34 Jaw-dropping Bohemian Braids You’ll Love This Season  in 2024

Tired of boring old braids? Switch things up with any of these thirty-four stunning Bohemian braids. Braids are a long-standing hairdo for a lot of women of color.

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Box braids especially are classic and will never go out of fashion. Why? Firstly, they’re a trusty, comfortable protective style; it’s effortless to grow your hair with box braids. 

Moreover, they’re incredibly versatile. With box braids, you can wear your braids differently every single day if you like.

None of the rigidity that comes with other protective styles exists with box braids.

If you love braids, you probably have a recurrent problem. Choosing a new hairstyle can be a struggle. Whenever you’re changing your braids, it feels like you’ve worn every style that exists.

You’re asking yourself, “Isn’t there something else I could try?

Naturally, you’re ardently searching for something different, trendy and exciting. You want something that’ll make you stand out, and your old braids just won’t cut it anymore. 

Sounds like your dilemma? Then, say hello to Bohemian braids.

Bohemian Box Braids For You

1. Curls with Bohemian Box Braids 

Credit:. styles_by_shalonda

There’s nothing lovelier than a hint of gold quietly peeking through dark hair. In addition to the splendid tones, this style features comfortable waist-length box braids with tight, springy curls bouncing at the ends.

Thick-sized braids will have you up and about in no time; for the queens who want to look good without wasting so much time.

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2. Knotless Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: queens_crown91

If you love knotless braids, here’s a magnificent way to spice them up. Box braids are prominent again but in a much thinner size.

Long, waist-length braids end with loose curls that span from the waist to the butt. For professionals and elegance lovers, this style of bohemian braids will do wonders for you.

Black is as classy as ever, and with knotless roots, you’ll be getting all the versatility you need.

3. Summer Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: _ 

Summer is a time for colors and warmth; your braids also need warmth, not just clothes. Neat sections will never stop getting approving glances; bonus points for equally neat braiding.

While these attributes are pluses beyond question, the real deal is the spray of honey-brown curls at the ends.

Your styling options are countless. You could go for a high bun like this one, a ponytail, or leave your braids down to shine.

4. Pigtail Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: itscbell_

Pigtails have been around for ages; you probably wore them to school with your cute little backpack. Moreover, they’re convenient and easy to wear.

Protection for your delicate natural hair? With pigtails, you’ll have maximum protection. Take things up a notch by attaching spring curls to the ends of each pigtail.

The curls here are lengthy, but you could make yours shorter if you wish.

5. Swirling Bohemian Locs

Credit: tanayiabaker_beauttymaker

These were called swirling for a reason; the curls swirl. Locs are unique. There’s little chance someone else would wear them at an event you attend.

But, a couple of breezy curls around your locs will have every head turning to admire you. Black (or brown ) thin locs similar to these look like a natural part of your hair.

However, a brighter color would look fabulous as well.

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6. Half Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: daisdollhouse_

Curls come in different shapes and sizes. For example, in this style, we have loose, almost straight curls instead of tight or spring curls.

These curls attached to each braid near the root lend volume to the braids. Thin, waist-length bohemian braids are usually time-consuming, but the buzz your hair will surely create will be a reward.

7. Curled Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: morningstarbeautyshop

Although these curls are also loose, they’re much tighter and messier than the previous ones.

The braids here are also slightly thinner, with end curls attached to them in addition to the higher curls on top, so this style is more relaxed. Depending on what you love, pick whichever works for you.

8.  Wavy Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: brakabraids

A center part is arguably the most common way to part braids, and why not? It’s simple, plus it suits every face.

Clean, sharp cuts elevate knotless braids to the highest levels. Besides, we have loose curls twirling from the top and end of each long, thin braid.

These curls double the volume and weight of this hair. Recreate in any color of your choice. 

9.  Orange Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: itscbell_

Do you like the safety of black braids, but you also want something to make you stand out? Orange-colored braids will solve your problem.

Orange is flashy, but black gives it a little subtlety. End curls make an appearance again, but this time, each curl drapes to the waist on its own, without touching another curl.

These braids are thin but scanty, so you’ll be done quickly.

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10.  Golden Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: _stylesbykp

Gold, coffee brown or platinum? Which color will look best with Bohemian braids? Well, how about all three?

Platinum curls enhance thin, butt-length gold and brown braids. Adding to the gorgeous mix of colors, white twine on the darker braids fit in perfectly.

Don’t hesitate to rock these braids if you have a flair for the dramatic.

11. Bohemian Box Braids with Curls

Credit: royaltyhairbraiding

Similar to our eighth style, we have curls at the top and end of each braid in this look.

However, these curls are tighter and slightly messier at the ends giving off laid-back vibes.

Bohemian braids are popularly long and thin, as we’ve seen continuously, but you could shorten yours if the length isn’t your preference. It’s your hair, after all!

12. Neat and Clean Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: dazzledbydenise_

Over here, we love smooth braids. Your braids should never have a hair out of place. Without curls, these box braids would be stylish.

But, to skyrocket the beauty, add a bohemian touch to them. Medium-sized braids descend into single curls.

And, of course, you can never go wrong with a touch of brown in black hair.

13. Long Brown Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: braids_by_sophia_

Brown and gold love each other, so mix the colors on your hair. In place of end curls, we have full-length dark brown braids.

These braids mingle with a voluminous mane of golden curls from the top of the hair to the waist. Because of the thin braids and the intricate curls, you’ll be sitting for a while.

Nonetheless, you’ll be overjoyed with the result when you’re done.

14. Highlighted Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: chiccstyless

Highlights add a new dimension to hair, whether in extensions or natural.

Combining end curls with curls at the top of each braid lends fullness, but with dark brown and gold highlights in black Bohemian braids, your hair will have a rich quality to die for.

Aligned boxes with long, flowing hair behind you will have everyone falling at your feet.

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15. Jumbo Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: dlovely.braids

Jumbo braids have an almost magical transformative effect on the wearer. A Bohemian touch on jumbo braids will take them out of this world.

Although brown is chic but subtle, a radiant red or gold will also look gorgeous.

Naturally, big curls like these are best left down to sway on their own, though a bun or ponytail would work when you mean business.

16. Bohemian Box braids with Extension

Credit: khroniclesofbeauty

Extensions can be heavy, but they have an upside you can’t deny; the dashing array of colors. Here, thin dark braids transform into loose golden curls when they hit the waist.

Combining small sections and thin braids ensures volume, and the colored curls add a soft touch to plain braids.

Show off your curls by leaving them down for date night, or put your braids in a high bun for a boss-lady vibe.

17. Golden Brown Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: hair.byronnie

You’ve seen the jumbo braids with bohemian curls at the ends and roots. Perhaps your hair is a lighter tone, and dark braids won’t do it for you.

Or maybe you liked brown, but you want a little extra something? Then here you go. 

Although it’s still firmly in the brown family, this color has added shine and brightness. If you have dark hair, you may want to dye it a similar color to avoid a disparity in hues

18. Knotted Bohemian Box Braids

Credits: kreationzxkendrea

Sitting through hours of braiding is undeniably tricky, but that’s not to say you can’t slay. If you hate waiting, try getting bold sections with thick braids.

It’s a bomb, but you won’t spend hours on a chair. As always, bohemian curls have many fascinating shapes and sizes.

Loose curls gave way to the tightly rolled short curls at the end of each braid on our muse above.

19. Light-weighted Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: _sogiftedhands

There are many ways to kill a rat, just as there are many ways to slay bohemian curls. Rather than the typical center part, style your braids to whichever side of your face you prefer.

Loose, carefree curls grace the roots of each braid, resulting in full but dainty hair. If you prefer a center part, you can do that, but it’s good to be daring now and then!

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20. Curly Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: braidedbywy

Step your box braids up with noodle-like bohemian curls. Instant noodles are a favorite for most people; they’re tasty and fun, and your hair won’t be any different.

With these braids, styling possibilities are endless; you won’t have repeated looks. The braids, given their length and size, may be inconvenient, but they’ll get you admiring glances.

21. Half Golden Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: royaltyhairbraiding

Stately black braids plus burnt gold curls are equal to gloriously vivid hair. Here, we have long water curls in gold surrounding medium-sized black braids.

Bohemian curls always have a full effect on traditional braids. If you can’t decide between black and gold, feel free to mix up the two. You’ll end up with an impressive headful of braids.

22. Yellow Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: noireli_beauty

This style combines black and another color, yellow, with a faint gold hue. Though identical to the number above, this style is more muted and subtle, as it has more black than yellow.

Try this look if you liked the previous style but need less flamboyance. 

23. U-shaped Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: itscbell_

Maybe you’ve tried all the curls up until this point and are searching for something different?

Check out these U-shaped bohemian braids. We have regular thick box braids with a center part from the top.

However, the braids bloom into cascading curls with U-shaped tops. Black is a star, but brown or red are head-turners.

Neat sections never fail to up your game; you could make these braids knotless to show off the sections more.

24. Bohemian Box Braids without Extensions

Credit: rarelocs_experience

Bohemian braids don’t always need extensions; you can get them done with natural hair.

From razor-sharp cuts and equal significant sections, your thick braids are curled at the ends in rolls.

This hairstyle is convenient and highly protective for your natural hair. In case you’re trying to grow your hair, consider this look.

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25. Kids Bohemian Box Braids

Credits: hairbydaniii

Kids love Bohemian braids too because they suit them with no trouble. Here, thin box braids bloom into short spiral-like curls just past the shoulder.

The alignment of the small sections is nothing less than perfection, improving the overall neatness of this style. 

Furthermore, accessories are a must to add a fun note to these braids. You can weave in colors or incorporate beads or colorful bands. Whatever works for your child goes.

26. 4 Braid Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: chicstylesbyjo

Patience is a virtue, but it’s not easy to develop, especially when it comes to hair. So, how do you get high-fashion bohemian braids that won’t have you sitting for hours? Check this out.

Because of the large sections and relatively thick braids, you’ll have a banging hairstyle in very little time.

Needless to say, the bohemian curls dangling at mid-back boost these braids to a ten out of ten.

27. South Style Bohemian Box Braids

Credits: the_braid_lounge

Shape your curls into whatever form you fancy; you have no limits! These loose bohemian curls arrange themselves in bouncy stacks that softly drape to the waist.

Thin box braids precede the curls, and the beauty of these braids is in their full volume.

If you want more flair in your hair, you can accessorize, especially along the lengths of the braids.

Use black if you’re into more neutral colors, but if you feel like testing your color boundaries, check out either gold or a bold red.

28. 8 Braid Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: the best hands

Love curls so much that you want them more than the braids? Then, rock this number. The curls, shaped like the number eight, far outnumber the braids.

Unfortunately, the length and volume caused by the thin braids and small sections could present a challenge. 

So, if you’re not keen on wearing voluminous braids, you might want to skip this one. For our more adventurous people, twirl these braids in black for a natural look or any color you please. 

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29. Shortened Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: braids_by_kadi

Full bohemian braids mustn’t reach waist or butt length; they can be shorter. This style mainly features brown, tight, almost kinky curls, with a spattering of thin black braids at the top.

Besides the bohemian curls, small, spaced-out sections also lend fullness. 

These curls are slightly messy; you’ll be giving fully relaxed energy with these braids. Careful not to tangle the curls, though!

30. Messy Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: _glamourgirlgang_

Slightly messy loose curls are proven to be the ultimate bohemian chic look.

The curls are coupled with thin braids, ethereal as they sway in the wind. In addition, for a breezier effect, every single curl lazily drapes from the top and tail ends of the braids.

Irrespective of the messy curls, the sections remain as neat as always. Stick a flower in this one, and you’ll look like a gentle island goddess.

31. Red Bohemian Box Braids

credit: coils and glory

We’ve suggested red braids countless times; now you can see why! Red is a dazzling, sensual color, and its effect isn’t any less vivid here.

Bold red curls skirt around the darker braids close to the hair roots. Again, a side part proves more tempting than regular center parts. 

This style would look good in any braid size, but to stay close to our original, go for jumbo braids. If you prefer thin sizes, though, feel free to use them.

32. Side bohemian Box Braids

Credit: cocohairsignature

Since your base braids are box braids, there are innumerable ways to style Bohemian braids. Here, we have a stylish side part on the right side. Smooth jumbo braids frame each side of the face and reach down to waist length. 

The noteworthy difference with this look is the curls. In place of thin, wispy curls like we’ve seen previously, this number presents thick, juicy curls.

As usual, the curls are attached to the top and end of each braid. This style is easy, both incredibly fashionable at the same time.

33. Long Bohemian Box Braids

Credit: hair confidence

Sometimes, eccentricity takes you further than you ever thought possible. Having the curls almost as long as the actual braids sounds too much.

Yet, it plays out like sweet music. Tight, thick braids lead to a full spray of cute curls past the butt. This style is for our flamboyant, daring ones who aren’t afraid to play with some weight.

To keep things simple, use natural tones. But, if you want your hair to end any show, throw in any color you like.

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34. Platinum Bohemian Box Braids

credit: Pinterest

Last but not least, we have these stunning platinum bohemian box braids. This number is for the fearless, bold ones. Is black or brown too tame for you?

You’ll be happy with these medium-sized box braids. The bouncy bohemian curls come into play only at the ends of these braids. 

Our muse shows one of the numerous styling possibilities you can achieve with these braids.


What are Bohemian box braids?

As the name implies, Bohemian box braids are a distinct variation of box braids. What’s so extraordinary about them?

Simple – curls. Usually added at the top or end of the braids, the curls are undeniably gorgeous and drip with classy femininity. 

Your braids will look more voluminous, so if you love big hair like Queen Bey, you’re in the right place.

There’s no one way to do your curls. We have a stunning array of lengths, colors and forms here, so keep reading!

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Do Bohemian Box Braids Last Long?

Certainly! Depending on your hair care methods, you can wear these braids for up to two months. Regardless of how long-lasting these braids are, leaving them in for more than 4-5 weeks isn’t advisable.

It leaves your natural hair limp and fragile, hence more prone to breakage. 

If you must wear your bohemian braids for that long, moisturize your natural hair and scalp consistently with sprays.

Also, wrap your braids in satin scarves or bonnets during sleep to reduce friction and tangling.

How Do You Add Bohemian Curls to Braids?

As we’ve discussed before, there are several designs of curls out there. Consequently, the method and tool used to curl will differ depending on the shape of the curl you want.

Despite the style of your preferred curl, the standard way to curl braids is using hot water. Wrap the piece you want to curl around your curling tool and dip it into boiling water.

You could use rollers, thread, or a braid. After a couple of seconds, remove from the water and unravel. A fresh curl will dangle from your fingers. 

To learn more, watch this video

What Kind of Hair is Used for Bohemian Braids:

You’ll need a couple of packs of Kanekalon braiding hair for bohemian box braids. Note that the number of packs you use will largely depend on the length and fullness you want. 

Worried about cost? Then get shorter curls and braids. This way, you’ll use fewer extension packs. Don’t be scared; you’ll still look beautiful, short hair or not.

If you like length, budget a sizable number of extensions (from 3 packs upwards).

How Long Does Installing Bohemian Braids Take?

Installation time also depends on you. If you prefer those super tiny braids with small sections, you’ll spend at least five hours on a chair.

On the other hand, thicker or jumbo braids take a considerably shorter time, even with curls. 

You’re all fired up now and on the hunt for the most flawless bohemian braids for you. But we’ve got you! Sit back and scroll through our chic collection of Bohemian Braids.

You’ll find something that’ll leave you enthralled and enthusiastic.

We delivered as promised! You’ve gone through our best selection of Bohemian braids. Now, what’s stopping you from recreating one of them?

Use these as inspiration to get that ultra-trendy look you’ve thirsted for. Which number can’t leave your mind right now? Tell us in the comments below!