55 Glitter Nail Designs to Amaze and Jazz Up Your Makeup Looks

Jazz up your nail design and make it rollicking and instantaneously festive with a shiny and shimmery glitter manicure. Glitter is an incredible way to enhance the beauty of your nails for every occasion. They are the hottest nail designs apt for women of style.

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Dip your fingers in the trend for glam looks. Glitter acrylic nail designs sparkle the dullest manicure and make the nails look more festive. The glitter is a universally magnificent nail color that glitz on your fingertips and makes the nails fun to wear

1. Rose gold Glitter nail design

Credit: makeupwithhaley

Not only in jewelry, rose gold is a super-popular variant for nails too. This glamorous glitter is one of the most popular colors. Rose gold glitter is simple yet impressive that you’ll want to wear.

Look no further if you’re looking for a simple gel manicure with rose gold textures and designs.

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2. Purple Glitter nail design


Isn’t it a cute look?

Purple glitter is a royal color choice that will give you an air of charming femininity. This nail design will provide a sense of power and take your manicure to a new level.

Purple nails are trendy and give a cute look! Go for this futuristic and fresh design.

3. Blue Glitter nail design

Credit: beautybyfrancesca_

Doesn’t blue make you think of the sky or the ocean?

Blue is one of the most calming colors in nature, so are the blue glitters. They give you a charming and refreshed look.

Blue glitters nail designs are versatile and just plain fun. They make you smile every time you look down at your stunning nail design.

4. Silver and black heart Glitter nail design


Want to use pretty heart nails? If yes, you’ll love these cute designs!

When you are going for a date, and want your nails to look romantic, these lovely silver and black heart glitters will make your day!

Nail art with hearts makes you look romantic and lovely. They are cute and hyper-feminine that you might want to try for a special occasion!

5. Silver falls Glitter nail design

Credit: espacomarycalbo

Fall nails remind us of the onset of a chilly winter with cold air. It is a prelude to a homey and calming atmosphere.

Harness the power this fall with magical silver fall glitters by donning them on your ombre nails. The combination is endearing. This beautiful design is simple and goes with most outfits.

You can alter the nail tips as per your preference, leaving plenty of room for individuality.

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6. Pink and silver Glitter nail design

Credit: glitter_esmalteria

Pink is the most adored color by women. The mesmerizing silver and seducing pink complement each other perfectly.

Bring a surprise to your manicure with dreamy glitters of pink and silver. The two feminine colors make a beautiful combination.

Pink adds glamor to your look, and silver helps make this stunning combination the perfect manicure.

7. Golden Glitter nail design

Credit: isaiasdesignerofc

Want to get sparkly and shiny?

Sparkle your nails with golden glitters on your splendid nails and let them shimmer.

Golden glitter is a gorgeous and splendid design that brings your manicure to a new level.

This simple glitter nail art idea elevates your looks to new heights because of its shimmering embellishment.

Stand out with this uniquely captivating glitter nail design.  

8. Silver lines Glitter nail design

Credit: luanacastro.nailart

Doesn’t this manicure look intriguing?

The manicure is glossy, and the black and silver color combo looks gorgeous. The silver lines make a beautiful and unique effect. The combinations make the nails shine and shimmer. 

Make a bold statement with this magnificent glitter and show that you mean business. 

9. White and Reddish Glitter nail design

Credit: candiedcuticles

Have you dreamed of nail designs with luxury in mind?

White and reddish glitter is the ultimate nail design to reflect class and luxury. If you’re looking into elegance and looking for sparkly nails, this design is the top choice. This color combo makes a romantic and cool nail design.

Rock this manicure for everyday wear if you enjoy feminine and soft ideas.

10. Golden Glitter in Sky Glitter Nail Design

Credit: studio.barbaraduarte

Are you interested in using hair-raising nail art? Then this splendid golden glitter in sky design is the best choice.

Gold has always been a glamorous and stylish option for your lovely nails. The soft gold nails with two different colors look stunning with golden glitter. The nail tips decorated with sky blue shade are a treat to watch and adore. The color combination creates a trendy look worth emulating.

Who would not love to enjoy this beautiful sky and sea elements? 

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11. Glowing Glitter Nail Design

Credit: retrojaz

Want a new nail design idea to give yourself a fresh look?

Try glowing glitter design, the trending design that is a big hit amongst nail art lovers. 

You can achieve this gorgeous glittering embellishment look at home. This glitter design is an easy nail art technique that you can do yourself.

Glowing and glittering embellishments will make your nails look fresh and add a sparkly point to your manicure. 

12. Color Glitter Nail Design

Credit: dippity_do_dah

Fancy brightening up your nails with multi-color glitter?

Why not try glitters of contrasting colors to spice up your manicure. Multi-colored nails are a rage. You can wear them for any occasion.

The glitter nail polish has a thicker consistency, best suited for blending multiple colors. Contrasting colors also express your moods and help make a bold statement. 

13. Glitter Stone Glitter Nail Design


Wonder how to do a simple yet trendy manicure?

Why not consider using lively pastel colors and glittering embellishments. Try a gorgeous glitter stone nail design that is crazy and beautiful.

This beautiful collection of nail polish helps you achieve the perfect manicure and make your nails a showpiece.

14. Purple Glitter Waves Glitter Nail Design

Credit: miunhasemgel

Purple glitter waves nail colors symbolize beauty and elegance. There are so many colors, but this attractive color design gives you a manicure that is attractive and perfect for any occasion.

 Go for these bright purple glitter wave glitters if you like feminine and soft ideas. 

 If you’re someone who fancies glitter, rock this elegant manicure for everyday wear.

15. Silver Tops Glitter Nail Design

Credit: nails_by_andiie

Are you someone who fancies true feminine nail designs? If yes, choose this light silver top design to fulfill your desire for sparkly nail design.

It is a great eye-catching design for daily wear that breathes life into your nails and makes them shine. The sparkly tips decorated with silver glitter emphasize the soft look. The manicure is elegant with a seductive feminine look.

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16. Shades of Pink and Red Glitter Nail Design

Credits: nails_by_andiie

This stunning nail design takes your manicure to the next level with this gorgeous color combo of pink and red glitter.

If you like elegant nails that are not too loud, this concept will suit you the best. The nail art adds a bit of glamor and helps you represent your minimalist beauty.

Express your femininity with this attractive glitter design. 

17. Chill Glitter Nail Design

Credit: lifestylewithlisad

If you’re looking for a cute nail design for your shorter nail, chill glitter is the perfect nail art. You can also use this charming nail design for everyday wear. If you like sober and elegant nails, you will like this outcome.

Women with naturally strong and durable nails will easily show off this gorgeous design. You can also DIY your manicure. So why not give it a try? 

18. Glittering Cherry Glitter Nail Design

Credit: simonakusyova

Cherry nail art is a perfect choice if you want a different nail art for your nails that is conventional yet appealing.

You can replace dark manicures with these modern ideas that decorate your nails with glittering cherry nail art designs.

For your long nails, you can also create an ombre with a creamy shade to help cherry glitter more brilliantly.

19. Baby Pink Glitter Nail Design


If you’ve been a fan of pink color, you must try baby pink nail design at least once in your life.

Baby pink color has endless possibilities. Use it in flowers, word art, and shapes. Pink patterns are more feminine than any other color. This alluring glitter design will give your nails an edgy vibe. 

20. Glittering Christmas Glitter Nail Design

Credit: prestigenailsbypaulina

Isn’t this red and golden glitter combination gorgeous?  

Indeed, hot glittering red nails have been every woman’s dream for centuries.

Doesn’t this red and silver nail design remind you of a festive Christmas season? So, choose sparkling red and use golden glitter to enjoy the Christmas glitter nail design. The stunning art will make you the center of attraction. 

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21. Glittering Snow Glitter Nail Design

Credit: glamlounge.phheea

Celebrate winter with fabulous glittering snow nail art, the perfect winter manicure. The change in seasons means new fashions and attractive accessories like your nail designs.

It is a great idea to get inspiration from snow to do your nails. The beautiful medium nails with snowy white tips are mesmerizing and bold nail designs, perfect for all occasions.

Allow your nails to reflect your unique personality with this nail design.

22. Beautiful Sparkling Glitter Nail Design


Isn’t this manicure perfect for a fascinating evening?

The sparkling glitter on the nail makes this manicure charming and worthy of a diva. The pink color adds to the beauty that goes well with any outfit. The scattered pieces of different sizes of glitter make this nail design sparkle. 

23. Rain Drops Glitter Nail Design

Credit: azurnail_umeda

The raindrops glitter is so simple yet fascinating that you can use them for any occasion and with any outfit. The manicure is also easy to do yourself. It gives all the sparkles and glam you desire.

Some nails are in full glitter, others are done with ombre tips. The base color is a gorgeous matte pink that elevates the glitter looks.

It allows you to express your ladylike side. 

24. Silver Curves Glitter Nail Design

Credit: galanails.uy

Don’t these sober-looking glittering nails look so pretty!

Silver curves glitter stand out most when done against bare-looking ombre nail beds. Just look at this silver glitter design that looks so classy.

This lovely manicure is one of those different and understated nail designs which is thoroughly stylish. Instead of contrasting tips, the glossy nails provide a contrast to the silver curls.

25. Ocean Glitter Nail Design

Credit: ninas.nails.1

Hot ocean blue nails are every woman’s dream.

You can rock ocean nail art any time to enjoy a perfect summer feel. Bright colors and a sea theme are ideal for bringing the best of summer to your manicure. These loud and perfect nail art designs bring the excitement of beaches and sunbathes.

Use the best nail artist to enjoy this shiny ocean glitter design. 

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26. Silver Glitter Line Glitter Nail Design

Credit: marinabellio

Using glitter in a nail design is a great way to breathe life into nail art and make it shine. Moreover, drawing lines and shapes is a key to attractive nail designs.

Although underestimated, you will love this simple silver glitter line design manicure. The glossy polish and silver glitter work together nicely, complementing each other.

27. Winter Rose Glitter Nail Design

Credit: unhasdegeljessica

Simple yet such an endearing glitter design, isn’t it?

Tiny mesmerizing flecks of winter rose glitter are like a fine mist over the pink polish.

The design looks stunning on longer nails, but you can always use it on shorter nails.  The design gives an excellent look of a calm and enchanting design suited for women of taste and glamor. 

28. Glitter Cream Glitter Nail Design


Doesn’t this soft glitter combination nail design look brilliant?

This manicure with creamy nail tops and contrasting glitters is elegant and glamorous. The base color is simple and shiny, while the sparkling glitter and cream nail tops make a perfect design to go with any outfit.

Try this glitter nail design to enliven up your nail game. 

29. Cute Heart Glitter Nail Design


It’s no surprise the heart is the most used shape in any women’s outfits and accessories. Glitter nail art is no exception. It is a constant favorite among ladies. 

Many women love to wear hearts on their nails as it is a romantic way to express love. Heart nails make stylish nail art, especially for young women who like fun with their nail designs. 

Tiny little cute hearts glitter on your nails adds glamor to your manicure. 

30. Glitter Hills Glitter Nail Design


Glitter nail designs are not easy to create. However, this design of glitter hills proves that you can even create brilliant glitter designs yourselves with minimum ease.

This simple yet good-looking nail design with attractive nail tips gives it a different look.

It’s an alluring design style perfect for a party, date, or special occasion.

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31. Glitter almond Glitter Nail Design

Credit: neonnailxxoo

Almond nails are popular nail shapes as their softly tapered flattering finish gives every finger shape a feminine and sexy look. 

This glitter diamond design with contrasting silver glitter looks magical. The manicure is super easy to create and a great fit for any beauty nails. You can wear it with any outfit.

32. Clear and Glitter Nail Design


Clear nails are fun to experiment with nail art. If you have free time to spend on creating nail designs, get some clear glitter polish and play with different nail art. Try a clear and glitter design that is easy and looks fabulous too.

This brilliant design is a great way to show off your extra-long almond nails. They also provide enough space to use contrasting shapes, colors, and angles. 

33. Glittering Java Fruit Glitter Nail Design

Credit: browneyes1182

If you love a sweet and bold manicure, then the unique and charming nail art glittering java fruit design is a perfect choice.

Young girls adore this glitter nail art because of its gentleness and elegance. Plus, purple is already a girly color, so if you love cute effeminate nail design, this stunning style is an ideal choice.

These nails are a perfect attraction for a celebratory occasion.

34. Glitters on Shapes Glitter Nail Design


Are you interested in an iridescent nail art idea?

You’ll love glitter on shapes nail art. It is a gorgeous combination of colors and shapes.

The color combination on long nails is lovely. And you get enough surface to work on, blend different colors, and use attractive shapes. 

35. Glittering Valentine Week Glitter Nail Design


Valentine is an invitation to embrace new fashion trends and spice up your looks. It is also time to look for gorgeous nail designs to be the center of attraction and make your date memorable. What can be better nail art than the glittering valentine’s design which is so beautiful and apt for the occasion?

A mix of pink, purple, and red colors with cute heart shapes make it a seductive and alluring design that will make your valentine’s week memorable and enjoyable.

36. Pink Lovers Glitter Nail Design


Your pink manicure will go up by a few notches with cute glittering shapes on top.

Pretty pink lovers’ glitter nails will draw people’s attention to your manicure and get you non-stop compliments. A light pink base and contrasting ombre tips make these nails appear as if dipped in elegance. 

 If you like a cute and simple nail look, this design will be to your satisfaction.  

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37. Water Set Glitter Nail Design


If you’re a fan of feminine looks, you will like this design with these long blue water nails. The water set glitter design looks fabulous with a casual outfit, and it is ideal for all seasons.

This glitter manicure will suit anyone who likes flashy and feminine looks. Let your feminine vibe come through with this lovely design and shape.

38. Ash Curves Glitter Nail Design


Doesn’t this sparkling design take your breath away? It does. Isn’t it?

Blue is a lovely color that looks stunning in this ash curve glitter design. Try this brilliant glitter design if you admire luxurious nail art.

It’s aqua with a subtle hint of sparkles that gives the vibe of summer.

39. Bright Day Glitter Nail Design


Try this delightful nail idea that makes a fabulous and bright manicure worth admiring.

The textured glittery nails create a contrast, adding to the visual beauty of the whole aesthetic. The design is perfect for a date or attending an evening ball. Wear this captivating glitter nail design for a queenly appearance.

The nail art is simply luscious.

40. Red Gel Set Glitter Nail Design


Do you like gel glitter with a super glossy texture? Go for this elegant design. The red gel glitter is a marvelous design that you can wear for style and class.

Wear this design for the big and extravagant occasion and showcase your stunning manicure. If you enjoy glitter with grace, you will like this nail design.

41. Glittering Cherry Glitter Nail Design

Credit: gabididthat

This shimmery nail art is a party-ready idea for the nails. You can easily create glittering cherry nail designs yourself by using a striper in cherry and black color application with a toothpick for the glitters.

 If cherry is your favorite color, you will enjoy this unique concept. 

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42. Summer Juice Glitter Nail Design

Credit: vivianesaturninonails

Very artistic and a pretty-looking glitter nail art design! Wouldn’t you love to try this out?

Summertime is best to show your artistic instincts and favoritism. This exceptionally versatile summer juice glitter design is a hot favorite for summers that goes well with all outfits and on all occasions.

The design is also associated with youthfulness and romance.

43. Pink Glitter Edge Glitter Nail Design

Credit: kellyramalho.nail

Decoration of nail edges is the core of a beautiful manicure. If you want to add some flair to your looks and try a brilliant design, the pink glitter edge idea is brilliant feminine nail art.

Pink makes everything attractive and glamorous, giving you elegance and sweetness. Just glitter the edges of your nails with pink glitter to create a romantic flair to your look.

44. Butterfly Glitter Nail Design

Credit: marianaalves.nails

Are you bored with the same nail designs? 

This simple yet fetching butterfly glitter trend is popular nail art to wear for parties and special occasions. If you are searching for trending designs to jazz up your manicure, try this unique and distinctive design is a great option.

Try it and feel the difference. 

45. Black and White Glitter Nail Design

Credit: nailedby_la

Are you looking for a classic but exciting new nail look? Why not try the elegance of gorgeous black and white glitter designs?

White and black are great complementary colors. The unique combination of these two striking colors gives you a marvelous nail design worth trying.

46. Beautiful Sky Glitter Nail Design

Credit: kassis.nails

These nail designs are cute, versatile, and great fun to wear. You can’t help but admire every time you look at your beautiful sky glitter design. 

The blue glitter provides a glitzy look that fits all outfits and suits all seasons. The short and glossy nails are a drama to the overall look. 

The glitter on these cute nails and round edges heightens the elegance of this design.

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47. Plain Hearts in Glitter Nail Design


Do you prefer something romantic and playful nail design

What can be more intense nail art than a plain heart on a pink background? Simply brilliant!!

Though heart nails don’t have to be pink or any other bold color, the pastels will do the talking too. You can wear this design year-round, regardless of outfits and the seasons.  

48. Amazing ash Glitter Nail Design

Credits: nails.4.passion

This nail art concept will suit you if you like clean and elegant nails. It is not too overpowering and makes a splendid manicure.

This cute nail art is perfect if you like shorter nails and want a nail design for everyday wear. It looks good on strong nails and comes out as a gorgeous design. You can DIY this manicure so go for it.

49. Cute Pink Glitter Nail Design

Credit: kirsty.at.beau.chic

Pink is the favorite color of every woman. Wouldn’t you use this stunning glitter to show your femininity and glamorous personality?

 Try out this romantic glitter design if you love glossy nails and want to add a bit of glitter to them. Show off your elegance through this brilliant manicure and enjoy the shiny looks.

50. Mild Shade of Glitter Nail Design

Credit: misshapennails

Want to draw attention to your hands?

The guaranteed way to do this is to try the creative combination of brilliant colors with a mild tinge of glitter.

It looks like a fabulous manicure that you want to show off on a special occasion. If you are searching for an elegant manicure, try this out and be the center of attraction.

 You will love it!! 

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51. Mini Glitter Hearts Glitter Nail Design

Credit: gabellastudio

Heart nail designs look endearing for romantic Valentine’s Day, but they also make a fantastic choice when you are happy. 

The gorgeous mini glitter hearts look appealing and create an intense manicure. Adding little heart shapes to your nails is a great way to celebrate happiness in life.

Get creative with different sizes, colors, and combinations of little glittering hearts for a brilliant manicure. 

52. Plain Golden Glitter Nail Design

Credit: thenailsboutiquebysje

Gold detailing gives your nails a luxurious feel and a brilliant manicure. This magnificent design combines the gold color with neutral colors to keep the focus on gold. The combination of neutral colors with lovely glitters also symbolizes calmness and tranquility.

You will enjoy people appreciating your manicure for its class and versatility.

53. Pink And Black Glitter Nail Design

Credit: viviane_assuncao_

Black nail polish with a fading art of light pink is a unique and creative manicure to apply to your nails. The color combination is uncommon, but it gives a brilliant nail art with elegance and class.

Go for this unique feminine color combo and enjoy shiny looks. The design gives you a cute everyday wearable option.  

54. Smoothy Purple Glitter Nail Design

Credit: beauty_bymarinagiarla

Are you looking for a glitter manicure that is ideal for the summer season? If so, try this bright and adorable smoothy purple design.

The design is easy to create, and short nails allow you to DIY this nail art. To create a glittery manicure, cut your nails short and apply glitter on top. 

Enjoy these for office wear, especially during the winter season! 

55. Silver With Black Borders Glitter Nail Design

Credit: _melissadixonnailtech

Wouldn’t these stunning nails with a bold black border and fine sparkles turn heads?

Try this glitter nail art to jazz up your manicure. This stunning style is perfect for a date or a special occasion.

Make a sparkling silver shade, and then put glitter on these beauties. You get- a gorgeous look.

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What Are Glitter Nails?

Nails are a highly decorated part of a woman’s body. They are women’s proud makeup possession.

The beauty of glitter nail designs is out rightly visible and pretty explanatory. Glitter nail designs are best for your sparkly and charming personality.

What does Glitter nail design mean?

Glitter nail polish is the newest trend. It helps you give a personalized style to your identity and add charm and oomph factor to your hands.


Glitter nails are mood-boosting magic that adds a little extra to a basic manicure and makes it a constant favorite. Glitter nail art designs are a creative way to decorate and paint the nails and give an extra edge to makeup.

This inspirational and attention-seeking nail art is a sophisticated manicure that enlivens your makeup with a glitter coat. Glitter makes you confident to stretch your hands out and get admired.

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