Snowflakes And Sparkles: A Gallery Of 56 Winter Nail Designs

Key Takeaways
  • Cold, dry winter air can be harsh on your nails. Keep them well-hydrated by using a nourishing cuticle oil and a rich hand cream.
  • Winter can make nails more prone to breakage. Maintain shorter nail lengths to reduce the risk of breakage and chipping.
  • Embrace classic winter nail colors like deep reds, dark blues, and cool neutrals. These shades complement the season’s vibes.
  • Use a strengthening base coat to fortify your nails, preventing them from becoming weak and brittle due to the cold weather.

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A collection of our fav nail looks that are perfect for the cooler months. Although winter often symbolizes an end to many things, it’s also a season full of happiness and celebration. As cooler months approach, so do some of our favorite holidays.

And with those holidays also comes a much-needed manicure to go with them. I mean, is there anything more exciting than thinking about all of the possible Christmas nail inspo!?

And if you’re thinking, I can never come up with any ideas, don’t worry. This article will be more than enough winter nail inspo for your next snow day DIY project (or nail salon appointment if that’s your thing). 

1. Snow Animals Winter Nail Design

Image by @angelpig72 via Instagram

We all know that the North Pole is infamous for Santa’s Workshop. But that’s not the only thing that we are gushing over from the North.

The Arctic is home to some of the most adorable animals. If beautiful white snowy terrains weren’t enough, then penguins, polar bears and seals should definitely do the trick.

This manicure captures the scene in a creative and youthful manner and is so cute we might just have to go ahead and book a one-way ticket to the Arctic.

2. Winter Vibes Nail Design

Image by @thenaillionaire via Instagram

For the western part of the world, winter just isn’t the same without its snowy and icy landscapes.

Global warming has somewhat affected this but most of us can still remember winters as kids walking down the streets with snow banks towering on either side of us (if you were lucky, you even got to jump in them).

Basically what we want to say is, it wouldn’t be a winter nail inspo article without a manicure that featured snowflakes and icicles. The sparkles add an extra special magical touch (fitting for such a magical time of the year).

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Before You Get Started:

  • Color Palette: Winter nail designs often feature colors like icy blues, rich purples, and classic whites. Consider which color palette complements your style and the season.
  • Nail Length and Shape: Winter nail designs can be adapted to various shapes, so choose one that enhances your overall look.
  • Theme: Winter offers a variety of theme options, from classic snowflakes to holiday cheer. Select a theme that resonates with you and the season.
  • Nail Care Products: Have the necessary nail care products on hand, such as a quality base coat, top coat, and cuticle oil, to maintain your winter nail designs.
  • Skin Tone: Choose nail colors and designs that flatter your skin tone. Some colors may look better on warm or cool skin tones, so consider what complements you.

3. Purple Snowflakes Winter Nails

Image by @lina_lackiert via Instagram

Like we said at the beginning, there’s no rule book that states snowflakes must be strictly painted onto your nails in white or silver polishes.

And thank goodness for that because this purple-inspired manicure is stunning. Snowflakes are an iconic part of winter and will be sure to elevate your nail look.

For a bit of glam add some sparkles and to try something unique, opt for an untraditional color. It’s never too late to step out of your comfort zone.

4. Penguin Winter Nail Design

Image by @hnnailsbyhoney via Instagram

Opting for a new and unique color isn’t the only way you can impress. Shaping your mani into long acrylic nails will also always be a power move.

And as if that wasn’t enough, a diverse range of dreamy and adorable winter illustrations makes this nail look even more bold.

This mani is channeling fierce penguin winter wonderland and if you ask us, it doesn’t get any better than that.

5. Winter Breeze Winter Nail Designs

Image by via Instagram

Now, if for the entire last 5 minutes you were thinking this is waaay out of my comfort zone we have got the perfect alternative.

The holiday season tends to be all about overdoing it but that doesn’t mean you can’t opt for a subtle and more classic manicure.

In fact, a contrast might be nice. This winter nail look features a white base and sparkly reversed french tips in dreamy aqua and purple hues. It’s simple, yet glamorous.

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6. Sweater Weather Winter Nails

Image by @vikfan4 via Instagram

Although some of us might not be too keen on the cold aspect of winter, no one can say they don’t love the fashion that comes with it.

Sweater weather has to be one of the best times of the year and is also great nail inspo.

The most iconic print during the holiday season (after ugly sweaters of course) is plaid and therefore had to be included on this mani.

We also love the combination of the polka dots and the untraditional purple shade (we’re respectfully ignoring the image on the third nail because we’re not entirely sure what it is).

7. Frozen Winter Nail Design

Image by @rachel_inmoshpit via Instagram

Okay, if we were to manifest all of the energy from the movie Frozen and make it into a nail look this would be it.

Bright blue and white hues, silver sparkles and snowflakes are all the cute and fun details we need to get into the holiday spirit this winter. 

8. Polar Bear Winter Nail Design

Image by @tammylee_._ via Instagram

Because they’re just so adorable, we couldn’t resist showing another polar bear-inspired nail look.

And if you’re in the mood for something extra sweet, position the polar bear in the corner of the nail to make it appear as though it’s just peeking out over the tip.

For an artistic element, accent the animal print with intricate snowflakes. E voilà, you have the picture-perfect winter nail. 

9. Winter Fantasy Winter Nails 

Image by @taty_for_nails via Instagram

Speaking of animal print, thanks to Santa Claus reindeer are equally as important (if not more) than polar bears.

Heck, they even made a Christmas song dedicated to them. This reindeer may not have a red nose, but he certainly makes a beautiful canvas for this dreamy winter fantasy.

Blue and gold make the perfect color combination and the mini snowflakes provide an extra sweet winter touch.

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10. Edgy Penguin Winter Manicure 

Image by @studio_yab via Instagram

Black isn’t a color often associated with winter but we are here to change that because this manicure is serving chic and sophisticated penguin paradise.

We’re honestly as shocked as you with how good this looks (but perhaps the black hues on the penguin do provide the perfect canvas for an edgy aesthetic) and will definitely be getting our nail aestheticians to do this at our next appointment.

11. Simple Sparkles Winter Nail Design

Image by @nailed_by_e via Instagram

Spring and summer weddings tend to be more popular because of the weather but if you are one of the people who wouldn’t dream of anything but a winter wonderland theme on your special day then these are the perfect nails.

Chic and glamorous white and sparkly silver polish gives this look a refined yet angelic feel while the snowflake completes the look with its minimalist aesthetic.

12. Glitter Winter Nail Design

Image by @whitney_lowery1976 via Instagram

If you are all about the glitz and glam then you won’t want to miss out on these nails. Silver sparkles are a must during the holiday season and are the perfect addition to any festive party.

Get out your sparkly mini dress and heels because with these nails we’re taking over NYE. And don’t forget about the snowflakes- they will enhance your look only that much more.

Quick Guide to Winter Nail Art Inspirations

  • Winter Nail Art: Embrace winter-themed nail art, like snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas trees, or festive ornaments. These designs add a touch of holiday charm to your nails.
  • Matte Finishes: Matte nail polish is a popular choice for winter. Use matte top coats on your favorite winter shades for a trendy and elegant look.
  • Glitter and Sparkle: Add some shimmer to your winter nails with glitter accents. You can apply glitter on an accent nail or create glittery French tips for a touch of glamour.
  • Icicle French Tips: Update the classic French manicure with icicle-inspired tips. Paint delicate icicles on the nail tips for a frosty and chic look.
  • Marble Nails: Marble nail art is versatile and can be adapted to winter with cool, muted color palettes. It adds an elegant touch to your nails.

13. It’s Cold Outside Winter Nail Design

Image by @nailsbyayaa via Instagram

When it comes to winter nails there’s no shortage of snowflake inspo. This manicure features the nail art over a beautiful pink and white ombré on a long, acrylic nail.

Although the color palette and design are soft and delicate the length makes this manicure a bold statement.

14. Xmas Winter Nail Design

Image by @luxurynailsfortlauderdale via Instagram

The great thing about winter nails is that there are endless possibilities when it comes to the designs. And what’s even better, they even look fabulous mixed together!

This nail look incorporates a wide variety of cute and minimalist holiday icons such as snowflakes, hearts, reindeer antlers and the word “xmas”.

The blue hues are also symbolic and remind us of icy textures. If you’re considering getting this look at your next appointment also make sure to apply a matte finish for that more unsaturated and pastel feel.

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15. Candy Cane Winter Nails

Image by @modcloth via Instagram

We were wondering when the holiday treats were going to make an appearance (we were starting to get worried).

If you have a sweet tooth like us, then you’ll agree that one of the best parts of the holiday season is the change in diet (let’s be real, if you’re on a diet at Christmas you’re probably a psychopath).

Candy canes are an iconic part of the holidays and with their red and white design, make the perfect nail inspo.

This manicure has integrated the design in a unique and minimalist manner over a mint green polish. BRB, we’re gonna go raid our cupboards.

16. Christmas Gnome Winter Nail Design

Image by @beautebyaimee via Instagram

Gnomes have become increasingly popular at Christmas in the last few years and no one is really sure why.

Perhaps it’s their resemblance to Santa, or simply because they’re freaking adorable but regardless we want them on our fingers.

Pink and blue hues give this winter nail look a fun and colorful pop while the nail art provides it with a creative element.

And fun fact: gnomes are also said to bring us good luck, happiness, warmth and magic! Now we really want them on our nails. 

17. Red Holly Winter Manicure 

Image by @merakistudio_ms via Instagram

Did you know, holly was traditionally used to help celebrate the Winter Solstice Festival by warding off evil spirits and celebrating new growth? Yeah, we didn’t either until 5 minutes ago (thanks, Google).

Today most of us recognize holly as the formidable plant that hangs from the ceiling and makes you kiss whoever stands beneath it with you.

But aside from this, it also looks super cute on your nails. Combine the look with a bright and cheerful Christmas red and you’ll be feeling festive in no time  (and also perhaps in the mood for a little smooching). 

18. Slytherin Vibes Winter Nail Design

Image by @nailchark via Instagram

Every aspect of all of the Harry Potter movies is immaculate but one scene that never fails to impress is when Christmas arrives every year at Hogwarts.

This is perhaps why Harry Potter is often associated with the winter months and watched over the holidays.

This particular manicure takes its inspo from the Slytherin house (not our first choice but what are you gonna do) and features the iconic dark green hues and snake design.

Slytherin isn’t terribly well known for being festive and cheerful but at least the color scheme is on theme.

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19. Butterfly Effect Winter Nail Design

Image by @thehotblend via Instagram

With all of the decorations and parties, the winter season is the most glamorous time of the year.

I mean, there’s a reason all of the shops pull out their sequin dresses and diamond earrings during this time.

For a chic nail look that is elegant but refined opt for a minimalist design in white and gold hues.

This manicure utilizes the french tip technique but instead of white tips, a beautiful and intricate butterfly has been added onto the nail.

Is it just us or does this manicure seem like it belongs on one of the elves from Lord Of The Rings.?

20. Spooky Starry Night Winter Nail Design

Image by @dianamarienailz via Instagram

Halloween isn’t the only holiday season that has a claim on spooky nail designs.

If you love an edgy and mysterious aesthetic and want to maintain this during the winter months then this manicure is a great option.

Black hues will forever be the poster color for all things dark and edgy. But instead of giving off horror vibes, this manicure actually looks quite dreamy and reminds us of a beautiful, sparkling night sky.

21. Wreaths and Gold Foil Winter Nail Design

Image by @chezpaintsnails via Instagram

If you don’t have a wreath up during the holidays then what are you even doing? Once the weather starts to get chillier, wreaths are a must and your nails are no exception.

Try out the holiday inspo on a white base with accents of golden foil-because is it even a holiday look without the glam (other nail looks will prove otherwise but we needed to say it for the dramatic effect… you get it)? 

22. Winter Dreams Nail Design

Image by @ohmynailsnyc via Instagram

There’s something about the night sky during winter that just hits differently.

Perhaps it’s the holiday season that brings an extra touch of magic to the air or it’s the blanket of snow that glistens in the light but whatever it is we are dying to have it on our nails.

This nail look depicts the imagery wonderfully in a modern french tip design. Deep blue hues act as the sky while various nail art such as moons and stars help to complete the look. A true winter nail dream.

23. Winter Wonderland Nails

Image by @vikfan4 via Instagram

If we could imagine the perfect nail art landscape during the winter it would definitely be this. Just close your eyes and imagine it:

You’re sitting on the couch by the fireplace all snuggled in a blanket while you watch the snow gently falling.

Smoke blows out of the top of the chimney of your small and quaint winter cottage. You notice the kids next door have built a snowman and just as you think your heart couldn’t be any more full, you see a reindeer galloping through the pine trees. 

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24. Glam Girl Snowflake Winter Nail Design

Image by @vikfan4 via Instagram

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, snowflakes can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and this design is giving us femme glam girl.

Contrary to what many believe, red and pink actually make a great color combo. Complement the look with a silver base and you’ll be ready for any holiday party this season throws at you.

25. Snow Globe Winter Nail Design

Image by @vikfan4 via Instagram

Ever since we saw The Santa Clause Movies we have been obsessed with the idea of having a room full of snow globes.

They’re not only festive and magical, they’re also just so cute. But, if we can’t actually collect hundreds of globes, painting them on our nails is the next best thing.

For a winter blizzard-feel, opt for a base in a dark purple polish. To incorporate the design add a single snowglobe to one of the nails. It has to be the center of attention after all.

Keep In Mind:

  • Top Coat Protection: Apply a high-quality top coat not only for added shine but also to protect your nail art and prevent chipping.
  • Design Complexity: Assess your skill level in nail art. If you’re a beginner, start with simpler designs and gradually progress to more intricate ones.
  • Maintenance: Be aware that some winter nail designs can last several weeks. If you prefer shorter-lived manicures, consider the maintenance and removal process.
  • Nail Care Products: Have the necessary nail care products, including a quality base coat, top coat, and cuticle oil, to maintain your winter nail ideas.

26. Hot Drinks Winter Nail Design

Image by @vikfan4 via Instagram

Okay, after the candy cane-inspired nail look this is definitely our second favorite winter mani.

If you’re like us, then you’re also pulling out the hot cocoa at the first sign of cooler weather.

And I mean, is there anything cozier than having a hot drink in your favorite mug while watching holiday shows and sitting by the fire?

This manicure features all of the festive drinks you could want and more in a fun and creative design and color palette. 

27. Snowman Winter Nail Designs

Image by @loloslacquerednails via Instagram

Aside from nature and festivities, a significant part of the winter season is the extra layers we put on to face the cold.

It is often believed that one can’t look stylish as a result of all of the clothing but we beg to differ.

As you can see from this manicure, hats, mittens and scarves are adorable and can actually elevate your winter OOTD.

And if you’re bundling up and heading outside anyway, why not build a snowman. With the actual words “hello winter” across one of the nails, this manicure couldn’t be more reflective of the colder season.

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28. Clarice Rudolph Winter Nails

Image by @nailsbyhopeamerica via Instagram

We all know good old Rudolph but what some of us are unaware of (unless you’ve seen the movie) is that he actually has a girlfriend named Clarice!

So of course we had to give her a boss girl moment in this stunning  holiday nail look. White and gold hues are elegant and glamorous (exactly what Clarice deserves) and that touch of red is the perfect contrast to make the mani pop. 

29. Blue Winter Set Nail Design

Image by @_nails_byj via Instagram

If you’re one of those people who always add too much tinsel to the tree and start listening to Christmas music in September then this is the winter mani for you.

You really can’t get more extra than long, acrylic nails and 3D diamonds and the white and blue hues are screaming ice castle. If you want that Queen of the snow energy this holiday season then you’ve found it. 

30. Classic Christmas Mood Manicure

Image by @nails_g_beauty via Instagram

When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a classic red mani. Especially when it’s Christmas.

This nail look features an adorable Rudolph illustration, silver sparkles and star nail art.

It’s fun, festive and perfect for those who want a bit of holiday cheer but don’t want to go too over the top. 

31. Mickey And Minnie Mouse Winter Nail Design

  Image by @uglyducklingnails via Instagram

Where are my ‘90s kids at because this is a whole throwback to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

“M-I-C-K-E-Y, N-A-I-LS” (if you know you know). And the Mickey Christmas special? Now that’s a movie that gives us the holiday feels.

There’s nothing sweeter than a holiday romance and Mickey and Minnie are the poster couple for it. 

32. Christmas Kitten Winter Nails

Image by @kostyi87 via Instagram

Or, perhaps a kitty cat is more your thing. There’s an important rule at Christmas: put a pair of antlers on literally anything and it will automatically make them look festive (I mean, the Grinch did it).

Complement your adorable cat nail art with an artistic icy marble print and you’ll have the perfect animal print mani this winter season.

And if you’ve got a cat at home and aren’t sure what to give him this Christmas, why not buy them their very own pair of antlers?

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33. Mistletoe Winter Nail Design

Image by @barbrafeszyn via Instagram

Every season needs its own signature florals and during winter it’s definitely poinsettias and holly.

With their rich red and green hues, poinsettias and holly make the perfect Christmas nail inspo.

If you want to try the look out, make sure to apply it to a white base so that the nail art remains the focal point.

To really make things interesting, change up the size and frequency of the flowers as well.

34. Minimalist Reindeer Manicure 

Image by @simog_nailssibiu via Instagram

If you are all about the minimalist aesthetic then you are going to love this look.

Although reindeer nail art might seem like a complex idea at first, if done correctly it can actually be integrated into the manicure in an understated but effective way.

The first way to achieve this is by applying a plain neutral base such as this white polish.

Then, instead of applying the entire reindeer, only add certain features. This look is too cute and with a bit of sparkle, also a little glamorous. 

35. Santa’s Sleigh Winter Nails

Image by via Instagram

And to conclude, we had to show you a look with the man behind all of the magic.

As kids, the idea of Santa delivering presents on his reindeer-drawn sleigh is possibly one of the best parts of childhood.

As we get older, the belief is lost but the magic remains in our hearts. If you’re feeling nostalgic this holiday season and want a festive nail look that is going to give that wow factor then this is it. 

36. Dark Night Winter Nails

Image by @safinailstudio via Instagram

“Dark Night Winter Nails” evokes the enchanting mysteries of a winter’s night. Midnight blue or black hues adorned with shimmering silver or gold accents replicate a starry sky.

Hints of snowflakes or glitter add an ethereal touch, making these nails the perfect accessory for cold, magical evenings.

If you like your nail polish black yet want to wear something seasonal, this pattern is for you.

It captures the impression of being at home in the winter (without the use of ordinarily celebratory colors), but it’s also a little eerie.

Gothic winter nail art! To achieve this look, start with a black nail lacquer and finish with an ESSIE Matte About You.

37. Stylish Minty Green Winter Nails

Image by @sxccosmetics via Instagram

Winter nails do not have to be dull! This design is sleek and stylish, and it would be ideal for any holiday gathering.

The green mint swirls contrast beautifully with the naked nails. Add some sparkle with clear or white glitter for a more dramatic and festive effect!

Stylish minty green winter nails evoke a refreshing wintery charm.

This cool, pastel hue blends seamlessly with the snowy landscape, adding a touch of elegance to your fingertips.

Whether adorned with delicate snowflake accents or a subtle shimmer, these nails exude a chic and frosty allure, perfect for winter.

38. Want For Christmas Winter Nails

Image by @nailsbypaulin via Instagram

The popular Christmas song by Mariah Carey is the perfect inspiration for your winter manicures!

This pattern is made up of red and green stripes with gold glitter embellishments. It’s simple but festive and stylish.

This pattern might also be in different festive colors, such as blue and silver. These colors will offer joy and jingle sensations to any winter event with the Christmas boy you want.

39. Wonderland Winter Nails

Image by @ednails288 via Instagram

Is anyone else hoping for a white Christmas? This design is ideal for you! This design was created for everyone who likes the winter wonderland look.

The white and naked nails with snowflakes look great together. Show off these nails at your next Winter Wonderland party.

40. Snowy French Tip Winter Nails

Image by @charmedbyhue via Instagram

Snowy French tip winter nails evoke the serene beauty of a winter landscape.

A classic French manicure with a wintry twist, these nails feature crisp white tips resembling fresh snow, contrasting elegantly with a soft, icy-blue base.

Subtle, chic, and perfect for adding a touch of winter wonder to your nails.

This design is for anyone who enjoys the classic French manicure but wants to add a winter twist.

The blue tips add a splash of color to this otherwise basic design. This pattern could quickly be done in any other color you want. It’s a versatile and classy appearance that any lovely lady like you can pull off!


By sealing the edges of your winter nail design, you’ll prevent chipping and make your manicure look perfectly neat, making it a small but significant detail in achieving salon-quality nails at home.

41. Sparkly Color Winter Nails

Image by @troupecb via Pinterest

Winter nails are ideal for experimenting with different tints and hues. The one glittering accent nail brings the entire look together and gives a fun and whimsy touch.

It’s a lovely and cheerful style that’s appropriate for any Christmas gathering, even if you’re suffering from the winter blues.

42. Pink Ombre Coffin Winter Nails

Image by @merlin_nails via Instagram

Pink ombre coffin winter nails evoke a subtle frosty elegance. Transitioning from a soft, blush pink at the base to a delicate icy pink at the tips, they resemble the soothing hues of a winter dawn.

This design offers a chic, understated way to embrace the season’s charm. Pink and Winter may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of each other, but this design demonstrates that they can complement each other well.

Pink ombre coffin nails are incredibly trendy and stylish. One accent nail is a silver snowflake for a splash of winter joy. Without a doubt, it’s a lovely and distinctive appearance that you may wear on any romantic date night.

43. Stunning Black Winter Nails

Image by @charsgelnails_ via Instagram

These black winter nails are bold and gorgeous and will suit anyone who enjoys making a statement.

The glossy black adds texture and depth to this appearance. It’s a refined and elegant appearance that goes well with your beautiful little jeans or classic black dress.

44. Ice Ice Baby Winter Nails

Image by @gandziuchaa via Instagram

Baby, it’s ice ice! This design is ideal for anyone who wishes to feel as if they are in a winter wonderland.

The light blue tint is frosty and minty, lending an ethereal element to the design. It’s a stunning new style that will have everyone staring.

45. Festive Red & Green Winter Nails

Image by @pblnails via Instagram

With this design, cute is the name of the game. The colors red and green shout Jingle Bells! The reindeer design and Christmas tree accent nails are too adorable to ignore!

It’s a festive and colorful appearance that will put you in the Christmas spirit. Do you know how to pronounce “ho, ho, ho”?

46. Ice Queen Winter Nails

Image by @nailsbyjanine.x via Instagram

This design is precisely that. It’s breath-taking and calm, ideal for anyone who wants to feel like the Ice Queen.

The stunning frosty blue color is both lovely and enticing. It’s a regal and refined style that will go well with a blouse or a ball gown.

47. Winter Blast Winter Nails

Image by @stylebyaila via Instagram

This one is for you, turquoise fans! This design is ideal for the stylish woman who wants a basic look that matches her favorite color!

The dark turquoise color is lovely and fashionable, and the accessories and rings complete the appearance.

This pattern is excellent for any winter occasion because it is fun, easy, and quick to make!

48. Candy Cane Tips Winter Nails

Image by @kelseymarchnails via Instagram

Candy Cane Tips Winter Nails feature a festive and playful design. Typically, these nails are adorned with red and white stripes reminiscent of candy canes, creating a cheerful, holiday-inspired look. They’re perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your winter nail style.

These candy cane tips are sweet and tasty and are ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth.

The colors red and white are festive but also lively and energetic. It’s a lovely, whimsical style that goes with any gorgeous red and white ensemble. 

If you like your nails to sparkle, red glitter nails are ideal for the holidays! They offer a glamorous and luxurious touch to any ensemble, whether dressed in a little black dress or down in your favorite jeans.

49. Cozy Sweater Winter Nails

Image by @adriannareluga via Instagram

Grab a nice cup of chocolate because these cozy sweater nails are guaranteed to give you all the winter sensations.

The earth-tone colors are rustic and charming, and the small snowflake motifs add a Christmas spirit to your nails. It’s a sleek, comfortable look that’s ideal for any cold winter day.

50. Blue Winter Night Skies Winter Nails

Image by @ingridraiana_ via Instagram

Blue winter night skies inspire stunning nail designs. Imagine deep midnight blue and indigo shades adorned with sparkling silver or white stars, resembling a serene winter night.

These nails capture the magic of cold, clear nights, making them perfect for adding a touch of celestial beauty to your winter look.

These blue winter night skies are for people obsessed with the color blue. The dark blue color is mysterious and appealing for a sophisticated winter outfit.

Because blue is a calming color, this pattern is ideal for anyone who wishes to feel comfortable and at peace.

Fun Fact

When it comes to winter nail design, you might not realize that your nails can sometimes act as tiny weather forecasters. How, you ask? Well, gel nails, which are known for their durability, can become more flexible in response to temperature changes.

51. Dreamy Winter Nails

Image by @kessyjones.nails_beauty via Instagram

We adore you, dreamy winter nails. This design is for individuals who want to feel like a fantasy princess. But not too feminine.

The deep purple color is both majestic and opulent. The glitter, without a doubt, provides a touch of fantastic dreams. It’s a daring and beautiful look that any winter queen can pull off!

52. Christmas Trees Winter Nails

Image by @polishbyjoja via Instagram

Create festive Christmas tree winter nails by painting evergreen silhouettes on deep green or shimmering backgrounds.

Add tiny ornaments with colorful nail art polish, and finish with a gold or silver star on top. These nails evoke the holiday spirit, perfect for celebrating Christmas in style.

You can cut down your Christmas tree with these stylish and straightforward Christmas nails.

The deep green tint is unique to Christmas trees. If you don’t like green, you can try this design with any other color you choose. Let’s be honest: any hue goes well with a Christmas tree.

53. Simple Pink Winter Nails

Image by @_by_shelley via Instagram

Pink should be used for more than just gift boxes this holiday season. You can show off your festive zeal with these simple pink Christmas nails.

The gentle pink tint is delicate and lovely, and the white accent adds a touch of refinement to your nails. Pink and red are the colors that scream Christmas!

54. Hot Chocolate Winter Nails

Image by @pop_polished via Instagram

What says “winter” more than a cup of hot chocolate? These brown nails with marshmallow colors are ideal for anyone who enjoys cuddling with a hot cup of cocoa.

The deep brown hue is rich and luscious, while the marshmallows hint at sweetness. Is anyone seeking a winter nail design that is both tasty and fashionable? This one pays you money!

55. Checkered Winter Nails

Image by @han.polished via Instagram

Although it is not a Christmas design, this checkered winter nail art is ideal for anyone who enjoys old plaids.

The black and white style is both elegant and chic. If you feel courageous, try this pattern in other colors.

If you want to raise your spirits this season, it would look fantastic with red or green!

56. Shiny Snowflake Winter Nails

Image by @kaylasnailjournal via Instagram

Shiny snowflake winter nails exude a frosty elegance. The perfect backdrop is a gleaming, deep blue or silver base coat.

Delicate, hand-painted snowflakes in white or iridescent glitter dance across the nails, capturing the enchanting beauty of a winter’s night. A glossy topcoat seals the design, ensuring a brilliant, icy finish.

Allow it to go; allow it to go! These Frozen-inspired nails are irresistible. The blue tone is peaceful and serene, while the white sparkles lend a magical touch.

This is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful winter nail designs on our list. So, if you’re seeking something fashionable and one-of-a-kind, this is the one for you!

Ariel Coleman

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