventurous. It’s a swirl of iridescent colors that will never create the same braid twice.

Seriously, Each time you braid this style, you’ll be met with various flashing colors that change as you look at them. It’s even hard to count how many colors there are. 

Pink, red, green, blue, and yellow all work together to create this beautiful arrangement.

Tie it off with a simple rubber band if you want the color to be the star of your hair show. You could also enthrall the ends with barrettes and clips for a double wow factor. 

15. Milkmaid French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Milkmaid French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Tanyasbuildingchampions via Instagram

You might not be carrying milk pitchers around your French provincial town, but it would still be cool to pretend you were, right?

This milkmaid bun pays homage to traditional countryside living. Worn today, it gives off an ethereal, classic vibe. Add some clips to bring this look into modern times. 

If you want enough intrigue to cause a second glance, try incorporating a pink streak of color down your hair shaft. You can randomly place it or be super detailed.

Either way, you’ll have a beautiful braid on your hands. 


16. Pretty Pearls French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Pretty Pearls Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @ Cheris_Salon_And_Spa via Instagram

What would you put in your hair if you were a mermaid who wanted to impress a land dweller? Pearls, of course! This “pearls of the sea” french braid is classy yet playful. The.

The brown streak woven through the braid adds a movement level, despite the rest of the style being stagnant. The tiny pearl-like beads are dainty and understated. Perfect for a night out. 

Elegant French braids interwoven with pearls, creating a chic and sophisticated hairstyle with a touch of glamour and grace. Perfect for special occasions and formal events.

Top it off with curly bangs, wispy side hair, and a bouncy ponytail end. If your hair isn’t long enough, you can add some extensions towards the end.   

17. Pastel Pigtails French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Pastel Pigtails Hairstyle

Image by @Lostinbraids via Instagram

You can never go wrong with pastel colors. They’re soft, demure, and alluring all at the same time.

Kiss the ends of your pigtails with a light dusting of pastel pink, and keep things simple with elastic rubber bands. This style is great for kids who love running around all day.

The hair won’t get in the way, and they can rock a little color without getting in trouble at school. The pink almost looks like it’s naturally grown.

For special events or festivals, you can tie ribbons or hair string around the middle or base of each pigtail. 

18. Flower Power French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Flower Power Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Stylingwithsafiya via Instagram

Royal, regal, and simply sophisticated, this style is fit for royalty. Revel in your queen-like status with a loose, pancake fishtail braid.

The method is simple until you consider the little flowers inserted at each interval. It’s an instant elevation trick that works. They’re also a great way to hide your elastic bands. 

You should wear this out to special occasions like prom or a high-end dinner. The simplistic elegance will be on everybody’s lips. While it looks difficult to pull off, it’s actually pretty simple.

The elastic bands are the secret weapon. You’re looping one section of hair over the other and then tucking it into the forming braid. 

19. Long & Fluffy French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Long & Fluffy French Braids

Image by @ Tupelomeinteresa_Mucho via Instagram

To those with enviously long tresses, this one’s for you. This golden blonde rope braid will make you want to run through the flower fields.

It’s “Little House On The Prairie” meets Paris Fashion week, and it’s the perfect representation of why a french braid can be so compelling yet functional.

This style embraces frizz to create the puffy pom-pom effect at the bottom. You can mimic that effect by teasing the ends with a bit of hairspray and a pick comb. 

20. Distressed French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Distressed French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Hair.Byjazzyc via Instagram

The name says it all. Messy hair is a trend that we hope never goes away. You could have a bad hair day and call it a “distressed look,” and just like that, you’re a style icon.

This french braid has been through it, and it still looks drop-dead gorgeous. To create this look, loosely plait your hair, then gently tug at small sections of your hair.

That motion will make the little loops you see here. Don’t add a lot of products either.

The most you should do is a little dry shampoo to create that tacky texture that will give this look its structure. 


21. Simple Fishtail French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Simple Fishtail French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Makeoverbyfarheenkhan8 via Instagram

Looking like a Disney Princess is a lofty goal, but this hairstyle gets you one step closer. The fluffy sections, creamy blonde hair, and beautiful flower decorations scream “animated princess.

“You can follow the traditional french braiding method but loosen your grip and the movement of your wrists. That will create these structured curtains. 

Go for a ruby red flower pin if you really want to emulate the iconic Belle from Beauty and the Beast. You can place it in the middle of your braid or for a dramatic edge at the end.  

22. Blonde Highlights French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Blonde Highlights French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Simply_Strands via Instagram

A chic hairstyle featuring French braids intertwined with blonde highlights creates a stylish, sophisticated look perfect for any occasion.

These beautiful, soft ash-blonde braids are the best way to get a long-lasting braiding look that will translate into all areas of your life.

Working out at the gym or swimming won’t be a problem, nor will dressing up for a fun night with friends.

You can join the braid ends into one ponytail, let them hang free, or twist them up into an intricate bun. 

23. Jet Black French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Jet Black French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @muskan_s_hair_n_beauty via Instagram

This dark, raven french braid is sultry and sinister at the same time. Nothing says “strong and straightforward” like jet black hair.

It’s so dark that it reveals hints of purple and blue when under a bright light. If your hair isn’t naturally this dark, try a semi-permanent black dye.

You could also use a black spot filler, which is meant to thicken the appearance of your edges. It’s less permanent than the former, and you get the same results. 

Keep in Mind

  • Hair Preparation: Start with clean, tangle-free hair for a smooth braiding process. Comb your hair to remove knots, and consider working with slightly damp hair for better control.
  • Sectioning: Divide your hair into three equal sections before you begin braiding. Clear sections make it easier to create neat and symmetrical French braids.
  • Add hair Gradually: As you braid, incorporate small sections of hair from each side into the braid to achieve the classic French braid look. This adds depth and texture to the braid.
  • Tension and Practice: Maintain even tension throughout the braid to keep it secure and uniform. Practice is vital to improving your French braiding skills, so don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries to master the technique.

24. Structured Side Ponytail French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Structured Side Ponytail French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Sasmeup via Instagram

Talk about taking a side ponytail to the next level! This swept french braid creates movement and softness all in one go.

First, you’ll have to start raiding at one side of your head and work your way horizontally to the other side.

Once there, tie off your braid with extra hair from underneath the ponytail. Finally, you can secure the style with bobby pins and curl the ends for a regal look. 

25. Looped & Bubble Side French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Looped & Bubble Side French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Axel.Braids via Instagram

This style takes the side ponytail to another level by incorporating several hair trends into one explosive statement.

The first layer uses a loop method that weaves a single strand of hair in and out of the french braid. The second layer is a dutch braid that descends into a bubble ponytail.

If you look closely, you’ll realize that there are no visible elastic bands. Instead, the bubbles are sealed with additional hair for an organic look. Now that’s attention to detail.


26. Fishtail Falls Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Fishtail Falls Braids

Image by @Wb_Upstyles via Instagram

This beautiful fish braid sweeps across your hair, leaving waterfalls of dark and light brown highlights in its trail.

It uses the standard fishtail structure and distresses it, doubling the braid’s volume and allowing smaller sections to pass through.

Of course, you could leave it straight, but something about these soft beach curls transforms this look into an elegant, wedding-ready style. 

27. Starry Sky French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Starry Sky Ideas

Image by @Pinmeuphair via Instagram

Ever look up at the night sky and think, “wow, I want that on my head.” Well, this style turns that vision into reality.

The soft nebula colors with star-shaped hair accessories will have any onlooker dreaming of a world beyond our own. But, there’s a method to the madness in the top half of this style.

You need some hairspray and excellent skills to pull off the intentional distress, so this might be best suited for a professional.

Use hair wax or micro bead extensions to dye specific sections pink and purple. 

28. Raven Curls French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Raven Curls French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Vlk_Cosmo via Instagram

Black hair can look just as captivating in a fishtail waterfall formation as brown or blonde. However, the color takes a step back, allowing the technique to shine independently.

For added movement, curl full ringlets into the loose hair and distress the braid. If you want a less defined curl pattern, comb the ends with a wide-toothed brush. 

29. Ash Blonde Side Bun French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Ash Blonde Side Bun

Image by @Dani.Ire via Instagram

Elegant ash blonde side bun with French braids; chic and sophisticated. This hairstyle exudes grace and style by combining traditional braids and a sleek bun.

This side bun is absolutely stunning, taking elements from the fishtail, side ponytail, and lowlights trends. Best of all, it doesn’t require much. Just braiding skills, a hair tie, and a few bobby pins.

After braiding the hair, twist the remaining ponytail into a bun and pin back any loose ends with small bobby pins.

This is a great style to wear during a job interview. It’s intricate without being too distracting. 

30. Northern Lights French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Northern Lights French Ideas

Image by @Melmattison via Instagram

If you’ve ever wanted to travel to Norway or Iceland to see the Northern Lights but can’t find the time or money, you could try this beautiful style out for yourself.

The greens, blues, purples, and silvers create the aurora borealis right where you are! Add a giant french braid and some loose waves, and you’re swimming in the northern lights. 


31. Rainbow Fishtail French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Rainbow Fishtail Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Matusz_Hair via Instagram

If the northern lights aren’t enough, why not emulate an actual rainbow. This look is perfect for the summer. It reminds you of an ice-cold popsicle on a blazing hot day.

Of course, this color job needs a professional touch, but the braiding pattern doesn’t. Instead, it’s a fishtail braid that’s simple enough to allow the colors to take the main stage.

Especially when the sun is high in the sky. Perfection!

32. Ribbon Pigtails French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Ribbon Pigtails Hairstyle

Image by @Aprilemmahair via Instagram

Simple and sweet, this hairstyle is great for young kids who have a special event coming up. All you need are two braids and a beautiful bow of your choice.

It’s a look that goes hand in hand with the farmgirl or cottage aesthetic. You can either tie the bow yourself from ribbon or buy a premade bow. 

33. Deconstructed Fishtail French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Deconstructed Fishtail Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Toddlerhair.By.Felien via Instagram

This is a genius way to modernize and reimagine the french fishtail braid. This deconstructed braid is also easier to achieve for those who are still struggling with their technique. 

All you need to do is part even sections of hair and tie them off to the side with a rubber band. Then, push that hair forward until it creates this pillowy loop.

Then, tie any additional hair underneath the next section and go on. It’s also a great way to achieve a pompadour without the extra volumes at the top. 

34. Blue Buns French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Blue Buns Braids Hairstyle

Image by @Neace.Cosmetics via Instagram

Space buns are a fun way to keep your ends protected from the friction that daily activities cause.

Dye your hair in several complementary shades, like blue, pink, and purple nebula, to have some fun with this style.

Then, with so much color, all you’ll need is a simple, loose french braid to tie everything together.   

To add an edgy twist, try an undercut or shaved sides. You’ll gain confidence and maybe a few “oohs and aahs.” 

35. Loose Twin French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Loose Twin Braids Ideas

Image by @Ochairbykim via Instagram

Try this optical illusion French braid if you really want to take your pigtails to higher heights. The platinum blonde mixed with dark, ashy lowlights creates a shadow effect that plays tricks on you.

It almost looks like there are multiple braids, but there are only two. You’ll have to maintain an extremely light hand while braiding and take your time.

Seal the ends with a clear elastic band to achieve this invisible closure.  


36. Flowery Crown French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Flowery Crown Braids Hairstyle

Image by @Stephaniebrauer via Instagram

Going to a harvest festival? This is the look for you. It’s easy to imagine someone prancing around in this maiden-style braid.

It’s tousled, loosely structured, and topped off with a structured flower crown fit for a beautiful bridesmaid. 

The flower crown rests on a simple three-strand french braid, and the ponytail is quite distressed. You don’t need a firm grip while plaiting this ponytail.

Instead, just take thin strands and weave them into one another. 

37. Reverse French Top Knot Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Reverse French Top Knot Braids

Image by @Hanabraid via Instagram

If a top knot is too simple for you, why not add an upside-down french braid to get you out of your comfort zone. This will secure the shorter hair at the back, but it will triple the longevity of your bun. 

This will be a complex style to pull off on your own. You’ve got gravity and hand-eye coordination working against you.

If you’re stuck, try setting up a mirror system that allows you to see the back of your head. That way, you can part each section and get neat lines.

Or you could go to a stylist and have them tackle this gravity-bending design. 

38. Aquamarine French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Aquamarine French Braids

Image by @Charlottechristiehair via Instagram

Not blue, not green, it’s aquamarine! This subtle color resembles ocean waves.

Intricate braided hairstyle with a stunning turquoise hue, blending elegance and playfulness for a captivating look. It’s a reverse ombre that starts dark and gets lighter as you move down the hair shaft.

Instead of black, get some dark aqua roots, then finish the style off with soft blonde ends. Finally, shift all hair to the side to create a strong side braid. 

Pro Tip:

For creating French braids, start with slightly damp hair. Slightly damp hair is easier to work with and can help you control flyaways, resulting in a neater and more polished French braid.

39. Spring Fling French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Spring Fling French Braids

Image by @The_Studio104 via Instagram

Pink and Fuschia embody the peppy energy we all feel when springtime rolls around. You can celebrate that with this maiden-style waterfall braid.

It’s casual enough for a movie night indoors but vibrant for a challenging Easter egg hunt. The look works even better for those who have brown roots.

Your roots and pink ends will peek out of the braid like a bunny rabbit. It will soon be your seasonal fave. 

40. Bird’s Nest French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Bird’s Nest Hairstyle

Image by @ __Minavolo__ via Instagram

Speaking of spring, you can practically hear the birds chirping with this festive nest feature. This giant fishtail braid wrapped in a spiral at your crown resembles a robin’s nest in the best way.

It’s an excellent style for those with medium to short hair. You can curl your ends to create a “nest hidden in the trees” motif.

Be sure to secure the swirl with bobby pins. If you want an extra touch of spring, add some baby’s breath flower to each side of the braid. 


41. Golden Coiled French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Golden Coiled Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @Mommyneeds_Morewine via Instagram

Bright golden locks woven into a braided bun, what more could you ask for?

This structured fishtail is thicker than most because it gathers all your hair to a specific area and builds on the strands underneath it.

Wrap the braided ponytail into a cinnamon roll bun for an instantly glamorous finish. Fasten the bun to the braid with bobby pins and keep it wrapped at night. 

42. Multi-tone Crown French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Multi-tone Crown French Braids

Image by @theupdogirl via Instagram

This multi-toned french braid is a twisted treat for the eyes. This style resembles top deck chocolate from the chocolatey, rich brown roots to the buttery blonde ends.

It’s decadent, incorporating several braiding techniques such as “distressing, “twisting,” and “layering.” You only need a few flowers to complete this look.

Remember, less is more. You wouldn’t want to take away from the architectural beauty. 

43. 3-In-1 French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

3-In-1 French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @everylittlestrand via Instagram

Strength comes in numbers, and these braids assemble like Voltron to form a mega french braid.

Duplicate the effect on the other side, and you have six stunning french braids that trickle off into two pigtails.

You can try this style with your natural hair, but try feed-in extensions to get the full effect. Synthetic hair will be fine.

In fact, this variation might end up lasting way longer than the others because of the structuring. 

Keep your baby hairs light and simple, and let the braids do the talking. 

44. Space Bun Sweetheart French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Image by @society19 via Pinterest

We’ve got you if you saw the space bun style and the reverse french braid and wanted to fuse both styles into one sweet creation!

You can braid the front section as well, but if you wish the back of your head to be the star, that’s fine too.

Doubling down on the reverse french braid is a great way to draw attention to your new balayage highlights.

The dark roots create the perfect canvas. Swirl the hair at the top for a super sweet ice cream aesthetic. 

45. Fairytale Layer French Braids Hairstyle Ideas

Fairytale Layer Braids Hairstyle

Image by @alannamariehair via Instagram

If you thought hairstyles couldn’t be whimsical, think again! This is an amusement park of french braids, all in varying shapes, sizes, and textures.

It would fit perfectly in any fairy tale. How many braids can you count here? Two? Three? Five? It’s hard to tell, but that’s the fun part.

You’ll keep people guessing, and all eyes will be on you. To achieve the curls at the front, use a flat iron and fan your hair outwards. 


46. Bohemian Rainbow French Braid Hairstyle Ideas

Bohemian Rainbow French Braid

Image by @danalynnhair via Instagram

Suppose you’re planning your next music festival or concert look. In that case, this bohemian rainbow explosion has to be in the top three at least.

The loose, low-hanging curls, powdery colors, and fluffed-out fishtail braid make it the perfect style for dancing all day in the sun.

Of course, you can use as much hairspray as you need for this style, as it needs to stay put through all the sweating and moving about. 

Fun Fact:

The Bohemian Rainbow French Braid is a modern and vibrant twist on traditional French braiding techniques. Its name, “Bohemian,” is a nod to the unconventional and free-spirited Bohemian lifestyle that emerged in the 1960s.

47. Short Bob Cotton Candy French Braid Hairstyle Ideas

Short Bob Cotton Candy

Image by @themintdoor via Instagram

Who says you can’t achieve a loose, pancake french braid with short hair? If anyone tells you that, they’re absolutely wrong.

This braid looks brilliant on anyone with a short bob, and the cloud-like cotton candy roots add volume. They’re also pretty playful and a great conversation starter.

Don’t worry about your shorter ends sticking out. Just roll with it and call it a “distressed” braid. It’s the quintessential artsy hairdo. 

48. Bunny Kids French Braid Hairstyle Ideas

Bunny Kids Hairstyle

Image by @the_hairstyle_mumma via Instagram

The Bunny Style Kids French Braid is a cute and playful hairstyle for little ones.

It involves creating two French braids on either side of the head, starting from the hairline and incorporating additional strands as you go down.

Once the braids reach the nape of the neck, they are tied together with a hair elastic to resemble bunny ears.

This adorable hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, making your child look adorable and stylish.


French braids are a classic and versatile hairstyle that adds a touch of elegance to any look.

Whether you opt for a simple two-strand or a more intricate four-strand variation, they are perfect for casual and formal occasions.

The braids keep hair neat and secure while showcasing a chic appearance. Embrace the timeless charm of French braids to elevate your hair game and stand out with grace and beauty.

You’ve seen the styles, and you’re obsessed. Now It’s time to equip you with the information you need to try these looks today!

If you ever feel stuck, check out the tutorial below. 

Let’s Braid It Out! 

Want to learn the basics of French braiding? Here’s a handy tutorial that breaks each step down. 

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