46 Blonde Box Braids With Beads: Radiant Elegance And Individuality

Key Takeaways
  • Blonde box braids adorned with beads offer a visually striking and attention-grabbing hairstyle.
  • Box braids with beads often fuse cultural elements, combining African and African-American hairstyling traditions with contemporary fashion trends.
  • These braids provide a canvas for creative self-expression. Beads can be chosen to reflect personal preferences, stories, or symbolic meanings, making the hairstyle uniquely yours.
  • Beyond aesthetics, blonde box braids with beads are a practical choice for protective hairstyling.

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Box braids are one of the most popular protective hairstyles due to their versatility, style options, and ease of styling.

Although they look complicated, box braids are surprisingly easy to achieve once you get the hang of them! 

Image by @hadviser_com via Pinterest

Box braids have been making waves lately, with celebrities and everyday women sporting the look!

But what if you want to add a special touch to your box braids?

Try out blonde box braids with beads, and you’ll find that they give your hairstyle personality while still staying on-trend.

These braids are popular among women of color due to their versatility and ability to be worn in many different ways. Box blonde braids can give you that elegant, chic look without putting much effort into styling your hair.

All you need are your favorite box braid extensions, beads of choice, and some good braiding skills—and you’re all set! 

Blonde box braids adorned with stylish beads offer a captivating fusion of classic and contemporary aesthetics.

This trendy hairstyle seamlessly combines the elegance of neatly woven blonde braids with the playful charm of vibrant beads.

The blonde hue adds a touch of sophistication, while the intricately added beads infuse a touch of individuality and cultural expression.

These braids serve as a protective hairstyle and make a bold fashion statement, exuding confidence and creativity.

For everyday wear or special occasions, blonde box braids with beads are a versatile and eye-catching choice, embodying a harmonious blend of tradition and modern flair.

So if you want to try out this popular hairstyle, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article on all about blonde box braids with beads, we’ll take you through every step of the process so that you can easily create beautiful and unique blonde box braids with beads. Let’s get started!

Before you get started

  • Ensure your scalp is clean and healthy to promote a comfortable braiding experience.
  • Detangle your hair to eliminate knots and reduce tension during the braiding process.
  • Gather all necessary supplies, including a rat-tail comb, hair clips, and quality hair extensions if desired.
  • Decide on the Box braid pattern and style you want, and visualize the layout before beginning.
  • If using extensions, prepare them by washing, drying, and pre-stretching them if needed.

46 Different Ways You Can Style Your Blonde box Braids With Beads

If you’re looking for a new hairstyle, why not try blonde box braids? These stylish extensions help add volume and length to your locks, but there are also other ways you can style them.

It’s surprisingly easy to work blonde box braids into your everyday hairstyle. Read on for tips on how to wear and style blonde box braids.

Beaded box braids are an elegant, gorgeous hairstyle that makes any girl feel like a queen. You can buy hair extensions of different blonde shades from most beauty supply stores.

Braiding beads are also readily available which will add a wow factor to plain box braids effortlessly. 

Read on to learn more about the best styles for blonde box braids with beads and how to create them!

1. Sparkle Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Sparkle Blonde Box Braids

Image by @heysaba_ via Instagram

How cute does that look! If you want to spice up your look for a special occasion, why not add some sparkle to your blonde box braids? It’s a fun hairstyle that will boost your mood. 

This sparkling take on box braids is ideal if you want to break free from conventional styling. It would help if you had some colored glitter and hair gel, and you’re good to go.

Apply hair gel onto your braids, sprinkle the glitter, and see your braids transform your whole look. Combine these glittery braids with some sparkling beads at the braid ends for an elevated look. 

This style is ideal for young girls and anyone feeling a little daring to rock a hairstyle that will make you stand out from a sea of boring hairdos.


2. Large Knotless Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Large Knotless Blonde

Image by @rocrafted_styles via Instagram

Sometimes even a small feature can make your hairstyle distinctive without any effort. You can add this hairstyle to the list of such hairdos!

The divisions for box braids instantly catch your eyes because of their unusual pattern that you don’t normally see on the box braids. 

The zigzag parting of the sections gives these blonde box braids a unique look.

Natural hair hasn’t been dyed to match the blonde extensions, so the braids go from dark to light, adding an element of beauty to this protective hairstyle.

Braids are decorated with clear crystal beads that protect the braid ends while letting them shine through the transparent beads. 

This style is an inspiration for braiders who want to experiment with new looks.

Our advice is never to shy away from trying new things, whether it’s your hairstyle or life in general. You will be amazed by the results that you get by experimentation!

3. Jumbo Knotless Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Jumbo Knotless Blonde

Image by @mymysbraids via Instagram

Most women choose box braids because of their versatility, but there are certainly times when one would want to add something special. 

These long jumbo knotless blonde box braids look like regular box braids but add wooden beads in earth tones throughout the style.

The best part is you can do these alone or have a professional apply them. Deep conditioning and quality hair products will also help keep your strands healthy and strong year-round. 

An important thing to note here is that blonde extensions are installed in alternating braids, giving a mix of black and blonde.

Also, the braids are of varying lengths, giving this style an abstract feeling.

4. Yellow Peekaboo Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Yellow Peekaboo Blonde

Image by @kestyles._ via Instagram

You must be brave enough to try out this beaded yellow peekaboo blonde bob! Double ponytails are tied by gathering some upper braids giving it a half-up look.

The golden crystal beads go with the short style exceptionally well.

Sporting a style as this one needs you to be confident and bold. Only then can you enjoy the attention this short box braid hairstyle will get.

It is an ultra-edgy and trendy style that will require you to carry yourself boldly. Any lack of effort will make this hairstyle an ordinary braiding look you wouldn’t want.

A few yellow blonde braids among those dark ones add a lovely contrast to this ‘do. So, buckle up to enjoy this gorgeous hair braiding style that will earn you some new friends and admirers!

5. Dope Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Dope Blonde Box Braids

Image by @hair_by_achanie7 Instagram

There are many ways to adorn a box braid hairstyle, and there’s also no shortage of beads for styling.

The trick is finding beads that match your hair color! We also love this shade of blonde braids that will suit most complexions beautifully.

We love this beaded blonde box braid look, especially because it incorporates a variety of pink shades, which all work well in different areas of this style.

Whether you prefer darker or lighter shades of pink, you can create a customized look with beads. 

We also love using other multicolor beads in this hairstyle which adds a new dimension to this look. Some beads used in this style are candy pink, pearl pink, crystal pink, and plum pink.


6. Bohemian Blonde Box Braids With Beads

 Bohemian Blonde Box

Image by @hair_by_achanie7 via Instagram

Dreaming of having a more relaxed hairstyle this summer? Go for a boho look!

Bohemian is a word that conjures up an image of free-spiritedness and an unconventional style. These braids with random but long lengths ooze that vibe.

If you want blonde box braids with beads that give you a laid-back feel, then this is a perfect look for you. You can flaunt this carefree look and still fit in at your normal job.

These braids are casual and elegant, meaning you can wear them at work or on a date. The yellow and clear beads add visual interest to these simple braids, making them look more beautiful.

A mix of brown and blonde braids also keeps your interest intact in this hairstyle. We would have loved a few more blonde braids in this ‘do; otherwise, everything about this style is spot on!

7. Black and Gold Blonde Box Braids With Beads

 Black and Gold Blonde Box

Image by @makeupbyzania via Instagram

These braids are so pretty; they are one of the best protective hairstyles we have seen recently for short hair.

While everyone else has long braids, seeing a cute hairstyle in a short length is welcoming. Plus, the golden blonde color goes perfect with black, which is why these braids work so well together. 

Since box braids are so in style, it’s fun to have a different take on them. These blonde box braids feature cute clear crystal beads that make a simple hairstyle look elegant and stylish. 

Try these beautiful shoulder-length blonde box braids if you’re looking for something that stands out from your other friends who have box braids too!

8. Chic and Trendy Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Chic and Trendy Blonde Box

Image by @sha.dacreator via Instagram

It is what we call cuteness overload! Candy-colored beads are the highlight of this hairstyle. 

We know that not all of you will like candy beads in your braids, but trust us, if you are young and aggressive, do go for unusual colored beads to add a unique touch to your braids.

You will be amazed at how many people ask you for your stylist’s contact details! 

Moreover, blonde box braids are trendy and timeless. While doing them with precision will make them look perfect, adding beads to match your personality will take this style to new heights.

9. Exquisite Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @melaniedomyhair via Instagram

As far as we can tell, this girl is not using any extensions. The perfect straight, thick, blonde hair doesn’t require any extensions to recreate this look!

So, if you are a natural blonde, you can save on some extensions and still flaunt this fabulous hairdo. The beautiful multicolor beads suit this hairstyle perfectly.

Try this on your little girl for an upcoming school event or birthday party. She will be the center of attention in any gathering, and rightly so.

Your diva deserves her limelight, and you will be so happy when she earns a star status just because of her exquisite braided hairstyle!

10. Jubilant Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Jubilant Blonde Box Braids

Image by @mercredie via Instagram

Blonde hair is always in vogue in is associated with love and glamour. One of our favorite styles to achieve a romantic vibe is blonde box braids with beads.

They are fun and easy to do, but they require time investment if you don’t have a friend who can help. 

This style looks amazing on nearly every skin tone and works well for any event. Try these jubilant box braids with crystal beads if you’re looking for a super romantic style that portrays a blonde-bombshell personality.

Beads add an extra touch of glamour and make a great statement. 

If it’s been too long since you last updated your look, or if you’re looking for a new color to wear during warm weather, give blonde box braids a try!


Quick Guide to Stylish Blonde Box Braids Hairstyles

  • Chic Blonde Shades: Opt for various shades of blonde to give your box braids a trendy and stylish appearance.
  • Versatile Hairstyling: Box braids offer endless styling possibilities, from braided ponytails to half-up, half-down looks.
  • Low-Maintenance: Enjoy the ease of low-maintenance hairstyles that don’t require daily styling.
  • Protection and Growth: Box braids can protect your natural hair and promote healthy growth when cared for properly.

11. Honey Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Honey Blonde Box Braids

Image by @_kaydidthatt via Instagram

You can never go wrong with honey blonde box braids; this picture here is proof! If you are in a dilemma on which shade of blonde will go well with your complexion, honey blonde always comes in handy. 

So, to get blonde box braids that are subtle yet still stand out, try simple honey-blonde box braids and embellish them with beads.

It can be a great choice if you want to add something sparkly but don’t want your look to be too bold. 

The yellow undertone gives these box braids a little more interest than your standard platinum blonde style.

Pair these braids with opaque white beads to add contrast to this darker blonde hue and make your braids instantly noticeable.

12. Messy Blonde Wedge Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Messy Blonde Wedge

Image by @curlyqueensgalore via Instagram

Having braids of three different colors in one hairstyle gives a little messy look, but it’s a good kind of messy! Blonde, brown, and black braids come together superbly to create a one-of-a-kind look. 

These braids are long enough to touch the bum and have crystal beads and gold accents, but the wedge shape of the braids steals the show.

If you want a different style from the rest, go in for wedge braids that are longer in the middle and tapper as you go towards the sides.

The color should be blonde, and any beads as per choice can be used to accentuate it.

In this example, random gold cuffs are used for decoration throughout the braids, while gold and clear beads adorn the braids’ ends.

13. Fulani Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Fulani Blonde Box Braids

Image by @hairbyclau_s via Instagram

These box braids are a great style for kids. The beads give it that extra sparkle, and you can customize them however you wish.

It’s also a good idea to let your children pick out their beads—it will help them feel like they have some ownership over their hairstyle. 

For example, if your daughter loves pink, you could use pink beads. She might even get her friends involved in picking out different colors of beads!

And if she wants to change her look after a few days or weeks, removing all of those pesky little beads from her hair won’t be too difficult. 

The braid style in this picture uses silver cuffs and blonde extensions. You could also opt for regular blonde box braids without any beads!

14. Lemonade Blonde Box Braids With Beads

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Lemonade Blonde Box Braids

Image by @awin_fit via Instagram

Blonde braids and pink beads look perfect companions; we would say it’s a match made in braiding heaven! 

It’s an ultimate feminine look that is very popular among young girls.

So, if you are up for a chic look that is girly and acceptable in the young circle, then you can’t go wrong with picking this style for your next braiding adventure. 

We love how these beautiful pink beads have been added to the braids at different heights.

This variation gives a different look than we normally see, i.e., all beads at the bottom end of the braids. You’ll also love this little detail that gives a new vibe to the same old blonde box braids!

15. Platinum Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @anybahia via Instagram

We couldn’t stop exclaiming oh-so-stylish when we first looked at this beautiful blonde hairstyle. The look of platinum blonde extensions in box braids is beautiful in its own right, but adding cuffs in silver and gold makes them pop out even more. 

Platinum blonde is a whitish blonde shade that will look gorgeous with some sparkle or glitter.

The idea behind adding silver or gold accessories is the same because gold and silver bring forth the beautiful hue of platinum blonde extension.

This look can be worn on braids of different thicknesses and lengths.

The glamorous fee of this hairdo makes it a perfect style for young women looking for a do for special occasions. We are certain that you will feel more beautiful and confident while wearing these blonde braids!


16. Shiny Star Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @slayedbyjade.hair via Instagram

What an ideal length for box braids! You can easily get this look if you have medium or long hair as the natural black hair goes down these blond braids, reducing the blonde shade mostly towards the end. 

If you want a more blonde look, you can dye your hair the same shade as extensions so that you would get all blonde braids instead of black and blonde extensions.

That said, we are in love with this look as it is unique, and not many people will have that result if they have short natural hair for this hairstyle. 

The addition of beads makes these braids look heavy and rich while protecting your braid ends from unraveling.

Moreover, it’s always good to see other decorating accessories alongside beads. Here wide gold cuffs and silver rings add much-needed shine to this do.

17. Swirl Magic Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Swirl Magic Blonde Box

Image by @lorraineafricanbraidingstudio via Instagram

Now, this is quite a unique look! Who would have thought to add beads towards the start of the braids near the scalp instead of letting them flow with the braids’ ends?! 

The printed drum beads all piled on the scalp are something we hadn’t seen before. Do you think you can rock this look?

If your answer is a yes, we challenge you to try this interesting look and see how it goes. We will be waiting to hear how many people admired your unique take on the beaded box braid style!

We are also noticing the multiple shades of blonde that have been used for braiding these awesome box braids. This technique provides more substance to this stand-out hairstyle.

18. Shinning Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Shinning Blonde Box Braids

Image by @nicabraids via Instagram

These side-swept thick box braids with ultra-blonde extensions have caught our attention. Think again if you ever thought braids could not be worn for a romantic night out! 

This flirty protective hairstyle is perfect for an important date or dinner. Compliment it with a pretty dress and impeccable makeup, and you are all made up for that special occasion. 

Keep your accessories minimal with this hairdo, as it will already have some bling in the form of gold cuffs scattered throughout the braids.

You can add lightweight beads at the braids’ ends to give your braids a voluminous and fuller look

Remember not to go overboard with decorative touches, as it can ruin the flirty yet classy look with crowded braids, which you wouldn’t want.

19. Ombre Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @stylehfirmino via Instagram

You will not want to return to your ordinary braids once you look yourself in the mirror with these ombre blonde box braids!

You have played safe until now, so it’s time to level up your braided hair game. Life is all about taking a risk without which you cannot grow.

And we are certain that you will experiment with new hairstyles once you get out of your comfort zone with these omber extensions.

When decorated with a few string braids and silver cuffs, these beaded blonde box braids will bring out the diva in you.

A gorgeous hairstyle makes one confident, and these braids will be your secret confidence booster!

20. Classic Blonde Box Braids With Beads

 Classic Blonde

Image by @stylehfirmino via Instagram

Glossy blonde braids are a treat to look at. They add so much oomph to simple box braids.

You can go for a shorter style like a bob with this adorable blonde hue or opt for a medium or long length as you like.

There is so much you can do with the length that can change the whole appearance of your braids. For us, long braids add sophistication and elegance to your overall look.

However, if you want to show off your bolder side, you can chop these off and ad some accent beads to take them up a notch. Braids with beads are a great way to style your braids.

Moreover, long braids are very versatile as you can tie them in a twisted bun or a ponytail according to the occasion you wear them.

Consider all the possibilities when deciding on the length of your box braids.


Did you know?

Blonde box braids are a versatile and trendy hairstyle that has gained popularity not only for their fashionable look but also for their protective qualities.

21. Alluring Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @nilbyalexandre via Instagram

Light blonde box braids are perfect to wear if you have fair skin. And we are not saying that this blonde shade wouldn’t look good on a dark complexion.

It’s what we prefer, but don’t let it affect your decision to rock light blonde box braids on darker skin tones!

While talking about the hairstyle in question, a side parting gives a new look to any hairstyle if it’s normally styled back or with a center parting.

So, when you make a side parting like in this picture and grab a few braids to tie at the back, it instantly appears completely different from similar box braids. 

These half-up styled braids are simple yet classy and can be worn anytime, anywhere. When adorned with silver jewelry or beads, these box braids will sparkle without letting any decoration become too visible.

22. Bohemian Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @mixxxa via Instagram

Nothing screams bohemian more than two-tone blonde box braids with beads! This style is done on natural blonde hair with a few box braids hiding between loose strands.

These messy bohemian braids impart a unique, carefree attitude that this hairdo highlights.

However, we know it’s impossible to replicate this hairdo’s authentic vibe with blonde extensions if you have super curly black hair. That said, it doesn’t hurt to at least try!

If you have relaxed hair, there is a chance to recreate this style to some extent, so do give this ‘do a try if you also love boho chick style as much as we do!

23. Caramel Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Caramel Blonde Box Braids

Image by @ninha_rodrigs via Instagram

It is a powerful hairstyle that will bring out your classy and feminine yet bold personality to the forefront.

You are perfect for caramel blonde box braids if you have a naturally casual style. Having some tattoos like this lady will seal the deal!

The best thing about this hairdo is that you will not have to dye your hair blonde. Introduce extension into your braids in a way that transcends gradually from black to caramel to light blonde.

Leave the braid ends loose so you get the same look as in the picture.

This style uses gold cuffs for braid decoration, but you can also add accessories such as beads that will give these lovely blonde braids a refined look.

24. Platinize Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @salon_estilo_by_elmira via Instagram

It is a refreshing break from the monotonous and boring box braid styles you see everywhere. If you have thick and straight natural hair, then it’s a must-try hairstyle.

It is a simple hairdo that you can easily do for yourself.

It starts with dyeing the lower half of your hair blonde. Then, create two loose cornrows with a middle parting and plait them into two separate braids while adding patterned gold cuffs.

Technically, these are box braids with cornrows but are done completely differently for a unique look.

Unlike protective box braids, these braids are more temporary and will last just a day or two.

It gives you a choice to style your hair like this for a day out or any other special occasion and then try a different look the next day!

25. Smooth Gold Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @salon_estilo_by_elmira via Instagram

Looking for a glamorous shade of blonde to set you apart from other ladies surrounding you?! Smooth gold blonde is here to save you from falling victim to ordinary and common shade!

We mean it when we tell you that this full head of voluminous, long golden blonde braids will make people envious of your choice.

Silver cuffs add an extra hint of beauty to these adorable braids. You can also use gold accessories, but silver gives a noticeable contrast to gold blonde braids

Whether you add gold or silver beads, it’s your choice. Do as you desire to make these braids personalized and a style statement that is unique to you.


26. Short Blonde Box Braids With Beads

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Short Blonde Box Braids

Image by @tee_lea14041 via Instagram

Most people say that the most daunting part about getting braids is the long hours spent sitting on the stylist’s chair.

So, if you want to cut this time short, we suggest going for shorter braids. Isn’t it an easy solution to this problem?!

Short blonde braids are trendy and don’t need extra effort to style. You won’t have to spend hours in front of the mirror styling your hair when you are short on time.

These blonde braids with beads allow you to get ready to go out with your friends without any hassle for the next six weeks, at least!

Adding chunky beads to blonde braids adds an authentic Afro feel, but decorating with metallic embellishments gives your braids a modern and chic look, so choose what suits your mood and personality better.

27. Multi-Colored Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @vivianbeautyandstyle via Instagram

Have you ever thought of adding multi colors to your white blonde extensions for an edgy look that we are sure will be unique to you only?

Check out the details of this picture and decide for yourself if you can carry that look or not. It’s a look that is not meant for everyone, but whoever opts for this style will win hearts!

To us, this style seems better suited for celebrities and movie characters because of the unusual and dream-like feel of this ‘do.

If you could recreate and flaunt this look confidently, you are no less than a star yourself!

We also love the variety of embellishments that accentuate these beautiful multi-color braids. These accessories give an additional charm to the braids that put this style in a league of its own!

28. Honey Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @its.brinkley via Instagram

Can blonde braids get any prettier than these? We know that you, too, will love these sun-kissed honey blonde braids as much as we do!

From the braiding style to the braid color from the lengths to the choice of beads, the whole look is worthy of appreciation.

The style features all-over chunky box braids, while the two braids over both ears are shorter and thinner than the rest of the braids.

These shorter and thinner braids are decorated with seven to eight chunky wooden beads that give an exceedingly lovely look to the hairstyle.

We have come to realize that the addition of unusual features in a hairstyle becomes the focus of attention rather than playing safe. The imperfect lengths add more beauty than symmetrical patterns!


A quick tip for maintaining blonde box braids is to use a sulfate-free, color-safe shampoo, and conditioner to prevent the blonde color from fading. Additionally, protect your braids by wearing a silk or satin bonnet or scarf at night to reduce friction and frizz.

29. Honey Gold Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @braids_by_phila_h via Instagram

Long hair is the epitome of beautiful hair, whether it’s natural or braided! We get immediately impressed with long hair, and why not?

Every girl dreams of having beautiful long tresses. So, what better way to fulfill your dreams than having long, blonde, and beautiful box braids the next time you book an appointment with your hairstylist?!

Honey blonde is a popular shade of blonde because it suits most skin complexions and is in fashion as well.

So, if you want to be at the top of your braid game and would love the title of a fashionista, don’t hesitate to ask for a honey blonde extension. 

If you are not the one who takes risks with your looks, then play it safe with honey blonde box braids with beads. They are neat, effortless, and a joy to have without worrying about styling your hair daily.

30. Bob Blonde with Heart Beats Box Braids With Beads

Bob Blonde with Heart Beats Box

Image by @mariahstouch via Instagram

It is a cute, adorable, and protective hairstyle that will put a huge smile on your little girl. Although this style here uses black extensions, you can add blonde extensions for a lovely twist to this style.

Cornrow swirls ending in box braids combine two exquisite protective hairstyles that can be done in so many ways.

Here, adding heart-shaped beads gives a charming air to this hairstyle for youngsters. You can customize this look by adding beads of different shapes, such as stars and flowers, but it doesn’t end here!

For different variations, you can take the cornrows towards the back or just in the front.

Adding blonde extensions and choosing different colored beads will drastically change the appearance of the already beautiful box braids. Do share the pictures with us if you adopt this ‘do as you like.


31. Elegant Blonde Box Braids With Beads

elegant blonde box

Image by @perfect_braid_makeup_in_dfw via Instagram

Once you opt for blonde box braids, you must choose one style from countless available styles.

One such option is a combination of tribal braids and box braids with beads, offering an elegant hairstyle that is sure to turn heads!

The medium-length shiny braids go well below your shoulders. The lovely blonde shade is enough to make people fall in love with this style.

It has the same length braids that end in clear beads, giving an illusion of ultra-voluminous box braids. These beads also add shine to your hairstyle while keeping your braids protected from opening.

These braids are easy to maintain as well with a regular cleansing regimen. You are covered by just investing in quality products for looking after your braids. 

32. Elite Brown Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @queenmercyhair via Instagram

You might be surprised to learn that there is such a shade as a brown blonde! This picture captures a little darker shade while the real shade is a bit lighter.

It’s mostly brown with hints of blonde, making it a gorgeous color for box braids. 

Brown blonde, also called ‘bronde,’ is a warm hue that looks great on fair and medium skin colors and brown eyes.

A little search will show you that brown blonde is among most celebrities’ favorite hair colors. Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, and Tyra Banks are a few names among many celebrities who have been seen with brown blonde hair.

You have different options to incorporate brown blonde extensions in your box braids. You can go for jumbo box braids, slim or even medium box braids, depending on the look you want.

Long brown blond box braids look posh compared to short ones as there is more opportunity to show subtle blonde hints in long braids.

33. French Model Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @celebraids via Instagram

If you like to follow celebrities and influencers to find inspiration for your hairstyle, then you are lucky! Here, an unusual blonde box braid style is seen on French influencer Hanna Lahoumeau that will inspire your creative juices!

Her side braids are directed towards her face, covering her cheeks, while the middle two cornrows are braided towards the back of her head.

Slim side braids have clear beads, so basically, this hairstyle combines thick and thick cornrow box braids but is styled uniquely.

Take this hairstyle as an inspiration for your creativity and develop your version of this ‘do.

Add some different shades of blonde or different types of beads for a more personalized version of this chic braided hairdo.

34. Short Bob Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @bloggerish_ via Instagram

Don’t you think it’s a cute box braid style perfect for young girls? We are very impressed with how this hairstyle has turned out.

Bangs with braids give a cheeky vibe to this pretty ‘do and the side braids covering the face give a unique feel to this short braided bob.

Wearing these blonde box braids with beads will make you feel like a model or a star. So, if you like unique and edgy looks that others are scared of choosing, this is the ideal hairstyle to try.

Pair these braids with the right makeup and dress to make this blonde bob work for a special occasion.

If you feel a little more daring, try adding other types of beads to enhance the appearance of this hairdo. In our opinion, this style will look best on lighter complexions.

35. Center Top Bun Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Center Top Bun Blonde Box

Image by @sheiscomplex via Instagram

If you want to make your normal box braids with meads look even more adorable, try creating a top bun with them. The center top bun is perfect for showing off all your efforts into your beaded box braids. 

It is a style that works well with medium to long-length hair, and it’s simple enough to re-create at home every morning if you like.

A top bun is a more composed and elegant way of wearing your braids for formal occasions. It also keeps braids from falling on your face, making for a great summer hairstyle.

Seeing all those beautiful beaded braids piled up on the head doesn’t inspire you; we don’t know what will!


36. Red Brown Messy Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @siren_xo via Instagram

We have noticed that red and brown are many people’s favorite colors to mix up, so try to put in some red and brown extensions when dealing with blonde box braids.

We love how Red and Brown complement each other; it’s so sexy and classy.

This hair color combination, along with triangle box braids, is one of those styles that would make heads turn if you step out on the street.

Messy braids give out a laidback feel but don’t let this appearance from nurturing your braids. Long braids like these require a good care routine for your scalp.

Hydrating the roots and moisturizing the braids can increase the life of your braids while staying within your budget.

37. Freaky Twist  Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @siren_xo via Instagram

You’ll either love or hate it—there’s no middle ground.

Triangle box braids with beads are for girls who like their blonde locks long and flowing but don’t want to commit to a traditional style that could require hours in front of a mirror. 

Deciding between thin or thick box braids is up to your choice.

It all depends on your natural hair texture; if you have short or medium tresses, consider trying these thicker box braids before tackling any intricate design.

38. Knotless Twist with Rainbow Beats Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Knotless Twist with Rainbow Beats

Image by @glamourhair_by_latoya_ via Instagram

Looking to switch up your look a bit? Rocking a new hairstyle can be fun, especially adding colorful beads! 

This look is great because you can wear it in many ways. You can leave the braids loose and carefree or tie them in a bun or a ponytail.

There are several ways of creating a bun or ponytail with these beautiful box braids with rainbow beads.

Possibilities are endless, so start browsing through Instagram and find your inspiration today! 

39. Light Brown Fulani Blonde Box Braids With Beads

 Light Brown Fulani Blonde

Image by @lovemesomehair via Instagram

Fulani braids are versatile and can be done in many ways according to your taste. We love this particular look because of how slick and neat the braid appears.

Moreover, the light brown blonde hue looks perfect with the model’s complexion, helping it achieve a sophisticated look.

Golden hair embellishments add an extra shine making it a style that people will love to recreate.

You can opt for a more blonde shade and drastically change how the hairstyle looks. Add some wooden beads to get a feeling of authenticity with Fulani braids.

40. Long Coffee Brown Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @braidsgang via Instagram

These flirty and glamorous extra-long coffee brown blonde braids are enough to make anyone envious of you. We simply cannot ignore the gorgeous coffee-brown color of these box braids!

On top of the beautiful color, the scattered beads throughout the hair add an extra flair to this hairstyle. The light brown and white beads add a striking contrast to the blonde coffee shade of braids.

As always, we suggest you do some experimentation and add different colored beads to see which ones go better with these braids.

For example, we would love to add some pink beads and see how they make the coffee braids transform.

Also, if you’re feeling bold, try a metallic color on your box braids to make them stand out.


41. Hill Top Brown Bun Blonde Box Braids With Beads

 Hill Top Brown Bun Blonde Box

Image by @kersti.pitre via Instagram

Top buns are timeless and classy hairstyles with an old-world beauty about them. Braided high buns are no exception, as seen in this picture.

Adorable and elegant, you would want this style saved for a special event where you want to look your best!

Half brown blonde and half natural black, these braids will result in a blonde top bun and black cornrows in the front.

Curtain braids on the forehead look charming, while two loose slim braids on each side are adorned with metallic silver beads that add a distinct vibe to the whole braided up-do.

We love that top knots can be worn in various ways and add just enough glamour. As long as you use soft hands and don’t braid too tightly, these braided up-dos shouldn’t weigh your hair down!

42. Fulani With shell Accessories Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Fulani With shell Accessories

Image by @hairbykey___ via Instagram

These box braids are one of the most beautiful and popular box braid styles. Looking at them gives us complete ancient African vibes because of the original Fulani braids pattern and seashells!

The fact that they’re shell-beaded makes them much more interesting than just your typical blonde box braids. All in all, the Fulani braid is probably one of our favorite and preferred styles of box braids.

They also match well with this lovely blonde shade used in this hairstyle. However, the most attractive feature of this style has to be the silver ring embellishment on the middle cornrow that looks so queenly.

If you’re looking for something that stands out yet isn’t so intense as to be jarring or off-putting, give these a shot!

43. Tiny Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Tiny Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Image by @b_r_shine via Instagram

You can’t go wrong with small box braids regarding styling options. But if you want your box braids to stand out, why not add beads? This style will give you volume, which is very much in fashion.

Keep your look youthful by choosing a shiny metallic color, such as silver or gold. These colors have an elegant feel that pairs well with many outfits, especially evening wear.

Here metallic silver, clear crystal, and aqua beads in different shapes adorn the braids, making them stunning!

You can also choose bolder shades of beads to make your hair stand out. Yellow and gold will also go very well with these ombre blonde box braids.

44. Gorgeous Violet Blonde Box Braids With Beads

 Gorgeous Violet Blonde Box Braids

Image by @mariahstouch via Instagram

We love how this hairstyle has turned out; extremely cute and pretty! A massive white bow accentuates and adorns the crown, while neat ad short beaded box braids steal all the attention.

You can call it a half up, half down hairstyle with half cornrow box braids tied in a high ponytail while lower half braids go down to touch the shoulders.

The hairdo is characterized by two parted, rather large cornrows with loose braids and violet and white marbled beads. Introducing blonde extensions and natural black will give this hairdo a new dimension.

So, if you want to refresh your little princess’s hair any time soon, keep this style on your shortlist, and thank us later!

Points to keep in mind

  • Hair Type: Consider your natural hair type and length, as it can affect how well blonde box braids blend and stay in place.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to keep box braids looking neat and to protect your natural hair. 
  • Comfort: Make sure the braids are not too tight or heavy, as overly tight braids can cause discomfort to your hair and scalp.
  • Duration: The longevity of blonde box braids depends on how well you care for them and the quality of the hair extensions used. So, follow maintenance guidelines to keep your box braids looking fresh and stylish.

45. Silver Classic Twisted Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Silver Classic Twisted Blonde Box Braids

Image by @warkoczyki_samanti via Instagram

These trendy blonde box braids look beautiful when front braids are gathered on the crown. The addition of silver cuffs makes this hairstyle both cute and stylish. If you can carry this bold look, don’t hesitate to try it.

Anyone with the right attitude can wear silver-blonde braids. This color works well with light to medium complexion.

If you want to try silver-blonde with darker skin, ask your stylist for advice and search for similar looks on the internet to help you decide if you are ready to try this look or not.

Although this style is a little tricky for many people, you can carry it confidently if you believe you have the personality and style to flaunt this daring look.


46. Sun-kissed Blonde Box Braids With Beads

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Sun-kissed Blonde Box Braids

Image by @tasalahq via Instagram

Sun-kissed blonde box braids adorned with beads exude a radiant and carefree vibe.

These intricately crafted braids are skillfully woven with vibrant, sunlit blonde extensions that cascade gracefully, capturing the essence of summer’s warmth.

Tiny, colorful beads are delicately interspersed throughout the braids, adding a playful touch that dances in the sunlight.

This hairstyle combines elegance and a bohemian flair, making it perfect for beach outings, music festivals, or any occasion where you want to embrace your inner sun goddess while turning heads with your stunning beaded box braids.

What Are Box Braids?

Box braid is a common name for all-over cornrows that have been braided into place with synthetic extensions.

The extensions serve to make your box braids fuller and longer. Depending on how your stylist constructs them, they can be worn down around your shoulders or tied into various hairstyles.

In this styling technique, hair is braided into multiple braids by dividing the hair into mostly square-shaped sections. However, these sections can also be of different shapes.

Then individual braids are created from hair in each section with or without synthetic hair extensions. Box braids are usually done with the three-strand hair braiding technique.

You have the option of using any color extensions from more natural dark brown or black synthetic to blonde or any other color you can think of for added dimension and contrast.

This protective hairstyle can last anywhere from a couple of weeks to several weeks, depending on how quickly your hair grows and whether you care for them correctly. Here are three things you should consider before attempting box braids in blonde.

Where Did Box Braids With Beads Start?

Box braids with beads are thought to have originated in South Africa and the Nile Valley thousands of years ago.

According to some, braiding traditions are believed to have started in Namibia, where women still wear ancient braiding styles. Nile valley braiding is more bob style, having chin-length.

The oldest known art piece depicting box braids is from Egypt and was discovered on a mural in a tomb. The mural shows women wearing dark brown, symmetrical box braids.

There’s some debate about who first invented box braids, but most historians agree that they originated in Egypt at least 3,000 years ago.

In old African culture, braid styles and patterns convey information about the wearer’s marital status, social status, wealth, age, and tribal association. In some countries, braids were also used to communicate during slavery to convey safe routes to escape slavery and find freedom.

Wearing braids in ancient times was a sign of wealthy women as ordinary people couldn’t afford to create and keep braids because of the time and money involved in buying raw materials to preserve the braids for a long time.

Using precious stones, shells, and beads to decorate braids was also a way to show off wealth during old times in those regions.


Things To Consider Before Deciding On Blonde Box Braids With Beads

Are you thinking about getting box braids? If you’re thinking about getting blonde box braids, there are some things you should consider before deciding whether or not they’re right for you.

Following these basic but useful tips, you wouldn’t go wrong with your blonde box braids with beads.

Dyeing Your Hair To Match Blonde Extensions

If you want your natural hair to match your extensions, it’s important to consider two things. One: what shade of blonde do you want? And two: how much effort are you willing to put into dyeing your hair?

Dyeing your hair to match your extensions is not always feasible and worth the effort. So, consider these factors when deciding.

To be honest, we would not recommend you dye your hair at home because you wouldn’t know how to match your natural hair with the shade of the extensions.

So, it’s better to ask your stylist to do it for you instead of spoiling your hair by DIYing if you haven’t done it before.

Choosing The Right Shade Of Blonde

It’s not always easy to choose a hair color—especially if you’re looking for something unique. Take some time and test out different shades of blonde before deciding.

Choosing a shade that complements your complexion can help draw out your best features and boost your confidence. 

Some women go through social media to find which colors or shades are trending. You too can do the same and observe which colors will look good on your skin and complexion.

If you don’t know where to start, seek advice from a hairstylist who can help you choose a shade that looks natural and flatters your skin tone.

Matching Your Blonde Extensions With The Right Box Braid Style

How do you determine which shade of blonde is best for your box braids? Is it a good idea to go with whatever color box braid extensions you come across? This guide will help you decide which shades look good with box braids and whether or not certain color combinations look as good in real life as in magazines. Jumbo box braids, small box braids, and lemonade would look good in most blonde shades.

Blonde extensions also look phenomenal in small box braids, wedge braids, Fulani braids, cornrow braids, and our favorite goddess braids! However, don’t confine yourself to only more popular styles. Think outside the box if you want to have a unique and extraordinary style that becomes your signature style with constant use.

Selecting Appropriate Beads Type

Beads can enhance the look of blonde box braids while protecting the braids’ ends. But it’s important to select appropriate beads for your particular hair.

Small beads may be right for you if you have very fine or thin hair. Thicker beads can weigh down fine tresses and create excessive tension at your roots. 

If your hair is naturally thick and coarse, then large-sized beads would provide a striking contrast.

Most hair stylists recommend that African American women with relatively short hair go with clear or black beads.

One tip that we have learned is to try a few different beads in one braid and observe which one grabs more attention or enhances the look; then go for that color and bead style.


How to find the perfect blonde box braids extensions to match your skin tone

Choosing the suitable blonde extensions for your box braids can be challenging, especially when trying to find perfect extensions that will go with your skin tone and are also age-appropriate.

Blonde extensions come in various shades, so finding the perfect match isn’t always easy! These tips on choosing perfect blonde extensions will help you get started.

Do Blonde Extensions Go With Dark Skin?

There is a wrong perception regarding blonde hair and dark complexion. Many people think that that blonde is a shade better left for the fair-skinned, but we don’t agree!

We have seen way too many blonde extensions on olive and darker skin tones and loved its look.

Surf the internet and see the dark-skinned celebrities rocking blonde shades better than many women with fair complexion.

So, the next time you plan on getting box braids, don’t think twice before opting for blonde extensions!

Which Blonde Shades To Choose?

Relax if you’re considering installing blonde box braids and worry that it might not look so good on your skin tone. There are plenty of shades to make your new box braids perfect. 

Here are six great examples of blonde hues that look amazing on dark skin tones.

Celebrities like Rihanna, Gabrielle Union, and Tiffany Haddish have repeatedly proved that you can rock any shade of blonde if you are confident enough to try it!

Some great blonde hues that you should try are: 

  • Golden blonde
  • Beige blonde
  • Light blonde
  • Platinum blonde
  • Honey blonde
  • Ash-blonde

Which Type of Beads Can Be Used For Blonde box Braids With Beads?

Blonde box braids are undeniably gorgeous, but what if you want to add extra glamour to your look?

Beads have been used in box braids from ancient times and give a classic and traditional look to the braids that cannot be replicated by using any other accessory.

So, if you plan to install blonde box braids, the right beads can make your hairstyle stand out even more.

The beads for your blonde box braids can help you achieve many different looks and styles. The beads come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials.

You can use them to add flair and style without adding too much bulk or weight, making it easy to stay stylish without having problems with your box braids becoming too heavy for you.

Some popular beads used in box braids styling are:

Wooden Beads

Wood is an excellent material for braiding because it’s smooth and does not cause friction or tug on the hair.

Wooden beads can hold a lot of hair without causing tension or pulling in your strands. These beads are versatile and are available in so many shapes and sizes.

You can choose from barrel wooden beads, drum wood beads, painted wood beads, etc.

Floral drum wood beads are very popular among braiders, while our personal favorite is the painted barrel wooden beads that come in several beautiful patterns and colors that add a zing to your braids.

Colored beads

You don’t have to stick with traditional bead colors for your blonde box braids. Because blonde hair tends to be on the cooler side, you can use various colors that will look great on blonde braids.

Purple, blue, green, and white all work well for any shade of blonde extensions. Candy color acrylic beads or pony beads also add personality to your blonde box braids while looking cute.

You can purchase these beads from any beauty shop easily. These beads help warm up your look while still keeping your hairstyle looking modern and trendy. Just be sure not to go overboard!

Gemstone Beads

You can use any beads for box braids, but colored gemstone beads are popular among black women. These beads come in various colors and add a touch of elegance to any braid style. Gemstone beads also work well with all types of hair—not just African-American. The natural pigments in these beads may help brighten your blonde box braids and give them extra definition, so your color will look even more radiant than before.

Gold And Silver Hair Rings

There are also tons of hair beads that you can use for blonde box braids. They tend to be pretty affordable and look amazing against light brown or blonde hair.

While silver jewelry may seem like a no-go because it would clash with your hair, it’s possible to use gold and silver with blonde box braids.

They add richness to your box braids with their sparkle. Opt for a color that contrasts with your skin tone, so they complement rather than clash.

Clear Beads

Clear beads are your best bet if you have blonde box braids and want a natural look. The beads will let your hair shine through, highlighting it subtly.

Clear beads can be combined with other types of beads for a more enhanced look. You can also add other hair accessories for an extra pop of color.

It’s important to note that too many accessories can make your style appear too busy and turn off customers. Always keep it simple!


How to get the Perfect Blonde Box Braids With Beads At Home

Box braids are very popular now and provide a neat, chic look that’s ideal for any hair length or texture.

If you’re looking to get box braids with beads but are afraid of how they will look on you or how much they will cost at your local salon, don’t worry!

This article will teach you everything you need to know about creating perfect blonde box braids with beads at home.

And don’t worry if you’ve never had box braids before—they look great on everyone! Just follow these simple instructions, and before you know it, everyone will be asking who did your hair!

Step 1: Prepare your hair before braiding

You need to prepare your hair before any braiding because the hair is going to be tied up for 2 to 6 weeks, and you don’t want to create braids on dirty hair.

Although you can wash your braids, the washing will not be as thorough as it’s done on unbraided hair. Follow your daily hair washing routine, i.e., shampoo and conditioner.

Plus, use any routine hair care product such as hair oil, oil replacement, or nourishing serum before styling. 

When you are done washing your hair, make sure your hair is completely dry before getting started on your blonde box braids.

Damp hair is not recommended for braiding as it may cause hair to frizz and develop a misty smell.

Before you start braiding, comb through your hair from root to tip, ensuring there are no knots or tangles in any part of your head of hair.

 Step 2: Gather the Tools And Products Required

Before starting any style, it’s important to have everything you need before you begin.

It includes not only all of your products and tools but also a step-by-step guide or any special instructions if you are braiding the first time (keep reading for that!).

Instructions for whatever style you choose are very helpful; after all, no one knows your hair better than yourself! 

The important things you’ll need are:

  • A hair brush and a sectioning comb
  • A blow dryer or hair straightener
  • Hair gel or pomade
  • Blonde hair extensions
  • Beads of your choice
  • Lots of rubber bands
  • When you have gathered the necessary items, move on to the next step!

Step 3: Getting your hair ready for sectioning

Before you jump to section your hair right away, you need to make your hair smooth and straight if they are curly.

Doing so will make the braiding easier and effortless, resulting in more flexible and smooth-looking box braids.

Plus, straightening helps blend in your natural hair with the synthetic weaves for a smoother look. You can skip this step if your hair is straight or wavy.

 Now, divide your hair into sections based on where you want to put each braid (the number of sections depends on how many braids you plan to put in.

Usually, hair is divided into square sections but don’t get too strict with the sections, especially if it’s your first braiding experience.

You will get better at it after a few times with some practice. Then, wrap each section around an index finger and secure it with an elastic band. 

Step 4: Start Braiding With Blonde Extensions

When it comes time to start braiding, there are some tricks you can use so that your box braids turn out as straight and even as possible.

If you have a few friends with good hair-braiding skills, ask them for help—it’s easier to get tight, uniform sections when you have someone else doing half of your head.

Take one of the sections and apply hair gel or pomade so it’s easier to braid and gives neat-looking braids.

Now, divide it into three even parts, place the starting point of blonde extensions over your real hair, take two-part extensions with one part hair and start braiding.

Extensions should be longer than your real hair, as you can always cut off the excess length of the extensions that you don’t need.

When you have finished braiding the section, secure it with a rubber band. You can also cut the extra part of the extension to match the other braids.

Step 5: Repeat the same braiding process with each section

Repeat step 4 with all the sections. You will need patience and breaks during braiding sessions, but you’ll be happy with the results.

Also, you’ll not have to worry about your hair for six weeks as to what to do with your hair! This beautiful protective style is worth all the hard work put into it.

One way to cut your work in half is to cut off hair into big sections for jumbo braids instead of small ones. You can move on to intricate styles once you get experienced in braiding.


Step 6: Incorporate the beads into your box braids

Our blonde box braids with beads are not done without introducing beads into them! Beads give flair to your braids while adding a personalized touch.

You can use a combination of different beads in different textures and colors to make a statement.

So, once you are done braiding, it’s time to put the beads on your blonde box braids. There are three simple ways to put beads onto your braids:

  • Through a beader
  • Via a latch hook
  • Using your hands

A beader usually comes with your pack of braid beads, so you can conveniently use it to add beads to the braids.

If you have a latch hook, you can use that, or if you don’t have a helping tool for beading, you can use your hands.

To do it by hand, fold the end of the braid a little and put the beads in one by one. When you have added the required beads, secure the beads by folding the end of the braid over the last bead and secure it with a rubber band. Click here for a short video on adding beads to your blonde box braids.

For a more detailed video on how to do box braids and some very useful tips and tricks, click on this YouTube video link:

Washing Tips For Your Blonde Box Braids With Beads

One common problem people run into with box braids is that the braids become loose or unravel in some spots over time. There are a few reasons why this happens and how you can prevent it from happening to your braids.

However, blonde box braids with beads are easy to maintain if you follow some simple care tips. With a little attention, you can make your braids look great for weeks!

Wash Your Braids Frequently

Some box braiders don’t tell their clients that they should wash their hair frequently. Using a product like water or braid spray can make it difficult for your hair to breathe.

For your hair not only to stay healthy but also intact (no matter how long your braids last), try washing your braids at least once a week.

That said, it varies from person to person, so if you think your hair needs a wash, then go for it!

Use appropriate Products

If you have dyed your natural hair blonde to match your blonde extensions, we suggest using a restoring shampoo for color-treated hair.

Dyeing strips the hair of natural oils, so moisturizing your hair will keep it from damaging further.

It’s better if you choose a product that doesn’t have any silicone in it. Shampoo the roots of the braids but avoid rubbing too hard. Make the shampoo reach your natural hair without damaging your braids.

Don’t Rub Shampoo On to Your Braids

Take some shampoo onto your palm and rub it to make lather. Putting shampoo directly to your braids and then rubbing it to create foam will loosen your box braids and make them frizzy, so avoid it completely.

Rinse off the shampoo when you are sure that your scalp is cleaned. Don’t try to clean the synthetic braids. Water flowing over them is enough to clean them, so don’t worry.

Use A Moisturizing Conditioner

Invest in a good moisturizing and anti-frizz conditioner specifically for curly hair. Follow the directions on the conditioner bottle for best results.

When done, wrap your blonde box braids in a towel gently. Don’t rub or scrub your braids. When the towel absorbs the excess water, blow-dry your hair.


Apply Final Hair Care Products

Have you ever applied oil to your scalp after washing braided hair? If not, you should start doing it now as you will be amazed at the results oiling will bring. Most importantly, apply your regular hair care products to the damp scalp, so it locks in the moisture. Applying hair mousse prevents hair from frizzing and gives a sleek and smooth look to the braids, so try it the next time you wash your box braids.

Don’t Pull On Beads

While washing your beaded box braids, try not to pull the beads or move them around a lot because the friction can cause the braids to frizz and tease the hair out.

Also, take care when squeezing out the water, as any hard handling can ruin your braids.

Ensure that you dry your braids completely, as humidity in the braids can make your braids smell and develop fungus.

How To Make Blonde Box Braids With Beads Look Their Best

If you’re trying blonde box braids for the first time, you may have trouble making them look as polished as you’d like. To help out with this situation, here are some ways to make your blonde box braids look their best.

Be Gentle When Styling Your Braids

We know that many will love to tie the box braids up in a ponytail or a bun but be very careful with your box braids.

Tying up a high and tight ponytail can pull your braids and damage your natural hair.

Especially if you have shorter hair, there is a chance of pulling out the braids at the nape of your neck if you are not careful. Also, don’t tie your braids too long, or your hair will hurt at its roots.

Moreover, use your fingers to style your braids; using tools to gather your braids is strictly a no-no!

Trim The Flyaway Hair 

We know that stylists used a lighter in the past to seal the braids as it is an unsafe practice, so we don’t recommend doing that. Instead, using other methods, you can seal the ends of your braids or get rid of the fly-away hair.

You can trim the hair sticking out of the braids using scissors. However, other easy ways of sealing your braids are by immersing the braids in hot water, using a flat iron, or using glue.

You can use any method that suits you best.

Take Care Of The Hair Edges

Edges are a source of pride in the natural hair community. But box braids, especially blonde ones, create the illusion of an edge that’s slightly receded and shrunken due to constant pulling during the braiding process.

Good edges take time to maintain and keep up with, but it’s worth it because they frame your face nicely. So don’t forget about them when rocking your box braids.

Lay your edges using a small amount of coconut or olive oil on a cotton swab and apply it gently.

It will help seal and soften your edges before styling and protecting them as you detangle them. However, it is advised to do this occasionally.

Pamper Your Scalp

Box braids can cause many problems with the scalp, such as irritation and dryness, especially when your scalp reacts to synthetic hair.

Spray your scalp with a mixture of witch hazel, tea tree, and lavender oil in a spray bottle to relieve itchiness and retain moisture. You can buy these ingredients at any beauty supply store or online.

These oils have anti-inflammatory properties and will calm flaky skin while you wait for your braids to grow, which they will inevitably.

Moreover, if you want your blonde box braids to stand out, combine grapeseed oil and distilled water in a separate spray bottle and use it all over your braids for a perfect shine.

Wrap Your Braids When Sleeping

Friction is a big enemy of box braids. Sleeping on a cotton pillow without any covering on your braids can give your braids frayed hair and a messy look in the morning.

Those who braid often recommend wrapping the braids at night. Wrapping the braids keeps them protected and helps them look fresh for much longer.

Make sure you use a satin scarf or stretchy fabric to cover your hair. Satin or silk pillowcases also prevent hair breakage, keeping your hairstyle intact for longer.

Get Your braids Re-touched

Mostly the front, sides, and back are the perimeters that are the focus of attention. Hair growth can look your blonde box braids old, especially if your natural hair is darker.

Give your box braids a new life and make them look freshly done by having your perimeters retouched or redone after three weeks when the braids start loosening up.

What’s amazing is that it’s cheaper to go for retouching some areas than to go for the whole head braids.

So, it’s a brilliant idea to retouch some focal areas and make your two-week-old braids look like they were newly installed at a fraction of the cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re getting blonde box braids, your first box braids, or just curious about the process, this guide will help you understand what to expect and ensure that your experience goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about blonde box braids and their answers.

Do You Need Extensions For Blonde Box Braids?

It is one of the most common questions asked. The answer is no; you do not need to use extensions.

If you have thick hair and want to keep it all-natural, then you can dye your hair blonde and create blonde box braids without extensions. But for thin hair, If you want, add some in if you wish.

It will help keep your blonde box braids looking fresh longer without having to dye your natural hair blonde! It also allows for extra hair at each braid to make them look thicker.

What Hair Type Is Best For Box Braids?

To get box braids that last, it’s important to choose your hair type carefully. Many women want to sport box braids but don’t know what kind of hair is best suited for them, which makes a lot of sense!

There are many factors involved in choosing hair for box braids—including texture, porosity and elasticity—and not all textures will work well.

Several brands offering high-quality synthetic hair are available on the market. Check their reviews and ask around form family, friends and your braider to get the best option for your box braids.

What Should I Put On My Hair Before Braiding?

Before you braid, your hair must be in tip-top shape.

To prep your hair to get ready for a style like box braids or Senegalese twists, opt for a moisturizing treatment and protein treatment at least twice before having your braider do her thing.

A protein treatment will help strengthen your hair, prevent breakage, and boost shine.

A moisturizing treatment will help keep your hair moisturized and fight frizz. Keep these treatments in mind for after you remove your braids as well—your tresses might be thirsty!

Is It Better To Braid Hair Dry Or Wet?

You should wash and cleanse your scalp before braiding but it doesn’t mean that you can braid on wet hair!

Wet hair gets tangled easily, and tends to be heavy, which can make holding it in place or separating sections difficult.

And because it’s difficult to braid, wet hair takes much longer to braid. It’s also a good idea to dry your hair before braiding because wet hair can cause irritation in the scalp.

Should I Get Blonde Box Braids?

Blonde box braids are a fantastic choice, and they are considered a bold choice by many. However, don’t automatically assume that all blonde box braids suit your complexion.

Just because they look good on a dark-skinned celebrity doesn’t mean you have to have them.

Remember to consider what suits you and who you are as a person when considering any new style or hair color.

Some shades of blonde will look better than the others, depending on your complexion and overall personality.

If possible, ask your stylist for their opinion on what will suit you best before going ahead with any big change to your locks!

What Is The Best Color For Box Braids?

There are no hard and fast rules about what color box braids should be or which one is the best color among a sea of colors and shades.

You can get box braids in any color, depending on your tastes.

Many women prefer blonde braiding hair when they feel bold and want to stand out, but you can also get box braids in black, brown, or any other color you desire.

It’s a matter of personal choice which color to choose, and there aren’t any right or wrong answers here!

What Are The Different Types Of Box Braids?

In recent years, hairstylists have created many box braids variations. Some of these box braiding styles are more popular than others, which are commonly sported by celebrities and other braiding enthusiasts.

Some of these box braid types are:  

  • Knotless braids
  • Goddess braids
  • Crochet braids
  • Ghana braids
  • Jumbo braids
  • Slim braids
  • Bob braids
  • Different length braids
  • Different color braids
  • Beaded braids


What Kind Of Hairstyle Can You Do With Box Braids?

Search on Google, and you will be flooded with awesome hairstyles you can create with your blonde box braids! To name a few, you can try the following styles with box braids:

  • Half top knot
  • Double half top knots
  • Braided pigtails
  • Half side-swept braid
  • Side ponytail
  • High up ponytail
  • Low ponytail
  • Top knot
  • Double top knots
  • Half up, half down

How Long Do Box Braids Last?

Do you want to rock box braids for a few weeks? Or are you in it for a few months? Box braids can last four to six weeks, depending on your hair type and desired style.

It varies greatly depending on your scalp’s condition, how often you wear them, and even your diet.

Hydrated edges and scalp can help in well-maintained braids that can last up to eight weeks without touching up.

We don’t recommend keeping the box braids for longer than six months to ensure hair and scalp health.

How Long Do Box Braids Take?

The time it takes to create box braids varies. Some stylists can get them done in less time, while others may take up to eight hours, depending on how long your hair is and how fast they work.

If you have thick hair, there’s a good chance that they will take longer to complete because they will need some breaks to rest their fingers. A full set of box braids can even take up to 12 hours to complete.

Remember that your braids will last for more than six weeks, so you need to invest time to have them done properly. That’s why it’s best to allow a professional stylist to handle them for you!

Will Blonde Box Braids Suit Everyone? 

Many people will tell you differently, but the good news is that blonde hair looks good on most people, making it an ideal color for braiding.

Many find that they look better with blonde box braids than with their natural hair color. So if you’re looking to switch things up or simply want a fun new look, you won’t go wrong with blonde braiding.

Some shades of blonde will always look better on certain skin complexions than others. Try finding which shade of blonde suits you more by placing different blonde extensions near your face.

We are sure that you will find your perfect match!

How Much Do Blonde Box Braids Cost?

Before asking how much box braids cost, you need to decide what kind of box braids you want.

If you go to a top-of-the-line salon specializing in African American hair, expect to pay anywhere from $80-$200, depending on how long your hair is and how many tracks (braiding strands) your stylist needs.

The total cost can be higher than this if you go for more intricate styles. If you’re more budget-conscious, try going with a talented friend who is learning to braid.

What Is The Difference Between Knotless Braids And Box Braids?

While these braiding styles have a very similar look, there are also subtle differences. When you think about it, it’s no surprise they have distinctions—they’re two different braid techniques.

Box braids use synthetic extensions incorporated into the braids with a secure knot, whereas knotless braids incorporate the extensions into the braids gradually without a knot.

This difference in knotting makes knotless braiding less painful, whereas the box braids are relatively more painful for the scalp.

Do Box Braids Damage Your Hair?

If you get box braids, expect them to damage your hair. Many factors are involved, such as how tight your box braids are and what kind of hair you have.

Some people experience extreme shedding after getting box braids, while others don’t lose a single strand of hair.

However, if your hair is prone to breakage, it’s best to avoid getting any style that will damage your hair, such as box braids.

The constant tension in tight braids can gradually pull hair out of your scalp as you wear them over time.

Some experts say that box braids can cause even more damage to fragile hair than regular cornrows due to their larger size and the direct pressure they exert on the hair roots.

How Do You Get Beads To Stay In Your Braids?

As much as we’d like to believe that our braids will stay in perfectly until we choose to take them out, it’s almost impossible.

Maybe you just went for swimming and now you can feel that your beads are becoming loose which can be frustrating—but there are some easy fixes such as securing beads using glue or tight rubber band.

There are several different ways of adding beads, but be sure to choose wisely based on your hair type and desired style.

If you have added beads using the technique shared in this article, you can rest assured that your beads won’t come off easily!



You have a wide variety of styles that you can choose from when it comes to blonde box braids, and it depends on what you like most.

If your primary concern is protecting your hair, we recommend using a lightweight braid style without any beads or accessories.

On the other hand, if you want something more stunning, go for a unique color extension such as various pretty blonde shades.

It all depends on what you feel will fit your needs best. Adding beads to your blonde box braids will take your hairstyle to a new level.

Moreover, there are many factors to consider when choosing a style. Whether you’re new to braiding or have been doing it for years, you can benefit from learning some of these fun and simple styles.

If you’re ready to try something new with your blonde box braids, follow the steps shared above in the article and share your creations in the comments below!

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