55 Star Nail Designs That Are Out Of This World

Key Takeaways
  • Paint your nails with a dark base color and create a specific constellation pattern with tiny stars using white or metallic polish.
  • Cover your nails with glittery nail polish and add small star-shaped nail stickers or hand-painted stars for a sparkling and celestial look.
  • Paint your nails with a dark or gradient background, and add shooting stars with a trail of glitter or metallic polish.
  • Use a light base color and create starburst patterns with radiating lines and dots to mimic exploding stars.

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Star nail designs are a favorite of the new trendy nails coming up. Surprisingly, the star nail is versatile enough to make numerous nail designs.

There are a variety of designs for both short and long nails. Star nails are perfect and festive in that they allow adding classic starry designs to a relatively simple look.

When trying to pick one look from all the designs, it’s vital to have different designs to choose from. Below are some 50+ star designs below you can wear.  

Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your nails are clean, dry, and free of any old polish or debris. Trim and shape them to your desired length and style.
  • Apply a clear base coat to protect your natural nails and create a smooth canvas for your star designs. Allow it to dry completely.
  • Choose the type of star design you want, whether it’s simple star decals, freehand painting, or nail stamping. Gather the necessary tools and materials.
  • Select your preferred nail polish colors for the stars. Consider the overall color scheme and balance in your design.
  • Creating star nail designs requires a steady hand and attention to detail. Take your time, and don’t rush the process to achieve clean and stunning results.

1. Glittering Black Star Nail Designs  

Image by @slay_my_nails_ via Instagram

Glittery black nail designs include simple black-based polish on short well-manicured nails.

The galaxy theme is added using a top coat with glitters on the middle finger. To ensure that the star design is easily seen, the base color used is nude to ensure that the black contrasting big star shines brightly.

2. Baby Star Nail Designs

Image by @krm.beauty via Instagram

The dreamy look is achieved with a pink nail polish base. Numerous black stars are drawn using black nail polish, with most having half-black stars. 


3. Golden Star Nail Designs

Image by @naileditbyliv via Instagram

There is no better way to upgrade plain colored nails than with golden stars. With twin golden stress on two fingers, the look is simple enough for everyday wear and elegant enough to be noticed.

4. Twinkling Star Nail Designs

Image by @nails_by_natalia_prodan via Instagram

Twinkling silver nails with a white background are simple to achieve. With a glossy top coat applied on all nails, star-shaped stickers are placed on the nails to beautify the plain nails. Alternating between filled-out and border stars gives the look a little more character.

5. Milk Stars Star Nail Designs  

Image by @courtneymarienailartist via Instagram

The milky star nail design is all about getting a cute look. With a simple nude-colored look on natural short nails, it’s easy to see the star details using white nail polish for the stars.


6. Candy Star Nail Designs  

Image by @jackiegiardina via Instagram

White glossy nails with a bit of purple are often linked to classy sophistication. Going a step further and getting the star design nail in purple gives it the notice it deserves.

Golden stars also incorporated carry the look with only two nails with the detailing; the almond-shaped nails complete the look.

7. Sparkling Star Nail Designs

Image by @embellishedby_rylie via Instagram

The sparkling nail design is about contrasting colors with big star nail designs chosen. It’s easy to get half the star design on the edges, completing it at the tip and the bottom. The cream nail-colored polish works perfectly for the brown glossy nail design.

8. Snow Star Nail Designs

Image by @mannequin. hands via Instagram

Achieving the snowy design look needs more expertise since it incorporates two different designs.

With the base colors different, a diagonal design is chosen to distinguish the two. However, the dark blue falling stars make it come together as one.

9. Star Galaxy Star Nail Designs  

Image by @nailartist.saraa via Instagram

The galaxy nail design is about transferring the galaxy onto short natural nails. Within the design, only the borders of the star design are drawn to avoid covering the planet designs.

Blue and purple themes dominate the look, creating a stunning two-color combination look.

Quick Star Nail Designs: A Guide to Celestial Nail Art

  • Star Selection: Choose from star patterns like five-pointed stars, shooting stars, or star clusters.
  • Color Harmony: Combine complementary nail polish colors for an eye-catching and cohesive design.
  • Precision Tools: Use nail art brushes, dotting tools, or star-shaped decals for precise star placement.
  • Top Coat Finish: Seal your star nail designs with a clear top coat to protect and enhance the longevity of your nail art. Maintain your star nails by applying a fresh top coat every few days to prevent chipping and fading.

10. Shining Night Star Nail Designs  

Image by @nailsbycxx_ via Instagram

Tips star nail design can only be described as the ultimate image of stary nights. The design is focused on the tips. The contrasting black and white colors are perfect French nails with a twist.


11. Simple Black Star Nail Designs  

Image by @nailartbc via Instagram

French nails are versatile and dependable. They might work almost every other day but look monotonous quickly after a few days.

To spice up the finished look are the black stary stars. A shiny top coat will make it look glossy and stand out.

12. Magical Star Nail Designs  

Image by @n.s.dokuichigo via Instagram

The magical nail design comprises nail designs that have a mixed nail design in them. In this regard, the nail design is all about a colorless base nail polish with golden glittery stars and golden polish as a nail base on alternating fingers.

13. Winter Star Nail Designs  

Image by @sakuranailsandiego via Instagram

A shimmery winter look is achieved using glittery blue nail polish with specs of white. To give the perfect contrast, the nails having the star decorations have black stars.

According to the length of the nail, the number of stars varies to ensure the nails look great without overcrowding.

14. Party Star Nail Designs  

Image by @nails_and_beauty_by_daisy via Instagram

The party star designs look precisely like a festival party star. The significant part is that the nude color gives the perfect plain base to make the metallic border polish of the star shine the brightest.

However, the stars aligning to the edge give off a mysterious and calm vibe to the look.

15. Glitter Star Nail Designs  

Image by @nailsbyaaron via Instagram

There are numerous stages needed to be done to achieve the look. First, the nail needs to be shaped carefully to achieve a pointy look before applying a nail strengthener.

Then the star stickers are used after the nail is dry. A colorless top coat is then applied before sprinkling glittery dust on the tips before it is dry.


16. Stars World Star Nail Designs

Image by @kae.nail via Instagram

The star world design is all about matching and precision. Stickers and star nail designs are placed; one hand has golden stars while the other has silver ones.

The star designs are then aligned in rows one after the other to cover the nails entirely.

17. Twin Black Star Nail Designs  

Image by @sugarnailsstatenisland via Instagram

The simplest way to get star designs is by keeping the base color simple.

In this case, the nude, almost baby pink color is just the right kind of mild color to give a perfect base that shows the beauty of the nails. The black star nail designs on top provide a simple look with the right touch.

18. White Star In Green Star Nail Designs  

Image by @nails.by.joceq via Instagram

The white stars on green nails work as statement nails. Although extremely short, the white stars are big enough with numerous sides to each one of them. The design is perfect for a celebration day to match the mood.

19. Cow Prints Star Nail Designs  

Image by @fancy_nancys_stockton via Instagram

Different is good. With this look, instead of the standard one-star color star designs, the stickers, in this case, have both black and white hence the cow image.

Keeping it simple with the nude colors, the cow star designs alternate with hollow star designs.

20. Simple Blue Star Nail Designs  

Image by @room21_salon via Instagram

The simple blue star designs need precision as the overall look depicts a faraway twinkling star.

White polish is applied carefully for a perfect circle using a round metal tool. The points are drawn outwards using a thin brush to make the star.

The mismatching gold nail polish gives the finished look a little more depth.


21. Rock Star Nail Designs  

Image by @ara21nails via Instagram

The rockstar nail design has many galaxy nail-inspired themes with the actual human form.

A creative friend or a beautician can come in handy to help with the design work. The perfect blend is achieved with the alternating orange and blue theme.

22. Star In Oceans Star Nail Designs  

Image by @joana.dias_estetica_massagem via Instagram

Star in the ocean is a French nail design with blue nail polish. The edges are well pointed out to give sharp edges.

The star design is then carefully applied to one of the fingernails, showing the view of a star reflected in ocean water.

23. Star tattoo Star Nail Designs  

Image by @nikkisnailounge via Instagram

The star tattoo is a unique nail design meant to last more than a few weeks. With the stick-on nails almost the color of the natural nail, it’s easy to focus on the tips and carefully apply nail polish for an elaborate design.

As the weeks progress and the nails grow out, the star designs can be used and extended to natural nails without looking out of place.

24. Choco milk Star Nail Designs  

Image by @sakuranailsandiego via Instagram

The choco milk design is a little different from other star nail designs in that it offers a 2D nail design that can be seen protruding from the nail bed.

To achieve the look, adding a bit more polish is vital to make the designs more pronounced. The nude and brown base colors make it easy to see the nail designs in gold.

25. Star Heaven Star Nail Designs  

Image by @minatonails via Instagram

Star heaven nail designs is an upcoming wedding trend nail design. With the French nails done impeccably, the star designs added are seen as a blessing.

With pearls in the design and a white galaxy look, adding a little character to the nail design is possible.


Keep In Mind

  • Theme and Inspiration: Decide on a theme or inspiration for your star nail design, such as a celestial, holiday, or galaxy theme.
  • Nail Shape: Consider the shape of your nails, as star designs can vary in appearance on different nail shapes, like square, almond, or stiletto.
  • Star Placement: Plan the placement of stars on your nails carefully to create a balanced and visually appealing design.
  • Nail Polish Quality: Invest in high-quality nail polish for vibrant colors and long-lasting results. Make sure your nail polish is smooth and easy to work with.Practice and Patience: Perfecting star nail designs may require practice, so be encouraged if your first attempt isn’t flawless. Take your time and enjoy the creative process.

26. Ice Star Nail Designs  

Image by @jessixe.nails via Instagram

The ice star nail design is a gothic design that shines bright. The blending of white and black nail polishes makes for a great base color. However, black star designs are applied to every blended nail to complete the look.

27. Star Joy Star Nail Designs  

Image by @simrans_salon via Instagram

The star joy nail design includes 3D designs of various astronomical stars to come with a beautiful look.

However, what has made it stand out is the white background, a base nail polish that makes the contrasting gold stand out.

28. Star Fish Star Nail Designs  

Image by @blossombyjosie via Instagram

The starfish focus creates a mirror-like illusion whereby the golden star designs are mirrored in either black or green.

To draw attention to the simple look, no contrasting colors are applied to natural nails.

29. Power Star Nail Designs  

Image by @affixnails via Instagram

The power star nail design incorporates both French-type nails and mirror designs. The natural nail uses red and white polish to bring out the plan.

The star design is also in red and white to give a glamorous feel red good finished design. 

30. Charming Star Nail Designs  

Image by @nicolarose_beauty via Instagram

The charming nail designs consist of star nail designs of different colors of the rainbow.

Picked at random, its small size makes it possible to pack as many as possible in one fingernail.

For good measure, the other nails are colored golden to add aesthetic appeal to the overall look.


31. Star Flakes Star Nail Designs  

Image by @bloomnailz via Instagram

Star flake blue designs are a creative design reached by free-hand creative art. With blue and white great color combinations, hollow blue stars on white base color make it a beautiful piece all around. With the planet curve at the edge, it comes off as highly creative.

32. Classic Star Nail Designs  

Image by @lanzynails via Instagram

The classic pink color is one of the most common trends and a starter in this star nail design.

It incorporates two kinds of pink with a glittery pink (as its base) and a baby pink color as the star designs. The sizes vary, and placement also varies, hence the visual appeal.

33. Purple Star Nail Designs  

Image by @instantbloom20 via Instagram

Matte-colored nail polish is always a sophisticated look that gives the right touch to a look.

However, mixing both glossy and matte looks is an excellent move as the shiner of glitters from the purple star contrasts well with the black matte background.

34. Silver Blue Star Nail Designs  

Image by @alice_x_nail via Instagram

The silver-blue design is achieved by using numerous coats of polish to get a unique star design.

In this regard, silver stick-on star designs are randomly placed on the nail after applying a coat of blue nail polish.

After drying off, the process is repeated twice to achieve a unique nail statement design.

35. Happy Star Nail Designs  

Image by @nails.wax.lash.tan via Instagram

Nail designs can easily define the mood. The colorful contrast between the three colors is black, gold and silver with the happy nail design.

The blend with the colors comes in as the star designs are of different sizes and randomly painted on the black nail base.

For a bit of flair, silver decorations are painted randomly for a cute decorative piece.


36. Star Accessories Star Nail Designs  

Image by @manimichaela via Instagram

Sometimes applying nail polish just is not enough to get the perfect look. Star jewel design attachment is necessary with long nails and an event to attend.

The stars are 3D in nature and hence need to be attached using an adhesive glue to stick.

The glue must be just enough to stick and is not too much as it will destroy the matte finish of the rest of the nail.

37. Delightful Star Nail Designs  

Image by @peachynailstudio via Instagram

Delightful star is indeed lovely as its final look mimics a half-moon. Instead of a white tip French nail, a black extended side French nail is achieved.

Gold star nail designs of different sizes are applied on each opposite side for a complete look.

38. Pop Star Star Nail Designs  

Image by @katten.nails via Instagram

The pop star nail design incorporates a half on half nail polish design. A nail polish brush with golden polish is applied from the center with the base coat already applied.

However, the brush is lightly pressed to ensure only a light coat of polish is applied. A top coat is applied after drying before the star design is done at half of the gold polish.

39. Smokey Star Nail Designs  

Image by @nailsbyravi_ via Instagram

Smokey star nail art design is an extended French nail design only towards one side. On closer inspection, the smokey design, white in color, does resemble white smoke ascending upwards.

Gold star designs are drawn using a nail brush before a glossy nail polish on top to seal the design in areas where the colorless base color is applied.

Pro Tip

Use a toothpick or a fine nail art brush for precise star detailing and intricate designs.

40. Colorful Star Nail Designs  

Image by @look_at_my_nails_bitch via Instagram

The colorful nail art design incorporates numerous colors to achieve the look. This is an excellent look that you can achieve at home.

However, it’s perfect with long nails as the colorful galaxy design needs a more extended nail base is better. For the glitter look, use a bright glitter top coat.


41. Clean Crystal Star Nail Designs  

Image by @nailsbylinab via Instagram

The clear crystal star nail design is a valentine’s love look, perfect for occasions celebrating love.

With clear polish used, a crystal rock look is achieved. However, to incorporate the love designs correctly, a layer of sticky love designs is applied before another one of the gold and yellow stars are used.

Two coats of top coat are applied to ensure the glossy finish is shining bright.

42.Chrome Blue and Silver Stars


  Image by @classyclaws.by.bec via Instagram

A blue chrome base creates the perfect canvas to showcase the shining silver stars in this nail design. Now, you can wear a stunning night sky on your nails!

43. Black and Silver Stars on Nude


Image by @nailsby__tessa via Instagram

This striking pattern features medium-sized stars outlined in black and filled in with glittery blue and black. Perfect for every occasion.

44. Silver Stars on Nude Pink


  Image by @_linadoll via Instagram

Transform your simple nude pink nails from plain to glamorous by incorporating 3D silver stars.

These silver stars add dimension and intrigue to your manicure, elevating it from understated elegance to a dazzling, eye-catching look.

The progression from plain to glam is effortless, making it an ideal choice for those who want to enhance their nail style with celestial charm and sophistication.

45. Sparkling White Stars on Metallic Pink


  Image by @mad.nice.mani via Instagram

These pink nails with stars are the ideal complement to the summer’s sweltering heat. All you have to do is paint your long, rounded nails a hot pink color, then decorate them with tiny white stars and dots for fun.

46. Stars and Constellations on Slate Blue


Image by @novel.nail.designs via Instagram

Even on their own, shimmering slate blue nails are distinctive. However, the moon and the Big Dipper elevate this appearance to a whole new level!

47. Starry White Sky


Image by @curedbybeth via Instagram

Elevate your French manicure by extending the white tips toward the cuticle, creating a stylish and attention-grabbing twist on a classic look.

Then, infuse your nails with flair by embellishing them with glittering gold stars and studs reminiscent of a sparkling starry night sky.

This nail design is a stunning combination of timeless sophistication and celestial charm, guaranteed to capture everyone’s attention. Finish with a clear topcoat to enhance its overall allure and durability.

48. Red Stars on Neon Pink


  Image by @carries_nails18 via Instagram

In this sassy nail art, medium-length almond nails are painted in a vibrant neon pink, setting an eye-catching backdrop.

Three bold red stars are artfully arranged in a random pattern, creating a playful and striking contrast.

This design is about making a statement and exuding confidence, perfect for those who want to stand out with style. A clear topcoat adds a glossy finish to complete the look.

49. Black and Light Blue Stars


  Image by @emilygilmour.nails via Instagram

This eye-catching nail art alternates between light blue and black stars on each nail. The design features a sizable lead in the center, with the colors reversed on the other hand.

This symmetrical yet contrasting pattern adds a modern and trendy twist to your manicure, ensuring it stands out with style. Finish with a clear topcoat for a polished look.

50. Half Stars


  Image by @jellybayn_nails via Instagram

This star nail design features glittery stars cut in half and positioned on opposing sides of each nail, making it a unique and eye-catching look against the light pink background.

51. Velvety Silver Stars on Pastel Yellow


Image by @anges.nails via Instagram

The perfect balance between a laid-back look and a glamorous design is achieved with three pastel yellow nails adorned with silver stars and two velvety silver nails!

Did You Know?

Stars have been a symbol of inspiration and guidance for centuries, with various cultures using them to navigate, tell stories, and find their way in the night sky. Incorporating star nail designs can add a touch of celestial wonder to your manicure, celebrating the timeless beauty of the cosmos.

52. Red Stars on White


Image by @billywyldenails via Instagram

White mid-length nails adorned with dancing red stars exude effortless charm and playfulness.

The stark contrast between the bright red stars and the clean white background creates a striking, eye-catching look.

This nail design is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your style, whether for a casual day out or a fun evening event. Finish with a clear topcoat for a polished finish.

53. Metallic Purple Stars and Tips


  Image by @nailssby_vic via Instagram

The metallic purple tips and stars on a nude base create an elegant, sophisticated nail art design.

The contrast between the bold, shimmery purple and the subtle nude background adds a touch of glamour to your nails.

This look is perfect for a night out or a special occasion when you want to make a statement. Seal it with a clear topcoat for a glossy finish and added durability.

54. Dreamy Sky


  Image by @nailsbycarhendy via Instagram

Start with a nude base color for an elegant foundation. Paint white cloud-like shapes on your nails’ tips create a dreamy and whimsical look.

Accentuate the design with golden stars and irregular dots for a touch of celestial charm, resulting in an ethereal and enchanting manicure. Seal it with a clear topcoat for a polished finish.

55. Multicolored Stars


Image by @spellbound.nailartistry via Instagram

Multicolored star nails involve painting each nail a different vibrant color and adding star-shaped nail art accents in contrasting shades for a playful and eye-catching manicure.

This trendy design is perfect for those who want a bold, unique look that will stand out.

It’s a fun way to express your creativity and style at your fingertips. Ensure a clear topcoat for a glossy finish and lasting appeal.

There are numerous ways to wear star design nail designs. However, to wear them for extended periods, use gloves to prevent the designs from peeling off.

For 2D designs, adding a top coat helps to keep the designs from moving on top of the nail.

For accessories or 3D nail designs, use a strong adhesive to ensure that it lasts for at least two weeks. 

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