46 Bubble Ponytail: A Playful And Stylish Hairstyle With Voluminous In 2024

Key Takeaways
  • Bubble ponytails are a trendy and fun hairstyle that involves creating multiple distinct “bubbles” or sections in a ponytail.
  • To achieve a bubble ponytail, you’ll need clear elastic bands or hair ties to secure each section and create the bubble effect.
  • Bubble ponytails work well with various hair textures and lengths, making them a versatile choice for different occasions.
  • You can customize the look by adjusting the size and tightness of the bubbles to achieve your desired style.

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Have you seen the latest hair trend to hit social media? If not, prepare to be amazed as you take a look at bubble ponytails. This unique style features bubble-shaped sections along the ponytail length. 

Image by @coilsandglory via Pinterest

A bubble ponytail is a bouncy and voluminous ponytail that looks gorgeous on any hair type. It’s fun, flirty, and youthful, making it one of the most popular trends for hairstyles this season.

If you’re looking to go big with your summer hairstyles, there’s no better way than with an over-the-top hairdo.

Consider trying one of these bubble ponytail styles this season, and you’ll be the talk of the town!

All you need is some hairstyling product and creative hands– because it’s not enough to just have great hair if you can’t show it off! 

Before You Get Started

  • Start with clean, dry hair. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, straighten it first for a sleeker look.
  • Ensure you have enough clear hair elastics to create your desired number of bubbles.
  • Apply a light-hold styling product to add texture and grip to your hair; It is one of the easiest to create and maintain the bubbles.
  • Decide on the size and spacing of your bubbles in advance, as this will determine the overall look of your ponytail.
  • Create a secure base ponytail first, as this will be the foundation for the bubbles. Use a strong, non-slip hair elastic to prevent any sagging.

Awesome Styles Of Bubble Ponytails

If you have been on Instagram lately, you have probably seen all kinds of creative ponytail styles.

A bubble ponytail is a great way to switch things up if your usual hairstyle gets boring or you want something different but don’t know what to do with your hair. 

We have compiled some examples of bubble ponytails to see what they look like.

You’ll notice that there are many ways to wear them; they aren’t just one specific type of style. They can be worn in various ways, depending on your personal preference.

1. Party Bubble Ponytail

Image by @hairstyle_luu via Instagram

Bubble ponytails have been around for a while, but only recently have they started to take off as a popular trend.

With many women sporting these cute dos out at parties and clubs, it’s easy to see why they’re so appealing.

Stylish and easy to wear, bubble ponytails make a fun look that looks especially good with youthful summer outfits! Want to try one? Try adding some accessories like these white roses in this picture!

2. Reddish And Sleek Bubble Ponytail

Reddish And Sleek Bubble Ponytail

Image by @ thebarbieslay via Instagram

It is a very trendy look, thanks to its bright shade of red.

If you don’t mind standing out from all those other girls with blonde or brown hair, we highly recommend you try adding a streak of red for an edgy look!

Oh, and if it’s not enough to make heads turn everywhere you go, did we mention that these hairstyles are also very easy to achieve?


3. Twist And Simple Bubble Ponytail

Twist And Simple Bubble Ponytail

Image by @hair.designs4you via Instagram

This version is for beginners and will have you looking like a star in no time. Begin by brushing your hair from roots to ends.

Use a comb to create tension at the crown, so your hair gets a puffed-up look at the front. Create a traditional ponytail and twist and secure small sections for a bubble effect. 

4. Golden Hair Ties Bubble Ponytail

Golden Hair Ties Bubble Ponytail

Image by @girlhairsalon via Instagram

Some dry shampoo, a few elastic hair bands and bobby pins, a little tease, and some golden ties can do wonders for your bubble ponytail.

Finish this look with spray wax, and you got a hairstyle that will get everyone talking about it. We recommend these fun hair ties to make your regular ponytail stand out. 

5. Wrapped Bubble Ponytail

Wrapped Bubble Ponytail

Image by @goretti.hair_and_makeup via Instagram

Honestly, we don’t like to see naked hairbands on show on otherwise super sophisticated bubble ponytails.

Hair strands wrapped around the ugly-looking elastic bands give a neat and thoughtful vibe, and we are all on the same page on this.

So, once you have secured all your hair, take a thin strand from underneath and wrap it over the top to hide any exposed elastic bands or ties.  


6. Layer Poofy Bubble Ponytail

Layer Poofy Bubble Ponytail

Image by @happymomlifefun via Instagram

If you’re looking for a head full of volume, then try a layered poofy bubble ponytail. Gather some hair from the hairline at the top and tie a ponytail to achieve this look.

Then, add more hair to this ponytail from underneath in a horizontal section and tie a new ponytail at least 2 inches below the first ponytail.

It will give you your first bubble. Now keep repeating this process until you reach the nape of your neck.

7. Hearty With Extreme Bubble Ponytail

Hearty With Extreme Bubble Ponytail

Image by @ulithaircompany via Instagram

A heart-shaped swoop bang accompanied by an extreme bubble ponytail gives this hairdo a flirty vibe that makes it an ideal hairstyle for valentine or weddings.

You’ll need a hot comb or straightener to straighten out the bang for a sleek heart swoop bubble ponytail.

Plus, use a styling product (according to your hair type) to keep the swoop in place and add shine to the heart. Once the swoop is done, proceed with a bubble ponytail.

Create a bold statement with the Hearty Extreme Bubble Ponytail.

Achieve playful elegance as bubbles cascade down your ponytail, showcasing a striking, dramatic hairstyle that demands attention.

8. Classy And Fun Bubble Ponytail

Classy And Fun Bubble Ponytail

Image by @krisrodriguezmua via Instagram

There’s a reason that bubble ponytails are all over Instagram. As summer rolls in, you can see them everywhere—in malls, local cafes, and near your beach.

You can wear the simple, classy, and fun bubble ponytail like the one in this picture anywhere from work to party, shopping, or luncheon, and it will look ravishing.

The wavy look of this bubble ponytail has our heart!

9. Vogue With Sunnies Bubble Ponytail

Vogue With Sunnies Bubble Ponytail

Image by @julimari.a via Instagram

Just when you thought ponytails couldn’t get any trendier, it has! You can wear a bubble ponytail for a trendy summer look with a little practice.

No wonder there is so much hype about them.

We are sold as soon as we start seeing pictures on social media like this gorgeously textured bubble ponytail with chic sunnies and vogue copy in hand!

So, we suggest that you try one yourself, as soon as possible! 

10. Knotted Bubble ponytail

Knotted Bubble ponytail

Image by @glamdbyashley via Instagram

In a knotted bubble ponytail, your hair is pulled back into a traditional ponytail using a texturizing product to get a sleek and shiny appearance.

Take a big section of hair and wrap it around the hairband like a massive knot, giving this hairstyle an edgy twist.

Create the bubbles on the ponytail and puff them up by pulling out the section with your thumbs and index fingers.

Depending on your hair length, you can do as many bubbles as possible.


11. Special Occasion Bubble Ponytail

Special Occasion Bubble Ponytail

Image by @fannyco_hairandmakeup via Instagram

Don’t let go of your bubble ponytail just yet if you want to look sophisticated! Try out a bubble ponytail for a special occasion, such as weddings or galas, where you need to look extra-stylish.

To get this look, section your hair into two parts—Like when you do a half updo. Tie the upper half in a ponytail.

Then gather all hair, including the half updo ponytail, and tie it up in a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Now create more sections for the bubble effect as your hair length permits. 

12. Silky Wave Bubble Ponytail

Silky Wave Bubble Ponytail

Image by @stefaniaecristina via Instagram

Giving an illusion of a silky wave, the diminishing bubbles in this half updo hairstyle have caught our attention!

It is one of those hairstyles that are high on style and low on maintenance.

If you want to create an awesome look for your hair without spending a lot of time in front of your mirror in an awkward position, then a silky wave bubble ponytail is what you should choose.

It’s a perfect style for medium-length silky straight hair.

Bubble Bliss: A Quick Bubble Ponytail Guide

  • Effortless Elegance: Bubble ponytails offer fun and one of the best ways to elevate your look with minimal effort.
  • Balloon Placement: Ensure each bubble is evenly spaced and secured with clear hair elastics for a polished finish.
  • Maintenance: Keep your bubble ponytail fresh by occasionally misting it with a light-hold hairspray to tame any flyaways.
  • Playful Versatility: Experiment with different sizes and placements for your bubbles to create unique styles for any occasion.

13. Long Knotted bubble Ponytail

Long Knotted bubble Ponytail

Image by @afro.hairstyle.s via Instagram

The long knotted bubble ponytail is a relatively new hairstyle that has become popularized by celebrities.

The introduction of long and thick extensions gives this Afro-inspired bubble ponytail a beautiful thick look that isn’t possible with thick hair.

Start by creating a knotted ponytail high up on your head. Then attach extensions and create bubbles with teased hair.

Make a style statement with a long knotted bubble ponytail the next time you attend an event!

14. Funky Bubble Ponytail

Image by @roses_pretty_plaits via Instagram

If you and your school-going girl are bold enough to try something hip, you’ll love this hairstyle.

Red hair ties and red bows add a funky touch to your bubble ponytail, which is a traditional look with more style.

You can even try some glittery accessories if you like. Borrow this idea to create a playful hairdo for your girl and make her school event memorable.

All you need is red hair ties and a ribbon for a day full of compliments! Elevate your style with a funky bubble ponytail featuring vibrant red ribbon accents.

Playful bubbles and a pop of color create a dynamic, eye-catching look that is perfect for any occasion.

15. Triple Momos Bubble Ponytail

Triple Momos Bubble Ponytail

Image by @ioana_.hairstylist via Instagram

If you ask us, the momos bubble ponytail is a pretty hot look to try. Three perfectly positioned bubbles add just the right edge to an otherwise prim ponytail style.

And if the look gives more party-worthy vibes than a workday staple, keep in mind that you can save this look for special occasions. It’s worth a shot if you ask us! 


16. Red Winey Bubble Ponytail

Red Winey Bubble Ponytail

Image by @besomebodybeauty via Instagram

It is a gorgeous two-in-one hairdo if you want to keep your natural hair in a protective style with a bit of flair.

Inspired by cornrows, this bubble ponytails hairstyle is created for natural hair enthusiasts.

Wine red extensions transformed into a bubble ponytails look so realistic you’ll forget they’re not your real gorgeous strands! Use them to add oomph to your protective hairstyle. 

The Triple Momos Bubble Ponytail combines three bubbled sections for a unique and playful hairstyle.

Achieve a trendy look with distinct texture and flair, perfect for standing out.

17. Dark Cool Blonde Bubble Ponytail

Dark Cool Blonde Bubble Ponytail

Image by @taikoehler via Instagram

If you are a fan of styling your hair in trendy dos and prefer something new for summer, then a bubble ponytail is a trend that may be just for you.

A dark, cool blonde bubble ponytail looks extremely stylish in such a hair color, but you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to obtain one.

It’s only necessary to straighten your locks in small sections and spray them lightly with some sea salt spray if you want to achieve a longer-lasting effect and save time for styling.

18. X-Mas Tree Bubble Ponytail

X-Mas Tree Bubble Ponytail

Image by @theasiajoliexperiencee via Instagram

Few things scream Christmas as loud as an X-mas tree, so if you’re looking for a way to stand out at your holiday party, consider taking inspiration from one.

Get a bubble ponytail in a cool shade of blonde and pull it off with a side swoop. The result is fresh and festive: No one will have seen anything like it before!

Wear a beautiful glittery dress, and you are all set for family X-mas dinner! The X-Mas Tree Bubble Ponytail is a festive hairstyle featuring bubbled sections resembling a Christmas tree.

A playful and unique way to celebrate the holiday season with style. The X-Mas Tree Bubble Ponytail is a festive hairstyle featuring bubbled sections resembling a Christmas tree.

A playful and unique way to celebrate the holiday season with style.

19. Front Bangs Bubble Ponytail

Front Bangs Bubble Ponytail

Image by @le_mure via Instagram

Before you start working on your hairstyle, you’ll want to be sure your hair is cut and styled to allow such an edgy look.

A traditional bob haircut with long bangs will do just fine, though bangs can be an acquired taste for some women.

If you’re not ready to commit to full-on bangs, consider adding side-swept bangs or a side part instead. Either one will make it easier for you to achieve bubble ponytail perfection!

20. Silky Vintage Bubble Ponytail

Silky Vintage Bubble Ponytail

Image by @emilie.brnrd via Instagram

It is a very loose and silky vintage bubble ponytail that is great for everyday wear. See how this picture is giving vintage vibes?!

Depending on your accessories and dress choice, you can easily create this look.

Remember that you will have to tease your hair first to get a nice textured bubble ponytails if you want to look like a celebrity-style starlet!


21. Scrunchie Delight Bubble Ponytail

Scrunchie Delight Bubble Ponytail

Image by @gouiran_beaute via Instagram

Getting a ponytail to look just right can sometimes be challenging, especially when you’re rushing.

Fortunately, there are things that you can do to achieve an elegant look quickly and easily, such as using scrunchies and other accessories.

However, if you look closely, this bubble ponytails isn’t using any such styling aids, and double knotted hair strands are used to hide the hair elastics.

You can also opt for this technique or use scrunchies if you are short on time!

Keep In Mind

  • Even Bubbles: Ensure that each bubble in your ponytail is of equal size and evenly spaced for a balanced look.
  • Balloon Tightness: Adjust the tightness of your bubbles to achieve the desired level of volume and bounce in your ponytail.
  • Accessorize: Consider adding decorative pins or clips to your bubbles for a unique and personalized touch.
  • Weather-Proof: Secure your bubble ponytails with bobby pins or additional elastics to prevent it from unraveling in windy conditions.
  • Quick Fixes: Carry spare clear elastics and pins with you for on-the-go adjustments, ensuring your bubble ponytails stays flawless throughout the day.

22. Braided Bubble Ponytail

Braided Bubble Ponytail

Image by @styles_bymarcella via Instagram

For those who want to go crazy with their bubble ponytail, try braiding it and using a rubber band to secure it.

Then, create bubble sections in the low ponytail. While doing that, don’t forget to hide those elastics by wrapping hair strands on them all.

This lady has beautiful layered hair, and we are obsessed with how the bubbles show those natural curls add so much texture and personality to the overall look.

23. High And Mighty Bubble Ponytails

 High And Mighty Bubble Ponytail

Image by @cloudnineoz via Instagram

If we could choose only one favorite style among all that we share, we’ll choose this high and mighty bubble ponytail!

The long front bangs and high-up ponytail add so much glamour to this hairdo without being too in your face.

Use a styling product to keep all those little curly hair in its place. And since you can wear it almost anywhere, you’ll never be bored with your hairstyle again!

24. Chic Low Bubble Ponytail

Chic Low Bubble Ponytail

Image by @panteneuk via Instagram

One of the hottest hair trends for spring and summer is a bubble ponytail. And you don’t need fancy products or tools to achieve it.

Start by making a low ponytail and tie rubber bands dividing the ponytail into small sections, then poofing out the sections into bubbles.

It’s such a simple and gorgeous hairdo that even the visible rubber bands add to its beauty instead of being a turn-off!

25. Weavers Nest Bubble Ponytail

Weavers Nest

Image by @vis_onhair via Instagram

This ponytail gets this name because the bubbles look exactly like a weaver’s bird nest. These bubbles are slightly elongated, which gives a nest-like feel.

The nest bubbles are created using shiny black plastic-like hair ties, giving the ponytail a uniquely fashionable look.

The first high-up bubble adds an edgy and fun factor to this beautiful bubble ponytails. If you like looking different from the normal crowd, the weavers’ nest bubble ponytail is the style to try.


26. Glossy Pistil Bubble Ponytail

 Glossy Pistil

Image by @hairbymtinss via Instagram

This glossy pistil bubble ponytail is going to be adored by many. It will be a great hairstyle for ladies with naturally thick and straight hair.

However, even with your wavy hair, you can achieve this look if you have a straightening iron.

For those with somewhat dull hair, a gloss spray at the end will work wonders for adding shine. So, leave your doubts and get this look now!

27. Garlic Smoked Bubble Ponytail

Garlic Smoked

Image by @ daijadoesmyhair via Instagram

This bubble ponytail style can be mistaken for a rope of garlic bulbs, and rightly so!

The shape of these bubbles in the ponytail looks exactly like garlic heads, and when done on black hair, it does look like a garlic smoked bubble ponytail.

And we certainly have nothing against garlic! It’s an exotic flavor that many like, so go for this ponytail style if you like and get people talking.

28. Pearly Strands Bubble Ponytail

Pearly Strands

Image by @salonsecretspain via Instagram

Bubble ponytails are no-brainer kinds of updos that can work for anyone. As for the style under discussion, long and wavy hair will be ideal.

A twisted updo with some loose strands on the sides gives it a very laid-back yet sophisticated air.

At the same time, the wavy hair texture is solely responsible for the desired volume of this bubble ponytail. Use pearl-decorated headbands if you are styling your hair for any special occasion.

Pro Tip

Use a tail comb or the end of a makeup brush to gently tug on the sides of each bubble to create a fuller and more rounded appearance, giving your bubble ponytail that extra pop.

29. Textured Bubble Ponytails


Image by @byroouse via Instagram

Try this look on unwashed hair and see the magic! Your hair will be transformed from dirty to textured instantly!

Some dry shampoo will help you handle your hair more easily if you have freshly washed hair. Bubble ponytails are easy to style and create a look that is anything but boring.

Also, instead of creating bubbles in a long ponytail, try to create bubbles in layers for a better-textured effect to get the same look as the one in the picture.

30. Twist Braided Bubble Ponytail

Image by @monselopez.makeup via Instagram

We are always in awe of the hairstyles that incorporate more than one technique to create a unique and customized look. It is a fabulous hairstyle that is perfect for long wavy hair.

Start by creating double twist crown braids as half up, half down hair. Then, tie a ponytail by gathering all the hair at the back of the neck.

Finally, tie massive bubble sections in the ponytail. The result is a stunning hairdo that is relaxed but elegant and can be worn to any occasion with confidence.


31. Looped Balls Bubble Ponytail

Looped Balls

Image by @juliealmandoz via Instagram

Bubble ponytails aren’t your average hairstyle when you add a signature touch that is unique to you only. This style features massive bubble sections that are taking our breath away!

If you have long hair, consider this looped ball bubble ponytail for a fun new look that will set you apart from all other ladies.

Start with the first small bubble section and proceed to big ball-like sections. The use of long extensions is necessary to create this bubble ponytails.

We are going to save this look for our next fashion gala!

32. Slightly Messy Bubble Ponytail

Slightly Messy Bubble Ponytail

Image by @stephthebeautician via Instagram

Messy hair never goes out of style. Try out this look if you have unwashed thick hair for one or two days.

Wavy hair will give the best results if you aim for a chaotic vibe.

Don’t lose heart if you have dead straight hair, as you can still get it right by using a curling iron to create some soft waves and then creating a bubble ponytail to add volume to your crown area.

It’s an easy and stylish look that you can wear for work or fun!

33. Dark Lotus Bubble Ponytail

Dark Lotus

Image by @stinatheslickspecialist via Instagram

Bubble ponytails are all about getting a look that appears effortless, and going for all black feels very classy and fashionable.

Dark lotus has your best shot if you’re trying to achieve a trendy bubble ponytails at home.

This girl with natural hair has opted for dark extensions for a voluminous ponytail that looks super pretty, sleek, and lustrous.

Also, if you have natural hair, don’t forget to style your baby hair for that ultimate party look.

A mesmerizing fusion of deep hues and bubbled strands. Elevate your hair game with this enchanting style, a creative twist on the classic ponytail.

34. Side Braided Bubble Ponytails

 Side Braided

Image by @hairby.sw  via Instagram

Have you ever seen a hairstyle that oozes sheer awesomeness? We have! And we are certain that anyone who sees this one-sided Dutch braid incorporated into a bubble ponytails will agree with us.

This side braided bubble ponytails are simple hairstyle that many girls can do themselves.

It’s a good everyday style, and it’s so cute! All you need to create a side braided bubble ponytail is long hair, a styling product to keep the hair from falling out, and some creativity!

35. Cream Dip Choco Knots Bubble Ponytail

Cream Dip Choco Knots

Image by @labelmitalia via Instagram

Get ready to get a lot of attention with this cream dip choco knots super cute Bubble Ponytail! It is a great style for summer.

And what makes it so cute is light brown hair tied into a bubble ponytails that reminds us of chocolate knots!

We can’t stress enough to use dry shampoo when creating voluminous hairstyles while protecting your hair from frizzing.


36. Half Braided Bubble Ponytail 

Half Braided

Image by @lespaques via Instagram

Braided half ponytail hairstyles are a hot trend for girls with thin hair as they add instant texture and body to dull and thin hair.

Whether you have fine, curly, or wavy locks, you can always pull off these trendy braided styles. The hairdo features a beautifully curled side bang and a knotted high ponytail.

The second section of the bubble ponytail is braided instead of giving a bubble effect, while a normal bubble ponytails follows after this.

So, if you want to give your favorite thin, straight hair a boost, try a bubble ponytail. 

37. Colorful Ties Bubble Ponytail

Colorful Ties

Image by @all_about_anaa via Instagram

If you have been tired of the usual hairstyles for your little girl with beautiful hair, why not try something completely different?

We are sure you will agree that the Bubble ponytail is unique. It offers a playful version of the grown-up’s hairstyle.

Use colorful elastic hair ties and matching bow pins to add a wow factor if you dress her up for a family outing or a birthday party.

This hairstyle is proof that you don’t need much effort to create something fabulous. You’ll also love how easy they are to create and maintain!

38. Double Layer Bubble Ponytail

Double Layer

Image by @the.dr.grvia Instagram

Here is an awesome twist to the common bubble ponytails, and we love the playfulness and fun factor this style exhibits!

Start by parting your hair in two sections as you would when creating two pigtails. Secure one side with a hair catcher and start working on the other side.

Use dry shampoo to hold your hair better and create a layered bubble ponytails at one side. Then repeat the same procedure with the other half.

When all is done, spray your new hairdo with hairspray for extra hold and shine! The Double Layer Bubble Ponytails is a captivating hairstyle featuring two tiers of playful bubbles.

Achieve a trendy and dimensional look that’s both chic and charming.

39. Swoop Bubble Ponytail


Image by @jermyramommy2 via Instagram

If you struggle to choose this hairstyle that will look good on you, we have got you covered!

With so many different styles available for inspiration, finding one that suits your personality becomes overwhelming. However, a swoop bubble ponytail is an excellent option if you have natural hair.

This hairdo keeps your hair in place while giving you an elegant hairstyle to flaunt your femininity.

Plus, bubble ponytails are a great way to try out many different looks without investing lots of time or money—and you can try as many styles as you like without committing!

40. Pearl Ties Bubble Ponytail

Pearl Ties

Image by @blancbridalsaloncabo via Instagram

If there were a perfect hairstyle for weddings, it would be this! These pearl ties are a unique twist on the standard elastic ponytail ties that gives a gorgeous look to this hairdo.

It is a simple hairstyle, but the use of pearls enhances its beauty to the next level.

It’s a match made in heaven when the bubble ponytails are adorned with white pearls to go with the white color of the bride’s wedding gown.

Pearls are a somewhat formal accessory, so these pearly ties are perfect for special occasions or when you want to dress up your hair for an engagement or wedding.  

Elevate your style with the Pearl Ties Bubble Ponytail. Create playful bubbles and delicate pearl ties, adding a touch of elegance to this trendy and eye-catching hairstyle.


41. Golden Ties Bubble ponytail

Golden Ties

Image by @chididthat via Instagram

Are you stuck finding the right character and hairstyle for Halloween or a costume party?

Here is a perfect solution to end the dilemma!

This extra-long bubble ponytails with golden ties will make you a perfect Jasmine from Aladdin if you can find the perfect Jasmine dress to complement the look!

The mile-long, beautifully textured bubble ponytail with golden ties is a dream hairstyle for many girls, which can come true if you are daring enough to try it!

42. Dark Custard Bubble Ponytail

Dark Custard

Image by @fyxtlifevia Instagram

Hey! You girls with naturally curly hair can also enjoy a sleek bubble ponytails if you use the right product for your hair.

Curling custard for dark curly hair will smooth out the curls for a sleek-looking ponytail that will make others envious! Use it generously when you tie up your ponytail.

It will make your curls more manageable but without compromising the natural kinkiness, which will be still there in the bubble ponytail, adding a beautiful texture and personality that is unique to you!

43. Spider Web Bubble Ponytail

Spider Web

Image by @kolor.me.karlaa via Instagram

Achieve an enchanting look with the Spider Web Bubble Ponytail. Strategically placed bubbles weave a captivating pattern, transforming your hair into a mesmerizing web of style and flair.

Now, this is a hairstyle for bringing out your fun and adventurous side for a special occasion such as Halloween.

Use white elastic hair ties and styling products to create a web-like design before tying a high ponytail.

Make the bubble ponytail as usual, and add one or two decorative spiders to your ponytail for an added touch.

Apply some purple and silver glitter for effect, and you got a hit hairdo for the occasion!

Fun Fact

The bubble ponytail, though a contemporary trend, draws inspiration from the 1960s, an era known for its bold and innovative hairstyles. Iconic figures like Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn embraced this playful style, contributing to its timeless appeal.

44. Half-up Ploofy Bubble Ponytails

Image by @braids_by_breelise via Instagram

This hairstyle is very much like double-half-up French braids. But instead of braiding, you tie a ponytail after taking the next layer of hair into your continuous layered bubble ponytail.

It’s not a difficult style to recreate and works so well with medium hair lengths.

The layers add puffiness to this style, which is welcoming in a sea of ordinary-looking ponytails!

45. Unmatched Wavlings Bubble Ponytail

Unmatched Wavlings Bubble Ponytail

Image by @silkandsuedethelabel via Instagram

Elevate your style with the Unmatched Wavlings Bubble Ponytails. Effortlessly combining playful bubbles with natural waves, it’s a trendy hairstyle with unmatched charm.

Perfect is not always attractive!

The unmatched items or the roughness adds individuality to everything, and the unmatched wavy bubbles in the bubble ponytails are the perfect example.

Each bubble in this ponytail is of a different shape, making people look at it repeatedly! It should be on your list of hairstyles to try this season!


46. Sunflower Clips Bubble Ponytails

Sunflower Clips

Image by @bubble_ponytails via Instagram

Elevate your style with sunflower clips and bubble ponytails—a delightful fusion of playful charm and floral elegance.

Achieve this trendy look by creating a series of bubbles along your ponytail, secured with sunflower-adorned clips.

These eye-catching blooms add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your hair, while the bubbled arrangement exudes a fun and carefree vibe.

Whether for casual outings or special occasions, the sunflower clips bubble ponytail combines modern fashion with the timeless allure of sunflowers, creating a captivating and unique hairstyle that will turn heads.


Bubble ponytails are an awesome and easy way to add volume to your hair. They look great, and they’re simple to create and don’t require many materials.

Best of all, bubble ponytails add tons of volume with little effort.

You can create many different hairstyles with a this hairstyle.

As long as you have an idea, it is easy to create your bubble ponytails and play around with different styles to find your favorite. It’s fun to experiment with new looks!

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