41 Creative Nail Art Designs To Inspire Your Next Manicure

Key Takeaways
  • Incorporate metallic nail polish or foil accents to add a touch of luxury and glamour to your nail art.
  • Soft pastel shades are in vogue, offering a timeless and elegant look that complements a variety of outfits.
  • Experiment with gradient or ombre nail designs for a seamless transition of colors, creating a mesmerizing and eye-catching effect.
  • Simple and clean designs, such as single-line nail art or abstract geometric patterns, can create a stylish and understated look.

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Our favorite nail art looks that will bring out your fun and creative side.

Would you believe us if we told you that for most of nail painting history, women simply stuck with one solid color (usually red or pink) on each nail?

For the open-minded and eccentric Gen Z generation, this is likely unfathomable. 

Today, there are no limits as to what nails can be transformed into.

Through the use of different nail art techniques, you can fulfill your wildest manicure dreams from chocolate-inspired nails to manis with any animal print you can imagine.

That’s what’s so amazing about nails. Like any other piece of art, nails are a means of creative expression where a world of possibilities can be realized through the hands of the creator.

If you’ve been wanting to bring out your imaginative side then we highly recommend trying out nail art. 

Before You Get Started

  • Ensure your nails are clean and well-maintained before diving into nail art designs.
  • Use a quality base coat to protect your natural nails and provide a smooth surface for your designs.
  • Nail art allows you to express your style, from simple elegance to intricate patterns, so let your creativity flow.
  • Invest in quality nail art tools and take your time for precise and professional-looking designs.
  • Regularly maintain your nail art to keep it looking fresh and beautiful, whether through touch-ups or refinements.

To make this process a little easier, we’ve come up with a list of this season’s top nail art designs. Get ready to be wowed because some of these looks take creativity to a whole new level.  

1. White And Gold Nail Art Design

Image by @Suzannenicollenails via Instagram

To start off strong we thought we’d show you a nail art look that is inspired by the minimalist aesthetic. Minimalism doesn’t necessarily indicate basic and boring.

In fact, this subtle gold, black and white swirl design is the epitome of understated elegance and would be the perfect addition to a little black dress.


2. Animal Print Nail Art Design

Image by @Nailsbymlh via Instagram

Cheetah print is one of those designs that will simply never go out of style. To get the look combine the nail art with an army green manicure.

For a fun twist, opt for an extended French manicure (apparently that’s a thing now). This look is cool and wild.

3. Baby Heart Nail Art Design

Image by @Deespopupshop via Instagram

We know that red is always a classic choice of nail color but why not try the shade out in a trendy and artistic design?

Miniature hearts are everything at the moment and can be seen all over Pinterest nail boards. Pair the hearts with some French tips and you will achieve that “it girl” energy in no time.

4. Choco Glitter Nail Art Design

  Image by @Ayumi__Nails via Instagram

One doesn’t often associate brown with glitter but it actually makes a really great combination.

Brown hues provide a manicure with a refined and neutral palette while the sparkly nail art gives the look a touch of glamor. Brown has been super trendy as of late and definitely isn’t going anywhere.

5. Ice Cream Toppings Nail Art Design

Image by @__Dacci__ via Instagram

Now, we couldn’t talk about the color brown without including a chocolate-inspired manicure.

Like the previous look, these nails utilize brown hues as the base color.

What differs, is that each finger is painted in a different shade of brown so as to create a modern take on the ombré effect.

Finally, instead of sparkles, this manicure uses sprinkle nail art to add a tasty final touch to the perfect ice cream sundae.


6. Black And White Nail Art Designs

Image by @By.Chloenails via Instagram

This nail art is giving skater girl and we are here for it.

The skater aesthetic is all about a fun and edgy style and nothing says that more than black and white smilies and checkerboard print.

The french tips are also a nice touch and fit the minimalist aesthetic of this manicure perfectly. 

7. Heart Waves Nail Design

Image by @Nailsbyfrancesca_X via Instagram

Are you in the mood for a little romance? Valentine’s is still a few months off but it’s never too early to start looking for inspo.

This nail art couldn’t be more perfect for the day of love as its main components consist of red french tips, red and pink waves and white hearts.

And hey, if you’re single don’t worry. This adorable mani is all the self-love you need.

8. Pink Perfection Manicure

Image by @Legendarylashandnail via Instagram

With bright and bold colors on the rise this season, we are seeing hot pink being paired with black all over social media.

The duo couldn’t complement one another better and simply screams edgy cute (if you’re a ‘90s kid, punk princess might also resonate with you).

And let’s not forget about the design. This nail art is unexpected and too cool. We also love the matte finish and how it helps to create balance with the vibrant hues.

9. Polka Dot Nail Art Design

Image by @By_Millimac via Instagram

Why do polka dots automatically remind us of a party?

Perhaps it’s the party hats we wore as kids, or it’s the birthday cards covered in colorful dots that are to blame.

Regardless, there’s one thing that’s certain: when there’s a celebration involved you can never go wrong with polka dots.

This particular nail art features the print in pink and gold hues. These shades will give any outfit a feminine and glamorous touch.

10. Classy Valentine Nail Art Design

  Image by @Amberjhnails via Instagram

Traditionally, Valentine’s is all about shades of red and pink. But luckily for us, today’s world is all about pushing the limits and throwing archaic ideologies out the window.

Because as a result, we now have adorable nail looks such as this black heart mani.

French tips and black hues are the ultimate classic move and little black hearts are simply adorable and super trendy.

The single white heart is also a nice touch and provides a subtle contrast.


11. Pink Butterfly Nail Art Design

Image by @Tam_Nailsdesign via Instagram

During the warmer months, butterflies are always a safe choice. Butterflies are typically cute and femme.

The pink and white hues in this nail look also contribute toward this aesthetic.

One element, however, that is a little less sweet and a whole lot more drama is the long square acrylic shape. I guess even butterflies can be fierce.

12. Shattered Fantasy Nail Art Design

Image by @Dazzlenailsnlashes via Instagram

Periwinkle purple is the poster color for all things magical and mysterious (there’s a reason magicians wear purple).

This particular nail art is giving “fairy forest”. The smooth transition of the ombré and golden foil is simply dreamy and provides the perfect palette for this fairy-inspired look. 

Quick Nail Art Designs Guide: Nail Creativity Made Easy

  • Creative Nail Expression: Explore endless possibilities with nail art designs, from vibrant colors to intricate patterns.
  • Precision and Patience: Achieve professional-looking nail art by using quality tools and taking your time for perfect designs.
  • Maintenance Matters: Keep your nail art looking fresh by addressing chips or fading with regular touch-ups or refinements.
  • Nail Health Priority: Maintain the health of your natural nails with proper care, including moisturizing and using a quality base coat for protection.

13. Kisses Nail Art Design

  Image by @Manimajka via Instagram

Kiss nail art isn’t a new thing and is an iconic design in beauty.

I mean, I don’t think anyone would argue that there was a point in all of our lives when we had the urge to sign our name with a kiss.

And if it’s with our fav red lipstick, even better. There’s just something so sexy about a kiss print and this manicure has complimented it perfectly with glossy red and white hues. 

14. Angel Crush Nail Art Design

Image by @Nails_Feet_By_Melanie via Instagram

You know when you go to a party and it’s time to choose a dessert but they all look sooo good so you opt for a taste of everything (#whatsadiet)?

Yeah, that’s the vibe we are getting from this manicure. With this nail art you get the whole package: sparkles, marble, french tips and golden foil.

This look is too dreamy and honestly, if there’s a heaven this has to be what it looks like.

15. Charming Cats Nail Art 

  Image by @Marusya__Zh via Instagram

Whether you’re a crazy cat lady or just can’t get enough of cat nail art you are going to love this manicure.

We are amazed at the details and artistry of this nail look and come on, how freaking adorable are those kitties?

Colorful shades of yellow, pink and blue also contribute to the fun and youthful vibe of this mani and make it the perfect nail inspo for spring and summer.


16. Chocolate Day Nail Art Design

Image by @Nailartdiaries13andjuicecosmetics via Instagram

Can we all please just agree to move forward with a petition to have a holiday dedicated to chocolate?

Like, Christmas and the 4th of July are nice but “Chocolate Day” just has an appeal that is hard to match.

To begin our efforts of achieving this we have found the perfect chocolate-inspired nail art.

Each finger features its own unique illustration in predominantly neutral shades. The touch of blue under the waffle also gives the overall look a nice contrast.

17. Rose Nail Art Design

Image by @Annepacionails via Instagram

When it comes to nail art we are always here for a fun floral print. This artist has chosen to use roses as their inspo on the base of the nail so as to create a reversed french tip.

[We love how the delicate florals frame the nails and how they are perfectly complemented with mature purple, blue and white hues.

The matte finish also contributes to the “older” feel and provides just the right amount of feminine sophistication.

18. Black And White Striped Nail Art 

Image by @Urbannailsict via Instagram

Black and white stripes are one of the most classic and timeless prints in the beauty and fashion worlds.

In the winter, the perfect addition to your wardrobe might be a black and white striped knit pullover.

In the summer, it might be a flowy black and white striped maxi dress. No matter the season, you can’t go wrong with this design and your nails are no exception. 

19. Into The Unknown Nail Art Design

Image by @Vio_Leta_Nails via Instagram

Sometimes we don’t have to look that far to find inspiration.

Our world has so many beautiful things to offer and if you ever have the time to look (yes, that means taking your eyes away from your phones for a moment) you’ll see what we mean.

This nail art is a great example of this and depicts some of nature’s greatest wonders: animals, vegetation and the starry sky.

Although one might find this theme rather “rugged”, the minimalist design and black and white hues actually make this manicure soft and elegant. 

20. Zebra Tips Nail Art Design

Image by @Blessmynails.Es via Instagram

Speaking of nature, animals are one of the best sources of inspo for our nails. You can really never go wrong with animal print and we are loving this zebra-inspired look.

For a modern take on the print, opt for french tips instead of painting the entire nail. If a safari trip is in your near future, then you definitely need these nails.


Keep In Mind

  • Clean Canvas: Start with clean, well-groomed nails to ensure the best foundation for nail art designs.
  • Quality Products: Invest in high-quality nail polish and nail art tools for more precise and durable designs.
  • Practice and Patience: Nail art requires practice to perfect, so be patient and don’t be discouraged by initial mistakes.
  • Design Themes: Choose designs that match your style and the occasion, whether a special event or everyday wear.
  • Nail Health: Maintain healthy natural nails with regular moisturizing and be cautious with excessive use of nail products to prevent damage.

21. Golden Glitter Nail Art 

  Image by @Sparky_Tips via Instagram

Okay, colorful polka dots might be the ultimate playful party nail-inspo but for a glamorous night on the town golden glitter is a must.

It’s a simple nail art idea, but it’s super effective and will elevate any OOTD. For an even more fabulous look, opt for a long, acrylic nail.

This mani would be stunning with a gold sequin dress (New Year’s Eve where you at?).

22. Broken Gold Manicure 

Image by @Nailsmagazine via Instagram

Or, if golden glitter isn’t your vibe then maybe this mani will do the trick. This nail look features golden flakes, sparkles and a cool criss-cross design.

In contrast to the previous look, this manicure gives off more of a lux, artistic feel and would be better suited to a more refined event (the pointed nails, however, are giving slay queen so maybe an after-party isn’t a bad idea).

23. Retro Love Nail Art Design

Image by @The.Goatnails_ via Instagram

Retro hearts are super trendy at the moment and will give any manicure a vintage vibe.

The trend is most often seen in vibrant hues which is why this white and black-inspired look is cool and unexpected.

Other than its unique qualities, this look is super versatile and would look great with any outfit at any time of the year.

24. Choco Love Nail Art Design

Image by @Nailcareereducation via Instagram

If it isn’t yet apparent, we love chocolate. In our world, you can never have enough of it which is why a diverse range of possible chocolate-inspired manicures is a must.

This look is definitely at the top of our list and features chocolate hearts, drizzle and a neutral backdrop.

It gets the job done without being too over the top and is the perfect muse for our cravings. 

25. Head In The Clouds Nail Art 

Image by @Amyle.Nails via Instagram

The monotony of daily life can sometimes lead to daydreaming about sandy beaches and warm ocean water.

If this happens to you often then you’ve likely been told once or twice that “you’ve got your head in the clouds”. Based on this nail art, that’s really not a bad thing.

This manicure is ethereal and dreamy and perfect for anyone who mentally transports themselves to tranquility. 


26. Spooky Ombré Nail Art 

Image by @Pampernailgallery via Instagram

Like pink and black, green and black also make a great color combination (Monster drinks think so anyway).

This manicure uses an ombré effect to incorporate the duo and create a cool and edgy feel.

This look is bold and daring and with its spook factor would also make a great addition to a Halloween costume. 

27. Leopard Frames Nail Art Design

Image by @Nailsandmog via Instagram

We know that animal print is a timeless choice and although it continues to be popular today, the regular old animal nail art inspo is out and a new, modern style has taken over.

Like the zebra manicure, instead of painting your entire nail in cheetah print, opt for a more subtle approach.

This can be manifested in a number of ways, one of which includes this cool and minimalist cheetah frame design.

28. Pearl Iridescent Nail Art Design

  Image by @Mynaildesire via Instagram

If you’re known for always showing up overdressed and making a statement then you need this manicure.

With its pearls, chain design and long acrylic coffin shape this look is the epitome of extra. And can we get applause for that color? The finish is absolutely stunning and truly iridescent. 

29. Pink Flames Manicure 

Image by @Onyxfiles via Instagram

Like hearts and polka dots, flames are also iconic in the nail industry. Flames were super trendy a few years ago and could be found all over social media.

This nail look utilizes the print with a fun and bright pink and green color scheme. The detailing in the flames is especially impressive as it falls effortlessly into a cute heart shape. Too cool.

30. Red Flame Design 

  Image by @Chee.Say.Nails via Instagram

Red flames are possibly the most reflective of humans in terms of our evolution on earth.

Thousands of years ago, fire enabled us to live longer and as a result, develop culturally.

Ironically, in later centuries religion took the idea and made it the symbol of damnation.

Today, it’s one of the most popular sources of inspiration in the beauty and fashion industries (humans are funny aren’t they).

For a cool and edgy vibe, try out the look as french tips, framed by golden sparkles.


31. Abstract Nail Art Design

  Image by @Sperm.Samii via Instagram

Sometimes, the more random the nail art is, the more interesting it appears.

If you’re active on TikTok you’ve likely seen the trend where people splash random paint colors on a canvas and spin it vigorously to find that the outcome is actually super nice.

This is exactly what we mean. This manicure has utilized the trend by drizzling a subtle black design across a white polish. The silver foil also adds a nice creative element.

32. Colour Crazy Nail Art Design

Image by @Nailsby.Maryjane via Instagram

Nail art can come in all different shapes and sizes and this manicure is taking that quite literally. For a fun and vibrant manicure try out this artistic and colorful design.

The detailing in this look is truly impressive and will be sure to wow your friends.

We also love how the nail shapes alternate between square and almond- this adds an even more creative feel to the overall appearance. 

33. A Work Of Art Nail Design

Image by @Kadsnailart via Instagram

The talent some people possess never ceases to amaze us.

The intricate details in this manicure are stunning and we can’t get enough of the beautiful autumn-inspired color palette and illustrations.

Get ready because this nail art is going to attract compliments all day long and will be the perfect addition to your fall look. 

34. Cotton Candy Marble Nail Art Design

Image by @__Nailhub via Instagram

Now this nail look is getting us excited for summer. Vibrant colors are perfect for the warmer months and this particular palette is giving cotton candy.

We love how the artist depicted the hues in a cool and creative ombré design and didn’t even stop there, adding a final golden touch.

If you’re all about color and want your nails to pop this summer then this is definitely the look for you.

35. Gentle And Romantic Nail Art Design

Image by @Artdecom via Instagram

In contrast to the previous look, this nail art has placed its emphasis on a more subtle approach.

Peach and light pink provide a manicure with a sweet and soft touch and are also a great choice for those warm and sunny days.

If the color palette wasn’t enough, the white miniature hearts make this look even more gentle and romantic. 


36. Earthy Floral Nail Art Design

Image by @Bb.Claws via Instagram

Floral designs don’t always have to be bright and feminine. This manicure is the perfect testament to that.

Green and black hues give this nail look a more down-to-earth (get it, haha) feel and the golden moon adds a magical touch.

For a softer feel also make sure to sculpt your nails into a short almond or oval shape.

37. Crystal Nail Art 

  Image by @Unasdecoradas.Tips via Instagram

A traditional french tip and a reversed french tip all on the same nail? That’s something we’ve never seen before- and we are loving it.

You can never go wrong with a classic french manicure but if you’re in the mood for a little sparkle why not add some silver glitter at the base of your nails as well?

The mirror effect it creates is too cool and provides a luxurious element (and how good does this nail art look with those silver rings!?).

38. Black Bubble Nail Art Design

Image by @Neelnailss via Instagram

Who knew bubbles could be replicated onto our nails? Honestly, with all of the crazy and creative ideas out there today, we shouldn’t be surprised.

And what’s even better, the technique is actually fairly easy to DIY and can even be done from home.

Now, in terms of color, to achieve a dark and edgy aesthetic black is definitely the way to go. 

39. Lady And The Tramp-Inspired Nail Art Design

Image by @_Nails_By_Jasna via Instagram

The newer generations are all about everything nostalgic.

If it wasn’t already apparent in the revival of retro styles in fashion and vintage filters on social media, then this manicure is definitely proof enough.

And what better way to honor a throwback aesthetic than with nail art that represents one of the most iconic cartoon movies of the late ‘90s: Landy And The Tramp.

This adorable cartoon film was everything during this era and even inspired a trend on Tiktok (think of the spaghetti scene- if you know you know).

Compliment the nail art with a subtle black french tip and you will have the refined retro look in no time. 

40. Cupcakes And Sparkles Nail Art 

Image by @_Happily_Polished_ via Instagram

And because we are so obsessed with sweets we had to end this article with the dessert-inspired manicure that trumps all others.

I mean, look at this nail art. There’s nothing cuter than a mini cupcake and those bright pink, yellow and blue hues are making this look even more fun and adorable.

If we ever open up a bakery, this will definitely be our go-to mani. 


41. Golden Swirls Nail Art Design

Image by @paintboxnails via Instagram

This exquisite nail art features a delicate baby pink base that exudes elegance and charm. Adorned with intricate golden swirls, each stroke is a masterpiece of precision and artistry.

The gold swirls gracefully dance across the nails, creating a mesmerizing contrast against the soft pink backdrop.

The metallic shimmer of the gold adds a touch of luxury, while the swirling patterns evoke a sense of whimsy and sophistication.

This design is a harmonious blend of subtlety and luxury, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate refined beauty with a touch of extravagance.

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