33 Best Pigtail Braid Styles For A Playful Look

Key Takeaways

  • Pigtail braids are a versatile hairstyle that people of all ages can wear.
  • They are suitable for casual, formal, and even athletic occasions, making them a flexible choice for different looks.
  • Creating pigtail braids is relatively easy, even for those with limited hairstyling experience.
  • Pigtail braids often convey a playful and youthful aesthetic, making them a popular choice for children and teenagers.

Pigtail braids can add charm and refreshing change from a usual ponytail. It gives you a sassy yet contemporary style with chic vibes.

Pigtail braids are also a great way to style protective hairdos during events. 

Do you feel that your hair is becoming boring? Are you worn out with the same old hairstyle? If so, Pigtail braids can be a solution!

A pigtail braid is a hairstyle that involves two braids, one on each side of the head. They are usually small and delicate and can be worn in various ways.

Pigtail braids are a popular choice for women with long hair. They can keep the hair out of their face and provide a chic look.

This hairstyle is a great look option for summer because it is quick and easy to do! Plus, they can match any of your outfits.

You can wear it as a half-up, half-down hairstyle, or you can wear it up in a ponytail! So, how do you create pigtail braids? Let’s see how it works below!

How To Do Pigtail Braids?

You can do a few things to achieve pigtail braids easier. But each step is pretty simple!

  • First, section your hair off into two even parts before you start braiding. This will help to keep the braids symmetrical. Begin braiding the hair in a classic braiding fashion. 
  • Cross the right strand of hair into the middle first and then the left. Repeat the method, adding an extra inch as you braid. Angle the braid away from the face and toward the rear of the head.
  • You can use a product like hairspray or gel to help keep the braids in place. This will help them stay put all day long without needing to be retouched.
  • Finally, make sure you use a good-quality hair tie to secure the braids to avoid coming undone over time. Results will give you a chic and sassy braid look! 

How Long Do Pigtail Braids Last?

Pigtail braids can last from six to eight weeks if cared for. This style is best for all seasons and requires minimal alteration of your natural hair.

Did you know that Rihanna is the queen of protective hairstyles? Well, she is! That’s why this gorgeous braided ponytail is one of our favorites.

How Do Ponytails And Pigtails Differ?

Ponytails and pigtails are popular hairstyles for young girls. But these two differ. A ponytail hairstyle is pulled back from the face and tied together with a headband or clip.

A pigtail hairstyle is divided into two parts, and each piece is tied together with a headband or clip.

Also, the main difference is that ponytails are simpler in style. It works great for people who have a lot of hair yet don’t have enough time to fix their hair in the morning.

You can also wear a ponytail by adding accessories, such as a headband or a scarf.

Both can be a great option, whether you like ponytails or pigtails for your hair. But for now, we’re giving you reasons why pigtail braids, in particular, can be better. 

Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your hair is clean and well-conditioned before beginning the braiding process.
  • Hydrate your scalp regularly to promote healthy hair growth. Massaging your scalp with oils or using a scalp treatment can improve the overall health of your hair.
  • Use a heat protectant if you plan to use heat styling tools during the braiding process to prevent heat damage. It is essential if you’re straightening or curling your hair before braiding.
  • Regularly trim Split ends every 8-12 weeks to prevent them from traveling up the hair shaft, causing further damage.
  • Utilize products like dry texture sprays to maintain your braid’s shape and prevent a flat appearance.

Here’s a list of 32 Pigtail Braids on the internet that you can try. Pick from one of these looks for the best hair inspiration! 

32 Best Pigtail Braids For Ladies To Try

1. French Pigtail Braid

Image by @braidedkatie via Instagram

French Pigtail Braids are one of the most popular hairstyles for girls. They are very versatile and can be worn in different styles.

French pigtail braids are perfect for special occasions. You can wear it at weddings, proms, and parties. You can also slay this hairdo at school or work!


2. Poznate Pigtail Braid

Image by @beautybylassana via Instagram

While we are all familiar with the beauty of braids, we adore how this bare yet gorgeous pigtail comes up.

We love this simple yet quick look with twisted braids on both sides! These Poznate Pigtail Braids are ideal for outings or essential occasions! 

Quick Guide: Chic Pigtail Braids for Ladies

  • Pigtail Braids: Start by parting your hair down the middle and create two classic pigtail braids, securing them with elastic bands.
  • Styling Tips: Add flair with ribbons, beads, or hairpins for a playful or sophisticated look, and remember to tug on the braids gently for a fuller appearance.
  • Maintenance: Keep pigtail braids intact by redoing them every few days, secure loose strands with bobby pins, and refresh your scalp with dry shampoo as needed.
  • Nightmare: Protect your braids while sleeping by tying them with a silk scarf or using a silk pillowcase to minimize frizz and maintain your style.

3. Flower Design Pigtail Braid

Image by @yukalinana via Instagram

There’s something so whimsical and charming about pigtail braids, don’t you think? This style is ideal for dressing up any outfit, and it’s especially great for spring and summer.

If you’re finding a way to add a touch of elegance to your style, try flower pigtail braids. This can bring out the uniqueness and charm in you! 

4. Pull Through Pigtail Braid

Image by @brittany.empowers via Instagram

This look is perfect for girls with medium to long hair! You can do this style if you have about an inch of hair left on your head.

First, make a part of your hair into a small ponytail. Then, split the ponytail in two and make two small braids. Finally, connect the two braids together, and you’re done!

5. Event Style Pigtail Braid

Image by @anabauzanpeluqueros via Instagram

What else is better than mixing a ponytail and fishtail? Of course, nothing else! This braid style can nail the next event you’re attending.

It doesn’t only fit kids, but teenagers and pretty ladies as well! If you wish to go extra, this braid is worth trying. 


6. Rainbow Color Pigtail Braid

Rainbow Color

Image by @pulpriotcanada via Instagram

Are you looking for a rainbow pigtail look? Here’s a color pigtail braid for you! This hairstyle is unique and can help you achieve your best vibe.

Vibrant and playful, the Rainbow Color Pigtail Braid intertwines luscious strands of vivid hues, creating a whimsical and eye-catching hairstyle that radiates joy and individuality.

Try this during formal or casual parties! 

7. Vampire Red Pigtail Braid

Image by @tone.salon via Instagram

Do you like to enter the next level? Vampire red pigtail braids are a hit for all ages of girls!

This style can be the perfect treat for a Halloween or party with friends during spooky nights. And if you have red-dyed hair, the Vampire red pigtail is a must-try! 

8. Elegant Pigtail Braid

Image by @braids_._style via Instagram

Leave a sparkle wherever you go! Try these magnificent braided pigtails with pink tails! The pink hairstyle wrapped around the hair in the form of a braid is a visual feast for the eyes.

9. Boxer Pigtail Braid

Image by @teaseandcompany via Instagram

Boxer braids have become one of the most popular hairstyles. The look consists of two tight ponytails with the Dutch braiding method.

If your hair is very tight, it won’t get in your way when you go to the gym or play sports.

10. Two-Sided Pigtail Braid

Image by @littleprincesshairjalysha via Instagram

This style is Two-Sided, with one braid on each side of the head. It works by parting the hair in the middle, then braiding each side.

The braids should be thin and delicate for a more feminine look. Secure the ends with elastics and hairspray to hold them in place when you’re finished.


11. Weave & Infinity Pigtail Braid

Image by @ldianemary126 via Instagram

Weave & Infinity Pigtail Braid: A stylish fusion of braiding techniques. Weave sections of hair elegantly, then form pigtails into intricate infinity loops for a captivating and unique hairstyle.

Weave pigtail braids hairstyles are often sported by celebrities and athletes! This style is very versatile, low maintenance, and can be worn for any occasion.

Try this in any of your events, and you’ll stand out among the rest! There’s not a single doubt! 

Keep In Mind

  • Hair Health: Ensure your hair is in good condition free of excessive tangles or damage before starting pigtail braids.
  • Parting Precision: Create a clean and even middle part to make your pigtail braids appear symmetrical.
  • Tension Control: Braid your hair with consistent tension to prevent discomfort and maintain a neat, uniform look.
  • Securing Ends: Use snag-free elastic bands to tie the ends of your pigtail braids to prevent breakage and slipping.
  • Regular Maintenance: Refresh your braids by redoing them every few days, and protect them while sleeping to extend the longevity of your style.

12. Oversized Pigtail Braid

Image by @ghdfrance via Instagram

These larger-than-life braids will be the talk of the town if you dare to attempt them! These are also reverse French braids.

But, the secret is to release each braid part with your fingers afterward. Oversized Pigtail Braids are perfect for dresses or formal night outfits!

13. Double Ponytail Pigtail Braid

Image by @longhaircollection.hu via Instagram

This style is perfect for a busy day when you want your hair out of your face but doesn’t have time.

Start by parting your hair down. Then continue French braiding each side, starting at the front of your head. 

When you get to the back, tie each braid together with an elastic band and then pull them up towards the top of your head. Secure them in place with another elastic band, and you’re done!

14. Twisted Pigtail Braid

Image by @braidingbeautyb via Instagram

A twisted pigtail braid is something that you’ll want to flaunt every now and then. Nonetheless, it’s possible to grow tired of leaving it down.

Create a fantastic pigtails combo to amp things up. Braid the top and leave the rest halfway down.

15. Classic Pigtail Braid

Image by @lesdoesglamm via Instagram

Classic pigtails are the best! The name derives from how the braids appear to feed into the hairline.

These two feed-in braids resemble braided pigtails when all the layers are removed. Keep a close eye on the beginning point at the top of the forehead.


16. Little Pigtail Braid

Image by @perfect_tousbraids via Instagram

Braids have been popular for a while now, but there’s a new style on the scene that’s taking over: Little Pigtail Braids.

This style works for summer and can be worn by anyone, regardless of hair type or age.

To create Little Pigtail Braids, start by parting your hair into two sections. Take the section on the right and divide it into three parts.

Braid each side, then tie them off with a small elastic band. Repeat on the left side.

17. Double Dutch French Braid

Image by @braidingbeautyb via Instagram

Double Dutch French Braid are a unique and exciting way to style your hair. They’re perfect for a day at the beach, a summer music festival, or a casual day out and about.

Dutch braids are easy and can be turned into fishtail pigtail braids with simple steps.

18. Herringbone Pigtail Braid

Image by @ubehairstyle via Instagram

Do you want to try something different? Try the Herringbone Pigtail Braids! Three pigtails are braided in reverse French braids to create this edgy look.

And on the underside, a few strands are left exposed for texture.

19. French Pigtail Braid

Image by @ubehairstyle via Instagram

Weave two sections of hair into a zigzagging central braid down the back, creating an intricate and charming hairstyle with a touch of elegance.

This style is perfect for a summer music festival, a day at the beach, or a casual day out with friends.

It’s also a style that can be dressed up or down, making it versatile for any occasion.

20. French Tight Pigtail Braid

Image by @everydaybraidz via Instagram

These pigtails are lovely for girls with long hair!

If you want an easy-to-maintain yet stylish look, this is for you! You can add a sleek tail or braid to the side of the crown to further elevate your style statement.

Be the talk of the town at all your upcoming events or regular social gatherings by wearing this one.


21. Super Cute French Pigtails Braid

Image by @everydaybraidz via Instagram

Are you looking for some super cute french pigtail braids? This hairdo can be the perfect match! French pigtail braids like this are best for kids to wear at school.

They can play and study without worrying about a single strand of hair on their face! 

22. Simple Dutch Pigtail Braid

Image by @everydaybraidz via Instagram

Simple Dutch Pigtails braids are a popular style for girls and women. The braids are worn with the hair pulled back in a ponytail or bun.

The Dutch pigtail braids are done on two hair strands from the front of the head. 

Then, each strand is twisted around itself to form a loop. The loops are then twisted together to form a braid that can be worn in different styles.

You can have it as a bun, ponytail, or side braid.

Pro Tip

Add some texturizing spray to your pigtail braids for a trendy, boho-chic vibe.

23. Two Zig-Zag Dutch Pigtail Braid

Image by @hairrbykaykay via Instagram

Create two Dutch pigtail braids, incorporating a zigzag pattern in the center for added flair. Alternate hair sections while braiding to achieve the distinctive zigzag effect.

Zig Zag Two Dutch Pigtail Braids is a popular hairstyle with females. The style is often worn by African Americans! Check this hairdo out if you want some cool style on the road! 

24. Criss-Cross Low Pigtail Braid

Image by @braidingbeautyb via Instagram

A low pigtail braid is a popular hairstyle that has been around for a while. It is perfect for days when you need to look put together but want to keep your hair out of your way. 

The low pigtail braid starts with two sections of hair at the front of the head, one on either side. The two sections are then braided into one another and pinned up at the back of the head.

Many people consider it a more sophisticated version of a regular pigtail braid. It’s also known as “criss-cross low pigtail braids.”

25. The Iggy Azalea Pigtail Braid

Image by @yukalinana via Instagram

Are you a big fan of Iggy Azalea? Follow her footprints with this pigtail braid! Create your own fashion with this Iggy-inspired look. It’s pretty famous in Hollywood, so you might be too! 

Iggy Azalea’s iconic pink pigtail braids are vibrant and playful, cascading down her shoulders with a youthful flair, adding a pop of color to her edgy persona.


26. Bandana And Hair Tie Pigtail Braid

Image by @hairstyles.rakel via Instagram

Got nothing to do with a Bandana and hair ties? Why not try it to match your pigtail braids! 

Create a charming pigtail braid with a bandana and tie by dividing the hair into sections, weaving a classic braid, securing it with a hair tie, and tying it for a trendy finish.

The first step is to tie the bandana around your head. The bandana should be pulled tight but not too tight.

Next, take a section of hair on one side of your head and wrap it around the bandana to be inside the bandana. 

Then a hair from the other side of your head. Wrap it around the other side of the bandana to be inside.

Tie both sections with a hair tie or rubber band to secure them. There you have it! A new style for new trends. This hairstyle works excellent at country parties! 

27. Pink Iggy Azalea Pigtail Braid

Image by @hair.pril via Instagram

Do you want to revamp the “Iggy Azalea Pigtail Braid?” It’s possible! Dye your hair in pink and try a pigtail braid for a new version of Iggy braid!

Don’t worry, pink hair color works for kids too — as long as it can’t damage their hair! Washable hair color as well. So, if your kid wants to nail a pink Iggy Azalea look, then beat it! 

28. Bubble Pigtail Braid

Image by @kcoleskustomhair via Instagram

Bubble pigtail braids are a type of braided hairstyle that is popular among girls. The hair is divided into two sections, and then each section is braided.

The two braids are then twisted together to form a bubble shape.

This hairstyle can be worn on all hair lengths, but it will look best on medium-long hair. It can also be worn for a formal day-night event, school, or work.

29. Twin Dutch Pigtail Braid

Image by @braidingbeautyb via Instagram

One of the more popular types of braids is the Dutch pigtail braid. This type of braid is like a French braid.

The Twin Dutch Pigtail Braid involves two tight Dutch braids on each side of the head, woven close to the scalp, creating a charming and symmetrical hairstyle.

But the hair is divided into two parts instead of three. The Dutch pigtail braid is an excellent style for everyday wear. 

30. Butterfly Pigtail Braid

Image by @aprilwaver via Instagram

Butterfly pigtail isn’t your ordinary braid! The hair is divided into two sections. The two braids are then twisted together to form a butterfly shape.

This hairstyle can be worn on all hair lengths, but it will look best on medium-long hair. 

It can also be worn for a formal day or night event, school, or work. But we best recommend it to wear on Coachella. Because why not?


31. Red Mixed Two-Tone Pigtail Braid

Image by @kx_beautiful_salon via Instagram

The Red Mixed Two-Tone Pigtail Braids are popular among African American women. It has two colors, red and black.

The hairstyle is parted in the middle and then braided into pigtails. The braids are then twisted together on both sides of the head.

This hairstyle can be worn by people who have short hair or medium-length hair. But as long as it is thick enough to braid into pigtails.

It can also be worn by people who have curly or wavy hair. It’s fun to wear on special nights!  

32. Criss-Crossing Pigtails and Lacy Buns

Image by @brownhairedbliss via Instagram

Look at this fantastic hairstyle for females! A particularly interesting style is created by weaving six tiny ponytails into two fluffy buns at the top of the head and up the back.

The twin tails pop against the fun pink bands and ribbons.


Pigtail braids are a fun, sassy, yet chic hairstyle that can rock your outfit at any cause! You can explore which type of pigtail braids works best for you above. But if asked, we’d always go with the classic ones!

So which hairstyle do you think works best for you? Do you want to follow the steps of Iggy Azalea or go with a colorful hairstyle? What can you say about this post? Drop your comments down in this section below! 

Watch this video on how to achieve the prettiest Pigtail Braid Style on your hair:  

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