63 Goddess Braids With Curls For Effortless Elegance

Key Takeaways
  • Flowy Goddess braids with curls are an elegant and versatile hairstyle that combines intricate braiding with loose, flowing curls.
  • These braids draw inspiration from traditional African hairstyles, often exuding a regal and goddess-like aura.
  • You can experiment with various braid patterns and curl sizes to create a unique look that suits your personality and occasion.
  • Goddess braids provide an excellent option for protective styling, helping to maintain the health and integrity of your natural hair.

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If you’ve always felt an inner muse calling you towards greatness, these goddess braids with curls are for you! Here are 63 ways you can wear this majestic style.

 It’s never been easier to emulate an iconic deity than with goddess braids.

Add curls to the mix, and you’ve got a hairstyle fit for an all-powerful, throne snatching goddess. This style lets you wear your hair like a crown.

Goddess braids with curls can be anything you want them to be. All you need is a thick cornrow or box braid, some curly extensions, and a lot of confidence.

This style grew in popularity over the past few years as the natural hair community began embracing different hair textures.

The whimsical aesthetic is often associated with softness, ethereal beauty, and bravery. This style is a must if you’re ready to reveal your royal potential. 

  Before  You Get Started

  • Ensure your hair is healthy and well-moisturized. Start with a good hair care routine to maintain your natural hair’s health before getting Goddess Braids with Curls.
  • Before braiding, make sure your hair is deeply conditioned. This will help with the braiding process and reduce damage to your hair.
  •  If you plan to use heat styling tools on your curls, always use a heat protectant to shield your hair from potential damage.
  • Goddess Braids with Curls can last several weeks. Maintain them by tying your hair with a satin scarf at night to prevent frizz and preserve your curls.
  • Keep your scalp and curls moisturized during the protective style. Use a leave-in conditioner or hair oil to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

Take a look at these regal yet laid-back goddess braids with the cutest curls you’ve ever seen. 

1. Wide Cornrow Goddess Braids With Curls

Wide Cornrow Goddess Braids With Curls

Image by @Queenjstyles via Instagram

Looking for convenience that comes with chunky cornrows but don’t want their weight? Go for these wide-based goddess braids.

Each cornrow uses a minimal amount of hair, preventing unnecessary weight or tension on your scalp or strands.

You’ll also save some money, as you’ll only need 2-3 packs of kanekalon hair to install them.

Choose gold and black extensions to match them with these blonde honey bundles. Remember to buy weft bundles and not crochet hair. 

2. Chunky Cornrow Goddess Braids With Curls

Chunky Cornrow

Image by @Stylesbylm7 via Instagram

These cornrows are the perfect example of “the goddess braid look, big, bold, and black.

“To create some height variation and play with shapes, braid two slender cornrows down the middle.

This is an excellent option for DIY stylists who know how to cornrow braid. Once you’ve completed installation, you can randomly add the curly hair of your choice at the bottom.

This will create a flowy river effect. You could also wrap it up in a bun for a loose, tousled aesthetic. 


3. Water Wave Goddess Braids With Curls

 Water Wave Goddess Braid

Image by @Melstouch_ via Instagram

This pigtail variation draws your attention toward the back of the head. Once there, you’ll find these long, cascading waterfalls of ebony hair.

This style is executed with synthetic hair, and you can barely tell the difference between it and a human hair option. You will need a lot of bundles, so factor that into your budget.

Make sure you buy enough to fill a full head of hair, then split that in half for each pigtail.

If you’ve got extra inches on the side that you don’t want to braid, turn it into a curly sideburn. 

4. Red Butterfly Goddess Braids With Curls

 Red Butterfly Goddess Braid

Image by @Thehairqueen via Instagram

Red hot, raised, and fluttery goddess braids have never looked so stunning! The reverse cornrows are lifted up to create structure, dimension, and shadows simultaneously.

To add to the beauty, you have smaller cornrows down the middle. The curls at the top resemble an erupting volcano.

Sign us up for molten lava hair. The structure is a work of sorcery that any home stylist would love to master.

With that said, it’s probably best that you go to a professional. Oh yeah, and sleep on your side. Wouldn’t want to crush those architectural masterpieces. 

5. Assorted Brown Goddess Braids With Curls

Assorted Brown Goddess Braid

Image by @Thando_Adult_Kiddies_Hair via Instagram

Mix up your casual cornrows with this small-to-large pattern.

For every mega braid you install, follow it with two slender versions. Don’t add too much hair, as it could bulk up your look.

Instead, you could go for a mid or top-knot ponytail and add some golden waves to soften the look.

Since the base look is minimal, go for a tighter curl pattern to create movement and bounce in your ponytail. This pattern incorporates elements from ghana braids, which are pretty famous on their own. 


6. Short Puff Goddess Braids With Curls

Short Puff Goddess Braid

Image by @Aceglam_By_Caroe via Instagram

Sometimes you want to keep things short and sweet. That’s why these tight curl pigtail puffs are perfect.

They’re not heavy, and they fall towards your shoulders, drawing attention to your face, jawline, and neck. They would accentuate any earrings or necklaces perfectly.

Since the cornrows are so large, you can save on unnecessary tension by pre-braiding and sewing them into your natural hair.

The winding river or braids down the middle is another eye-catching moment. Add it to the list of fabulous reasons you should try this style out. 

7. Big Stitch Goddess Braids With Curls

Big Stitch Goddess Braid

Image by @Beauty.By_Lu via Instagram

Everybody loves a stitched braid. But sometimes, getting the perfect line each time can be tricky. Not to mention time-consuming.

That’s why this jumbo stitch method is excellent. You can easily pre-part the sections and secure them with elastic bands.

Then braid as you would any cornrow, and bingo, you’ve made a stitched braid. Since the parting method is simple, go big on baby hairs and curly pigtails.

Choose a thicker wave that matches your natural hair texture to keep people guessing about where your natural hair stops and where the extensions start.  

8. Ombre Wave Goddess Braids With Curls

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 Ombre Wave Goddess Braid

Image by @Braidedvisuals via Instagram

These braids achieve the perfect balance between subtle, sexy, and soft. You’ll definitely spend the least time in a salon chair if you go with these twin goddess braids.

They’re ideal for anyone who can’t carve out 5 hours for their hair but still want to look fabulous.

In addition, these waves are much softer, so they’ll appear longer than tighter curled hair. That means you can feel like a princess with plunging ombre pigtails. 

9. Pom-Pom Goddess Braids With Curls

Pom-Pom Goddess Braid

Image by @Chetorehairstudio via Instagram

Who’s got spirit? We do! You don’t have to be a cheerleader to revel in these powerful pom-pom cornrows.

All you need is some soft, curly extensions and a sense of fun-loving freedom. As you look at each braid, you’ll notice that the curly hair is incorporated and left loose at the bottom.

There are two ways to achieve this look. First, you could use curly extensions instead of Kanekalon hair and braid it down as usual. That will create a distressed braid that’s very stylish.

Second, you could use soft Kanekalon hair and braid towards the bottom, then leave the tail loose.

After that, take some curl formers, twist the loose ends around, and dip them in hot water. Your hair will instantly curl up.

10. Black & Blonde Goddess Braids With Curls

Black & Blonde Goddess Braid

Image by @Nandaafrohair via Instagram

Feeling daring? Try this sharp contrast of colors. Black is mysterious, silent, and powerful, while blonde is inviting, light and loud.

These two opposites work well together, especially in a goddess braid style. Go simple up top with straight back cornrows.

Then pump up the volume at the back with a mix of crochet hair or wavy bundles. If you use a bonnet at night, this hair could last you long, so wrap it up and sleep peacefully. 


11. Classic Box Braids Goddess Braids With Curls

 Classic Box Braids Goddess Braid

  Image by @Blackmagic_Styles via Instagram

All hail the box braid! This beautiful, influential braid will never go out of style. Everybody, yes, everybody looks good in some box braids.

If you want balance, go for medium thickness, and attach a curly extension every three braids. You’ll create a voluminous mix of straight and curly.

You can also try the knotless method or add some hair beads for that extra kick of flavor.

If you’re feeling exceptionally playful, curl your box braid ends so they blend seamlessly with the extensions. 

12. Body Wave Goddess Braids With Curls

Body Wave Goddess Braid

Image by @Darkandlovely via Instagram

This hairdo screams luxury, royalty, and beauty. The intricate stitch braiding bedazzled with cowrie shells speaks to the Fulani braiding origins behind these cornrows.

The hair at the back has loose body wave curls to bring a modern aesthetic. You’ll definitely want to go with human hair for the back portion.

Microbead extensions or tape-ins will be both light and functional. And you can treat them as a continuation of your own hair, so no worries about avoiding wash days. 

13. Extra Long Ponytail Goddess Braids With Curls

Extra Long Ponytail Goddess Braid

Image by @Braidsby.Ritta via Instagram

When you go long, you never go wrong. This exquisite black ponytail should be part of your basic hairstyle starter pack.

It works well for both formal and casual situations and highlights the versatility of goddess braids. Just look at the roots.

Stitch braids, cornrows, and swirly baby hairs all make an appearance. You can add the curly hair while braiding or wait until the ends to weave them in with a crochet hook.  

14. Curly Mountain Goddess Braids

 Curly Mountain

Image by @Leechiis_Hair via Instagram

You know a curly ponytail has done its job when you see it from the front. To create a strong base for this curly mountain, sew the cornrow ends together.

This will form a small bun at the crown of your head.

Then, stitch the weave layer by layer to create this falling effect. This will ensure your bundles don’t unravel or slip around.

Next, you can add cornrows to the back or slick them upwards and incorporate the loose hairs into your bun. Finally, refresh your curls with mousse and a diffuser. 

15. Golden Puff Goddess Braids With Curls

 Golden Puff Goddess Braid

Image by @Weavesextensionsbraids via Instagram

These smooth, butter-soft golden locks are a simple and laid-back way to add a little mystery and allure to your look.

The remarkable thing about straight-back cornrows is that they draw attention to your beautiful face. In addition, they can be pretty flattering when spaced with a single, slim braid.

To achieve the waves at the end, you’ll need soft extensions, like the Xpressions brand. It’s known for its tangle-free technology, so you can manipulate the ends into a curl without worry. 


16. Simple Stitch Goddess Braids With Curls

Simple Stitch Goddess Braid

Image by @Crissylovebraids via Instagram

Simplicity is king. You’ll definitely look like a royal subject with these straight-back stitched goddess braids.

If you want a bit of flair, go for golden cuffs. For minimal manipulation, split your hair into four large sections. They’re a great way to enhance any braided style, especially this one.

Don’t go overboard with the curly extensions towards the bottom. You still want simplicity to remain a focal point.

17. Thick Curl Goddess Braids With Curls

Thick Curl Goddess Braid

Image by @Gi_Fantasybraids via Instagram

If the plain goddess braids didn’t have enough variety for you, these ultra-thick goddess braids will.

These four braids are simply vast and hard to ignore. The smaller cornrows fall into, the more giant braid for a seamless finish.

Don’t braid your cornrows too far down to avoid tension at your nape.

Let them float. You can attach curly extensions to the extra hair at the back and generate a complete look back there. 

18. Zig Zag Goddess Braids With Curls

Zig Zag Goddess Braids

Image by @Lavish_By_Tameekzz via Instagram

Hair has always been an artistic expression, right down to the parting styles. You can do swirls, hearts, and yes, even zig-zags.

These are some clean lines too. Let your parting skills be the star by installing plain cornrows.

Black is great, but you can choose whichever color you want. Add a few strands of wavy hair towards the bottom for an understated goddess look. 

19. Side Swept Goddess Braids With Curls

Side Swept Goddess Braid

Image by @Handsonrelly_ via Instagram

Cornrows don’t have to be limited to the traditional straight-back pattern. You can quickly swoop your rows to the side for an edgy, lemonade-inspired style.

Switch it up with some extravagant baby hairs that swim along your forehead.

To pump up the volume at the back, use extensions that you can layer without creating too much bulk at the roots.

Finally, try and pick a color that matches your cornrows so that they can fall into the curls and get lost in your waves. 

20. Assorted Goddess Braids With Curls

 Assorted Goddess Braid

  Image by @_Styledbydestiny via Instagram

Cornrows and box braids are the dynamic duo you need this season.

Not only are they protective, but they look adorable. You also get some criss-cross action at the top that will cut your installation time in half.

They’re especially great for kids because they don’t have any hair left out. To get the goddess version, curl the ends and mix and match different braid colors. 


21. Fulani Pattern Goddess Braids With Curls

Fulani Pattern Goddess Braid

  Image by @Senjuhair via Instagram

There’s no way we’d get through this list without paying homage to the all-encompassing Fulani braid.

This style blew up in the mid-2010s, especially after Beyonce wore a version of them in her Lemonade visual album.

You can create your own Fulani style by mixing and adding different popular elements.

This goddess version lets the curls flow free at the back while keeping things tight and neat at the front. Then, you’re ready to slay the day with some hair jewelry and some gel. 

22. Soft Simple Goddess Braids With Curls

Soft Simple Goddess Braid

Image by @Moxified_By_Ty via Instagram

Simple goddess braids are often overlooked, but these pigtails are still a showstopper. They’re also very DIY-friendly.

As long as you know how to french braid, you’re good! You can use your natural hair if it’s long enough or add some short, human hair extensions at the base of the ponytail.

Pick something lightweight. You can even try a straight bundle and curl the ends yourself with a flat iron. 

Goddess Braids With Curls: Effortless Elegance And Hair   Protection

  • Versatile Style: Goddess braids with curls offer a versatile look that suits various occasions, from casual to formal.
  • Heat Protection: Use heat protectant products before curling to safeguard your hair from heat damage.
  • Regular Moisturization: Maintain the curls’ luster with regular moisture treatments and deep conditioning.
  • Edge Control: Apply edge control products to keep your edges sleek and prevent flyaways.

23. Half Up, Half Down Goddess Braids With Curls

Half Up, Half Down Goddess Braid

Image by @Tisha_Style via Instagram

As time goes on, there’s one thing we know for sure. The half-up, half-down look is here to stay.

Feel free to go with a cornrow pattern that flatters your face and doesn’t need much manipulation. You can add extra curly extensions to your bun for a voluminous shape.

The great thing about this style is its affordability. No human hair is needed. You can braid up the back and attach your favorite curly crochet hair. 

24. Red Mohawk Goddess Braids With Curls

Red Mohawk Goddess Braid

Image by @Game_Of_Braids via Instagram

Be a rock and roll goddess with this fiery mohawk. The style works best with those who have naturally curly hair. It’s cost-effective and allows you to put your perfect curls on display.

To give your mohawk some structure, braid two medium-sized cornrows at the sides and tuck the ends behind the hair that falls along your back.

To keep the frizz away, define your curls with a  light moisturizer. 

25. Lion’s Mane Goddess Braids With Curls

Lion’s Mane Goddess Braid

Image by @Nusatrancista via Instagram

Everybody will see you roaring with confidence once you don this lion’s mane. It’s all about significant volume, big curls, and bold cornrows here.

To get the keys to the kingdom, add some gold cuffs at the end of each cornrow.

You don’t even need a lot of baby hairs. You can keep things cute and minimal and shed light on your massive curls.

Try the invisible crochet method at the back to ensure a seamless blend. It will hide the separation between your cornrows and the extensions. 


26. Infinity Hearts Goddess Braids With Curls

Infinity Hearts

Image by @Hairby_Jaynellee via Instagram

Love and braids are forever, so this infinity heart’s tribute is spot on. The intricate lines and curves show how talented braiders can be.

If you want to wear a piece of art on your head, this is the way to go.

Even the two cornrows at the top create a dizzying zig-zag formation that looks like a beautiful maze.

You don’t want to detract from the pattern, so go easy on the curls. You can crochet a few ringlets into your bun for a light taste.

27. Unstructured Stitch Bun Goddess Braids With Curls

Unstructured Stitch Bun Goddess Braid

Image by @Jolee.The.Beautician via Instagram

This goddess updo is the best way to show off a neat set of stitch braids. Try a muted brown.

It will add a  dash of intrigue without distracting your facial features.

This color works well for those with yellow and olive undertones. There’s a softening that you can’t deny.

Keep the pillowy effect going with free-flowing curls that dangle from your loosely formed bun. 

28. Jumbo Accessories Goddess Braids With Curls

Jumbo Accessories Goddess Braid

Image by @Lohbraids via Instagram

There’s nothing better than thick, ascending cornrows to release your fierce side. These accessories are unlike our typical gold cuffs or cowrie shells.

If you look closely, you’ll see that they’re small coins attached to silver loops. You’ll look like a glamorous pirate worth their weight in silver. Go wild with accessories.

To offset the dramatic top, create small, tight curls towards the bottom of your extensions.

The thick cornrows and black rings are a strong enough canvas to handle both the shiny hair jewels and your renewed confidence. 

29. Pop Smoke Goddess Braids With Curls

Pop Smoke Goddess Braid

Image by @Hairunruled via Instagram

Pop Smoke braids get their name from the late African American rapper “Pop Smoke.”

He was known for rocking this look all day, every day. When he passed, many people wore them to honor him and his budding legacy.

These classic middle part braids have since been worn by prominent names in the music industry and Hollywood.

Everybody adds their own little twist, and these curls at the ends are a way to soften the style. 

30. Freestyle Tribal Goddess Braids With Curls

Freestyle Tribal Goddess Braid

Image by @Braidsambassador via Instagram

When you take advantage of the waves of creativity that seldom hit you, you get these delightful freestyle tribal braids.

Braids like these borrow several plaiting elements from the African continent to create a hybrid, modern version.

Play with texture by contrasting smooth baby hairs with spiral curls at the back.

You can re-style the baby hairs every two to three days, so don’t worry about getting them wet. 


31. Jumbo Triangle Box Goddess Braids With Curls 

Jumbo Triangle Box Goddess Braid

Image by @slayedbyshalay via Instagram

Parting is king, and these triangle braids remind us of Egyptian royalty. Since they’re large and straightforward, you can install them at home.

It won’t take more than a few hours. Include some light and dark brown streaks in random sections to outline your darker braids.

The black will appear more striking, and the brown curls will soften and frame your face. Thick curls at the bottom create a heavier, solid look. 

32. Short Lemonade Goddess Braids With Curls 

Short Lemonade

Image by @hair2go salon via Instagram

Lemonade braids don’t always have to sweep the floor when you walk. You can create as much drama and make a statement with a super short version.

To add weight, double the thickness of each cornrow. The curls in the middle are achieved with crochet hair, so pick a short variation and crown yourself, queen. 

33. Micro Goddess Braids With Curls 

Micro Goddess Braids

Image by @hairbysusy via Instagram

These might take hours to install, but they’ll list three times as long as regular box braids. If you clarify your hair often, you can keep these braids in for up to 3 months.

Micro braids are a popular 90s style that seems to have made a comeback with the curly goddess trend.

Create crimps by braiding the ends and dipping them in hot water. Let them fully dry before you undo them for extra definition. 

34. Caramel Blonde Goddess Braids With Curls

Caramel Blonde

Image by @esponjamagic via Instagram

This is another braiding look straight from the history books. The structured cornrows, flowing ponytail, and braided cone create an air of importance.

The bigger the ponytail, the more bundles you’ll need. So go big and buy a few packs. You can keep any extra bundles for repairs.

It’s best to use human hair for this style, as it won’t tangle or lose its curl, even after brushing it several times. 

35. Fabulous Fulani Goddess Braids With Curls 

 Fabulous Fulani

Image by @zumbahairbeauty via Instagram

This goddess braid pattern borrows elements from lemonade and Fulani braids to create this monumental, clean and structured style.

It’s almost poetic how crips the lines are. Be warned, you’ll need super, super long extensions for this one. Xpressions work best. You won’t need to cut them either.

Just make sure the ends are tapered. You can do that by loosely holding the hair bundle and slightly tugging at the ends to create different levels.


Keep In Mind

  • Proper Curling Technique: Ensure your curls are consistent in size and direction for a polished look.
  • Maintenance is Key: Curls can loosen over time, so touch up your style as needed.
  • Hydration: Keep your hair well-hydrated with leave-in conditioners and oils to prevent frizz.
  • Nighttime Care: Use a satin or silk scarf or pillowcase to preserve your curls while sleeping.
  • Avoid Overuse of Heat: Limit the use of heated styling tools to maintain hair health and prevent damage.

36. Blonde Goddess Braids With Curls

Blonde Goddess Braid

Image by @flawlessbraidss via Instagram

It’s not a goddess braid party until we see some long, blonde hair. Go platinum this season with these super long, mid-sized poetic justice braids.

You can sprinkle in some hair jewelry and curl the ends for a delicate touch. To embrace the imperfection of our own natural hair, mix long and short curls.

Simply place them at random intervals throughout your hair. No planning, just artistic expression.

Dark roots work great with platinum blonde because it makes you look like you just dyed your hair blonde.

Even as the hair grows, it will give the illusion that your natural roots are coming through. 

37. Slim Multitone Goddess Braids with Curls 

Slim Multitone

Image by @zainabbalogun via Instagram

If one color isn’t enough, go for this pre-mixed assortment of browns, reds, blacks, and oranges. It’s a sunset for your hair.

They’re basically micro-braids, so they will take a long time, but that shouldn’t stop you. Instead, focus on the ocean waves you’ll be rocking for the next two to three months.

This hair comes pre-curled, so you don’t have to bother with Flexi-rods and hot water.

Instead, just braid until you reach the point where your natural hair stops and let the curls do the heavy lifting. The shape will prevent the hair from unraveling. 

38. Cornrow Crown Goddess Braids With Curls 

Cornrow Crown Goddess Braid

Image by @sashiee.tv via Instagram

This cornrow crown gets a standing ovation for coming close to a Greek goddess braid. Not only is it simple, but it emulates the feminine figurines you often see in museums.

You’ll need one pack of long Kanekalon braids and one pack of freetress curls. Pre-braid the crown and secure it to your slicked back hair with bobby pins.

Next, attach the coils to the smaller braid around the mega crown. You’re ready to be Aphrodite’s lady in waiting with those few steps. 

39. Fluffy Afro Goddess Braids With Curls

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Fluffy Afro

Image by @hairbysusy via Instagram

Want a curl pattern that matches your natural hair? Try this tight curl afro puff ponytail. The tight curls create a lot of volume at the back while highlighting critical features like your lips, eyes, and cheeks.

You can use a textured fiber like Marley braids for the cornrows at the front.

That will give off a double-textured outcome. Since the hair is already fluffy, you don’t have to worry about frizz, making it a low-maintenance option. 

40. Purple Passion Goddess Box Braids With Curls 

Purple Passion Goddess Box Braid

Image by @glambymerry via Instagram

If you’re tired of the typical black and brown box braids, go color crazy and be a purple goddess. These braids have various shades of purple, so they’re not “costumey” or over the top.

Add gold accents with metallic string and cuffs. Synthetic hair works best, as you’ll be able to find readily available pre-colored curl extensions that suit your braids. 


41. Wavy Bun Goddess Box Braids With Curls

Wavy Bun Goddess Box Braid

Image by @naturally_younique via Instagram

If Medusa had her hair in a bun, it would look like this. You can’t tell where it starts and where it ends.

It seems complicated, but it’s not. Just install regular jumbo box braids and crochet in your curly pieces.

You can use the rubber band method to create a secure and robust braid. After that, use a large hair scrunchie and tie your braids into a bun.

Finally, you can loosely swirl some of the curly ends into the bun or let them fall naturally. Either way, you’ll get the desired result. 

42. Silver Corded Goddess Braids With Curls 

Silver Corded Goddess Braid

  Image by @tammy_dark via Instagram

Look strong in this salt and pepper silver combo. These phone-cord curls are achieved with medium size Flexi rods and hot water.

Be sure to wrap the hair tightly around the rod and squeeze each coil close to form a tight curl.

Over time, the curls will drop, but the great thing about synthetic hair is you can repeat the process again and get the same result. 

43. Long Lemonade Goddess Braids With Curls

Long Lemonade Goddess Braid

Image by @nailplustotalbeauty via Instagram

If you love lemonade braids, you will adore this ultra-long, goddess curl version.

Instead of just straight lines falling on one side of your face, you can have this big, generous wave.

Yonce would be proud. For a consistent, clean look, braid in the curly extensions. They look more intentional that way.

A few swirl edges complete the look. If only you could find a blue Cadillac to ride around in. 

With Goddess Braids on your mind, you’ve probably got many questions. Well, we have answers! 

44. Red Goddess Braids With Curls

Red Goddess Braids

Image by @worldofbraidingvia Instagram

This fashion is stunning. The red braids without knots look wonderful. Loose hair is typically on the ends, in the braids, or sprinkled throughout the goddess braids.

Even with just the latter two, this look is gorgeous. A little dimension is also added by adding a few black braids to break up the hue.

Pro Tip

Use a hairband or a scrunchie to secure your high ponytail for added comfort and style. It not only holds your curls elegantly but also minimizes tension on your scalp.

45. Twist Goddess Braids With Curls

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Twist Goddess Braid

Image by @shekiraf via Instagram

With this style, the braids incorporated with the curly hair are scarcely visible. This will be ideal if you want more curls and fewer braids.

46. Blonde Goddess Braids With Curls

Blonde Goddess Braid

Image by @thea_listlifestylesandton via Instagram

Blonde Goddess Braids with big, cascading curls exude an enchanting allure.

The lustrous blonde hue flows through meticulously woven goddess braids, gracefully adorning the crown.

As these divine braids converge, they give way to voluminous, luxurious curls that tumble down like golden waterfalls, framing the face and celebrating the essence of radiant elegance.

This exquisite fusion of intricate braids and lavish curls captures a harmonious blend of strength and allure, embodying the spirit of a modern-day goddess.

47. Jumbo Bohemian knotless Goddess Braids With Curls

Jumbo Bohemian knotless Goddess Braid

Image by @bonabraids via Instagram

Transform your style with stunning jumbo Bohemian knotless goddess braids. These voluminous box braids exude elegance and flair, elegantly cascading down your shoulders.

Enhanced with charming curls at the ends, these braids combine tradition with modern chic, offering a captivating and fashionable look that celebrates your natural beauty.

48. 99j Goddess Braids With Curls

 99j Goddess Braid

Image by @winniehands_ via Instagram

Vibrant 99j Goddess braids adorned with luscious curls, exuding an aura of bold elegance.

These striking red-hued braids cascade gracefully, intertwining with soft curls that add a touch of glamour.

A captivating fusion of rich color and textured beauty, the 99j Goddess braids with curls create a mesmerizing and unforgettable look that radiates confidence and allure.

49. Stitch Ponytail Goddess Braids With Curls

Stitch Ponytail Goddess Braid

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

Though this stitch-braid ponytail would be adorable on its own, adding wavy hair makes it much prettier. This will last longer than a ponytail and is a good alternative.

49. Jumbo Goddess Braids With Curls

Jumbo Goddess Braid

Image by @braidedbytee via Instagram

Create a bold and elegant statement with jet black Jumbo Goddess Braids adorned with cascading curls.

These voluminous braids exude confidence, while the sleek black hue adds a touch of sophistication.

The interplay of substantial braids and luscious curls creates a striking fusion of textures, offering a captivating and empowering hairstyle that demands attention.

50. Chunky Goddess Braids With Curls

Chunky Goddess Braid

Image by @dequillagennay via Instagram

Next, we’ll show you a stylish hairstyle. The goddess braids are hefty and lengthy, with loose curls. The hair is additionally adorned with fashionable gold embellishments.

This is a lovely hairdo that would look great on everybody. Recreate this look or try it without the accessories for a casual approach.

51. Long Goddess Braids With Curls

Long Goddess Braid

Image by @reformedhair via Instagram

The long goddess braids with curled ends are a hairstyle’s dream come true since they let you express your personality while retaining a delicate and lovely appearance. Embrace your feminine side!

52. High Ponytail Goddess Braids With Curls

High Ponytail Goddess Braid

Image by @dadouhair via Instagram

The high ponytail with the long and lush goddess box braids has a princess-like appearance.

With this updo, you’ll be ready to shine in any situation, so get prepared for lots of praise! Select the length that seems comfortable to you, then leave the rest to your hairdresser.

53. Center-Parted Black Goddess Braids With Curls

 Center-Parted Black Goddess Braid

Image by @criouloshair via Instagram

The best hairstyles for black queens are goddess braids. They are available in a variety of colors, lengths, and sizes, and you can add distinctive embellishments to get the exact look you want.

54. Asymmetrical Lob Goddess Braids With Curls

Asymmetrical Lob Goddess Braid

Image by @ready.trancei via Instagram

An alluring asymmetrical curly lob adorned with intricate Goddess braids, effortlessly combining modern chic with timeless elegance.

The playful curls cascade around the shoulders, while the Goddess braids interweave gracefully, enhancing the captivating appeal of this stylish fusion.

55. Sandy Blonde Goddess Braids With Curls

Sandy Blonde Goddess Braid

Image by @melsxbeautyhair via Instagram

Elegant sandy blonde Goddess braids adorned with cascading curls, effortlessly blending regal sophistication with natural charm.

These intricate braids frame the face while the luscious curls add a touch of glamour, creating a captivating hairstyle that exudes grace and allure.

56. Elegant Black Lob Goddess Braids With Misty Blonde Curls

Elegant Black Lob Goddess Braid

Image by @umatrancista via Instagram

Embrace elegance with a chic black lob adorned by intricate Goddess braids, exuding regal allure.

Enveloping misty blonde curls add a touch of ethereal charm, seamlessly blending sophistication and playfulness in this captivating and dynamic hairstyle.

57. Beachy Blonde Goddess Braids With Curls

Beachy Blonde Goddess Braid

Image by @didorich via Instagram

A mix of styles offers you a distinct appearance. This goddess braid design looks excellent, with a curly caramel ponytail tied in a sophisticated knot.

58. Extra-Long Caramel Brown Goddess Braids With Curls

Extra-Long Caramel Brown

Image by @pronto.trancei via Instagram

Elegant extra-long caramel brown goddess braids cascade gracefully, framing the face warmly.

Luxurious curls at the ends add a playful twist, infusing the style with effortless charm and sophistication.

A mesmerizing fusion of length, color, and texture that embodies a captivating goddess allure.

59. Gorgeous Goddess Braids With Curls

Gorgeous Goddess Braid

Image by @hairbybherra via Instagram

Then there are the stunning lengthy goddess braids. These braids are skinny, so you can see how braid thickness affects the appearance of your hair. This is a very glam look, and the curls look fantastic.

This is it if you want hair that will turn heads for any event. You can recreate this look or go for a shorter version.

60. Trendy Goddess Braids With Curls

Trendy Goddess Braid

Image by @iam_cynthe_braidslayer via Instagram

Next, we’ll show you another stylish haircut. The braids and curls have a side part for this look, and the style is stunning.

This is another simple style that is appropriate for everyone. It is also versatile, so it can look edgy or classy, depending on how you wear it.

61. Jumbo Size Blue Goddess Braids With Curls

umbo Size Blue Goddess Braid

Image by @afrolaytina via Instagram

Do you like bright hair colors? If so, have a look at this hairstyle. This look includes chunky goddess braids.

The braids are a vibrant blue color. We adore the blue hue since it is so eye-catching.

A rich shade like this is ideal for folks who wish to stand out in style. This color is perfect for the summer.

Fun Fact

The tradition of braiding hair has been practiced for thousands of years, with roots in various cultures worldwide. Braids have held special significance, symbolizing social status, age, and even marital status in different societies throughout history.

62. Bright Blonde Goddess Braids With Curls

Bright Blonde Goddess Braid

Image by @iam_cynthe_braidslayer via Instagram

Do you like bright blonde hairstyles? If so, consider the following suggestion. We have very lengthy goddess braids here.

The hair is also a lovely light blonde. This hairstyle is ideal for the summer and will stand out.

You can replicate this or try a different shade of blonde. Caramel blonde would look fantastic.

63. Simple & Trendy Goddess Braids With Curls

Simple & Trendy Braids

Image by @brittnaydiditr via Instagram

The following haircut is trendy, easy, and stunning.

Long braids with tight curls characterize this look. This style of hair is effortless to wear and will suit everybody. Keep it basic, or jazz it up with various accessories.

Gold cuffs will look fantastic. An alternative hair color, such as red or blonde, would also look amazing; perhaps ombre?

With Goddess Braids on your mind, you’ve probably got many questions. Well, we have answers! 

What Are Goddess Braids? 

Essentially, Goddess Braids are a chunkier version of traditional cornrows.

It’s an elevated cornrow. You get Goddess Braids with curls when you add wavy extensions throughout the plaits.

The same can be said for Goddess Box Braids. They incorporate different curl textures into the foundation of box braids.

Any braid can become a goddess braid, be it poetic justice braids, Senegalese twists, or passion twists.

The name comes from the thick cornrows and wispy, wind-blown hair that resemble fictional depictions of goddesses. They’re often associated with softness, beauty, and femininity. 

You can create your own goddess braids by mixing and matching elements from this list. If anything sticks out to you as absolutely beautiful, take from it.

Who knows, you might be inspired to create the next braiding trend. 

How Much Do Goddess Braids Cost? 

This tricky question has multiple answers depending on your location, expected braid length, style, and the hair you’ll need.

If you’re going for the basic giant cornrows with curls look, it could cost you around 100-150 dollars.

You could pay anywhere from 200-400 dollars for extra embellishments or goddess box braids. These rates sometimes don’t account for the hair you’ll use.

Rates tend to vary throughout different cities within the U.S. Some cities like Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York will charge more.

Countries in Europe or Asia might charge more if braiding is less common.

Fewer braid techs create a high demand and low supply. Some countries have it easy.

African nations like Nigeria, Kenya, or any country within the continent have braid techs just around the corner due to the heavy braiding culture. They will charge you significantly less.

Around 10-50 dollars. If you’re getting a headache from seeing all of these prices, you might want to try a DIY alternative.

So here’s what you’ll need. Kanekalon hair, styling gel or edge control, mousse, a rat-tail comb, and freetress or lulutress extensions. How much you use depends on the style you want.

Cornrows can take up 3-4 packs of Kanekalon and one pack of freetress hair. Box braids can take 5-8 Kanekalon packs and 2-3 freetress packs.

What Kind Of Hair Do You Use For Goddess Braids? 

Today there are so many brands that cater to anyone who wants to give goddess braids a try, so you shouldn’t bother with that.

Focus instead on the texture and quality of the braiding hair, and you’ll be pleased with the result, no matter which brand you go for. Next, you need a smooth Kanekalon fiber extension for the cornrow or box braid.

These can be bought in jumbo packs, and they come in more colors and variations than you can count. 

Where people’s opinions differ lies in the curly hair selection. While synthetic hair is cheaper, human hair lasts longer.

To save money, buy synthetic hair for the braids, and human hair for the curly additions.

They won’t get as tangled, and your overall look will go a long way. Especially if you install your braids using the knotless method.

Buy a loose wavy pattern that isn’t too tight. Beach and body wave human hair works brilliantly.

If you’re still not ready to splurge on the real thing, go for a soft, shine-free synthetic curl. It will mimic human hair. 

How Long Does It Take To Install Goddess Braids?

Braids have a reputation for taking a long time to install. But the payoff is more than worth it. If you want clean, crisp well-done braids, be prepared to sit for a while.

The time frame, like many other things, depends on the style you want. Micro braids and mini twists are notorious for taking up to 8 hours, sometimes 12.

Regular box braids with wave extensions can take around 8 hours. Clocking in with the shortest time are the cornrow hairstyles.

They take anywhere from 2-4 hours. Stitch braids can take longer because one must part each stitch precisely if they want that effect. 

To ensure you’re not caught with a half braided head at the office on Monday morning, dedicate the weekend to getting your hair done.

Of course, if you’re doing it yourself at home, time isn’t as much of a factor. So sit back, relax, and binge-watch your favorite series as you braid. 

How Do You Keep Goddess Braids From Frizzing?

Goddess braids might be beautiful, but they’re notorious for frizzing up and becoming unmanageable.

The blend of two textures means double the maintenance, and sometimes we get lazy and skip our goddess braid hair care.

In addition, the puffy frizz can hide your beautiful box or cornrow braids under a mess of unkempt hair. To avoid this, take your maintenance routine seriously.  

First off, it might hurt your pockets, but human hair is your best bet when shopping around for wavy extensions to add to your braids.

They barely tangle, and when they do, a light mouse or moisturizer will wake them up.

If you buy synthetic hair, go for loose curl options. They puff up as much when you pull them apart.

Make sure you part larger sections of wavy hair. That way, they won’t separate and frizz up as fast.

Try to keep the manipulation low while separating the curly strands. You could even add mousse before splitting and installing them. 

Once the wavy hair is in, sleep with a silk or satin scarf to avoid friction with your cotton or linen pillowcase.

Add some alcohol-free mousse and comb through the hair with your fingers if you see any minimal frizz. 

How Long Do Goddess Braids With Curls Last? 

Goddess braids are a long-lasting protective style that often looks better the older they get.

The light waves create a bohemian vibe that doesn’t require complete neatness.

So you can get away with keeping Goddess box braids in for around 8 weeks. Goddess cornrow braids are less forgiving.

After about 4 weeks, they’re ready to takedown. If you’re at the two-week mark and feel like they could use a refresher, gently wash your baby hairs and re-style them.

If you want toe curls to last longer, buy human hair. It won’t get matted as quickly as synthetic fiber.  

The general rule of thumb is that if your goddess braids get matted, significantly loosen, start to itch severely, or smell unclean, it’s time to take them out.

Remember that your natural hair needs time to breathe, and after a while, braids stop being protective and turn into a hindrance.

You don’t want to compromise your actual hair just because your braids looked cute a few weeks ago. 

Release Your Inner Goddess! 

Which style is your favorite? Check out this detailed tutorial for the best DIY Goddess Braids Experience. 

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