Bold And Beautiful: 46 Red Knotless Braids To Lift Up Your Look In 2024

Key Takeaways
  • This hairstyle tends to stay in place for an extended period, making it ideal for all-day events or outdoor activities.
  • It’s a great go-to option for busy days when you want a stylish yet low-maintenance hairdo.
  • Braided ponytails can help keep your hair off your neck during hot weather, providing relief from the heat.
  • Many athletes prefer this style as it keeps their hair secure and out of the way during physical activities.

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There’s no doubt that knotless braids are increasingly becoming a go-to hairstyle for every natural out there –they’re a low-maintenance and stylish protective style you can wear in many different ways.

The versatility of knotless braids means that you can try them in different styles and red knotless braids are a bold and trendy option to experiment with if you want to spice up your look.

It might seem a bit daunting adding such a loud and vibrant color to your hair, but the great thing about red knotless braids is that they come in so many different tones and hues.

You can also style them however you want to match your style.

These trendy braids are a great way to add a bit more fun and drama to your braids while keeping your curls protected.

Whether you prefer a subtle hint of red, deeper hues of burgundy, or an all-out fierce look, there is a style to match every skin tone and style preference.

Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your hair is in good condition before getting red knotless braid. It includes addressing any damage, excessive dryness, or split ends.
  • If you’re planning to dye your hair red for the knotless braids, consult with a professional colourist to achieve the desired shade without compromising hair health.
  • To maintain your hair’s strength and moisture, use protective products and methods like deep conditioning and leave-in treatments.
  • Prioritize a clean and well-moisturized scalp to support hair growth and overall health.
  • Minimize heat styling and tight hairstyles before getting knotless braids, allowing you hair a break to recover and prepare for the new style.

What Are Knotless Braids?

As the name implies, Knotless braids are knotless. They’re a variation of box braids that do not have the signature knot formed at the root of the hair.

Unlike traditional box braids, where the braiding hair is added directly from the scalp to help with the grip and volume, knotless braids are made using a feed-in technique where the braids are started with your real hair first before the braiding hair is attached a bit further down the hair shaft.

This creates a sleek braid without a knot that looks very natural and blends in seamlessly with your natural hair. 

Because they lie flat on the scalp and are less bulky, Knotless braids are also easy to style in multiple ways without creating unnecessary tension on your scalp.

Do Knotless Braids Damage Your Hair?

One of the main reasons why knotless braids are completely taking over the box braids styles is because they are very gentle on the scalp.

Knotless braids do not put excess tension and strain on the scalp, so there isn’t much damage done to the hair and most importantly your edges remain intact and breakage free. 

However, as with any form of braids, proper installation is essential. If your knotless braids are not done the right way or are not properly cared for, then you run the risk of breakage and damage to your strands.

So it is important to get them braided by a stylist who knows what they’re doing and also takes care of your hair while they are in the knotless braids 

How Long Do Knotless Braids Last?

How long your knotless braids will last vary with each person.

While they can last for as long as 1-3 months, a few individual factors such as your hair texture, braid size, and how well you take care of the braids will ultimately determine how long they last.

Bigger braids might develop frizz faster than smaller-sized braids. 

The right maintenance methods like sleeping with a silk bonnet or pillowcase, and using moisturizing sprays and oils will also help with the longevity of knotless braids.

However, to avoid unnecessary damage to your hair, the best time frame to keep your knotless braids in is 4-8 weeks. 

What Does Red Knotless Braid Mean?

Red Knotless braids simply mean knotless braids that are made using red Kanekelon braiding hair. You don’t have to dye your hair red to achieve this look.

The red-colored braiding hair will do all of the heavy lifting of achieving this look when it is braided into your hair. So you can choose any shade of red you prefer.

Ahead we’ve compiled some of the best red knotless braid styles that will have you rushing to make your next salon appointment. Seriously, some of these are drool-worthy!

1. Red Velvet Knotless Braids

Red Velvet braids

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

If you want a sleek look that will blend easily with the dark tones of your hair while still having striking red highlights and undertones, then this red velvet knotless braid is perfect for you.

The smooth arrangement of the braids and the addition of subtle red dye to the roots of the hair makes them look very natural.

2. Red Chrysanthemum Knotless Braids

Red Chrysanthemum

Image by @_kindkiller_ via Instagram

A bold red hairdo is a sure-fire way to amp up your look.

The key to slaying this style is to fully dye your hair a matching shade of red so that braids create uniform layers that are reminiscent of the colorful pleats of the chrysanthemum flower.

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3. Heavy Top Bun Red Knotless Braid

Heavy Top Bun braids

Image by @hairbyhighlylifted via Instagram

A flowy top bun that cascades down the shoulders?

Yes, please! Since there is no painful knot, knotless braids are the perfect style to create a gorgeous bun for a half up- half down look in fierce red.

Moreover, you can style your hair in a “Heavy Top Bun” with red knotless braids. This chic combination is a daring and fashionable take on a classic bun that makes a captivating statement. 

Quick Red Knotless Braid: Style Guide

  • Striking Red Hues: Red braids offer a vibrant and one of the best looks that adds a pop of colour to your style.
  • Painless Tension: Knotless braids are designed to be gentle on your scalp, reducing tension and discomfort during wear.
  • Maintenance: Enjoy the convenience of low-maintenance red knotless braid that require minimal daily care.
  • Vibrant Longevity: Avoid excessive sun exposure and use color-safe products when washing your hair.

4. Chunky Curled Ends Red Knotless Braids

Chunky Curled Ends Braids

Image by @braidedbyess via Instagram

You can enhance your appearance with chunky red braids with elegantly curled ends. This look has a bold and textured twist that adds a touch of glamour and charm to your appearance.

You can try big red braids with hints of shiny magenta for a glowy effect. The luscious length and the curls at the ends to make them the perfect vibrant and feminine hairdo.

5. Festive Darking Red Knotless Braids

Festive Darking Braids

Image by @hairgassm_ via Instagram

Need a hairdo for the festive summer season? Well with an effortless red knotless braid that has a gradient effect with bold red and black undertones.

You can also pair this middle part look with any casual or dressy outfit.

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6. Elegant Red Knotless Braids

Elegant braids

Image by @crown.and.glory_ via Instagram

Vibrant yet tasteful. A sleek back and bright knotless braid with intricate square parts is the ideal look for a stylish and fun fashionista.

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7. Shiny Red Knotless Braids With Curls

Shiny Red Braids With Curls

Image by @boujiehairstyles via Instagram

Shiny red knotless braids adorned with curls will elevate your look by adding a captivating texture and vibrant color.

This combination exudes charisma and flair, making a daring statement that attracts attention.

If you don’t feel like spending hours getting tiny braids installed, then chunky and thicker knotless braids are the ideal style to try. 

This style is amped up with curls to create a chic backdrop and gelled up for a shiny look.

8. Ombre Shades Knotless Braids

Ombre Shades Braids

Image by @brandedbybunny via Instagram

Create a slight ombre pairing with black roots that fade into a bright red in the middle of the hair. This is a great way to blend the dark shades of your natural hair with the red hair trend. 

9. Wine And Dark Red Knotless Braids

Wine And Dark Red Knotless braids

Image by @oymagicfingers via Instagram

Rock the red trend without going too bright by choosing a style with a darker-toned shade.

You can even create a cute middle part that will show off those perfectly even box parts that make braids flawless.

10. Long Ruby Red Knotless Braids

Long Ruby Red Knotless Braids

Image by @beastofallbraids via Instagram

If you want beautiful knotless braids with some length and deep hues. Then you can opt for a ruby red that will blend perfectly with your natural dark tones to create a regal look fit for any occasion

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11. Buns With Beads Red Knotless Braids

Buns With Beads Red Knotless Braids

Image by @_.hairbyem via Instagram

A double bun red knotless braid are perfect for achieving a girlish and enchanting style that’s great for any season.

Try adding some beads to accentuate the youthfulness of the look.

12. Simple And Neat Red Knotless Braids

Simple And Neat Red Knotless Braids

Image by @jordynhaze_ via Instagram

Who says simplicity isn’t attractive. A simple red knotless braid is a style that isn’t doing too much but makes a statement with its vibrant shade is a great style if you want a laid-back vibe.

Keep In Mind

  • Hair Type Consideration: Select the red knotless braid size and length that complements your hair type and texture.
  • Natural Edge Protection: Ensure the braids are not too tight around your edges to prevent unnecessary tension and hair damage.
  • Vivid Color Care: Red hair tends to fade faster, so use colour-safe products and limit sun exposure to maintain the vibrant shade.
  • Sleeping Habits: You can use a satin or silk scarf to wrap your knotless braids or use a pillowcase made of similar materials to protect them while you sleep.
  • Maintenance Schedule: Establish a routine for washing, conditioning, and moisturizing your braids to keep them looking fresh and healthy.

13. All Out-Red Head-Turning Knotless Braids

All Out-Red  Head-Turning Knotless braids

Image by @luxuriousbraids_via Instagram

Dare to be bold with these eye-catching full red braids. It requires you to add some red dye to your strands, but the decision will be well worth it once the style is complete.

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14. Colors With Curls Red Knotless Braids

Colors With Curls Red Knotless Braids

Image by via Instagram

If you still want to rock your curls while donning the trendy red braids, then you have to try a lush, long style with loose flowy curls woven into the braids.

The blend of different shades of red also makes it the ideal mixed color hairstyle.

15. Gorgeous Crown Knotless Braids

Gorgeous Crown Knotless Braids

Image by @braids.byzabibu via Instagram

Small Knotless braids are perfect for styling in a variety of ways. One great style to try is a compact knot on the crown of the head.

The loose ends of the knot will flow into the back and create a ravishing half-up crown.

16. Red Knotless Braids With Hearts

Red Knotless braids With Hearts

Image by @hair.bygeo via Instagram

This style takes a skilled stylist, but the lovely heart shape created on the side elevates this style. It is also perfect for a romantic occasion like valentine’s day.

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17. Regal Bun Red Knotless Braids

Regal Bun Red Knotless Braids

Image by @sanandreaz919 via Instagram

Bridgerton style updo but with knotless braids? Sign me up! You can style your knotless braids in a regal and opulent bun that will be perfect for a formal occasion or party. 

18. Sprinkle Of Purple Red Knotless Braids

Sprinkle Of Purple Red Knotless braid

Image by @jpsallure via Instagram

If you want an attention-grabbing splash of color, then you need to sprinkle a little bit of purple into your knotless braids.

Since they both have similar hues of crimson, the red and purple will blend together seamlessly.

19. Center Part With Beads Red Knotless Braids 

Center Part With Beads Red Knotless Braids

Image by via Instagram

Add some fun and youthfulness to your hairstyle by going for an adorable red knotless braid with white beads. The center part also works on every face shape and it is a great style for kids.

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20. Mixed Glacier Red Knotless Braids

Mixed Glacier Red Braids

Image by @allurebraids__ via Instagram

 Add an icy touch to your braids by mixing a pastel shade of bright pink into your red knotless braid. It is a great way to rock this trend in the winter with muted red hues that blend into the scenery.

21. Split Colors Red Knotless Braids

Split Colors Red Knotless Braids

Image by @sorawstylez via Instagram

Split your red knotless braid into chic separate blocks of colors.  Try this style by braiding separating the two ends of your red braids with a large section of black.

It is the perfect way to don the red hairdo without doing too much.

22. Crown Bun Red Knotless Braids

Crown Bun Red Knotless Braids

Image by @sweetxche via Instagram

Want to style your hair in a large magical bun that frames your face in the best way?  A crown bun is the perfect red knotless braid to try. Let down a few braids in the front to create a romantic structure to your crown.

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23. Long And Simple Red Knotless Braids

Long And Simple Red Knotless Braids

Image by @angel.stylezzz via Instagram

Red comes in all shades and sizes. Opt for simple and classy red braids in a soft wine-like tone. Be sure to add some gel to slick down your edges.

Pro Tip

To extend the life of your red knotless braids and prevent frizz, gently spritz them with a mixture of water and a leave-in conditioner, then re-braid any loose or frizzy sections.

24. Mixed Curls Red Knotless Braids

Mixed Curls Braids

Image by via Instagram

Can’t decide if you want to go full red? Then why not mix red and black for luscious Knotless braids with cascading curls that are flattering for every face shape.

25. High Ponytail With Curled Ends Red Knotless Braids

High Ponytail With Curled Ends

Image by @etz_lexzy_hair via Instagram

Keep your knotless braids out of your face with a cute high ponytail intricately tied on the crown of the head.

If you’re not fully sure if you want a full crimson read, then try a shade of brick red that is fiery but earthy. The loose curls at the ends also take this style to another level.

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26. Floor Length Red Knotless Braids

Floor Length Braids

Image by @prissworldwide via Instagram

Exude peaceful and divine goddess energy with extremely long red Knotless braids that will trail behind you with every step you take.

Be sure to pair this with neutral-toned outfits like white or beige for the full ethereal effect.

27. Scanty Red Knotless Braids

Scanty Red braids

Image by @beautiedbyjoce via Instagram

Knotless braids are great and all, but it can be discouraging having to sit for hours when getting them installed.

Enter scanty red knotless braid! This is the perfect way to get your braid done in a short time. Opt for a clean look with about 4- 8 braids if this is you.

28. Fiery Red Boxy Knotless Braids

Fiery Red Boxy braids

Image by @_theksbexperience via Instagram

Stand out in any room with bright fire red braids. This will also make your hair a statement accessory to any outfit you wear with this look.

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29. Large Cherry Red Knotless Braids

Large Cherry Braids

Image by @styledbypk via Instagram

Elevate your hairstyle with large knotless braids that create volume and depth to the hair. The deep cherry red color of this style is also ideal for those that might prefer a rich and dark shade of red.

30. Red Ends Red Knotless Braids

Red Ends Braids

Image by @pearllysperfection via Instagram

Add the red braiding hair to the ends of your braids for a red knotless braid style that isn’t too overpowering and adds color to the basic black braids.

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31. Bronze Red Knotless Braids

Bronze Red Braids

Image by @sorawstylez via Instagram

The beauty of red is that it comes in a large spectrum of vivid shades. This bronze-red knotless braids with a decent length will fall against the shoulders flawlessly.

Fun Fact

The art of braiding hair has been a part of various cultures for thousands of years, with intricate patterns and styles symbolizing social status, age, and even marital status in different societies. Today, knotless braids beautifully blend this ancient tradition with modern fashion.

32. Jumbo Red Knotless Braid

Jumbo Braid

Image by @marisbraidlounge_ via Instagram

Try these jumbo red braids if you like braids with more body and size. They also won’t put too much pressure on your scalp since they are knotless. 

33. Copper Red Knotless Braids

Copper Red Knotless Braids

Image by @daijhastyledme via Instagram

These golden copper-red braids will be perfect as an elegant staple style. They’re also glossy and will look neat for a long time before developing much frizz.

34. Single Bun Beaded Red Knotless Braids

Single Bun Beaded Red Knotless Braids

Image by @therealslay._ via Instagram

If you want a  low-effort style that doesn’t require much maintenance, then a single loos bun will help you look put together but with a laid-back vibe. Add some glass beads to add a bit more fun to the look.

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35. Double Coloured Blonde and Red Knotless Braids 

Double Coloured Blonde and Red Knotless Braids

Image by via Instagram

Like bright and flashy colors? Then you have to try a mix of blonde and red for your knotless braids. Combining these two bright colors might seem daunting, but look how good it’s bound to turn out!

36. Zig-Zag Red Knotless Braids

Zig-zag Red Knotless Braids

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

With Knotless braids, the sky is the limit when it comes to creativity. And if you’re a fan of asymmetric zig-zag lines then try donning these zig-zag red braids.

It will take a bit more time to perfectly create this pattern but all you need is a skilled stylist.

37. Clean Low Bun Red Knotless Braids

Clean Low Bun Red Knotless Braids

Image by @tash.ii via Instagram

For an elegant and effortless way to keep your braids out of your face, a low bun red knotless braid is a perfect style. It is also a great style to pair with more sophisticated outfits like a gorgeous floral dress.

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38. Mid-Sized Dark Red Knotless Braids

Mid-sized Dark Red Braids

Image by @barbiedollstyles via Instagram

Want a hairdo that’s dark yet vibrant? Then you should try these dazzling dark red braids. They are also mid-sized, so the installation time won’t take forever.

Also, you can elevate your style with mid-sized dark red braids, merging comfort and elegance in a captivating way.

These braids offer a sleek look with a rich red hue, perfect for a sophisticated yet daring statement.

39. Color Sectioning Red Knotless Braids

Color Sectioning Red

Image by @_layedbylex via Instagram

A great way to add sectioned highlights to your braids would be with red braids made with a small section of red braids in the front of the hair.

This way you can choose what color you want to make obvious based on how your style the braids.

40. Love In Color Red Knotless Braids

Love In Color Red

Image by @braids2purfect via Instagram

These bold red knotless braids will certainly remind you of cupid. If you’d like to wear a distinct hairstyle for valentine’s day then you should wear this mini-sized voluminous look.

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41. Red Knotless Braids With Accessories

Braids With Accessories

Image by @jelus.stylez via Instagram

Red braids are already fun, but you can take them to the next level by adding some accessories.

Add some silver or gold hair cuffs and braid rings on the ends of your braids or go full Boho-chic by putting the accessories on each braid.

42. Triangle Red Knotless Braids

Triangle Red Braids

Image by @styled.bystorm via Instagram

Triangle red braids infuse a captivating twist into your hairstyle. The bold combination of vibrant red and triangular braiding patterns creates a striking, trendy look.

This bold, dynamic look combines intricate braiding with vibrant color and playful curls for a captivating, head-turning appearance.

Add fun shapes to your hairdo with triangle red braid. It is a great way of adding some personality to an otherwise uniform style.

43. Pastel Rainbow Red Knotless Braids

Pastel Rainbow Red Braids

Image by @tiscobraiding via Instagram

For the spring months, it’s always great to experiment with fun colors to boost that sense of dopamine dressing.

rainbow knotless braids with varying shades of red and dark pink will surely have blooming like a flower in spring.

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44. Shiny Mini Red Knotless Braids

Shiny Mini Red Braids

Image by @securetheglam via Instagram

These shiny red braids are a great way to add some sheen and shine to your hair while adding vivid colors.

You might need to maintain a routine of adding gel to the hair to maintain the sleek shine of this style and reduce frizz.

45. Boxy Curled Red Knotless Braids

Boxy Curled Braids

Image by @cecebraidedit via Instagram

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The key to slaying Knotless braids is perfectly skillfully braided hair. Medium-sized red knotless braid made with even boxy parts are ideal for those who seek a polished style.

The curls at the ends also help to add volume and layers to the style.

46. Short Bold Red Knotless Braids

Short Bold Knotless Braids

Image by @gladzbraidhouse via Instagram

Short and bold knotless braids offer a striking, daring look that commands attention. These braids, created without the traditional knot at the base, provide a seamless and natural appearance.

The vivid red hue adds a vibrant edge, allowing you to express your personality confidently.

Knotless braids are a great way to spice up your braids and take them from basic to fierce.

We’ve put together the best knotless braids styles and hairdos out there to help you choose how to wear this trendy protective style. From the subtle yet striking styles to the distinctly bright shades, the options are endless.

So go ahead and make your hair a fierce statement with any of these braids.

Bottom line

Knotless braids offer a stunning and versatile hairstyle choice. These braids are installed without the traditional knot at the base, creating a sleek and natural look.

The striking red color adds a bold and eye-catching element to the style. Knotless braids are known for being gentle on the scalp, making them a comfortable and protective option for long-term wear.

Whether you want a vibrant change or love the red hue, these braids offer a stylish, low-maintenance way to express individuality.

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