41 Stylish Medium Box Braids Hairstyle Ideas For A Sensational Look in 2024

Medium box braids can easily be regarded as the most trendy protective braiding hairstyle in the hair braiding world. They are usually the size of a  number2 pencil and about 10 to 20 inches long. The hair is sectioned into squares or rectangles to create the desired box parting for braiding of the hair. 

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Medium box braids are easier to install than small or thin ones because they require less time, usually about 2 hours. This is your go-to hairstyle if your hair has suffered from breakage or heat damage. It is mainly preferred for natural hair since it keeps the hair in place without much manipulation but can be installed with any hair type. 

If you are simply looking for a long-lasting hairstyle that will not require sitting in the salon for hours on end, you are in the right place. These braids can last up to 8 weeks, maintain your hair length, and support hair growth.

If you are looking for a bit of creativity when considering this braids hairstyle, you are in the perfect place because we will explore 41 colorful, playful, and stylish ways to enjoy your medium box braids. Let us dive right into the hairstyles: 

1. Black Own Medium Box Braids 

Credit: Deevahtude

These are trendy and non-traditional front-to-back cornrow braids that embrace fashion at its best. The parting of hair is simple, chic, and yet formal. Here the different sizes of the braids are carefully played with to bring out a crisp pattern. 


2. Kiki Medium Box Braids  

Credit: Braids_By_Sica

These are sleek chocolate braids that naturally blend in with your skin.

They are easy and perfect for an everyday look that comes off as a modern and youthful statement. You can wear them straight or get creative by holding them in a high bun for that chic look exposing your cheekbones. 

These braids are ideal for women of all ages as they give an allowance to play around with the hairstyle.

3. Black Girl Magic Medium Box Braids

Credit: Braids.Sc

Black braids are an easy go-to for that bold hairstyle. These long smooth black medium box braids allow you to look stylish without doing anything to the braids. When installed the right way, they give you time off from much hair maintenance and give your hair rest and easy growth.

They blend in so well with natural black hair that they still can look beautiful after 3 or 4 weeks of installation. 

4. Lady Boss Medium Box Braids 

Credit: Braidedbynei

These are yummy medium box braids with great color to express your creative personality. You do not have to say with words that you are bold and sassy. This hair will speak on your behalf.  

5. Caramel Medium Box Braids 

Credit: M.A.D._Stylez

If you are looking for an easy way to transition into color, this is your answer. The caramel medium box braids complement your skin color allowing you to pop and stand out without giving you excess attention. 


6. Divinas Medium Box Braid 

Credit: Hairflare_Lv

Here we have a unique, fun, and popping color for the highly expressive little girls. Bright and neon-like colors are becoming more popularized with every passing braiding season.

 It is becoming even easier among grown adults to include brighter colors in their hairstyles. So why not let the little ones bounce their way to popping braid styles with the Divinas medium box braids.  

7. Blondie Medium Box Braids 

Credit: Dellaatjeshairstyle_

Check these powerful and bold Blonde Medium Box Braids out. They make a powerful and flirty summer style. The precise parting of the braids accentuates the blending of the blond braids with the black hair. 

Try these out and add some personality to your hair.

8. Mom’s Magic Medium Box Braids 

Credit: Mum_Grg

Hello yummy mummy! These warm and timeless braids come in a golden blond color giving you a queen vibe. You can wear them straight or throw them on one side to bring out a sexy mom look.

9. Oreo Medium Box Braids

Credit: Braids_By_Chan

Brighten up your style by using color as you install medium box braids. Forget about standard colors; risk it up with these oreo medium box braids.

10. Golden Touch Medium Box Braids

Credit: Addedwithagoldentouch

If you are excited to try out multiple colors, do not fret. You can mix them up to create a unique hairstyle that turns heads. Make a statement with these golden touch medium box braids and enjoy accessorizing with different styles.


11. Pink Cream Medium Box Braids

Credit: Hairbybiggerb

Switch up your box braids with this versatile look by complimenting the black strands with pink hair. You can add your favorite bright color to the black strands and make them stand out.

12. Smart Touch Medium Box Braids

Credit: Rahyos_Empire

This is a gorgeous maroon red braid tied up in a high ponytail and two straight braids on the front for a sexier look. The medium box braids have been installed in large partings to reduce hair manipulation and allow for growth.  

Rock this youthful look for events and gatherings and have your best time.

13. SmartMove Medium Box Braids

Credit: Styles__By__Shanice

Here is a royal color to enjoy the medium box braids in. This is a perfect way to show you are playful yet honorable.

14. With Curls Medium Box Braids

Credit: jpeddless

Here is the best way to bring out the femininity in your look with curls at the end of each strand. The spiral curls are romantic and girly. They are perfect for date nights and parties too. Do not limit yourself while choosing your medium box braids.

15. Reddairy Medium Box Braids 

Credit: Dare_Haircare

Check out this perfect blend of color. Have you ever wondered how to create a fun and bold hairstyle? Try mixing a few strands of platinum braids with maroon ones, as shown here. You will enjoy accessorizing with different colors to match the hair.


16. Pretty Passion Medium Box Braids

You can style medium box braids in many different ways. Tie up all your hair in a cute high ponytail. A pretty ribbon will do, as you can see. This hairstyle is pretty and girly and will match your feminine style and accentuate your facial features. If you happen to have statement earrings that you want to show off, this is the hairstyle to rock. 

17. Greenpark Medium Box Braids

Credit: _Hairbyjoyy

Look at this neat parting of the medium box braids. They expose the scalp beautifully and give room for hair maintenance like cleaning and oiling the scalp. This greatly aids hair growth as the hair remains moisturized. 

The clever use of the golden color is a no-brainer.

18. Roll box Medium ox Braids

Credit: Addedwithagoldentouch

Create a funky hairdo with these shoulder-length braids and add a little touch of curls at the end of individual strands. The little girls will enjoy playing around with this hair as the curls bring out a sweet and fun look.

19. Brown Berry Medium Box Braids

Credit: Keishanesbeth

Pale shades of medium box braids are trendy and unique. You can incorporate this silver-gray shade into your style by adding a few strands on the front. Styling the hair by parting in the middle exposes the gray strands and creates a truly unique and chic hairdo.

20. Developing Life Medium Box Braids

Credit: Rahyos_Empire

This is an excellent look, with the braids looking clean and even. Tying the braids on a high ponytail brings out a fun and sexy updo, and the loose braids on the front right, and left make this hairstyle sexier. 


21. Babeworld Medium Box Braids

Credit: Hairwithsher

The color of this hair is exotic and easily blends in with your everyday style. The curls are boldly upgrading the braids adding to the versatility of the hairstyle.

22. Honeydark Medium Box Braids

Credit: Kahlilblanco

This is your perfect hairstyle if you are into warmer tones of color. The braids are fewer in number yet long enough for you to play around with them for different hairdos every day. You will have loads of fun with this hair.

23. Triangle Medium Box Braids

Credit: Keishanesbeth

These are box braids with a fun twist. The sections to separate the hair are triangular instead of square with the traditional box braids. These braids call out to you if you are an ‘out of the box’ kind of a girl. Mixing the blonde and white with pink colors is stunning.

24. Summermoon Medium Box Braids

Credit: Queens.Hairstyle

This is a clever way of infusing color into your braids. The parting of the hair is precise and clean. While this hairstyle may not allow a lot of playing around with the hair, it is perfect for hair growth because of minimal manipulation. Let your hair grow as you look ravishing and stylish.

25. Michi Medium Box Braids

Credit: _Lexinichole_Doesmyhair_

These braids are simple yet surprising. They give off a complete and neat look while making your styling work easier each day. This is your go-to style if you do not have much time on your hands. You will enjoy a simple and fresh look all day.


26. Biglock Medium Box Braids

Credit: Mum_Grg

Enjoy this easy black look with these braids. The color is perfect and limitless, while the big wavy curls are carefree and have an easy vibe. This hairstyle is great for summer and holidays.

27. Curlstyle Medium Box Braids

Credit: Byrdstyles

This look gives off an elegant and formal style for that boss lady feel. These braids are long and smooth, needing not much effort for styling. 

28. Secret Medium Box Braids

Credit: Beautybyadaa

The secret to enjoying medium box braids is doing little hairstyles that generally protect the hairline and scalp. The parting in this hairstyle is simple and sassy. Less is creatively more.

29. Beautyliner Medium Box Braids

Credit: Beaute_De_Lafleur

This simple style will look beautiful on everyone, as the parting is small enough to accommodate any careful manipulation to achieve great hairstyles every day. 

30. Hotchilly Medium Box Braids

Credit: Eleveneleven_Hairandco

This is a lovely day-to-day hairstyle with a surprising touch of silver gray at the tips of the strands. These braids are manageable with everyday activity, including gym work, because of their size and length.


31. Dad’s Girl Medium Box Braids

Credit: Eleveneleven_Hairandco

The 90s throwback hairstyles are tracing their way back to the braiding world, and we are here for it. These triangular twist box braids are similar to the traditional box braids in terms of sectioning, but they are then twisted and are quicker to finish.

 They are stylish and protective of your hair from all weather conditions. They are light in weight and thus easy to manage.

32. Mamaearth Medium Box Braids

Credit: Eleveneleven_Hairandco

Take a look at these knotted braids that are neat and largely sectioned. The parting is clean and easily lets the hair remain in this simple hairstyle. The braids are pretty and light, avoiding stress and pulling on your natural hair and hairline.

33. Springring Medium Box Braids

Credit: Touchedbylay__

Upgrade these shoulder-length box braids with fun, colorful beads for the little ones. Laying the baby hairs is needed to perfect this look.

34. Block Black Medium Box Braids

Credit: Touchedbylay__

These classic box braids are by far the quickest and easiest to install and maintain. Simply throwing a few braids on one side transforms the hairstyle into an elegant, powerful look. Embrace this hairstyle to serve you for a few weeks, and don’t forget to lay your baby hairs for a clean finish. 

35. Nikeysmile Medium Box Braids

Credit: Braidsbygels

These box braids are exquisite; the curls added on each individual braid bring out a chic city girl look. Wear your braids this way and look fabulous. 


36. Pinkyboo Medium Box Braids 

Credit: Beautybyadaa

These braids are fresh and even, giving you glamor with little effort. They fit into all seasons and are easily accessorized. The beauty will not fade as long as you make sure to moisturize with a hair spray regularly.

37. Apple look Medium Box Braids

Credit: Braidsbykatrice_

These chunky long box braids are stunning, to say the least. The mixing of the maroon braids is even more gorgeous, perfectly blended in the hair to bring out a youthful elegant look.  Do not be afraid of mixing beautiful bold colors into your box braids.

38. Butterfly Cut MediumBox Braids

Credit: Chadaes_Creations

Change things up with your hair braider as you embrace different ideas to wear your box braids. Twisted box braids are fun and unique. The beautiful brown highlights at the end create a surprising and fashionable twist.

39. Pupleblue Medium Box Braids

Credit: Goddessinspiredhair

Stand out with these gorgeous box braids with a touch of purple and blue-colored braids. This is your style if you are apprehensive about using bright colors in your box braids but still curious how they would turn out. This would just be the push you need to get out of your comfort zone and adopt even brighter colors in the future.

40. Burgundy Axis Medium Box Braid

Credit: Chadaes_Creations

This color is fabulous and transforms you into a sight to behold. It blends well with a darker skin complexion. The braids are great for formal looks and can be turned into a party look by applying dramatic makeup.


41. Nude Shade Medium Box Braids

Credit: Alinejorgefundosdequintal

These braids make a statement that you are confident and stylish. They are neatly packed together and can last as long as eight weeks with simple maintenance. They are best worn down with a parting on the front to show off the silver jewelry and string.


What Does Medium Box BraidsMeans?

Medium box braids are these stylish and unique protective hairstyles perfect for natural hair. They are done by sectioning the hair into boxy divisions, which could either be square-shaped or rectangle-shaped, and braiding them from the roots to any other length.  Depending on the wearer’s tastes, the length could be between chest and shoulder. 

Do I need a professional braider to install medium box braids?

Yes, you need a professional braider because wrongly installed braids do not only look terrible but can also damage your hair. Besides, well-done medium box braids are pretty satisfying, and you will love flaunting them. This is why as a style icon in your own right, never settle for mediocrity when it comes to medium box braids, only perfection. 

What techniques are best for the ends of the braiding hair?

The most common method is dipping the ends in hot water to seal off the ends of the hair. Other methods include tying a knot at the end of the hair, and another one is burning the end of the hair. You can add some curly extensions at the end of the braid for that sassy sensational look to get a little playful. 


We have explored several beautiful ideas for wearing your medium box braids.

You can choose to section your box braids in squares and rectangles or in triangular shapes. Either sectioning method will look stunning as it neatly exposes the scalp and maintains a polished look even with the aging of the hair.

You can choose your style to adapt to your specific needs and desires. Remember not to shy away from bold colors; mixing them with warmer colors brings an element of surprise. 

You can be sure to come out as trendy and bold in any of the hairstyles. You can be that great hair inspiration or the hairstyle icon with the above medium box braids styles.