35 Super Cool Ways to Flaunt Ponytail Braids

Braids are all the rage this Summer. The cool and sexy protective hairstyle is more than just a way to make sure that the hair stays undamaged while on vacation or a getaway.

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While a lot of people love carrying off box braids and knotless braids open and free, there is another set of braid lovers that loves styling it further. And braided ponytails are one of the most popular styles.

Celebrities like Ariana Grande and Zendaya pull off high-placed ponytails with so much ease and style that it has become a great favorite among teenagers and young women.

And there are a hundred other style influencers that carry off different varieties of ponytail braids as well. 

Here we have a curated list of 35 amazing ways to style ponytail braids. Before we get into the good stuff, here are a few things you should know.

Hair prep is crucial for braided hair

A major reason why women face hair damage and other issues after having their hair braided for months is a lack of proper preparation and care.

Since the length of the hair in braids is more difficult to clean when compared to loose hair, it is very important to start with a clean base and then follow up with penetrating cleansers and conditioners.

Before you start, it is also important to clean your scalp thoroughly and blow-dry your hair completely to prevent buildup. Especially if you’re planning to style it in ponytails, hair prep is crucial to prevent breakage.

Go for a size that suits your hair type

There are large braids and there are small braids. The size of braids you should go for depends on your hair texture and type.

If you have thin and fine hair, you should ideally choose a smaller braid size. Bigger braids may not give you the desired volume and also may damage your hair as it may end up being too heavy.

If you have thicker, more voluminous hair, you can very well go for large braids.

At the same time, you should not choose too small a size, as it can lead to too many braid strands ultimately making it too heavy and unmanageable for you, especially if you are looking to style it in ponytails and top knots. 

The braiding process should not be “too painful”

A misconception that has been spreading like wildfire is that getting braids is painful. This is not true.

The braiding process would be long and time-consuming for sure, which is why you need to brace yourself first and get ready to sit still for hours.

However, in no way should the process be painful. If you have a sensitive scalp, there are higher chances for discomfort and pain, but each time you experience pain when braiding you should ideally let your stylist know and get the strands rebraided until it’s comfortable and painless for you.

Now here are 35 exciting ways to style ponytail braids.

35 ways to style ponytail braids

1. Violet Stitches Feed-in Ponytail Braids

Purple color to feed that edgy soul of yours and carefully created feed-in braids to mimic stitches. The braids start small and gradually increase in size to leave long and thick locks. Put them up in a high ponytail and live your best life.

Credit: beauty_byonyii

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2. Extra Beast Black And Yellow Long Ponytail Braids

Black and Yellow make for an amazing combination especially when it comes to hair color. Here is a great rendition of jumbo size braids with side-parted hair in black and bright yellow.

Credit: niesydabraider

3. Sleek Red Ponytail Braids

Nothing like a clean slicked-back braided look for street fashion. Here are bright red colored sleek ponytail braids being carried off in style. Add some curls to the ends and you’re good to go.

Credit: kiara.michell

4. Bump Ponytail Braids

Bump and bouffant hairstyles have been popular among young women since the 60s. Here’s a super stylish bump ponytail braided look to flaunt your inner Victorian fashionista.

Add in some waves to your ponytail hems and you have the ultimate vintage-inspired look.

Credit: hair.by.cristina_

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5. Large Ponytail Braids With Hearts

Here’s a great ponytail braid style to show off on date nights and maybe even on Valentine’s Day; large-sized braids gathered up in a high ponytail with heart-shaped sections on the sides.

The ends are left unbraided to show off the beauty of the naturally tight curls.

Credit: babaz_braidz

6. Pompadour Ponytail Braids

Yet another vintage style of ponytail braids to rock this season – this one involves carefully fed-in large-sized braids starting from the bottom to the top where the hair is gathered in a high ponytail.

The longer your hair is, the more drama and the better would be your whole look.

Credit: bez_petuhov

7. Mixed Magic Ponytail Braids

Adding contrasting colored extensions to your gorgeous braids will literally create magic. Here’s a sleek and basic high braided ponytail mixed with golden blonde extensions at the bottom.

Credit; styledby_niki

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8. Long Twisted Ponytail Braids

As always the beauty of the braids really stands out when your hair is long and strong.

This is a style that uses thin stitches of braids taken both upwards and downwards, gathered up in a twisted large ponytail at the top. There are also small braided strands falling in front to frame the face.

Credit: coroademurta

9. Large Ponytail Braids With a Heart

Here’s a super cute rendition of large-sized ponytail braids perfect for kids this summer vacation.

The hair is sectioned off in the shape of a heart at the crown and the ends are adorned with beads. The rest of the hair is neatly gathered up in a high ponytail.

Credit; nachellebeauty

10. Sleek Brown Braided Ponytail Braids

Rich brown colored hair neatly slicked back in a long and high braided ponytail. The braids are larger at the top gradually becoming smaller towards the end – it creates a neat and “disciplined hair” look.

Credit: afro.hairstyle.s

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11. Carnival Style High Ponytail Braids

For everyone who loves a conventional “Carnival” look, here’s a neat cornrow-style braids hairstyle that uses even parallel sections of hair gathered in a high ponytail at the back.

Add in some blond highlights with black hair and you’ve got yourself the perfect look for Coachella.

Credit: crespalivre_

12. Large Sized Ponytail Ghana Braids

For the love of the place where gorgeous braids originated, here’s a style that carries the traditional beauty of Ghana braids – large-sized braids created in parallel sections of hair to form cornrows and gathered up in a twisted high ponytail.

Credit: hair_signature_by_nora

13. Two Roll Twisted Ponytail Braids

A simpler style for the minimalists out there – this one uses a two-roll twisted style of braids secured with a hairband on top. The crown of the head is slicked back smoothly to keep the drama down. 

Credit: aninehair

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14. Multi-strand High Twisted Ponytail Braids

Here’s a more dramatic style of ponytail braids that uses thinner and wider parallel sections of hair to form cornrows, all gathered up in a twisted high ponytail.

Smaller braid strands are also pulled on both sides to frame the face.

Credit: hair_wan_

15. High Twisted Ponytail With Rings

Street style fashionistas who love themselves some good bling – this is a style for you.

Here, your hair is neatly sectioned off in small and big parallel sections of cornrows, all gathered up in a twisted high ponytail at the back.

Alternate sections of cornrows are also adorned with gorgeous vintage-inspired metal rings to enhance the look.

Credit: _afroditequeen

16. Mixed Twisted Black And Gold Ponytail Braids

Here’s a lovely style for teenagers in a black and golden blonde ombre. Traditionally created parallel strands of cornrow braids are paired with upside-down braids as well to frame the face in front. 

Credit: coroademurta

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17. Bondage Inspired Long Ponytail Braids

We never stop seeking inspiration from vintage concepts. Here’s a style inspired by the retro bondage suit where long and thick hair is neatly braided in a single strand secured with a wide white bandage on top.

The ends are left open to complete the look.

Credit: herbraids14

18. Elegant Converging Style Ponytail Braids

As opposed to parallel strands of cornrow braids, this style uses a single point of convergence in front, where the braid strands start. The braid strands are then neatly gathered up in a single high ponytail at the back.

Credit: braiding_rainbow_

19. Black Magical Ponytail Braids

Traditional braided hairstyles look amazing in jet black hair color – whether they are cornrow braids or French braids or box braids.

Here’s a simple parallel cornrow braided ponytail hairstyle, done on jet black hair – a look that does magic on all skin complexions.

Credit: bmtrancas_

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20. Even Braided Ponytail With Finger Waves

Traditional cornrow braided hairstyles typically use uneven parallel sections of hair for braids.

This one uses perfectly even sections of hair braided and gathered up in a high twisted ponytail. The look is served with a side of high fashion finger waves in front.

Credit; braidsambassador

21. Light Blonde Ponytail Braids

Uneven parallel sections of hair neatly braided and gathered in a high twisted ponytail looks amazing as such. Add in some light blonde extensions and you have an eye-catching hairstyle perfect for the Summer.

Credit: braids.sc

22. Middle Parted Even Size Ponytail Braids

Part your hair in the middle and section off horizontally to form this style of braids. Create perfectly even strands of braids and then gather them up in a slightly low ponytail for a comfortable and classy look.

Credit: trapstarbeauty

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23. Red And Black Smooth Ponytail Braids

If you like to leave your long and frizz-free hair smooth and open, this is the style for you.

For this one, your stylist will take larger parallel sections of hair in the front and create larger cornrow braids up till your high ponytail. The rest of the ponytail is left open for you to show off your quirky red accents.

Credit: warkoczyki_samanti

24. Braided Low Ponytail

Some people hate a high-placed braided ponytail just because it may be too heavy on the head. Here’s a simple braided low ponytail hairstyle with loose tied ends for the comfort seekers.

Credit: annmariehairgallery

25. Edgy Red Velvet Ponytail Braids Hairstyle With a Heart

This one is for the high drama lovers and brave hearts – a gorgeous combination of velvety red and black colored hair neatly braided in even wavy sections leaving room for a heart shape on the front side.

The length of the hair is then gathered up in a high ponytail to complete the look.

Credit: getingnaturals

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26. Red And Black Split Ponytail Braids

Here’s another super edgy style of ponytail braids in a combination of black and bright red colors.

This one uses a split method where your hair is parted evenly right down the middle and sectioned off towards both sides to form braids.

One side of your hair is bright red and the other side will be jet black for the perfect contrasting look.

Credit: braidland

27. Black And Gold Criss-Cross Ponytail Braids

Here, black and gold-colored hair is braided using uneven sections of hair and then criss crossed to form a super edgy and different look.

The length of the hair is also gathered and tied up in a twisted high ponytail.

Credit: _k_denise

28. Medium Stitch Ponytail Braids With Butterflies

Another dramatic style for people who like to stand out and make a statement – this one uses medium-sized parallel cornrow braids gathered up in a voluminous high ponytail.

The look is further enhanced with finger waves in front and butterfly pins placed randomly all over the lengths.

Credit: braidsambassador

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29. Converging Ponytail Braids With a Little Ribbon

Here’s a style that little fashionistas can flaunt comfortably – medium-sized cornrow braids sectioned off from the middle front and gathered up in a high ponytail secured in place with a beautiful pink ribbon. 

Credit: nathalyhairstudio

30. Bright Blue Twisted Ponytail Braids

Fun and quirky ways to flaunt ponytail braids just keep on coming – here’s one that is done in beautiful bright blue hair.

Larger sections of hair are braided off parallelly and then gathered up in a ponytail, leaving the look balanced and put together.

Credit: trancas.bre

31. Lovely Platinum Twisted Ponytail Braids

Platinum hair makes heads turn no matter how they are styled. Here is a braided ponytail hairstyle in platinum and grey highlights.

The braiding style and the sections are kept understated to let the highlights do all the talking.

Credit: alemonteirohair

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32. Ginger Rope Ponytail Braids

This style is done on mesmerizing ginger-colored hair – the crown is separated in one big chunky section and braided neatly downwards where it joins two side braids and is then neatly gathered in a high ponytail.

The top knot is followed by fishtail braids to seal the deal.

Credit: _breakingbraids_

33. Single Jumbo Ponytail Braids

This would be the perfect hairstyle for women with thick and luscious hair – it involves one large section of hair starting from the top crown braided in a single strand and gathered up in a high ponytail.

The rest of the ponytail is left open and loose to let the volume shine through.

Credit: samhairstylistuae

34. Golden Long Ponytail Braids

Long golden hair can be styled amazingly well with this ponytail braids look where two simple cornrows braid strands from both sides of middle-parted hair converge at a high ponytail.

Leave your long hair loose to let the length do the talking.

Credit: zaplotkara

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35. Quirky Ponytail Braids With Waves

This is a super fun braided ponytail hairstyle where the cornrow braids go from above the ears to the top of the head and converge into a high ponytail.

The rest of the ponytail is left loose to let the wavy hair do its magic. The front portion is also left loose to frame the face.

Credit: zaplotkara


That completes the list of super cool braided ponytail hairstyles to try this Summer. Choose from simple and understated looks or quirky and over-the-top looks to suit your vibe and flaunt your locks with confidence.

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