35 Chic And Trendy Lemonade Braids With Heart You Need

When it comes to braids, sure styles box braids and Fulani braids are fun. But the appeal of lemonade braids with heart is undeniable.

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They are gorgeous, feminine, and have the Beyonce stamp of approval. This is why this trendy hairdo is drawing a lot of attention and is in demand by stylists everywhere.

When trying any braid style, it is essential to choose a style that will frame your face in the right way and bring out your best features.

The great thing about these lemonade braids with heart is that it is a look that anyone can pull off and they can be made in many versions that you can choose based on your preference and face shape.

What Do Lemonade Braids With Heart Mean?

Lemonade braids with hearts are a type of side-swept cornrows that are long enough to fall down the shoulder. They also have a signature heart-shaped braid design included in the braids.

How Long Do Lemonade Braids With Heart Last?

With proper care and maintenance, lemonade braids with hearts can last up to six weeks.

The right hair cair routine for these braids include using moisturizing sprays and conditioners and also with your hair properly covered before going to bed.

Doing all this will limit the development of frizz and help to keep the braids looking fresh for longer.

Did Beyonce Create Lemonade Braids?

No Beyonce did not create lemonade braids. Although queen Bey popularized the style after her iconic lemonade album where she was seen wearing the style, The braids have been around for decades.

However, they were called side braids. But, After the 2016 Hit album, the style regained popularity and demand.

 So, the term lemonade braids was coined from the Beyonce-inspired look. The Addition of hearts to the style is a new style trend that is becoming increasingly popular.

Ahead, we’ve put together some of the trendiest head-turning lemonade braids with hearts that will instantly make you want to switch up your hairstyles.

1. Beauty Look Lemonade Braids With Heart


Create a beautiful side-swept look that will bring out your best facial features with this style. The braids are neatly done with the signature heart on the front so that it is instantly noticeable from any direction your turn. 

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2. Kiddy Love Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit:  braidssbytashie

If you’ve been looking for a way to change up your kid’s hairdo with a style that will still look young and girlish.

Then, a kiddy lemonade braids with a heart is the ideal style to try. The addition of transparent beads to the ends of the heart will also add some  fun and personality  without making it look too grown-up

3. Yellow Color Lemonade Braids Without


They may be called lemonade braids, but yellow is not too far from the shade of lemon. If you’d like a style that embodies the spirit of the name lemonade braids with hearts.

Then, you should definitely try these yellow-colored braids. They’re bright and eye-catching and would be perfect for festival season.

4. Reddish Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: braidsbykatrice_

A great fiery red will always attract attention in any hairdo, but especially with this lemonade braids with heart.

The red is a perfect shade to match the heart in the braids and makes it a classy style to rock with any outfit. Be sure to add some beads on the ends to accessorize the look.

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5. Freestyle Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: hello_beautifvl

The key to enjoying any hairstyle is to have fun and be creative with it. These freestyle lemonade braids with heart are a great way to do your own thing while looking incredibly stylish. Add a golden brown color to the heart, but make the rest of the braids black. The two colors will complement each other.

6. Black Girl Magic Lemonade Braids With Hearts

Credit: sleektouchbyty

Accessorizing is the name of the game with this style. Add in gold hair cuffs and bands to create swirly rings that run down the length of the heart braids.

The pattern creates a unique element of tribal magic to the braids and also draws the right attention to the heart-shaped part that your stylist worked so hard to create.

7. Deep Bluish Lemonade Braids With Hearts

Credit:  braids_by_nett

The deep bluish hue of this style adds a cool and easily blendable effect to the look.

Ensure to braid the heart in the stitch braid design to add a bit more structure to the style. It is also a hairstyle you can pair with other accessories like large hoop earrings.

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8. Long And Curly Lemonade Braids With A Heart

Credit:  braidsbykatrice_

Long and luscious hair will always look incredible no matter the style. And, if you want a style that is reminiscent of long side bangs then you need to try this style.

The curls on the ends also add layers that create an illusion of volume.

9. Medium Length Lemonade Braids With Heart 

Credit: 252unstoppablebraider

Don’t want to spend forever sitting in the chair getting your hair done?  Enter medium-length lemonade braids with hearts.

The length is just long enough to grace the shoulders and looks elegant but won’t take hours to install. The jet black color is also a sleek way to make the hair parts and design very noticeable.

10. Cuffed Knot Shaped Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: _1derful_

This style is perfect for elevating a casual look. Add a bit more edge to your braids with a knot-shaped heart. To do this, use a hair cuff to create a knotted look at the ends of the hair. 

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11. Chunky Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit:  braidsbybettyb

This style is great if you like braids that are thick and voluminous. The luscious size and flawless parts just ooze perfection.

The size of the braids also makes the heart on the side look larger and exaggerated in the best way.

12. Colorful Beads Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: mjd_sedec_23

Give your braids an extra TLC by adding colorful beads. This style is great for kids but is also a fun and youthful look that you can style in different ways for casual outfits as an adult.

13.  Thin  Hair Lemonade Braids With Hearts

Credit: neathairbraiding

If you have thin hair, when opting for braid styles, it is important to choose one that will look natural.

This thin lemonade braid with heart has very small braids with close and tight parts that will cover up the lack of volume you might have. The heart is minimally done but still looks elegant and unique.

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14. Straight Crisscrossed Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: pgv._styles

Try a straight lemonade braid with both parts of the heart braid intersecting to create a criss-cross at the edge. It is a low effort way to add a cool finish that highlights the length of this style.

15. Red Stylish Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: vstyled

The bold and vibrant red feed-in ends of this style emphasize the side-swept design of the braids.

It is a perfect way to build up a color pattern that will add more shine and attention to the dark roots of your hair.

16. Pink And Blonde Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: coiffurebyannemari

The addition of pink and blonde in this style helps to elevate the basic lemonade braids with heart.  It is a perfect color combo for those days when you’d like a classy and vibrant hairstyle to have fun with.

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17. Neutral Color Mix Lemonade Braids With Heart 

Credit: layslayz_vegas

If you want a hairstyle with neutral colors. Add a buildable hint of color to your braids with a dark brown tint that has a similar shade to the undertones of your hair.

It is a bold and stylish look that can be worn in any season.

18. Double Style Aunt And Niece Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: braidsby_awa

Want to take your braiding experience to the next level? Make it a family affair! This duo of lemonade braids with heart has something for everyone.

The straight-back cornrow style is simple and elegant while the side braid version is a pretty look for the younger ones. 

19. Short And Gelled Up Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: laiddbydream

If you’d like something simple that will look sleek and pristine. Then a short lemonade braid with heart is the ideal style for you.

Add in some gel while braiding for a smooth and shiny base with sleeked-down edges that look natural. This would be a great style for kids as well.

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20. Long and shiny lemonade braids with heart

Credit: slayedbylanie

The sheen and shine of this style are truly what makes it so irresistible. The braids are long and jet black with perfect parts. It is versatile a style that can be worn on any occasion

21. Ponytail Lemonade Braids With Heart 

Credit : shay_the_babyslayer

Try an updo lemonade braids with heart style if you want something different.

It is a unique take on the Beyonce-inspired look that has the side braids but in the form of a ponytail that can be styled into a bun. The large heart shapes will also accentuate the front of the face.

22. Branched Heart Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: Bella Bijou

Add some pretty cool dimension and structure to your heart shape with an internal braid section that separated the heart into layers.

This style requires perfect technique and will look amazing on anyone when done right. Accessorize with beads on the ends for fun and flair.

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23. Section Parts Lemonade Braids With Heart 

Credit: braided.by.jada

Want to add a bit more finesse to your lemonade braids? Try creating section parts that have a flowy pattern that blends into each other. It frames the face nicely and looks flawless in pictures.

24. Golden Yellow Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: kaistyledy0u

There’s just something sexy about a golden shade of yellow. It is a perfect way to play with the many shades and hues that lemonade braids with hearts can come in. Try to use a shade that has similar undertones to your natural hair color, this way it looks natural and will compliment your skin tone really well.

25. Coloured Ends Lemonade Braids With Heart 

Credit: miaonthehair

Want an ombre effect when making your braids? Try incorporating color on the ends of your lemonade braids.

The mixed-colored ends of this style are a perfect contrast to the black braids at the roots. The  swirly and swooped edges which are sleeked down with gel  also take this style to the next level

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26. Blonde Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: braidedupbyv

A gorgeous blonde is perfect for adding highlights to your lemonade braids with heart. This look is perfect for those summer days when you want to rock a vibrant protective style.

27. Bright Color Mix Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: braids_by_anto

If you like a rich blend of colors, try pink and purple lemonade braids with heart. 

The whimsical colors enhance the look of the signature heart braid on the side while the slightly chunky ends help to add volume to a usually flat look.

28. Short Hair Lemonade Braids With Heart


Don’t want to add hair extension to your hair? Try rocking lemonade braids with heart using your natural hair.

It is a short and elegant protective style for your curls while keeping it classy. Adding some beads will also make this style look more put together.

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29. Large Heart Shaped Lemonade Braid With Heart

Credit: braidedupbyv

If you prefer a prominent and pronounced heart shape that will be very noticeable, try creating a fairly large-sized heart.

That way they take up more space and look flattering. Be sure to add a shade of copper brown to this style for an alluring pop of color.

30. Back Style Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: hairbyalanciaj

Try a unique take on lemonade braids with heart by placing the heart in the back of the hair. This allows you to style the braids however you want and also draws attention to the back.

31. Middle Heart Lemonade Braids With Heart

  Credit: iambraidzbyja

The heart in your lemonade braids doesn’t always have to be on the side. You can have them placed in the middle of the braids to create a distinct design at the crown of the hair.

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32.  Ladder Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit: prettylaniishaig

The hearts, the steps, and sectioned parts of the hair. Everything about this look screams perfection!. This style is perfect if you want something with more detail and intricate parts. Add some hair cuffs to accessorize.

33. Double Heart Lemonade Braids With Hearts

Credit: braydedup

Double the hearts equals double the fun. A lemonade braid with two hearts is a stylish way to emphasize the heart design of this trend.

It is also a great style to pair with a whimsical dress or grown for a romantic vibe.

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34. Knotless Braids Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit:  IT GIRL

If you love rocking box braids, but still want the lemonade braids look. This Box lemonade braids with heart style have the signature long side bangs of the look.

You can also style it multiple ways since you have more freedom with the movement of the box braids.

35. Simple Long Lemonade Braids With Heart

Credit:  styleszbykey

 Want something modern and stylish? Try simple lemonade braids with heart that is elegant. The long length makes also accentuates the side-swept look of this style. 

The main thing to keep in mind is that lemonade braids were popularized by the queen, Beyonce herself, and with this delightful addition of hearts into the braids, lemonade braids with hearts are only going to keep dominating braids style trends.

With the help of this list, you can now choose the perfect style to suit your preferences. So go ahead and make that appointment with your stylist, pick a head-turning lemonade braid with heart design, and get on board this sexy protective hairstyle train.

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