48 Gorgeous Turquoise Nail Designs For The Current Season

Key Takeaways
  • Turquoise nails are a trendy and eye-catching choice in the realm of nail art.
  • The color turquoise symbolizes tranquility, creativity, and emotional balance, making it a meaningful choice for those seeking a nail design with a more profound significance.
  • To make the most of turquoise nails, it’s essential to understand the color’s symbolism and explore different design options that align with one’s personality and preferences.

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A collection of our favorite manicures with a stunning and unique turquoise finish.  When it comes to our nails, the options are endless.

On the one hand, a person might opt for an oval-shaped nail with red polish and a glossy finish.

Turquoise Nail Designs

Image by @girlandhappymag via Pinterest

On the other hand, another individual might request a neon green lacquer with as many rhinestones as possible. The former is classic and predictable while the latter, innovative and bold.

If you’ve found that lately you’ve been saying to yourself that you need a little less classic red and a little more bold then we have just what you’ve been looking for. May we introduce to you, the turquoise trend.

Before you get started 

  • Ensure that turquoise complements your skin tone for a flattering look.
  • Choose a nail shape that complements turquoise, like almond, square, or stiletto.
  • Select the right shade of turquoise, whether it’s vibrant, pastel, or teal, based on your preferences.
  • Think about any nail art or designs you’d like to incorporate alongside the turquoise color.
  • Don’t forget to apply a quality top coat to enhance the longevity and shine of your turquoise nails.

Here are our 48 top turquoise-inspired nail looks that will make you appreciate the rare gem even more. 

1. Golden Turquoise Nail Design

Image by @Nailsthatlooklikepaintings via Instagram

Is there anything more mesmerizing than a turquoise and gold color duo?

The marble technique used on this manicure creates an almost ocean-like effect and the golden detailing frames the nails perfectly.

This nail look is dreamy and magical and would be the perfect addition to your beach getaway.

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2. Turquoise & Golden Flakes

Image by @Thenailandbeautysalon1 via Instagram

For a turquoise marble nail with a more bluish hue, this manicure is a great alternative.

Instead of framing the nails in gold, this look uses golden flakes to accent the turquoise. Who knew there were so many ways to add a little glam to your life?

3. Turquoise Treasure Nails 

Image by @Pazurki_Official via Instagram

Another great way to elevate your turquoise mani is with an ombrè effect. Ombré uses various hues to create a seamless blending of colors.

This artist has chosen a bright pink to complement the turquoise. Blue and pink: a classic choice.

For an even more unique experience apply a solid shade to two of the nails and rhinestones to the others. This nail look is luxurious and regal: the perfect aesthetic for a rare and treasured gem. 

4. Pink & Turquoise Manicure 

Image by @S.P.I_Nailsandbeautyuk via Instagram

If the previous pink and turquoise ombré look wasn’t speaking to you then this alternative might be just what you’re looking for.

This mani is slightly more understated than what we just saw but still super trendy.

And we are just loving the minimalist aesthetic of the two dots. With a nail look like this, you can’t go wrong. 

5. A Touch Of Glam Nails 

Image by @Girlzluvnailz.Yyc via Instagram

Turquoise can come in all sorts of different shades. This manicure is a good representation of this as it possesses more of a green hue than blue.

The acrylic nail features a classic mani with a touch of glam on one of the fingers.

This look is perfect for anyone who usually plays it safe but wants to be a little rebellious. Besides, who can say no to golden rhinestones?

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6. Turquoise Wave Nail Design 

Image by @Bottledcolours via Instagram

Summer is coming and all we can think about are cocktails by the beach and bathing in the ocean.

These nails fit the aesthetic perfectly with their wave-like design and shimmery finish.

The white base creates a perfect contrast, allowing the turquoise to stand out and the added touch of sparkle makes this mani even dreamier. 

7. Modern Ombré Manicure 

Image by @Primliz via Instagram

For a twist on the classic solid one-color manicure, try this modern take on the ombré effect.

To achieve this look simply apply different shades of blue (including turquoise of course) to each of the nails, with the aim of creating a color gradient.

For a high shine finish add a clear gloss at the end. This look is simple but fun and perfect for anyone who can’t get enough of the color blue.

8. Turquoise Daisy Nail Look 

Image by @Thenailroomdunnellon via Instagram

Daisies have been everywhere as of late and we aren’t complaining.

This adorable floral print was extremely trendy in the ‘70s and has made a huge comeback as nostalgia grows increasingly more amongst Gen Z.

And what’s better than your standard daisy design? Turquoise daisies! With its vibrant summery hues and cute floral accents, this manicure is giving “Pinterest Girl”.

9. French Tip Turquoise Nails 

Image by @Glamorbyk via Instagram

And what would an article on nails be without featuring the classic french tip? Wait, poor choice of words.

The design might be “classic” but this turquoise hue is anything but basic. Not to mention the silver rhinestones. This mani is giving slay queen.

10. Rose-Inspired Turquoise Nails 

Image by @Gypsy.Nail.Girl via Instagram

Turquoise is an it color during the warmer seasons and nothing matches a bright and bold summer hue better than a floral print.

These roses are exactly what this mani asked for to give the look a much-needed boost. The pink shade and design aesthetic create a vintage feel that is mature and feminine. 

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11. Sparkly Nails 

Image by @Nails_By_Emilie via Instagram

When it comes to turquoise nails, you can never go wrong with a sparkly french tip.

This look adds just the right amount of sparkle to any outfit and would be the perfect addition to your next party look. Whether it’s prom or a night out with friends a little sparkle is a must.

12. The Evil Eye Design 

Image by @Kim_Beau_Nail_Design via Instagram

Okay for this one we are calling all supernatural enthusiasts. If you are familiar with this realm then you’ve likely come across the “evil eye” symbol many times.

And even if this isn’t your area of expertise, the evil eye has made its way into many facets of society including the beauty and fashion worlds.

Even Kim Kardashian has been seen wearing the symbol. The evil eye comes from ancient Greek mythology and is believed to act as a means of protection.

If that’s not enough to convince you to get this mani we don’t know what will. 

13. Palm Leaf Turquoise Nails 

Image by @Blueskybytadeja via Instagram

Get ready for your summer getaway with this vibrant and tropical nail look.

Turquoise is the perfect color for any hot destination and the palm leaf nail art is serving us Mediterranean relaxation.

For the full glamorous feel add a sparkly silver polish. Start packing, because you’re about to be on cloud 9. 

14. Palm Leaves x10 Nails 

Image by @Nails8__ via Instagram

On the other hand, if a vacay by the sea isn’t in your near future, why not bring the palm leaves straight to you?

In contrast to the previous look, the palm leaf nail art on this mani is done in the same turquoise shade as the rest of the nails creating a camouflage effect.

Despite this, because the palm leaves are painted on significantly larger they still remain the highlight of the nail look.

15. Polygel Turquoise Nails

Image by @Nailsbykylieb via Instagram

Polygel is the newest hype in the nail world as it acts as a hybrid of both acrylic and gel nails.

Like acrylic nails with polygel you can shape and lengthen your nails, but with a significantly lighter formula. This mani utilizes this technique to create a turquoise paradise.

The sparkly polish is giving mermaid and the rhinestones at the base of the nails make the experience even more ethereal.

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16. 3D Turquoise Nail Art 

Image by @Manicandie via Instagram

If you want to make an impressionable entrance at your next event then we would definitely recommend this mani.

Turquoise and green marble create an interesting and unique base while the 3D nail art provides the “wow” factor.

This manicure not only utilizes the color turquoise but also the mineral itself. With turquoise gems and diamond detailing you will definitely be the talk of the party.

17. Butterfly Turquoise Nail Design 

Image by @Nails_Xadri via Instagram

Okay, we are simply dying over this shade of turquoise. It’s bright, fun, cheerful and just what we need for the upcoming summer months.

For an even greater summer vibe apply butterfly nail art. Make sure to use a sparkly polish for this step to really add a shimmery pop to your sunny day by the poolside.

18. Intricate Turquoise Nail Art 

Image by @Nails_By_Christol via Instagram

If anyone ever tells you that painting your nails is not a form of art then present them with this photo.

The intricate and elaborate designs are truly breathtaking and the turquoise, gold and black hues complement each other perfectly.

If you’ve been wanting a manicure that brings out your artistic side then this is definitely the nail look for you.

19. Retro Wave Nail Design 

Image by @Patricia.W_Manicure via Instagram

Another way to pay homage to the trends of the past is by painting your nails in a retro design.

Waves were iconic during the “groovy” and “psychedelic” era of the ‘60s and ‘70s and are now seen all over the beauty and fashion industries.

Turquoise is a great choice for this design as it perfectly represents the color of waves themselves. If surfing is your forté then these nails might be just what you need. 

20. Gushing Over Glitter Manicure 

Image by @Kassis.Nails via Instagram

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend but what about sparkles? Over here at Looks Like Candy, we can’t get enough of a good shimmery moment.

After all, I think we could all use a little more sparkle in our lives. With this mani, you are adding that much-needed touch of glitter without committing to a full-on sparkly set of nails. 

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21. The More Glitter The Better

Image by @Icenailbeauty via Instagram

Or, if a fully-committed relationship with sparkles is exactly what you need then this manicure will not disappoint.

This nail look features a stunning glittery turquoise polish over a classic oval-shaped nail. The finish of the polish is so beautiful; we almost want to bathe in it.  

22. Turquoise Sky Nails 

Image by @Gracefully_Gorgeous_Gg via Instagram

Regular old blue skies are great but have you seen a turquoise sky? This mani utilizes several techniques to create a picture-perfect image of a summer sky.

The marble and ombré effects create a cloud-like texture while the turquoise and white colors provide depth. Finally, the glitter adds that fun touch of summer sparkle. 

23. The Queen Of Turquoise Nails 

Image by @Kriszti_Nails_Baja via Instagram

Can we get a “slay queen!”? This manicure is not playing around. The long length of the nails is as extra as you can get and the 3D jewels are regal and glamorous.

Queens are all about giving that boss girl energy and we can assure you that with this mani you will be the star of the show.

24. Minimalist Turquoise French Manicure 

Image by @Mihaela_Emilianav via Instagram

The minimalist aesthetic has been significantly increasing in popularity as of late and we aren’t mad about it.

The style essentially describes an aesthetic with subtle accents and little detail.

If the French tip doesn’t fit that description perfectly then we don’t know what does. This turquoise mani is all about understated and refined glam. 

25. Unique Cheetah Print Nail Design

Image by @Nonacostita via Instagram

Bring out your wild side with this cheetah-inspired mani. Cheetah print is an iconic look in the beauty world and honestly never goes out of style.

We love that the artist has taken a unique perspective on the traditional print by painting the spots in the same turquoise shade as the rest of the nails.

This not only provides cohesiveness but it’s also just so cool.

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26. Classic Cheetah Print Manicure 

Image by @Tiffany_Nailbabes via Instagram

Or, if you want to stick with a classic cheetah print then this manicure is a great alternative.

We honestly can’t believe how well the gold, copper and turquoise hues are working together and who can say no to a little marbling.

If your OOTD features neutral shades then this cheetah print is definitely the way to go as it will best complement it.

27. Cow Print Turquoise Nails

Image by @Nailzbymarlene_ via Instagram

If cheetahs aren’t your thing then perhaps this cow print will catch your eye.

Cow print has been a major motif in beauty and fashion over the last two years and we are loving it. This manicure features the classic animal print combined with solid black and turquoise lacquer.

Who knew turquoise could look so good on so many different mammals? Next time you decide to pull out your fav pair of cow print jeans make sure not to miss out on the matching mani. 

28. Metallic Mermaid Nails 

Image by @Beauty_Nailsbydaria via Instagram

How fun are these metallic nails? Metallic was popular in the ‘80s and although not always super trendy, it has never gone out of style.

The turquoise metallic sheen finish combined with the single glittery nail is giving us all of the mermaid feels.

If you’ll be attending any costume parties this summer we’d definitely be considering this look.

29. Ornamental Turquoise Nail Design 

Image by @Saturdaynailzfever via Instagram

If you identify more with an edgy aesthetic and aren’t afraid to make a statement then this mani has your name written all over it.

Black and turquoise are a great color combo and give any nail look a dark and mysterious vibe.

The intricate designs along with the 3D turquoise gems and golden touches all work together to create a majestic and ethereal experience. 

30. Minimal Black & Turquoise Nails 

Image by @Nailsbyballanora via Instagram

If you can’t get enough of turquoise and black but the previous look was a little too ornamental for you then this mani might catch your eye.

This nail look incorporates the same colors while providing a more minimalist canvas.

It even manages to achieve this while utilizing a diverse range of designs including the ‘70s retro wave and ombré technique.


31. Turquoise & Flamingo Nails 

Image by @Opi_Philippines via Instagram

Nothing says summer like a little pink flamingo décor. Pink flamingos are the poster animals for outdoor barbeques, sunny days and relaxation by the pool.

Now how does this translate to your nails? For the ultimate summer feel start with a turquoise polish as the base and add a pink flamingo to each of your nails.

You’ll notice the artist also added some fun details such as a beachball, sunglasses and a crown to reinforce the summer theme even further. So cute.

32. Winter Turquoise Nails 

Image by @_Acrylicswithash_ via Instagram

If summer is not your vibe don’t worry. We’ve also got the perfect turquoise mani for those of us who thrive during the colder months!

To get the look, opt for a turquoise french tip followed by various illustrations that reflect a winter wonderland.

Snowflakes, for example, are a must. Add some turquoise gem rings to your look and you’ll be slaying this trend in no time. 

33. Dripping In Diamond Turquoise Nails

Image by @Enchantedglamour_18 via Instagram

If you like to live lavishly and luxury is what keeps you going then you need this mani because it is literally dripping in diamonds.

The turquoise polish is opulent and lavish while the frosted glitter base is giving us just the right amount of glam. It really doesn’t get more luxurious than this. 

34. Turquoise Mountain Mani 

Image by @_Nailsbymansi_ via Instagram

Mountains have always been a place of peace and tranquility.

It’s where monks, yogis and other spiritual communities venture to find their zen and it’s where many people send the sick to breathe the clean, fresh air (the Swiss Alps in particular).

Now if we could bring a bit of that energy to our beauty routines we’re not going to pass up the chance.

Like physical mountains, this manicure is calming and comforting. The turquoise hues immediately make you feel tranquil and the illustrations are subtle and lulling.

35. Greek Getaway-Inspired Turquoise Nails

Image by @Jeanie.Nails via Instagram

If Greece isn’t on your bucket list it needs to be. Greece is known for its blue and white homes, the sea and beautiful beaches.

These nails reflect these characteristics perfectly with their use of turquoise and white and sparkly sand-like finish.

And if Greece is out of reach for you, at least you can bring a little piece of it to your nails.

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36. Salmon, Stripes & Turquoise Nails

Image by @Nailsbyjaneb via Instagram

Another color that pairs really well with turquoise is salmon pink. This manicure incorporates the duo perfectly while adding a third element, black polish.

If that wasn’t enough, marble and stripes are also used to enhance the overall appearance even further. This nail look is creative and edgy.

37. Teal & Turquoise Nail Design 

Image by @Posh_Polish_Nails via Instagram

It’s no surprise that teal and turquoise work so well together because essentially they are cut from the same cloth.

Coming from the same area on the color wheel, this duo works beautifully as an ombré effect on the nails.

Add a little sparkle and an intricate black design and you’ll be receiving compliments all day.

38. Dominoes Turquoise Nail Look 

Image by @aylyssamaniego via Instagram

There’s no denying that this turquoise shade is stunning. But sometimes, we need a little more than just a classic mani.

Upgrade your look by adding a fun design such as this dominos-inspired nail look. Dominos is a simple and fun game just like this manicure.

39. Silver Stripes Nail Design 

Image by @Heniiinails via Instagram

For a refined and elegant feel try a turquoise mani with a matte finish and accents of silver. This nail look maintains a minimalist aesthetic while adding a touch of glam.

The arbitrary placement of color and stripes on the nails is also a nice touch. 

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40. Mermaid-Inspired Turquoise Nails

Image by @Samanthalloydnaildesigns via Instagram

As kids, many of us dream about what it would be like to be a mermaid just for one day.

The freeing feeling of gliding through the ocean and meeting a handsome prince on a boat (cough cough, Prince Eric, cough cough).

But Disney isn’t the only one who can manifest these dreams. With these nails, we are about to make all of your mermaid wishes come true.

The main inspiration for this look is the mermaid tail- hence the explosion of glitter and scale-print. It’s bright, vibrant and truly magical. 

41. Halloween Turquoise Nail Design

Image by @Felixhairandnails via Instagram

Okay, this nail look is giving us chills. If you’re into all things dark and creepy then you are going to love this turquoise manicure.

The vibrant blue hue acts as a base for the spooky black design and is it just us or does that nail art look exactly like the branches of a deep, dark forest that you see in literally every horror movie…? 

42. 3D Crystal Turquoise Nail Art 

Image by @Nails_By.Natii via Instagram

If we were to dive down to the bottom of the Caribbean sea and find a box of lost treasure this is exactly how we would envision the contents of it.

Radiant and luxurious turquoise gems would come pouring out along with luxurious diamond jewels. If we can’t actually find lost treasure then this mani is definitely the next best thing.

43. Starfish Turquoise Nail Design

Image by @Morgan_Thenailartist via Instagram

Lost treasure isn’t the only thing that can be found at the bottom of the ocean. These vast waters are home to millions of unique and interesting species.

One of which is starfish. It’s truly incredible what nature can create. Just think about it- an animal that’s shaped like a star and is pink!

HOW? Whether you love and admire earth’s many wonders like us or, simply, your favorite character on Spongebob is Patrick, then this nail is perfect for you. 

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44. Turquoise & Bubbles Nail Look

Image by @Caribou_Nails via Instagram

Navy blue is a great color to pair with turquoise not only because it belongs to the same family but also because it acts as a great contrasting shade to the bright and vibrant hue of turquoise. To get the most out of this duo opt for a unique and creative design such as a bubble print and dots. This will give your mani a fun and playful vibe.

45. Bright & Brilliant Turquoise Nails 

Image by @Beautybyserena__ via Instagram

One word: obsessed. As we previously mentioned, turquoise can come in many different hues and this shade is giving us life. The bright and brilliant tone of the canvas is leaving us speechless and the unique nail art reminds us of dripping paint. The small and delicate dark blue gems only make this mani that much better. We seriously can’t take our eyes off of this look.

46. Turquoise Deluxe Nails

Image by @Nails_By_Lisa_Wood via Instagram

If you have trouble deciding on just one nail look don’t worry because this manicure has something for everyone. Not only does it incorporate a variety of blue and green hues, it also integrates several nail techniques including solid polish, marble and a french tip. With this manicure, you get the whole package.

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47. Dream Big Turquoise Nail Design 

Image by @kelliegonzo via Instagram

If you’ve been feeling a little unmotivated lately then these nails might be just what you’ve been lacking. Sometimes in our busy lives, it can be easy to let go of our dreams but with a little daily reminder right on your hands, you’ll never stop chasing them. The fun wordplay isn’t the only thing we love about this look. The turquoise, gold and white color combination as well as the sparkly texture also play a significant role. I mean, what says success more than bright, bold and glamorous?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Turquoise?

Turquoise is a blue-green color that derives from the turquoise mineral. Aside from the mineral itself, turquoise is quite rare in nature. A few things that come to mind include the feathers of a peacock, robin eggs and the Caribbean sea. Due to its limited and unique presence, turquoise has been viewed historically as a valuable treasure.

History of Turquoise 

The use of the turquoise gem can be found all the way back to Ancient Egypt (approx. 5000 years ago) where people wore it as a means of protection. This belief continued throughout the centuries and in the 1800s, Queen Victoria took particular interest in the mineral. This interest paved the way for modern uses of the gem as jewelry. The 1950s through to the ‘70s also saw a significant increase in the popularity of turquoise during the Native American jewelry revival. 

The word itself also has an interesting background. Turquoise is adopted from the French word “turquois” meaning Turkish. This might seem random but the significance lends itself to the fact that the mineral was first brought into Europe from Iran and Afghanistan via Turkish mines. 

The Use of Turquoise Today

Today, the color turquoise can be found everywhere: ceramics, beverages, makeup, clothing, etc. Although it may no longer hold the same spiritual significance of protection prevalent in ancient civilizations, in today’s world it certainly holds great aesthetic popularity. In the beauty and fashion industries, turquoise is viewed as a vibrant, fun and trendy addition to any look. Because of its pleasing appearance, the color is often associated with calmness. If you’ve ever looked out into the ocean in a tropical area, you’re likely familiar with this feeling. 

Nails have been no exception in the prevalence of the turquoise trend. In fact, the color has been adapted into such a diverse range of designs that it’s hard not to find a look that suits every personality. 

Turquoise has been recognized for its rare beauty for thousands of years. At its origins, it acted as a symbol of protection. Today, we can see it manifested across hundreds of unique and beautiful nail designs. If you’re looking to change things up and get a manicure that will leave behind a lasting impression then be sure to hop on the turquoise nail trend. 

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