51 Minimalist Toenail Designs For Subtle Elegance 

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  • Drawstring ponytails are simple to install, making them a convenient option for quick and stylish hairdos.
  • Drawstring ponytails add length and volume to your hair, allowing you to achieve a dramatic look without the need for extensions.
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Turn to this curated list of toenail art designs that will make you want to stare at your feet all day long! 

Whether it’s a party, date, work meeting, or casual brunch, we love dressing ourselves up from head to toe.

However, more often than not, with the outfit, makeup, and hair taking up most of our energy, we forget to pay attention to our toes and especially the nail paint on them.

Then we’re out and look down at our feet and think, “Hmm, got to fix my nails!” Well, we gotchu! Here are some cute and easy toenail designs inspirations to try out, and make sure you slay them just with your feet!  

Before You  Get Started

  • Make sure your toenails are clean and free of any old polish. 
  • Decide on the easy toenail designs you want to create. Whether it’s a simple pattern, intricate art, or themed designs, having a clear idea will help you achieve your desired look.
  • Ensure you have all the necessary supplies, including nail polish, nail art brushes, dotting tools, nail tape, and any other accessories you might need for your chosen design.
  • Toenail designs require patience and a steady hand. Take your time to apply each layer of polish and create intricate details carefully. Rushing can lead to smudges or mistakes.

1. Gold In Lavender Toenail Art 

Gold In Lavender Toenail Art 

Image by @Feet_Epicurian via Instagram

Lavender is a color that will never go out of style and will always be on the top of the chic list. It looks understated and feminine, making it a perfect and versatile choice.

Apply lavender nail paint evenly on your toenails, grab gold flake foil and stick it on your first toe. Then, apply a clear coat and flaunt it around in open-toed footwear! 

2. Pink and Blue Polka Dot Nail Art 

Pink and Blue Polka Dot Nail Art 

Image by @Bratty_Bandit via Instagram

Are you looking for something quirky and fun? Go for these mint green and pink nails.

They’re so girly chic and are so easy to achieve. First, apply a mint green shade to all your toes leaving the index toe.

Next, take a hot pink shade and make polka dots on the toes with mint green. Lastly, paint your index toe hot pink and finish off with a clear coat to seal the nail art. A cute choice for summer vacation, huh?

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3. Heart of gold nail art 

Heart of gold nail art 

Image by @Renee_Nail_Studio via Instagram

Dark shade nail paints are always an easy bet, whether on any season or occasion.

This lush midnight blue nail paint with a gold-accented heart on the thumb-toe is all the subtle pizazz we need in our lives. It says minimal but with a pinch of drama!

4. Crystals in Pink Nail Art 

Crystals in Pink Nail Art 

Image by @Brides_N_Brushes via Instagram

Pink has always been a popular choice for nail paint, and rightly so! It’s so feminine and delicate that it can instantly make you feel groomed and pretty.

Although, the rhinestones take this nail art to a whole new level by making you feel sassy and elegant at the same time!

5. Blue Mess Nail Art 

 Blue Mess Nail Art 

Image by @Craft.Tiest13 via Instagram

This nail art might seem complicated at the get-go, but it is the easiest to achieve.

First, you have to choose a powder blue nail paint to coat over your toes evenly. Once done, take a darker blue and pink nail paint.

Make abstract lines over your base with these two shades, and once done, splutter a black nail paint shade on the nail art. Finally, coat with a clear coat to seal the nail paints and flaunt your art!

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6. Pink And Twinkling Nail Art 

Pink And Twinkling Nail Art 

Image by @Creationjolienails via Instagram

The combination of pink and gold in nail art is a classic, and this nail art inspo amps up the heat.

The subtle pink toes with golden star stickers on the thumb toe are just what you need to be starstruck by your toes! *wink*

7. Glittering Galaxy Nail Art 

Glittering Galaxy Nail Art 

Image by @Jessie_Nail_Studios via Instagram

Let’s admit that we all love the occasional stargazing if we’re lucky enough to spot any! Now, what if we said we could bring the sky to your feet- literally!

This velvet plush nail art with crystal-adorned thumb toe replicates the galaxy and is sure to make you keep looking at your feet all day long.

8. Cute Rainbow Nail Art 

Cute Rainbow Nail Art 

Image by @_Nail_Obsessions_ via Instagram

Rainbow nails are fun, quirky, and easy to achieve. This picture is a sign to try it out, RN! Take five shades of your choice and paint each toenail with a different shade.

It looks fresh and makes perfect nail art to try out when you’re feeling spunky.

9. Pink Dotted Flower Toenail Art 

Pink Dotted Flower Toenail Art 

Image by @Claudiaandnails via Instagram

Black, white and pink is, in our opinion, the perfect combo ever made. It’s bold and chic and has been a trendy choice forever.

These mini polka dots paired with hot pink flowers on either thumb or toe are just the girly touch that instantly makes you feel vibrant and zesty.

10. A Royal Blue Nail Art 

A Royal Blue Nail Art 

Image by @Nailbliss_Internationalplaza via Instagram

This nail art “blues” our minds with how subtle yet intricate it looks.

The gold flakes, the marble texture with different shades of blue, and the muted gold nail paint will make you feel like you’re in blissful nail heaven. 

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11. White And Gold Nail Art 

White And Gold Nail Art 

Image by @Nailbliss_Internationalplaza via Instagram

White and gold is an elegant and classy combination that suits well on all OOTDs.

This nail art is minimally laced with gold in the form of gold stripes stuck across the toenails to give an accented feel.

Although, we think the highlight of this art is the intricate flowers that are adorning the nails so delicately while making such a statement!

12. Red Heart Beat Nail Art 

Red Heart Beat Nail Art 

Image by @Nailbliss_Internationalplaza via Instagram

Heart on my sleeve, Heart in my mouth– we’ve heard these phrases, but here’s the heart on your feet!

This easy toenail design looks so tasteful and unique that we can’t stop gushing over it.

The white nail paint with the black heartbeat and the rest of the toenails painted in red fit the theme just right.

Quick Toenail Designs: Tips for Stylish Toes

  • Clean and Prep: Start with clean toenails by removing old polish and soaking your feet. Trim and shape your toenails for a neat canvas.
  • Base Coat: Apply a clear base coat to protect your toenails and provide a smooth surface for the design. Let it dry completely.
  • Design and Detail: Get creative with your toenail designs using nail polish, nail art brushes, and tools. Add patterns, colors, or accents as desired.
  • Top Coat and Maintenance: Finish with a clear top coat to seal your design and make it last longer. For maintenance, touch up any chipped areas and reapply the top coat as needed to keep your toenail designs looking fresh and vibrant.

13. Midnight Blue Flowers Nail Art 

Midnight Blue Flowers Nail Art 

Image by @Nailbliss_Internationalplaza via Instagram

This cute blue floral easy toenail designs are just the right choice for any dinner dates or parties on your calendar.

The midnight blue gives this art a royal look, while the white flowers make it look girly chic.

The metallic grey compliments it well and makes this nail art look no less than a beautiful painting! 

14. Summer Vibes Nail Art 

Image by @Jessiedegraceesthetique via Instagram

Are you scrolling through this inspo list to find the perfect nail art for a beach vacation? Well, we gotchu.

The blue and yellow paired with some silver makes for a killer color combination to match your cheerful vibes *cheesy*.

So, on your thumb toes, make sure to blend yellow and blue to mimic a sunrise while blending some silver upwards for a bit of pizzaz!

Flaunt these with your favorite flip flops and accessorize with an anklet to finish the look. 

15. Baby Pink Cherry Blossom Nail Art 

Image by @Cherry_Nailarts via Instagram

This cute and easy toenail designs seriously reminds us of the vintage cups at our grandma’s,’ and we’re here for it! Did you know that grandma chic is in right now?

So go ahead and paint your toes baby pink and decorate them with some vintage roses that you can either paint or buy stickers.

Only make the roses until the tip of your toe and stick a golden strip horizontally across your toe to make the tip look distinct.

This nail art is so fairycore that it makes you want to wear breezy dresses and run in slomo against a forest backdrop! *daydreaming*

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16. Red Pearl Nail Art 

Image by @Nailfactoryrush via Instagram

One of the most popular choices for nail paint is the classic red– but, add some drama, and this nail art is pearls! First, paint your nails red. Then, add pearls and golden stickers in a semi-circle.

17. Desert Cactus Nail Art 

Image by @Yuki_O326 via Instagram

The Cactus has to be one of the most adorable plants ever, and there’s no argument about that.

This nail art brings together the whole desert vibe with the ochre yellow, olive green, and cutesy cactus plants.

Of course, for an extra pinch of drama, you can always stick on some golden 3D stickers to elevate the look further. It makes us want to plan a desert trip to wear this art on our toes! 

18. Kitten & Cartoon Nail Art 

Image by @Nailfactoryrush via Instagram

This nail art is calling for you! The classic hot pink and vibrant blue combination paired with intricately done kitten comics is the perfect way to flaunt your love.

You can change the base colors to brighter or darker according to your taste.

19. Candy Red Nail Art 

Image by @Nailfactoryrush via Instagram

This nail art reminds us of 00s accessories with colorful beads!

The glossy red nail paint paired with multicolored dots on the thumb toes finished off with some golden spots gives the feet a refreshing and whimsical look.

It makes you want to give it a try right away.

20. Pretty Blood Flowers Nail Art 

Image by @Shella.Nail art_in via Instagram

The 3D flowers highlight this nail art, giving it a luxurious and artsy look. The bright red with crystals on it with the perfectly painted petals adorning the nail paint Looks like a delicious strawberry cake inspires it!

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21. Boho inspired Nail Art 

Image by @Nailfactoryrush via Instagram

This nail art is seriously satiating our love for boho-chic vibes.

The hot pink and blue coming together with the classic black and white looks so flattering to the eye, and of course, the patterns made in white take the cake with how intricate and adorable they look.

It’s the perfect nail art for someone looking to experiment and amp up their style.

22. Watercolor Nail Art 

Image by @Nailfactoryrush via Instagram

Take your favorite nail paint shades and abstractly blend them into each other while making horizontal and vertical lines.

Add a few dots of white here and there for an elevated effect, and you’re done with your favorite piece of art yet.

It looks trendy and makes heads turn around to glance at your toes! Of course, what’s better is to switch up the colors to match the occasion or season.

23. Golden Hearts Nail Art 

Image by @Yuki_O326 via Instagram

V-day coming up, or got a hotshot date planner? Go for this red, gold, and beige-themed nail art. Paint every third toe red and the rest beige.

Once done, stick some cutesy crystals on all the toes except the first ones.

Make a giant heart with golden nail paint on the thumb toes, or you can find a sticker if you wish. Seal it with a clear coat and indulge in some romance on your feet!

 Keep In Mind

  • Nail Health: Prioritize the health of your toenails. Keep them clean, well-trimmed, and moisturized for a good design foundation.
  • Design Complexity: Choose cute and easy toenail designs that suit your skill level. If you’re a beginner, start with simpler patterns and gradually work up to more intricate designs.
  • Color Coordination: Pay attention to color choices. Ensure the colors you select complement each other and match your overall style or outfit.
  • Drying Time: Be patient and allow each layer of polish to dry completely before adding the next. Rushing can lead to smudges or imperfections.
  • Maintenance: To keep your toenail designs looking their best, touch up any chipped areas and apply a fresh layer of top coat regularly. This maintenance will help your designs last longer.

24. Teddy Hearts Nail Art 

Image by @Nailfactoryrush via Instagram

Are you lovestruck? Try this pink nail art with gorgeous stickers!

Paint the two fingers in between colors and alternate the pattern on the other foot.  Stick cheesy lovesick stickers like the ones in this and flaunt your love on your feet!

25. Lovely Petals Nail Art 

Image by @Jcnailsut via Instagram

The pink backdrop with perfectly done flowers in white and pink alongside black branches and leaves makes for a perfect reminiscent of cherry blossoms, don’t you think?

Yeah, it’s a far-fetched inspiration, but this nail art took us right back there, and it just looks so aesthetically pleasing while still making a loud, bold statement.

It might be a tad time-consuming to achieve but hey, totally worth it!

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26. Sea Blue Nail Art 

Image by @Nailfactoryrush via Instagram

Yellow and sea blue are a forgotten combination mainly because we all love to play safe with colors and go for the proven favorites.

However, this nail art might just change your views because of how spunky and refreshing it looks.

The abstract petal art with alternating base colors and yellow stone stickers is a perfect vibe to make you feel like you’re in the ocean!

We’d love to do this nail art for a sailing trip or even a visit to the beach, and it would fit in perfectly.

27. Stony maroon Nail Art 

Image by @sophiessalon1 via Instagram

We know and adore the classic french tips, but this maroon twist to the classic might just make it to the top of our list!

It looks so lush and creative with the mini silver crystals leading up to a flower-like rhinestone arrangement! So is it just us, or does it look like the perfect bridal nail art choice?

28. Spooky toes Nail Art 

Image by @busy. but.beautiful via Instagram

Got the horror bug, or is Halloween coming up?

Go for these cute yet spooky toes that will be by your side through all the jump scares in movies, and otherwise, *life is scarier sometimes.*

Paint your nails all black and make two circles representing eyes with a light yellow shade between the nails.

Next, you can paint the eyes blue from within for a Lil extra effect *wink*. Lastly, take white nail paint and make strokes representing that of a mummy, and you’re good to go. Scare away!

29. Falling leaf Nail Art 

Image by @delish_nailbar via Instagram

Get all mellow with this yellow easy toenail designs that is elegant and trendy. First, paint all your nails yellow barring the thumb toe.

Then, for the first toes, paint half the nail yellow and grab your favorite brush and get on with making a branch of leaves with black nail paint.

Once done, seal the art with a clear coat, and there you go! A perfect choice for low-down summer if you ask us.

30. Geometric Summer Nail Art 

Image by @mhedzrijnen via Instagram

Modern-day Kavinsky vibes from this piece of (toenail) art! Pick two to three vibrant shades of your choice alongside black and white.

Choose a dominant color theme– like in this nail art: blue. Paint that shade on all your toes except the first toes.

Next, pain the thumb toes with white and make a minor stroke with black on the bottom.

Make geometrical shapes of your choice ascending from the black stroke, and once dried, make mini dots with the black nail paint (you can use a toothpick for this.

Finish off with a clear coat, and you got the perfect bright and contemporary art at your feet!

31. Glitter line Nail Art 

Image by @kukuku_artt via Instagram

This easy toenail Designs is for the weeks when you’re too busy to care but still want to look groomed from tip to toe.

This easy nail art takes hardly 5 minutes while still ensuring your toes look presentable.

First, paint your nails dark grey all over your toes, painting the toe in between with purple.

Next, make a horizontal line with purple and a vertical line with the same shade on the other toe on one thumb toe. Finally, line the purple shade on either side with glitter. Yes, it’s that easy!

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Pro Tip

Use nail art brushes with fine tips for precision and detail when creating intricate easy toenail designs.

32. Purple Leopard Nail Art 

Image by @byannie___ via Instagram

Ah! Leopard print. We all have had a love-hate relationship with this print, but one cannot deny that leopard print paired with lilac is one of the most flattering combinations ever.

It’s such a good 00s throwback, and dare we say– it’s ageless?

A pro tip if you want to achieve the same nail art look is to use a little neon green and baby pink in between the leopard spots to elevate the print and make it look funky!

33. Barbie Inspired Nail Art 

Image by @itgirl.nailsetzVvia Instagram

A little barbie chic never hurt anyone.

So next time you’re looking to feel all pink or attend a slumber party, opt for this baby pink nail paint with some rhinestones on the thumb toe.

The rhinestones make a trendy statement, while the baby pink remains subtle and cute.

34. Lioness Nail Art 

Image by @pixiedustnailsbyvikki via Instagram

The one word that comes to our minds when we see this nail art is fierce.

The cream nail paint on the first toe with an intricately drawn lion paired with a vibrant orange on the other toes makes this nail art look strong and can make anybody wearing it feel strong and savage!

35. Autumn leaves at your feet! 

Autumn leaves at your feet! 

Can it get any better than Autumn colors coming together to merge into the perfect sunset on your feet? Let us tell you how to achieve it.

Take a yellow nail paint first and paint it on the bottom end of your easy toenail designs in an upward motion.

Then take an orange shade and blend it from the top of your nail in a downward motion. Once the two colors are merging, blend the shades by going side to side with a brush.

Grab black nail paint and make a few branches with leaves, after which make a couple of dots with white to represent flowers. 

Done! It sounds like a lot but takes 10 minutes, and you got the perfect nail art to show off on your stroll at the beach or even at a grocery store *realistic*

36. Matte flowers Nail Art 

Matte flowers Nail Art  Blossom Blue Nail Art 

Image by @eunailofficial via Instagram

Ah! Matte and glitter- together at last. If you like to stay subtle and want some fun, this nail art is the perfect pick.

The ash pink matte nail paint with 3D flowers embellished on top gives an elegant and mature feminine look, while the glitter pink nail paint brings some fun and drama into the mix!

We love this nail art and want to give this a try in all the colors.

37. Blossom Blue Nail Art 

Blossom Blue Nail Art 

Image by @byannie___ via Instagram

Looking at this nail art, the first thing that catches your eye is the beautiful blue ombre flowers adorning the thumb and toes.

This whole nail art gives an illusion of a watercolor painting with the perfect blending of blue and purple shades in a fluid manner.

It’s just the nail art you need to unleash your inner artist, and honestly, these nails will make you feel like a floating fairy!

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38. Smiley Face Nail Art 

Toenail Designs Smiley Face Nail Art 

Image by @eunailofficial via Instagram

The OG smiling face is an emoji that will always hold a special place in our hearts.

The chrome metallic shade with perfectly outlined smiley and winky faces is just the summer fun you need! This nail art is the perfect balance between elegance and quirk, don’t you agree? 

39. Fancy Blue Nail Art 

Toenail Designs

Image by @eunailofficial via Instagram

Are you looking to jazz your toes up with something fancy? Well, this is it!

The lush blue nail paint paired with blue glitter nail paint on alternate toes is enough to channelize your inner queen. 

However, if you’re still feeling like the pizzazz is missing– go ahead and accessorize your thumb and toes with crystals and rhinestones.

You can even add a small chain to the mix. Then, you are ready to sway them just with your feet, and we’re sure of it.

40. Black cat nail art 

Toenail Designs

Image by @halloween_nail_art via Instagram

Cat lovers– raise a hand and get ready to grab some nail paints so you can recreate this cute and Easy Toenail Designs with cat faces on it.

All you have to do is paint your nails black, then grab a yellow nail paint to make cat eyes. Once done, make whiskers and nose with white nail paint.

Finish off by making the eyeballs with black, and look at that—good job on channelizing your inner cat. We’re rooting for you– meow! 

41. Butterfly Toe Nails

Toenail Designs

Butterflies are beautiful and vibrant and may be used to create eye-catching and significant designs for your next pedicure. The flying insect represents transformation, growth, and beauty.

42. Abstract Colors Nail Art 

Abstract Colors Nail Art Toenail Designs

Image by @byrdiebeauty via Instagram

Why limit yourself to just one color for your toes when you may experiment with several? Abstract colors are a great way to mix and match your favorite colors for your next pedicure. 

43. Bear Nail Art 

Bear Nail Art  Toenail Designs

Image by @thetrendspotter via Instagram

Bears are one of the cutest creatures, inspiring numerous cartoon characters and fluffy toys.

Designing your nail art around your favorite bear is a terrific way to channel this sweetness and bring some of the joy from your childhood to your pedicure.

43. Black Chanel Logo Nail Art 

Black Chanel Logo Nail Art Toenail Designs

Image by @thetrendspotter via Instagram

Chanel is one of the most prominent fashion houses, and its unique emblem is known worldwide.

This is the perfect pedicure design for someone who appreciates the finest things in life. Using a muted color scheme, such as black nails, elevates the look of the nail art.

44. Cheesy Nail Art 

Cheesy Nail Art Toenail Designs

Cheese is one of the most delectable meals, and it complements everything from pasta to pizza.

Why not have fun with your pedicure and include cheesy patterns if it is your favorite food or a great comfort meal? The yellow and orange color scheme is hot and cheerful.

45. Cherry Nail Art 

Cherry Nail Art  Toenail Designs

Cherries are connected with purity and love, and they are also vibrant and brilliant fruits.

Why not add a cherry design to your toes to commemorate summer or your femininity? You can paint each toe with cherries or concentrate on the central toe for a more subtle look.

46. Christmas Nail Art

Christmas Nail Art Toenail Designs

Image by @mark_blur via Instagram

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year, and you can get into the holiday mood by painting your toes with your favorite holiday-inspired look. 

47. Clouds Nail Art

Clouds Nail Art Toenail Designs

Image by @CarKski via Instagram

Cloud nails are simple, and the fluffy puffs look beautiful on your toes.

You can go with a classic color combination of baby blue for the base and white clouds, or you can experiment with your preferred hues for a dreamy pedicure that will draw attention to your feet.

48. Cow Print Nail Art

Cow Print Nail Art Toenail Designs

Cow print is popular because it is both fashionable and functional.

Stick to the basic color scheme of black or brown spots on a white base color, or get creative with cow print nails by mixing and matching your favorite colors.

49. Cute Bow Nail Art

Cute Bow Nail Art Toenail Designs

Bow patterns are adorable and feminine and will be an excellent addition to your next pedicure.

You can play around with the colors of your pedicure, such as pinks and whites, a traditional combination that is easy to wear and goes with everything.

50. Fruity Nail Art

Fruity Nail Art Toenail Designs

Fruity Easy Toenail Designs are bright, vivid, and a terrific summer style.

There are numerous fruit designs to select from, so stick to a favorite, such as cherries or watermelons, or mix and combine several for an eye-catching and playful finish.

Fun Fact

51. Papaya Nail Art

Papaya Nail Art Toenail Designs

Image by @bloglovin via Instagram

A pedicure inspired by papaya is a terrific way to draw attention to your toes, especially during the hot months. The color’s warmth and brightness also make it an eye-catching choice.

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