12 Best Products To Stop Hair Breakage

Hair Breakage -- it’s a time as old as time, and one of the saddest. We’ve all encountered some type of hair breakage, from minimal hair breakage to extreme, disastrous hair breakage. 

Hair Breakage 101

When your hair breaks, this isn’t coming from the root. When individual strands of hair get damaged, they become dry and brittle. This can make them thinner, and frizzier.

If your hair is not regularly trimmed, the damage can continue further up the strand, which will result in further breakage. Basically, your hair becomes weak and ends up snapping. 

Your hair really said girl, bye. 

Hair Breakage

What Causes Hair Breakage? 

Unfortunately, many of our day-to-day practices can destroy our hair health, if we’re not using products to protect our hair.

If you’ve ever bleached your hair, then you know that you have to maintain a good hair care routine, otherwise your hair will get dry, and eventually break off. Even if you’re not a fan of peroxide, if you dye your hair, that can cause damage over time too.

Sure, it’s not as damaging as bleach, but it can still cause your hair to snap off. Then, there’s just using heat in general. If you’re not using a hair protection product when you use a hairdryer or any type of styling tool, you’re going to damage your hair. 

No matter what your routine is, you can implement steps that will ensure your hair is protected from hair breakage. 

Will Using Products Fix My Hair?

Technically, nothing can repair your hair after the inner layer, which is referred to as the cortex, has been damaged.

Hair does not have a regenerative ability, but you can apply different products to your hair that will improve the quality of your hair, or the appearance of your hair, and help prevent further damage.

Any product that claims it can totally reverse damaged hair is selling you a dream, it’s not true. What these products can do, providing they are actually a good product, is help your hair look better, or help the follicles stay protected.

If the follicles of your hair are protected, then it creates protection for the cortex of your hair. However, if the hair follicles are badly damaged, then it’s pretty much impossible to heal.

Hair follicles that are only slightly damaged, and treated very early on, can gain moisture and hydration, and give the appearance of smoother hair. 

The products we will share today cannot fix broken and damaged hair, but they can protect, and strengthen damaged hair. This will lower the chances of hair breaking off, and it can give the appearance of much healthier hair. 

So, if you want to discover what products you should use to prevent hair breakage, then keep reading! We have extensively researched the best products for protecting hair breakage, so you’ll get the most out of your money. 

12 Best Products To Stop Hair Breakage

Below, we’re going to show you the best products to prevent hair breakage, which you can buy today.


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The first product that we recommend for preventing hair breakage is Olapex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment. 

This is one of the best treatments that you can purchase for your hair. In most esteemed salons, they will use, or offer, an Olaplex treatment on your hair.

While you cannot purchase the exact one used by professionals, the brand created a treatment specifically for home use. 

Olaplex helps to rebuild damaged bonds, and in doing so, will help prevent breakage. It will also help your hair become softer, and stronger over time. It’s a once-a-week treatment, that has saved millions of people’s hair.

Furthermore, it is scientifically approved, loved by professionals and clients alike.

While it tends to retail on the pricer side, it overall is very good value for money, and if you invest in only one product from this list, you should really lean towards Olaplex. 

What We Like: 

  • Repairs damaged bonds, which prevents breakage
  • Scientifically proven to help damaged hair
  • Strengthens hair

What We Dislike:

  • Retails on the pricer side


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The second product that we recommend for preventing hair breakage is MATRIX Unbreak My Blonde | Reviving Leave-In Treatment. 

Oh, my bleached blondes -- I know that you’re going to be reading this. Don’t worry, I’ve thought about products that’ll be great for everyone.

This is definitely a product that any blondes should be using, as it can save you some serious breakage. 

Even if you’re not a blonde, it seems to be a very overall good product for reducing and preventing breakage. Pretty much, if you lighten your hair in way, then you can use this product. 

Matrix Unbreak My Blonde is designed to reinforce the protein bonds, as well as balance the hair’s PH. It also softens the hair, and makes it a lot shinier, and stronger. It’s a very good option for preventing hair breakage. 

What We Like:

  • Treatment for blondes, or colored hair 
  • Reinforces the protein bonds, which prevents breakage. 

What We Dislike:

  • Not ideal for hair that hasn’t been colored. 


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The next product that we recommend for preventing hair breakage is Viva Naturals Organic Coconut Oil.

We absolutely love coconut oil and coconut oil-infused products. Coconut oil is vital for hydrated and moisturized hair, which will help keep the follicles soft and smooth, preventing breakage in the long run.

This is pure coconut oil, which means you can use this item for other purposes too. Some use coconut oil to take their makeup off, or as a moisturizer.

You should check how it reacts with your skin, though, as, for some people, it can cause acne. However, for many people, it does not irritate the skin, so check and see how you react to it. 

Coconut oil is a great product for your hair if you love natural ingredients, given that there is just one, sole ingredient. You can use this you would with a treatment.

Warm a small amount up in the microwave, and then apply to the ends of your hair. You can sleep with this in, or leave it on for an hour, or so. Just keep in mind that if you sleep with this product on, you could stain the pillow case. 

What We Like:

  • Incredibly affordable product
  • Multiuse, use it for your hair, and skin
  • Natural product 

What We Dislike:

  • Coconut oil may irritate the scalp on the skin of individuals, please complete a patch test


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The next product that we recommend for preventing hair breakage is Pantene Hair Mask Miracle Rescue Shots. 

Some drugstore products work amazingly, and this Pantene hair mask is one of them. In this box, you will find some single-use ampules, which you apply to your hair.

They are deep conditioning treatments, which can help to prevent breakage by restoring moisture to the hair. Not only that, this product will help prevent nasty split ends.

It’s ideal if you use a lot of heat from styling tools, or if you color and bleach your hair. It’s a healthy pick me up for your hair.

We would recommend using this treatment alongside other treatments, such as Olaplex, or Matrix. If you can’t afford to do so, this is still a great treatment for your hair.

What We Like:

  • Very affordable price
  • Hydrating product 
  • Softens hair 

What We Dislike:

  • No bond restoring technology 


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The next product that we recommend for preventing hair breakage is PHYTO Phytoelixir Intense Nutrition Mask.

If you haven’t gathered yet, hair masks are vital in helping to prevent hair breakage.

This mask is creamy and very easy to apply. If you have fairly healthy hair, then get this mask ASAP. It will really help prevent any future breakage, as the best prevention is early prevention. 

If you already have damaged hair, don’t fret. You can use this tool, and it’ll do wonders for your hair.

It’s full of vitamin E, Karanjia oils, as well as camellia, which help to protect the fibers of the hair from damage. It’ll hydrate your hair, and help nourish it. 

While the product tends to retail on the expensive side, that’s just because it understands the assignment, i.e., it’ll really help prevent the dreaded breakage. 

What We Like:

  • It’s full of vitamin E, Karanjia oils, as well as camellia -- which works to prevent breakage
  • It helps to hydrate and nourish hair 

What We Dislike:

  • Retails on the pricey side 


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The next product that we recommend for preventing hair breakage is The Kure Multi-Task Repair Treatment. 

Are you having a bad hair day or even a bad hair life? Ok, don’t worry it happens to the best of us, try this product out for a quick fix. 

The Kure Multi-Task Repair Treatment has bond-repairing technology, and it provides instant results. It can help minimize the appearance of past damage, and it can prevent further damage, as well as prevent further breakage. 

After just three uses, this product is said to reduce breakage by 58% and make hair 2.4 times stronger. Yep, this is a fabulous product which a lot of people swear by.

What We Like:

  • Great for preventing further breakage in damaged hair 
  • Reduces breakage by 58%
  • Makes hair 2.4 times stronger 

What We Dislike:

  • Does not work for everyone, more impactful with hair that is noticeably damaged.


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The next product that we recommend for preventing hair breakage is TRESemmé Shampoo for Damaged Hair Keratin Repair.

TRESemmé is a well known drugstore brand, loved by professions and clients alike. This isn’t their average shampoo, it’s a damage-repairing version. It’s insanely good.

With most hair repair shampoos, you should only use them once a week, but you can actually get away with daily use with this product. 

TRESemmé Damaged Hair Keatain Repair is full of bond-building technology, which will protect your hair from further damage. It’ll also strengthen your hair, which means you will reduce the risk of breakage. 

It’s incredibly affordable and does an excellent job. You need to make sure all of your products are working in favor of your hair, including your shampoo. 

What We Like:

  • Affordable product 
  • Features bond-building technology that will reduce the chance of breakage
  • Helps to strengthen your hair

What We Dislike:

  • Not as effective as a hair mask, or treatment 


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The next product that we recommend for preventing hair breakage is Tropic Isle Living - Jamaican Black Castor Oil. 

Here’s another great option if you prefer natural ingredients. Castor oil is one of the best natural oils for your hair. It is rich in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants.

It can help your hair become hydrated and lock in moisture. Furthermore, it’ll also give you a glossy shine. It should smooth over the fibers of your hair, given the appearance of healthier hair.

Over time, the natural benefits of the oil will work, so it’s a win-win for stronger, healthier hair. 

It’s an affordable product, that will last you a long time. All you need to do is apply a little after you get out of the shower, and you’re done. Easy! 

What We Like:

  • It’s a natural product 
  • Makes hair shinier and stronger 

What We Dislike: 

  • Those with fine hair may find this product too heavy. Use a very small amount if you have fine hair


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The next product that we recommend for preventing hair breakage is Moroccanoil Treatment Oil. 

Okay, so you’ve probably heard of this oil before. It’s kind of a big deal in the hair world because it’s so effective. At its core, it’s basically a high-quality argan oil.

Argan oil helps prevent frizz and works to help damaged hair. It’ll not only help you get stronger hair, which results in less breakage, but it also leaves your hair looking shiny and silky smooth.

It’s said to boost shine by 118%, so if you’re looking to glow, you glow, girl. 

Not only that, but it’s also super easy to apply. You just need to pop a very small amount in your hands and apply it to the mid-length and ends of your hair.

If you have fine hair, then you want an even smaller amount. Too much and you’ll end up with very greasy hair. 

What We Like:

  • Boosts shine by 118% 
  • Helps strengthen hair, prevents further damage and breakage 
  • Results in silky hair 

What We Dislike:

  • There’s no precise measurement guide. You need to apply a very small amount, otherwise, you will end up with greasy hair


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The next product that we recommend for preventing hair breakage is Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask.

We’re back again with Moroccanoil, because they’re just that impressive. This time, we’re looking at the restorative hair mask.

This is an argan-oil based hair mask, which will help prevent breakage and split-ends. It’ll also leave your hair super soft and shiny. 

In this hair mask, there is also shea butter. Shea butter is amazing, it’s incredibly nourishing and will help your hair gain lots of hydration, and help it become softer.

Not only that but there is Caryocar Brasiliense fruit oil. This is full of great fatty acids and vitamins, which will strengthen your hair. That’s one incredible mask, huh?

Honestly, it’s probably one of the best masks on the list. All of them are great, but if you have the budget, this is a really fantastic hair mask. 

One note is that some of the negative reviews that this product has, are because it hasn’t been used properly. This is not a conditioner. When you use this product, you need to wash it off and ensure that you condition your hair.

It’s a treatment, and while it will soften your hair, it doesn’t have the same purpose as a conditioner. 

What We Like:

  • Contains argan oil, shea butter, and caryocar brasiliense fruit oil -- key ingredients to strengthen hair 
  • Helps to prevent breakage 
  • Smells amazing 

What We Dislike:

  • Retails on the pricey side 


[amazon fields=”B002MO8GCG” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The next product that we recommend for preventing hair breakage is Palmers Olive Oil Formula GRO Therapy. 

If your damaged hair needs to get silky smooth ASAP, then you need this product. It’s made with extra virgin olive oil, which is the highest quality olive oil you can get.

It’s also infused with extra vitamins, to help strengthen your hair, and promote hair growth from the roots. Furthermore, it’s great for incredibly damaged hair, as it’ll add a lot of moisture to your dry ends. 

What We Like:

  • Makes hair silky smooth 
  • Helps strengthen hair, reducing breakage 
  • Contains added vitamins for extra strength 

What We Dislike:

  • Application guidelines could be improved. You should apply a small amount, otherwise, it can be difficult to remove from the hair


[amazon fields=”B07D37PQGL” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

The next product that we recommend for preventing hair breakage is Olaplex No.4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo. 

Have a left of the best products last? Maybe. We’ve definitely left the best brand until last, we figured we would start, and end with Olaplex.

Look, it’s a seriously good product, and has saved so many people from hair breakage all over the world. I’m talking, their hair could have fallen out, breakage.

Now, the shampoo can only do so much, it won’t totally save your hair, but over time, this product will definitely help repair the bonds. If you can get a whole olaplex set, then you’d be pretty golden. 

It’s good to invest in a shampoo that will help your hair. You do not use this every time you shower, you use it once a week. However, it will add so much moisture to your hair, and reduce breakage. 

What We Like:

  • It’s a shampoo that helps to prevent breakage 
  • This is an excellent brand with a rich product history, trusted company
  • Repair bonds over time, which helps strengthen hair 

What We Dislike:

  • Retails on the expensive side 

Buyers Guide

So, this is where I help make your choices a little easier. Yep, you’re welcome, I’m going to give you a heads-up on what products you should lean towards, depending on the condition of your hair.

12 Best Products To Stop Hair Breakage

The Ingredients

There are a lot of products on the market, and they all claim to do the same thing. Every product will tell you that it’ll prevent breakage, and help your hair grow, but as we know, this just isn’t true. 

Don’t get drawn in by flashy taglines. Read the product description, and locate what ingredients are in the product. You’re going to want to see nourishing ingredients such as castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, and so forth.

This will help strengthen your hair and make it shiny. The only time when this doesn’t totally matter, is if it’s a very esteemed product. In that case, it’s going to look more like chemical ingredients that you don’t understand.

That’s the case with brands like Olaplex and Matrix. They’re scientifically proven repair bonds, and you can look at many reviews and case studies for proof. Basically, check the ingredients, and do brand research. 

Prevention, Or Fixture?

Another aspect you’re going to need to consider is whether you’re buying products for the prevention, or whether you’re buying a product to remedy breakage. 

Some products are advertised as remedies, and they work better on hair that is already damaged. For example, Matrix Unbreak My Blonde is best for hair that has been colored or bleached before and thus is likely to be slightly damaged.

If you have pretty healthy hair, it’s not the best product for you. Whereas, Olaplex is great for prevention, and for damaged hair. It’ll keep healthy hair looking fresh and strong, and it’ll help strengthen damaged hair.

You also have products like the Moroccanoil Restorative, which will aid prevention and help damaged hair, because it adds so much moisture. Then, you have expensive restorative shampoos.

If you don’t dye your hair, then you only need Olaplex shampoo if you can afford the added luxury. Otherwise, you can opt for the much cheaper RESemmé Shampoo for Damaged Hair Keratin Repair.

It’s not as good, but if you’re already implementing protective measures, you don’t need the top tier of everything. 

However, if you have damaged hair, then the Olaplex shampoo will definitely be worth the investment. That’s because your bonds are already broken, and the shampoo will be working to restore this.

If you already have healthy hair, you could just use the Olaplex no 4 treatment, as it’ll be enough protection for your hair. 


Well, we’ve shown you 12 amazing products that will help prevent hair breakage. What products you choose will depend on the quality of your hair, and budget.

Rest assured that all of the products on the list are amazing, so whatever you choose, your hair will be in good hands.