63 Gorgeous Goddess Braids Styles To Rock Today

Key Takeaways
  • Goddess braids are a classic and elegant hairstyle known for their timeless appeal.
  • Goddess braids are often associated with strength and empowerment, as they showcase a bold and confident appearance.
  • These braids allow for creative customization with various braid sizes, lengths, and embellishments.
  • Goddess braids protect natural hair, helping to prevent breakage and retain moisture.

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Hello there, Welcome to this informative guide on the hottest Goddess braids to rock your fashion look. 

Here you will find the latest and trendiest goddess hairstyles that will have you spoiled for choice. 

With any of the styles outlined, you can confidently rock your goddess braids and become the head-turner wherever you go. Remember, wearing beautiful hair often comes at a cost. 

In these challenging economic times, everyone is after a bargain. Goddess braids are offering ladies healthy hairlines and the super chic look at very affordable prices.

Plus, you will enjoy a wide array of styles for any occasion.

Here we go, let’s roll with the hottest goddess braids look that will turn heads everywhere you go! 

Before You Get Started

  • Scalp Preparation: Begin with a well-moisturized and clean scalp to ensure comfort and hair health while wearing goddess braids.
  • Hair Tools: Gather essential tools, including a rat-tail comb, hair elastics, and edge control products, for a smooth braiding process.
  • Parting Precision: Create even and neatly organized partings for an impeccable and balanced goddess braids style.
  • Braid Size Choice: Decide on the size and length of your goddess braids, considering your desired look and practicality.
  • Care: Schedule regular touch-ups and maintenance to keep your goddess braids looking fresh and in excellent condition.

63 Goddess Braid Styles 

Below are styles and options for everyone. Read on for hairdo ideas you can wear anywhere, from expressive party hairdos to cool and professional ones.  

1. Low Bun Goddess Braid

This protective style is great for different hair textures, lengths, and thicknesses. Low Bun goddess braid works best for the laid-back days.

If your goal is to improve your hair length, Goddess Braids are your perfect option.

Experts advise that you keep your hair from intrusive processes; hence this style is your best bet. This style will also save you styling.

 Low Bun

Image by @yassislays via Instagram

2. Cool Goddess Braids 

Cool Goddess Braids are a statement that allows a range of styles. They give character and come in different shades.

If you have thick hair that you wish to show off, this is a perfect choice.

 Cool Goddess Braids 

Image by @lyndashair via Instagram

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3. Curly Ponytail Goddess Braids

This style is for the young and the youths at heart. You can experiment with colors or keep it black and regal.

When you want to achieve a soft but sophisticated look, curly ponytail goddess braids will work. 

Curly Ponytail Goddess Braids

Image by @espaco_bia_oliveira via Instagram

4. Blond highlights Goddess Braids

If you are the kind of woman that loves to define a signature look, Blond Highlights Goddess Braids is your thing.

Feel free to accessorize your style with cuffs, beads, or wire. You can also add colors of your choice. 

Blond highlights Goddess Braids

Image by @senjuhair via Instagram


5. A Bun Goddess Braids

A bun goddess Braids is perfect for the office, official engagements, or events like funerals or seminars.

The style speaks of calmness. If you are laid back and avoid unnecessary attention, consider this hairdo.

You can splash some colors if you love it, but your vibrant soul wants to shout out loud.

Bun Goddess Braids

Image by @akennasbraids via Instagram

6. Cherry Rows Goddess Braids

Lazy days are for Cherry Rows Goddess Braids. This style is among the hairdos that take the shortest time. While the style looks good on most people, it perfectly suits the narrow heads!

 Cherry Rows

Image by @braidbar_skg via Instagram

7. Dutch Braids Goddess Braids

Dutch Braids Goddess Braids will get you a seat in high places. This style is for girls that ooze confidence. This versatile piece of art will work for all the sophisticated events.

 Dutch Braids

Image by @cachell_courtney via Instagram

8. Blond Beauty Goddess Braids

As the name implies, the Blond Beauty Goddess Braids are a fashion statement. The braids are great as a protective styling for girls that want to give their hair a break.

Blond Beauty

Image by @studio_hair_extensions via Instagram

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9. Classic Stitch Braids Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are versatile and allow the wearer to express themselves through their hair.

Classic Stitch Braids Goddess Braids are among the most popular as they are perfect for anyone. This hairstyle compliments any stylish outfit.

Classic Stitch Braids

Image by @pearlthestylist_ via Instagram

10. Simple and Beautiful Goddess Braids

As the name suggests, Simple and Beautiful Goddess Braids are just that! Your hair will rest and rejuvenate in this style as you flaunt the striking features of your face in this style.

Choose statement earrings and neckpieces that will complement the hairstyle.

Simple and Beautiful Goddess Braids

Image by @neteru_essentials via Instagram

11. Goddess Braids

Shells on hair are for the bold and beautiful! Goddess Braids represent a streak of both fun and flair.

The touch of shells makes Goddess Braids a strong fashion statement that never grows old.

With Shells

Image by @darkandlovely via Instagram

12. Cuffs and Beads Goddess Braids

When you feel extra, Goddess Braids allow you to add some décor! Wear your Cuffs and Beads Goddess Braids with pride.

Confidence is the best accessory you will ever possess. This style is suitable for all ages; hence you can choose to make memories with your girl gang rocking the same hairdo.

Versatility is the name of the game.

Cuffs and Beads

Image by @mai.trancista via Instagram


13. Heart Shaped Goddess Braids

Love is divine, and when you lack words to express it, Heart Shaped Goddess Braids will do the talking for you. The world needs more love, what a way to show it!

 Heart Shaped Goddess Braids

Image by @sandys_hair_and_braids via Instagram

14. Top Bun Goddess Braids

Top Bun Goddess Braids can also pass for good girls’ hairdo. This is a stress freestyle that allows you room to think through life as you keep all distractions at bay.

The beautiful style is for all occasions. Try this hairstyle; it is perfect hair when you want a break from constant styling. Leaving some hair on the side creates a flattering face-framing feel.

Top Bun Goddess Braids

Image by @stylesbytenea_ via Instagram

15. Blonde Ponytail Goddess Braids

We all need some color in our lives. Nothing does it better than the Blonde Ponytail Goddess Braids. The artistic design is also impressive if you want to stand out.

Tone it down by mixing the blonde braids with some black if you find it too bright.

 Blonde Ponytail

Image by @dreadlocks_romania via Instagram

Quick Guide to Rocking Goddess Braids: 63 Inspirational Styles

  • Timeless Elegance: Goddess braids exude an elegant and regal appearance, making them suitable for both formal and casual occasions.
  • Secure Hold: Use quality hair elastics and edge control products to maintain the neatness and longevity of your goddess braids.
  • Low Maintenance: Goddess braids are a relatively low-maintenance style, requiring occasional touch-ups for an enduring and polished look.
  • Hair Health: Minimize heat styling and apply nourishing products to keep your natural hair healthy and strong while wearing goddess braids.

16. Cornrows with Patterns Goddess Braids

If you plan to attend a wedding like a diva, you are; Cornrows with patterns Goddess Braids is the new definition of a princess look. You do not have to fight so hard to get noticed.

 Cornrows with Patterns

Image by @hairbyeussy via Instagram

17. Honey Blonde Goddess Braids

Do you love details? This hairdo is for you! Nothing defines you like your hair.

Honey Blonde Goddess Braids takes style to the next level as it reduces your preparation time considerably as you style stamp.

Remember, this is only for the sophisticated woman who walks with her head held high.

 Honey Blonde Goddess Braids

Image by @thando_adult_kiddies_hair via Instagram

18. High Bun Goddess Braids

High Bun Goddess Braids is another convenient style that frees your styling time and is simple yet striking.

The hairdo will work with all types of faces. Nothing relaxes the mind like a fancy and simple hairstyle.

High Bun

Image by @tsaki.s_hair via Instagram

19. Trendy Two Plaits Goddess Braids

Goddess braids are trendy because of their versatility.

Trendy Two Plaits Goddess Braids will effortlessly give you that sassy and elegant look, depending on the outfit and jewelry you adorn.

Since queens are made, take the crown and step into your kingdom.

Trendy Two Plaits

Image by @mmras_hairtique via Instagram

20. Beautiful Curls Goddess Braids

You can never go wrong with Beautiful Curls Goddess Braids if you are after a youthful and fun look. This hairdo will make anyone want to chat you up.

It is a show-stopper. You can let it flow on whichever side you choose and add color if you are a vibrant, happy soul. Plain dark shades will still work well, though.

Beautiful Curls Braids

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram


21. Thick Hair Goddess Braids

Small and slim-faced girls have plenty of styles to choose from.

But Thick Hair Goddess Braids will give you the volume you desire while keeping your hair in the best state. It also helps you relax the hair, scalp, and mind.

Thick Hair Goddess Braids

Image by @nandaafrohair via Instagram

22. Middle Parted Side Goddess Braids

Middle Parted Side Goddess Braids is your plug for the edgy woman who loves well-defined details and a cool hairstyle.

Besides the beautiful details, these cornrow-like Goddess Braids protect your hairline, aid in natural growth, and save you daily style time.

If you feel it is too plain, decorate it with beads or rings and step out like a true goddess.

Middle Parted Side Braid

Image by @kaykay_hair via Instagram

23. Thick Hair Goddess Braids

This is another style for the laid-back but confident woman who prefers the back seat.

You can choose to finish the ends of this Thick Hair Goddess Braids with curls or add color to give it character. As the name suggests, your hair is safe with this style.

 Thick Hair Goddess Braids

Image by @royal_styles_by_rellz_llc via Instagram

24. Stitch Braids Goddess Braids

There are some days that you need peace. Stitch braids shout that the loudest. When life hits hard, this is your style, and you still need your crown in place.

Avoid bad hair days; just laid down styles like these Goddess Braids are gentle to the hair and scalp.

Stitch Braids

Image by @elegancehcsalon via Instagram


25. Space Buns Goddess Braids

Playful girls love adventure, and hair reveals your personality. Don’t conceal the fun and outgoing in styles that limit you.

Rock your Space Buns Goddess Braids and seamlessly attract your likes. Style it as you wish and meet the world.

Adding some rings and beads to the cornrows adds a different vibe of elegance.

Space Buns

Image by @braidsby_veronica via Instagram

26. Long Braids with Cornrows Goddess Braids

Besides functional, hairdos reveal your personality and mood. The long Braids with Cornrows Goddess are perfect for the calm ladies.

If you are the jumpy happy type, you can consider leaving the ends curly or adding some streaks of color.

 Long Braids with Cornrows

Image by @phenomenal_braider via Instagram

27. Biggie Smalls lemonades Goddess braids

When you want to feel youthful, start with your hair. Biggie Smalls Lemonades Goddess Braids takes away some years from your looks.

This is a reserve for the sassy lady. They are done next to the scalp and are kind to your hair. As the braids fall gently on the side, let life flow.

Biggie Smalls lemonades

Image by @braidsbykiana via Instagram

Keep In Mind

  • Scalp Care: Prioritize regular moisturization and cleanliness of your scalp to avoid dryness and itchiness beneath your goddess braids.
  • Braid Size: Consider the size and length of your goddess braids to ensure a style that aligns with your comfort and desired appearance.
  • Maintenance Routine: Plan for routine touch-ups to keep your goddess braids looking fresh, ensuring the style stays in excellent condition.
  • Expert Consultation: Seek guidance from a professional stylist if you need clarification on the braiding process or need assistance with maintaining your goddess braids.
  • Protective Styling: Avoid excessive tension and weight in your goddess braids by choosing extensions that match your natural hair type and texture.

28. Gold Cuffs Goddess Braids 

These Gold Cuffs Goddess Braids are amazing and very effective if you want uniqueness in your braids with a touch of gold. 

They are not only stylish but so beautiful that they accentuate your facial beauty and will blend with any look.

The gold cuffs make you stand out uniquely, just like a true fashion goddess. 

 Gold Cuffs

Image by @hairbyeussy via Instagram


29. Curly High Ponytail Goddess Braids 

This curly high ponytail goddess braid style is the look to rock if you want to project elegance.

The cornrows that accompany the ponytail go up in style to meet the curly follow, cascading downwards in curly awesomeness. 

You can choose plain black or experiment with different colors.   

 Curly High Ponytail

Image by @leechiis_hair via Instagram

30. Box Style Goddess Braids

This is a cool style if you want a little playfulness in the direction of your cornrows along with a touch of sophistication.

It gives you that girly fun look and depicts you as a sophisticated braids A-lister. 

Box Style Braids

Image by @starluhafro via Instagram

31. Ghana Lemonade Goddess Braids 

This is a sweet, simple style that is so fresh and elegant. The corn rows begin from different angles and form two groups that all go downwards for the fantastic finish. 

If you want your scalp to breathe in a style that will take minutes to do, this is it. 

During those hot summer times, you can step out in this style with this trendy style, perfect for running errands or even attending a weekend event where you want to turn out stylish.  

Ghana Lemonade Goddess Braids 

Image by @worldofbraiding via Instagram

32. Straight-Up Fabulous Goddess Braids

Straight-Up fabulous Goddess Braids represent the grounded, go-getter corporate lady who has eyes on the goal.

This simple yet sophisticated style is acceptable in boardroom meetings, classrooms, and financial institutions.

Whenever you feel like the boss lady you are, rock this hairdo with a straight face.

Straight-Up Fabulous Goddess Braids

Image by @afro_halo via Instagram


33. Charmed Pony Goddess Braids 

This is a beautiful hair-do where the cornrows are silver-cuffed and go up in a bun that meets the twisted braids cascading downwards.

This is a style that lets everyone who looks at you know that you took your time to achieve this look. This will indeed make you appear charming and s

 Charmed Pony Goddess Braids 

Image by @worldofbraiding via Instagram

34. Four Thick Purple Goddess Braids

This is a very simple but expressive hairstyle that takes minutes to do.  The purple braids give you that adventurous look that allows you to rock purple extraordinarily.

This is a perfect hairstyle for a casual weekend where you just want to look fabulous in a simple way.

They are a great choice if you want your head to relax after removing a complicated hairstyle.

Four Thick Purple Goddess Braids

Image by @allurehairextensionstudio via Instagram

35. Snow Flakes Goddess Braids

This style is professional looking with some interesting detail.

The cornrows have some detail and flair even as they go up in a rolled bun. Perfect hairstyle for that professional engagement. 

Snow Flakes

Image by @worldofbraiding via Instagram

36. Curl Crown Goddess Braids

Only queens wear crowns without a fuss as they know their power. Curl Crown Goddess Braids is for the royal ladies who love style.

You can try it in various colors, still get the breathtaking look, and enjoy many benefits like a gentle style.

Curl Crown Goddess Braids

Image by @thehairqueen via Instagram


37. Ponytail Goddess Braids

Even calm ladies love some dash of drama, which is what Ponytail Goddess Braids represent.

When you need to get the hair off your face and take care of business, this style allows you to tie it up and look fresh.

Ponytail Goddess Braids

Image by @jacqu_3 via Instagram

38. Four Goddess Box Braids Goddess Braids

Life is hectic with many things that demand our time and attention. Four Goddess Box Braids allow you to have your hair neatly done within a few minutes. You can attend to your needs in style.

Four Goddess Box Braids

Image by @val_can_braid via Instagram

39. Blue Love Goddess Braids

Life needs color, and Blue Love Goddess Braids delivers more than that. This hairdo is for the bold, playful sisters.

The Goddess Braids will give you the glow and protect your hair from extreme damage.

Blue Love Goddess Braids

Image by @all_inadhayswork via Instagram

Pro Tip

Keep your edges and baby hairs sleek by applying a small amount of edge control product or gel and using a soft bristle brush to lay them down for a polished finish with your goddess braids.

40. Thick Scalp Plaits Goddess Braids

When you love details, your hairstyle introduces you to the world.

Thick Scalp Plaits Goddess Braids is your style for meticulous ladies who have learned the perfect balance of fun and business.

It works for thick and thin hair and will last you a while when well done.

Thick Scalp Plaits

Image by @odia_le_salon_academie via Instagram

Goddess braids are thicker and bolder than the old cornrows. They offer a wide array of choices and are very versatile. There is something for everyone. 


41. Sunkissed  Goddess Braids  

These are amazing goddess braids that go up in a lovely curly pony style that elegantly goes down with an interesting flair.

A great hairstyle for those statement-making days where you want your face to be the center of attention. Accessorize this style with statement earrings, necklace, or nose ring if you must. 

 Sunkissed Braids  

Image by @braidsby.ritta via Instagram

42. Super-Sleek Goddess Braids 

This is a simple, sleek hairstyle, as the name suggests.

If you don’t want any hair on your face or ears but still want to look well-put and stylish, these super-sleek goddess braids will do that for you.

They go down so well and end in a classic bun making it an appropriate style for ladies who work physically and don’t want hair in their way. 

Super-Sleek Braids 

Image by @kyslayedme via Instagram

43. Small Braids with Beads Goddess Braids

Braids with beads never go wrong, and this is one fantastic example. 

The braids are small and begin so beautifully; then, each one ends with a few beads that give it a cultural and stylish look.

A lovely braid style if you want something that will last a little longer.  

Small Braids with Beads

Image by @braidsgang via Instagram

44. Braided Goddess Braids

Suppose you love a simple and sophisticated look. Check out these backward braids, which you can experiment with different colors.

It is a simple but elegant look.  With these braids, you can even go hiking, go to church or wear them to work.  

 Braided Goddess Braids

Image by @jaybraided.it via Instagram


45. Low Bun Goddess Braids

This is a hairstyle that you can do easily to give yourself a uniquely simple look. 

The braids begin at the forefront and end at the back extending all the way past the shoulders. 

They are beautifully done, can be experimented with in different colors, and worn in casual and professional setups.  

Low Bun

Image by @monicas_braiding via Instagram

46. The Mohawk Goddess Braids

The Mohawk is a timeless style that will never stop rocking, so Mohawk goddess braids exist. 

The braids on the sides are smaller, while the ones in the middle are large, making them the perfect Mohawk.

You can rock this style for casual days, and with the right outfit, you can still rock it to your meetings.

From the tough feminine ones to the soft ladies, all ladies can rock this style depending on how they feel inside.  This one is a head-turner, no doubt. 

The Mohawk Goddess Braids

Image by @shaylastyles via Instagram

47. Low Pigtails Goddess Braids

Beautiful braids that cut across the head in a beautiful wavy fashion.

Adorned with cuffs and ending in two cute buns, this hairstyle is for ladies who feel playful but don’t want to seem too obvious.

Easy to maintain, and you can wear it to an office environment or a party. 

Low Pigtails

Image by @marlyshairbraiding via Instagram

48. Yellow Hair Bun Goddess Braids

This is an amazing braid style blended with yellow all over and adorned in gold cuffs. They go up and end in a rolled bun on top.

Lovely, girly, and elegant, you can have this hair-do any day and bring a ray of sunshine to your look every day. 

 Yellow Hair Bun

Image by @monicas_braiding via Instagram


49. Low Bun Goddess Braids

A beautiful simple braid style that roll elegantly backward and lets loose. A simple and quick style allowing you to look decent in minutes and step out confidently.

Simple to do and very elegant. 

 Low Bun

Image by @zansibraids via Instagram

50. Cross Hair Goddess Braids

Beautiful cross hair braids with a beautiful pattern that is creative. If you are tired of the push-back look but still love it, you can try this cross hair look.

This one is definitely a head-turner and would inspire many compliments. 

Cross Hair

Image by @n2hairla via Instagram

51. Purple Extension Goddess Braids

Colors make things unique, and these braids with purple extensions make these braids interesting.

They are few and large, which means a short time making them and a short time removing them after they have served their purpose of making you look spectacular. 

 Purple Extension Goddess Braids

Image by @natural_zvibez via Instagram

52. Sleek Goddess Braids

If sleek was a braid-look, then this is it. They sleekly go backward and are smoothened with gel on either side for an elegant look.

Perfect for a nice laid-back look and can be worn during many occasions. 

Sleek Goddess Braids

Image by @divinehairlounge via Instagram


53. Blond Fulani Goddess Braids

They are beautiful, stylish, and with lots of volume in the back area for a nice flirtatious look. This is the bold and beautiful look that you would love rocking any day.   

Blond Fulani Goddess Braids

Image by @gabi_kalinsqui via Instagram

54. Rainbow Braids Goddess Braids

You can’t go wrong with multi-colored braids. These braids rock and are attention-grabbing everywhere you go.

So if you want to wear rainbow on your head rock, then this is how you do it. You can wear this to a pride festival or any other festival of colors. 

Rainbow Braids

Image by @dreadley_dreadlocksbyashley via Instagram

55. Medium Length Goddess Braids

These braids are elegant and adorned in large beads and cuffs for that awesome look. 

The curly edges add more gorgeousness, making them appropriate for anyone who wants to rock goddess braids with their feminine look

Medium Length Goddess Braids

Image by @lohbraids via Instagram

Goddess braids remain the most sought-after hairstyle for women who love variety and understand uniqueness.

With the countless options out there, you can always find the goddess braids to suit the look you want to project.

Check out the braids stores and select yourself the best goddess braids to rock that unique style and step out like the fashion goddess you are. 

56. Simple Ponytail Goddess Braids

Simple Ponytail

Image by @justbraidsinfo via Instagram

Ponytails are an outdated yet still fashionable hairstyle. Follow through with cornrowing your entire head until you cannot braid anymore.

Once your goddess braid are created, you may achieve this regal effect by wrapping a couple of them around the other braids.

57. Black & Caramel Ponytail Goddess Braids

 Black & Caramel Ponytail

Image by @shellyafrikhair via Instagram

One of our favorite goddess braid styles is swirling caramel braids with specks coordinating with small braid partings.

The hue of the braided hair blends well with the gold braid cuffs. An excellent method to add height is with a wrap-around ponytail that rests on the crown of the head.

58. Cuffs and Wire with Two Goddess Braids

 Cuffs and Wire with Two

Image by @braidsby_kdc via Instagram

With two braids arranged to resemble pigtails divided in the middle, you may show off the playful and carefree little girl inside of you.

A basic and clean hairdo that looks fantastic wherever you go is made of long, chestnut-hued Dutch braids adorned with hair cuffs and crossed gold threads.

59. Intricate Design Single  Goddess Braids 

Intricate Design Single 

Image by @ millys_gift via Instagram

Goddess beauty is not just for young ladies; it can also benefit older people.

The thickness and dimension extensions offer to thinner natural hair gives you a whole new confidence boost.

Additionally, it requires incredibly little maintenance, which is a luxury when juggling work and caring for your grandchildren.

60. Flower BunGoddess Braids

Flower BunGoddess Braids

Image by righthairstyles via Pinterest

Push your hair forward to highlight your gorgeous neck and show off some fantastic color. This will also highlight the accessories and clothing you have chosen to wear with this look.

A bun in place of bangs would be a cute, sassy, and utterly contemporary way to finish this look.

Did You Know?

Goddess braids, often referred to as “crown braids” or “goddess crown braids,” have a rich history in African and African-American culture. They were traditionally worn as a symbol of status, spirituality, and regal beauty. Today, they continue to be celebrated for their elegant and timeless appeal, representing a cultural connection and a sense of empowerment.

61. Low Bun Big Goddess Braids

Low Bun Big

Image by @readywriter2010 via pinterest

Try angling your braids for a lovely appearance rather than braiding your hair straight across or down.

Three to four thick braids will be plenty to cover the head, and longer lengths will result in a large coiled bundle in the back with thinner braid ends that add texture variety to the style.

This updo is entertaining and distinctive for any event.

62. Natural Hair Two Goddess Braids

Natural Hair Two Goddess Braids

Image by @inspiredbeautyy via Instagram

We promise that goddess braid may be done quickly and easily. Look at that!

Although this haircut resembles double French braids, it is nonetheless incredibly distinctive. You can wear this without spending money at the salon.

It’s simple to make and will hold for a long time. Consider a weave if your hair is on the shorter side.

63. Multiple Small Plaits with Goddess Braids

Multiple Small Plaits

Image by @hair_scientist via Instagram

This futuristic interpretation of goddess plaits features tiny braids underneath and an angled French braid that wraps around one side of the head and descends to the other.

This style will create a more dramatic statement on hair that is thicker and longer.