47 Floral Nail Designs To Blossom Your Beauty

Key Takeaways
  • Floral nail designs offer a creative canvas for expressing your unique style and personality.
  • From delicate roses to bold sunflowers, you can choose from various floral patterns and colors to suit any occasion or mood.
  • Floral nails can be adapted to match the seasons, with spring blooms, summer vibes, autumn leaves, or winter blossoms, keeping your nails on-trend.
  • Experiment with combinations of different flowers and colors to create eye-catching and eclectic nail designs.

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A collection of our favorite floral manis that will have everyone wanting to take a second look. 

As summer approaches we are met with the difficult decision of what manicure to get for the upcoming warmer months.

Summer is full of inspiration from the bright and bold colors to the days spent on the beach and let’s not forget about the romantic getaways to Europe.

One component of summer, however, that has held the number one spot for inspo in the beauty and fashion industries are flowers. 

The transition from bare and lifeless vegetation during the winter to a miraculous rebirth in nature as warmer months appear is truly amazing.

Dull and lifeless landscapes are replaced by colorful and vibrant blooms and wonderful floral scents begin to fill our homes.

With thousands of species of flowers out there, there is no shortage of inspiration for our nails. The question is, which one do we choose?

Trendy Florals 

Currently, retro-inspired floral prints are really having a moment.

Paisley, bell bottoms and crochet aren’t the only things to have made a comeback from the ‘60s and ‘70s- cartoon florals are one of the hottest prints of the season. 

The most common of these cartoon floral prints are daisies. Daisies were hugely popular during the ‘60s and ‘70s as a result of the “flower power” movement.

As people adopted this slogan in the effort to support passive resistance and nonviolence (or more shortly put: peace and love) daisies became significantly more prevalent.

Psychedelics may have also played a role, but that’s for another day. If you’re still unsure what we’re talking about, you’ve likely seen the daisy print before and not even realized it.

There is certainly no shortage of it in pop culture. The iconic Scooby-Doo “Mystery Machine”, for example, sports the look on its exterior.

Dua Lipa and Bella Hadid are also well known for having brought back the vintage trend through their iconic fashion looks. 

So if you’re unsure about what floral print to get this summer, trendy daisies are definitely a safe choice. But what about the cooler months?

Before You Get Started

  • Begin with well-maintained natural nails as the canvas for your floral nail designs.
  • Take natural beauty cues to create stunning floral nail art that complements your style.
  •  Achieving intricate floral designs may take time, so be patient and meticulous.
  • Regularly touch up your floral nail designs to keep them fresh and vibrant.
  • Moisturize your nails and protect your natural nails to maintain their health during and after your floral nail design adventure.

Are Florals Only For Summer?

Traditionally, floral prints are associated with spring and summer. Despite this being the norm, it doesn’t have to be the rule.

The 21st century is the era of showing off our uniqueness and celebrating our differences.

If you want a bright pink rose on your nails in December, who’s stopping you? Today, anything goes. The most important thing is that you do you. 

Now, with all of that behind us, it’s time to help you narrow down your options and show you our top 47 favorite floral prints of all time.

1. Minimalist Daisy Flower Nail Design

Image by @Nailsbyravi_ via Instagram

In summer, there is a time for bold and bright and there is also a time for refined elegance.

This mani definitely speaks to the latter. With its neutral tones, subtle french tip and delicate daisy print, this nail look would be perfect for a wedding or vacay in France (they are all about that classic chic style).

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2. Flower Boutique Nail Design

Image by @Aleashas_Nails_Xx via Instagram

In contrast, this nail look incorporates a number of vibrant hues and designs.

Various floral prints in every color of the rainbow create the perfect canvas for those of us who want to bring the flower shop right to us.

If you’re wanting to show off your fun and colorful side then this is definitely the manicure for you.

3. Magnolia Manicure 

Image by @Nail_Glam77 via Instagram

Is there anything more breathtaking than a magnolia tree? Magnolias have beautiful pink vibrant blooms.

They are one of those flowers that upon seeing it, you can’t help but take a photo (they’re also great for an OOTD pic).

This manicure features the floral print with a sparkly silver base and acrylic nails. It’s simple yet charming and would make the perfect addition to any pink look.

4. Bluebell Flower Nail Design

Image by @Talshahargreenfeld via Instagram

If you’re a person who likes to have a floral nail design all year round but isn’t into a bright and vibrant look during the cooler months then this manicure is a great option.

The deep purple tones capture the aura of fall and winter perfectly and the bluebell gives it a lovely feminine touch.

5. Rose Nails 

Image by @Mymoodlondon via Instagram

In the floral world, roses are the grandparents. And with that we don’t mean they’re outdated and old-fashioned- just the opposite.

Roses are iconic, vintage and let’s face it, the role model for all of the other flowers. For a classic rose nail design opt for red roses.

To make them pop, ensure you use a white polish for the base. With this look, you really can’t go wrong.

6. Golden Calla Lily Flower Nail Design

Image by @Calidollnails via Instagram

Although golden calla lilies are typically bright yellow, this nail artist has taken an interesting perspective on the flower depicting it in a faint and subtle manner.

The petals possess an element of transparency and almost get lost in the background. You may think this takes away from the design but in our opinion, it only makes it all the more romantic.

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7. Glittering Black Rose Nails

Image by @Lori_Nails via Instagram

Okay, this look is fire. If you don’t like to mess around with your florals and making a statement is what you’re known for then these nails are calling your name.

The hot pink and black color combo is the ultimate edgy princess move: it’s cute, daring and rebellious.

This manicure utilizes the shades through various techniques such as floral nail art, sparkles and rhinestones. 

8. Queen Of Roses Manicure

Image by @Edunails.Official via Instagram

Just when we thought a rose nail look couldn’t get any spicier this manicure comes along.

It’s safe to say that if there was a floral nail design contest for the most extra manicure this look would definitely win.

To create this floral masterpiece ask for deep purple polish, rhinestones, 3D roses and long, pointy acrylic nails. Oh yes, and an alternating marble print. Complex, but so worth it. 

9. Dazzling Daisy Flower Nails

Image by @Hollyfalconenails via Instagram

In contrast to the first daisy look we showed you, this daisy print is a lot more reminiscent of how the retro trend was presented in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Whereas the first one resembled the appearance of an actual daisy, this print is significantly more cartoon in nature.

This take on the daisy is the ultimate trendsetting move. Just take a look on Pinterest, this design will be everywhere. 

10. Glassy Pink Daisy Manicure 

Image by @Deenailfactory via Instagram

Although rare, a clear nail-inspired look is a power move. We are loving how the transparent nail in this mani is complemented with a barbie pink hue and daisy nail art.

If the clear acrylic nail wasn’t unique enough for you then alternating nail shapes from square to pointed should definitely do the trick.

11. Black And White Daisy Flower Nail Design

Image by @Buchona_Nails_ via Instagram

For a classic chic nail look, black and white is the perfect choice. Black and white are a timeless duo and will give any fit an element of sophistication.

The black french tip is perfect for those who love a minimalist aesthetic and the small and delicate daisies are the perfect cherry on top.

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12. Crystal Lavender Flower Nails

Image by @Scarlettnailsss via Instagram

This look is giving purple paradise. The lavender hues and sparkles are just dreamy and the white florals and diamonds are serving magical forest.

This look is perfect for any spring and summer event or, if you’re planning on dressing up as a fairy anytime soon, then this would also be the perfect mani to complement your look.

Quick Floral Nail Designs Guide: Nail Art Blooms Made Simple

  • Floral Elegance: Achieve a delicate and beautiful look with various floral nail designs.
  • Blossoming Creativity: Experiment with different floral patterns, colors, and techniques to create unique nail art.
  • Maintenance Routine: Regularly touch up and refine your floral nail designs to prevent chipping and fading.
  • Nail Health Priority: Protect your natural nails with a quality base coat and maintain their health with moisturization during and after your floral nail design adventure.

13. Dreamy Daisy Flower Nails

Image by @Brillantinanailz via Instagram

As we mentioned before, there is no shortage of daisy-inspired nail looks this season.

This look uses light shades of pink, white and yellow to create a soft and summery floral design.

If the femme aesthetic speaks to you then this manicure is exactly what you need.

14. Crazy Calendula Manicure 

Image by @Brillantinanailz via Instagram

Yellow and green are just one of those color combinations that is so satisfying.

There’s a reason nature made lemons and limes the way they are. For the ultimate yellow and green floral mani try out this calendula-inspired look.

It’s fun, fresh and with that touch of gold, a little glamorous.

15. Pinky Peony Flower Nail Design

Image by @Vasarinekovacskatalin via Instagram

Pink peonies are delicate, feminine and dreamy. For this reason, they make the perfect addition to your summer aesthetic.

This nail look features the floral print combined with alternating sparkly pink and white polishes. Because they are one solid color, the floral nail art remains the focal point.

16. Princess Blue Flower Nails

Image by @Uglyducklingnails via Instagram

If you’ve always dreamed of being a princess but it’s just not in the cards for you then this mani is definitely the next best thing.

The blue and golden polishes are rich and luxurious and the 3D floral nail art takes it even a step further.

The golden nail art is also a great touch and resembles that of a crown, making this manicure that much more regal.

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17. Pretty In Purple Flower Nails 

Image by @Estimonails via Instagram

If your favorite color is purple you are going to love this one. This nail look utilizes various bright and pastel purple shades to create a vibrant lavender canvas.

The floral nail art makes this look perfect for the warmer months and the purple gems are just what this look needed to elevate the manicure even further.

18. Red Floral Manicure 

Image by @Clairebeautytherapy via Instagram

A red manicure is always a classic and timeless choice but if you’re wanting to change things up a bit this floral nail look is a great alternative.

Pink and white daisies are used to act as a contrasting color to enhance the overall look while the red daisy ties in with the red nails allowing for a unified and cohesive result. This look is fun, flirty and perfect for a summer date night.

Keep In Mind

  • Clean Canvas: Start with clean, well-groomed nails to ensure the best foundation for your floral nail designs.
  • Quality Products: Invest in high-quality nail polish and nail art tools for precise and durable floral designs.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Floral nail art may take practice, so be patient and embrace the learning process.
  • Design Inspiration: Find inspiration from flowers, gardens, and floral patterns to create beautiful and unique floral nail designs.
  • Nail Care Continuity: Moisturize your nails and cuticles regularly to maintain their health and protect them from the nail polish used in floral designs.

19. Glossy Carnation Flower Nail Design

Image by @House_Of_Nails2490007 via Instagram

After red, pink is the second most common choice of nail color. It’s classic and reliable and provides a feminine touch to any look.

This manicure uses an interesting combination of a french tip and marble effect. Pink carnations are also added to provide the nails with an artistic element.

20. Florals & Polka Dot Nails 

Image by @Mng_Nailart via Instagram

Bring out your fun and fragrant side with this unique polka dot floral mani.

The polka dots provide the perfect frame for the daisy nail art and the black, white and red hues come together wonderfully.

Next time you reach for your cute and classy polka dot dress, make sure to have the matching nails! 

21. Neon Pink Daisy Nail Design

Image by @Avital_Nail_Artist via Instagram

If you love a good retro-inspired trend then you will love these nails. Neon was everything in the ‘80s- the brighter and bolder things were, the better.

This spring and summer have been all about vibrant colors and this mani reflects that perfectly. Give your look a vintage feel and add a neon pink polish and cartoon daisies to your nails. 

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22. 3D Yellow & Green Floral Manicure 

Image by @Jess_Jnails via Instagram

Nothing says summer like a dreamy turquoise manicure. This nail look features a yellow accent polish, sparkles, ombré and florals.

If you ask us, it’s like a ray of sunlight shining through to the bottom of the Caribbean sea, revealing all of its magical mysteries. We know, so poetic.

23. Orange Blossom Flower Nail Design

Image by @Telihaykata via Instagram

This manicure is absolutely radiant and exactly what we need to complement our summer wardrobe.

The vibrant orange is bold and cheerful and the 3D white florals add the perfect delicate touch.

If this wasn’t enough, the ombré effect makes the overall appearance even more dreamy and the golden flakes add a subtle element of elegance.

24. Red Dianthus Nails

Image by @ _Pinkiesnails via Instagram

Did you know that dianthus flowers are also known as “pinks” due to their intensely pink blooms? You may be wondering then, why are these ones red? Well that’s just the great thing about nails, isn’t it?

You can take any idea and be as creative with it as you want. This artist chose to represent the dianthus in a beautiful cherry red hue and complement it with both a red french tip and a solid finish.

25. Flowertoons Nail Design

Image by @Cdanails via Instagram

Now, these are nails that the people of the flower power movement would be proud of.

Colorful cartoon daisies are as retro as it gets and give any look a fun and “groovy” feel.

Whether you’re attending a costume party as a hippie or simply love all things vintage then this manicure will not disappoint.

26. Lavender World Flower Nail Design

Image by @Nailsbyjuli1 via Instagram

Applying an ombré effect to your nails is also a great way to make your floral mani shine.

This nail look utilizes a soft pink and lavender shade to create a seamless color gradient as well as a variety of flowers to incorporate a beautiful floral design.

The flowers provide the manicure with a mature quality while the color palette aids in giving a fun and youthful vibe.

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27. A Blossoming Sky Flower Nail Design

Image by @Pbnails_Uk via Instagram

Isn’t it just the best feeling when you wake up, look outside and see a beautiful, clear sky? With its bright blue hues, this manicure is reminding us of just that.

In addition to the blue, a baby pink shade is used. There really isn’t a more classic color combo than pink and blue and we love how it perfectly complements the flower design. Blue skies and floral scents? Yes, please.

28. Smiling Daisies 

Image by @Silkbeauty.Uk via Instagram

If you are all about those good vibes then a little nail art to represent that is just what you need.

This manicure uses a minimalist aesthetic to achieve this look. This is done by filing the nail into a short, oval shape, applying a nude polish to the base and finally adding small cartoon daisy illustrations.

And let’s not forget about those adorable smilies. With this mani, it’s hard to be in a bad mood. 

Pro Tip

To add intricate details to your floral nail designs, use a fine nail art brush to paint delicate lines and accents, creating a more realistic and captivating look.

29. Periwinkle Flower Nail Design

Image by @Sl.Nailart via Instagram

That’s right. Periwinkle isn’t just a color, it’s also a flower! Periwinkles can be grown in bright blue and violet hues and are known for being low maintenance.

This manicure portrays the flower in a beautiful shimmery blue shade against a white matte backdrop.

For an even bolder effect, the artist has also added a glossy, dark blue to two of the nails. This both enhances the manicure and acts as a nice contrast to the white polish.

30. Milky Rose Manicure 

Image by @Beautyatno39 via Instagram

As many of you know, red roses are the flower of choice when it comes to romance. This isn’t a new concept.

In fact, it is said that Ancient Romans believed that red roses symbolize beauty and love.

Now that is definitely enough to convince us to get this mani. With a white base and subtle integration of red roses and hearts, this nail look will have you love-struck in no time. 

31. Black Rose Manicure

Image by @Nail_Cris via Instagram

On the other hand, a black rose has traditionally symbolized death and mourning.

Now you may be thinking, why on earth would I want that on my nails then? Fortunately, as made evident by this manicure, black roses can also be used in a beautiful and tasteful manner.

In fact, in recent years black roses have developed a reputation for being chic and elegant- exactly what this nail look portrays.

A subtle transparent black rose is placed over a neutral backdrop and finished off with a delicate golden touch to create the perfect essence of refined elegance. 

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32. Pink Clematis Flower Nails

Image by @Nohtni_Studio_Mqueen via Instagram

Clematises are one of the most popular choices of flowering vines in gardens and we aren’t surprised.

They most often come in vibrant purple hues and blossom into large petals. If you’ve got one of these in your backyard, why not get the matching nails?

For a summer vibe pair the nail art with a hot pink and orange color duo.

Orange and pink are everywhere this season and will definitely make your look cool and trendy. 

33. Blue Is Better Flower Nail Design

Image by @Kristal_Nails__ via Instagram

Okay, this floral look is everything. The vibrant aqua hue ties in wonderfully with the blue and silver gems and the delicate white petals provide the perfect balance.

The nude and white ombré elevates the look even further and creates a chic element. This look is summery and elegant and perfect for any special occasion. 

34. Darling Daisy Flower Nails

Image by @Nailsby_Vedasunshine via Instagram

This is another one of those floral manis that would be great during the cooler months.

The rich dark blue is reminiscent of the night sky and the small delicate daisies add the perfect floral feel.

We are also loving the touch of golden sparkle as it makes the look even dreamier.

35. 3D Shimmery Floral Nail Design 

Image by @Rainbow.Nails.Beauty via Instagram

Flowers are often associated with being soft and delicate. But we are here to tell you that if you love a mani that’s over the top, florals can totally meet this energy.

I mean, the proof is right here. A glamorous yellow and pink sparkly ombré immediately draws the eye in and the 3D floral nail art takes the look to the next level.

And it wouldn’t be a statement nail without diamonds.

36. Sunrise Flower Nails 

Image by @Nails_By_Caylierose via Instagram

Getting up early is definitely not for everyone. But if you’ve ever managed to drag yourself out of bed at an early hour you’ll know why it’s worth it.

A sunset can be stunning but have you ever sat and watched a sunrise? There is something truly so mesmerizing and peaceful about this experience.

For a sunrise-inspired manicure apply bright orange polish to two of your nails. Add a white polish and complementing floral print and you’ll bring the summer sunrise right to you.

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37. Blue Darkness Flower Nail Design

Image by @Garnish_Nailart via Instagram

If you love a floral print but have difficulties finding a manicure with an edgy aesthetic then this nail look is just what you’ve been looking for.

A black base provides a bold and dangerous quality while the blue florals and sparkles add a majestic touch.

With all of these elements combined, this mani creates the perfect soft edgy look. 

38. Coco Flower Nails 

Image by @Nailsbyjaneb via Instagram

If the previous retro looks weren’t speaking to you this one definitely will.

Brown was an it color during the ‘70s as a counteractive response to the vibrant and bold hues worn by the hippies.

Brown has traditionally had a bad rep for being boring and old-fashioned but it’s safe to say that this manicure is giving the exact opposite.

Coco brown polish is accented by a partial black frame and for that retro vibe, a cartoon daisy can be found on each of the nails.

This look is fun and trendy and perfect for any neutral fit. 

39. Pink & Purple Daisy Nails 

Image by @Sophies.Beauty.Bar via Instagram

We hope you aren’t getting tired of daisies because this won’t be the last of them (#sorrynotsorry).

You can never go wrong with a pink and purple duo especially when a cute floral print is involved.

For an extra fun feel, change up the sizes of the daisies and go even further by adding a couple of french tips.

40. Cheerful Cherry Blossom Manicure 

Image by @_Nailbay via Instagram

When it comes to a  “wow factor”, cherry blossom trees are right up there with magnolias.

If you’ve ever come across one then you’ll know what we mean. Japan is most commonly known for its abundant and breathtaking cherry blossom trees.

In fact, they are so captivating, people travel every year from all over the world between March and May just to catch a glimpse of these beautiful blooms.

This manicure captures the flower perfectly with its soft pink, minimalist interpretation. 

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41. Christmas Flower Nail Design 

Image by @Artbychandhu via Instagram

When it comes to Christmas, the obvious floral nail choice is the iconic poinsettia. Poinsettias are a species of flowers indigenous to Mexico and Central America.

They are commonly used over the festive season due to their red and green hues.

For the perfect holiday manicure apply poinsettia nail art on each of the nails and ensure to contrast it with a white backdrop so that it remains the focal point. 

42. Merry Daisy Manicure 

Image by @Ele__Nails via Instagram

Or, if the poinsettias were a little too much of an overt display of the holiday season then these festive nails are a great alternative.

You can never go wrong with a classic red hue and let’s face it, daisies just make everything better.

Aside from Christmas, with its floral hints, this design would also be perfect for the summertime. 

43. Summer Smile Flower Nail Design

Image by @Nailz.By.Emilie via Instagram

There’s something about summer that just seems to bring out the child from within us.

Whether it’s the colorful landscapes or the memories of playing outside as kids, a sunny summer’s day isn’t the same without a fun and youthful nail look to go with it.

This manicure features a cute rainbow-like french tip and bright pink florals. For an extra touch of cheer, add a smiley to the center of the flowers. 

44. Delightful Daisy Nails

Image by @Krystlenailsandbeauty via Instagram

Thanks to our beloved bumblebees, humanity has been blessed with the knowledge of the incredible black and yellow color combo.

Black and yellow are great together because of their contrasting hues. By adding this duo to a manicure, you will automatically have a bold and striking nail look.

Add some fun florals, polka dots and swirls and you’ll be the star of the show. 

Did you know?

Floral nail designs have been popular for centuries, with ancient civilizations using flowers as symbols of beauty and charm, inspiring the timeless tradition of floral nail art we enjoy today.

45. French Tip Daisy Manicure

Image by @Nailedbyridaa via Instagram

And for the daisy nail finale, we had to of course show you a french tip-inspired look. This manicure is the ultimate minimalist enthusiast’s dream.

A nude polish acts as the base and a soft and delicate daisy print frame the top of the nail in a sweet and summery french tip formation.

If you’ve been looking for that effortless “it girl” energy then this is it.

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46. Diva Flower Nail Design

Image by @Nailgossip.Blr via Instagram

Okay, for this look we are calling all of our fellow divas. Hot pink has always been and forever will be the power move.

Make the look even more fabulous by adding a silver sparkly polish and a white floral design.

If you want to be exuberating bad b* energy at your next party then this mani is exactly what you’ll need to slay the night away. 

If there’s one thing you take away from this article it’s that floral prints will never go out of style.

Yes, there may be certain designs that complement different occasions and seasons better, but at its core, a floral mani is a classic and timeless choice.

Whether you go for a full-on retro cartoon daisy or a romantic rose, with a flower-inspired nail you can’t go wrong. 

47. Yellow Limoncello Flower Nail Design

Image by @bymollyf via Instagram

Create a captivating “Yellow Limoncello Flower” nail design on a soft baby pink base. Begin by delicately applying a pale pink base coat for a tender backdrop.

Then, with precise brushstrokes, craft intricate yellow Limoncello-inspired blossoms.

These flowers should exhibit a sunny yellow hue with subtle hints of citrus zest, embodying the essence of this Italian liqueur.

Each petal should be meticulously detailed, evoking the freshness of lemon groves.

Finish with a glossy top coat to enhance the vibrancy of the design, resulting in nails that exude a playful yet sophisticated charm, reminiscent of a Limoncello-filled summer day.

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