28 Beautiful Layer Braids For A Stunning Transformation

Key Takeaways
  • Layer braids offer a unique and stylish way to braid your hair, creating depth and texture in your hairstyle.
  • They involve weaving multiple braids of varying sizes and thicknesses together to create a layered effect.
  • Layer braids work well for various hair lengths and types, from long to short, and can be customized to suit your style.
  • Layer braids can be a versatile choice, allowing you to experiment with different patterns, colors, and accessories to make them truly your own.

Layer braids are all the rage this season! They’re easy to create, very versatile, and allow you to get creative with how you style them.

You can wear your braids over the shoulder in an up-do, half-up hairstyle, or even all down.

It is a perfect low-maintenance hairstyle that allows you to make a style statement without spending too much time on your hair.

However, layer braids have been around long enough to become overused, making them boring and unexciting to wear. 

We have brought some fun and flirty layer braids for your inspiration to make this popular hairstyle more exciting than ever.

But first, let’s get to know these differently styled braids!

What Are Layered Braids?

Layered braids are a protective style that allows your hair to look neat and clean without sacrificing your length.

This protective hairstyle looks very similar to a normal layered hairstyle for natural hair if the braid ends are curled in or out using a flat iron. 

Layered braids give an illusion of volume, depth, and length because of multiple layers of braids falling below your shoulder.

This fashion trend allows you to create beautiful hairstyles that will keep you looking chic while protecting your hair from damage. 

How Long Do Layer Braids Last?

All braids will start to come undone after a certain amount of time. Plus, experts advise not to keep braids for too long as they can adversely affect scalp and hair health. 

Layer braids done in tribal or Fulani styles have a tighter weave, so they should not be kept for more than five weeks.

On the other hand, layers with box braids can be kept for six to eight weeks as they are loose and lightweight.

 Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your hair is in good condition by maintaining moisture and addressing any damage before starting layer braids.
  • Take time to create even and precise partings in your hair, as this will significantly impact the final appearance of your layer braids.
  • Decide the length and size of your layer braids, as these choices will influence the overall style and the time required for braiding.
  • Maintain a comfortable braid tension during the process to prevent excessive pulling and discomfort on your scalp.
  • Plan for regular touch-ups and proper hair care to preserve the style and health of your layer braids.

How Do You Do Layer Braids?

Layer braids can be done in many different ways. Start with freshly washed hair that is completely dry.

Brush your hair to remove any knots or tangles and split it into sections, parting down the middle. Follow this video to know exactly how to do layer braids easily:

Easy & Chic Layer Braids Hairstyles

We are all for braiding for protective styles, but basic braid hairstyles can get a little monotonous.

Why not make your braids look more fun by adding in some layers?! The addition of a few extra braids allows you to create many different styles effortlessly. 

Here are 28 chic ways to wear layered braids:

1. Jumbo Tribal Layer Braids

Jumbo Tribal Layer Braids

Image by @euphoricstylez via Instagram

Opt for jumbo braids rather than standard braiding to achieve a trendy, layered look if you want to stand out. These braids are so versatile.

Thick cornrows paired with layers of chunky braids at the back give this beautiful layered hairstyle a unique look. 


2. Tribal Knotless Layer Braids

Tribal Knotless Layer Braids

Image by @getslayedbykayy via Instagram

Tribal layer braids are perfect for those who are trying to grow their locks or switching over from chemically straightened tresses.

For many reasons, this protective style may become your go-to look. Tribal layer braids are low-maintenance and versatile. Choose this style for its chic appearance.

3. Extra Small Knotless Layer Braids

Extra Small Knotless Layer Braids

Image by @hair_lipsticknpumps via Instagram

Don’t like thick braids? How about a style that gives a weightless feel?! For an edgy twist on braiding, weave your hair into layers of extra-small layer braids.

The result is more voluminous and glamorous hair that will make you super happy. Try this hairstyle and relax with a long-lasting, lovely look!

4. Ombré Blue Layer Braids

Ombré Blue Layer Braids

Image by @touchedbytb_ via Instagram

Want an edgy yet classy look for your layer braids?! The fun ombré blue hue of these braids makes them one of our favorite looks for summer.

The ombré look is gaining immense popularity because it offers a unique and subtle look compared with other bolder color choices.

So, opt for ombré blue, pair it with matching nails and bright lipstick, and you’re ready for any event!


5. Short Bob Layer Braids

Short Bob Layer Braids

Image by @braidmama via Instagram

Mostly, layer braids go down the shoulder to touch the waist. But when those strands are cut short and stacked with face-framing layers, they become a modern bob that’s fun and flirty.

We are huge fans of short bobs, and when done neatly with braid ends secured with golden cuffs, it will become your favorite too! 

6. Side Parted Gold Cuffs Layer Braids

Side Parted Gold Cuffs Layer Braids

Image by @oohcookiedidit via Instagram

It’s an ideal style for young girls and adults alike. For extra zing, add gold cuffs to your braids. The gold will reflect in light and give your braids a more expensive look.

Go for a side part if you want an edgy, young look or a middle part if you want something more mainstream.

7. Long Center Parted Layer Braids

Long Center Parted Layer Braids

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

Who said braided hair has to be boring?! One of our favorites is a long, center-parted style with loose pieces framing your face. Long-layer braids also offer more versatility.

Check out purple hints in this style; they can be sleek or romantic, business-like, or youthful, depending on how you style them. The possibilities are endless!


8. Half Up Ponytail Layer Braids

Half Up Ponytail Layer Braids

Image by @br_aids via InstagramCredit:

Try a half-up ponytail if you want to add drama to your look. It will also help you show off your beautiful braided layers.

This style looks exceptionally well on long-layer braids.

Pick up an elastic band, gather half of your braids to the crown and tie it into a ponytail.

Take the ends of your braid and twist them around the elastic band multiple times to conceal it.

Quick Guide to Layer Braids: 28 Stunning Styles

  • Versatile Styling: Layer braids offer a versatile look with different lengths, allowing you to experiment with various styles.
  • Gentle Tension: Maintain a comfortable braid tension to prevent discomfort and stress on your scalp while braiding.
  • Maintenance: Layer braids are relatively low-maintenance, but regular moisturizing and touch-ups keep them looking fresh.
  • Hair Health: Minimize heat styling and use nourishing products to ensure your hair remains healthy and resilient, especially when sporting layer braids.

9. Feed-in Beaded layer Braids

Image by @danni_styles_ via Instagram

For a truly unique look, try feed-in layer braids with beads at the end for a stunning look that’s a bit daring but still feminine and fashionable.

Feed-in braids can be worn with beads or with no beads at all. The benefit of wearing them with beads is that it gives them extra glitz and glam.

10. Sleek Brown Layer Braids

Image by @perfectstylez_hairstudio via Instagram

Layer braids are a good option for a simple protective hairstyle because they let you protect your hair while still having that attractive braid effect.

Because of the simplicity of this look, many women have made it their go-to style. Try them in a neutral color and sleek style for a classy look to make things even easier!


11. Medium Waist Length Curly Layer Braids 

Image by @style_statement_by_thandi via Instagram

You don’t have to be a model to rock long and voluminous afro-textured hair. After all, every woman needs a little glamor now and then!

If you love staying on top of new hairstyles, look no further than medium waist-length layer braids with curls.

Adding blonde curls between the braids adds an oomph factor to your layer braids.

12. Purple Half Up Layer Braids

Image by @tarestopia via Instagram

Colors add so much life to any normal hairstyle. Go for colored half-up layer braids whenever you feel particularly inspired and need a hairstyle update.

They’re cute and effortless. These purple half-up braids tied into a knot prove that nothing is boring about this style!

13. Curly Knotless Layer Braids

Image by @the.prettyparlor via Instagram

If you want volume and length, layer braids are a great option. These braids create a nice fullness to any hairstyle because they add thickness—especially if you have fine hair!

You will look like a true diva with curly layer braids like those in the picture!

14. Reverse Ombré Layer Braids

Image by @ameries_siblings_salon via Instagram

Ombré layers are a fresh take on traditional layer braids making your braided hair feel more modern and hip.

The reverse ombré look is almost as popular as its other ombré counterpart. It’s a flattering look because it instantly draws attention to your hair.

Pairing dark brown on top and deep black at the bottom will make your hairdo stand out. 

Keep In Mind

  • Length: Decide on the length of your layer braids, as it will affect the overall style and how they frame your face.
  • Proper Parting: Create clean and precise partings for even and well-organized layer braids, enhancing the final look.
  • Texture and Volume: Layer braids can appear more dynamic with the use of texture-enhancing products or by varying braid sizes.
  • Tension Awareness: Maintain comfortable braid tension to avoid discomfort and minimize the risk of hair breakage or damage.
  • Routine Maintenance: Plan for regular moisturizing, touch-ups, and protective hairstyles to preserve the quality and style of your layer braids.


15. Half & Half Layer Braids 

Image by @fauxlocsbykeyla via Instagram

Space buns can be worn with any hairstyle, and they’re a great way to incorporate layering into your updo.

This hairstyle looks especially cute because of half yellow and half black braids with similar colored space buns.

Add alternate yellow and black beads at the end of braids for extra fun!

16. Side Swept Jumbo Knotless Layer Braids

Image by @beauty_can_braid via Instagram

If you’re new to braiding and don’t want to master a skill that can be time-consuming and difficult, then Jumbo Knotless Braids are your best bet.

These braids can be done on any hair length, and they look great. Tuck a couple of side braids behind the ear to rock a neat look!

17. Neat Side Part Two Layer Braids

Image by @braidsbycocoa_ via Instagram

These layered box braids are ideal for women who want a low-maintenance hairstyle. These are subtle and elegant yet stylish enough for any casual event you need.

And these braids can be worn by almost everyone, no matter your age or face shape!

18. Massive Double Top Knots Layer Braids

Image by @braider_dairy via Instagram

Try out a double top knot if you want an extra bit of volume on top. It’s got a lot of texture and is easy to make.

Layer braids with top knots are modern, flirty, and energetic hairstyles for young girls and teenagers.

So if you want to bring variety into your hairstyle game, you know what you should try!

19. Accessorized Thick Box Layer Braids

Image by @beabraids via Instagram

Thick box braids have recently been popping up everywhere, especially in bloggers’ Instagram feeds. If you’re looking for a new way to wear your box braids, these are perfect!

As their name suggests, these layer braids are decorated with accessories such as rings in this picture to add some extra zest.

20. Freestyle Knotless layer Braids

Image by @the.prettyparlor via Instagram

How cute are these freestyle layer braids! It’s a gorgeous style of layer braids that we love a lot.

If ordinary braids are too dull for your style or you don’t feel like styling your hair like everyone else, try these freestyle layer braids to take your hairdo up a notch!

Pro Tip

For a high ponytail with layer braids, use a silk or satin scrunchie to secure the ponytail without causing breakage or frizz.

21. Sleek Ombré Layer Braids

Image by @the_braid_collection via Instagram

Ombré is still in trend, and why shouldn’t it be? The pastel trend has been making a statement for a while now and shows no signs of slowing down.

Adding on-trend color to your layering braids takes next to no time. This look is professional and pretty, making it perfect for work or play!


22. Goddess Layer Braids

Image by @funky_signature via Instagram

The funky goddess braids are perfect for those who like a look that’s down to earth and offbeat.

The braided locks end in curls, giving them a unique style. Plus, we love this color choice as it takes these layer braids to the next level without any extra effort!

23. ZigZag Parted Layer Braids

Image by @touchedbytb_ via Instagram

A zig-zag parting adds a playful vibe to your plain layer braid and makes a simple hairstyle more exciting.

It works best on long hair, especially when part lines are clean, precise, and straight.

Adding two-tone layer braids hairstyles also imparts a more visual interest to your hairstyle.

24. Bouncy Curls Layer Braids

Image by @funky_signature via Instagram

Why blend in with ordinary braid styles when you can stand out with these glamorous, bouncy curled layer braids?! And it’s not even hard to achieve this look.

Curl the end sections of braids in alternating directions using a wand or curling iron for a flirty touch, and you are good to go!


25. Ombré Pink Layer Braids

Image by @thehairdirectory via Instagram

Lighter hues like pink and blonde can add a fun, flirty touch to your layer braids.

Go for a subtle ombré with just two or three shades of color, and we are sure everybody will fall in love with this look.

And did you notice how the pink color of the layer braids hairstyles pops against the white color of the dress?!

26. Middle part 2 layer braids

Image by @braidedbyrenn_ via Instagram

These middle part two-layer braids create a striking and versatile hairstyle that captures attention with its balanced elegance.

These braids elegantly cascade down with a precise middle part, framing your face with a timeless symmetry that highlights your natural features.

The unique two-layer design adds a touch of dimension and visual intrigue, allowing the braids to interweave seamlessly and create a captivating interplay of texture and movement.

Whether strolling through everyday moments or gracing a special event, the middle part two-layer braids hairstyles are a testament to your refined taste and appreciation for a look that effortlessly balances modern flair with timeless grace.

27. Two- Layer Braids with Heart

Two- Layer Braids with Heart

Image by @beautilogic via Instagram

These two-layer braids adorned with a delicate heart-shaped detail around the ear create a truly enchanting and whimsical hairstyle.

The dual layers, meticulously woven with precision, add depth and dimension, forming a captivating canvas that seamlessly blends structure and movement.

Each braid gracefully falls, framing your face with a touch of elegance.

The heart-shaped accent delicately embraces the ear, infusing a playful and symbolic touch that adds an endearing twist to the overall look.

28. Medium Two Layer Braids

Layer Braids

Image by @hairsmartllc via Instagram

These medium two-layer braids adorned with a delicate ring at the front center create a captivating and refined hairstyle that balances modern flair with intricate detail.

The two layers of braids, meticulously intertwined with precision, offer a dynamic visual texture that frames your face with grace and elegance.

The addition of a dainty ring at the front center serves as a chic focal point, adding a touch of understated luxury and individuality to the overall look.

Fun Fact

Layer braids, also known as “feed-in braids” or “boxer braids,” gained widespread popularity due to their versatility and adaptability. This style is celebrated for its capability to incorporate different braid sizes and lengths, providing individuals with a unique and customizable appearance.


Layer braids hairstyles look great on almost any hair length. They’ll benefit from an added texture boost if you have short, medium, or long hair.

You can use them to add a bit of length to layers cuts and keep your hair from looking too blunt at shorter lengths.

If you have super curly hair that doesn’t want to hold a curl, or if you straighten your locks every day and want some dimension, layer braids are for you!

These fabulous and easy-layer braids hairstyles will give you a starting point for choosing a braid style that matches your style and taste.

With layer braids being so popular right now, you can try more than a couple of these braid styles in the coming months!

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