54 Poetic Justice Braids: Modern Twists On A Classic Look

Key Takeaways
  • Poetic-Justice braids are a form of protective styling for African and African-American hair.
  • They offer a break from regular styling, promoting hair health and growth.
  • These braids come in various lengths, colors, and sizes, allowing for personalization and versatility in hair styling.
  • Poetic-Justice braids often empower individuals, providing a sense of confidence and self-assuredness.

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Live your 90’s dreams with any of these iconic poetic-justice braids looks. Browse through 54 ways to remix this classic.

 Everybody loves a good throwback, but when you combine a pop icon, a trendy era, and stunning style, you get poetic-justice braids.

Classically worn as super thick, super long box braids, this hairdo has undergone a style evolution ever since it first appeared in 1993 romantic drama film, “Poetic Justice”. 

The incomparable Janet Jackson introduced the world to the style that’s been a staple in the African-American community for decades.

Well, the trend is back, and there’s a lot to try when considering how you’ll rock poetic-justice braids.  

What Do Poetic Justice Braids Mean? 

Poetic Justice braid get their name from the 1993 film of the same name starring Janet Jackson, Regina King, Tupac Shakur, and Maya Angelou.

It is an important part of African American film culture, and Janet’s black, thick long braids paired with her poet’s beret was one of the most emulated styles of that time. 

Since then, poetic justice braid have gone on to symbolize youthfulness, artistry, self-discovery, and sometimes rebellion.

It’s mostly worn by women of color and highlights an important moment of woman-centered storytelling in film.  

Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your scalp is clean and moisturized before braiding. A well-moisturized scalp helps prevent itchiness and discomfort during the braiding process.
  • Choose high-quality synthetic or human hair extensions that match your desired look and length. Quality extensions result in more durable and realistic braids.
  • Maintain a regular hair care routine, including cleansing and conditioning your natural hair. Well-conditioned hair will make it easier to work with during the braiding process.
  • Consider using a scalp protector or soothing oil to protect your scalp and minimize potential irritation from the braids.
  • If you’re new to braiding or have intricate style preferences, it’s advisable to consult a professional braider to achieve the best results.

Here are some irresistible poetic justice braid we can’t get enough of. 

1. The Original 90’s Poetic Justice Braids 

The Original 90’s Poetic Justice Braids

Image by @latesthair via pinterest

Black, neat and beautiful, the original poetic justice braid are still just as relevant today. They’re also just as versatile.

Tie these back or do a side part for a more professional look. A jet black color works best if variety is what you’re aiming for. That way your hair can coordinate with any outfit you wear. 

2. Skunk Patch Poetic Justice Braids

Skunk Patch Poetic Justice Braids

Image by @exotic_2_extravagant via instagram

Now that we’ve paid homage to the OG, it’s time to get funky. Yes, that’s a pun on the name of this next hairdo.

Skunk patches have been a major trend this year and there’s no reason why you can’t pull it off while embracing poetic justice braid. 

The options are limitless. For a louder look, try something wild like blue or even white if you’re trying to channel your inner Rogue from X-men. 


3. Xtra Long Poetic Justice Braids 

 Xtra Long Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @wordpressdotcom via pinterest

If you’re feeling really daring, then double up on this style by going extra long. Bottom length poetic justice braid give off a sultry, bohemian vibe.

Want to go longer? If so, you’re in a rare category of carefree people who would bravely walk down the street with braids down to their knees. 

You’ve got to be careful though. These braids are traditionally thick and therefore heavier.

To trim the bulk, go knotless and create larger parts. Your natural hair shouldn’t have to suffer for beauty’s sake. 

4. Big & Bold Poetic Justice Braids

Big & Bold Poetic Justice Braid

                        Image by @slayedbymimi via instagram

Hair always allows us to make a statement, so go big with these jumbo PJ braids.

The great thing about this look is that you can spice it up with baby hairs or beads and jewels. It’s also the easiest one to DIY at home.

This will be one of the poetic justice braid styles that takes it easy on your scalp due to the large parts, so go for it! 

5. Diamond Part Poetic Justice Braids 

Diamond Part Poetic Justice Braid

If you’re not new to the braids movement and have done all of the above before, why not try a new parting style?

A diamond part shows that you really care about the smaller details and it gives a new pattern for roaming eyes to look at. 

This will take a little longer than the usual brick parting method because you have to pre-plan your parting, but the geometric look is worth the effort. 


6. Triangle Part Poetic Justice Braids

Triangle Part Poetic Justice Braid

If diamonds aren’t your best friend, then give the triangle part a try. It’s easier, and the spacing allows your braids to lay flatter on your head, which is great for when you’re sleeping. 

This method won’t take as long either. All you have to do is section a line then separate the hair in 45-degree angles alternating from left to right. Try it, it’s easier than it sounds.  

7. Sleek Bob Poetic Justice Braids

Sleek Bob Poetic Justice Braid

Like other styles on this list, you get a two-for-one 90’s throwback with this braided bob and the poetic justice look combined. 

If you’re not a fan of burning the ends like most braided bobs require, go ahead and try the rubber band method displayed above.

It’s a convenient way to add a pop of color to your already eye-catching style.  

8. Artistic Part Poetic Justice Braids

Artistic Part Poetic Justice Braid

For the more ambitious hair enthusiasts out there, have a crack at this puzzle piece parting method. This one will eat up most of your prep time because it requires clean lines. 

Once that part’s over though, you’ll have a truly unique base for your fabulous poetic justice braid

9. Curly Ended Poetic Justice Braids

Curly Ended Poetic Justice Braid

     Image by @catch_these_hands313 via instagram

Adding curls to any hairstyle adds a level of flirtiness and fun, and the same can be said for poetic justice braid.

To achieve this look, you’ll need an extra pack of braiding hair that’s softer and looser in texture. 

This will be a hard one for any newbies looking to DIY this style, so a professional’s gifted hands might be better suited. 

10.  Big & Blonde Poetic Justice Braids

 Big & Blonde Poetic Justice Braid

         Image by @qthebraider via instagram

What’s more fun than poetic justice braid? Blonde, jumbo poetic justice braid, that’s what.

Color can wake up any look but there’s something special about going blonde that always seems to work. 

Be sure to check out which blonde works best for your specific undertones and mix different variations for a universally appealing look. 


11. Strong Shaved Sides + Poetic Justice Braids 

Strong Shaved Sides + Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @rafaranco2 via instagram

Poetic justice braid will never go out of style, so why not pair them with another timeless yet rebellious statement? Go ahead, shave your sides, or rock this look with an undercut. 

Depending on how intense you want your look to be, you can either shave off a large section or not. Add a little flair with some line art on the sides. 

12. Cool & Curly Poetic Justice Braids

Cool & Curly Poetic Justice Braid

Here’s an easier way to pull off the curly poetic justice braid look. Add in loose, curly braid extensions alongside the braided hair and cut them to size.

Feeling creative? You can add different colors while installing the curly pieces. This look can also be achieved with longer hair, and you’ll see that if you keep scrolling. 

 13. Jumbo Goddess Poetic Justice Braids

Jumbo Goddess Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @hairwaytoheaven246 via instagram

Mixing jumbo braids with soft, loose curls always looks good. Turn your poetic justice braid into goddess braids. This shows how flexible the base style can be. 

This braid style is best when worn down, but it can be cute if you pull it into a bun and leave some of the curly pieces out for a messy look. 

14. Classic Cornrows With Poetic Justice Braids

Classic Cornrows With Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @josie_hair via instagram

If you’re freaking out about how much pain this heavy hairstyle could cause, then go for a comfortable cornrow combo.

Install the cornrows at the front, where your scalp is most sensitive. This can save your edges while offering a cute take on the trend. 

15. Big Twist Poetic Justice Braids

Big Twist Poetic Justice Braid

If you want to keep the signature jumbo look but you’re itching to switch things up, then go for some large twist poetic justice braid.

The install method leads to a sleek and shiny finish which is great if you want to add different colors throughout each braid. 

When installing twists, it’s best to start out with a three-strand braid at the roots so that the twisting motion doesn’t tug on your natural hair.  


Quick Poetic-Justice Braids: Stylish and Protective Hairstyling

  • Bold and Timeless: Poetic-Justice Braids are a bold and enduring style with small, tight, and intricate braids that exude confidence.
  • Protective Styling: These braids help protect your natural hair from environmental stress and breakage, making them a practical choice for long-term wear.
  • Low Maintenance: Maintain your braids by regularly washing your scalp and braids, keeping them clean and fresh to prevent itchiness and odor.
  • Braid Maintenance: Retouch your edges every 6-8 weeks to keep your braids looking neat and fresh and avoid excessive tension on your natural hair to prevent breakage.

16. Rainbow Ready Poetic Justice Braids

 Rainbow Ready Poetic Justice Braid

Feeling bold, confident, and excited? Then go for the rainbow look, which is flattering on everyone.

There are so many options here, from traditional primary colors ombre to pastel and monochromatic rainbows. 

This look can be simple if you buy pre-mixed braids but if you want more control over the amount of color on your head, you’ll have to mix the colors yourself. 

17. Beaded Babe Poetic Justice Braids 

Beaded Babe Poetic Justice Braid

Now, this is an ultimate 90’s look if there ever was one. Poetic justice braid mixed with beads gives you double the vintage look and double the head turns.

Be careful though, because these braids are already on the heavier side. Adding beads could be considered a weight overload. 

To combat this, install your PJ braids using the knotless method. It’ll ease some of the strain on your scalp and neck. You can also rock shorter braids that won’t drag your edges down. 

18. Big Bun Poetic Justice Braids

Big Bun Poetic Justice Braid

This style works best if you’re trying to stretch your braids’ lasting power. Wrap them up in a large bun and accessorize with a scarf or colored scrunchie. 

With that said, you’ll have to tread carefully. Though cute, it can be pretty heavy to keep such a large bun on your head for the entire day.

To ease the weight, try a half-up, half-down look that won’t turn your day into a balancing act. 

19. Knotless Poetic Justice Braids 

Knotless Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @Thathairglow via instagram

The knotless method is the savior of scalps everywhere, so they’re definitely needed when considering poetic justice braid.

This takes away the bulkiness and strain and lets you style your braids as soon as they’re installed. 

Be sure to add the same amount of hair to each braid so that your entire head has an even weight and length distribution. 

20. Duo-Tone Poetic Justice Braids

Duo-Tone Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @bluehairguru via instagram

Two colors are better than one when it comes to the duotone trend. If you’re looking to achieve this Cruella Deville-inspired look then choose whichever colors you feel compliment you best and go for it. 

While a middle part works well for this style. It would also be cool to see the duotone trend done with the front half of your hair carrying a different color from the back half. 


21. Marley Twist Textured Poetic Justice Braids 

Marley Twist Textured Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @_Crownsbyvee via instagram

Three-strand braids may be the traditional method when it comes to the poetic justice style, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try something new. Marley twists offer a different texture and look.

The texture mimics natural hair, which means they’ll blend beautifully with your own strands. They’re great for anyone who doesn’t want to strain their hair by straightening it before braiding.

22. Yarn Poetic Justice Braids 

 Yarn Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @iammuthonigitau via instagram

The biggest pro about using yarn as your braiding hair is that it’s light and affordable. You can find it at any craft store so you don’t have to worry about running out and rushing to the beauty supply shop. It’s also really light and airy. 

The biggest con is the weight you’ll feel if this hair ever gets wet. Since it’s yarn, it can take ages to dry. 

23. Loose & Light Poetic Justice Braids

Loose & Light Poetic Justice Braid

Are your braids old? Do they need to be revived? If so, this is the perfect look. To achieve it, cut your braids to the desired length and undo them just until you reach the point where your natural hair starts. 

You can also do this if you’re tired of heavy braids and want a bouncy look. 

  Keep In Mind

  • Braid Size Matters: Choose the right braid size that suits your style and comfort, as smaller braids may take longer to install but can last longer.
  • Protect Your Edges: Be gentle with your edges and avoid excessive tension during braiding to prevent damage to your natural hairline.
  • Maintain Scalp Health: Keep your scalp clean and moisturized to prevent dryness and itchiness. Use a light oil or moisturizer to soothe your scalp as needed.
  • Avoid Excessive Weight: Excessively heavy braids can stress your scalp and natural hair. Opt for a manageable length and thickness that suits your preferences and hair health.
  • Post-Braid Care: After removing your braids, give your natural hair some extra TLC, deep conditioning, and protective styles to recover from the braiding experience.

24.  Ombre Poetic Justice Braids

Ombre Poetic Justice Braid

          Image by @careesejc via pinterest

Ombre braids have been in style for years and with good reason. So if you’re looking to spice up your poetic justice braid, try an ombre look with complementary colors. 

No matter what color you choose, it will look good, but starting with a black base might be best for those who want to balance both their inner wild child and their more reserved side. 

25. Blingy  Bejeweled Poetic Justice Braids 

Blingy  Bejeweled Poetic Justice Braid

This tip can apply to any of the styles on this list as it’s more of an enhancement. Hair jewelry can be as creative as you want and you’re in charge of how blingy you look. 

Pro-tip, try to keep warm jewels in line with warm hair colors. Silver jewels work best with grays, blacks, and blues while gold works well with reds, browns, and blondes. 


26. Bob Poetic Justice Braids

Bob Poetic Justice Braid

You may still wear poetic justice braid as a bob if you have short hair. These braids look sassy and are easy to maintain.

A wonderful approach to accessorizing is by using clips all over your hair.

27. Long and Thin Poetic Justice Braids

 Long and Thin Poetic Justice Braid

Much different from bulky braids is a bunch of thin Poetic Justice braid. These are softer, emphasize length, and look incredibly bohemian when worn with a headband made of vibrant flowers.

28. Updo Poetic Justice Braids

 Updo Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @pearlthestylist_ via instagram

This high bun with a few curls and braids falling out has caught our attention. It softens the aggressive high bun shape and nicely frames the face.

29. Brown to Honey Chocolate Poetic Justice Braids

Brown to Honey Chocolate Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @ateliebadubeauty via instagram

Forget about your hair’s natural hue for a moment and add color to enhance your appearance without endangering the health of your hair.

Golden blonde and brown lowlights and highlights are braided into separate strands for a strong dose of personality.

30. Creative Poetic Justice Braids with Beads

Creative Braids with Bead

Image by @ulibiabeautyempire via instagram

You desire something magnificent. Select a bob with only one length, then have the stylist pull the strands for more impact.

It adds a lot of urban cool to wear braids in a novel and surprising way. By adding the beads, you are merely confirming that you intended to look this stunning.

31. Silver Blonde Poetic Justice Braids 

Silver Blonde Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @narahairbraiding via instagram

With lengthy strands, experimenting with color is easy. If you’ve always wanted to try bright hues like platinum blonde, there’s no need to worry about dye and bleach; the time is here.

32. Bantu Knots Poetic Justice Braids 

Bantu Knots  Braid

Image by @reioftheson via instagram

Don’t limit yourself in any way when styling medium Poetic Justice Braid because this is your chance to express your creativity.

You spent hours sitting down to get those items, so you should take full advantage of their styling potential. Poetic Justice Braid to begin with traditional Bantu knots? Yes, go ahead.

33. Ponytail & Bangs Poetic Justice Braids 

Ponytail & Bangs

Image by @laquinas_tokaijah_beauty via instagram

To produce distinctive and entertaining box braid hairstyles, medium Poetic Justice Braid can be worn in various ways.

A high ponytail and a half-up bun are fantastic substitutes for a ballerina bun or lengthy layers if you want a more youthful look for your hair.

Use many front Poetic Justice Braid to arrange side bangs for a playful twist that will help you immediately embrace the 90s hair trend.

Pro Tip

To keep your Poetic-Justice Braids looking fresh and tidy, use a silk or satin scarf or bonnet at night to minimize friction and prevent frizz.

34. Half Down Style Poetic Justice Braids 

Half Down Style

Image by @rosesbraids1 via instagram

For women who enjoy trying new things, the thinner braids can be twisted into various box-braid updos and half-up hairstyles.

The tidy blocks add to the professional look, and the midnight blue color gives the hair a mysterious appearance.

35. Jumbo Triangle Poetic Justice Braids 

Jumbo Triangle

Image by @braidbarldn via instagram

Triangle braids are a great method to improve your box braid technique. It’s similar to attempting a braided hairstyle and a hair design at once, and the outcome may be lovely.

36. Poetic Justice Braids Black, Blonde, and Brown 

 Poetic Justice Braids Black, Blonde, and Brown

Image by @voila_braids via instagram

Small Poetic Justice Braid are timeless. You can playfully comb them with your fingertips to experience their liveliness. Complement black hair with blonde and brown tones for extra fun. Have your stylist skillfully incorporate them.

37. Fishtail Poetic Justice Braids 

Fishtail Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @bluehairguru via instagram

Do you feel like a goddess of Greece today? You are, of course. Pull back those glossy, well-maintained locks, divide them into two halves, and braid them into a thick fishtail. French or fishtail braids take the weight off the crown of your head while removing hair from your face.

38. Burgundy Poetic Justice Braids 

Burgundy Braid

Image by @lionessd_beauty via instagram

Individual braids are the ideal hairstyle for any woman, regardless of age, because there are many ways to customize them and make them uniquely yours. You can’t go wrong with this protective hairstyle, whether you choose colored or curly Poetic Justice Braid.

39. E-Girl Framing Poetic Justice Braids 

E-Girl Framing Braid

Image by @belmirobelezaafro via instagram

Have you ever wondered how to style natural hair to match the aesthetic of an e-girl?

It’s simple peasy with Poetic Justice Braid since you can simply weave a different color into two braids that frame your face.

The rich, dark brown color of these lengthy Poetic Justice Braid is amazing!

40. On One Side Poetic Justice Braids 

On One Side Braid

Image by @d.ninelleparis via instagram

This one-side box braid style with a unique heart braid and delicately arranged baby hairs deserves every braid award!

Style a “braided braid” or a low bun on one side for the ultimate keeling-me-softly effect.

41. Purple Poetic Justice Braids 

Purple  Braid

Image by @thay_nago via instagram

Thanks to the purple braiding hair, these medium-sized, lengthy Poetic Justice Braid are stunning! What style will you choose to showcase such beauty—a side twit or a high ponytail?

42. Middle Part Poetic Justice Braids 

Middle Part Braid

Image by @studiodapreta_trancas via instagram

You may simply recreate your favorite braided look if you wear a bob hairstyle with relaxed or straightened hair. You may easily rock the middle part bob trend with the protective style, too.

43. Purple Poetic Justice Braids

Purple Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @braidsgang via instagram

Why not have the beauty of lush purple hair like this magnificent Poetic Justice braid look? Purple has long been known to be a luxury and elegant tone.

It’s audacious, brilliant, and lovely. The ideal formula for stunning summer hair that will be the topic of positive conversation.

44. Blue Ombre Poetic Justice Braids

Blue Ombre Braid

Image by @braidsgang via instagram

Like many brighter and more colorful hairstyles, blue hair has become popular recently.

If you want to join the mermaid hair craze, you can check out multi-tones like these gorgeous blue ombre braids, a brilliant combination of colors to die for!

To obtain a look this fantastic, all you have to do is ask your hairstylist to creatively braid in a couple of different shades of blue together. Do you have the courage to try it?

45. Waist-Length Poetic Justice Braids 

Waist-Length Braid

Image by @criouloshair via instagram

Janet Jackson’s look inspires long Poetic Justice Braid in the well-known Poetic Justice movie from the 1990s.

One of the most reminiscent box braid styles is making a comeback, which is unsurprising given that the decade is witnessing a rebirth in fashion and beauty.

Style smaller, thicker braids with highlights for a unique look.

46. Two Poetic Justice Braids in the Front

Two Poetic  in the Front

Image by @laviniatrancista via instagram

Why not add a few loose Poetic Justice Braid to the cornrows, a fantastic hairstyle for black women? A wonderful example of how you don’t need different colors to attract attention!

47. Braided Updo Grey Poetic Justice Braids

Braided Updo Grey Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @imtarynandre via instagram

What about a stylish updo like this fantastic braided style when you need to leave a lasting impression?

The good news is that you can entirely alter the updo by changing the way you braid, twist, or hold the long pieces in place. It’s simple and saves a ton of time in the morning when getting ready.

48. Good Side Section Poetic Justice Braids 

Good Side Section  Braid

Image by @vivianbeautyandstyle via instagram

You will enjoy the deep part, long Poetic Justice Braid if you frequently wear a swoop. It elongates the face and slims round faces at the sacrifice of asymmetry.

To ensure the cornrow stays in place, ask your stylist to braid it half an inch from the parting. This red Poetic Justice Braid style is stunning, isn’t it?

49. Gold String Poetic Justice Braids 

Gold String  Braid

Image by @queenmercyhair via instagram

The secret to enhancing a basic look is to use accessories. You can strategically arrange golden threads and beads throughout your hair to add a stunning hint of sparkle.

50. Bright Yellow Poetic Justice Braids 

Bright Yellow  Braid

Image by @braids_by_nancy via instagram

Try bright colors, untidy buns, and Poetic Justice Braid if you want to have fun with your appearance.

Perfect for a laid-back girl who enjoys connecting with her inner kid and expressing her emotions.

51. Mohawk Poetic Justice Braids 

 Mohawk  Braid

Image by @studiodias_ via instagram

The advantage of having braided hair is that it can be styled into various updos, such as an aggressive braided mohawk.

Prepared to keep rocking longer? Choose cornrows for the sides and Poetic Justice Braid for the top, styling them in the back or front.

52. Head Wrap Poetic Justice Braids 

Head Wrap  Braid

Image by @wrappedbysarah via instagram

Adding a scarf to your box braid hairstyles is a stylish choice any time of year. One fashionable suggestion is to wear your scarf as a turban, while another is to use it as a headband.

53. Pink Pale Poetic Justice Braids 

Pink Pale  Braid

Image by @belmirobelezaafro via instagram

Hairstyles with colorful Poetic Justice Braid are not just for music festivals. Oh no. Choose your favorite hue and wear it out on the town!

Did you know?

Poetic-Justice Braids gained their name and popularity from Janet Jackson’s character in the 1993 film “Poetic Justice,” where she wore these distinctive braids, sparking a fashion trend.

54. Shaved Sides Poetic Justice Braids

Shaved Sides Poetic Justice Braid

Image by @queen_of_thepack via instagram

At the 2010 BET Awards, Jada Pinkett Smith opted for a half-up, half-down style with the top half twisted into a type of faux mohawk.

This look was rockier and more edgy. It looked great, and this is a more straightforward method to wear it.

Would you try any of these styles? If you’re looking to DIY this trend, check out this step-by-step tutorial on YouTube. 

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