32 Creative Matte Nail Designs To Inspire Your Manicure

Key Takeaways
  • Matte nail designs offer a chic and understated aesthetic, perfect for those who prefer a subtle yet stylish look.
  • Matte nail polish can be applied in various colors, allowing for creativity in design while maintaining a non-shiny finish.
  • A key advantage of matte nail designs is their longer-lasting wear, as they are less prone to chipping and smudging than glossy finishes.
  • Matte nail designs can be customized to suit any occasion or style, from edgy and dark to soft and romantic, making them a versatile choice for nail enthusiasts.

The best matte nail designs that will get you excited for your next manicure.

As summer approaches and warmer days start to become more and more prevalent, our beauty practices also alter to reflect this.

Say goodbye to heavy coats and mittens and say hello to bikinis, dresses and fresh manis

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Getting your nails done is always fun but there’s just something about afternoons at the beach, sipping lemonade by the pool, and watching the sunset in Santorini that makes having a perfect manicure even better. 

When one thinks of summer, the first thing that comes to mind is often shimmery textures. And as much as we love a good, glossy nail, we are here to tell you that this isn’t the only way. 

Many of you have likely heard of the term “matte”. In recent years, it has been an extremely important concept in the fashion and beauty industries. But what does it mean exactly?

What Does “Matte” Mean?

“Matte” describes a surface that is not shiny- a dull finish. We’ve seen it manifested in Kylie Jenner’s liquid lipsticks and we’re not seeing it any less across nail designs. 

Before You Get Started

  • Begin with clean, dry nails and remove any old nail polish or residue. Shape your nails as desired.
  • Choose high-quality matte nail polishes in various colors to create your desired matte nail look.
  • Have nail art brushes, dotting tools, or nail stickers ready for intricate matte designs.
  • Opt for a matte top coat to achieve the desired finish or a glossy top coat for contrast.
  • After creating your nail designs, apply a matte top coat to seal and protect the finish for a longer-lasting look.

And we’re not just talking about your standard red matte finish. The last couple of years has brought an array of matte manicures in every color, shape and design.

Want to know what we’re talking about? Read on to find out. 

1. The Classic Heart Nail Design 

Image by @enamelle via Instagram

Image by @tam_nails_art via Instagram

Image by @hallies.nails via Instagram

When it comes to matte nails, you can never go wrong with a classic heart design.

Try out one solid color with many hearts or mix and match with different sizes of hearts and numerous colors.

No matter what you choose, you can be sure that by adding that little extra something, you will provide the matte base with just the right amount of allure. 

2. A Coffee-Lover’s Dream Manicure 

Image by @private_nails_ via Instagram

If you’re one of those people who has to start your morning off with a fresh cup of coffee, then you’re in luck- because this nail design is a coffee-lover’s dream.

The steaming cup of coffee and the heart illustrations are just too cute, and the aqua blue, red and white hues complement each other perfectly.

If you’re sipping on a cup of coffee every day anyway, why not have the nails to go with it?

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3. Matte Candied Hearts Nail Design 

Image by @beautyby_b18 via Instagram

Image by @karlitabeatrice via Instagram

When Valentine’s Day comes around, candied hearts have to be one of the most iconic treats of the holiday. That’s why we are dying for these candied hearts-inspired nails.

The pastels and pops of color are fun and flattering, and the heart designs are simply adorable.

If you’re in the mood for something vibrant and “sweet”, this matte manicure is the best choice for you. 

4. Pink & Orange Matte Nails 

Image by @avenue_nails_by_toni via Instagram

The pink and orange combo has been everywhere as of late and we are here for it. These bold and bright hues work together perfectly and look even better on your nails.

For a light and feminine touch, opt for a french tip with a classic oval shape. And if you’re wanting a little something extra, a couple of hearts can never hurt. 

5. The Queen of Hearts Nails 

Image by @glory_nails via Instagram

If you’ve seen Alice in Wonderland or if you’re an avid card player, then this design should be familiar to you.

I mean, red and black nails with heart accents- what else could it be other than the classic Queen of Hearts?

Just like the Queen herself, this look is bold and daring. If being “edgy” is your thing, then this is the manicure for you. 

6. Rainbow Heart Matte Nails 

Image by @d.nailparadise via Instagram

Choosing your manicure can be tricky. With so many options out there, how can you possibly decide on just one design? Well, with this manicure you don’t have to.

This nail look includes an array of bright and cheerful colors and uses a variety of techniques so that each one of your nails can have its unique design. What more could you want?

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7. Vintage Heart Manicure 

Image by @boutique_of_nails via Instagram

When it comes to nails, pink never goes out of style. This deep fuschia shade is rich and feminine.

The hearts are sweet and delicate and the detailed and intricate surrounding design gives the look an overall aura of elegance.

If a prom or wedding is on your calendar, then we’d definitely be considering this matte manicure. 

Quick Matte Nail Designs Guide: Achieve Stylish Matte Manicures in Minutes

  • Designs: Create a trendy, non-shiny finish with matte nail polish for a unique look.
  • Maintenance: Protect your matte nail designs by avoiding harsh chemicals and reapplying a matte top coat periodically.
  • Versatile Matte Colors: Experiment with various matte shades to achieve different nail art styles.
  • Avoid Moisture: Limit exposure to water and use gloves for tasks involving prolonged water contact to preserve your matte finish.

8. Pink Punk Nail Art 

Image by @brooklynnic0le_ via Instagram

As a ‘90s kid, the first thing that comes to mind when looking at this nail design is Avril Lavigne. Avril Lavigne was the poster girl for the “skater princess”.

Edgy/cute would be the perfect way to describe this aesthetic and it is captured perfectly in this matte manicure.

I mean what is more punk princess than pink and black hues, dripping hearts and love notes?

9. Flames & Skull-Inspired Nails 

Image by @chicana_nails via Instagram

You may have tried matte nails before, but have you ever tried them with skulls and flames?

This look is bold, edgy and dangerous. If you want to make a statement, these nails will definitely give people the “wow factor”.

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10. Latte Love Matte Manicure 

Image by @taniiacastenails via Instagram

For a more reserved (but still fun) manicure, try this swirl matte nail look. The neutral tones and square shape are refined yet unique.

And you can’t tell us that design doesn’t remind you of a latte. What’s not to love about that?

11. Jellyfish Matte Nails 

Image by @nail.raiser via Instagram

Imagine being at the bottom of the ocean, so deep there’s no longer sunlight.

You’re exploring areas never before seen by man and discovering new and fascinating species. Now imagine that scene on your nails.

That is exactly what this manicure looks like. Jellyfish amongst an abyss of darkness. 

12. Stick To The Basics Classic Matte Nails

Image by @beautyby.wini via Instagram

Image by @touch_corridors via Instagram

Image by @martadias.naildesigner via Instagram

Although eccentric can be fun, sometimes you’re just in the mood for a classic look. For a simple and timeless finish, go for a matte manicure in one solid color.

If you really want to keep it basic, go for a neutral shade such as white, black or brown. For more of a statement go for a bolder color.

13. Lime Green Matte Manicure 

Image by @the_boss_nails via Instagram

To take it up a notch, opt for a bright and bold matte color such as lime green. This shade is the ultimate throwback, taking its inspiration from the ‘80s.

If you follow fashion, then you know that neon shades have made a huge comeback. And nails are no exception. 

14. Metallic Red Matte Nails 

Image by @nailcandypresson via Instagram

Red has always been the classic color of choice for nails. When you can’t decide on a manicure, you know that you can never go wrong with red.

This red look, however, isn’t just any red. If you look closely there are hints of black undertones and almost a metallic-like finish. 

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15. Green & Glossy Matte Nails 

Image by @yulka_crazy_nails via Instagram

A matte nail can be a great way to compliment any outfit. But if the finish is a little too “dull” for you, adding a glossy french tip can give your manicure just the right amount of pizzazz. 

16. Purple Ombré Matte Manicure 

Image by @evarygiel via Instagram

Another way to elevate your matte nail look is by using multiple colors instead of just one. This manicure uses a variety of flattering purple hues to create a modern ombré effect. 

17.  We Want Watermelons Matte Nail Design

Image by @magicbeauty03 via Instagram

Summer is coming and one of our favorite snacks during the hotter season is watermelon- which is why we are loving this nail design.

With a pink base and black polka dots, this manicure is giving all the watermelon vibes.

18. Hot Pink & Neon Green Matte Nails

Image by @cecilia_o_nailcare via Instagram

Hot pink and lime green: a classic duo. On days when you just have to have both, opt for a manicure with two different colors on each hand.

And if you want an edgy element, try a few splashes of black.

Regardless of the aesthetic, you know that you will be making a statement with these neon nails. Sometimes two really is better than one. 

19. A Touch Of Glitter Matte Nail Look 

Image by @nailsweet.nails via Instagram

Image by @passion.nails via Instagram

As we’ve already seen, matte nails can look good in a variety of shapes, colors and finishes.

For a pop of glamor, try painting one nail on each hand with a glitter polish. This is perfect for any occasion where glitz and glam are at the forefront. 

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20. Geometrics-Inspired Nails 

Image by @kw.nailstyles via Instagram

Geometry isn’t only for math class. In fact, it also looks great on your nails! For a unique and artistic vibe, add a geometric design to your matte manicure.

By adding it to only one or two nails and allowing the remaining nails to be one solid color, you can achieve the perfect balance. 

 Keep In Mind

  • Matte Top Coat: Invest in a quality matte top coat to achieve the desired non-shiny finish for your nail designs.
  • Smooth Application: Apply matte nail polish smoothly and evenly to prevent streaks or uneven texture.
  • Minimal Moisture: Matte nail designs are sensitive to moisture, so be cautious when washing your hands and use gloves when dealing with water.
  • Protective Seal: Reapply a matte top coat periodically to maintain the matte effect and prolong the life of your nail art.
  • Nail Health: Prioritize the health of your natural nails by using cuticle oil and avoiding excessive filing or buffing during the nail design process.

21. Rainbow Zebra Matte Manicure 

Image by @olliyah_oh via Instagram

You’ve all probably seen zebra print many times in your life. But have you ever paired it with a rainbow of colors?

With its matte pastels and bright and bold hues, this nail design is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. And if you can throw in an animal print, why not?

22. Classic Zebra Nail Design 

Image by @natural_by_lisa_spence via Instagram

If rainbow zebras are too much for you then this zebra print might be the better option.

With its classic shades of black and white, and just a touch of yellow, this matte manicure is a safer choice for those still wanting an animal print, but who don’t want something over the top. 

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23. Tortoise Shell Matte Nails 

Image by @k.nail.spot via Instagram

If your thing isn’t zebras, then perhaps you might prefer a smaller and slower animal. That’s right, matte nails can even be transformed into tortoise shells.

With its dark black and orange hues, this design will give your nails a fun and edgy ambiance.  

Top Tip

Use a matte top coat to seal and protect your flat nail art, ensuring it remains stylish and chip-free.

24. Matte Blue Striped Nails 

Image by @elite_nailsbytasha via Instagram

Blue reminds us of many things: the sky, the sea, calmness and sensitivity. If you’re wondering what nail design to do next, we highly recommend trying out this blue-inspired look.

The bright and cheerful hues paired with the stripe design simply scream beach getaway. 

25. An Autumn’s Day Nail Design 

Image by @kadsnailart via Instagram

Is your favorite season fall? If yes, then this matte nail look might be for you!

Rich autumn colors such as green, orange and beige, provide the manicure with an overall warmth, while the elaborate illustrations remind us of a perfect fall day.  

26. Classic Coffin Matte Nails 

Image by @beautifulnails_by_flor via Instagram

For a sophisticated nail, this coffin-shaped manicure is a must. The solid neutral brown and the white tips are the perfect duo for creating a refined elegance.

If your aesthetic leans more toward the classic side, then this is definitely your new go-to nail look. 

27. Thunder Storm Matte Nail Design

Image by @nails.by.faithhh via Instagram

If you have been looking for a nail design that will elevate your fit and make a statement then look no further.

Because with this manicure you will quite literally look fire. You can never go wrong with neon and black lightning bolts  will add the perfect edge. 

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28. Blue Marble Matte Nails 

Image by @your.stylists via Instagram

Marble has been a classic design in beauty and décor for decades and continues to inspire to this day. Marble is great.

But matte marble is just that. Much. Better. And if it comes in this stunning blue and gold, how can you resist?

29. Olive Flowers Nail Design 

Image by @lucy_sh_nails via Instagram

With summer coming, another classic design is floral. This matte nail look begins with an olive green base and ends with a beautiful illustration of a flower. 

30. Camo Print Matte Manicure 

Image by @rockyournailsus via Instagram

‘90s-inspired pieces have been everything this season and this army green matte manicure fits the aesthetic perfectly.

If you’re familiar with this decade, you will remember camo being an especially iconic print. And camo nails? Yes, please. 

31. Minnie Mouse Matte Nails 

Image by @classynailsspa via Instagram

Okay, this nail look is fulfilling all of our childhood dreams. If you’re heading to Disneyland, or are simply looking for a fun and youthful touch, then you have to try out this Minnie Mouse-inspired look. 

Whether it’s a classic manicure with a solid matte finish, or an elaborate design with skulls and lightning bolts, with this selection there is a nail look for everyone. 

32. Red Wine Matte Nails

Image by @philglamournails via Instagram

Red is a popular nail color, and there are many different colors to pick from. This manicure has nails painted in a deep red hue.

It has a beautiful dark tone that reminds us of red wine. This is a stunning and sophisticated red that can be worn for any event, and the warm hue is ideal for the fall and winter.

For the festive season, you may also embellish the nails with gold glitter.

Did you know?

Matte nail designs have been popularized by celebrities and fashion icons, adding a modern and elegant twist to traditional nail art.

Final Words

In conclusion, matte nail designs offer a chic and elegant twist on traditional glossy nails. With an array of creative possibilities, they cater to various styles and occasions. Whether opting for classic monochromatic matte or blending it with glossy accents, matte nail art brings a touch of sophistication to your fingertips

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