41 Stunning Jumbo Box Braid Trends For A Fashionable Appearance In 2024

Key Takeaways
  • Jumbo box braids are a versatile protective hairstyle that suits various hair types and textures. They’re an excellent choice for those looking to protect their natural hair while maintaining a stylish look.
  • The “jumbo” in jumbo box braids refers to larger-sized braids, which make a bold statement and can be customized to your desired thickness. This size allows for faster installation and is great for those who prefer a quicker braiding process.
  • Despite their larger size, jumbo box braids offer numerous styling possibilities. You can experiment with different colors, lengths, and embellishments to create a unique and stunning look that matches your personality and style.
  • Jumbo box braids provide a break from daily hair manipulation and exposure to the elements, which promotes healthy hair growth. They protect your natural hair from damage, breakage, and excessive styling, allowing it to flourish.

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Introducing the captivating world of Jumbo Box Braids, a bold and artistic take on a classic hairstyle that intertwines tradition and contemporary fashion.

These statement-making braids, characterized by their larger-than-life size, offer a striking, eye-catching look that exudes confidence and individuality.

With roots tracing back to protective styling practices within African and African-American communities, jumbo box braids have evolved into a dynamic form of self-expression, embracing the essence of culture and creativity.

Crafted by skillfully intertwining synthetic or natural hair extensions with your strands, jumbo box braids create a mesmerizing interplay of textures and colors.

This fusion of thick and chunky braids carries an air of strength and empowerment, reflecting historical heritage and modern sensibilities.

Whether cascading down your shoulders or elegantly gathered into a chic updo, these braids invite you to embrace your uniqueness while paying homage to the ancestral traditions that have paved the way for this captivating and enduring hairstyle.

Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your hair is clean and well-moisturized before starting the braiding process, as this helps with the installation and longevity of your jumbo box braids.
  • A healthy scalp is essential. Regularly massage your scalp with natural oils or specialized products to promote blood circulation and reduce dryness.
  • Consider your hair’s length and the desired length of your braids. Jumbo box braids are often achieved using extensions for added length and volume.
  • Think about the styles you want to explore with your jumbo box braids, as they can be versatile and adapted to various looks, from updos to ponytails.
  • Plan a simple maintenance routine, including moisturizing your scalp, protecting your edges, and avoiding excessive tension to keep your braids looking fresh.

Jumbo box braids add more volume to your usual braid style. It’s stunning, unique, and elegant, best for any occasion and event! Classic braid styles are out.

Jumbo box braids are in! Box braids are the newest choice if you want to make a classic, beautiful and unique hairstyle.

This shouldn’t surprise you since this hairstyle is every day everywhere. Still, what’s with having jumbo box braids? Isn’t it the same as a regular braid?

Jumbo box braids are a bigger and thicker version of the famous protective hairstyle. It has roots that divide natural hair.

They are better than other braided protective hairstyles in several important ways.

They are low maintenance because making thicker braids means making fewer pieces. They can last up to three months, saving you time and money in the long run.

These braids are very fashionable and stand out when worn with any outfit.

You can pull up these sexy braids to make any hairstyle you want! Don’t forget to moisturize every day for better health and more beautiful results.

It’s time to flip your hair and walk like a diva with these beautiful pieces falling down your back! Here are some great ways to do jumbo box braids for your following protective style.

How Do You Create Jumbo Box Braid Hairstyles?

Jumbo box braids are a fashionable and flexible way to protect your hair. You can change the size and length of the braid to make a lot of different styles, and it’s easy to do at home.

Once you’ve chosen the size and length, wash and detangle your hair. Divide it into sections based on the size of braid you want.

Using the end of a rattail comb, make two parts by dividing your hair down the center from front to back.

Then, separate the hair into four portions, or quadrants, from ear to ear across the crown of the head.

Leave one of the front portions unclipped and clip the remaining three sections out of the way.

You can apply a light wax to each hairpiece to the portions and produce crisp edges for a pristine finish. Use wax or gel from root to tip while twisting the hair.

Then, place a hair elastic around the end of each segment to keep them apart as you work.

Remember, jumbo box braids have a thickness more than a pencil. You decide how large you want the braids to be!

Use the rattail comb to generate neat portions and aim for sections of uniform width. 

Watch this video on how to achieve a stunning Jumbo Box Braid on your hair: 

What’s Great About Jumbo Box Braids?

One of the many good things about jumbo twists and braids is that they are easy to put in and take out. In contrast to micro braids, your natural hair is split into large sections.

This makes the process of braiding go twice as fast. Each braid or twist is thicker and easier to do because the braid uses more hair.


Can Jumbo Box Braids Damage Hair?

Box braids can hurt any other kind of hair. For the braids to work, you or a stylist must braid your natural hair with extension hair.

This works while applying tension (so the braids don’t slip or come apart).

When you use too much tension when braiding, your chances of getting hurt are very high. Box braids cause significant hair loss, which is the worst kind of damage most of the time.

When the braids are done too tightly, they pull your hair out at the roots. 

The damage doesn’t happen right away most of the time, but it does over time. Some signs that your box braids might be pulling out your hair are a red, sore, or bumpy scalp.

So if you have time and budget, call for a stylist to help you work through your beautiful hair! 

The key is to apply all the safety precautions to keep your hair healthy and natural at the same time. For more inspiration, we’ve prepared 41 Jumbo box braids for you! Check out these styles.

41 Stunning Jumbo Box Braid To Try

1. Blonde Mix Jumbo Box Braid

Image by @Nandatrancista via Instagram

Blonde mix jumbo box braids are one of the most requested box braids hairstyles. Working through the braids is as normal as you’re braiding.

The only difference is that you mix your hair strands with a blonde color! This hairstyle would look better if you had highlights on your hair. 

Structuring your hair with this Blonde Mix Jumbo Braid goes in every way you’d like.

That means you stitch up your hair, tie it on top, or do other designs that would match your color! Your hairstyle, your choice. 


2. Tribe Jumbo Box Braid

Image by @Trancascaroline via Instagram

Tribe jumbo braid style isn’t your ordinary hairstyle. It may seem like a usual braid, yet it’s not!

The typical layering and structure of this tribe jumbo braid is to box out and pattern your hair first. 

Tie each pattern out with an elastic or band that can assemble your hair. Since it’s a jumbo braid style, your hair will produce much more volume than the usual braiding style.

Others would use hair extensions to make their braids look more extensive. 

You can create this style by mixing it with other hairdos if you’d like! Ladies combine it with stitch braids, pigtails, or fish. Anything is possible as long as you pattern out your style with a box! 

3. Rolls Jumbo Box Braid 

Image by @Gaby.Braids via Instagram

Rolls jumbo braid is a unique and fun style to create! The method goes like twisting and turning your hair until you form a waterfall roll on each strand.

The Layered pattern of rolls jumbo will depend on you. You can try doing it on one side or both sides. It’s a stunning hairstyle that is simple yet good to look at!

For beginners, rolls jumbo braid may take you a while. So, it might be better to seek from a stylist because it’s a different kind of box braid! Still, it can work best for you!

4. Pink and Purple Jumbo Box Braids

Image by @Jebraidsss via Instagram

If you’re a lover of pink and purple, why not mix them both in jumbo braids? The layering and structures of this box braid are the same as usual.

Pattern and separate your hair with boxes first, then tie each on braids. Now, here’s the catch: if you don’t have pink and purple hair color, you can develop this style. 

What do we mean by that? Other ladies would use pink and purple hair extensions for added style. You can buy ones at each fashion store or grab anything that matches your style.

Take note of its quality! You don’t want to ruin your natural hair to have these cute box braids!


5. Heart Jumbo Box Braids

Image by @Bintouhairbraids via Instagram

Going in for a more sweet and unique look? This heart jumbo box braid is the key! Creating this style is a bit tricky.

There are a lot of twists, turns, and layering patterns that happen when you do this box braid. Doing it yourself is possible, but it might take you an hour to complete it. 

When it comes to the braiding style, you do each braid as usual. Again, the tricky part lies in making a perfect “heart” shape for your hair.

Shaping your hair to a heart sign is a big deal, from tiny to more significant portions! So if you want a clean look, it would be best to get some stylist or professional help. 

6. Baby Pink Highlight

Image by @Raiz_Eestilo via Instagram

Still not over with pink? If you love pink that much, we recommend this pink highlight style! It goes perfect if you already have highlights on your hair.

Separate your hair into three parts, then move with the usual braiding style

You can box pattern your hair and then strand each of it to one another, bedding the pink highlights on top.

Once done, you have a baby pink highlight to show off with your friends! It’s an excellent style to try and create, especially with your kids!

7. Brown Style Big Braids

Image by @Wakanda_Braids via Instagram

If you’re tired of pink and cute colors, you can go with brown styles. Box braid style and big braids go with any color.

Layering patterns may differ if you want to tie up your long natural hair. The braiding style is still the same.

This brown-style big braid works best for those ladies with brown hair or highlights! Don’t forget to pattern your hair in box shapes! 

Quick Guide to Stylish Jumbo Box Braids

  • Stylish and Bold: Jumbo box braids are a statement-making style known for their eye-catching and chic appearance.
  • Protective: Beyond fashion, these braids provide a protective shield for your natural hair while offering various styling options.
  • Maintenance: Jumbo box braids are low-maintenance.
  • Enduring Elegance: With proper care and maintenance, jumbo box braids can last for several weeks.

8. Dreadlocks Box Braid Hairstyle

Image by @reta_B.AfroP via Instagram

Are dreadlocks possible for box bread? The answer is yes! Anything is possible with braid styles! All you need to do is divide your hair into square sections.

Use a wide-toothed comb to create square areas in your hair. 

Using little rubber bands, keep the squares on the bottom left apart. Every square of hair will transform into a dreadlock.

Standard medium-sized locks need 1 in 1 in squares, while small locks must be 12 in squares. 

After that, backcomb the hair or wrap it in portions around your fingers. Secure it with hair bands or elastic bands, then apply dread wax to your dreads.

Once you use the wax for each strand, you’re done! 

You can roll out your hair into the dreads if you don’t have any dread wax. Aftercare goes with putting hair moisturizers on your hair to avoid frizzles.

Dreadlock box braid hairstyle is best if you’d like long-term hair reggae style! 


9. Cross Braids With Beads

Image by @Thehair_Braider via Instagram

If you’re too tired of the usual jumbo box braid style, you can go on with beads! It’s fun to pair the cross braid style with an alternate zig-zag pattern for the hair!

This style is ideal for kids who are under 9-12. You can also style this for adults, but ensure that the beads are smaller for a fabulous look!

10. Long Jumbo Box Braid Style

Image by @Dandarafrohair via Instagram

Long jumbo braid styles are the perfect hairdo if you have long hair. The style goes with the usual box braid style, adding more extensions to your hair.

Long jumbo braid styles are the key if you’d like to go on total hair volume! The only downside is that your hair may be a bit heavy. 

11. Mint Braid Hairstyle

Image by @Clara_Trancas_ via Instagram

Turned on with some green? The emerald braid hairstyle is the following style to do! Divide your hair into four parts and then pattern it in a box.

Make sure that all angles are the same length to have a beautiful, clean and nice braid hairstyle. 

Like what we mentioned in the Pink and Purple style, you can buy green extensions or mint colors like at the store.

Twist and turn these hair extensions when you braid your hair together for a perfect look!

12. Silver Box Braids Highlights

Image by @ __Afroditehair via Instagram

Tired of some cute colors? Go for neutral and white ones like these silver highlights! The same thing goes with any color you’d like to mix with your style.

The only difference is that you can put this on a bun or do the box braids in a ponytail. Braiding style goes the same way with diving your hair into parts and boxing them out! 


13. Brown Bun Style

Image by @ Crucial.T via Instagram

Do you ever wish to put your brown box braid in a different style? Why not tie on a high bun? This high bun braid style is ideal for people with long hair.

If you want to top up your style with a good one, get a large elastic band and round up your box braids at the top of your hair. It looks perfect with any other colors, anyway. 

Keep In Mind

  • Scalp Care: Keep your scalp moisturized and clean to prevent itchiness and dryness. Use a lightweight, oil-based product or a specialized scalp spray.
  • Avoid over-tightening: Ensure that your braids aren’t too tight, as excessive tension can lead to breakage and discomfort. Adjust the tightness based on your comfort level.
  • Protect Your Edges: Be gentle with your edges and the hairline, as these areas are more fragile. Avoid excessive pulling or tension.
  • Regular Moisturizing: Apply a leave-in conditioner or moisturizing product to your braids to keep them hydrated and prevent frizz.
  • Care: Protect your braids by wrapping them in a silk/satin scarf or using a pillowcase. It reduces friction and ensures style longevity.

14. Multicolor Braid Style

Image by @Bookedandbusy_Hair via Instagram

Mixing colors on your jumbo box braids is a great idea! This style works best if you go into fun gatherings like Coachella or substantial birthday parties.

There’s no need to color your hair with many colors. A simple touch of colored hair extensions will do. You can add it to your braids while doing the process, and you’re good!

15. Silver Striped Box Braid Style

Image by @Maggo_Atelie via Instagram

Do you want to add a few silver lines to your box braids? This style is the perfect one! Your kids — and your teen will love this style.

Go for a simple look with a box braid and tie a single string of silver bands to your hair. It’s easy to turn and twist the strands around!

16. Orange Box Braid Hairstyle

Image by @ Erika.Afrohair via Instagram

If you’re looking for the perfect neon look, the orange one beats the style. Creating this braid is simple.

Follow the usual and ordinary braiding style for your hair. Separate and divide your hair into parts, making a box braid.

Pair with orange extensions or orange hair color! Easy and simple as that.


17. Pink & White Beads Style

Image by @Wrhairplug via Instagram

If you’re into box bead braids, mix the colors with some pink and white! We’ve already mentioned above how you can do and create your own box braid style with beads!

Follow the exact instructions, and then you can divide the sections into two and add beads! 

18. Cute Big Braid Styles

Image by @Narahairbraiding via Instagram

If your kids love braids, this cute box braid style is perfect. It’s very simple and easy, like braiding your kids for school.

The layering and structuring of the braids will depend on you. Some choose to go on a two style (half-up and half down) while others put it on a ponytail.

Either way, these big braids are fun and cute for every girl!

19. Creative Box Braids

Image by @Justbraidsinfo via Instagram

These creative box braids are the key if you’re looking for more curves and challenges. Create first with tiny braids, then move into bigger ones.

Do this with the 4 sections of the hair. Box out the remaining parts of the hair, then do the usual braiding style. After that, you already have the best braid style!

Did you know?

The history of braids dates back thousands of years, with evidence of their existence found in various ancient cultures, such as the Egyptians and Africans. Braiding techniques have been a part of cultural identity and self-expression for generations, making them more than just a trendy hairstyle.

20. Spider Box Braids

Image by @Bhacsalon via Instagram

Fan of Spiderman movies? This spider box braid is a hit! The challenge is to set and separate your hair into more than 4 parts, creating a web-like hair feature at the top.

When done, you can proceed with the usual braid style of the hair! This style seems excellent for creating multi-colored strands.

Try this style for the next Spiderman movie!


21. Purple Bun Box Braids

Image by @Afrobraidsagbara via Instagram

Tired of the usual pink buns? Go for a purple one! These purple box braids are the best and ideal style for purple lovers.

Do it with the regular braid bun routine, and then top it with a bun! Easy, simple, and you can never run out of style!

22. Thick Box Braids

Image by @Justbraidsinfo via Instagram

Are you going in for more hair volume? If yes is your answer, adding more hair extensions of a thicker style is the key. This thick box braid can match your style.

The downside is that you may only get a few boxes around your hair because it’s too thick! It might also be heavy for your hair, so you might want to check this out first.

23. Gold Bun Box Braids

Image by @Hair_By_Lady_T via Instagram

Can’t get enough bun braids? Have this style in Gold! Tie up with a band and put up all those beautiful box braids to stop your hair.

It goes well with colors, especially the blonde and Gold!

24. Cornrow and Heart Braids

Image by @Braid_By_Lolifa via Instagram

The best thing about the bun braid style is that you can experiment with it. That means you can layer and structure your hair with as many designs as possible!

Follow the method for a heart shape braid style, then twist it with a cornrow style. Be careful with braiding your hair!

Too much tightness can lead to breakage, and you don’t want that. 


25. Knot Box Braid Style

Image by @Adaliahbeauty via Instagram

The knot box braid style is the most famous of all!

Once you set the box patterns in your hair, pull it up to tie a knot! Do this to each of your hair, then proceed with braiding afterward.

Results will give you a knot and braided tied-up hair in the end! 

26. Curves Box Braids 

Image by @Jubraids_21 via Instagram

Got a slight curve with your box braids? Try this style! Add extensions on each strand for a jumbo size to add more volume to your hair.

Do it like the casual and ordinary braids, and then you’re in for a good fit! You can also do this like this in the pictures with colors and highlights on your hair. 

27. Black and White Jumbo Braids

Image by @Mary.Morena.54584 via Instagram

You can create designs and mix them with the colors you like. In this case, these black and white jumbo braid colors are the best matches!

Box braid styles with black and white are suitable for events and ideal for younger kids! 

28. Curve Stars Box Braid

Image by @Jessica_Beautyhair via Instagram

Do you wish to design your hair into a different kind of style? This curve star can be the one! It still falls under the box braids.

Separate your hair into different layers and up to many sections that you will like. 

First, separating into two teams and then trying to develop your desired layer. Once you finish boxing, start braiding down your hair. Results are like a waterfall box braid style! 


29. Half Curled Box Braid Style

Image by @Yaloruba via Instagram

Pulling half of your hair down and braiding is a good idea. If you like the thought, do this style! Braid only half of your hair (on top), then let the others shine down!

It’s suitable for a semi-formal and casual style look that can make you look elegant.

30. The Rings and Beads

Image by @Erika.Afrohair via Instagram

If putting beads isn’t enough, it’s time to put some rings on your hair. It’s easy, simple, and yet classy.

You can buy rings and beads online from your nearest fashion stores! Most women add this for a fancier look. 

31. Pink Ombre Twisted Braids

Image by @Karolyntrancista via Instagram

Ombre style can match with jumbo twisted braids too! If you have a lush color of pink on your hair, it’s fun to design it with a twist!

Let the curls fall onto your hair by rolling it with your hands. You can let it fall or tie it up through a bun style when your hair is rolled. 

Still, we recommend laying it down and flaunting it with people if you have an ombre look! This hair idea is good with girls, teens, and even adults with ombre hairstyles! 

32. Big Squares Jumbo Box Braids

Image by @Ilanabraidss via Instagram

If you like creating big squares on your hair, then style is the one! It’s still jumbo box braids, but you create larger boxes for your braids.

Don’t create too big squares, because it might turn into a rectangle!


33. Triangle Box Braids

Image by @ Erika.Afrohair via Instagram

Box braids aren’t for boxes only. You can also do other shapes like triangles! Divide your hair into four. Shape the patterns into triangles rather than squares.

Once your pattern and string out the shapes, proceed with the usual branding of your style. 

The layers and structures of each box braid will depend on you. You can have 6 triangles, 10 triangles, or even 4 big triangles of your choice!

34. Tie Knots Bun Braids

Image by @Vibe_Braids via Instagram

You can tie each one into a bun if you’re too tired of the usual knots!

After braiding your style and boxing it into patterns, knot it like a bun! It’s a cute style for people who like a unique and clean look.

The good thing about this is that your hair won’t feel heavy because everything is tied up! 

35. Tied Ash Blonde Box Braids

Image by @Braidbylary via Instagram

The tied ash blonde box braids are a good style for women and men! It’s the best option if you have a white ash hair color and a dreadlocks style.

You have to tie it up (like a ponytail) in your hair. The usual braiding applies to this hairdo. So it’s not that hard if you’ve tried braiding for box braids many times.

36. Red Curl Mixes Braid Style

Image by @Afrobraidsagbara via Instagram

Try unique braid styles with this hairstyle. The key is to box braid your hair and attach hair curl extensions to make it look more unique and fashionable.

It’s a good style and idea for kids and teens between! 


37. Zig-Zag Jumbo Box Braid 

Image by @Rare_Braids via Instagram

Who would ever forget the zig-zag style? Jumbo box braid styles are good with a zig-zag fashion.

You can divide the parts into three, aside from putting patterns on boxes. You can line up a zig-zag line to each design.

The result will give you containers and zig-zags along the lines! Pretty cool and impressive, especially if you’re attending special parties!

38. Double Twisted Jumbo Box Braids

Image by @Raiz_Eestilo via Instagram

Have you seen a twisted jumbo box braid? Let’s double it up with more hair volume with this style!

Like the ash-blonde style, it’s not only ideal for women but men as well! You can put more strips and colored lines in your hair.

This can add features and make you look better than ever!

39. Blue Bun Box Braids

Image by @Boutique.Afro via Instagram

This blue bun box braid is the twist if you’re looking for colors! Pull your hair with box patterns, and then tie up your braiding style into a bun!

The structures and layering of this hairstyle consist of many shapes. You can add more protective hair extensions to add much volume to your hair.

Or, if you have blue hair color, then it’s better!

40. Retwist Big Braids

Image by @Quashaybeenbraidin via Instagram

Are you looking for a cool look? This hairstyle is something to try! It’s a box braid style that’s closer with dreadlocks braids!

It may take a while to do this because there’s going to be a lot of twisting that will happen. Diving your hair into several parts is the key for a beautiful and neat style.

You can hire or seek assistance from a stylist if you like. 


Pro Tip

To refresh your braids and extend their lifespan, use a braid spray or a mixture of water and a lightweight leave-in conditioner. Gently spritz your braids and use your fingers to distribute the product, keeping them looking fresh and well-moisturized.

41. Jumbo Bohemian Box Braids Hip

Image by @touchofstyle_ via Instagram

Jumbo Bohemian Box Braids with a playful twist, seamlessly blending tradition and contemporary flair.

Elegantly adorned with curls, these braids dance with an air of carefree charm, framing faces with an aura of individuality.

The fusion of boldness and grace creates a striking harmony, celebrating cultural roots while embracing a modern edge.

A testament to style and confidence, these braids cascade in voluminous splendor, inviting a touch of Bohemian whimsy into everyday life.

Each strand weaves a story of heritage and creativity, a living embodiment of artistic expression that turns heads and ignites a sense of liberation.


Jumbo box braids are more than a hairstyle; they celebrate cultural heritage, personal expression, and timeless beauty.

With their boldness and versatility, these braids embody strength and style, creating a captivating statement that empowers and inspires, making a lasting impact in fashion and self-discovery.

Jumbo box braids are unique and have much more volume than usual ones. It’s simple, but it may take you more time than expected. If you think you can’t do it yourself, ask for professional help. 

A stylish can help you create the best hairstyle for your box braids! Box braids are a great thing no matter what color, beads, or jewelry you add.

Wear it on any occasion and slay your way to become beautiful as you can be!

Monique Johnson