41 Yellow Nail Designs To Brighten Your Beauty Routine

Key Takeaways
  • Yellow nails bring a burst of energy and sunshine to your look, making them a unique and vibrant choice.
  • Incorporating yellow into your nail design can range from subtle accents to bold, statement-making styles.
  • Pastel yellow shades are perfect for a soft and delicate nail look, while neon yellows add a pop of excitement to your nails.
  • Yellow nail designs can be inspired by nature, such as sunflowers or lemons, for a refreshing and cheerful aesthetic.

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From elegant to eccentric, we curated a list of irresistible yellow nail art designs to get you started on the journey to stunning nails! 

As one of the most happening shades at the moment, yellow is a color you could fall in love with instantly because of how zesty and fresh it looks.

Yellow is not only such an instant mood booster color but also a versatile shade you can wear solely or make cute nail art with.

From dainty daisies to funky prints, you’re sure to find something you’d love to wear on your nails. Let’s scroll and bookmark one nail art at a time!

Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your nails are clean, trimmed, and free from any existing polish or residue.
  • Choose a yellow shade that suits your skin tone and personal style.
  • Apply a clear base coat to protect your natural nails and prevent staining.
  • Set up your workspace with good lighting, proper ventilation, and a steady hand for precise application.
  • Have nail polish remover and cotton swabs on hand to clean up any mistakes and achieve a neat finish.

1. Silver Stripes Yellow Nail Designs

Silver Stripes Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @prime_nails_miami via Instagram

Looking for something zesty yet subtle? Turn to these pastel yellow nails with silver line art.

The yellow is an aesthetic statement, but the silver criss-cross lines give it an edgy twist. The almond nails are a perfect addition to this mix. 

2. Minimal Art Yellow Nail Designs

Minimal Art Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @nailsbynazish via Instagram

Modern abstract art has our attention for looking the most aesthetic in every context they’re put into, whether it is our interiors, clothes, or nails!

The combination of yellow and white is lively yet understated, with the white toning down the flashing yellow.

The abstract art puts the theme of ‘one with nature’ into play flawlessly, while the black adds a classy, sophisticated touch.

You’re sure to keep your eyes glued to the beautiful piece of art on your nails for hours!


3. Hot Like Summer Yellow Nail Designs

Hot Like Summer Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @madisondoesnailart via Instagram

Classic bright yellow with square-shaped nails is what summer dreams are made of. The square nails are a refreshing, edgy touch to the feisty vibe of the yellow.

Next time you’re looking for a breezy transition into summer dresses, florals, and bikinis– you might want to add yellow nails to the list!

4. Animal Print Yellow Nail Designs

Animal Print Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @nails_yerlin via Instagram

Animal print nails are timeless; however, they can quickly look loud for those of us who want to experiment but like to keep it on the down-low.

We love that these nails play with glossy bright yellow and a soft pastel matte yellow, making it look groovy and classy simultaneously.

The leopard print on the pastel yellow with black and beige brings in a refreshingly understated vibe that makes for perfect everyday wear.

5. Tweet Valentine Yellow Nail Designs

Tweet Valentine Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @me.nailz via Instagram

We love a well-animated throwback to our good ‘ol childhood days, and these long square yellow nails featuring Tweety, undoubtedly one of the cutest animated characters ever, will sweep us off our feet.

Of course, we can’t help but gush over the lovestruck theme of these nails, making them the perfect manicure to adorn your nails when you’re struck by cupid and looking for a cutesy makeover!


6. Snake Art Yellow Nail Designs

Snake Art Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @allyssapower via Instagram

While yellow nails are all about the fun, we can’t help crushing on the snake nail art that makes the yellow look edgy and sexy.

We especially love the leaves and eye detailing that give a spiritual depth to these nails.

The mini sparkles made with white and black nail paint perfectly fit the spiritual but savage theme and add an extra zest to this incredibly chic nail art. 

7. Cresent and Stars Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @adriana_nailss via Instagram

Minimalistic nails have a very sophisticated aura, and these bright yellow nails with black nail art prove it right.

The stars and the moon painted in black on ring fingers give a delicate touch to these yellow nails while still keeping them understated and refreshing.

8. Black mustard Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @ravennailsmx via Instagram

Looking for something edgy and outrageously out there? Go for these mustard yellow stiletto nails with black abstract lines.

We think these abstract lines that look almost like tiger stripes are fierce and add to the drama of long stiletto nails.

These nails are so vogue; everyone is sure to turn back just to get a second glimpse at your spicy nails!

9. Tiger Print Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @art_nails_by_kat via Instagram

We love a good ombre, but these nails might just be the best ombre we’ve seen in a while. The cyber yellow nails with a white ombre and tiger print look wild and untamed.

The tiger stripes especially look so natural because of the thoughtful ombre.

These nails are the ultimate pick if you want to unleash your wild self and show everyone who’s the boss!

10. Happy Smiles Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @n.cellvia via Instagram

Nothing, and we repeat, nothing can beat the simple joy that these classic smiley faces bring to us.

These amber yellow ballerina nails with black smiley faces are a cute throwback to start your summer or fall with.

The shape of the nails is so elegant, juxtaposed by the quirkiness of the emojis. Well, that’s what we call a perfect mix!


Quick Guide: Yellow Nail Designs

  • Color Palette: Choose a yellow shade that complements your skin tone and suits the occasion.
  • Artistic Options: Get creative with designs, such as nail art, patterns, or gradients.
  • Protective Base: Apply a clear base coat to prevent staining and promote polish longevity.
  • Top Coat Finish: Seal your design with a top coat for added shine and durability.

11. Lemonade Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @setsby_mo via Instagram

Long square nails are always such a vibe if you’re looking for something sassy and vogue. These yellow nails look bright, while the rhinestones add lushness and pizzazz.

12. Yellow Slashes Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @paintboxnails via Instagram

Baby pink and yellow is a cute combination for those who like to keep it minimal and breezy.

What’s better is that it’s super easy to achieve even at home! All you have to do is paint your nails with a baby pink nail color and set it with a topcoat.

Once it dries, stick a thin tape angularly near your tip and trace the edges on either side with lemon yellow nail paint.

Wait for the nail color to dry, and then take the tape off. Finish off with a top coat, and voila!

You have trendy, subtle nails that are perfect for every occasion, whether sippin’ margaritas by the beach or a formal lunch.

13. Pastel Floral Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @nails.zone.by.natalia via Instagram

Our generation’s obsession over pastels isn’t ending anytime soon and we are digging it!

The pastel yellow with square nails looks so elegant and minimal, while the yellow tip on the ring finger adds in a unique touch.

However, what seals this look are the cute daisies that make the nails look so girly chic.

14. Honey Suckle Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @nailsby_jacobp via Instagram

Are you ready to go all out with some yellow glam? We are so used to seeing yellow nails with cute or quirky nail art, but these long square nails in bright yellow with glitter and rhinestones take a glitzy spin.

The marble blending in yellow and white with glitter abstract lines looks aesthetically pleasing, while the holo rhinestones give it an expensive feel.

15. Lime Leaves Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @roxana.lamba via Instagram

A bright lime-yellow is a perfect shade to transition your nails from fall to winter because it’s so light and refreshing while being on the cooler side of yellow shades.

The stray leaves painted together seem like the perfect representation of fall, and the fact that they’re painted in black looks so flattering and soft-pedaled. 


16. Smooth Like Butter Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @lasecka.makeup via Instagram

Who needs fancy nail art to make a statement when plain yellow nails are a bold statement by themselves?

A classic yellow polish with square nails is underrated because it looks like a whole moment and vibe!

17. Sunny Tips Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @an_nail_art_ via Instagram

Colored french tips are undoubtedly a crowd favorite at the moment, but if you’re not ready to let go of your classic single polish yet, these nails might be the best pick for you.

The short stiletto yellow nails with a stand-alone yellow french tip on the ring fingers look like a new timeless piece added to the vanity.

Keep In Mind

  • Skin Tone: Choose a shade of yellow that complements your skin tone for a flattering look.
  • Preparation: Start with clean, well-groomed nails for a polished finish.
  • Top Coat: Apply a top coat to protect your design and extend its longevity.
  • Creativity: Experiment with nail art techniques like patterns, gradients, or accent nails for a unique style.
  • Maintenance: Be prepared for regular touch-ups, as bright colors like yellow may show signs of wear more quickly.

18. Autumn Vibes Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @bymelistudio via Instagram

Yeah, summer nails are pretty fun, and now it’s time for autumn to chime in, which means a total wardrobe makeover.

We all know that a wardrobe change also calls for new nails, so we got the perfect inspo for you to transition from summer to fall.

These lemon yellow nails with intricately detailed leaves and ombre flowers look delicate and still keep the beachy vibes of summer intact!

19. Glitters And Sparkles Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @sallon_bukurie_bruna via Instagram

If you want to get yellow nails that you can flaunt all year round and not just in summers, here are the perfect nails to do it in.

The pastel yellow square nails with glitter tips on index fingers and silver glitter nails on ring fingers look so frosty and glam.

The glitter pulls yellow over to make perfect winter nails that you’d love to flaunt on NYE. These nails are also a perfect option for those looking toward a full party summer calendar!

20. Marvelous And Marbled Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @opi via Instagram

If you’re looking for something with a touch of yellow with a burst of colors, these white marble nails are the way to go.

The gorgeous white almond nails with an abstract marble design in yellow and pink are so artsy and feminine. Also, love how the ring looks with the nails *ahem, perfect proposal nails alert!* 


21. Sun Shines Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @vurvesalon via Instagram

Looking for nails that capture the radiance of sunshine?

These warm yellow nails with a statement golden glitter nail are the perfect way to do that!

You’re sure to feel warm, fuzzy and glowing just like the sun when you look down at this gorgeous mani.

22. Reverse French Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @woow_beauty_nails via Instagram

We love our french tips, and we cannot lie. However, these nails would be the first choice if we had to spruce it up while still going for a minimal look.

The nude nails with a lemon yellow near the cuticles make for a dreamy and unique reverse french tip to don your nails with this season!

Pro Tip

To make your yellow nails pop, start with a white base coat to enhance the vibrancy of the yellow polish. This ensures a bold and eye-catching look.

23. Bright and Funky Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @beautique_karla via Instagram

If you’re feeling unconventional and want to go for some fiery, spunky nails, there is no better choice than these bright yellow square nails with funky designs.

The cross smiley face, hearts, stars, fire, and abstract lines all come together to make the nails look like contemporary art straight out of an artsy cafe.

24. Pastel Peach Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @en_vie_nails via Instagram

Matte finish pastels have a certain finesse that makes them look so elegant.

These short square nails with pastel yellow and peach will make you feel instantly calm and relaxed.

The golden reverse french tip is a sparkly surprise we don’t mind because it reminds us that even on the faded of days, we must keep glowing like the queens we are!

25. Slanting Hearts Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @hellomsmani via Instagram

If you thought heart nails were cute, hold your breath for these angular heart nails that hit the right spot between eccentric and adorable!

The plain nails with an angular heart in yellow break so many traditional nail art rules, and we love this new approach.

Who is up for making these official valentines day nails because, like our love, even the nail art is twisted *phew* 


26. Short and Cute Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @mkupnailsalon via Instagram

We’re constantly shooing away short nails because we think they don’t allow for many creative nail art designs.

However, these yellow nails paired with black and white prove us wrong by pulling off one of the cutest nail arts ever!

The plain yellow nail paint on three nails with black freckles on a white base on the ring finger is a statement enough for us.

Although, the star of the show is the dual-toned moment between yellow and white with black scribbles in the middle.

The whole nail art looks so refreshingly artsy while still capturing raw quirky energy.

27. Easter Eggs Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @girlgossipsbyolive via Instagram

Looking for nails that show off your quirky personality subtly?

Then these pastel yellow nails with freckles of black nail paint are your pick because of how cute and fun they look!

They’re perfect for everyday wear which means you can rock them in all your OOTDs, from work wear to jeans to your favorite LBD!

28. Florals and Beads Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @talyas_nail_studio via Instagram

We never say no to a dash of sass and trend, and these nails are serving just that in the most subtle and feminine manner.

This nail art with daisies and rhinestones on the index and ring fingers oozes indulgence and elegance.

At the same time, the lemon yellow and white perfectly complements each other to result in these dainty summer nails!

29. Summer Paradise Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @7k._.l7 via Instagram

Marble and ombre nails with shades of yellow are a statement enough to flaunt around but if you’re looking to spice them up further, try adding some jewel beads and rhinestones to your nails.

It will ensure a royal look by highlighting your nails exquisitely!

30. Negative Space Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @nailart.iideas via Instagram

Are you someone who likes everything organized and neat with a dash of dazzling personality? These matte ochre yellow and black square nails are just the pick!

The play with black lines and yellow nail paint is so aesthetically pleasing and can instantly make you feel put together and eccentric at the same time.

An actual piece of art (nails) for a true piece of art (you!)


31. Stripes and Dots Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @nailss_rp via Instagram

Flaunting a fresh manicure is one of the most underrated yet satisfying feelings.

Speaking of underrated, we think these simple faded yellow nails with a hint of black in the form of dots and lines look so effortlessly beautiful while being so unique! 

32. Heat Waves Yellow Nail Designs

Heat Waves Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @slayedbykelly via Instagram

Glazed everything looks fantastic– Glazed donuts, cinnamon buns, and these equally yummy-licious nails.

The square nails with an abstract blend of white and yellow with outlines of golden glitter look like the richest overlay of sunshine, and we are totally crushed!

33. Like a Cactus Yellow Nail Designs

 Like a Cactus Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @js.makeup.beauty.room via Instagram

Bright yellow and electric green are a surprisingly refreshing and eccentric color combo.

We usually refrain from using two bright colors together to keep away from any fashion mishaps, but these nails are making us consider pairing our yellows and greens together!

These quirky almond nails with a kiwi-inspired green nailart and a statement bold yellow shade have gotten all of our attention because of how unique, fun and vogue they look.

Adding this to the summer nails vanity! 

Fun Fact

Yellow nail designs have been used throughout history to symbolize happiness and optimism. In ancient Egypt, people used saffron to achieve vibrant yellow nails, signifying wealth and well-being.

34. Logo Maniac Yellow Nail Designs

Logo Maniac Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @ndzbeautysalon via Instagram

Are you a fashion geek? Turn to these Louis Vuitton-themed yellow nails that look so expensive and chic.

The long squared nails with a burst of nail art and textures are so intricately flawless. The ombre, rhinestones, and the LV logo fit so impeccably. 

35. “Bee” Mine Yellow Nail Designs

“Bee” Mine Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @clxnails via Instagram

These bee-themed ballerina nails are your best bet if you’re looking for something contemporary and cheesy.

The bee skin texture and the fun wordplay on bee mine are cute and make for ideal lovestruck summer nails.

The hearts and the mini bees are a quirky addition but what caught our attention is the beehive made with golden nail paint.

It subtly complements the whole theme while adding some spunk to this nail art. So if you’ve got a beau by the beach this summer, these nails might be the ones for you!


36. Yellow Magic Yellow Nail Designs

Yellow Magic Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @short_nail_notes via Instagram

Long yellow nails by themselves are a bold statement, but if you’re willing to take one step further to truly unleash your aesthetic, here is a funky combination of black and yellow polka dots.

The polka dots are a fun throwback moment, while the black and yellow complement each other perfectly in this not-so-subtle nail art. Tbh, we love the boss girl vibes in these nails. 

37. Beeswax Yellow Nail Designs

Beeswax Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @mameegu10 via Instagram

There is so much happening in these nails, with the main theme focused on a beehive. These nails show how much you can play around with one theme to make something fun, and delicate to fit your style.

The yellow ombre in two different styles– one with glitter and the other with a pearl- makes the whole look dainty.

The holo glitter tips with a pearl that jazzes these nails up add to the intricacy.

Of course, the yellow outlines with a beehive on the nails take the main stage because of how unique and trendy it looks! A perfect girly manicure for you to flaunt around with your sundresses. 

38. Line art Yellow Nail Designs

Line art Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @indigo.syddanmark via Instagram

There’s just something so alluring about abstract line art that makes us instantly drawn to them.

The black line art set against a bright yellow backdrop looks like the perfect summer dream that you can wear all year round.

The abstract lines drawn in an almost haze look so elegant and minimal while the yellow gives a gleaming, zesty touch. 

39. Scaredy Cat Yellow Nail Designs

Scaredy Cat Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @kyynte_buduaar via Instagram

Halloween nails are always a fun rendezvous, but if you’re someone who wants to spook it up without going all out, here’s a minimal nail inspo for you.

These almond yellow nails with an accented black nail art are just the pick.

The black abstract art that almost has a hazy, 3D texture to it looks like the silhouette of a scary cat perfectly fitting the Halloween theme. 

40. Like a Tiger Yellow Nail Designs

 Like a Tiger Yellow Nail Designs Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @lmg_nail15 via Instagram

Channelize the fierce tigress in you with these matte yellow nails! The matte mustard yellow paired with intricately done tiger skin print looks so regal and oozes strength and power.

The matte yellow makes the nails look so classy and smart even with the funky animal print. 


41. Mushroom Design Nail paint

Yellow Nail Designs

Image by @manixmebox via Instagram

Mushroom design Yellow nail polish, a captivating hue that effortlessly combines sophistication with playfulness.

This unique nail lacquer marries the natural allure of mushrooms with a cheerful yellowish tint, creating a beautiful shade that effortlessly transitions from sophisticated to vivacious.

The subtle mushroom-inspired design adds a touch of whimsy to your nails, while the soft yellow undertones radiate warmth and vibrancy.

With a single coat, this polish provides a smooth, flawless finish, and its long-lasting formula ensures your manicure stays chip-free for days.

Elevate your style with the Mushroom Design Yellowish Nail Paint, a versatile and enchanting choice that beautifully complements any look, from casual to chic.

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