33 Passion Twist Braids For A Natural And Effortless Style

Key Takeaways
  • Passion Twist braids are a trendy and stylish hairstyle that offers several benefits for those looking to switch up their look.
  • These braids mimic the texture and appearance of natural hair, making them an excellent choice for individuals who prefer a more authentic look.
  • Passion Twist braids are a protective hairstyle that can help safeguard your natural hair from environmental damage and excessive manipulation, promoting healthy hair growth.
  • They can be styled in various ways, allowing for versatility and creativity, from updos to ponytails, and they often require low maintenance.

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Passion twist braids are a timeless trend. Here are 33 ways you can wear this style. Light and airy, passion twist braids are the latest trend to take the braiding world by storm.

They’re the perfect option for the incoming summer weather, and they’re easy on your scalp and even easier to style and customize.

Whether you’re into super long locs or chin-length bobs, passion twists are adaptable and flattering on everyone, so go for it.  

If you’re considering passion twists, but you’re worried that they won’t be worth the effort, you can rest easy. Passion twists are one of the most long-lasting protective styles out there.

They’re easy to install, and since they form a tight curl, they protect your natural hair while locking in any potential flyaways.

Typically, regular box braids can last up to 2 months if you take good care of them. 

With that said, straight hair can get old, and sometimes curl and frizz up. That’s not the case with a passion twist.

Passion twists use softer, curlier hair, so they have the rare quality of looking better as they get older.

If you keep your scalp clean, you can rock these twists for up to three months. Just make sure you don’t weigh them down with too many products. 

What Hair Is Used For Passion Twist Braids? 

Before jumping on the passion twist trend, make sure you’re using the right hair. Most braiding styles use Kanekalon straight synthetic hair, but passion twists are different.

You’ll need curly, soft hair like the Freetress or Lulutress water wave synthetic hairline. 

This hair is curly enough to create that famous bounce, but not too curly that it distorts the braid.

Most water wave packs can double as crochet hair because they are pre-formed and easier to interlock.

You’ll need more packets of hair than you would with traditional box braids, especially if you want to try some of the styles on this list.  

Water wave hair packs don’t have a lot of strands within them. If you’re looking to stick within a budget, pre-part your hair and count how many braids you would like to install before buying any hair. 

Before You Get Started

  • Passion Twist Braids are a protective hairstyle that helps retain hair length and reduce breakage.
  • These braids are created using pre-twisted or synthetic hair extensions for added texture and style.
  • They offer a low-maintenance option, making them a time-saving choice for busy individuals.
  • Passion twist braids can be customized in various lengths and colors, allowing for creative expression.
  • Suitable for different hair types and textures, they provide a stylish and versatile option for diverse individuals.

Here are our top 33 passion twist braids to inspire you. 

1. Classic Passion Twist Braids

Classic Passion Twist Braids

Image by @slimreshae via Instagram

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve made passion twists your go-to hairstyle, keeping it classic is always a good option.

Long, black passion twists give you the best of functionality and beauty, and they’re a solid base for any extra embellishments you might want to add later on. 

Though long and black extensions are frequent with passion twists, you can experiment with color, so keep scrolling for different takes on this base look. 


2. Short & Bouncy Passion Twist Braids 

Short & Bouncy Passion Twist Braids

Image by @nigerianbraids via Instagram

Long hair is fun, but sometimes you want to switch things up, and this chin-length bob is a great low-maintenance hairstyle.

If you have hair longer than this, don’t worry, you don’t have to cut it. You can achieve a crochet version of this look.

It’s also an affordable option if you’re not looking to buy 5-6 packets of hair. Just cut the hair strands you have into half pieces and weave them in.

Don’t forget to seal the ends by tapering and twisting them. Alternatively, you could use a rubber band at the bottom. 

3. Ombre Passion Twist Braids 

Ombre Passion Twist Braids 

Image by @spritzhairstudio via Instagram

Shake things up with a waterfall of colors. Ombre always looks good because the different colors highlight different sections of your face.

It’s even better when you use passion twists. The naturally curly texture creates a soft and gentle look. 

Neutral colors are great, but if you want a complete makeover, go for something that makes a daring statement.

With ombre twists, you can start with a base that matches your hair color, then transition into a louder, bold color. 


4. Ultra Long Passion Twist Braids 

Ultra Long Passion Twist Braids

Image by @slaybyvee_ via Instagram

Long hair always looks good, and this version of spring twists resembles a cascading river. You can live out your rapunzel fantasies.

Since the hair is lightweight, it won’t strain your scalp or neck too much, even when you pull it up into a bun.

While they’re cute, they’re probably the most expensive twist variation listed here. Why? Because they require a large number of hair extensions.

You could use 7-9 packets of braiding hair, so make sure you budget well. 

5. Water Wave Passion Twist Braids

Water Wave Passion Twist Braids

Image by @divanamk via Instagram

This style gets its name from both the hair used and the water-like effect it creates. You can tell that it’s a little messier than the other styles, which is intentional.

The braiding method is meant to give off a flowy bohemian vibe. 

To achieve this, strategically tug on different pieces throughout the braid. Just make sure you don’t end up unraveling everything.

Try experimenting with different lengths or pull the hair up into a messy bun for an effortless look. 


6. Crochet Passion Twist Braids

Crochet Passion Twist Braids

Image by @simplygeniee via Instagram

If you’re having a hard time getting the passion twist method right, try a crochet version.

It’s a great alternative for anybody whose scalp is super sensitive. Pro-tip, make sure your cornrows are thin enough so as to avoid a “raised hair” effect. 

When you loop the passion twist hair in, make sure that you’re attaching it to the braid and not rubbing the crochet piece against your scalp because that might cause irritation. 

7. Rope Passion Twist Braids

Rope Passion Twist Braids

Image by @ina90skindofworld via Instagram

Passion twists are a fresh take on the classic tightrope Senegalese twists we all love, so why not mimic the look?

You’ll need to maintain a tighter grip while twisting the hair. Rope braids tend to unravel when not sealed properly, so secure the ends with a tight twist.

Be sure to buy hair that’s long enough as rope twists tend to spring up faster, creating a shorter look. 

Keep in Mind

  • Protective Hairstyle: Passion Twist Braids are a protective hairstyle that shields your natural hair from environmental stress and damage, promoting hair health.
  • Texture and Style: These braids achieve a unique, textured look that closely resembles natural, coily hair, adding depth and character to your hairstyle.
  • Low Maintenance: They are relatively low-maintenance, requiring minimal daily upkeep, which makes them a practical choice for individuals with active lifestyles.
  • Customization: Passion Twist Braids can be tailored to your preferences, allowing you to choose the length, color, and thickness that best suits your style.
  • Versatile: Suitable for various occasions, from casual to formal events, these braids offer a versatile and stylish option for different outfits and makeup looks.


8. Goddess Passion Twist Braids

Goddess Passion Twist Braids

Image by @nusatrancista via Instagram

Free-flowing and softening, goddess braids are an extremely popular style. Trying a passion twist variation will give you a flattering, carefree look.

Since passion twist hair is already soft, adding loose strands could bulk things up, at least in terms of volume. 

To avoid this, make sure you leave space between the loose curly hair and don’t add too much. To give your hair some variation, you can use different colors. 

9. Super Mini Passion Twist Braids 

Super Mini Passion Twist Braids

Image by @braidsgang via Instagram

These mimic traditional micro braids and would be feather-light on your head. If your hair is long, these are a great way to protect your strands from the summer sun.  

To double up on the look, try dying your natural hair to suit whichever hair extension color you decide to install. 


10. Brown & Bouncy Passion Twist Braids 

Brown & Bouncy Passion Twist Braids

Image by @seunokimi via Instagram

Color is everything, and brown can be an easy way to shake up your tresses. Whether you go super dark or super light, brown will always flatter your face and soften your features. 

Another great way to add vibrancy to this look is to mix and match different tones of brown for a multi-layered aesthetic. 

11. Mid Length Passion Twist Braids

Mid Length Passion Twist Braids

Image by @braidsbyyaja via Instagram

Long is great, and short is superb but mid-length hair offers that sweet spot that allows you to enjoy the passion twists without any compromise.

You can hold it up in a ponytail or bun, and you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way, like long hair. 

This length is perfect for a half-up, half-down look or a puffy ponytail. If you want a little less bulk, create thicker parts that will give off a natural protective style look. 


12. Cornrow Combo Passion Twist Braids

Image by @vlshairatx via Instagram

Cornrows are already a protective style on their own, but when you add passion twists, you get the ultimate, glamorous protective style.

Twist cornrows are a little different from traditional three strand plaits, so it might take a while to get the technique right, but keep at it. 

The style above is a short bob but that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a longer look as well. 

13. Golden Blonde Passion Twist Braids 

Image by @braidsbyteshia via Instagram

This variation is the definition of blondes having more fun. It’s a flirty take on passion twists that gives off serious goldilocks vibes.

If you really want the look to pop, go for a light blonde that reflects the sun’s rays. That way, you’ll walk around with a golden glow. 

If you’re worried about your natural hair color coming through, don’t be. Passion twists conceal your natural hair really well, and even if a bit does poke out, it will add to the depth of your look. 


14. Royal Red Passion Twist Braids

Image by @bahalocs via Instagram

Passion twists are already a bold look, but when you add red to the mix, you get the perfect combination of sweet and sassy.

Red is the universal color of confidence, so if you’re trying to add some of that to your overall aesthetic, pick a vibrant version of this color. 

If you’re still new to colored hair, go for a darker red that won’t scare you away from trying something new. 

15. Super Jumbo Passion Twist Braids

Image by @najaljudd via Instagram

Going big never looked so good. Passion twists are already so soft and flattering, and the jumbo version only magnifies that fluffy, larger-than-life look.

Much like the long twists, this will require a lot of hair, so be prepared to broaden your budget. 

Passion twists are usually light, but the size of these might add a little weight, so wear them loose as often as you can. 


16. Butterfly Loc Inspired Passion Twist Braids

Image by @slaybyvee_ via Instagram

Butterfly locs are yet another trend that we love. They get their name from the small pieces of hair that stick out of each strand, mimicking a butterfly’s wings.

You can pull off the same look with passion twists by leaving a small loop out while installing the curly hair. 

If regular twists look better as they age, just imagine how stunning these butterfly twists will look after a month. 

Quick Passion Twist Braids Guide

  • How To Create Passion Twist Braids: Begin by sectioning your hair into small parts, then twist synthetic hair extensions or pre-twisted hair into your natural hair for a textured and stylish look.
  • Level Of Maintenance: Moderate
  • Suitable For: Passion twist braids are versatile and ideal for various hair types, with a focus on those who desire a protective and low-manipulation style.
  • Looks Best With: Passion twist braids complement a wide range of makeup styles, allowing you to adapt your look to your personal preferences and the occasion, from natural to glamorous makeup looks.

17. Diamond Part Passion Twist Braids

Image by @styledbysadea via Instagram

Versatility and design aren’t limited to just your twists. You can express your unique style at the root with how you decide to part your hair.

Diamond parts are popular, and they’re not just exclusive to box braids

Passion twists tend to stand out more if you use this parting method, so it’s best to wear this in a ponytail so everyone can see your hard work. 


18. Free & Flowy Passion Twist Braids

Image by @iamnovibrown via Instagram

If you’re a fan of goddess braids or butterfly locks, you’ll absolutely love this freeform passion twist variation.

Not only does it create an effortlessly chic aura, but it’s very forgiving if you don’t know how to properly shape each braid. 

This look has a calculated amount of chaos to it that makes you look carefree, but also adds a level of intentional mystery.  

19. Triangle Part Passion Twist Braids

Image by @nyc.goddess.locs.queen via Instagram

This cross between a diamond and brick part is probably the easiest way to look like you put a lot of work and thought behind your hairstyle. The shape also allows you to grip your roots more effectively, and get a stronger braid attachment. 

To draw more attention to your triangle roots, weave in some gold-colored string. 

20. Bold & Blingy Passion Twist Braids

Image by @iam_tatiaunna via Instagram

Shiny things always attract more attention and make us feel more confident. Earrings often get hidden with long braids so why not adorn your hair with some bling?

Hair jewelry has come a long way and you get to customize and come up with what suits you best, so go wild. Gold, silver, see-through, or diamante, there’s so much to choose from. 

Make sure you secure each bead or braid jewelry as this hair is silky and slippery. For added security, tie off the ends.

21. Brown and Black Ombre Passion Twists Braids

Image by @hairvarieties via Instagram

Black and brown ombre is a timeless and appealing combination of deeper complexion tones. The ombre hair extensions add a little color without being overdone.

22. Accessories with Passion Twists Braids Braids

Image by @dadouhair via Instagram

You get to decide for yourself every day whether to accessorize or not to accessorize your passion twists.

Passion twists allow you to wear one or all of the accessories usually used to give braided hairstyles personality and flair, whether you’re into beads, shells, or cuffs.

Hair cuffs are used in this passion twist updo hairstyle to frame the face and add color and luster to the hair.

Fun Fact

Passion Twist Braids, also known as “Spring Twists,” gained popularity in the early 2000s and are inspired by the Senegalese Twists, showcasing a unique and eye-catching coiled texture.

23. Short Passion Twists Braids with Curly Ends

Image by @mandy_jacobz via Instagram

Passion twist hairstyles are unmatched among protective styles in their ability to mimic simple two-strand twists done on your hair.

This is particularly true when short passion twists are used. These brief love twists’ curly ends enhance their natural, authentic appearance.

24. Criss Crossed Passion Twists Braids with Accessories

Image by @laurayabraidsdealer via Instagram

This design on a medium-length passion twist is one that we adore.

When you want to pull hair away from the face, crisscrossing the twists at the front is a terrific alternative to wearing half-up, half-down styles.

The golden accents and the little cornrow are also wonderful finishing touches for this look.

25. Burgundy Color Passion Twists Braids

Image by @styledbysadea via Instagram

Passion twists are no different, with burgundy being one of the most widely utilized hues for extensions used with twists and braids.

On these long twists, it is clear why burgundy passion twists are a must-try since they are both bold and subtle.

26. Blonde Passion Twists Braids

Image by @laurayabraidsdealer via Instagram

Black and blonde is another well-liked and effective mix of extensions for producing protective styles.

Whether worn in box braids, faux locs, or twists, these complementary hues look great. The sheen that comes with water-wave hair is especially lovely.

27. Bangs and Shaved Sides Passion Twist Braids

Image by @jsblessinghair1 via Instagram

There’s no reason you can’t wear some passion twists if you have shaved sides or another trimmed haircut.

These passion twist bangs are a great technique to play with various lengths and hues.

Pro Tip

To keep your Passion Twist Braids looking fresh, moisturize your scalp and braids regularly with a lightweight oil or leave-in conditioner to prevent dryness and frizz.

28. High Ponytail on Passion Twists Braids

Image by @_herstylist via Instagram

Always so much fun, high ponytails.

If you don’t have a ponytail holder or hair elastic on hand, you can still achieve the look by wrapping a couple of your passion twists around the hair and utilizing them as a ponytail holder.

29. Long Ombre Passion Twists Braids 

Image by @braidedbygilly via Instagram

Long passion twists are believed to be the lightest of the three styles, making them well worth trying if you enjoy wearing long box braids or Senegalese twists but find them too heavy.

30. Bun Red Passion Twists Braids

Image by @euphoricstylez via Instagram

If red is your favorite color, you must try this. Although full, the high bun isn’t too big to look natural, and the entire look is simple enough to wear daily.

31. Butterfly Accessories Passion Twists Braids

Image by @braidedbygilly via Instagram

Butterfly fans don’t have to be Mariah Carey. These butterfly hair clips are adorable and stylish to embellish hairstyles with a passion twist.

32. Blonde White Passion Twists Braids

Image by @thereal_imanid via Instagram

Thanks to extensions, you can experiment with various hair lengths, hues, and textures, one of their best features.

If you enjoy being noticed, these blonde passion twists should be at the top of your hairdo wish list.

33. Chunky Passion Twists Braids

Image by @stacysbraids via Instagram

These short, hefty passion twists are incredibly juicy and luscious.

The two buns stand out against the cinnamon brown tone and are a terrific styling choice for emphasizing highlights and colors.

Twist Your Heart Out

Now that you have all of these options, it’s time to try passion twists for yourself. This straightforward tutorial should help demystify the method and have you looking fabulous as soon as possible. 

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