63 Large Knotless Braid Inspirations For Timeless Elegance

Key Takeaways
  • Large knotless braid are a versatile and protective hairstyle that suits various occasions and hair types.
  • They offer a more natural appearance compared to traditional braids and come with reduced tension on the scalp, minimizing potential damage.
  • Be prepared for a lengthy installation process, as large knotless braid can take several hours to complete due to their intricate nature.
  • Once installed, these braids require minimal maintenance but should be kept clean and moisturized to maintain healthy hair and a longer-lasting style.

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Traditional box braids have had the biggest fan following for the longest time.

The beauty of the braids, the protective features, and their demand for very low maintenance has made them one of the most preferred summer hairstyles for both men and women alike.

However, some people find the braids heavy to carry and find the tension on the scalp a little difficult to tolerate.

Lo and behold! We have their knotless siblings to save the day. If you take a glimpse of the explore page on Instagram, you’ll see the new “it” trend of knotless braids rocked by at least a handful of celebrities.

Fashionistas like Zendaya and Gabrielle Union love flaunting lengthy gorgeous braids if you like to seek inspiration. 

Here we have 60 plus amazing ways to style knotless braids, for beginners as well as pros to experiment with.

Before that, here’s what you should keep in mind.

How are knotless braids different from box braids?

Simply put, knotless braids do not have the little knot at the root of each braid, that’s traditionally been there for box braids.

Hence knotless braids are slightly looser on the scalp and are created using a feed-in technique.

They look more natural as well for the same reason and apply less tension. A lot of people prefer knotless braids over traditional box braids for the sheer reason that it sits easier on their hair and is not as heavy to carry.

How are knotless braids installed?

The braiding process, whether it is for box braids or knotless braids, requires quite a bit of time at the hairstylists.

For box braids, the stylist would wrap the extension pieces around the base of the natural hair to form the braid strand.

For knotless braids, the stylist would need to add in the extension seamlessly without a knot. This means that process would take longer but would be totally worth it.

Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your scalp is well-moisturized and clean to maintain comfort and hair health throughout the large knotless braiding process.
  • Gather essential tools, including hair elastics, a rat-tail comb, and edge control products, for smooth and precise large knotless braid.
  • Create even and well-organized partings to achieve a symmetrical and balanced appearance for your large knotless braid.
  • Decide on the desired le ngth of your large knotless braid, taking into account your desired style and practicality.
  • Schedule regular touch-ups and care to keep your large knotless braid looking fresh and in excellent condition.

How should I care for my knotless braids?

Just like box braids, you will need to prep and deep condition your hair well before the appointment with the hairstylist.

During the six weeks that you’ll be rocking the style, you will need to care for your scalp the most.

Stylists recommend using dedicated scalp care shampoos and conditioners to prevent build-up and other related issues.

You can wash your hair and follow up each wash with a nourishing leave-in conditioner to seal the moisture in, once or twice a week.

Products like hair mousses can also be used for spot treatment on the scalp to keep it fresh and healthy.

So that covers pretty much everything it takes to carry off a knotless braids hairstyle.

Now here are 63 amazing styles you can show your hairstylist for inspiration.

63 Knotless Braids Hairstyles

1. Beautiful Lengthy Large Knotless Braid

If you have long and thick hair, you can flaunt beautiful lengthy and large knotless braid.

Being knotless, the weight of the hair won’t take its toll on the roots and you can comfortably carry around the protective hairstyle. 

Beautiful Lengthy Large Braid

Image by @stylezby.jay via Instagram

2. Hearty Large Knotless Braid

A more creative take on the traditional knotless braids, hearty braids use larger sections of hair taken in the form of hearts. Probably a little more extra care and time for your stylist but totally worth it.

Hearty Large Braid

Image by @blasiian_beauty via Instagram

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3. Lengthy Large Knotless Braid With Even Boxes

There’s a lot of difference that a little symmetry can do to your entire look. Here’s a knotless braids hairstyle that uses evenly sectioned large boxes of hair to form large braids. 

 Lengthy Large Knotless Braid With Even Boxes

Image by @braidedby.tyy via Instagram

4. Middle Or Side Parted Large Knotless Braid

For people with round or oval-shaped faces, a middle part looks the best, while for people who have other shapes, a side part will look great.

Have your stylist part your hair the way you want and then section off boxes for these elegant looks.

Middle Or Side Parted Large Knotless Braid

Image by @thebraiderthatcares via Instagram

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5. Triangular Large Knotless Braid

The best thing about knotless braids is that you can section your hair in pretty much any shape you want.

Here’s a rendition of perfect large knotless braid sectioned off in large triangles.

Triangular Large Braid

Image by @stylesbycoriii via Instagram

6. Copper Colored Large Knotless Braid

Highlight the beauty of your large knotless braid with exceptional copper tones. The lovely transition from the black roots to the copper lengths will catch any eye.

Copper Colored Large  Braids

Image by @t.did.em via Instagram

7. Large Crochet Knotless Braids

Crochet braids are helpful for those of you who cannot really use three strands and braid your hair neatly.

If you’d like to try a DIY for braids, you can always watch a tutorial and use crochet hooks to braid your hair. 

Large Crochet Knotless Braid

Image by @glamourbybijoux via Instagram

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8. Small Boxes With Large Knotless Braid

If you have thick hair, take smaller sections of boxes and use larger knotless braids to flaunt the beauty of your thick hair.

This would especially look good for girls with rich, thick, and bushy hair.

Small Boxes With Large Knotless Braid

Image by @a1styles via Instagram

9. Brown Lengthy Large Knotless Braid

Style your hair in large knotless braid and color your hair a rich brown to stand out. For ease of braiding and to make your hair look neat and long, you can straighten your hair.

Brown Lengthy Large  Braid

Image by @janounoumontout via Instagram

10. Large Square Knotless Braids

Part your hair in larger sections of boxes and make larger braids for a super bold look.

Keep your hair entirely black to maintain the balance and not take the focus off of the braids.

 Large Square Knotless Braid

Image by @hairbyymani via Instagram

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11. Lengthy Large Knotless Braid With Curly Ends

Here’s a refreshing new take on large knotless braid – leave the ends curled and loose rather than braiding your hair till the very end.

This kind of style would look amazing on women with really long hair.

Lengthy Large Knotless Braid With Curly Ends

Image by @_ajs_braids via Instagram

12. Semi Blonde Large Knotless Braid

Go for a medium blonde shade in ombre style when flaunting large and lengthy knotless braids for a more chic street look. Pro tip: the longer your braids, the better.

Semi Blonde Large Knotless Braid

Image by @braidzbyki_ via Instagram

13. Simple Black Large Knotless Braid

Try large knotless braid in plain black hair without using any extensions for a natural and simple look.

The number of strands may be fewer, but it would be easier and more comfortable to wear.

Simple Black Large Braid

Image by @yetty_braids via Instagram

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14. Large Knotless Goddess Box Braids

Drench your hair in moisturizing conditioners and glossy hair serums for the ultimate glowy Goddess look. Then style your hair in large knotless braid to seal the deal.

Large Knotless Goddess Box Braid

Image by @bookwithty__ via Instagram

Quick Guide to Large Knotless Braid: 63 Inspirational Styles

  • Natural Aesthetic: Large knotless braid provide an honest and effortless look, perfect for those who prefer a lighter style.
  • Tension Management: Maintain comfortable braid tension to prevent discomfort and protect your hair and scalp.
  • Low Maintenance: Large knotless braid are relatively low maintenance, requiring occasional touch-ups for a long-lasting and polished appearance.
  • Hair Health: Minimize heat styling and use nourishing products to keep your natural hair healthy while enjoying the elegant look of large knotless braid.

15. Wonderful Side Part Large Knotless Braid

If you love a good side part you can pull off the lovely side-parted knotless braids look.

The crown of the head would be parted on the side gradually transitioning to a middle part down the back. Indeed a unique style.

Wonderful Side Part Large Braid

Image by @__jordansstyles via Instagram

16. Tailbone Length Large Knotless Braid

Braided hair looks particularly amazing when it’s long and strong. If you’d like to sport a “pro” look, you can add extensions or simply wait and grow out your hair.

Don’t worry, knotless braids are not going anywhere.

Tailbone Length Large  Braid

Image by @braidgeek18 via Instagram

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17. Lengthy Knotless Braids With A Top Knot

Nothing like a nice and big top knot to elevate your casual-chic look. Style your hair in long and large knotless braid and then gather the top half in a top knot to sport a half up half down look.

Lengthy Knotless Braids With A Top Knot

Image by @braids_by_shannj via Instagram

18. Medium Length Black Knotless Braids

If you’re a fan of minimal styling, you’ll love this simple all-black large knotless braid look. Less drama, but still makes a statement.

Medium Length Black Braid

Image by @_braids.by.dia via Instagram

19. Large Knotless Braid With Beads

Amp up your street style quotient with some fun beads. Add to the tails of your knotless braids and show them off. It’s definitely a style that screams tropical vacation vibes.

Large Knotless Braid

Image by @slayyybyshayyy via Instagram

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20. Large Knotless Braid With Curls For Kids

Protective hairstyles like knotless braids are always a good idea for kids, especially during Spring and Summer vacations.

Here’s a fun little twist over simple knotless braids – add some curls at the ends. Put the hair up in a half pony to complete the ultra-cute look.

 Large Knotless Braids With Curls For Kids

Image by @hairbyarneshia via Instagram

21. Two-Feed Large Knotless Braid

Two-feed knotless braids use a special two-strand feed-in technique to form thick large braids.

A minor change in the process elevates the whole look. Add in some color and you’re good to go.

 Two-Feed Large Knotless Braids

Image by @braidsbybriamac via Instagram

22. Small Box Knotless Braids

This one’s an almost exact copy of the traditional box braids but without them annoying little knots.

Your stylist will section off your hair in tiny boxes and create tiny knotless braids for a thick and voluminous look.

Small Box Knotless Braid

Image by @lola_burney_braids via Instagram

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23. Unique Jumbo Knotless Braids

A style that’s opposite to the tiny box braids, this one uses ultra-large sections of hair to form the braids, which leaves room for a fewer number of braids.

As opposed to a dense look, this one gives off more celebrity vibes – think Alicia Keys.

Unique Jumbo Knotless Braid

Image by @braidsbyb3nni_b3 via Instagram

24. Jungle Knotless Braids

This is a style that uses multiple elements in a single look. You have a red ombre color, elegant curls at the ends, and a gorgeous heart shape at the back. Definitely, a unique and super edgy style to pull off.

Jungle Knotless Braid

Image by @hairbymarieszn_ via Instagram

Keep In Mind

  • Braid Size: Choose the appropriate size for your large knotless braid to achieve a style that complements your comfort and appearance.
  • Scalp Care: Maintain scalp hygiene and moisturize regularly to prevent dryness and itching underneath your large knotless braid.
  • Tension Control: Ensure that the braids are not too tight to avoid discomfort and protect your natural hair from damage.
  • Maintenance Routine: Plan for routine touch-ups to keep your large knotless braid looking neat and fresh.
  • Expert Guidance: Seek advice from a professional stylist if you have questions about the braiding process or need assistance with maintaining your large knotless braid.

25. Large Knotless Braid With Curly Strands

For curly beauties, here’s a style that will retain the beauty of your natural curls while adding in the edge of knotless braids.

You will love how little strands of loose curly hair peak through your braids.

. Large Knotless Braids With Curly Strand

Image by @braidedby_bg via Instagram

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26. Golden Brown Knotless Braids

Golden brown is one of the most eye-catching and popular muted colors you can experiment with.

Here’s a knotless braids hairstyle that simply uses color to make a statement by itself.

Golden Brown

Image by @stylezbythebrat via Instagram

27. Coi Leray Large Knotless Braid

Coi Leray sports a jumbo style of knotless braids with curly ends. If you wish to copy the style of the trendsetter herself, here’s what you can show your stylist.

The next trendsetter might just be you in your college.

Coi Leray Large  Braid

Image by @stylesbycoriii via Instagram

28. Golden Braids With Curly Ends

Look like Goldilocks with this super stylish knotless braids hairstyle in rich golden hair color. Add some curls at the ends to give your braids an amazing elegant twist. 

Golden Braid

Image by @blessedbybraids via Instagram

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29. Red Coi Leray Knotless Braids

Here’s another super sexy rendition of Coi Leray’s look in red. This one uses tied ends and elegant curls to add more character.

Not to mention the bright red color, which is a statement maker by itself.

Red Coi Leray Braid

Image by @braidsambassador via Instagram

30. Clear Medium Size Knotless Braids

Here’s another minimal style in knotless braids for those of you who like to keep it understated. Simple knotless braiding is done in medium-length black hair.

Clear Medium Size Braids

Image by @keyzkreativestylz via Instagram

31. Black And Yellow Large Knotless Braid

Who remembers the song “black and yellow” by Wiz Khalifa? Well, here’s a combination of the famous two colors in wonderful large knotless braid. You clearly cannot go wrong with this combo!

Black And Yellow Large Braid

Image by @kpthabraider via Instagram

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32. Multi-Shape Knotless Braids

This is a style that uses triangular sections of the crown portion and large square sections of hair down the back and sides of the head.

This one would be perfect for people with a smaller head of hair.

Multi-Shape Braids

Image by @braidsbyb3nni_b3 via Instagram

33. Loose Curls With Large Knotless Braid

If you have loose curls and you want to keep the elegance of the curls along with braids, then this is the style for you.

Lovely tight braids with loose curls peeking through will be a sight to behold.

Loose Curls With Large Braid

Image by @mahalas_touch via Instagram

34. Bohemian Knotless Braids

For all boho fans, here’s a super relaxed, casual, and rugged style of knotless braids – with the bohemian touch.

For this one have your stylist leave the ends loose and wavy, with the braids neatly secured in place with a rubber band. 

Bohemian Knotless Braid

Image by @thetrendspotter via Instagram

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35. Platinum Blonde Blended Knotless Braids

The combination of two shades of blonde and stunning platinum in between makes this knotless braids hairstyle one of the most eye-catching ones in the collection. Here’s an amazing shot up close.

Platinum Blonde Blended

Image by @blessedhandsbytanesha via Instagram

Pro Tip

Extend the lifespan of your large knotless braid by applying a small amount of hair oil to your scalp and braids to keep them nourished and frizz-free.

36. Burgundy Knotless Braids

Adding to the list of elegant colors that you can carry knotless braids in, here’s one for those who like to keep it understated. Play it safe with burgundy and black highlights.

 Burgundy Knotless Braid

Image by @thetrendspotter via Instagram

37. Large Knotless Lattice Braids

If plain knotless braids are too boring for you, you can try lattice braids where the braided strands are criss-crossed to form patterns. Definitely, a look to try this Summer.

 Large Knotless Lattice

Image by @slayedbyomicka via Instagram

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38. Brown Colored Fishtail Knotless Braids

Fishtail braids are gorgeous when you try them for even a day. How about having your stylist do fishtail braids all over your head? Add in a hint of brown highlights and you’ve got yourself a stunner hairstyle.

Brown Colored Fishtail

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

39. Large Knotless Braid With Curls And Beads

Bling lovers can try this version of large knotless braid. Throw in some high-quality beads randomly on your braid strands and finish the ends with gorgeous curls for a super stylish look.

Large Knotless Braids With Curls And Beads

Image by @_thelavishcartel via Instagram

40. Large Knotless Braid With Beads In A Double Knot

For ladies with long and strong hair, you can try out a variety of styles with your knotless braids. Here’s a style with beads at the ends gathered up in two knots. 

 Large Knotless Braids With Beads In A Double Knot

Image by @braidsbyleyaa via Instagram

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41. Smedium knotless braids

Gen Z loves to combine the best of two worlds. Here’s a knotless hairstyle that uses a combination of both small and medium sizes of braids. It gives a dense and voluminous look.

Smedium knotless braids

Image by @beauty_iske via Instagram

42. Large Square Knotless Braids

Here is a versatile version of the style that uses larger square sections of hair.

As the braids sit looser on the scalp you are free to put the strands up in a bun or leave them open or even criss-cross them to make a new style.

Large Square Knotless Braids

Image by @zaly_hair_braiding via Instagram

43. Jumbo Knotless Braids In Gold Blends

Here the stylist might use extensions to create larger-sized braids for your hair. Add in two tones of blonde and you’ve got a masterpiece of a combo. 

Jumbo Knotless Braids In Gold Blends

Image by @braidedbybeccaaa via Instagram

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44. Box Knotless Braids With Pink Highlights

This knotless hairstyle sends out ultimate Barbie vibes or “mean girls” vibes. Ask your stylist to add in hot pink extensions to your braids and have your “on Fridays we wear pink” moment.

Box Knotless Braids With Pink Highlights

Image by @styledbydani._ via Instagram

45. Bobbed Large Knotless Braid

Large-sized knotless braids look great on short bobbed hair. If you’re not a fan of length hair, try out this style with some blonde highlights and you’re good to go.

Bobbed Large Knotless Braids

Image by @thetrendspotter via Instagram

46. Bright Orange Colored Knotless Braids

This one is for the brave hearts out there. Large size knotless braids done in a combination of black and bright orange.

If you are looking for a short-termed makeover, this is probably a look for you.

 Bright Orange Colored Knotless Braid

Image by @slayyybyshayyy via Instagram

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47. Medium/ Large Knee-Length Knotless Braids

If you are growing your hair out, this is a style that you must try. Here you have medium and large size knotless braids in knee-length hair.

Since the braids are knotless, this might be easier to carry, but there is definitely going to be some weight.

Medium/ Large Knee-Length Knotless Braid

Image by @t.did.em via Instagram

48. Large Knotless Braid With Hearts

Try this gorgeous style of knotless braids with heart shapes sections on both sides. A perfect style for date night or Valentine’s months perhaps.

Large  Braids With Hearts

Image by @braidsbytshawty_ via Instagram

49. Large Knotless Braid With A Heart

Here’s another knotless braids hairstyle with a heart. For this one, the heart shape is at the back of the head. This would be a perfect style to experiment with for ladies with long hair.

Large Braid With A Heart

Image by @styled_by_miri via Instagram

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50. Blonde Ombre Large Knotless Braid

Another stylish one for lovers of long hair, this one boasts of a transition from black to golden blonde.

Ask your stylist to section off larger squares with smaller braids for a thicker look.

Blonde Ombre Large Braid

Image by @blessedbybraids via Instagram

51. Plain Medium Length Large Knotless Braid

Last but not least, this is one for the minimalists. Plain medium-length hair styled in large size knotless braids – a basic protective style for the Summer vacation.

Plain Medium Length Large Braid

Image by @truebossbeauty_ via Instagram

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52. Knotless Braids With Unruly Ends

Knotless braids with unruly ends are a trendy and innovative twist on the classic braiding technique.

Unlike traditional braids, whose ends are tightly secured with knots, knotless braids offer a more natural and seamless look.

These braids start with a small amount of your natural hair and gradually incorporate extensions, resulting in a smoother and less bulky appearance.

What sets them apart is the deliberate decision to leave the ends loose and unruly, creating a playful and carefree vibe. 

This style adds a touch of personality and allows for more flexibility in hairstyling, as the unruly ends can be left as is or adorned with beads, cuffs, or other accessories to make a statement.

Knotless braids with unruly ends offer a chic and contemporary option for those looking to experiment with their hair while maintaining a low-maintenance yet stylish look.

Knotless Braid With Unruly Ends

Image by @hadviser_com via Instagram

53. Half Curls Half Knotless Braids

Half curls and half knotless braids are captivating hairstyle that beautifully combines two distinct textures to create a unique and striking look.

This style blends the elegance of cascading curls with the intricacy of knotless braids, offering the best of both worlds.

Typically, the top half of the hair is styled with loose, voluminous curls that frame the face and add a touch of glamour.

Meanwhile, the lower half of the hair is meticulously braided with the knotless technique, ensuring a sleek and tidy appearance. 

This contrasting blend of textures adds visual interest and allows for versatility in hairstyling, as you can experiment with various ways to wear and accessorize both the curls and braids.

Half curls, half knotless braids is a bold and creative hairstyle that celebrates individuality and showcases the beauty of diversity in hair styling.

 Half Curls Half Knotless Braid

Image by @afrohairr via Instagram

54. Mix Highlight Knotless Braids

Mix highlight knotless braids are a captivating blend of artistry and style.

These braids take the concept of traditional knotless braids to new heights by incorporating various colors seamlessly intertwined with your natural hair.

The result is a visually stimulating masterpiece, where highlights in different shades dance gracefully amidst the braided pattern.

This style is perfect for those who want to experiment with their hair color without a long-term commitment.

Mix highlight knotless braids offer a fresh and vibrant look that can be tailored to suit your style, whether you prefer subtle pastels, bold neons, or earthy tones.

Mix Highlight Braid

Image by @rozeandco37 via Instagram

55. Blue Medium Knotless Braids

Blue medium knotless braids are a bold and audacious choice that brings an undeniable edge to your overall look.

The deep, rich blue hue exudes confidence and individuality, making a powerful fashion statement.

These braids showcase a harmonious blend of creativity and self-expression, allowing you to stand out in any crowd.

Whether channeling your inner mermaid or embracing the spirit of adventure, blue medium knotless braids promise a striking and unforgettable appearance.

Blue Medium Knotless Braid

Image by @rozeandco37 via Instagram

56. Accessorized Knotless Braids

Accessorized knotless braids offer a delightful opportunity to infuse personality and flair into your hairstyle.

Beyond the meticulously crafted braids, this style invites you to adorn your hair with an array of decorative accessories.

Beads, cuffs, rings, or even feathers can be strategically placed along the length of your braids, creating a unique and personalized aesthetic.

The result is a fusion of beauty and creativity that allows you to showcase your individuality while celebrating the artistry of knotless braids.

Whether you opt for a bohemian, tribal, or modern look, accessorized knotless braids serve as a canvas for self-expression.

Whether you opt for a bohemian, tribal, or modern look, accessorized knotless braids serve as a canvas for self-expression.

 Accessorized  Braid

Image by @gilfurtado_trancista via Instagram

57. Red Highlighted Knotless Braids

Red highlighted knotless braids offer a fiery and passionate twist on the classic knotless braid style.

The bold red hues interspersed throughout the braids add warmth and intensity to your overall appearance.

This vibrant choice is perfect for those who want to exude confidence and charisma while showcasing their love for bold hair colors.

Red highlighted knotless braids make a powerful and visually captivating statement.

 Red Highlighted Braid

  Image by @__thekaynicole__ via Instagram

58. Knotless Braids In An Updo

Knotless braids are taken to new heights when fashioned into an elegant updo.

This style combines the sleekness and versatility of knotless braids with the sophistication of an updo, creating a polished and timeless look.

 Braids In An Updo

Image by @hadviser_com via pinterest

59. Jumbo Knotless Braids Half ‘Do

Jumbo knotless braids offer a bold and eye-catching appearance, especially when styled into a half-up, half-down ‘do.

This hairstyle combines the drama of jumbo braids with the allure of a half ‘do, striking a balance between statement and subtlety.

Jumbo Braids Half ‘Do

  Image by @pearlthestylist_ via Instagram

60. Knotless Braids And Cornrows Low Bun

For a refined and chic look, knotless braids seamlessly transition into cornrows, culminating in a low bun.

This style celebrates precision and craftsmanship, making a graceful and tidy bun perfect for any occasion.

 Cornrows Low Bun

Image by @magnifiedlooks via Instagram

61. Unicorn Knotless Braids

Unicorn knotless braids add a touch of fantasy and whimsy to your hair. With vibrant, multi-colored extensions, this style brings out your inner unicorn, creating a playful and enchanting app

Image by @alexa_SilvaRose via pintersest

62. Arrow Knotless Braids

Arrow knotless braids are a creative and edgy take on the traditional style.

These braids are intricately crafted to resemble arrows, adding a unique and symbolic twist to your hairstyle.

Arrow Knotless Braids

Image by @ssimoneslays via Instagram

Fun Fact

Large knotless braid, known for their protective and elegant qualities, have a rich history dating back centuries. This braiding style has been a symbol of cultural heritage, passed down through generations to celebrate African and African American hair traditions. Today, they continue to evolve, representing a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary style.

63.Coveted Purple Knotless Braids

Purple knotless braid exude confidence and individuality.

This captivating color choice adds a vibrant and electrifying dimension to your knotless braid, making a bold statement wherever you go.

Coveted Purple  Braids

Image by @rozeandco37 via Instagram


That covers an amazing range of knotless braids hairstyles for you to try this season. Remember to do proper prep and maintenance for your braids and you’ll be able to rock them for six weeks straight.

Now here’s a quick video on how you can carry off knotless braids in different ways.

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