31 Long Tribal Braids You Need To Up Your Hair Game

Tribal braids have always been a cherished hairstyle amongst African women but with the availability of hair extensions and evolving braiding techniques, these traditional braids have been jazzed up to create long tribal braids. Luscious and long tribal braids have become a trendy and irresistible protective style everyone is rocking for every occasion. The increasing popularity of this style has provided us with a wide variety of modern renditions and styles and the choices are endless

Long tribal braids are a versatile hairstyle that allows you to show off the length of your braids while also being long enough to be styled into many other updos. This makes them a great hairstyle to wear on different occasions as the long length gives you many styling options while the signature tribal style at the base creates an eye-catching look.

Ahead, we’ve put together some irresistible long tribal braids style that will have you racing to the hair salon. 

1. Long Tribal Braids With Weave

Credit: saalon_black

If you want a hairdo that is loose and flowy while still rocking a cute braided look, then try these long tribal braids with weave. The braids are made into straight back cornrows that stop at the crown of the ends and then seamlessly blend in with the curly weave added at the back. This is a very chic style to wear when you want to add a bit of flair to your hairdo.


2. Simple Long Tribal Braids

Credit: crownedbyhannahj__

Looking for a cute yet minimal way to rock tribal braids? These simple tribal braids are the perfect style for you. The long length of the braids is the main attraction of this look but the small cornrows done in the front are well crafted and sleek.

3. Medium Sized Long Tribal Braids

Credit: hair.by_ke

Long tribal braids often mean a long installation time. But if you’d rather not spend hours in the hair salon, try getting medium-sized long tribal braids. That way you can have beautiful braids that don’t take forever to install while still rocking the head turning long length of the style.

4. Stacked Bun Long Tribal Braids

Credit: prettykids_llc

A great way to keep your long tribal braids out of your face is to wrap them up in a cute bun. The long length of the braids also allows you to create two sections of buns neatly stacked on each other for a gorgeous updo that’s sure to turn heads.

5. Sectioned Patterns Long Tribal Braids

Credit: braidson_mobile_hairsalon

The great thing about tribal braids is that you can have fun and be creative with the braid patterns and this look is a great way to do so. Section the hair off into intricate parts that give the front of the braids a lovely shape 


6. Swirly Middle Part Long Tribal Braids

Credit: sway.kenn

If you’re a fan of middle part hairstyles, this swirly middle part version of long tribal braids is the perfect style to try. It also features a few braids in the front pulled back into a small ponytail that allows you to show off your best facial feature while letting the long length of the braids flow down the back.

7. Half-up Crown Bun Long Tribal Braids

Credit: slayedby_nique

Give the face an instant lifted look with this crown bun look. The signature tribal cornrows in the front are wrapped into a prominent bun that pulls the face tight and allows the natural contour of your face to shine through. Be sure to add a few hair cuffs to the braids at the back to fully pull off this look.

8. Bohemian Long Tribal Braids

Credit: braidsxrhea

If you’re looking to rock an eccentric hairdo with vibrant layers and an eye-catching mix of hair textures then these bohemian long tribal braids are sure to suit your vibe. The loose flowy weave incorporated into the braids makes a beautiful combo that allows that vibrant shade of brown hair extension to pop out.

9. Golden Curls Long Tribal Braids

Credit: braidsbysan

These golden long tribal braids are also another way to incorporate curls into your braids. The braids at the base are a perfect contrast to the flowy backdrop of the curls at the ends of the hair. The key to pulling off his look is to use a rich shade of golden braiding hair. So, be sure to choose the right shade of gold hair extension that will match your skin tone.

10. Pink And Blonde Ends Long Tribal Braids

Credit: blessedbycorshaa

Looking for a vibrant hairstyle to rock in the summer months? Try long tribal braids with a bright mix of colors like pink and blonde as seen here. To do this, add colored hair extensions to the braids using the feed-in technique from the middle. This way your braids will have three distinct layers of colors that all meld well together.


11. Sleek Black Long Tribal Braids

Credit: stylingwithmya_

These sleek long tribal braids are the perfect style to try on days when you need something casual and understated, but still want that luscious length to make a statement. Be sure to add some gel into the hair sections when making the braids to give them a smooth shine and hold.

12. Fluffy Pigtails Long Tribal Braids

Credit: jenica.violet

These long tribal braids with fluffy pigtails are sure to attract some major compliments. The combo of different shades of blonde and brown hair extensions added to the pigtails makes this a fun and cute style. If you need a look that channels your inner child in an elegant and feminine way this is the way to go.

13. Color Accent Long Tribal Braids

Credit: braidsbykay803

Not a fan of fully colored hairstyles? Try adding a bit of color to your braids by including single-colored braids thrown in at random sections. It is a great way to add a fun twist to the plain black look of tribal braids. If you really want to up the ante with this style, sleek down your edges with some gel and create prominent swirls and swoops with your baby hairs.

14. Tailbone Length Long Tribal Braids

Credit: blessedbycorshaa

These tailbone length trial braids are perfect to try if you’re all about having extremely long braids. They might take a bit of time to get done, but the finished look is irresistible and great to wear with different outfits depending on your personal style.

15. Center Part Long Tribal Braids

Credit: the_braiding_specialist

A great way to show off the length of your long tribal braids is to make them in a perfectly done center part style. This way the braids flow down the back and the sides of the face and act as a great backdrop to go with any makeup look you decide to pair it with.


16. Fulani Style Long Tribal Braids

Credit: zenas_hair_studio

Tribal braids come in many patterns and this Fulani style version is the perfect trendy look to try because they look great on any face shape and never go out of style. They feature the signature two front-facing braids that accentuate the snatched look created by the pulled-back cornrows.

17. Blonde And And Black Long Tribal Braids

Credit: the_braiding_specialist

Looking for elegant tribal braids look with some hint of color? Try using blonde and black braiding hair to make the braids. The black color at the roots pairs really well with the blonde at the ends and gives the style a whimsical look that is sure to look great on any occasion.

18. Curve Patterns Long Tribal Braids

Credit: kytas_touch

Want your braids to stand out from the myriad of tribal braids out there?  Add a bit more drama to the front cornrows by parting the hair in curved sections that give the braids a distinct curve pattern. This style is also a great way to pull the face in and make it look smaller if you have a prominent forehead.

19. High Ponytail Long Travel Braids

Credit: braidroom

A high ponytail is an updo that looks great on everyone since it gives the face an instant lift and allows your best facial feature to be put on display. This long tribal braids rendition features well-done cornrows pulled into a ponytail at the top of the hair and accessorized with hair rings and cowries. It is an elegant style that will look great on anyone.

20. Red Highlights Long Travel Braids

Credit: the_braiding_specialists

Want to add some dimension and luster to your braids?  Try adding red hair extensions into the braids at each section below the black-colored braids. This will give the braids an illusion of highlights and add a fiery brightness to your tribal braids. With this style, there’s also no need to worry about dyeing your hair red as the black braids at the top will blend in the dark hue of your natural shade.


21. Long Tribal Braids With Accessories

Credit: _braidsby.t

Add a bit of flair and personality to your long tribal braids by accessorizing with hair cuffs that cover the full length of individual braids. Don’t hesitate to pair this hairdo with a matching necklace and earrings for a fully stylish ensemble.

22. Jumbo Long Tribal Braids 

Credit: queenmercyhair

These jumbo long tribal braids are great because they won’t take long to install and they make your hair a statement accessory that will pair well with minimal outfits like sweaters or t-shirts. You can even add some beads at the ends to complete the look.

23. Smooth Red Accents Long Tribal Braids

Credit: natalianacole

These smooth long tribal braids with red accents are a great way to incorporate a vibrant shade of red into your tribal braids without having it look too overwhelming. Opt for a single red braid added at the side of the hair when trying this style. Be sure to also smooth down any flyaways with gel as the sleekness is the key to slaying this look.

24. Face-Framing Long Tribal Braids

Credit: the.braidbae

There’s just something incredibly alluring about a center part that frames the face. The tribal braids version here feature long braids that start as cornrows at the root and then flow down the sides of the face. It is a great way to draw attention to your face and help soften any chiseled or sharp lines you may have around the jawline and cheekbones.

25. Dark Colour Mix Long Tribal Braids

Credit: blessedbycorshaa

If you want to play with colors when making your tribal braids, but don’t want to opt for anything too bright and loud. Then try adding a mix of purple and deep blue tones at the middle and back of the braids. This way you demurely incorporate a bit of color without being too dramatic.


26. Ombre Long Tribal Braids 

Credit: crownedbyhannahj__

If you’re looking to create a stark contrast with sections of your long tribal braids, then ombre is the way to go. This style features pink gradually blended into the dark color from the mid-way length of the braids. If you want a full matchy look, you can pair this style with bright pink pants and a darker-colored top.

27. Brown And Black Long Tribal Braids

Credit: ethnic_images

These brown and black long tribal braids are the perfect style to try if you want earthy tones incorporated into your braids. Be sure to also pull the ends of the braids to the front to fully show off the luscious length your spent hours to get installed.

28. Golden Top Knot Long Tribal Braids

Credit: narahairbraiding

If you’re looking for an ethereal hairstyle in tribal braids form, this golden top knot design is perfect for you. The intricate parts of the cornrows, the rich golden color, and the elegant knot neatly placed at the crown, everything about this look just screams black girl magic. You can also add some gold earrings to match the gorgeous hairdo.

29. Zigzag Long Tribal Braids

Credit: n.skyye_did_it

These zigzag tribal braids are a great way to add unique patterns to your braids. They are also neatly made in large sizes that accentuate the look of the parts and give each braid a unique shape.

30. Long Tribal Braids With Bantu Knots

Credit: lelliessantiago

Add a fun twist to your tribal braids by tying the ends of the front cornrows into chunky Bantu knots. This style is a chic and fun way to make your braids more dramatic and eye-catching. To perfect this look, be sure to add large wooden beads at the back.


31. Long Tribal Braids With Half Knotless Braids

Credit: thehands1.0

Tribal braids are getting an upgrade with this knotless braids rendition. This style features the signature tribal cornrows made in a fun swirly shape with knotless braids at the back. If you’re not a fan of the thick knot created by traditional braids then this look is perfect for you. It is a perfect fusion of the traditional and modern.


What Are Long Tribal Braids?

Tribal braids are trendy hairstyles that originated from various African tribes. This style often involves cornrows braided in different patterns and shapes with accessories such as beads and hair rings incorporated into the braids. From the Himbe to the Fulani and many other tribes, tribal braids were used to beautify the hair and used to indicate one’s social status and cultural heritage. 

This is why these beautiful braids that were passed down through generations are often made in signature patterns unique to different tribes and continue to appeal to black women around the world. The addition of braiding hair allows the style to be made into long lengths for a more modern rendition.

How Long Can You Wear Long Tribal Braids?

Tribal braids are a protective style so they are made to last for a bit of time. Depending on the size of the braids, long tribal braids can be worn for about 4-6 six weeks before you have to take them out.  If you’d like to keep them in a little longer than that, then it is important to have a proper maintenance routine for the braids. To do this, ensure you use hair spritz, conditioning sprays, and silk bonnets when going to bed. You can even wash and dry the tribal braids to keep the scalp clean.

How Long Does Hair Have To Be For Long Tribal Braids?

Long tribal braids are a great way to show off the length of your hair if you have naturally long hair that falls around the shoulder to mid-back length. However, the great thing about this style is that it is often done with braiding hair extensions, so there is no specific length your hair is required to be at for you to be able to pull off the look. No matter how long or short your hair is, you can use braiding hair to make the braids at any length as long as you want it to be

Do Long Tribal Braids Hurt? 

Long tribal braids are often braided pretty tightly to allow the braids to last long and look neat. This can be a bit painful if you are very tender-headed as the taut pull of the braids might put a strain on the scalp. However, that does not mean installing tribal braids always hurts. A few key factors that determine whether or not you will feel pain include the following: the stylist installing the braids and the state of your hair while the braids are being done.

If the stylist is pulling too tightly on your strands, it is going to cause a lot of stress on the scalp which means the braids will hurt while they are being installed and will likely still leave you with some pain a day after you get the braids done. So, to avoid unnecessary pain when making your tribal braids, ensure your stylist is being gentle and not pulling and tugging too tightly on your strands. 

If your hair isn’t properly detangled before the tribal braids are installed, it could also make the braids hurt because all the knots and tangles will keep getting knotted with up the added braiding hair and cause more tug and pull which can be painful and uncomfortable.

The bottom line is that long tribal braids are a trendy protective style with ever-growing popularity that look amazing on anyone. From bright colored hues and neutral tones to varying designs and sizes, there are numerous styles and options available for you to explore. So if you are searching for your next hairstyle,  be sure to try some of the long tribal braids on this list. You can even get creative by mixing more than one style and incorporating different elements of each one.