54 Cornrow Goddess Braids- Unleash Your Crown of Glory

Key Takeaways
  • Cornrow Goddess braids are versatile protective hairstyles that can be worn in various patterns and sizes, making them suitable for different occasions and hair types.
  • Cornrow Goddess braids have deep cultural roots, with origins in African and African-American hair traditions, often representing a connection to one’s heritage and pride in natural hair textures.
  • Cornrow Goddess braids offer creative opportunities for intricate designs and patterns, allowing individuals to express their unique style and personality.
  • These braids are known for protecting natural hair by reducing friction and damage, promoting healthy hair growth, and helping to retain moisture.

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Boost your confidence with these immaculate cornrow goddess braids. Here are 54 ways you can get your sexy back.

 We have to thank the style gods for bestowing us with the divine cornrow goddess braid.

This style is synonymous with sexiness, boldness and, of course, heavenly royalty.

There’s a reason it’s called a goddess braid, after all. You’ll be both comfortable and couture with this hairdo, securing your hair’s safety and looking chic at the same time.

Having large cornrows is part of the signature Goddess Braid look, so don’t be afraid to go extra-large.

In fact, Goddess braids are all about that personal touch, so add your personality by experimenting with length, size, color and accessories.

To get you started, here are some fabulous, muse-worthy braids. Even Narcissus would weep with envy at these hair spectacles. Just take a look! 

Before You Get Started

  • Goddess braids look great on faces with a round facial shape.
  • Goddess braids could be easy to maintain, but before going to bed, you need to wrap them with a silk scarf. This will cut down on frizz.
  • If you want to wear goddess braids for longer than a week, you must oil your braids two or three times a week.
  • Goddess braids should never be washed in hot or warm water since it will ruin the texture of the curly and wavy hair.

1. Classic Black Goddess Braids 

Image by @Braidsby.Mayah via Instagram

Since we’re talking about historical goddesses, there’s no better way to kick off this list than to honor the original goddess braid.

Black, structured and straightforward, these braids will work with any look you have in mind.

You can step out confidently, knowing your hair isn’t clashing with your outfit.

The swirly, spaced-out baby hairs bring us to the 21st century, while the feed-in and stitch methods ensure that your roots won’t suffer. Simple yet iconic.

2. Honey Blonde Cornrow Goddess Braids 

Image by @adaliahbeauty via Instagram

Aristaeus, The Greek god of beekeeping, would be proud of the honey blonde in these braids.

They present as light, creamy and feminine, complementing whichever skin tone they lay against.

It’s hard to find such a universal style, which is why honey blonde goddess braids are trendy.

To add individuality, go for a stitched braid and bedazzle the crown with cuffs and pearls. 

3. Flat Twin Cornrow Goddess Braids

Image by @_Micovi via Instagram

Rules are meant to be broken. That’s why you can forge your goddess braid patch by choosing a flat braid instead of a raised one.

To achieve this look, plait using the french braid method. That method inverts the braid through an overlapping movement.

You can go extra long with the pigtails as they won’t be heavy. Sweep your baby hairs into the braid to create a flawless, clean finish.  

4. Dark Copper Zig Zag Goddess Braids

Image by @rubby_hair via Instagram

Red wine was a staple libation in ancient Greece, so get close to that color with this flattering dark copper.

You can spice up the roots with a creative zig zag part that draws attention to each cornrow’s structure and strength.

Your natural roots mingling with the extensions will paint a beautiful picture and tone down any alarming reds that might pop up in each braid.

It’s a tremendous laid-back style. 

5. Fine Stitch Goddess Braids

Image by @braidplugldn via Instagram

How can you go big while maintaining a slim, clean look? Here’s how. This stitch sequence is so clean that it allows for little to no bulk at the top.

It’s like the knotless box braid version of Goddess cornrows. Each plait lays flat against the scalp, giving off an almost invisible illusion.

You’ll want this if you’ve got a minimalistic aesthetic. Tie the ends into a simple chignon bun and play with simple designs for your edges. 

6. Ladder Stitch Goddess Braids

Image by @styledbyny_ via Instagram

Glamor and sexiness are the last things you consider when considering a ladder. Yet this look elevates the simple, handy tool into an intricate design.

Try this mellow brown ombre if you want a touch of color but still want to blend in. It will create a slight dance of colors at your ends without distracting your face. 

7. Black To Blonde Cornrow Goddess Braids

Image by @_____.akn._____ via Instagram

We love a good black to blonde combo, and while most of those looks are achieved using ombre extensions, your hair can be the element you need to replicate.

If you’ve got dark roots, you’re in luck. Simply plait your goddess braids as you usually would, and use the lightest blonde extensions.

It’s also a great style for anyone with super short hair. You won’t have to worry about your natural color mudding the blonde. 

8. Straight backs & Curls Goddess Braids

Image by @Mmras_Hairtique via Instagram

The beloved straight-back braid just got a revamp, and it’s stunning!

You can never go wrong with such a classic look, but when you add elements like loose curls and stitches, you take the style to the next level.

Since the style is so simple, you don’t have to worry about overbearing it with blinged-up, swirly baby hairs.

Your edges and your ends are a sandbox that you can experiment in. 

9. Golden Peek-A Boo Goddess Braids

Image by @Bambambraidingstyles via Instagram

Gold is a color that will never go out of style; even if it’s hidden, it still stands out. You can mimic a gold mine with this peek-a-boo cornrow braid.

Since each braid is thick, there’s a perfect mixture of brown and blonde.

Due to the size of each braid, your cornrows might appear to be tightly packed, but don’t worry. You can still access your scalp and oil your roots. 

10. Quadruple Curl Cornrow Goddess Braids

Image by @Braided_With_Precision via Instagram

Big and bold braids need big and bold ponytails. In fact, why not have two.

Pigtails are a great way to add volume to your braided look, and the water wave tresses give both volume and bounce.

Depending on the girth you want, you can go wild and add three curly bundles on each end or go for a subtle single bundle pigtail. Either way, you’ll be a curly beauty. 

11. Chunky Natural Goddess Braids

Image by @Tianastalents via Instagram

These goddess braids embrace your natural texture to create a homegrown, lived-in cornrow.

Given the size, you can easily trick someone into thinking this is your natural hair. You need to texture match your extensions with your natural hair and get braided up.

Don’t apply any heat beyond a simple blow-dry; this will give you the full, textured roots that will melt into your extensions. 

12. Long Space Bun Goddess Braids 

Image by @_annadoesmyhair via Instagram

These antenna-like space buns will have you communicating with alien goddesses in no time.

The other braided pigtails at the back protect your hair while delivering a stylish variation from the top half.

Molded into a long chignon, each bun utilizes the hair from your feed-in braids, so make sure you use a soft Xpression texture.

You can add more hair if you want to go big, but make sure you don’t compromise on form. 

Quick Hairstyle Guide: Goddess Braids

  • How To Choose a Style: Select the size and intricacy of your goddess braids based on your personal preference. Smaller braids offer a more detailed look, while larger ones create a bold statement.
  • Level Of Maintenance: Moderate to High
  • Suitable For: Various hair textures and lengths, but it’s essential to ensure your natural hair is healthy before getting goddess braids. This style works well with both straight and curly hair types.
  • Looks Best With: Versatile! You can customize your look with different braid patterns and hair accessories. Pair them with makeup that complements your style, whether it’s natural, bold, or a combination of both.

13. Zig Zag Heart Stitch Goddess Braids

Image by @hairbylish____ via Instagram

We’re used to seeing large zig-zag patterns, but this style incorporates smaller partitions, creating quick movement along your scalp.

It makes for a tighter-looking, more intricate braid. The intricacy goes along the hairline with these structured baby hairs and the heart on the side.  

Keep in Mind

  • Proper Scalp Care: Goddess braids are intricate and often involve adding extensions. Maintain a healthy scalp by moisturizing it and keeping it clean to avoid irritation.
  • Size and Length: Choose the size and length of your goddess braids based on your preference. Smaller braids create a more intricate look, while larger ones offer a bold style.
  • Extension Selection: Select high-quality hair extensions that match your natural hair texture and color to achieve a seamless, natural appearance.
  • Tension Control: Ensure the braids are not too tight to prevent discomfort, hair breakage, and scalp issues. Proper tension is crucial.
  • Maintenance: Regularly moisturize your scalp and the length of your braids to prevent dryness. Schedule touch-ups as needed to keep your goddess braids looking fresh and well-maintained.

14. Cool Toned Rainbow Goddess Braids

Image by @shellyafrikhair via Instagram

Color is always a mood lifter; you can turn a classic goddess braid into something completely different if you know how to play with color.

This cool-toned rainbow is an excellent example of the power colored extensions have.

Each braid’s size ensures that all colors are represented down to the bottom.

Even the smaller black cornrows add an extra definition, making this a goddess braid look for the history books.  

15. Low Bun Goddess Braids

Image by @melanatedmanes via Instagram

These simple, red ombre buns are a great way to keep your goddess braids neat and tucked away.

You can go easy on the length and rock a shorter braid that won’t overload your short buns.

To achieve this, try and incorporate fewer extensions. Add enough to give your feed-ins the structure and strength they need without bulking them up. 

16. Half & Half Cornrow Goddess Braids

Image by @whitney via Instagram

Can’t decide between blonde or black braids? Do both! The half and half trend is edgy, unpredictable and fashionable, and that’s where you want to be.

You should enjoy the fun side of protective styling. With that said, you should probably go to a professional for your dye job.

You wouldn’t want to permanently damage your hair with bleach. 

17. Gold & Yellow Space Bun Goddess Braids

Image by @Ashleyafricanhair via Instagram

You have to go blonde at least once in your life, and if you’re not already there, goddess braids are the perfect vessel.

The husky yellow is a daring statement balanced by the golden blonde, creating an unlikely marriage between two completely different shades of blonde.

Space buns are a bonus that keeps your hair elevated and fully visible to anyone who wants to check out your relaxed new style. 

18. Floral Lavender Goddess Braids

Image by @shellyafrikhair via Instagram

No matter the season, it’s always springtime when flowers are involved. While gazing at this style, you can feel each leaf’s soft, delicate curves and dewy stems.

The flower design uses the simple stitch braid to mimic leaves, a feat best accomplished by a determined stylist.

To add to the beauty, you have these soft lavender pigtails cascading down each side. Don’t let anybody say that hair can’t be art. This is exquisite. 

19. Copper Curl Goddess Braid Ponytail

Image by @Rootznaturalhair444 via Instagram

Red is a style staple that everyone should wear at least a couple of times.

This copper red is muted enough to appease conservative braid enthusiasts yet radiant enough for the more adventurous ones.

To show off your goddess braids, go for a top knot ponytail and add some red water wave extensions. This will create a movement that resembles a winding stream of lava.  

20. Maiden Part Cornrow Goddess Braids 

Image by @mikasstyles via Instagram

With these structured side cornrows, you’d be the prettiest maiden at the ball. Who knew the maiden braid needed an upgrade? This is an innovative, protective way to wear the classically delicate look.

You could add some hair jewelry or, even better, baby’s breath pins. To spice things up, plait two thin lines down the center of your head.

Since they’re completely flat, they’ll create varying levels that are pleasing to look at.  

21. Triple Threat Cornrow Goddess Braids

Image by @eboni_style_ via Instagram

We’ve got not one, not two, but three stunning raised cornrows that capture the essence of the goddess braid.

They’re big, chunky and long, so you’ll need a good amount of hair extensions, around 3 packs. You don’t need much when you’re rocking these things.

Just some hair gel for your edges and a whole lot of confidence. Keep reading if you’d like a tutorial on how to DIY this look. 

22. Gold & Black Goddess Ponytail

Image by @Kemhaircare via Instagram

Black and gold work together once again to form this eye-catching updo.

You can follow up any straightforward design with hair accessories, and it will immediately become a regal arrangement.

Add forward-facing braids to the sides for a Fulani-inspired moment. 

Fun Fact

Goddess braids, a popular and ancient African hairstyle, have a rich history. They were traditionally worn by queens and high-status women in various African cultures, symbolizing power, strength, and beauty. Today, they remain a stylish and meaningful choice.

23. Silver Fox Cornrow Goddess Braids 

Image by @iamglamfreak via Instagram

Silver hair is no longer a statement of your age. It’s a rebellious yet classy color that suits those brave enough to wear it.

These goddess braids employ the classic cornrow method, so they’ll be perfect for beginners who aren’t familiar with feed-ins.

Finish things with some edge control and a brush, and you’ve completed your transformation into a sleek, sexy silver fox. 

24. Slim Finish Twin Goddess Braids

Image by @game_changer_beauty_salon via Instagram

These slim-finish pigtails are great for anyone who doesn’t like a lot of synthetic hair on their head.

You can still enjoy the goddess braids trend without overloading your tresses with extra hair. To further simplify your look, go for a simple black color.

The center hosts a beautiful pitchfork design that cleanly separates each pigtail, accentuating that feature by placing baby hairs at the sides. 

25. Hills and Valleys Goddess Braids

Image by @riddlemetwists via Instagram

If looking at this hair makes you want to go on a hike, you’re not alone. The hills, curves and ridges created by each braid resemble a vacant outdoor setting in the best way.

Starting tiny at the front, these braids gradually fill up until they overflow into a structured bun.

It’s the perfect style for anyone who works in the corporate world and wants something stunning that doesn’t draw too much attention.  

26. Quick Double Ponytail Goddess Braids

Image by @Fina_B_The_Stylist via Instagram

From the Greek Aphrodite to the Igbo Ala, these braids are worthy of a deity. Especially if they had errands to run and didn’t want to spend all day in the heavenly salon.

You’ll be in and out with these big ponytail braids, and what’s even better is the warm color you’ll add to your hair repertoire.

The extensions at the bottom can be curled, crimped or straightened to match your mood. How fun is that? 

27. Boho-Inspired Cornrow Goddess Braids

Image by @Braiidsbyp via Instagram

Goddess braids and boho braids came into prominence simultaneously, so it’s no wonder they have so much in common.

Both styles feature curly elements, big braids and different color extensions.

Both styles are equally beautiful, which is why this goddess braid borrows elements from the boho trend to create this simplistic hybrid.

To achieve this, braid your hair as you usually would, then add some curly hair about three inches from the nape of your neck. 

28. Herringbone Cornrow Goddess Braids

Image by @mzpritea via Instagram

Named after the overlapping bones of a herring fish’s tail, this pattern is often associated with wood floors or tile backsplashes.

It’s an innovative take on braiding patterns that has fun with angles and structure. To further imitate the herringbone trend, use a light brown extension towards the top of each braid.

This will highlight the cornrow’s shape and introduce a shadow element using the black hair at the bottom.

29. Size Mix Goddess Braids 

Image by @Sid_Thee_Hairstylist via Instagram

Goddess braids take the best of varying trends and combine them to create something beautiful.

That’s the case with this mix of thin and thick straight-back braids. To break the monotony, alternate sizes by tweaking the amount of hair you add to each cornrow.

In fact, the smaller cornrows should have little or no extensions so they can be tucked behind the bigger ones. 

30. Boho Decorated Goddess Braids

Image by @Treva_Da_Diva via Instagram

This look would be perfect for a modern wedding. From the six structured braids to the gold cuffs, it screams regality and understated sophistication.

You don’t need to do much to achieve this look, so it would be perfect for beginner braiders.

Once you’ve got the basic dutch braid down, you need to learn how to feed in hair extensions, and we’ve got a tutorial for that.

Add a few loose waves sporadically throughout the bottom half to top off the look. 

31. Cornrows & Curves Goddess Braids

Image by @_jazzitup via Instagram

You probably visualize a simple straight-back design when you think about getting two braided pigtails on your head.

This style throws that convention out the window and employs a curved u-turn pattern to get the job done.

To achieve this look, separate the front part of your hair into a curve and braid it from the crown to your hairline.

Start the feed-in braid from your crown with the rest of your hair, heading straight back. Simple yet stunning. 

32. Goddess Braids With Coi Leray Curls 

Image by @erica_letstalkhair via Instagram

Goddess braids celebrate the powerful, influential women of the past, and these take an element from an artist dominating the rap game.

Coi Leray’s braids have been trending since the young rapper wore them on the red carpet. What’s even better about these trendy braids is how easy they are to replicate.

Simply take one of your large braids and curl the ends with Flexi-rods or curl formers. Dip them in hot water and let them dry. 

33. Double Chunk Cornrow Goddess Braids

Image by @hairbyjhade via Instagram

When it comes to going big, these braids take the crown and make two double chunk braids out of it.

Look at the size of these pigtails. They’re thick yet airy and fluffy, thanks to the butterfly braid method that uses fewer extensions.

You attach the hair as you would a regular braid, but use a looser grip to create more significant sections that you lightly tug at afterward until you get your desired shape. 

34. Tri-Cornrow Goddess Braids

Image by @_jazzitup via Instagram

Braid trends constantly evolve, so why not mash up the two most influential braiding elements into one style?

That’s what this braid tech did, creating a feed-in mohawk at the top and two stitch braids at the style.

The abrupt shift from stitch braids showing your scalp to a solid feed-in is a bright and effective contrast. It’s also super simple, so you can mimic it at home for you or your friends. 

35. Plaited Snail Shell Goddess Braids

Image by @_jazzitup via Instagram

If you’re working a 9-5 job that doesn’t allow for too much detail in your day-to-day hair but still want to take advantage of braids as a protective style, this is a great alternative.

It’s firm and structured, so you’ll keep your hair tucked away as you work, and it’s beautiful.

The snail shell bun at the back creates a fun maze; you only need a few bobby pins to maintain it. 

36. Feed-In Mohawk Goddess Braids

Image by @guin_gui via Instagram

Part Viking style, part goddess braid, and all “badass,” this mohawk does so many things simultaneously.

It protects the most vulnerable parts of your hair, like your hairline at the sides, while showing off three popular braiding elements: cornrow, stitch and feed-in braids.

If you want this style to go the distance, add some mousse after braiding, wrap your hair with barber strips and sit under the dryer for a few minutes

37. Golden Cuff Feed-In Goddess Braids 

Image by @kersti.pitre via Instagram

Simple, chunky and multilayered, these golden cuff feed-ins are a great style to have in your back pocket for those bad hair days.

You simply part your hair into four even sections and leave some hair out for the slim braids that run alongside the thicker ones.

Add a good amount of hair extensions to bulk up the look, and finally, crown your crown with golden cuffs.  

Quick Tip

Goddess braids are ideal for a busy way of life. They shield your hair from harmful environmental elements and keep hair out of your face.

38. Big Red Cornrow Goddess Braids 

Image by @vb_reta via Instagram

If you’re going to go red, you might as well make a big statement out of it. These super chunky red braids look breathtaking, so don’t be intimidated by their size.

You can pull it off. In fact, the ponytail’s shape makes it flattering for different head shapes, and you won’t need to slay your edges either. 

39. Two Layered Goddess Braids 

Image by @euphoricstyles via Instagram

Long, large and beautifully plaited, this style is the braided equivalent of the black heel. Everyone needs it.

To achieve this look, separate your hair into two sections, one at the front and one at the back.

Then, braid the back into regular poetic justice braids, each as thick as your pointer finger. Due to the box braids at the back, this style could last as long as 4 weeks. 

40. Geometric Cornrow Goddess Braids

Image by @infinity_beautylounge via Instagram

If you go for a simple three-strand braid, you might as well add your detailed elements at the foundation.

This maze-like geometric pattern is complicated to pull off, so ensure you go to a braid tech who knows how to create magic with your hair.

Since the style uses the knotless method and doesn’t attach hair at the base with the smaller cornrows, you can immediately style it and hold it up in a cute bun. 

41. Golden Rows Goddess Braids

Image by @isso_e_dread via Instagram

Here’s an easy way to add variety and dimension to your simple straight-back goddess braids. Go blonde.

These golden rows instantly lift your face, adding warmth and a sun-kissed hue to your skin. You can simplify the back portion by installing jumbo box braids.

Use large metal cuffs to accessorize and keep the baby hairs to a minimum for a minimalistic vibe. 

42. Goldilocks Blonde Goddess Braids 

Image by @camillafreireoficial via Instagram

This style is a perfect take on the classic goldilocks fairytale from one blonde look to another.

The single cornrows at the sides are pulled and woven into the larger pigtail cornrow to form one interlocking braid.

You’re probably wondering why there’s no natural hair poking out of the gold. It’s because the gold braid is pre-made and sewn onto a cornrow made with natural hair. Mind blown.  

43. Purple Swirl Cornrow Goddess Braids

Image by @estudioblessed via Instagram

If you’ve done Goddess braids before, you’re probably looking for some new way to wear the style.

The best way to try something new is by going out of your color comfort zone.

This dark eggplant purple is an excellent alternative to the usual black or brown goddess braids, but it’s enough of a baby step that will get you exploring new color variations.  

44. Tribal Pop Smoke Goddess Braids 

Image by @pearlthestylist_ via Instagram

When rapper Pop Smoke passed away, these braids immediately started trending. Members of the African American hair community began rocking the style in remembrance.

Still, as time passed, elements like stitch braiding and the triangle part made their way into the style.

It’s been elevated and will continue to grow as different stylists post their take on it. 

45. Cornrow Goddess Braid Ponytail 

Image by @j0j0lara via Instagram

This rose patterned ponytail braid is a style you can fall in love with. It’s a simple and robust way to rock the goddess braid trend while keeping functionality at the forefront.

If you look closely, you can see the knots created by the installation method. They’re created by attaching the hair at the front of each section.

Swoop up your baby hair, and you’ve got yourself a brilliant ponytail. 

46. Cornrow Bun Goddess Braids

Image by @thebraidbar via Instagram

Stay stylish with these goddess buns that follow a unique fork-tongued shape.

The buns are braided, allowing the style to last twice a sling, as you won’t have to deal with loose hair. You can just slip on a silk scarf at night and sleep pretty.  

47. Plait & Twist Goddess Braids

Image by @worldofbraiding via Instagram

After going with such an intricate braiding pattern, there’s no reason you can’t have a little fun at the top.

Try some Senegalese twists instead of installing the traditional three-strand braid at the top. It will add an unexpected textural element.

Top of the style with some styling beads, and you’re ready for your coronation. 

48. Rainbow Blonde Goddess Braids

Image by @worldofbraiding via Instagram

Two explosive style trends come together in this blonde rainbow mix.

Instead of letting the bright colors overwhelm you, dominate the look with solid blonde accents throughout each braid.

It will dampen the vibrancy, creating a matte effect that’s ultra-modern.

Add some hair accessories to double up on the trendy style. Lightly colored strings and beads will do the trick. 

49. Curly Bounce Goddess Braids

Image by @braidsgang via Instagram

Sometimes all you need is a slight curl in your life. These pigtails will become your go-to style thanks to their quick installation time and easy maintenance.

Using human hair will get the best results, so go for healthy hair that has been custom dyed to your liking.

If you’re not used to working with such a curly texture, don’t worry. All you need is some mousse and your fingers. 

50. Spider Leg Cornrow Goddess Braids

Image by @val_can_braid via Instagram

Spider leg cornrows have been around for a while, but they recently hit the spotlight with the wave of appreciation for braiding techs, thanks to social media.

You get to revel in these unique designs and hopefully get one of your own. While practicing your own spider leg style, choose a color that stands out, like caramel or blonde. 

51. Patterned Halo Goddess Braids

Image by @bayareabraid via Instagram

There’s no way we’d go through a list of goddess braids without featuring the famous halo braid. It’s literally sent from heaven.

This is for the detail-oriented boss who takes every opportunity to shine. You can take inspiration from this braided halo.

All you need is some long Xpression hair, rubber bands and bobby pins. Since this style is pre-braided, just wrap the braid around your head and attach it to your own hair. 

52. Ponytail Goddess Braids

Image by @_shellyafrikhair via Instagram

Curvy cornrows that feed into a wrapped-around ponytail are the sexiest option if you want to wear your hair up in a ponytail.

The mini-parting braids with golden cuffs and red-wine-colored extensions braided into black hair give this style a polished appeal.

53. Long Goddess Braids 

Image by @erica_letstalkhair via Instagram

Baby-fine hair’s smooth edges make a beautiful accent for an asymmetrical braided hairdo.

The face is framed by angled braids that wind around the head and toward the front and one side.

One exquisite way to highlight the length is to wrap just one or two of the heaviest braids in either gold or copper wire.

54. Side Purple Goddess Braids

Image by @erica_letstalkhair via Instagram

Goddess braids hairstyles’ creators could never have foreseen such an inventive variation.

Laid edges highlight the spiraling, shimmering strands that resemble a royal Goddess crown.

The circular pattern spirals around the scalp before stopping in long, lustrous, deep-purple braids that can be used as a scarf!

To love the goddess braid is to understand it, so load up on this valuable information for the best GB experience.  

What Are Goddess Braids? 

Named after the Greek, Roman, African and Viking Goddesses of mythology, Goddess braids are super thick cornrows that are usually raised and feature a curly element towards the ends.

They’re a mashup of jumbo braids and bohemian braids, creating a larger-than-life look and adding a level of elegance and class to any outfit.

Since they’re large, they will only take around two hours to install, mainly if you stick to the traditional cornrow method. 

If you want to reduce tension, you can achieve a goddess braid look with feed-ins, as long as they’re large and in charge.

Goddess braids can be interpreted in many ways, so if you see individual large box braids with water wave curls, those are Goddess braids.

So come up with your own variation and have fun with color, length and structure to create a new mythical goddess worth emulating. 

What Is The Difference Between Goddess Braids & Bohemian Braids? 

While the two styles are sisters, they aren’t twins. Goddess braids generally have more structure, form and dimension.

Goddess braids usually incorporate the curly element within the plait and maintain the traditional braid shape while adding extras.

Bohemian braids are more carefree and haphazard, mimicking the bohemian lifestyle that they’re named after. 

They can be large, small, long and short, all in one style. You might find a mix of faux locs, three-strand braids, curls and twists in one boho look.

Boho braids also experiment with color, and that is where they share the most significant similarity with goddess braids.

Both styles evoke a flowy, feminine and ethereal vibe, and both are a great way to be adventurous with your hair. 

Do Goddess Braids Grow Your Hair? 

Because they are a protective style and decrease the amount of daily manipulation when it comes to your natural hair, goddess braids can help create the right environment that will encourage hair growth.

The great thing about Goddess braids is their easy installation due to their large size.

That makes them the perfect protective style to help you grow your hair. You can do them yourself and dictate how long they’ll stay in and how much hair you’ll use. 

On the opposite end, Goddess braids are pretty large, so they could negatively affect your hair if you don’t follow the proper steps.

For one, if your hair is weak or brittle due to damage, you should stay away from Goddess braids.

They might put too much weight on your already fragile hair. Go for slimmer cornrows that won’t require a lot of extensions.

If your hair is strong and healthy, keep it that way by properly installing these braids. Whether you’re doing it yourself or using a stylist, don’t tolerate tight braids.    

Which Braiding Hair Is Used For Goddess Braids? 

Since they’re so large, Goddess braids require the softest synthetic or human hair. You don’t want anything rough that will strain you or your stylist’s fingertips.

Or irritate your scalp. That’s why most stylists prefer 100% Kanekalon hair.

It’s textured enough to allow for a firm group without hurting the hands, and it’s pre-stretched and doesn’t have many irritants that other synthetic braiding textures have.

However, if your scalp is sensitive, stick to human hair. It’s more expensive, but it will save you a headache. 

If you want to add curly leave-out, go for any water wave textured crochet hair, such as the lulutress or freetress range. 

If you’re feeling fancy, you can use human hair extensions like the famous “Zoe Kravitz” braids everywhere.

Human hair presents an authenticity that’s hard to duplicate with its synthetic variant. The only downside is the price you’ll have to pay.

But if you’re only using a few strands, you could get away with one packet. 

How long do goddess braids last?

The longevity of goddess braids can vary depending on factors like hair type, maintenance, and the quality of installation.

On average, goddess braids can last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. However, they may be worn for up to 6 weeks or more with proper care and maintenance.

Can I get goddess braids if I have short hair?

Goddess braids can be done on hair of various lengths, but having enough hair length is important to create the desired style.

If your hair is too short, extensions may be added to achieve the desired length and thickness for the goddess braids.

Can I add extensions to my goddess braids?

Extensions can be added to goddess braids to achieve additional length, thickness, or a specific style.

Extensions can enhance the overall look and provide more versatility in styling.

How do I maintain goddess braids at night?

To maintain your goddess braids at night:

  • Wrap your braids with a satin or silk scarf or sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase to reduce friction and prevent frizz.
  • Gather your braids into a loose ponytail or braid to keep them contained and minimize tangling.
  • Avoid sleeping with wet braids to prevent mildew and damage. 

Can I wash my goddess braids?

Yes, you can wash your goddess braids, but it’s important to do so gently to avoid causing frizz or unraveling. Using a spray bottle, dilute a mild shampoo with water and apply it to your scalp. Gently massage the scalp, then rinse with cool water. Follow up with a leave-in conditioner or lightweight oil to moisturize your scalp and braids.

How do I remove goddess braids?

To remove goddess braids:

  • Carefully cut the extensions near the base of your natural hair.
  • Use a detangling spray or conditioner to soften any knots or tangles.
  • Gently unravel the braids, starting from the ends and working your way up.
  • After removing the braids, wash and deep condition your hair to restore moisture.

Can I style my goddess braids in different ways?

Yes, goddess braids offer versatility in styling. You can experiment with updos, bun hairstyles, ponytails, or half-up styles.

Just be cautious not to put too much tension on your scalp to avoid damage.

Get Some Heavenly Hair!

If you’re ready for a sleek new look, here’s a tutorial to get you going! 

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