Celestial Vibes: Purple Ombré Nail Designs

Key Takeaways
  • Purple ombré nails offer a distinctive and eye-catching appearance with their gradient color transition, blending light and dark shades of purple.
  • These nails can be customized with shades of purple and complemented with different nail art designs, making them suitable for casual and formal occasions.
  • Purple is often associated with creativity and self-expression, making purple ombré nails a way to showcase your individuality and self-care through nail art.
  • Regular nail care, such as moisturizing and proper nail shaping, is crucial to maintain the beauty of purple ombré nails and keep them looking their best.

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A fun and unique selection of purple ombré nails for every occasion. Okay now this is a nail trend we are excited about.

If you’re active on social media then you’ve likely noticed Gen Z’s affinity for all things nostalgic.

Whether it was the lockdown that caused this or simply an outcome of their longing for “better and simpler” times, we aren’t complaining- because what did we get as a result? Purple ombré nails! 

Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your natural nails are clean, free of old polish, and properly trimmed before starting the ombré nail design.
  • Collect all the necessary tools and materials, including nail polishes in the desired shades, a sponge or makeup wedge, and a base and top coat.
  •  If you’re new to nail art, practice the ombré technique on a piece of paper or a nail practice wheel to blend the colors smoothly.
  • Lay down paper or a protective surface to catch nail polish spills or messes.
  • Ombré nails may take some time to perfect, so be patient and allow each layer of polish to dry before moving on to the next step.

So now that we know just how special this nail trend is, let’s get to the fun part! Here are this year’s top 60 best purple ombré manicures. 

1. Glitter & Marble Purple Ombré Nails 

Image by @Sarahlongs_Beauty_Boutique via Instagram

Starting off strong, we have a purple ombré look that captures the height of glamour.

If ombré isn’t enough for you, then mix and match several designs by adding a fun marble and diamond nail. 

2. Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend Nail Design

Image by @Pretty_Kitty_Nails via Instagram

If a simple sparkly polish wasn’t capturing your attention, then why not try a 3-dimensional diamond?

The stunning purple ombré nail designs provides the perfect backdrop for this glamorous and very regal nail look.


3. A Mix Of Purple Ombré Nail Designs

Image by @K8_Nailsz via Instagram

Sometimes, just a small touch of ombré is enough to make a statement.

For this approach try painting some of the nails in one solid shade of purple, and leave one or two for the ombré effect.

In contrast to the other nails, the ombré design will stand out even more.

4. Purple & White Ombré Manicure 

Image by @Xariyasnailsx via Instagram

Another fun technique when applying ombré nails is mixing different colors.

For a lighter and more refreshing appearance, provide the purple shade with a white base. For special occasions add a fun, sparkly design.

5. Reversed Ombré Nails 

Image by @Lerevenails.Uk via Instagram

Contrary to what many believe, ombré can also appear in hues that move from darkest to lightest.

This manicure utilizes a bright purple and almost glass-like polish to produce the ombré effect.

And the glossy finish and sparkles are simply screaming “take me to a summer party”. 


6. Purple Night Nail Design 

Image by @Mementonailstudio via Instagram

The night sky is full of beauty and mystery- and this nail look isn’t giving anything less.

The purple ombré is simply dreamy and the addition of the moons and stars is giving magician– in the best way possible.  

7. A Purple Christmas Gift Manicure 

Image by @Nailsbykristinac via Instagram

In our opinion, nothing is ever too over the top when it comes to Christmas.

That’s why this purple ombré-inspired nail is the perfect look for your next holiday party. Snowflakes, bows and sparkles? You can’t get more Christmas than that.

8. Fun Floral Nails 

Image by @Sassy_Sets via Instagram

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, when it comes to beauty a floral design is timeless.

Get your purple ombré nails spring and summer-ready by adding a white flower. Elevate the look even further by painting one of your nails in sparkles.

9. Edgy Purple Ombré Nails 

Image by @Jellysnailbar via Instagram

Or, if feminine florals are not your thing, try out this cool and edgy ombré manicure. The way the pastel purple melts into a sea of black is giving nothing less than “I am feeling bold and dangerous”.

10. The Queen Of Purple Ombré Nails 

The Queen Of Purple Ombré Nails 

Image by @Kandykrylix via Instagram

Ombré nails can be complemented in a variety of ways. We’ve shown you the look with marble, diamonds and flowers- but what if you want them all? No problem. With this manicure more is more.


11. The Classic Ombré Nail Design 

Image by @Gemznails88 via Instagram

Purple is also a great color for the classic ombré nail look.

Gradually moving the color gradient from a rich dark purple to one with a pastel hue will give each nail just the right amount of depth and simplicity. 

12. Beautiful Butterfly Manicure 

Image by @Jazzedandjelledbyjess via Instagram

For the ultimate summer-feel go for an ombré nail with a cute butterfly design and sparkles.

With its sweet and whimsical nature, this mani is also perfect for those who identify with the “Fairy Core” aesthetic. 

13. Dark & Mysterious Purple Ombré Nails 

Image by @Colorfullness_80 via Instagram

If you’ve been feeling a little moody lately and want the nails to match, then this dark and mysterious purple ombré design is calling your name.

With its rich undertones and glossy finish, this manicure will definitely be turning heads.

14. Barbie-Inspired Ombré Nails

Image by @Nailedbyshawna_ via Instagram

On the contrary, if you’d like something a little more bright and cheerful, this violet ombré manicure is too cute.

For the ultimate girly look, add some diamonds to the base of each nail. Did someone say Barbie?

15. Blue & Purple Ombré Manicure 

Image by @Jazzedandjelledbyjess via Instagram

Blue is another color that compliments purple really well. For a cool and wintery feel, apply a white and blue ombré with sparkles to all but one of your nails.

This is where you can get really creative and add in a purple marble design.


16. Lavender Love Nail Design 

Image by @Beauty_Factory_Ongles via Instagram

If we’re going to talk about purple ombré then we can’t forget lavender.

Lavender is a bright and beautiful shade and just as the word also refers to a flower, this color is the epitome of summer.

17. A Dark Night Nail Art

Image by @Ericats.Claws via Instagram

If you’ve been looking for the perfect Halloween nail look, or perhaps you’re just into all things dark and creepy, then you’re going to love this ombré manicure.

Black and purple are classic dangerous and menacing colors. And we’re getting chills just looking at the full moon forest imagery.

18. Purple & Pink Ombré Nails

Image by @Angelajanvari via Instagram

Is there a better color duo than pink and purple? These hues are fun and bright and give any nail look a flirty feel.

For a minimalist effect, create a french tip ombré and apply a subtle white design to one of the nails.  

19. The Ombré Trio Manicure 

Image by @Patrycja.Blaszczyk.Art via Instagram

Just when you thought ombré couldn’t get any better we introduce you to the 3-in-1 ombré look.

Instead of just blending two shades, this technique uses a spinoff from the classic ombré and blends three.

Oh and the pink, purple and blue combination? We can’t get enough of it.  

20. Pet Lover’s Nails 

Image by @_Lizzzz13 via Instagram

We already know black and purple look great together but adding nail art can take your manicure look even further.

Oh, and did we mention that nail art can include mini paw prints inside of tiny hearts? Too cute.  


21. Purple Ombré Fairy Nails 

Image by @Adorenailcosmetics via Instagram

This ombré is giving all of the magical and romantic qualities of a fairy.

From the periwinkle purple and blush pink hues to the subtle sparkle detailing, this manicure has got us ready for a whimsical getaway. 

22. Aquamarine Nail Design 

Image by @Dezireem via Instagram

If a beach vacay is in your near future then we’d definitely be considering this aqua ombré mani.

The french tip is the ideal design for summer and the purple and blue shades are the perfect accent colors for your fav bikini.  

Quick Guide to Chic Purple Ombré Nails: Stunning Gradient 

  • Gradient Glory: Achieve a beautiful purple ombré by blending complementary shades.
  • Seal the Hue: Seal your masterpiece with a clear topcoat to enhance shine and durability.
  • Maintenance Magic: Touch up any chips with matching polish and reapply the topcoat for lasting vibrancy.
  • Moisture Matters: Keep cuticles hydrated; healthy nails enhance the overall look and longevity of your ombré.

23. Mermaid Nail Art 

Image by @Ccdylanfan13  via Instagram

Speaking of mermaids, this underwater-inspired nail look is another perfect manicure for the warmer weather. Who knew ombré and mermaid print could look so cute?

24. Purple Ombré Unicorn Nails 

Image by @Cozynailchateau via Instagram

To continue with the mystical creature theme, who doesn’t love a good unicorn nail look? These pretty pastels are everything and you can’t have a unicorn-inspired mani without the unicorn glitter. 

25. A Silky Finish-Inspired Manicure 

Image by @Jackydatiles via Instagram

Upgrade your ombré manicure with this square-shaped silky nail look. Bright, feminine hues are a refreshing alternative and small diamonds at the base of the nail give it that little touch of glam. 


26. The Purple Crown 3D Nail Art 

Image by @Mellybelly311 via Instagram

If you couldn’t see the connection between royalty and purple before, this nail look will definitely change your mind. With a vast assortment of gems and diamonds, you’ll be feeling like a queen in no time.

27. Purple Ombré Sunset Nails 

Image by @Wildbeauty_Bycs via Instagram

If the vertical ombré isn’t your style, don’t worry. The trend also looks great horizontal and looks even better as a french tip. Don’t forget those diamonds to bring the look to the next level. 

28. Sparkly Purple French Tip Manicure 

Image by @Rachelgomersall_Beautyartistry via Instagram

You can never go wrong when it comes to sparkles but we are absolutely loving these ombré sparkly tips. The perfect representation of understated elegance. 

29. Minimalist Purple Ombré Nails 

Minimalist Purple Ombré Nails 

Image by @Nailsxflka via Instagram

Minimalism is a trending aesthetic and we are here for it. For a minimalist ombré nail choose a lighter gradient such as this pastel purple.

For greater simplicity only add the color to the tips of some of the nails. 

30. Neon Ombré Manicure 

Neon Ombré Manicure 

Image by @Luxebeauty_Loungex via Instagram

For the ultimate throwback try these ‘80s-inspired nails. Wearing colors that were too bright and bold during this decade didn’t exist and this neon ombré manicure is serving us just that.  


31. Cotton Candy Ombré Nails 

Cotton Candy Ombré Nails 

Image by @G_Donails via Instagram

Pastel blues, purples and pinks will forever remind us of your classic cotton candy from the fair. Top your sweet-inspired ombré mani with some diamonds if you’re really feeling extra.

32. Purple Flower Nails 

Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Image by @Emis_Nails89 via Instagram

Tone down an ombré nail with a more subtle shade of purple. Blend it with a clear base for a light and refreshing effect. For a summery vibe, add a flower to one of the nails. 

33. Mom Love Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Image by @Brendaveenails via Instagram

Whether it’s Mother’s Day, your mom’s birthday or you simply want to honor her, this ombré nail will not disappoint.

With hearts, diamonds and the word “mom” physically across your nails, you will be sure to make her feel special. 

34. Purple Modern Matte Ombre Nails 

Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Image by @_mlshk_  via Instagram

Give your nails a modern makeover with this non-traditional ombré look.

Instead of blending multiple colors on one nail, each nail is painted with a different shade of purple. To change things up even more, go for a matte finish. 

Keep In Mind

  • Balanced Blending: Ensure a smooth color transition for a flawless ombré effect.
  • Prep Perfection: Start with a clean, trimmed canvas to enhance the ombré’s precision and appeal.
  • Layering Love: Allow each polish layer to dry thoroughly before applying the next to prevent smudging.
  • Cleanup Crew: Use a small brush dipped in polish remover for precise touch-ups and a polished finish.
  • Topcoat Triumph: Seal your ombré masterpiece with a high-quality topcoat to protect and enhance its brilliance.

35. Purple Heart Ombré Manicure 

Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Image by @naominailsnyc via Instagram

Now if this ombré look doesn’t say unconventional we don’t know what does.

In contrast to classic ombré styles, the magenta gradient around the peek-a–boo heart in the center of the nail is the focal point. This interpretation is fun and so cool. 


36. Chrome Finish Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Chrome Finish Purple Ombré Nails 

Image by @_LUCA_NAILS via Instagram

These chrome ombre nails look fantastic in purple and white. The chrome polish on these nails gives them a 90s vibe, but the ombre adds a modern touch.

This style has a party atmosphere, making it ideal for your next home party or girls’ night out. 

37. Lavender & Pink Ombre Nail Designs

Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Image by @avrnailswatches via Instagram

This lovely ombre design has us completely smitten. Light pink on one end and carnation pink on the other are ideal for pairing with this lavender purple.

This manicure is necessary for a primary but vivid spring or summer look. 

38. Lilac + Eggplant Ombre on Square Nails

Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Image by @carmel_nailchemistry via Instagram

Ombre is a great way to dress up a manicure. Lilac and eggplant purple combine beautifully in this pattern, lending a sophisticated sense to the manicure.

This manicure design may be worn everywhere, from the office to a weekend night out. Enhance this look with fun embellishments like gem accents, glitter, or charming nail art. 

39. Short Purple Gradient Nails

Short Purple Gradient Nails

Image by @charsgelnails_ via Instagram

This gradient pastel purple manicure is ideal for spring, but you may make a similar look with darker colors. If you want a simple design that can boost your regular outfits, go for this look. 

40. Ombre Nails w/ Cloud Art + Sparkles

Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Image by @ethereal_nails_ via Instagram

What a romantic look! Ombre purple sky with white clouds and glitter is a fun pattern for a high-end manicure.

We adore the nude and purple combination but mix the purple with pink or blue for a more vibrant look. 

41. Ombre Purple Nails w/ Glitter Accents

Ombre Purple Nails w/ Glitter Accents

Image by @fundippedmani via Instagram

We’re obsessed with the light and dark purple ombre; the thick glitter helps these nails stand out. This manicure design would look fantastic on long or short nails, so you can simply adapt it to your style. 

42. Bright Pink & Purple Ombre Manicure

Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Image by @gelpowerbyrachelxo via Instagram

Bright pink goes well with purple; these two colors were made for each other in an ombre style.

The bright colors make this manicure excellent for summer, so wear it everywhere, from a picnic park date to a day trip to the beach. 

Pro Tip

To achieve a seamless purple ombré, apply polish in thin layers, blending softly at the color transition points for a stunning, gradual effect.

43. Lilac Ombre Nails w/ Reverse French Tips

Lilac Ombre Nails w/ Reverse French Tips

Image by @latelieroboutdesongles via Instagram

This is a must-try nail design if you want something bold and enticing. Ombre nails are timeless, and the reverse French tips make this manicure design stand out.

Light purple is stunning here, but you can use dark purple or your hue. Try adding some diamonds to these nails for an enhanced and glamorous look. 

44. Lilac Nails w/ Rainbow Glitter Ombre

Lilac Nails w/ Rainbow Glitter Ombre

Image by @magdula.es via Instagram

Purple and rainbow glitter are such a daring and beautiful combination. This vivid design is another excellent option for the hot summer months.

If you want an eye-catching nail design that shows off your fun side, go for this manicure. 

45. Pastel Purple Nails w/ Ombre, French Tips

Pastel Purple Nails w/ Ombre, French Tips

Image by @merciiinails via Instagram

Purple ombre looks well on a beautiful manicure design like this one.

The light purple and gem accents complement each other well, and the French tips offer a polished touch.

You can apply ombre nails in any multi-pattern design, such as swirls, sparkles, marbled nails, or floral art.

46. Purple & Pink Ombre Nail Designs w/ Matte Finish

 Purple & Pink Ombre Nails w/ Matte Finish

Image by @indigonails via Instagram

The pink and purple in this manicure design have a joyful and feminine attitude that we love, and the matte finish gives this nail design a modern appeal.

These stunning acrylic nails are ideal for a summer look, especially for your next beach vacation! If you want to wear this design in the spring, go for softer pink and purple hues. 

47. Purple, Pink + Peach Ombre Nail Designs

Purple, Pink + Peach Ombre Nails

Image by @manicurezone via Instagram

We love pink and purple together in an ombre design, but adding a peach tone to the mix transforms this manicure.

These glossy nails will look amazing with any clothing and bring a vivid touch to your looks. 

48. Purple & White Nails w/ Heart Details

Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Image by @minea.nails via Instagram

This is the look for you if you want something playful and romantic or need a stunning manicure design for your anniversary!

The glittering finish on these purple and white ombre nails is attractive. The heart nail art is charming and gives a youthful and joyful touch to a classic design. 

49. Purple Glitter Ombre + White Flames

Purple Glitter Ombre + White Flames

Image by @nailsandroll via Instagram

Do you like combining old and modern styles? Choose this manicure design with vintage-style flames on a purple glitter ombre.

This manicure will add a pop of color to your style and is ideal for a night out on the town. 

50. White + Light Purple Ombre Manicure

White + Light Purple Ombre Manicure

Image by @nailsmade via Instagram

This pastel purple and white nail paint combo is exquisite.

These beautiful colors constitute a terrific combination; you can’t go wrong with soft and dreamy shades like these.

This gorgeous manicure design is ideal if you want something modest and polished while adding color to your everyday looks. 

51. Black & Purple Ombre Nail Designs w/ Matte Finish

Black & Purple Ombre Nails w/ Matte Finish

Image by @napaznokciach via Instagram

Purple ombre with black accents provides a bold and edgy vibe that we love. Pink and purple tones offer a feminine touch, while black elements contrast nicely.

Choose this manicure design during your next salon visit if you want a stunning nail design with vibrant colors. 

52. Lavender Purple Ombre Nail Designs w/ Glitter

Lavender Purple Ombre Nails w/ Glitter

Image by @paznokcie_malami via Instagram

These lavender purple ombre manicures are stunning, and when paired with purple glitter, they create a fun and stylish nail appearance.

This color is ideal for spring; the glitter adds a youthful and whimsical touch.

You can add extra ombre glitter here or leave it simple. You’ll turn heads either way. 

53. Black and Purple Ombre Nail Designs w/ Glitter

Black and Purple Ombre Nails w/ Glitter

Image by @pazybohomazy via Instagram

This deep, rich purple has captured our hearts. The combination of dark purple, soft pink, and sparkling glitter is fantastic.

If you want some stunning purple nails for a birthday or other special occasion, this is the style for you! 

54. Marbled Purple Ombre Manicure

Marbled Purple Ombre Manicure

Image by @sammimay.beauty via Instagram

Marbled nails are usually lovely, but combining them with ombre makes a stunning and eye-catching manicure.

Pink and yellow are excellent colors for bringing out the purple, and this vibrant appearance will make others envy. 

55. Lavender Purple Ombre Nails w/ Astrology Nail Art

Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Image by @sansungnails via Instagram

These lavender purple ombre nails with sparkling nude lacquer are very stunning. The astrology nail art is widespread, and the glitter foundation adds to the night sky vibe.

Any shade of purple will look great here, so keep it light or dramatic and dark. Try this entertaining manicure if you’re an astrology fan or like night sky themes!

56. Angel Wings Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Angel Wings Purple Ombre Nails

Image by @barbie.nails.m via Instagram

Decorate your nails with angel dust – these lovely gold angel wings are precisely what you need to make your ombre manicure more charming.

Angel Wings Purple Ombre Nails exude ethereal charm and elegance.

This enchanting nail design seamlessly blends shades of deep royal purple, transitioning into a soft lavender hue, creating a captivating ombre effect.

Adorning the accent nails are delicate angel wing motifs, hand-painted with meticulous detail, evoking a sense of heavenly grace.

The gradient background provides a striking backdrop to these celestial wings, adding a touch of mystique to your manicure.

These nails are a mesmerizing fusion of divine beauty and artistic finesse, perfect for those seeking a celestial and alluring nail art statement.

Fun Fact

Purple was once considered the color of royalty, as in ancient times, obtaining purple dye was a laborious process, making it rare and expensive. It became associated with power and prestige, making your purple ombré nails a regal choice!

57. Animal Print Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Animal Print Purple Ombre Nails

Image by @polished_at_no39 via Instagram

Show off your wild side with ombre purple nails embellished with black animal pattern nail art. Animal print purple ombre nails blend trendy sophistication with a touch of the wild.

These nails start with a deep, regal purple base that gradually transitions into a lighter shade toward the tips.

Delicate, black animal print patterns—like leopard spots or zebra stripes—gracefully dance across the ombre background, adding a fierce and fashionable edge to your manicure.

The contrast between the rich purple hues and the bold black prints creates a striking visual impact, making these nails a stylish choice for any occasion, from a night out on the town to a chic, everyday look.

58. Silver Glitter Purple Ombre Nail Designs

Silver Glitter Purple Ombre Nails

Image by @astrid.nailz via Instagram

Silver glitter purple ombre nails are an enchanting nail art style that effortlessly combines sophistication with a touch of glamour.

The gradual transition from a deep, regal purple hue to a shimmering silver glitter at the tips adds depth and mystery to your nails.

The deep purple base exudes elegance, while the silver glitter infuses a sense of celebration and sparkle.

These ombre nails are perfect for a special evening out or any occasion where you want to make a bold and captivating statement with your nails, showcasing your style and personality.

59. Purple Ombre Nails with Clouds

Purple Ombre Nails with Clouds

Image by @neve_beauty_ via Instagram

Purple ombre nails with clouds evoke an enchanting atmosphere on your fingertips.

Beginning with a deep, regal purple at the cuticle, the color gradually transitions into a softer lavender towards the tips, creating a captivating gradient effect.

Playfully scattered across this dreamy canvas are fluffy, white cloud accents. These delicate cloud designs, resembling those in a serene sky, add a whimsy charm to the overall look.

This nail art seamlessly blends sophistication and playfulness, making it a captivating choice for those seeking a unique and ethereal manicure that embodies the magic of a clear winter’s night.

60. Dark Purple Ombre Nails Designs

Dark Purple Ombre Nails

Image by @agata.najdek via Instagram

Dark purple ombre nails exude an air of sophistication and mystery.

Starting with a deep, almost black plum at the tips, these nails gradually transition into a rich, velvety purple shade that melts seamlessly into the darkest hue.

This ombre effect creates a captivating visual gradient reminiscent of a twilight sky or a deep, enchanted forest.

The deep purples evoke elegance and allure, making them a perfect choice for formal occasions or to add a touch of mystique and glamour to your look.

Ariel Coleman