Nail Art Unveiled: 35 Simple And Stunning Designs You Can Master At Home

Key Takeaways
  • Easy nail designs are all about simplicity but can still be incredibly elegant. Minimalist patterns and colors can make a significant impact.
  • These designs offer a wide range of options, from classic French tips to geometric shapes, allowing for versatility to match any occasion or style preference.
  • Many easy nail designs are DIY-friendly, making them accessible to nail enthusiasts at home.

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Nail designs are a pleasant way to express oneself. There’s every nail art for everyone and every event – from complex nails to even simple nails you can create yourself.

If you love nail arts but prefer easy nail designs, then you’re in the right place. This list of easy nail designs is a guide to simple but classy nail designs you should try out.

Not all nail designs will take hours and lots of skills to achieve. Sometimes less is more. You can try to create your own design, and save time and money. You can explore your inner fashionista and try out these inspirations here.

Here, we’ve rounded up minimalist nail designs that look simple but chic. So go through the list, get inspired, and recreate!

1. Simple Pink Nail With Blue Dots Easy Nail Designs

Image by @lindseysbeautylounge1 via Instagram

Pink as a color never goes out of style. Whether for a complicated or simple style, it will always pop and look bougie.

This simple design is quite easy to achieve if you have basic manicure skills. All you have to do is gently place three dots of different blue colors.

Also, note that the sizes of the dots got smaller with each color. That’s all you need to feel good.

2. Black And White French Manicure Easy Nail Designs

Image by @manikaur_naillover via Instagram

The Black and white contrast feels simple, but with a bit of nail art here and there, it doesn’t look that simple anymore. This nail art design is a daring french nail design with a twist.

Instead of the usual swipe of black or white at the tip of the nails, this nail artist beautifully played with black and white colors to achieve a unique, alluring finish.


3. Shades of pink Easy Nail designs

Image by via Instagram

This is a clear definition of less is more. Pink is a feel-good color, and it is suitable for any occasion.

Whether you’re a college student, office worker, or health worker, or want to go on a date or hang out with friends. This nail design got you covered.

Before You Get Started

  • Skill and experience:  If you are a beginner, start with simple designs and gradually progress to more complex ones as you gain confidence and practice.
  • Nail care tools: Invest in high-quality nail care tools, including nail clippers, nail files, cuticle pushers, and a good quality brush set.
  • Nail polish and accessories: Gather a variety of nail polish colors and any accessories you plan to use for your nail art, such as rhinestones, stickers, or nail art pens.
  • Inspiration and ideas: Look for nail art inspiration online or in magazines. Decide on the design or pattern you want to create and gather any reference images or ideas to guide you.
  • Cleanup supplies: Have nail polish remover, cotton balls, and cleanup brushes on hand to fix any mistakes or spills during the nail art process.

4. Pink Arts Easy Nail designs

Image by via Instagram

This design is nearly similar to the one above. While the one above is plain and simple, this one has easy nail designs only on the fingers of one hand.

It is ideal if you love it simple but can’t do away with the art. Either way, your nails will look absolutely stunning. 

5. Cherry on top Easy Nail designs

Image by @ohshoogar via Instagram

Isn’t it interesting having little red cherries on each of your fingernails? This is what happens when french nail design collabs with red cherry designs.

While this is a minimalist design, it’s gorgeous. After the french nail set is ready, you can get to work with your red and green nail polish colors to achieve the red cherry design.


6. Glitter Blossoms Easy Nail designs

Image by @colorove.nails via Instagram

Shimmering blue is for minimalists that still want colors that pop. Merely staring at these nails makes you feel at home and relaxed.

Blue nail color has been around for the longest, but this design takes the cake! If you want to recreate this look, make sure to add little swirls of black, and don’t forget the glitter on the ring finger. 

7. Smiley Faces Easy Nail designs

Image by @ohshooga via Instagram

Aesthetic nail designs can also be simple and chic, just like this one. This style is perfect for teens who love to get their nails done.

The clear base and the cute smiley faces give off a warm feel. They are so graphic and abstract. Who would have thought that simple smiley faces on clear nails would be this lovely?

8. French Easy Nail Design

Image by @mynailacademy via Instagram

French nails have been around for the longest time, and we can’t get enough of them. This nail design is almost too easy for anyone to achieve.

This one adds a layer of flair to its look because the white design doesn’t just end at the tip, making it glaring. The gem accent on the ring finger gives the entire look a regal finish.

9. Cow prints Easy Nail Designs

Image by @nailanalytic via Instagram

The intricacy yet simplicity of this easy nail design is divine. Nude as a base color is always beautiful.

Carefully swipe white stripes over your nails and use a bobby pin or any safe object with a tiny tip to place little dots on them.

This will easily recreate this look. If you’re not sure you can achieve it, then your nail tech can do that easily.

10. Golden Arcs Easy Nail Designs

Image by @nailsbysuman via Instagram

This nail looks like a daydream because that’s what it is. If you have always dreamt of wearing nail designs befitting a princess, there you have it! This is another reminder that nude color is the best base color for lovely nail arts and designs.

Dip a tiny tip nail brush into your gold nail polish and swirl it artistically unto your nude nail polish. You would want to stare at your nails all day. 


11. Marble Nudes Easy Nail Designs

Image by @nails.and.sunflowers via Instagram

Nude color is topping the list again for easy nail designs. Which color is more minimal yet elegant than nude color? No color! Here’s why.

Nude color gives off the same color as the natural nail color, so it can easily pass for your natural nail color that is more glowy.

While you can maintain plain nude nail colors, you can add a touch of fun to it by lightly designing the nails. 

12. Blue Swirls Easy Nail Designs

Image by via Instagram

Swirl gel nail design was once a huge trend, and it will interest you to know that it’s still a trend.

This nail art gives off that girlie vibe that makes you stand out in your girls’ group during a girls’ night out.

These nails are not minimalist, but they are still simple. These nails also go well for just any occasion. If you love the nail art but not the length, feel free to go with a short length.

13. White French with pearls Easy Nail Designs

Image by @ohshoogar via Instagram

French nail design will forever be charming, which is why we can’t get enough of it! French nails are basically nude color nails and white colors at the tip.

French nails may seem boring sometimes, so these pearls that add a touch of glam and glitter are the perfect twist you need to achieve this top-notch nail design.

14. Red Heart Easy Nail Designs

Image by @nails.and.sunflowers via Instagram

The only thing cuter than red nails is red nails with nail art accents on one finger. This design is something you can try at home for leisure.

When in doubt about what nail design to wear, you can create this easy, quick manicure at home.

Let the inner nail tech in you manifest! You can use a toothpick to achieve the small dots and the little red heart on the ring finger. 

Quick Guide to Quick and Easy Nail Art Ideas You Can Do Yourself

  • Polka Dot Nails: This nail art features small, round dots on your nails, similar to the polka dot patterns often seen in fashion and design.
  • French Tips: This style involves painting the tips of your nails with a white or light-colored polish, giving the appearance of a natural, well-manicured French manicure.
  • Floral Nails: Creating floral nails is a delightful and artistic nail art design that allows you to paint flowers or floral patterns on your nails.
  • Marble Nails: Creating this effect involves swirling multiple nail polish colors together to achieve a unique and intricate pattern.
  • Ombre Nails: This beautiful nail art design features a smooth gradient or blending of colors from one shade to another, creating an eye-catching transition on your nails.

15. Pink Squiggles Easy Nail Designs

Image by @at.home.nails via Instagram

This is an eye-catching manicure that is effortless to achieve. It is also perfect for summer because it is a bright color.

It is also perfect for any occasion. Someone may have to take a second look before noticing your nail design, but when they do, they will fall in love with beautifully manicured nails. If you’re a minimalist in nails, then this easy nail design is definitely for you.


16. Mint Green Cute Hearts Easy Nail designs

Image by @at.home.nails via Instagram

What’s more exciting than designing nail arts? Picking nail colors that will complement each other so well! The mint green on the other fingers and the tan base with tiny purple and green hearts come together to make a bold statement.

Once you gather all the colors you need, say no to basic short nails and get to work to achieve your desired result.

17. Cup Of Tea Easy Nail designs

Image by @nailsbyshikha via Instagram

A cup of hot tea is hot and yummy; the same goes for these nails! The combination of different shades of nude is absolutely alluring.

This is a stress-free, do-it-yourself nail design that you can try at home. You can use your own shades of nude; make sure you have a base, then swipe and swipe other shades of nude randomly and have fun while working to look good.

18. Half Red and Pink Easy Nail Designs

Image by @lvslovesbeauty via Instagram

One would have thought that a combination of bright red and pink would be too much, but this is just a two-color ensemble looking aesthetically pleasing and absolutely attractive.

All you need to achieve this easy nail design is a bottle of red nail polish and that of pink. After you prep your nails, adorn your nails with these beautiful colors. 

19. Rainbow Sprinkles Easy Nail Designs

Image by @lvslovesbeauty via Instagram

This rainbow sprinkles on a black base is a typical example of when something is messy yet so cute.

A toothpick, bobby pin, or small nail brush and different nail polish colors will provide endless possibilities for what you can achieve using nail polish at home.

To achieve this messy yet captivating nail art, you can experiment with your nails.

20. Watercolor Abstract Easy Nail designs

Image by @bedofnailsnyc via Instagram

You’ve likely come across different abstract nail designs, but honestly, it doesn’t get more adorable than this. This nail design is a ten over ten.

It gives off strong autumn vibes but is perfect for any event. Except with a lot of practice, you may not achieve this nail design on your own.

Feel free to book an appointment with your nail tech and glow afterward. 


21. Glitters and kisses Easy Nail Designs

Image by @allthatsglossy via Instagram

This nail art idea looks like a lot of work was done to achieve it, but indeed, not much was done.

You need a sheer pink nail color which you will apply first. Then you need a nail polish with a clear base and glitter in its content.

Apply the glitter polish over the sheer pink nails, and you’re good to go. This easy DIY nail design will be fun to try out.

22. Cherry Blossoms Easy Nail Designs

Image by @polishandbloom via Instagram

Who wouldn’t love a classy cherry red nail color? The rose accents on the ring fingers make this nail design a break from the norm.

Pick up your small brush and a toothpick to recreate this nail design you can achieve at home. You can also add your own detailing and design as you please.

23. Roses for valentine Easy Nail Designs

Image by @xjuliatalisman via Instagram

We already love nude nail colors, but we love them even better with roses stickers. You can achieve this look with your natural nails or short nail extensions, all you need is clear nude color nail polish and beautiful nail stickers.

This nail idea also makes your nails look like a real work of art. You can also wear them when your hands are freezing during winter, but you still want them to glow.

24. Short Ombre Easy Nail Designs

Image by @_zuna.nails_ via Instagram

What’s a nail designs list without ombre nails? Ombre nails always look gorgeous for any occasion. This nail design is quite easy to achieve.

You need two nail colors of your choice, one a light color and the other a darker shade of the light one.

Apply the two colors such that one will transition from the other. You will look absolutely stunning. 

Keep in Mind:

  • Base and top coat: Apply a base coat to protect your nails and a top coat to seal and protect your nail art designs. It helps your designs last longer and look better.
  • Maintenance: Designs can chip or wear, so be prepared to touch up or remove and redo your nail art as needed.
  • Cleanup supplies: Have nail polish remover, cotton balls, and cleanup brushes on hand to fix any mistakes or spills during the nail art process.
  • Allergies and sensitivities: Check for any allergies or sensitivities you may have to nail polish or nail art products. If you have allergies, opt for sensitive skin-friendly products.

25. Sparkle Bumings Easy Nail Designs

Image by @lacquerjacks via Instagram

These are easy nail designs with a difference. Instead of using just nail colors, use glitters that will give your nails a glam look.

This is another nail art that is perfect for winter because, for some reason, it looks snowy and yummy.

This may not be easy to achieve at home, so you can take a trip to your nail tech to craft this freehand masterpiece.


26. Glitter Stripes Easy Nail designs

Image by @nagelsvanerica via Instagram

This is for you if you want just a simple nail design requiring fewer tools. This is opaque nude nail color.

If you want to add a touch of class to this nail color, use a thin brush dipped in shimmering gold nail polish to achieve these lines. You can add more lines to yours and achieve something slightly different.

27. Pastel waves Easy Nail designs

Image by @beautystudiostatus via Instagram

You’ve likely seen waves nail design, but this one is different from the norm. This nail art complements the nail shape so well.

This nude, white, and green ensemble comes together to create a fun look that everyone would love.

28. Mismatched Pastel Easy Nail Designs

Image by @kaellyilene via Instagram

A good pastel nail look is lovely, but with different colors, they are fascinating! Grab different bottles of light color and warm nail polish and get to work. This nail art requires no intricate design.

29. Anti-Valentine Easy Nail Designs

Image by @maniwithsami via Instagram

This is another attractive yet simple way of stepping up your easy mani game. These are french nails with a twist, and it will definitely be fun achieving the fantastic piece of art. The dripping red heart makes it even more lovely.

30. Sleek Swoop Easy Nail Designs

Image by @colourbox_belfast via Instagram

When you think of nail designs, applying different nail polish colors to half the tip of your fingers may not be the first thing that comes to your mind, But honestly, they look so enchanting! A thin brush will be the ideal tool here.


31. Polka Dots Easy Nail Designs

Image by @bylucyalana_x via Instagram

Toothpicks and bobby pins will make a great tool for achieving this polka dots design. Take your time and carefully put the dots on your nails. Then coat your nails with clear nail polish. You’ll definitely fall in love with your nails.


Always start with a clear base coat. Base Coat not only protects your nails but also provides a smooth and even surface for your nail art.

32.   Wavy Red and Pink

Image by via Instagram

This wavy red and pink typically refers to a pattern or design featuring red and pink colors arranged in a wavy, undulating fashion.

This description is often used in the context of art, fashion, or decor to convey a visually pleasing and dynamic aesthetic.

33.   White Stripe Nails

Image by @vivianmariewong via Instagram

White stripes on nails can be a fashionable and versatile nail art design. These stripes are often used in nail manicures and pedicures to create a clean, modern, and minimalist look.

They can be applied in various ways, from thin pinstripes to thicker bands, allowing for creativity in nail design.

White stripes can be paired with different base colors, like classic red, for a timeless look or combined with other nail art techniques, such as geometric shapes or decals, to add a unique touch to your manicure.

Whether you prefer a subtle and elegant style or something bold and eye-catching, white stripes on nails offer a wide range of possibilities for expressing your style through nail art.

34.   Pastel Mismatch

  Image by @ritaremark via Instagram

Pastel mismatch nail polish is a trendy and playful nail art style where each nail is painted with a different pastel color, creating a charmingly eclectic and whimsical look.

This style embraces a spectrum of soft, soothing hues like mint green, baby blue, lavender, and blush pink.

It’s a fun way to experiment with colors, express your creativity, and celebrate the beauty of spring and summer.

Whether you choose subtle pastel shades or a more vibrant and contrasting mix, pastel mismatch nails offer a delightful and youthful twist on traditional manicures.

35. Golden Stripes

  Image by @peachinails via Instagram

Golden stripes on nails exude a sense of glamour and sophistication. This nail art style uses metallic gold polish to create thin or thick strips on nail, providing an opulent and eye-catching contrast against a neutral or complementary base color.

Whether it’s elegant, vertical lines that add a touch of luxury to a classic black or white manicure or bold, diagonal stripes that make a statement, golden stripes on nails offer a versatile and dazzling way to elevate your nail game for special occasions or to embrace a touch of elegance in your daily look simply.

Fun Fact

In ancient China, during the Ming Dynasty, nail art was a symbol of social status with the upper class. They use a mixture of egg whites, beeswax, and vegetable dyes to create intricate nail art designs.


There you have it! Easy nail designs can also be as lovely as intricate nail designs. That’s because easy doesn’t mean bland.

It means simple but chic. What do you think about these nail designs? You must have found your style in this list. Let out the nail tech in you and recreate your choice of design. 

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